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Mona's Meanderings - 1

by Josephine Gonsalves


My early life as an Indian female impersonator


My name is Manuel, but most people know me as Manny. I am married to a woman who has been my best friend and close confidant for more than 35 years. We have been married for 25 years of those years. We live a normal life, except I am a crossdresser and I love wearing female clothes. My wife and some of our close friends know about this "strange" desire of mine. As I write these memories I am wearing my wife's skirt and blouse and am dressed up like a woman. In these pages I would like to recall my early days of crossdressing and being part of an old act, the M girls, an all female folk singing group. The M girls used to perform at local variety shows and charity functions, in the time when TV, mobile phones and internet were not heard off. In the late seventies we had a little local fame and were a well recognized act. We were invited to perform for the local, public functions and variety shows. In the summer of seventy nine we performed almost every week end. Our little stint together earned us a five minute appearance on our local TV channel, when it was just introduced in the late seventies. However the times changed and we could not continue our act. Many factors like the introduction of color TV, better programming, better and more lucrative career choices and the fact that we were getting older contributed to the sudden disbanding of the M girls. We were forced to make less public appearances and after a while stopped performing publicly altogether. The "M girls" slowly faded away from the local public's eyes, becoming "yesterday's news". I had enjoyed being part of the Sweet potatoes and to this day I remember those fun times. The memories of being a "part time woman" are still vivid in my memory. This is my trip down memory lane…….


The first cut – The Mona fantasy


I was born in the late fifties and grew up during the swinging sixties. It was the time of the Beatles, Herman hermits, Seekers, Cliff Richard and the shadows, Rolling stones and other musical groups in the western music and Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Nargis, Madhubala, Nutan who were emerging as famous stars on the Indian scene. The radio and gramophone were now available and we were all trying to sing and dance and go along with the new "rock and roll" craze. Cinema houses with large fans for cooling were now coming up and the people were now frequenting them. Technicolor and Kodak were making films more entertaining.

In the sixties and early seventies the place I lived in was a nice laid back suburb, more like a village. Most families knew each other or were at least familiar with each other. Today it is part of the city and a commercial hub. The empty lots and fields have vanished and the hills are all covered with high rise buildings and multiplexes. The empty streets are crowded and the cottages and smaller houses have been replaced with clustered apartment blocks belonging to greedy unscrupulous real estate developers. It is a far cry from the place I grew up in.

In our part of the town, most people lived in tiled roof cottages. The cottages were not symmetric or similar. The better income families had bigger cottages with more rooms. They also had refrigerators and electric ceiling fans. The people lived in the "village". There was a Church and grave yard toward the north end and a temple toward the south. The Boys school and playgrounds were near the church and separated by empty lots and fields from the "village" or "Gau" where the people lived. The Girls school and convent were on the East side on the small hill and a little way of to the west was the fisher folk's village and the sea. To the north, south and east were other similar small townships or suburbs.

The boys school was an old one and famous for its all round grooming. It was run by Christian priests. It had two big grounds, one for football and one for field hockey. There were also a number of smaller grounds towards the church side. The smaller grounds and the school hall were used for community functions, marriage reception parties, and film shows. Once a month the Parish priest would set up his projector on the small ground between the hall and the Church and show us some musical or comedy film. Every October, December and May, artists from Goa or other cities would put up 'theatr" musicals and concerts. These concerts were well received and the local people were always eager to watch or take part in them.

I used to attend these events with my mother and father. In my teen years I started going along with my friends and sitting with them at the back instead of sitting with my Mum and Dad, for these concerts and functions. My dad played the violin and mandolin. He and my mum often sang 'duets" at some of the community functions. He had tried to teach me to read music and play the violin, but I took up the guitar and mandolin instead and could play the Goan folk songs and simple western tunes quite well.

Up until my fifteenth year I went about my life like all the other boys. I joined the local boys in playing football in the rains, swam in the sea, climbed trees and did all the things that boys usually do. I was not a natural sportsman and my soft and chubby bodied figure as well s my baby face made me a last choice whenever the boys selected teams. I usually ended up on the reserves bench or ball boy. Being the only child who was born after many years to my parents I was pampered by my parents and Aunts. This pampering made me a "softie" compared to my parents who were thin and wiry. I however liked music and had a fine ear for it. I was part of our school band and played the bass guitar as well as did the back up vocals. My music teacher said that I did the harmony and back up vocals very well. I also played the mandolin and sometimes filled in with a short solo. The school band always performed four or five times a year at our school and parish functions. Being part of the band made us popular with the girls. I had been eyeing a girl named Anita who came along with one of the band member's girlfriend to see us perform. I thought that she too was eyeing me, but when I tried to get close to her she had cold shouldered me on many occasions. This rebuff had reached my friends and classmates ears and whenever we happened to see her they would tease me. Some of the meaner guys would describe how she was looking "so chick" in her short skirt or tight blouse etc. or that she was seen with another boy just to further irk me and rub in the salt..

That summer, a theater group from Goa had put up a funny musical and it had been played at some of the other Parishes and towns and was well received. They were to put up the show on two evenings at our school auditorium. These musical and plays were 2 to 3 hours long and during the breaks the "ladies sodality" ran the cafeteria where cold drinks and some light snacks were sold. These shows were performed by semi professional theater groups and there were tickets sold at the parish office for the same. My father was away in Goa visiting his parents, regarding some property settlement. My mother was in the "ladies sodality" and was helping in the cafeteria. I and some of my friends decided to volunteer to help the ladies society so that we could watch the show free of charge.

On the evening of the first show a group of my friends and me went early and helped the men from the soft drink factory unload the crates from the pick up and carry them up to the auditorium. Then we went to the local ice factory and brought big slabs of ice. We broke the ice into small pieces and put it in a two large basins of brine. We put the drinks in these basins to cool down. Then we helped carry the trays full of home made snacks. After these preparations we let the ladies take over and went and sat on a bench in the corner to watch the show. We knew that the ladies would give us a drink and some snacks for our effort. Since I was not good at physical chores I was given the clerical part like counting the crates and keeping the accounts.

The concert was funny and the crowd was having a good time. It was in 5 acts. During each act when the settings were being changed singers and comedians entertained the audience with solo, duets or group songs and acts. One such act was a comedian couple whose hilarious songs had the crowd in splits. The tunes were popular songs but the lyrics were changed to add some naughty twist. The couple was called "Bona and Mona" short for Bonaventure and Monica. The man was small built, wiry and short and the woman was tall, well built with a buxom figure. The first song they acted out was about a fisherman and his wife. In the song the man was complaining about how he had to get up early and go fishing and when he came home his dolled up wife made him do all the work. The wife replied that her father owned many boats including the one he worked on and she had married him because she knew that she could bully him. If she complained to her father he would fire him. Their act was applauded by the audience. For the second song Mona wore a long gown and Bona wore a suit and they sang a funny song about the difference in their sizes, yet they were so madly in love and made for each other. She sang about how she would scratch out the eyes of any woman who tried to take her husband from her. The small man sang how he was attracted to his tall wife and appreciated her physical dominance. The audience laughed and they finished the song with the Mona lifting Bona in her arms and walking off the stage. The audience liked the act and song and asked for an encore. Mona came out cradling Bona in her arms and they sang the last lines again. The scene of the man being carried in the woman's arms was very funny and everyone enjoyed it, but for some reason it was very exciting for me and stuck in my memory.

