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Mom's Unique Punishment

by Suejrz


"Mom! I called out as I got home from baseball practice, "I'm home!"

"Hello Danny, we have to talk," she responded, while exiting my room.

When I saw what was in her hands, I became nervous. Some of the guys I pal around with talked me into shoplifting a few things from a department store.

"Please explain where these items came from."

I should have told her I was sorry, and that it was just the one time,

But instead I said, "Tommy made me do it. He said it was a dare. I didn't want him to think I was a sissy."

The next thing I knew, I was in big, big trouble with Mom. I got into trouble before but never anything this bad.

"You are grounded young man!" she remarked. You will come home immediately after school. You had better be here when I get home."

"But I've got baseball practice after school," I pleaded. I loved playing ball with the guys and I was a pretty good fielder and I batted over 300 last season.

"You should have thought of that before becoming a criminal. I've already called your coach and told him you were grounded for the next two weeks. After I explained why, he said you would not be allowed to play this year, as an example to the other players. So, you no longer have baseball practice, and are to come home immediately after school."

I haven't held a bat or seen any of my friends since my punishment began a few weeks ago. This was some spring training. At first I thought that was the worst punishment imaginable but boy was I wrong. One day during my second week of punishment, I was a little late coming home from school and unexpectedly found mom waiting on the porch. I would usually get home about a half an hour before she did, so I had stopped by the ball field to watch a little of the practice I was missing so much. She was pissed even more. "I thought you might have learned your lesson when I had given you the ultimate punishment by taking away your baseball, yet here you are disobeying me. I guess I'll have to try something a little more unique," she said. At that, she dragged me upstairs, told me to shower and come into her room wearing my robe.

When I entered her room I saw she was looking in her drawers for something. She turned holding a pair of pink panties in her hand. "Here, put these on. I'll teach you to disobey me. You want to see who's the boss, you or me? Well now you'll know for sure that I wear the pants in this family."

Even though I begged Mom not to do that to me, she wouldn't change her mind. In a matter of minutes she had me wearing one of her old dresses too. Once I was all dressed as a girl, mom said, "You worried about your friends thinking you were a sissy, so you chose to steal. Now you won't have to worry about that anymore since you will be in dresses for the foreseeable future just like a sissy. When you come home from school, you'll find girl clothes waiting, and you will get dressed in those clothes as soon as you get home. Disobey me again and your friends will find out just what sissy you are," she informed me. "I want you all dressed when I get home or else! I'll get you a few things that fit you better tomorrow."

I asked why she was doing this to me and she said that was my punishment so I would not end up being a criminal and find myself in jail for stealing. Mom would not tell me how long she planned to keep me in girl's attire. I hated wearing those stupid clothes, especially the panties, but I didn't have any choice. Mom said she should send me to school in a dress if I argued with her, but I didn't think she could get away with sending me to school dressed like that. At least I hoped she couldn't, but I now knew better than to tempt her.

Sure enough, the next day when I got home, I found the dress on my bed along with another pair of panties. Worst yet, that day when she got home she had a few shopping bags that I knew contained things for me to wear. She had me follow her to my room and she sat on my bed.

"Here are the things I promised to buy you, Danny."

She dumped the bags out on the bed and started handing me the various items. I was surprised and worried that mom bought me so many different things, including some girl's shoes. "Put the socks and hosiery in the top drawer and the panties and bras in the second drawer of your dresser," she ordered as she handed me each item.

Then she had me get some hangers from her closet. Returning with the hangers, she showed me how to properly hang the dresses and petticoats. Then I had to hang them in my closet. She also had me neatly stack my shoeboxes in my closet.

Finally as I took each dress to hang them up, mom explained how important it was to hang them properly, what slips or petticoats I should wear underneath them, and which shoes matched the dresses. "I hope you paid attention to what I just told you young lady!"

"Young lady?" I thought. Having that many outfits meant I was in for a long punishment.

"I expect you to pick out an appropriate outfit when you get home, and to be fully and properly dressed by the time I get home, unless I get home a little early. Do you understand?" She asked.

I was in tears, but managed to answer, "Yes Mom!" So every day after I got home from school, I had to put on one of the dumb dresses she bought me, along with the appropriate underwear and shoes.

