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More Than Just A Crush

by Jennifer White


Aaron looked up from his history paper he was writing from school. He paused to look at Wendy, who was helping him. Wow, was she ever beautiful. He had been wanting to tell her something for quite some time, but he tended to be a little shy. Asking her to study with him was hard enough!

He had admired her from afar for the whole school year, before he finally got up the nerve to talk to her. Now they were regularly talking, and even studying together. They were in her bedroom that night, doing their papers together.

Aaron took a deep breath. He needed to tell her. It was time.

"Wendy" he said, "I'm so glad that we've become friends over the past few months."

"Me too" she replied, barely looking up from her paper.

"But you know Wendy, for me, it is more than friendship."

Now she looked up at him, her perfect blue eyes staring into his.

Aaron's felt his heart beating so hard! Now was the moment.

"Wendy, I love you" he said.

Aaron expected her to extend her arms to him, and kiss him. But instead, she did something that felt deflating; she giggled.

"Oh you silly boy" she said. "You don't love me."

"But Wendy, I do!" he insisted. "I have for a long time."

"Aaron, what you're feeling isn't love. You've just got a big crush on me. That's all. You may think it's love, but you're just feeling a physical attraction. You're confusing desire with emotion."

"Wendy" he said, being firm, "I love you! It isn't just desire, although you are really hot. It isn't a crush either. This is for real. I'm trying to tell you what I feel inside. I know other guys might have lied to you before, but I'm not like that. I really do love you."

Wendy sighed. He wouldn't be easily deterred. Ever since she had blossomed into a beautiful young woman, so many guys had been after her. They all just wanted one thing, whether they'd admit it or not. Just because she had the biggest boobs in the whole class, the boy's hormones would go crazy, and they'd all come after her.

She tried being gentle with Aaron. She tried being sweet. But nothing was working. She would have to rely on something else. A family secret, which had been passed on from her great-great grandmother, all the way down to her. The women in her family had used it ever since, to make their men see things their way.

"If you really do love me, I want you to prove it" she said. "Come over here on Saturday morning."

"I'll be here" he replied.

'Poor Aaron' thought Wendy. He didn't know what he was getting himself into...


* * *


Aaron arrived at Wendy's house, at 8:30am sharp, ready to prove to her that he really loved her. He was ready for anything, or so he thought.

"Where are your parents?" he asked.

"They're away for the weekend. We have the whole house to ourselves. Did you tell your folks that you weren't coming home until Sunday night?"

"Just like you told me" replied Aaron.

Wendy smiled that charming smile of hers. She led Aaron by the hand up to her bedroom. There, she had him sit on her bed, while she ran off to get something. Aaron felt so excited being in her room. She was this perfect girl, everything he had dreamed of. He'd prove that he loved her, then they'd be together forever! He could hardly wait.

"Okay" said Wendy. "Come on over here. Take this, and drink it like a shot."

"What is it?" asked Aaron, as he took the little glass of pink liquid from her.

"Think of it like truth serum. This will help prove if you love me, or if you just desire me."

"I do love you" said Aaron.

"Then drink it" said Wendy. "There is nothing to be afraid of."

"I'm not afraid!" he replied.

"Then why aren't you drinking it?"

Aaron looked at her. He didn't want to seem chicken. He took it, and drank it all in one gulp. It tasted kind of like bubble gum. Not bad.

But moments later, Aaron sensed that something was wrong. It seemed like the pink stuff had gone right through him, making him tingle all over, from head to toe. Now, it seemed as if he was glowing a light pink color. He felt strange. Something wasn't right!

He looked down, and decided that he was seeing things. Not only was he glowing with a pink aura now, but he was seeing something that couldn't be real. His bluejeans didn't look right. It was as if the two legs had fused together, making it impossible for him to move.

His shoes felt tight on his feet. And so did the T-shirt that he wore under his green flannel shirt. It was too hot to be wearing flannel, but he wanted to look "cool", so he had his shirt on. It felt like his undershirt was riding up on him now, as it grew tighter on his chest.

"What's going on?" he said.

Wendy just smiled at him, saying nothing.

Aaron looked down at his jeans again. Now it looked like he was standing in a tube of denim, rather than jeans with two legs at the bottom. The tube was quite tight, keeping his legs locked together. But it also seemed to be getting shorter; he could see his bare ankles now.

Aaron felt a strange nausea in his stomach now. He didn't feel good at all. He felt some kind of strange cramps, which were quite unpleasant. But he also noticed that he was feeling fully aroused now too. If it wasn't for the fact that his jeans were so tight on his crotch, he would have shown an embarrassing bulge in front, because he was so hard now.