During the fourth act one of the ladies told me to take two cold drinks and a few snacks and go to the second dressing room and give it to the performers there. I went to the dressing room and seeing the door ajar went in quietly as the concert was in progress. The small man Bona was sitting on a stool tucking his shirt inside his trouser top. He made a sign for me to come in quietly and put the tray on the table. The room was dark with only a dim light coming from the dressing table and bathroom, which was toward the side. I saw no one besides him in the room and so went to the table and put the snacks and cold drinks on it. I was turning to leave when my eyes and ears were attracted to a soft sound from the bathroom. I looked and was surprised to see the door open and a woman standing over the toilet bowl, with her back to me. She was dressed in a saree, which was lifted to her waist and was urinating standing, just like a man. I was caught off guard with the sight but before I could react she finished, let down her saree and started washing her hands. She looked towards me and I saw that it was the funny woman, Mona. She went to the small dressing table and started touching up her face. Bona went to her with the refreshments and they started discussing the next scene. The sight of Mona as she urinated made me realize that she was not a woman. It dawned on me that she was a man acting as a woman and Bona was a woman acting as a man. Bona thanked me and told me to come later to collect the empties.

I went back to watching the concert. When Mona came on stage again she was dressed like I had seen her, in a saree. I looked attentively and closely at her to see if there were any signs that she was a man and could not see any. The more I looked at her the more I got fascinated with her. I stopped trying to follow the story line and started concentrating on her. There were other more beautiful and pretty female characters in the play but I kept seeing Mona only. I don't know why but I felt very excited looking at her. I also realized that I was more attracted and was keen to see more of her, after finding out that she was a man who was acting as a woman.

After the concert was over I helped my mum and the ladies clean and clear out the cafeteria. I wanted to see more of Mona now. I told my mum that there were a few trays and empty bottles in the dressing rooms and I would get them. I went to the dressing rooms and saw that a few people from the audience had gathered there and were congratulating some of the actors. I saw Mona dressed in a dark blue silk saree and Bona in a white shirt and black trousers surrounded by admirers, especially women who were touching "her", shaking her hand and blowing kisses to her. I went up close and tried to see if I could find any trace of maleness in Mona. I even shook "her" hand, but could not make out any signs of a male. That night I dreamt of Mona in the blue silk saree.

The next day I decided that I would try and take a closer look at the "funny woman Mona". I knew that she had to change her gown after the song in which she carries Bona, the small man. I waited in the dressing room corridor for the song and encore to end and when I saw her and the small man go inside I followed with cold drinks and some snacks. I was placing the drinks and snacks on the table, when a tall well built woman, dressed in a brown silk saree came in. She and Mona spoke for a while and then they held hands and kissed.. The woman then asked Mona to stand in front of the mirror as she started to undress her. I stood to one side unobserved as she unzipped Mona's gown and helped her step out of it. Mona had on a long frilly petticoat and bra under it. The woman helped Mona out of the petticoat. Under the petticoat Mona was wearing a padded girdle. The girdle was loosened and retightened and I saw that she had on boxer shorts. I watched as the woman helped Mona wear a saree petticoat and a saree blouse. The woman adjusted her breasts by pressing them and patting them. It looked funny seeing the woman do that to Mona's breasts. It was almost like seeing some "naughty pictures". She also touched up and adjusted Mona's petticoat, by tightening the drawstring at her waist. The woman now deftly draped the saree on Mona and pinned the pallu to the left side of her saree sleeve. She made Mona sit on a stool and touched up her face. Then she removed the western style wig and put on a wig with a bun at the back. Mona's own hair was long but without the wig she looked different. I was now sure that Mona was a male. She put on some glass bangles on Mona's hand. When she was finished she patted Mona's cheeks and kissed her lightly on the lips. All thru this Mona sat still, while the woman tilted her head this way or that way or told her to turn around or be still. I watched mesmerized the scene and I felt excited. I also felt a stirring at the tip of my penis. I quietly left the room and went to the toilet but found that I had a hard on and could not pee. I waited some time and then closed my eyes and started rubbing my cock. My hands started moving faster as I closed my eyes and thought about Mona and then I felt a sudden relief as my cock started shooting out globs of sperm. I realized that I was masturbating just thinking about Mona. I washed and went back to the cafeteria. I composed myself and tried enjoying the show but my mind was occupied with Mona. The rest of the show and evening was a blur.

After the show I went once again to the dressing room and saw Mona in "her" blue silk saree. I pushed my way to her and tried to shake her hand. She shook my hand but was more interested in talking to two attractive women. The women were young and dressed in skirts and blouses. They were telling her how she looked so feminine and convincing in sarees and how everyone liked their acts. They told her that even from up close she looked very feminine and no one could tell that she was not a woman. From their talk it looked like they were old acquaintances. The women were saying how their mum would like to see her and if she was free to have dinner at their place. Mona was saying that she would like to but it would take some time to change. One of the women laughed and said that she looked good in her saree and it would be a nice joke to see the look on their mother's face when they told her who she really was. Mona laughed but went into her changing room and returned with the woman I had seen dress her. The woman was dressed in a green silk saree today. She introduced the woman as Sophie "her" wife, who was in charge of her costume and make up. The two women congratulated her and said that she had done a fine job. She told them that Mona and she had seen some old concerts and had hit upon the idea of "crossdressing". They had started out with one act and soon had quite a few. At first she used to act as Bona, but during her pregnancy they had found Peter to take her part and had changed the act. She said that Mona and she would like to join them and she would have Mona transformed into her husband in a few minutes. Sophie gave a few instructions to some stage hands about their costumes and bags. I saw her and Mona go inside the dressing room. They were in for some time before she and a young man came out. She still wore the same green silk saree whereas the young man looked handsome in his dark blue trousers and light blue shirt. I looked to see if there was any resemblance to Mona, but could not find any, save the height. They joined the young ladies and walked down the stairs. They looked jubilant and happy as they walked away. I went and collected the empties and trays from the dressing rooms and joined my mother and other ladies who were locking up.

On the way home I told my mother and the other ladies how I liked the 'Bona and Mona' acts. They said they liked it too and enjoyed laughing at Mona's naughty lines. I told them that Mona was a man. My mother and a few of the ladies said they knew all the time. But a few of the others were surprised. Some were of the opinion that both Bona and Mona were females, others said that Mona was a woman and Bona was a man, but everyone agreed that Mona was charming and funny. Some said that Mona's costumes were good and she carried herself well. Others said that the lyrics of the songs were very good that is why Mona and Bona were so convincing. They continued talking till we reached our home.

That night I went to sleep dreaming about the beautiful "Mona". I could only think of Mona being dressed in the saree by Sophie and the way Sophie held her waist and breasts. Somehow I knew that Sophie liked he husband to dress as Mona, a woman. I imagined how it would be if I was Mona and Sophie was dressing and touching me. I touched myself and started masturbating fantasying I was Mona and enjoyed it very much. I also realized that with the right clothes, some clever make up and padding it was quite possible to transform a young man into a comely woman,

These thoughts stayed with me for a while and then I started replacing Sophie with the faces of popular actresses and with the faces of older attractive women. I realized that I was happy to fantasize that I was being dressed as a woman by a physically bigger and stronger woman than me and that she was treating me like a girl. My fantasy women were all tall, big breasted, flat stomached and wore sarees. They were able to lift me off my feet and carry me like a groom carries his bride over the threshold of his house. My women carried me not only over the threshold but right to the bedroom and over to the bed. I also fantasized about sitting in their laps.

In real life and when I was with my friends though I was my normal self. I was still waiting for Anita to notice me, thinking that if I managed to get along with her my fantasy of dressing up as a woman would fade away. I made many rounds near her house just to catch a glimpse of her and try to talk to her. I asked my friends to introduce us. But nothing worked and so I went back home every evening and dreamed about Mona. In my fantasies Anita was nowhere to be found.

A few days after the show we were playing cricket and I was in the batting team. We were sitting in the shade when I started humming the tune that Mona and Bona had sung. Peter and Vincent were sitting next to me and heard me hum. They too started humming and soon we were talking about the show and "Mona and Bona" act. The talk drifted a little and finally Phillip started saying that I seemed to like Mona. He claimed that I was like Mona, big and fat and "Pokhal" meaning hollow. Vincent said that since Anita was not being haughty and not giving me a "come on", I was directing my desires towards the "Mona" type woman. When it was my turn to bat he yelled from the shade "Come on Mona". It was not long before the other boys took up the chant and I was nicknamed "Mona". I pretended to get offended which fuelled up the matter so that my name stuck.

