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More Than I Bargained For
By: CD Hubby


My wife and I have been married for 10 years and are very much in love but we do have our own little fantasies as we have learned over the years. She is 5'8" tall, blonde hair blue eyes, in my mind, quite a sexy body, with great legs, a nice ass, and ample breasts. She really looks pretty hot…….when she wants to. As for, me I am 5'10" about 165-170 lbs, and as her I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a fairly nice build, having been a collegiate athlete and still in ok shape.

That being said let me set the scene for what has taken place in our lives. Early in our marriage we shared many of our sexual fantasies with each other and we truly have a good sex life. We would often read Variations magazine together and have fun with many of the letters in it. Although I never let on which ones were the most exciting, which were those dealing with crossdressing. I have been one since about 8 or 9 when I started exploring my mother's closets and drawers. This is a side of me I have kept to myself over the years… much as I enjoy it.

Back to us. For years she worked in the grocery business and had the closing shift which meant that I had many nights alone to explore her clothing and my feminine side. I would often try on her many sexy outfits, and even bought her a few things especially with my wearing them in mind. I always encouraged her to wear provocative clothes……….short skirts, sexy blouses or dresses, very high heels which might be described as "cum-fuck-me" pumps. Also she was very adept at her make-up. Always enhancing her eyes and lips the most which always turned me on as I watched her putting it on……all the while learning how to do the same to my own face. I spent many evenings in my "Loni" mode and came to enjoy them quite a bit.

Well the time came and she moved on to another profession where we had much the same Mon thru Fri schedules. Effectively ending "Loni's" visits. I truly missed her but wasn't sure how to get her back. Then one night while sharing fantasies Linda told me about her desires to try others in her bed. In other words she wanted to open our marriage and told me it would be OK for me to try others too as long as it was her I loved. I saw this as the perfect opportunity. So while she would go out on dates I would have the chance to bring Loni back into my life.

I would watch her getting ready for her dates. As I said she is quite attractive and always looks hot when she wants to. A typical night would have her showering and then putting on one of her sexy bras, some pantyhose and then sitting at her vanity to apply her makeup. I would watch as she put on the foundation, and eye shadows and liner getting aroused knowing I would soon be doing the same thing). Then her mascara, rouge and finish off with her lipstick which was always perfectly matched to her outfits. Then she would slip into a slinky dress and put on her high heels. A final check in the mirror and a spritz of perfume and she would come to the living room for a drink with me.

We would sit together and share a drink and talk of things from the week. Again looking at her dressed so sexily and knowing why would really turn me on. Even more so as she would light up one of her Virginia Slim 120's. She really knew how to smoke sexily, filling her lungs with a deep inhale and then the sensuous way she would exhale. It never ceased to mesmerize me. She might tell me a little about who she was going out with or she might not, but always would when she returned and we had sweet sex afterwards. I loved eating her freshly fucked pussy. She would smile a lot and made many many sounds as her orgasms would wave across her.

This pretty much sets the scene for recent events. She "dates" and I play at my secret dress-up games. Not long ago after she had left for her evening I set about my own preperations for my night as well. After showering and shaving, I slipped on a pair of suntan pantyhose ( the support variety as I loved the extra lycra), then a satiny bra complete with breast forms I had acquired over time. Then as she does, I would sit at the vanity and do my makeup. Foundation first, a sexy combination of shadows, black eye-liner, false lashes attached and mascara applied. I then would put on my blush and finally my lipstick ( tonight it was Revlon's Cherries in the Snow). Then I would don her long blonde wig, after which I would go to the closet to select my attire. I chose a silky satiny, silver blouse. To be worn with a nice sexy black leather skirt. I then slipped on my black 4" high spike heels. Satisfied with my overall appearance I retired to the living room to enjoy one of my TV/TS videos.

I poured myself some wine and sat down, pushing the play button on the VCR. Soon I was very enthralled with the movie. I had had her dildo and had been doing to it what I saw on the screen. Now as I sat back with a very hard cock I lit one of her cigarettes feeling very slutty. I guess I had been so into my evening that I hadn't heard her return. She and her date for the evening (Charlie) were standing there watching my from over my shoulder. I guess the scene had turned them on because I was snapped out of my trance by the sounds of her moans as he kissed her deeply and massaged her tits behind me.

I quickly jumped up, " I can explain, I was, er um just goofing around a bit"

"I think it is a little more than just goofing around", she said as they walked around to sit across from me. He had his arm around her and she smiled at me sexily as she lit a cigarette. "You see, Don, I have known about this side of you for quite some time now. Long ago I would notice little things. Like my clothes being in different places in my closet, and you weren't always successful in removing the traces of makeup."

I squirmed a little at her revelations. She turned and kissed Charlie as I stared at them, not quite knowing what to say. "Please don't be angry with me, I wasn't sure if you would hate me for this side of me or not", I stammerred.

"Well, since I have known about it for over 5 years now and am still here you can relax. I actually kind of like the idea of you in women's clothes. And now that I see you in them I can see you are very pretty as a woman.

"I told Charlie here, about you when he asked why any man would let a woman like me out of his sight and I told him it was so you could wear my clothes. He didn't believe me so I told him I would show him. You didn't let me down sweetheart!"

"Yep, you are pretty hot looking there, " Charlie chimed in.

"So, now what, Linda?", I asked.

"Well, we thought that you might like to join us. I have to admit that I am more than a little curious as to where you might like to take your feminine side." She responded.

Lighting a fresh cigarette to help relax me. I said, "I never really thought much about ever going out of the house. I am not sure I look good enough to pull it off. And then there is always the difficulty of what to do if someone approaches me ."

"First of all," she replied, "you look terrific. And judging from your erection earlier and the lipstick stains on the dildo you already know what do to if someone likes you. Which I am pretty sure they will. So, how 'bout it? Come out with us?"

"If you think I will be fine, it might be kinda fun and exciting too. So What the hell, Yes I would love to go out with you guys", I can't believe I am saying this.

"Great," Linda said, "You go get my leather coat to wear and I will get you a purse as well……….OH, By the way do you have a femme name?"

"I have always loved the name Loni…….You know how Loni Anderson always turned me on."

"Well, then Loni it is. Here is your purse. Let's put in some makeup for freshening up, your cigarettes and lighter, some money, and oh yes can't forget a few condoms," she said noting the surprised look on my face. "Don't forget that the whole idea of my nights out is to get fucked………I want you to get lucky too."




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