The back of Aaron's neck tickled now too. But what caught his attention was his flannel shirt. It didn't look like it was made of flannel at all! It was more like a green silky material. And it was getting smaller. Instead of long sleeves, they had shrunk to just elbow length.

And speaking of shrinking, the tube that his jeans had become was rapidly shrinking now too. It had pulled up to almost the level of his knees, leaving his legs exposed and bare. His legs looked odd. With the pink glow surrounding them, they almost looked hairless and smooth. He must be seeing things. He had to be!

It was then that Aaron looked at his hands, and realized that they weren't his hands. The fingers seemed too long and thin; the wrists too small. The backs of his hands were covered with hair, but with the pink glow around them, the hair seemed so fine now, he could barely see it.

A bigger wave of cramps hit him, and he groaned from it. But at the same time, he felt a surge of even greater arousal hit him between his legs. He felt like he was having an orgasm, but one that kept going on and on, without stopping.

But he was too alarmed at some of the other things he now saw, to pay that any more attention. Namely, the green flannel shirt he had been wearing was now more like a silky green tank top. It was so thin, soft and smooth now. The T-shirt he was wearing didn't show underneath the thin straps going over his shoulders though; it too had become smaller and smaller. He could feel it wrapped tightly around his chest, like a constricting band. Although he could also feel it going over his shoulders too.

Kind of like.... a girls bra. Looking down at the tube of denim that had been his jeans, he suddenly realized that it looked like a skirt on him! The lower edge of the skit was starting to look ruffled now, and the top was becoming narrower than the bottom, so it flared out.

His legs looked smooth and hairless below, going down to his shoes. His shoes! Moments ago, they had been white Nike sneakers! But now, they were black, with just a little bit of leather going around his toes. In the back was a thin strap around his ankle. The toes were getting pointier. And the heels... they were starting get higher!

His shoes were becoming high heels, but when he looked over to Wendy in a panic, he realized that he was shorter than her now! Moments ago, he had been looking down at her, but now, even with elevated heels (which were still getting taller), he was looking up at her!

But that wasn't all. As he looked down at his shoes, he noticed something new. There, on his chest, he was seeing something unfamiliar. Mounds. The mounds on his chest were poking out, pointing away from him. Like a girl's breasts.

Between the realization that his T-shirt had become a bra, and now the mounds on his chest, he realized that he was filling out his bra! He had boobs now! And they were getting larger and larger by the moment! He put his hands up and cupped them. He could feel them expanding in his hands, getting heavier, rounder, and fuller.

"Oh no" he said in a voice that was about an octave higher than it should have been.

His voice! It sounded like a girl's voice, but somewhat richer, because it was coming out of his mouth! If he was talking like a girl... and he had boobs now... and he was in a skirt with high heels, wearing a bra and a tank top....

Aaron screamed as he reached down between his legs, and felt nothing there. The pleasure emanating from between his legs was overwhelming, interrupted only by the occasional cramps that he was still getting. But there was nothing between his legs now! He was a girl!

Aaron turned to the full length mirror on the wall. There in the mirror, he saw something horrifying: a beautiful girl. She had long blonde hair, and firm full boobs that looked like they were going to burst through the bra supporting them. The girl in the mirror had such a pretty face, that she almost rivaled Wendy. She had long smooth legs, and she had on the sexiest little blue jean skirt with a white lacy fringe at the bottom.

She was so beautiful, that it was breathtaking. But there was one problem: the girl in the mirror was him! Or more correctly, he had become her.

"This can't be" he said softly, in a girl's voice.

"It is very real" said Wendy.

"You mean...." he said, not daring to say the words.

"Yes" she said. "You are no longer a boy. You have become a girl, like me."

"I can't be a girl!" said Aaron, still not believing it. He was in shock.

"You are a girl now" said Wendy. "So I can't very well keep calling you 'Aaron', can I? I suppose we could spell it 'Erin', and go with that. But no, you need a new name, so you are constantly reminded that you are female now. I think that I shall call you Jill. That's a name that you'd never mistake for a boy!"

"Jill?" said Aaron.

"Yes, Jill it is. You are Jill now. And you are a girl. How does it feel to be a girl, Jill?"

"I think I'm going to throw up" he replied.

"Oh, that's just a side effect of your period. When you first transform, your body goes through several menstrual cycles. In a few moments you'll feel better, although you'll need to go to the restroom, and take out your tampon. Do you think you can manage that?"