None of my friends or the other boys knew of my secret desire to be dressed as a girl and be treated like one. "Mona" my nickname was also the name of the girl I was in my fantasies.


The first push


I had seen Mona being dressed in a saree and the image of Sophie dressing "her" was very vivid in my mind. The clothes and makeup had transformed a young male into a woman. The scenes clearly stayed in my mind. The manner in which Sophie dressed Mona and touched "her" in such an intimate way also stayed on my mind. To me these images were gratifying and I was getting immense pleasure from playing these scenes in my mind. The young man was happy to be submissive to Sophie. It was like she was the husband and he was the wife. My imagination took over and I started fantasizing often about wearing women's clothing. I no longer thought about Anita. In fact I did not think about any girls but Mona and Sophie since the day of the concert.

All our cottages had front and back porches, backyards at the end of which were the outhouse or toilets and large trees. In the backyards were clotheslines for drying out the washed clothes. The backyards had no walls, just stone markers, so the women could pass from one yard to the other without climbing or opening gates etc. I used to pass thru the yards and look at the female clothes like dresses, skirts etc being dried or aired out on the clotheslines. I imagined how I would look in them and if they would fit me. Sometimes the urge was there to touch or try out some of the clothing, but I did not want anyone to see me doing so. As it is the boys were calling me Mona. If I was caught touching or feeling female they would torment me. If I had to touch female clothes especially under things like bras or petticoat I made a show of doing it disdainfully if someone was watching. All this changed drastically within a short time.

My secret desire was fulfilled while I was still a teenager. I was unwittingly "forced to wear female clothing and act as a woman". It was my last year of high school. I attended the boy's school and this year the principal had decided that every class would put up a short play, so that more boys could take part in the dramatics than the usual few who always took part. The three best plays would perform at the school parent's day function at the end of the school year. I was sixteen at that time. My face was androgynous, as I was fair and had no facial hair yet. I was around 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed around 58 kgs, which meant that I was a little on the plump or fatter side than most other boys. I was like a big pudgy boy with soft skin and plump arms and legs. Added to this was my pear shaped body "round slopping shoulders, narrow waist and large hips and thighs" which prompted the boys to call me "Aunty Mona" now behind my back. Only a few boys still remembered my infatuation with Anita.

Our class teacher Mr. Ronald had selected a short play where there were three main characters and a host of other smaller characters. The three main characters were "Bruce" a highway man (robber),"Beatrice" a young woman and "Gwendolyn" her Aunt. Bruce the highwayman holds up a carriage in which Beatrice and Gwendolyn are traveling from London to a province. He holds them captive but the play ends with Beatrice and Gwendolyn outwitting Bruce and bringing him to justice. Beatrice is a bold young woman whereas Gwendolyn her aunt, although larger and older, is a timid one. Our teacher had already selected Mario, a very girlish looking boy to play Beatrice, the female lead role. She asked for volunteers to play the other supporting female role of Gwendolyn, but all the other boys were shy to be seen acting as a female. On that day I had been my usual "brat" self, and Mr. Ronald decided to chasten me giving me the part of "Gwendolyn". He said that I would look good as the Aunt with my plump figure. I was taken aback and protested. The other boys now all piped in calling out "Aunty Mona". My class teacher called for silence and said he would punish the boy who teased me. No one spoke up and with that he made me agree to play Aunt Gwendolyn. Thus I was unwittingly forced to play the second female lead role. The setting of the play was in the late 19th century and both Mario and I had to wear old fashioned gowns, while the men had to wear tailcoats and tophats etc.

After class Peter, Vincent and a few boys came up to me and said that they would enjoy seeing me dressed as an English woman. I knew that they would spread the word and soon the girls too would know about my female role. I thought about for a few moments and then Mario came up to me. Mario was also a part of the school band and he seemed very cool. I knew that he also was a member of the dramatics club and had acted as a girl before. In fact he had been acting as a female in all the school plays. He was not at all worried about acting as a girl in public and when we were alone told me "Don't worry about the other boys. I am sure that once you wear a female outfit and see how much better you look than your dowdy male self you will get hooked just like me and enjoy being a female". I asked him "what do you mean and how do you know that I will like being a female". He said "You are more like me, though you try to deny it. I can recognize boys who are like me. Once you dress as a girl I know you will like it. At present you are just trying to show the other boys that you are very macho and though, especially because of Anita incident". He said that the other boys only teased you if you took notice of them. If you ignored them they got fed up eventually and stopped teasing.

We were given our lines and told to study them. The next week we practiced every day after school until we all knew our lines and slowly I got drawn into the feel of being "Gwendolyn". My teacher, Mr. Ronald asked another female teacher to teach Mario and me how to speak softly and slowly like ladies and how to express our self with feminine gestures and movements. Mario was used to acting as a female but it took me some time to adapt these gestures and style. In a few days I was enjoying myself and was not worried about the other boys teasing me. Finally the female teacher said it would be good if we all got our costumes and started rehearsals as some of the gestures especially the feminine ones were a little hard and needed practice. She told Mr. Ronald the type of dresses and clothes each character was to wear and gave us sketches of the costumes we required. The male characters were described and the costumes for each was decided and agreed upon. Our teacher was able to borrow coats, hats and boots for the male characters but the female characters costumes were already taken by the other classes. Mr. Ronald was a widower and the teacher who was helping him did not have the required female costumes. Mario and me were told to ask our families and friends to loan us suitable clothing for the female characters. Mario said his Mother and Aunts would fix him the required gown, petticoat, shoes, wig etc but I would have to ask my mother or female friends to help.

That evening I informed my Mother that I had been chosen to take part in the class play. She asked me what I was acting as. I told her that she would be surprised. She asked me why, so I told her that I was acting as "Gwendolyn" and had to dress as an English lady from the 19th century. She looked at me in surprise and asked how I agreed to play a female. I told her that my teacher had selected me to teach me a lesson and become more manageable. She laughed at that saying that it was not such a bad idea. Then she asked me what type of dress I was required to wear. I showed her the sketch given to me. She thought for a moment and finally said that Aunty Bertha would most certainly have such a dress. Aunty Bertha had acted on stage in her younger days. She probably would have some old dress or gown that would be appropriate. Aunty Bertha had no children of her own and lived in a big cottage with her quiet husband. It was after 7 pm, so we both went to Aunty Bertha's house. Aunty Bertha and her niece Matilda were at home. Matilda had moved in with Aunty Bertha and her husband just a few months ago. She was my age but looked older as she was tall and well built. She was like her Aunt who was also tall and plump. She was about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed around 60 kgs. She was taller than most boys our age and they called her "hill mountain". My mother explained why we were there and Aunty Bertha told her that she had kept her old clothes well and would help find me a long gown and wig. She told Matilda, my mother and me to follow her into her bedroom. From her cabinet she pulled out a large box and opened it. From within she removed different items and soon she had arranged a set of false pearl jewelry. She asked Matilda to pull out a large trunk from beneath her bed and from within removed a wide variety of dresses. Aunty Bertha and Matilda started to pick out dresses that could be used. There were evening dresses and other dresses, which Aunty Bertha had worn when she was young. After a little rummaging she found a lilac gown with a high collar, tight small waist and flared skirt. It had buttons down the back, a large bow at the left side, near the waist, a lace bodice and tiered lace around the skirt, just like the dresses worn by young women in the 19th century.

