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More Lacy Adventures

by Eskylr


We'd talked about role-reversal off and on for years but had never taken the time to explore. I think it kind of scared us and made us wonder if we wouldn't be embaressed. I wore some panties to bed a couple times but we never talked about it much after that. I had cross-dressed myself off and on for years but never shared it with anyone. Finally one night after a little to much tequila I went into the bathroom and dressed myself in some stockings and heels with a matching garter belt and a cute little baby-doll I'd purchased. I stood in there for what seemed like hours. My wife Sheila asked me if I wanted a fresh drink and I said yes. When she went downstairs to make it I quickly crawled under the covers and pulled up the blankets.

When she crawled into bed and curled up next to me she didn't say anything. For about 2 minutes she just laid there. Then I felt her hands begin to move over my nipples through the silky material. She then pushed me down more on my back and began kissing me and letting me know who was in charge of the kissing. She never touched my rock hard cock but just caressed every other part of me. She then got on top of me and spread my legs and lay between them while she gently licked my nipples. By then I'd lost all control and was in some far off pleasure zone. She then started to talk like I'd never heard her talk before. "I'm gonna take care of my little girls needs. I've been reading your stories on the internet, quite interesting. I wish you would have told me what a slut you were before." I feebly protested but was told to shut up for now and just listen. "I know what you want I've read the stories jeffry. We could have worked something out. Maybe we still can. You have to trust and take direction-2 things your not very good at jeffry. We'll see. Turn the lamp on low so I can see you in your negligee." I so wanted to not turn on that light but I was so hard. I turned it on. "Now follow me, to feel properly feminine your make-up has to be right first." I was so relieved. She did my make-up with minimal of comments and then took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. We turned out the light and lit some candles. "For your feminine look you need a different name, lets' call you, oh, something very feminine, Jasmine, yes Jasmine will be your name when we do this little game. Jasmine go to the closet and get out a box in the back underneath the laundry. Wiggle your ass when you walk my slut girl. When we play this little game you'll do whatever I want won't you Jasmine, no questions asked?" I answered without hesitation in almost a whisper my mouth so dry from the excitement," yes mistress, yes honey, yes, yes." "open the box for me Jasmine, I can't wait for you to see." I open this plain looking box to find a strap-on dildo of about eight inches long and totally lifelike with black throbbing veins to it. I just Stare. Sheila gets a big smile and starts whispering dirty talk at me. "Don't forget I saw your stories I know what you want my little tramp. Before you get any of this cock or the dripping pussy behind it you want so much to just lick even once you'll have to be a very good boy. Maybe just this once since it's all new and all I might let you break it in a little after you put it on me. Don't forget you can't hesitate even once or the games over. After a few minutes of minor confusion I had Sheila sporting a big black erection. She reached down and felt it in her hand and pushed it against the side of her leg a couple times. She then told me, " Jasmine my little slut you want this in your mouth don't you? You can tell me the truth all the time now Jasmine, I already know it. Go on, get on your knees and start kissing the head of it. You know you want to so bad-look at your cock dripping." I did as I was told and started licking and kissing sheila's new manhood. "That's good, now put the head in your mouth, get it all slimed up so when I push it down your throat you don't gag to much." With that she started face-fucking me and I was choking but feeling like I wanted to just explode with cum. "Suck harder slut." 'Now nice and slow, just let me watch you lick it a bit." Sheila I think was starting to enjoy her new found power. She then sat down on the edge of the bed, both her hands still running her fingers through my hair and her nails up and down my neck. She no longer had to keep my head bobbing up and down on her new penis, I was doing that all on my own and in ecstasy being subserviant to my lovers wants. She was telling me to take all of her cock in my throat so my tongue could reach her pussy. "All of it Jasmine, take it all in. Deeper, deeper my little cock loving slut." I was gagging somewhat but starting to be able to allow my throat to open and let the dildo slide down so my tongue could for a few seconds at a time lick her dripping wet pussy. Sheila then laid fully back on the bed with several pillows behind her and told me to keep servicing her. She then began to tell me how to properly suck her cock the way she liked it sucked and told me how to hold my tongue right so all of her thick black dildo could fit into my mouth and I could still lick her.

"Since your such a quick study at sucking cock I think your a very bad girl Jasmine and want more yet. You want to do more with that cock then suck it don't you Jasmine? Come on now tell the truth. Remember I read your stories and saw your pictures. Tell me what you want and I can give you the release you need. You want me to slide that dildo up your ass so bad your almost panting Jasmine. Say please and I'll give you what you've wanted for so long." "please master, please mistress, please, please honey, fuck me, let me fuck you. I'll do anything. I want you inside me fucking me. I want to be fucked by you until I cum."

I moved over her and straddled her still wearing the four inch heels and black lacy panties with garter belt, stockings, and baby-doll and began rubbing against her cock while we kissed and I lightly traced my fingernails over her nipples. The dildo she'd picked out had a smaller dildo facing opposite so my rubbing got her going better then the blow job even. After just a short time of this she told me to lay on my back.

She began caressing me while all the while pressing her new cock against me. She then starting delicately licking my nipples as she spread my legs and moved in between them. I could feel her cock against my wet opening. She then squeezed something into my hands all warm and slippery and told me to reach down and feel what she would soon put inside me for the first time. Technically I wasn't a virgin, I'd had real cock inside me when I was young, to young to make a choice. I'd always enjoyed the sex though as most do of their earliest encounters with sexual pleasures. I was heterosexual though and asking a girl to let you dress up in lacy things and be submissive now and then is a pretty hard step to take. I'd always wanted to share the sexual pleasures I'd had with someone I actually loved. I never thought though I would be able to share my hidden desire of wanting to be made love to and exploring my feminine feelings with anyone until I met Sheila though.

"Spread your legs nice and wide for me now Jasmine. This nice big cock you've wanted for so long is gonna' slide all the way up in ya." I was shaking as I felt the head of her hard-on pushing against me, wanting to penetrate me. It suddenly just popped inside and slowly began sliding up inside of me. Warmth flooded my body as inch after inch eased inside of me. There was no pain, nothing but sheer pleasure. When it seemed no more could get inside me I couldn't help but start arching my back. Sheila teased me about so quickly becoming such a needy slut. I just moaned and moved against her harder. I wrapped my legs around her back and she slowly at first started just sliding almost all the way out of me and then slowly easing all the way back in. I'd lost the panties but the rest of my feminine attire was still on and I was lost in another world. She began fucking me harder and harder. All I could feel was the heat in my ass of so many nerve endings being excited at once. Then she was going so fast and all I could feel was ecstasy from her going in and out. I was just going to explode when she slowed down and started rubbing her pussy hairs against my dick and letting me do what I loved so much-sucking on her slender fingers and sharp brightly colored long nails. After about a minute of that I was going to explode again when she reached down ran her nails up and down my cock then gently jacked me off and had my hot cum pile up on my stomach. I wondered why she did that for a second and then I learned. She had me lick it off her fingertips. I had to clean up every last drop to. Sheila then made me lick her pussy until she fell asleep but I didn't care. She fucks me about once a month or so now and things are so much better sexually. Sometimes I Just wear lingerie and wait on her or paint her nails for her and it's improved our day to day relationship.




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