"Yes" said Aaron, as he trudged off to the bathroom. He was surprised how well he could walk in the high heels. It seemed like second nature for him, in a way. He got to the bathroom, went in, and closed the door. He still could not believe that the girl in the mirror there was him!

He unzipped his skirt, and pulled it off. He was horrified to find that underneath, he was wearing a pair of lacy white panties. They laid flat in the front, since he had nothing there to poke out anymore.

He took a seat on the toilet, and with great trepidation, he reached down and pulled on the string he found sticking out of him. He pulled out the tampon, and his stomach turned. It was perhaps the most disgusting thing he had seen in his life!

He dropped it in the toilet, then took some toilet paper to wipe up some of the red-brown gunk that was down there between his legs. How terrible it felt to reach down there, and feel that he had a pussy. He had dreamed of girls for so long, and had yearned with all his heart to be able to get into their pants. But now that he was able to examine a vagina close up, it disgusted and frightened him!

He wiped up, then quickly pulled his panties back on to hide it. It was almost a relief to have his skirt on again, so that he didn't have to see that terrible thing between his legs. That was what all the fuss was about? How could girls live with something like that? How could they live with having a period?

He washed his hands up, then returned to see Wendy.

"That was so gross!" he said. "I'm, like, all shaken. When I saw it floating in the water, I couldn't believe that it was inside of me!"

"You didn't flush it down, did you?" said Wendy, visibly upset.

"Yes?" replied Aaron.

"You shouldn't do that. You're lucky you didn't clog the toilet. I guess I should have told you. You only did become a girl today. Its not like you've ever had to deal with a period before."

Aaron didn't want to ever deal with another period again, period!

"Wendy, what have you done to me?" he said.

"I've turned you into a girl" she replied, as if this was an every-day occurrence. "Now you're not a boy named Aaron anymore; now you're my girlfriend, Jill. You, are a girl now."

"I know" said Aaron, who was on the verge of tears.

"You see" said Wendy, "As a boy, your body wanted me. I could see you get hard when you looked at my boobs. But you can't get hard now, can you?"

"No" he whispered.

"And why is that?"

"Because you turned me into a girl."


"That's right, Jill" she replied. "I turned you into a girl. That means you are female now. You've got boobs! You've got a pussy! You just had a period. You're wearing a bra, and you've got a skirt on. You are a girl. I know it is hard to accept, but it is very real. You are no longer Aaron. You are Jill. And the sooner you start thinking of yourself that way, the better."

"But why" said Aaron, his voice cracking as he almost cried. He didn't want to be a girl!

"I'm just doing what you asked me to."

"I didn't ask to be turned into a girl!"

"You said you wanted to prove to me that you loved me, and that it wasn't just a crush. You wanted to show me that you weren't just in love with my body, and that you didn't desire me. Now you have that chance. I've taken away your physical attraction to me, because both of us are girls now. All that you have left is your emotions, which by the way, you'll find to be quite amplified, as you get used to your new female self."

"I hate you for doing this to me!" said Aaron, almost spitting, he was so angry.

"Now Jill, that's not proper lady-like behavior!" said Wendy.

"I'm not a lady!" he said.

"You are now" replied Wendy, smugly.

Aaron just stood there, unable to decide what to do. He was aflood with overwhelming emotions, which were causing violent inner mood swings. One moment, he hated Wendy for doing this to him! But he loved her with all his heart, and he wanted to impress her. But he hated being a girl. And he wanted to cry. But he should be happy, for receiving so much attention from her.

For any given moment, there might have been twenty different things he was feeling. And all of his feelings were super-amplified, making them so overwhelming, that the logical part of his brain was all but shut down. He stood there, waiting for her to tell him what to do. He literally could not think, with all of the chaos going on inside his head.

"Come on Jill" said Wendy. "We've got a hair appointment."

"Appointment?" replied Aaron. "You just show up at the barber shop. You don't need an appointment."

"We're not going to see a barber" said Wendy. "We're going somewhere quite different!"

"Wait!" said Aaron, as they were about to walk out of Wendy's house, and over to her car, a five year old used Honda that was still running well.

"What is it Jill?" she asked.

"I can't go out. I mean, like this. People will see me!"

"Of course they will" said Wendy.

"I don't want people to see me looking like a girl!"

"First of all Jill" said Wendy, "You don't just look like a girl; you are a girl. And secondly, if they see you, they're not going to say 'there goes Aaron, and hey, he looks like a girl now'. Nobody is going to know that you were ever Aaron. You're Jill now. You're a girl. Get over it. Now come on. We're going out."