Aunty Bertha asked me to stand while she measured the dress against me saying "This dress and color will fit and look nice on you with your plump figure". The feel of the dress sent goose bumps down my body and I was already feeling a little strange sensation. She found a nice layered long petticoat and said "with this under the gown you will look more matronly as it will fill your hips and behind". She asked my mother "has he ever worn a dress or skirt before". My mum said that it was difficult for her to get me to touch anything remotely feminine. She said "then Matilda and I will have the pleasure of turning your son into a classy woman. Of course he will have to get used to wearing the gown and petticoat or he will trip and fall.". My mother laughed some more visualizing me as a woman and practicing to behave as one. Matilda asked me when the play was and I said the next week. She looked at Aunty Bertha and said that it was better that they got me used to wearing a long petticoat and gown. I was told to remove my shirt. I hesitated and looked at my mother for support, but Aunty Bertha took charge and started to undress me. She had me stand up and remove my shirt. I was acutely aware of Matilda's eyes on my plump chest. My chest was soft and smooth and it looked like I had small breasts. Then she helped me into the petticoat. The petticoat was from the waist down so I had to step into it. Matilda held my arms for support, as I stepped into the petticoat. Aunty Bertha drew it up to my waist, told me to suck my stomach in and tied it tight with the drawstring. The petticoat was voluminous and as soon as it was tied up tight I felt its weight as it cocooned my lower part. The drawstring around my waist was tight and forced me to stand straighter. Aunty Bertha said that I would need a bra. She was very large breasted. Matilda was also big breasted whereas my Mother was small breasted, so Aunty Bertha said that for today she would make me wear an old bra but it would be better if my mum purchased a 36 C size bra as the bodice of the gown was a little tight and required a smaller size. Aunty Bertha asked Matilda to bring one of her old bras. Matilda came back with one and she guided my arms thru the straps, before hooking it on me. This was the first time I was wearing a bra, and I could feel a distinct sensation unlike any I had before. I felt my nipples become erect as they touched the material of the bra. I was thrilled. Aunty Bertha adjusted the straps and filled the cups with a little padding. I was already excited and visibly trembling, which Matilda noticed as she was holding my arms for support. Aunty Bertha and Matilda now helped me into the gown. Since it was full length I had to step into it and pull my hands thru the sleeves. Then she asked Matilda to hook the buttons at the back. The buttons ran all the way from the base of the neck till the middle of my bottoms. I was acutely aware of Matilda's fingers as she buttoned me and adjusted the petticoat beneath the gown. Now I was dressed in a gown, with a tight high neck, laced bosom, tight waist, wide full hipped skirt touching the floor and sleeves that were puffed at the shoulders and upper part but narrow and fitting at the wrist.

Aunty Bertha told me to relax as she found a pair of closed white inch high shoes. She asked me to try them on. Surprisingly they fit me. She asked me to walk around the room in them and I found that I could manage walking in small steps. The shoes were okay, but I was having trouble with the petticoats and gown. Aunty Bertha showed me how to walk so that the skirts swished without getting entangled in my shoes. I followed her instructions and she was pleased. She asked me how I was feeling. I did not answer. My body was trembling with excitement and I was feeling light headed. She said that she would continue dressing me, but would not put on the make up and jewelry today. She just wanted to get the costume ready now. She asked Matilda to walk alongside me and made me practice walking as she rummaged in her cupboard and came out with a nice old fashioned ladies wig with a loose flat bun at the back. She touched it up and then she fixed the wig on my head. Satisfied, she put on my hands lace gloves which made me feel ecstatic. Then she gave me a small beaded hand bag and an old fashioned lady's wooden handle parasol. She showed me how to use the parasol which made me feel very feminine. Now she made me walk and guided me so that I was walking like a young English woman, swishing my hips while holding the parasol in one hand. I was happy to follow her instructions and she was excited with the way I was responding. She told Matilda and me that I was walking and standing better than most girls my age. She went on complimenting me so that I was blushing. Finally to prove her point she made me pose in front of the mirror and I was surprised to see myself look so much like a woman even without any makeup or jewelry. She asked my mother what she thought of her "daughter". My mother blushed and hugged me saying that she did not expect me to look so good and be so quiet and submissive.

My mother excused herself that she had to go home as my dad would be home from work in a few minutes. After she left Aunty Bertha asked Matilda to guide me around the room so that I got used to walking in the petticoat and gown. At first I held on to Matilda's arm and we walked about the room slowly. After a time Aunty Bertha excused herself to go to the toilet and told Matilda to make me practice some more. I was suddenly aware that Matilda was breathing a little heavily and she was silent. I also felt small shivers run down her arm as I held it. I too started shivering and she noticed it. She led me to the mirror and stood behind me putting her hands on my waist. I could feel her breath on my neck and her breasts thru the fine material of her dress. She continued holding my waist with one hand and caressing my stomach and arms with the other. My excitement was building up and Matilda sensed it. She suddenly turned me around and I found my knees getting weak as I leant against her. My cheeks rested now against hers and I could feel her hands on my buttocks. I was feeling so weak kneed and light headed with excitement that I started to lose my balance. She put her arms around and steadied me. I lost track of myself for a moment and when I came to I realized that I was being cradled in her arms. I could feel her hands beneath me while the skirts of my gown and petticoats hung loosely around my legs in mid air. The fact that she had lifted me amazed me. She was tall and well built but to lift me a plump male like that made me feel weak and shy, but at the same time I don't know what came over me as I put my arms around her and held on to her neck and shoulders. My actions ignited some spark in her. With me in her arms she walked a little so that we now stood in front of the mirror. She whispered that it was alright, she had me safe in her arms. She said that she did not know what came over her, but the sight of me in a dress had excited her and she had unconsciously started caressing me and when I blacked out she just held on to me and carried me, in a reflex action. I looked at the mirror and saw that I was dressed in a long gown and was being carried in the arms of young woman. It looked like I was the mistress, who was indisposed and she was my maid carrying me about. I just rested on her shoulder weak with excitement, yet feeling her breasts against my own body as though it was natural for her to carry me like that. I also realized that she was quite strong to carry me like that for so long.

She sat down on a chair and lowered me on to her lap. Now I was sitting in the lap of a young girl and I felt completely submissive and feminine. All the same I was excited and thrills ran down my body. Matilda sensed my excitement and held me even closer. She asked me if I could contain my excitement and I blushed and said no. At that moment I felt a huge shiver and I knew that I was having a "cum". Matilda too knew that I had "cummed". She told me to stand up and gave me a hand towel to clean myself. I lifted the up the petticoat and skirt of the gown and wiped myself clean. Then I lowered the petticoat and gown. I tried to think straight. I had dressed as a woman and had got excited when I was touched and carried by a girl. This was far from the boy who had longed to just talk to Anita, who did not even care.

We hurriedly composed ourselves, as we heard Aunty Bertha came in from the back door. She asked me if I was comfortable with the shoes and gown and added that with a couple of days practice I would be moving about like a woman. Aunty Bertha asked Matilda to make some cold drink. Matilda went to the kitchen and returned with three glasses of cold drinks. My hands still shook so I was careful not to spill any of it on the gown. We talked for sometime and then I said it was time for me to go home. Matilda undressed me and neatly folded the gown and petticoat. She smiled when she saw how wet my shorts were. I let my shirt cover the stain. When I was dressed in my boy clothes again, Aunty Bertha said that I could come on Saturday and Sunday and wear the gown so that I would get used to it. She said she would not be at home but Matilda would help me. I agreed and got ready to leave.

Matilda followed me outside and held my hand discreetly. I pressed her hand in return and she held it harder. We knew that this was more than just fun for me and she had hit upon a secret desire of mine to dress as a girl. She knew that I was getting immense sexual pleasure from wearing female clothes and told me so. I asked her how she knew and she said "I had no such previous experience. I don't know why but I felt a strong attraction to you. When your mother asked Aunty Bertha to dress you as a woman, I felt it even more. Aunty Bertha unintentional asked me to help in dressing you up and I knew that somehow I had to make you feel like a girl, so I could get to know you better. Fortunately for me you were immersed in the feel and flow of dressing as a girl and got light headed. When I saw that you were losing your balance I instinctively took you in my arms. This is the first time that I have carried a male like this. I was not sure if I could carry your weight but now it seems that I can and I felt a little sexual pleasure in doing so. I guessed that you were feeling the same and therefore lifted up the gown as I knew you would stain it". I told her that "it felt so natural when I was in her arms that I felt like a girl".

It was also funny how easily she had lifted me in her arms and I had so submissively stayed there, safe and secure that she would protect me. I had not spoken to Matilda before and only knew her by face. She had guessed my feelings and knew that I was going to lose control. I thanked her and she looked me in the eyes and I knew that we were going to be more than just friends. She knew that once dressed I was like a girl and wanted to be treated like one. She also knew that she was the one who knew what I liked. We shared a secret. I was her "girlfriend".

With this new knowledge in mind I went home and bathed. I told my mother that Aunty Bertha had asked her to borrow or buy me the size 36C bra tomorrow. She laughed and said that she had not expected to buy her son a bra. She promised to buy me one the next day. I also told her that I would be going again on Saturday and Sunday to get used to wearing the gown and petticoat. She asked me why and I said that I had stumbled and nearly fallen down as the petticoat and gown had got entangled in my feet. She laughed saying that she had never before worn such a petticoat or a full skirted gown and here I was her son wearing these. I asked if it bothered her and she said no, just that it was funny that she and so many girls had not worn such fancy clothes and I a boy was wearing them. Then I told her that although it needed a little getting used to, it felt very nice and comfortable. She looked at me and said "All female clothes are comfortable if you like wearing them". I asked her why she said it and she said "remember when you were small and had to act as a girl, you protested and would not wear anything remotely feminine. Now suddenly you are willing to act as woman and talking about bras and petticoats and getting excited while talking. I can guess that something has changed and you are now willing to try out how it feels to wear feminine clothes". I told her "I don't know what has changed but I certainly feel nice and excited to act as a woman". My mother just smiled and told me to go to sleep.

That night I went to sleep and dreamt that I was like Mona dressed in a saree and Sophie was dressing me. Later Sophie moved out and Matilda took over. I dreamt I was dressed as a woman and was singing on stage and the audience was not happy with me and were getting restless when Matilda appeared and we both started singing and the audience now welcomed us with loud applause. We were like Mona and Bona. At the end of the show Matilda hugged me in front of the audience, but became more passionate when we were alone.


The M girls – The plunge

I informed my teacher about finding a gown and other items for my costume and he said that he wanted to see it and confirm that it was alright for the play. He asked me if I had tried it out and if it needed any alterations. I told him that it belonged to my Aunt who was my neighbor. She would make some alteration and it would be ready the next week. A dress rehearsal was called for on Thursday, which was a weekly holiday for the boy's school in those days, whereas the girls had Saturday as their weekly off with Sunday being a holiday for both boys and girls. Our class would be getting to use the stage too so that the setting, backdrop, microphones and lighting could be adjusted too. Word about the preparation for the class play rehearsals was already out and my classmates were waiting to see how we would look. Peter and Vincent were in my class and were smirking about seeing me dressed as an English matron. They asked me if they should tell Peter's sister, Cheryl who was Anita's close friend. I asked them why and they said maybe she would like me better as Aunt Gwendolyn than myself.

On Saturday I took the bra my mum had purchased and went over to Aunty Bertha's place after 7 pm. Aunty Bertha had said she would not be there, but Matilda would be there and she would help me. I was wondering what was in store for me today. Matilda opened the door and invited me in. I entered and was surprised to find another girl present. She looked familiar but I had not spoken to her before. Matilda introduced us to each other saying. "Meet Mollie my friend from school. We were just practicing a song which we are going to sing for the parent's day, at school". I looked at Mollie and noticed that she was around my age. She was nice looking and the same height as me. In the meantime Matilda got out her guitar from its case. She checked that it was tuned and struck up a chord and they started singing the first lines. They went thru the song but the harmony was missing in parts. When they once again started I suddenly joined in and we went thru the song. It sounded great and both Mollie and Matilda said that this time it was better. We sang it once more and they were happy. They said that we sounded nice but it was such a pity I could not join them, as it was for the school's parent's day (girl's school). I told them that I could play the mandolin and we could team up for the parish variety function where both boys and girls could sing. They said that would be good.

Then Matilda asked Mollie if she could wait as she was going to dress me up as a woman. Mollie asked her why she had to dress me and Matilda told her about my part in the class play. Mollie was thrilled and said she wanted to see how she was going to do it. I asked Matilda if it was necessary for Mollie to be there and she said that Mollie was her best friend and so she was entitled to stay. Besides she did not want her to get any wrong ideas about us. Then she hugged me for assurance and I was led to the bedroom. Mollie followed and sat on a chair to one side. Aunty Bertha had mended some button holes and pressed out the gown so it looked much better now. I showed Matilda the bra my mum had bought and told her how my mum had joked about buying a bra for her son. She smiled and asked me to strip off my shirt and pants and noticed I had worn tight cycling shorts inside. I told her that I had worn double underwear and the tights as I had got excited last time and nearly stained the petticoat. This brought a knowing nod from her. I was however very aware of Mollie looking at me and felt like a woman being watched while she was dressing. Matilda too was having a hard time controlling her emotions but she concentrated in getting me prepared and I was thankful that I had worn double underwear as it was even more exciting than the first time.

This time I was being helped by a girl who had seen me "cum" and carried me in her arms. She fumbled a little as she hooked on the bra and made some adjustments to the straps as it was new. All along she did not let me see myself in the mirror. Only when she had done my face up and decked me in a fine set of imitation pearl jewelry and sure I was transformed into a comely English madam did she guide me to the mirror and let me enjoy looking at myself. I was surprised at the transformation. She had made me look so feminine, that already I was feeling soft and docile. I could not believe that the red lips belonged to me and my eyes were looking like that of an actress with the "kohl" she had applied to my eyelashes. I tried batting my eyes and smiled at the effect. The little hat with ribbons that sat on top of my head was a nice English touch. Matilda asked me to walk as Aunty Bertha had shown me, adding a little sway to my hips. I did as she said and she and Mollie both applauded. Mollie said that I looked very pretty and unbelievably feminine. No one would be able to guess I was a boy under the clothes.

I practiced sitting and walking around the room in the gown and under the watchful eyes of the girls. They seemed happy with the way that I moved about and said that I was a quick learner. Mollie suddenly said that I would look good in a skirt and blouse too and Matilda asked me if I was willing to try out Mollie's skirt and blouse. I asked her if Mollie was going to undress and give me her skirt and blouse and she said that Mollie had left a skirt and blouse in Matilda's room from the last time she had slept over. I agreed and was helped out of the gown by the girls and dressed in a knee length brown skirt and short sleeved blouse. My hair was fairly long for a boy and they combed it so that it looked like a bob cut. With a hair band it looked feminine. They said that I needed some padding for my hips and so had me wear a towel folded in half under the skirt. After a few adjustments to the clothes they asked me to look at myself in the mirror. I was pleasantly surprised to see a tall teenage girl dressed in a brown skirt and lemon blouse. I was thrilled with the transformation. I was now a young teenage girl and was aware that I was wearing Mollie's clothes.