Aaron followed her out the door, against his better judgment. Wendy drove them twenty minutes away to a strip mall. They got out of the car, and walked into Diana's Beauty Salon, where Wendy told the girl at the podium that they were there for their appointments.

It turned out it was far more than just a hair appointment. First, the girls were led over to a pair of manicurists. They got full pedicures and manicures, and had their nails painted a matching hot pink color. Aaron was in shock, as he held his nails under the dryer, letting the second coat cure.

After their nails were done, they were brought over to a pair of hair dressers, side by side. The woman first washed Aaron's long hair, then began trimming it. He didn't understand what was going on, as she first gave him highlights, then put curlers in his hair.

As his perm was setting, she worked on plucking his eyebrows. Then finally, she removed the curlers, carefully brushed his hair into just the right place, using a smelly spray. When she was done, Aaron gaped in the mirror. Now his hair looked so much more full, and the curls were so cute! Before, he had long straight hair, but now it was so full, curly and beautiful!

He looked over at Wendy, who was equally stunning, with her hair also done up perfectly in a new style. He thought it was all over now, but he was still wrong! Wendy now led him to the counter in the back, where the cosmetician worked. Both girls got professionally applied makeup now. Aaron was stunned at the results. He had walked in looking like a pretty girl. But now, he was going to walk out looking like a sexy young woman.

Wendy now drove him over to a larger mall, and she led him into her favorite clothing store. She picked a couple of outfits, then told him to go into the changing room and put them on, then come out to model for her.

Aaron's hands were shaking as he took off his tank top and jeans skirt, replacing them with a silky cami top, and a white ruffled three tiered skirt. He came out and showed it to Wendy.

"Spin around for me" she said.

He did so, and the skirt flared out as he spun. It felt so strange, as it settled back into place, gently brushing against his smooth legs.

"Cute" she said. "Now go try on the other one."

The second outfit was even worse. First, the top was a U-neck, which exposed the top of Aaron's large breasts. How could he go around with his boobs hanging out of his top like that? And below, he put on the skirt, which was black, and short. He looked in the mirror. He was showing so much leg! He realized that he looked hot. He didn't want to look hot!

He opened the door, and showed Wendy his outfit.

"That will be perfect for the party tonight" she said.

"Party?" asked Aaron.

"Yes Jill. We're going to a party. You know Dana from our class. Or should I say that Aaron knows Dana? She won't recognize Jill. I'll have to introduce you. But anyway, her parents are out of town for the weekend, so we're having a bash at her place tonight."

"You want me to go to a party like this?"

"That's why we're getting all dolled up" she said. "Now come on, we have more shopping to do."

Aaron was in a daze as they went to the register and Wendy paid for the clothes with a credit card. Why did girl's clothes cost so much, he wondered. Especially where there was so much less fabric. How could that tiny black skirt cost twice what his jeans sold for?

Now they went to a shoe store, where Wendy made him try on a dozen pairs of shoes, before she found the right ones. Black pumps, with a six inch heel.

"Those are real F.M. pumps" said Wendy.

"What does that mean?" asked Aaron.

"You'll figure it out some day" she said, giggling.

After paying for the shoes (again a price Aaron found amazingly high), they went into a store that sold jewelry. Wendy bought a necklace for Aaron, along with a couple of cheap rings. The one thing though that she spent a lot of money on, was the earrings she picked out.

"You don't want the cheap ones" she insisted. "These will be better for your ears."

"But my ears aren't pierced" said Aaron.

"We're going to fix that now" replied Wendy, smiling.

And so Aaron found himself sitting there, getting his ears pierced, then the new long dangling earrings placed into the new holes in his earlobes. He wore all of his new jewelry out of the store. Now it was time for a quick lunch, which consisted of a salad and a diet soda.

Wendy took him now to a lingerie shop. It felt like adding insult to injury, as she informed the lady who was waiting on them, that both of them wanted to be fitted for bras, since their boobs were still growing. Aaron had to stand there, as she used the measuring tape on him, to determine his bra size.

"36 D" pronounced the woman, steering him to a section of the store that specialized in larger cup sizes.

"Your breasts are still young and firm" she advised. "But you're large enough that they could get saggy on you if you don't wear a bra at all times. I'm busty too, as you can see. I sleep in my bra, so I don't sag. You might consider finding a comfortable one for bedtime."

"Thanks" said Aaron. That was not the kind of advice he wanted to hear!

Wendy picked out a "shelf bra" for Aaron, saying it would support his boobs from the bottom, leaving the top exposed, so he didn't have to worry about the tops of his bra cups showing when he wore his U-neck top to the party.


They drove home, and went up to Wendy's room to hang up their new purchases, so they wouldn't get wrinkled. Then they went to the livingroom to watch a movie, and talk.

"So, how does it feel to be a girl now, Jill?" asked Wendy.

"Everything feels weird" said Aaron. "I don't like this. I'm a boy, not a girl!"

"I told you to get over it!" she insisted. "You're the same person, just in a different body for a while. Tomorrow night, I'll give you the potion to return you to your former self. You've just got another day and a half to go. Can you handle that?"

"I guess" said Aaron, halfheartedly.

"Tell me" said Wendy, turning to him, looking him right in the eye. "Do you still love me?"

"Wendy!" said Aaron. "You turned me into a girl!"

"I know" she said. "But that doesn't answer my question. Do you love me?"

"Of course I do" said Aaron. "More than anything. But I also hate what you did to me. I feel such a swirl of emotions all the time now. I can hardly think! Everything I feel seems to be so much stronger than before. I'm scared all the time. I feel like crying. You say to get over it, but I don't know if I can handle being a girl! I don't understand why you did this to me. Part of me thinks I can never forgive you. But I know that I still love you."

"After tonight, you'll understand one of the reasons I turned you into a girl" said Wendy.

"What's that?"

"Well, there are going to be boys at the party tonight. You're the new girl, and you are quite a hottie! They'll all get one look at you, and they'll be swarming you like bees. You'll need a stick to beat them all back. It is really important to me, that you experience what it feels like to have a boy all over you, who just wants to get into your pants."

"Wendy!" he responded.

"I mean it. You say you love me, but at some level, I know that all you want is to do me. I want you to feel what its like for me. Now come on, we're going to party!"

Aaron put on his new outfit for the party, while Wendy put on a little black dress from her closet, along with a pair of mules.

Wendy led Aaron back to her car. The drove fifteen minutes away, to where her friend Dana lived. Dana's parents were out of town, and the house was crowded with kids from school, all having fun at the little party.

Aaron walked in, and recognized several of them. He sort of knew Dana, but she wasn't from the crowd he hung around with. But some of the girls were in some of his classes, while several of the boys were too. He could feel all the eyes in the place turning to him. Some, like most of the boys, gaped and stared. Some gave him glances, trying not to show the fact that they were eyeing him.

The girls were looking at him, evaluating how well he was dressed, how cute his hair was, how much makeup he wore, his shoes, the length of his skirt, his posture, his nails. They whispered to each other. Some were jealous that Aaron was such a stunningly beautiful girl, and they made catty remarks.

"She must be a real sl*t. Check out how much of her boobs she exposes!" said one.

"Yeah, way too much makeup too" replied her friend. "She had better not try to talk to my guy, or she'll be sorry!"

Meanwhile, the boys had other thoughts. They all wanted to do 'her', not knowing that just a few hours before, this blonde beauty had been one of them. Of course, it made Aaron very uneasy to have boys staring at his boobs, his skirt, and his pretty body. If he caught their eyes, they'd look away.

But not one of the boys. He was confident, being a player of the football team. He walked right over to them, which made Aaron really nervous.

"Hello Wendy" he said. "Who's your friend?"

"This is Jill" she replied. "She's my cousin, visiting from out of town."

"Your cousin, eh? Beauty sure runs in your family! Hello Jill. I'm Todd."

"Hi" replied Aaron shyly.

Todd moved closer to Aaron.

"Come on babe" he said. "Lets dance together. You're so hot, I just gotta dance with you."

Aaron could see the bulge forming in Todd's pants, and it made him feel a wave of nausea. This boy wanted him! Todd thought of him as a hot girl, and wanted to do him! That was the last thing that Aaron wanted, to be sure!

"Go on Jill, it will be fun" said Wendy, pushing Aaron onto the dance floor area, as Todd smiled at his good fortune. Wendy melted away into the crowd, and suddenly Aaron was alone with Todd. He needed an excuse to get off the dance floor, as soon as possible. He decided that he'd dance one song, then split.

Todd kept talking, trying to brag about how wonderful he was. That just turned Aaron off even more. Did boys always come on this strong to the girls? Even if he was a girl, he wouldn't have liked Todd. He was coming off as arrogant, talking himself up so much.

When the song was over, Aaron tried a trick that girls had pulled on him before.

"Todd, sweetie" he said, "I'm thirsty. Would you go get me a diet soda?"

"Sure!" said Todd, excited that 'she' had sent him on an errand.

As soon as he walked away, Aaron tried to locate Wendy. He finally found her in the corner, talking with a guy. She was standing with her back to the wall, while the guy had one had on the wall, his arm extended, trapping her there.