Mollie told Matilda that since no one was there besides us and I was dressed as a girl we could practice a few songs and see if I could sing like a girl. She wanted to know if I sounded as feminine as I looked. My natural voice was still high pitched and girlish and not yet cracked. If I sounded feminine, then maybe we could sing as female threesome at some function in the near future. Matilda strummed a few chords and started a popular song. Mollie and I joined her. We sang a few more songs and then I told them that we could sing some "Konkani" folk songs. We stared off and I stared filling in the second harmony. The songs sounded good and we were pleased with ourselves. While we were singing Uncle Ben and some older men entered the house quietly and listened to us. They looked like they had had a little "local flavor" and were in high spirits. They said we "girls" sounded great and we should enter our group for the "Konkani folk singing night" function that was to be held the next month. Aunty Bertha returned and joined in the discussion. No one said that I was a boy. One of the old men said that he would register us and wanted to know what name we would sing under. Uncle Ben looked at us and said that we were like sweet potatoes, as we were big and sweet. We all laughed at the name and did not take it seriously. The old man asked me my name. I said it was Mona and then he asked Mollie her name. He already knew Matilda's name and so said that we should call ourselves the M girls. We debated a little and then said that we were not ready yet to perform but that we would like to enter the competition. That settled it Uncle Ben and his cronies said that the Konkani stage was now ready for an all girl group. They promised us an entry for the competition. When the other men left Aunty Bertha and the girls started laughing.

Uncle Ben asked them why they were laughing and Aunty Bertha told him that it was something he had missed noticing, which was common with most men like him. He shook his head and said "women, it is so hard to understand you" and went into the next room. When we were alone we realized that I was now part of a female threesome. The girls asked me if I was seriously thinking of performing as a female. I thought about it and it struck me that as a male performer I was receiving very little attention and no girlfriends, maybe performing as a female would get me noticed and I would have girlfriends. I said that I would like to give it a try. Aunty Bertha asked me if my Mother would object and I said so far my mum had been very supportive and I think she would not mind me singing in a girl's group, provided there were no unpleasant consequences, like ragging by the boys and my father did not know too much about it. Aunty Bertha told both girls that they should not disclose my true identity if they wanted me to sing along with them. They readily agreed and we hugged like three girls.

Aunty Bertha said that we sang very well but we should also be well dressed to perform on stage. She said that I would have to have a modern dress and buy a woman's wig so that I looked like a pretty teenager. I asked her how was I to get a dress and other things and she said that she would help with the wig and jewelry and shoes. Mollie said that she would ask her Mother to help her stitch matching dresses for the three of us. Matilda and Mollie said they were excited and would start looking up current fashions while I wondered what I had got myself into. I had started out dressed as an English lady, then a teenage girl and soon would become one of the 3 M girls. During the entire sing song and discussion I realized that I had not thought about being dressed as a girl and so had not "wetted" my underwear like before. I was now getting used to being in an aroused state and feeling the pleasure of being a woman without getting wet.

Aunty Bertha saw how Matilda had done up my eyes and said that the effect was very sexy. She also liked the way she had shaped my lips and eyebrows. Then she said that Matilda and Mollie could help me dress up for the play. I told her that there was to be a dress rehearsal on Thursday. Both the girls had school so she said to ask the teacher to help me. Then she asked me if I was going to stay dressed the whole night to which I sheepishly said that I wished I could but I had to go. Matilda undressed me and helped me wash off the makeup. This time although I was aware of her fingers I stayed in control as Aunty Bertha and Mollie were watching. Aunty Bertha helped fold the clothes and remarked on the nice bra my mum had brought me. Then she said that at this rate she would be buying more than bras for her son. We all laughed I left along with Mollie. Mollie had her cycle and stayed about a kilometer away. When we reached my home, she wished me "goodnight Mona" and I responded unwittingly, acknowledging the name. That got her laughing and I realized that I was now responding to a girl's name. It was the name that had got me thinking about female clothes.

I met Matilda and Mollie on Monday and Wednesday and I once again they dressed me up as an Englishwoman and then later into Mollie's clothes as a teenager, but with no make up. After a while, since I had bought along my mandolin, we practiced a few songs and tried improving the harmony. While we were doing so Aunty Bertha and Uncle Ben were listening to us and said that we needed an accordion & a bass guitar so as to make us sound more "folksy" We too by now realized that if we were to stand above the other performers then we needed some more back up vocals and musical instruments. Uncle Ben said that he had a bass guitar which I volunteered to play so that Mollie who knew how to play the mandolin could play it. Now we only needed an accordionist. Mollie said she would check out with some of the girls in school and let us know. In the meantime Aunty Bertha had short listed a few dress patterns that would look good on us. We went to check out the patterns and the girls were quite thrilled that they would be getting new dresses. They showed me the pattern book but did not want my comments. Aunty Bertha said she would consult Mollie's mother and then buy the material needed.

This time both Mollie and Matilda undressed me. Although aroused I tried to stay in control. Matilda must have told Mollie about our "experience" as she was the one who took active part in undressing me, while Matilda was slowly folding the petticoat and gown. When I was down to my shorts, Matilda came over to me and putting her arms around and under me lifted me in her arms. I put my arms around her neck and stayed in her arms as Mollie asked me how it felt to be carried by a girl. I told her that I was feeling thrilled. I also said that I would feel even more thrilled if I was dressed as a woman while being lifted by a Matilda. She said that she was excited seeing Matilda a girl lift me a boy. She said that she wished she too could lift me like that. I reluctantly agreed and so Matilda let me down on my feet and Mollie tried to lift me in her arms. Mollie was not as strong as Matilda was and could only manage to hold me for a brief moment in her arms. I asked Matilda if she could lift Mollie and she said that she could and had done it many times. She said that Mollie and I weighed almost the same and she had carried her many times when they were in a naughty mood. Matilda said that they would like to see me without my underwear. I was already feeling aroused and said that it was fine. Unfortunately for them, we heard Aunty Bertha's footsteps approaching and so I hurried dressed in my boy clothes and they folded the clothes and put it in a bag along with the other items required for my "Gwendolyn" character.

Mollie offered to give me a lift on her bike. I was hesitant as I did not want to be seen being given a lift by a girl. Mollie said that if she had seen me being carried like a girlfriend by Matilda and so it was alright for her to give me a lift. That settled it and I sat on carrier of her cycle. I put one arm around her waist for support as she gave me a ride on her bike. Her waist felt soft and smooth to my touch. I liked the sensation and kept on holding it feeling good about it.

Matilda met me in the school playground and at the church compound that week. She had waited both times to see me and when she saw me she had waved to me so that I would catch her eye. The first time I was with my friends and we were playing football. After the game I went to meet her. At first we were shy but soon we talked about music and acting and many things. I was getting comfortable with her and enjoyed being with her. Although she was a little taller than me we found that we got along very fine. On the second occasion she told me that she wanted to see me where no one would see us. I asked her why and she winked at me. Suddenly I understood that she wanted to do something private. I agreed feeling a naughty excitement in my whole being. I was dressed in my normal boy clothes consisting of shorts and T shirt. She was wearing a blouse with button in the front and a flared cotton skirt. She told me that she would go to one of the empty lots between the school and the village. She left and after a little I followed her.

As soon as I entered the lot she took my hand and guided me to a grove of trees that was secluded. She found a stump of a tree and wiped the dust from it and sat on it. Once she was comfortable she pulled me close to her so that I now stood between her legs. She pulled me closer so that her face was in line with my chest and wrapped her arms round my waist. I put my arms around her neck. We stayed like that for some minutes and then her hands started feeling my back and buns thru the material of my shirt and shorts. My cock started getting excited and she could feel it against her crotch. I closed my eyes savoring the pleasure of being held in her arms. She too was savoring the pleasure of holding me in her arms. We stayed like that some more till I suddenly felt her hand at the back of my head. She pressed my head and tilted her head up so that our lips were close and we started kissing. We started slowly at first and then our passion took over. I cannot remember how I suddenly found myself seated in her lap while we continued kissing. We kissed till I felt the excitement building in me and my cock let go with its load wetting my underwear. I also felt her breath a little quick at the same time. She had not touched me anywhere near my cock but I had come. I too had only wrapped my hands around her neck and not touched her in her crotch or breast area. We had cum just kissing and I realized that we were falling in love. I was dressed as a boy but she had kissed me and held me like I was a girl.