"Wendy, there you are" said Aaron, almost pushing the guy out of the way. Wendy started to talk to him, ignoring the guy completely. She talked about hair, clothes, and all sorts of girlie things, until the guy drifted off.

"Thanks for rescuing me" she said. "He was coming on way strong."

"So did Todd" replied Aaron. "I sent him off looking for something for me to drink."

Wendy laughed.

"I've used that one too!" she said. "Come on now, there's some girls I'd like you to meet."

Aaron followed Wendy up the steps, and into one of the bedrooms. Three girls were hanging out there. They looked nervous at first as the door opened, but then the smiled broadly when they saw Wendy.

"We were worried that you were some guy" said the redhead.

"Yeah, this is the only hideout in the place" said the brunette.

"We'll never get to talk if the boys find us here" said the blonde.

"Just us girls" said Wendy.

Aaron would later learn that while the girls all loved the male attention, they also sometimes needed some privacy, when the boys were hitting on them too hard, and coming on too strong. They needed to talk about things, and compare notes on who they thought was cute or not. He wondered if that was like when he went out on a group date, and they all went to the restroom together.

After they talked for a while, they were ready to go face the leering boys again. There were girls, and the guys were cute. They had played "hard to get" long enough. Now it was time for them to make moves on the guys they had decided on.

When they got back downstairs, a guy asked Wendy to dance, right away. She accepted, and let him lead her by the hand, onto the dance floor. She gave 'Jill' a wink, as she started to dance.

"You too" she mouthed.

But there was no way that Aaron was going to dance with a boy! He just gave them all the brush-off, and sadly watched Wendy with the boy. He was so glad when she as done with him, and returned over to where he was standing.

"Didn't you like any of the boys?" she asked in a teasing voice.

"I'm not into that!" he hissed.

"But you're a girl now Jill. You should like boys."

"Well, I don't!" he fumed. "I still only want you!"

"Not so loud" said Wendy. "Do you want someone to hear you? They would think that you were a lesbian."

"Better that, then for them to think I liked guys" was his retort.

It wasn't too much later that Wendy announced that she was tired, and that she needed to drive Jill home. Aaron was relieved beyond belief to be leaving the party!

"You didn't even kiss a boy" said Wendy.

"No way" replied Aaron. "I'd never do that."

"That's what you say now" replied Wendy. "Give it time. Soon, you'll be into boys, just like any other girl."

Aaron was determined never to let that happen. He had decided that he still wanted Wendy, more than ever, even though he was a girl now too. Seeing her out there, dancing with that boy, made something stir inside him. He wanted her, and he had to show her how he felt.

When they got home, Wendy told him to change into a nightie she gave him. It was sheer, and you could see the dark circles of color around his large nipples. Aaron didn't care. He didn't care that he was in a female body. He was going to show Wendy how he felt, before some boy stole her away.

He put his hands on her hips, and stood close to her. He moved his lips close to hers, and then moved in for the kiss. Their kiss as so soft, so passionate, that they both closed their eyes and felt their pulses quicken.

"I want you" whispered Aaron.

"Even though you're a girl?" asked Wendy.

"Yes. Even with that, I still want you."

He kissed her, harder this time, and felt her body melt into his, as her excitement grew. Wendy touched him on the breast gently, and teased his erect nipple. A surge hit him between the legs. He was getting wet.

"Do you really want to take me like this?" asked Wendy.

"Yes. I love you, and I want you" replied Aaron, breathlessly.

"If we do this, it is going to rock your world" she warned.

"*You* rock my world" he said. "I don't care if I'm a boy or a girl. I want you either way."

Soon, they were hugging and kissing, taking off each other's nightie, and exploring each other's body. It was Aaron's deepest dream come true, to be able to touch Wendy like that, to put his hand on her big breasts, to feel her soft skin with his hand, to feel the warmth of her body.

And the way she was touching him! She was turning him on more than he thought was even possible. He felt so aroused! Even though he didn't have any male parts to get hard, this new kind of arousal was even stronger somehow. It just kept building and building.

It did bother him that had feel a need for something to penetrate him now, between the legs. His slit was all wet, ready and receptive. He wanted her to put something inside of him, which was shocking, to say the least!

Aaron offered no resistance as she pushed him onto the bed, onto his back, then spread his legs wide apart. She opened a drawer, and pulled out a realistic looking ten inch long dildo. She gently started to probe the slit between his legs, easing the head into him.

Aaron let out soft moans, as she put it further and further into him. She started to suck on his nipple, touching him with her left hand, as she started to build a slow rhythm, pushing the dildo up into him again and again.

Now Aaron was moaning out loud, on the verge of screaming, as wave after wave of pleasure radiated out from between his legs, making him tremble all over. He was in a daze as Wendy put the dildo into his hand, and guided him to do her now too.

He made her come again and again, but that wasn't all for the night. Instead, she now spread his legs open again, and went down on him, gently making little circles on his clit with her tongue. When she stuck her finger deep into his pussy, the giant orgasm that hit him was beyond overwhelming! He couldn't help it, he screamed with pleasure.

How could anything ever feel so good? How was this possible? He was a quaking mess when she was done with him, unable to even speak. He fell asleep in her arms, feeling warmer and happier than he ever had in his entire life.


* * *


In the morning, Aaron and Wendy showered together, before getting dressed. She had him first put on a pair of her pink panties, with a matching bra. Then she had him put on a white blouse, and a green plaid skirt. With high white socks and black flats, he was dressed like a sexy schoolgirl.

Wendy put on a matching outfit, then took Aaron to the bathroom, so she could help him with his hair and his makeup, since he was new at being a girl. He didn't complain, and he didn't whine as she made him look all pretty.

After a quick, light breakfast the girls went to a matinee movie together, then to a coffee show for lunch. They went back to Wendy's place, where they first did homework together, followed by reading Cosmo aloud to each other.

Aaron just didn't want the day to end. He felt so special, and so close to Wendy now. Things were never like that for him before! In fact, as the day grew late and the sun set, he started to dread something now.

It was going to be time for him to go back to who he used to be. Now, becoming his old self didn't seem such a good thing anymore. He loved being with Wendy like this! He loved doing everything with her. Even wearing her clothes was something that made him feel closer to her.

After he had reached orgasm as a female for the first few times, it suddenly didn't seem so bad to have a pussy. Yes, it still felt different, but now it wasn't scary or sickening. In fact, knowing how it had felt to make himself come as a male, it would seem empty, in comparison to the female orgasms he had just experienced!

His worst fear came true, when Wendy came to him, holding a small glass of blue liquid. The weekend was going to be over. His time with her was going to be at an end. Once he went back, could it ever be like this again?

"Its time" she said.

"I know" replied Aaron, sadly.

"How do you feel?" asked Wendy.

"First and foremost, I love you more than anything in the world" said Aaron. "This weekend has been the best time of my life! I never imagined that I could be so close to you. Making love to you was so wonderful, but just spending my time with you, hanging out, doing everything with you... it all makes me sure more than ever that I do love you. So I have to ask you Wendy; do you love me?"

"Yes Jill, I do" she said, smiling.

"You still called me Jill" said Aaron.

"Yes" she said. "I've come to realize that I love you as Jill. As Aaron, you're a nice friend. But as Jill, I love you."

"Then I'm not going to change back" said Aaron defiantly. "If I need to remain as Jill to win your love, then that is what I will do."

"Are you really sure of that?" asked Wendy. "Do you want to have a period for the rest of your life? Until you reach menopause, and start getting hot flashes? Do you want to be chased by boys every day? Do you want to wearing makeup and skirts for the rest of your days?"

"If we're going to be together, then yes" said Aaron. "I want to be Jill forever. I want to be with you. Just pour that out, and we'll stay like this for always."

"But there's a problem, love" said Wendy.

"What's that?"

"How is 'Jill' going to just show up at school tomorrow? Jill isn't registered. Nobody will find any records of her existence. There will be questions. Not to mention that fact that your parents will be calling here, wondering where their son went to. We can't have Aaron just disappear into thin air! There will be so many questions! I'll never hear the end of it."

"Okay, you've got a point" said Aaron. "But there has to be some other way! I don't want to live without you Wendy."

"Do you really love me?" she asked.

"Yes, I do" said Aaron. "I'm even willing to give up my life as a boy to prove it to you!"

"I mean, in your soul, do you love me?" she asked.

"Yes! I swear it!" he replied.

Wendy took a deep breath.

"Do you swear that you love me, no matter what, forever?"

"Yes. I do" said Aaron.

"Soulmates forever, never to be apart?"

"Never to be apart, no matter what" said Aaron.

Wendy motioned for him to come closer to her. She smiled. He smiled.

Aaron wasn't prepared for what happened next though; Wendy took him by the hand, but at the same moment, she took the glass of blue liquid, and she drank it herself! Before he could react, she joined lips with him for a kiss, and he just melted, as their lips met.