That night I fantasized that I was Mona all over again and Matilda was Sophie and we were in love and planning to marry.


The fourth M girl –Swimming against the current

On Thursday I went along with the other boys of my class, to the school hall for the rehearsals. There was a separate dressing room for the "female" actors. Mario had come in earlier and was already being helped by a female teacher into a lavender gown, which was almost similar to mine. Just then the school electrician (actually he was a handyman -stage/microphone/film project operator) Joe asked her to check out how she wanted the backdrop and lighting. She told me to help Mario dress while she went out to check the stage. Mario's gown had buttons in the front and he only needed me to tie the sash in a bow at the back. Although Mario was a boy I felt nervous and my fingers shook. All that week I had been dressing with Matilda and Mollie and had controlled myself. I was in 'high" state and feeling very 'hot". I somehow managed to tie the bow. He was wearing 3 inches heel shoes and I asked him why he needed them as they would not be seen under the gown. He said that these were his mother and they fit him well. He also said that it made his posture more womanly. He asked me to strip off my shirt and get into the petticoat and shoes. I did as I had seen Matilda and Mollie do and got the petticoat and shoes on right. I asked Mario to help me with the bra and gown. By now he was already in his wig, jewelry and make up and looked like a young woman. He looked every bit a young woman from the days gone by and was confident. He deftly hooked up my bra, padded my breasts and buttoned my gown. By this time I was sweating. He told me not to be nervous and told me to wipe off the sweat with tissues that he had. When I had wiped my face he told me that he would apply my makeup. I knew he had acted many times as a female, but had not expected him to know much about makeup and other feminine dressing habits. He motioned me to sit on the stool by the mirror. I sat and he removed his gloves and started applying my makeup from his own kit. He was getting more and more confident around me and I felt like a young girl being dressed by a woman. I felt a little strange as he patted my cheeks and applied lipstick to my lips, but I tried to control my feelings. Then he fixed the clip on earrings, necklace, gloves and my wig and lady's hat with the ribbons. All the time the strange sensation kept growing and I realized that I was more aroused this time than the first time when Aunty Bertha and Matilda had dressed me. Only this time it was a boy dressed as a woman, who was getting me all aroused. He asked me to stand and said I looked great. He said he had known all along that I would look good as a woman. I looked at myself some more in the mirror and realized that I looked very much like a woman from yesteryears. He too realized that I looked very pretty. I was now almost nervous with excitement and I excused myself saying that I wanted to "pee" and went to the attached toilet, while he sat on the stool saying he needed to touch up his face.

The toilet had a wash basin and mirror, and I once again looked at myself as I lifted the petticoat and gown and pulled down my underwear to "pee". I had not noticed that the latch on the bathroom was missing. Suddenly the door was pulled open and Mario entered and shut the door. Before I could react he grabbed me from behind and wrapped his fingers around my hand which was holding my penis. Now I had both hands locked as one hand held the petticoat and skirt of my gown and the other which was holding my penis was held my his hand. Although he was smaller in size and weight, his surprise move made me immobile and he held me captivated in his grip. I could only lean against him in total surrender. Slowly he made me release my hold on my cock and started jerking me. I just stood there with my gown and petticoat hiked around my middle and my back to him. I could feel him lift his own petticoat and gown and pull down his under wear with his other hand. Now his stiff penis was against the crack of my backside and he was rubbing it vigorously up and down the hollow between my ass cheeks. His lips were on my neck kissing me and he was repeating "Gwendolyn" over and over. He forced me to tilt my head so he could kiss my lips. This move almost knocked me over, and further immobilized me, so that I was almost completely leaning against him now. I glanced at the mirror above the wash basin and saw two women pressed against one and other kissing. The woman at the back seemed to be in control as she tilted the face of the woman in front so she could kiss her. The lower portion was not visible in the mirror. I let him nuzzle my neck and suddenly I felt light headed and started saying "yes Beatrice" softly over and over. He told me to say "yes Beatrice, take me" and when I said it his hands moved faster jerking me faster and I came off. He however still jerked me till he had "milked me" and I was breathing heavily. I collapsed against him, and closed my eyes, breathing with relief and I heard him breath in relief too as I felt him move his cock away from my bottom towards the washbasin. I could not see but from the sounds I guessed he had spilt his load toward the wash basin. He nuzzled my neck some more saying "good woman Gwendolyn". I heard the water run in the wash basin and I guessed he was washing his cock and fingers. Then I heard the sound of tissue being used and guessed that he was drying his cock and fingers with tissues. I felt him take a tissue and wipe the little sperm that had touched my buns. He told me to wipe myself and come out after a little while. I heard the sound of his petticoat and gown being lowered and the opening of the door. After he left I opened my eyes, composed myself and wiped myself as he had instructed me to do. I pulled up my underwear and let down my petticoat and gown. I took a few deep breaths and came out from the toilet.

Once outside I realized that Mario had sensed that I was aroused and had "taken me in his own way". He had somehow known that I would not protest. Something in my behavior had ignited the spark in him. I had always thought of him as a little 'girlish" boy and had not expected him to make me his "girlie" boy. He was smaller in size and weight than me but had somehow subdued me with his aggression. He looked at me with a new knowledge now knowing he had me in his clutches. He came over to me and helped smoothen out the gown and touch up my lipstick and face. He gently slapped my behind. He told me to take up the parasol and purse. We held hands as we walked out like two women on an outing. We joined the others who were almost ready and now waiting for the rehearsals to start. Our class teacher was very happy with our costumes and commended us on the fine job we had done, without his or the female teachers help. I composed myself and although in a heightened state of sensual pleasure I controlled myself, concentrating on the play. I was feeling so feminine that I gave a really fine performance as a hysterical and frightened Aunt. My friends could not believe that it was me screaming and talking like a frightened woman. It was quite hilarious too and the teacher said that at this rate I could win as the best supporting actress. The boys laughed so she corrected herself and said, supporting actor. When finally the practice was over our class teacher said that he had to go home in a hurry. He asked the boys to put off the stage lights and sound system. The boys said that they too would leave soon and to give the keys to Mario or me as we would require more time. Our teacher gave Mario the key and told him to lock up and give the key to the watchman at the gate. He left and the boys acting as gentleman and males left too leaving Mario and me alone in the dressing room.

Mario asked me to sit in a corner while the other boys were around. When the other boys had closed up the windows and put off the lights etc. they said bye and left. I heard them climb down the staircase, as the hall was on the third floor. When all was quite Mario told me it was okay to go into the dressing room. Once inside he shut the door and pulled me to him. In his high heels he was as tall as me. I heard warning bells sound in my head, but once he pulled me to him and took me in his arms my mind became light headed and I just did as he said. He told me that he had purposely not made me undress as he wanted me to feel like Gwendolyn. I just nodded and he led me to the stool by the mirror and guided my hand to his cock. I could feel his cock under the petticoats and skirt of the gown. He said that Beatrice had been excited all the time just looking at Gwendolyn and it was time for her to make Gwendolyn her girlfriend. Since I did not resist he needed no more urging from me. He held my hands and pulled me to my feet. Then he turned me around putting his arms on my waist and took me in his arms. I put my arms around him and we hugged. Slowly he turned my face to his and we started kissing. We kissed slowly at first and then with passion. I had not dreamed of kissing a boy, but he did not look like boy, he looked like a woman and I let him continue feeling excited to be kissed by a boy dressed as a woman while I too was dressed as a woman. I could feel his body covered with the silky gown press against my own gown and it was exciting. I could feel my cock once again become stiff. In the meanwhile his hands and fingers were all over me and squeezing my padded breasts and petticoat filled hips and bottoms. I too started reciprocating in the same way feeling his padded breasts and bottoms. We went on kissing and caressing each other for a long time till he turned me around and started unbuttoning the gown. He unbuttoned the gown and slowly let it down over my hips. Then he opened the draw string of the petticoat and let it down too. He helped me step out of them and then he slowly started pulling down my underwear. He looked at my cock and smiled. I let him strip me off my gloves till I stood there only in heels and bra with the wig and hat still on me making me look like a lady but with a cock. He made me exchange my inch high heeled shoes with him so that I was now wearing 3 inches heels. He led me to the full length mirror and asked me to tuck my cock and balls between my thighs. Then he told me push my bottoms to one side and put my arms up over my head, while he came up behind me and put his arms around my waist covering my crotch with one gloved hand and my right breast with the other. I looked like an almost naked submissive woman, being held by a fully dressed woman in an old fashioned gown and hat. The image was very sexual and I was feeling very naughty. After a while he tilted my head slightly to the right and bent my body so that he was kissing me and supporting my body in his left hand. It felt very sexy and I could feel a few drops of "cum" spill out from the tip of my cock that was hidden between my thighs. Mario told me that I posed like a "hot' girl and if I liked posing like this. I said that it was sexy and arousing. He agreed saying he had many adult magazines with similar and even more sexy poses. He told me that some of the top actress had posed nude for magazines and some had posed with other women in sexy poses like these prompting them to be labeled lesbians or "lez" for short. I asked him why were they called "lez" and he said that lesbians are women who love and make love to other women. I shook my head in wonder and told him that right now we looked like a couple of "lez" women. He smiled and said that was the effect he wanted to have. I told him that I liked what he was doing. Then he pushed a chair near the full length mirror and asked me to stand behind it with my hand on the back rest and my bottoms sticking. My side was to the mirror and he came up behind me and held my waist resting his front against my buns. After a while he put one hand around me squeezing my breast and with the other he hid my cock from view. Now we looked like two women in a very naughty act. It looked like he was fingering my pussy from behind with one hand while squeezing my breast with the other as I wiggled my buns against his front. He went and sat on the chair. He sat on it carefully smoothening out his petticoat and gown. He asked me to sit across on his lap with my cock and balls once again between my thighs and my legs crossed. I looked in the mirror and saw a buxom woman in bra sitting on another fully clothed woman's lap. All this posing was making me "wet". I could feel my cock get aroused in its tight niche between my thighs and Mario's lap. I told him that I liked sitting in his lap but I would stain his gown with my sperm.

Mario said that we made a nice "lesbian" couple with my cock and balls tucked out of sight and him all dressed up and holding me seductively. Mario made me pose in my naked state in many poses and always with my cock and balls hidden between my thighs. I was always the submissive one while he was the dominant one. Every now and then I felt my cock eject a few drops of sperm. I found it very arousing and sensual. He was touching me all over and I wanted him to go on and on. He tried to lift me off my feet and carry me in his arms. I found it very amusing yet exciting as he was smaller and lighter than me. He however did manage to cradle me in his arms. This made me feel totally feminized and submissive. With my cock and balls tucked between my legs I started feeling like a woman. Finally he unhooked my bra and pushed me on my back on the floor. He squeezed my breasts and nipples and then kissed them. My nipples responded to his kisses and became erect. I started feeling a sensual sensation in my nipples and breasts and squirmed with delight. He lifted up his petticoat and gown and pulled down his underwear. He guided my hands to his cock and urged me to stroke it. His cock was smaller than mine but it was very stiff now, compared to mine which was semi hard but leaking off every now and then with excitement. I was amazed to feel its warmth. He lay on top of me and pressed his cock on mine. Now he completely covered my body with his and his cock was on top of mine, crushing mine. He then slowly started an up and down movement so that his cock was rubbing mine. He lifted my hands above my head and held them there with one hand while his gown covered body moved up and down on my naked one. His lips found mine and his tongue found mine. I almost blacked out with excitement. He told me to wrap my legs around his hips and I did so exposing my ass hole. He continued to hold my arms above my head in one hand while the fingers of his other hand went below me and tried to enter my ass hole. I squeezed my ass hole shut in reflex and he stopped trying to enter me. He said that I needed time and this was our first time so we could wait. In a little while I was breathless and could feel my cock come in spasms, but he continued rubbing my semi hard cock with his stiff one till I was crying "Beatrice, take me , take me, I am all yours". He started coming all over me. His sperm felt warm on my lower stomach and navel. He lay on top of me for a while till he was spent. I disengaged my legs from around his hips. He had made sure that his gown was out of range of our sperm and that no drops of sperm touched his gown. I closed my eyes in sheer pleasure while he kissed me one long kiss. I felt him move and stand up and go to the bathroom to clean himself, while I tried to get my self down from "my high", lying on my back on the floor, satiated with sex.

I was completely shagged out and lay there for quite some time. Mario had made me cum at least thrice in a short time. Mario saw my condition and helped me to my feet. Since his gown was front opening he undressed on his own. He helped me remove my wig and hat and jewelry. I took off the 3 inches heeled shoes and went naked into the bathroom. The water on my face helped me and I washed myself clean. I returned to the dressing room naked. Mario was now already dressed in his boy clothes and was folding all our female clothes and accessories. While I was getting into my boy clothes he once again came to me and kissed me. It was a proprietary kiss and it told me that I was now his girl. He put all my things in my bag and his in his own. He said that he would get both gowns pressed out as they had got creased up during our "little girlie show". I realized that I had only seen a little of his body and a glimpse of his leg whereas he had me completely naked and at his mercy. I realized that I could be emotionally and physically manipulated when I was dressed as a girl.

On our way down I was silent for a while. I knew that I had gone "far upstream and was being carried away by the current". Once outside the building we walked a little apart and seeing that I was silent started talking. He said that he had always fantasized about meeting a boy like me and having a "good time" like two women. He told me that he however did not expect to be the one in charge and take the active role. I told him that I too had some fantasies of dressing as a woman but I had not expected to be jerked off in this fashion by another boy also dressed as a woman and be so submissive. I told him that it was my first time with a boy. He said that he had had some experience and was at the receiving end before. He was amazed at how he had taken control and improvised as we went along making me completely passive and submissive. He asked me if I had been with a girl and I told him how I had "cummed" in Matilda's arms, while I was dressed as a woman. He wanted me to describe Matilda. So I did for him and he seemed interested. He asked me if I had liked it when he had cradled me. I told him that I had "cummed" continuously as he had 'feminized' me. He said that he too had a fantasy of being dressed as a woman and being carried by a taller and stronger girl. I told him that he had made me feeling very "girly". He told me that he had a few outfits and dresses at home and we could play dress up and have some more girlie sessions. He also told me that he had worn his mother's sarees and if I wanted he would dress me in a saree and make love to me. I told him that I would love to wear a saree and feel like an Indian woman. He told me that if we kept our secret from the other boys and girls then he would make my fantasy of wearing a saree come true.

I asked him how he kept his upper lip and cheeks so smooth and he told me that he did not shave instead he waxed it and plucked the hair. I asked him if it did not hurt and he said that at first it was a little painful, but now he had got used to it. He told me that if I was willing he would do up my upper lip and cheeks so that I would not need a lot of make up to hid the darker skin above my upper lip. I looked at his face and agreed to have him remove the fine hair that were starting to come up there.

I told him that I had earlier seen him play the accordion He said he played both the accordion and guitar. I told him about the M girls and he sounded interested. He asked me all sorts of questions about Matilda and Mollie and finally said that if "Gwendolyn" would make an appearance now and then "Beatrice" would be there too. I told him that Mollie had called me Mona in keeping with the M letter. He said then he could be "Maria" and we could be the four M girls that made up the M girls…… I knew that we would be together for some time. He had made me his "girl" and he wanted to make sure I stayed his girl. What better way than to be one of the M girls, who were two girls and two boys yet dressed and performed as four girls. Besides being from the same locality, we had a lot of things in common and the best part was that we enjoyed each other company.

I now was going to be "Mona" the woman that had ignited the spark in me.




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