His eyes were closed, but if they opened, he would have seen a blue glow around Wendy's body. Even as Aaron held her close, he could feel something different. The softness in his arms which was Wendy, was becoming harder, stronger, taller, and more muscular. The soft breasts pressing into him were getting smaller; the arms around him weren't just getting more muscular, but now he could feel little hairs on them, tickling his soft hairless skin.

And now the worst: in front, he could feel something poking into him. He opened his eyes, and he was shocked to see an image that made it seem that he was still in his male body, looking into a mirror. Wendy had become his old male self!

But that wasn't all; the long hair in his eyes, all ruffled from having just kissed Wendy, wasn't the blonde curly locks of Jill. Now his hair was dark, like Wendy's. Aaron turned, to see himself in the mirror. He didn't see the old Aaron. He didn't see Jill. He saw Wendy.

"That's right love, you are Wendy now. And I am Aaron. We have become each other, and we will be together forever."

"No..." said Aaron, as the boy he saw in front of him put his hand onto Aaron's face, touching him lightly, then pulling him in close for a kiss.

"Oh yes" said the boy, in the voice which used to belong to Aaron. "Together forever, no matter what. You are a girl now, forever. And I love you for that. We'll always be together, we'll always be in love. You'll be a girl, so I can love you. And with me being Aaron, and you being Wendy, there won't be any question of missing persons. We'll just continue to live out, be in each other's life."

Aaron was in too much shock. How could he be Wendy now? How could he be in the body of the girl he loved? And she was in his body! He could see that she was all hard. She had become a boy, and now she was coming onto him!

Aaron felt too weak to resist now. His heart was beating hard. He felt fully aroused. He let the boy in his arms take his clothes off. He let the boy kiss him and touch him. Then Aaron laid down on the bed, and let the boy into his wet pussy.

Aaron was on his back, letting himself be screwed by a boy. The boy, who had been Wendy.

"You are Wendy now" said the boy. "You are the girl. I'm your man. Tell me I am."

"You're my man" said Aaron, weakly. "I'm your girl."

"That's right babe, you are" said the boy. "You're all mine. Tomorrow, we'll tell our folks that we're getting married. We're old enough. We can do it. You'll be my wife. I'm sure you'll get pregnant right away, and start having my babies. You're going to be a mommy. You're going to be a bride. You're a girl, and you're all mine."

"I'm yours" said the girl who used to be Aaron. She was in the throes of orgasm after orgasm. She was putty in the boy's hands. "All yours."


* * *


"You used the family secret, and switched places with each other, didn't you" said Wendy's mother, when she returned to find the two young lovers together on the couch. She was a mother. She could tell.

"Yes" said the boy.

"I understand" replied Wendy's mother.

"How could you possibly understand?" said the girl, who still felt somewhat confused at all of the sudden changes.

"You see" said Wendy's mother, "When I was about your age, I fell in love with a girl. You see, I used to be a boy too. In order to stay with her, I gave up my maleness, and became all hers. Or his I should say, because when I became a girl, she became my man."

"You mean..." said the boy.

"Yes dear. I grew up as a boy. And your father grew up as a girl. You followed in our footsteps. I can tell you, the two of you will be very happy together. Some day, you'll give birth to a beautiful baby daughter, and the family secret can be passed down to the next generation."

Both of the kids were surprised. They couldn't believe that Wendy's folks had switched genders, as they had. It seemed so improbable! But now they would have something to make them feel closer together.

"You had better be going home, 'Aaron'" said Wendy's mother. "I'll drive. Your family will be expecting you. Remember, you are Aaron now, and you are a boy."

Then she turned to the girl.

"And you are Wendy. You're a girl now, and for the rest of your life. After switching bodies, the formula will have not more effect on you. You need to accept that you're my daughter now, and you're going to be a girl for the rest of your life. Don't worry, your new father and I both know how to put on makeup, do hair, and dress up as a girl. We'll help you out, and so will your new boyfriend Aaron. It will take some time for you to fully adjust. Believe me, I know. You'll grow to love being a girl though. I know I did. Now go up to bed, and get a good night's sleep."

She gave the girl a kiss goodnight. The girl and the boy rushed together to give each other a goodnight kiss too.

"I love you" said the girl.

"I love you" said the boy.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow" she said.

"Yes. See you then" he replied.


The girl went up to her room. After the car pulled out of the driveway, she reached into the drawer, pulled out the dildo, and started to do herself.

"Oh Aaron, you're so big" she moaned, as she pretended that it was her boyfriend putting himself up into her. She had become a girl now, and her life as a boy would soon start fading from her mind. For the rest of her life, her heart and soul would be female.




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