Before I continue telling you my story I should tell you a little more about myself. As you now know, my name is Danny. I'm thirteen years old and just finishing seventh grade. I am a fairly normal teenager who likes music, sports and just hanging out with my friends. I have a younger brother Mike who's eleven and a real pain in the butt. He always wanted to be just like his older brother. At least he did before mom started putting me in dresses and calling me Danielle. Now he no longer wishes to emulate his big brother. He just enjoys tormenting and teasing me incessantly, but mom warned me that I better not hit him or do anything. If I did I would find myself in dresses forever. My mom works part time in my school. She's like a secretary or an administrator or something. I always hated having her there since she could keep tabs on me all the time. My mom and dad have been divorced for almost as long as I could remember. Mom is always telling us that dad was a macho jerk and that's why she divorced him. Mike and I only get to see dad for a week each summer since he lives cross-country. Mike and I always enjoy spending time with him. We go camping, hiking, fishing, all cool stuff

Anyway, back to my current problem.

Since mom started making me come home right after school and change into girls clothing, I've become more of a recluse. Quitting my baseball team really killed me and my friends wondered what was going on, but I can't tell them the truth. I'd rather die. I'm scared to death that if any of my friends found out I was wearing dresses and stuff, the news would be all over school the next day! So I just told them I had been grounded. I'm even dreading summer vacation, which will start in a few days, since I think mom plans to keep me in dresses all summer. But even worse than wearing dresses is putting up with my stupid brother, Mike. I used to pick on him all the time; now he gets to make fun of me every damn day. Last week I found out mom even took some pictures of me getting dressed up as a girl. Mom told me she'd show them to all my friends if I didn't do exactly what she said. Mom said I better behave as a good little girl or else. Girls listen to their mother and don't fight with their younger brothers she told me. Imagine referring to me as a girl. I even hate the sound of that word. Mom also was starting to convince Mike that I liked wearing dresses. She was always saying little things like that and he actually is starting to believe her. I wanted to scream out that she was lying but I knew I would be in big trouble if I did that. Those pictures would be the ruin of me if they ever got out. I realized then that there was no way I could win.

My birthday is also coming up this week. Mom always made our birthdays a special event. We'd sometimes go to a movie or a play and then go to a nice place to eat. One year she even took me to Yankee stadium to see the Yankees play. Mom would always get dressed up for our dinner and Mike and I always wore nice clothes too. We didn't wear suits or anything but nice pants and dress shirts. I hated wearing suits but I would gladly wear a suit now instead of girl's clothes. I knew mom didn't have any fancy girls dresses for me to wear so I was pretty sure she'd let me wear one of nice pants and shirt.

The Friday before my birthday mom told Mike and me to meet her by the office right after school since she was going to drive us right home. Mike had a baseball game she cleaned his uniform yesterday and it was in his closet. She also told me she laid my clothes out on the bed at lunchtime since she had plans for me this afternoon as well. She told us to hurry since Mike's practice was early.

Sure enough when we entered the room we were now sharing (my room was being painted), Mike's uniform was in his closet and my bed had a mini-skirt, a light summer top, panties, bra, pantyhose and shoes. Mom walked up behind us and told us to hurry. Most times mom only had me wear girl's panties and a dress so this was unusual for her to have selected all of this stuff. But whenever I had to wear bras and pantyhose, I usually changed into these girlie things when Mike was in the bathroom or somewhere else. I hated for him to see me putting on these frilly girl things. He would invariably tease me whenever I had to change in front of him and I hated that. But this particular day mom quickly ran into the bathroom we shared to clean it up a little so I had no choice but to change in our room with Mike. Mike was smiling at me when he saw me step into the panties Mom selected for me to wear. I wanted to die as I pulled the pretty pink panties with little flowers on them up to my waist. I couldn't wait to hide my panties from his view so I quickly stepped into my denim mini-skirt as Mike pulled up his baseball pants. When Mike put on his undershirt, I had to endure his stares as I hooked on my bra and slipped on my top. Mike then pulled on his white baseball socks and tied his cleats. Since his socks were a lot easier to put on then my pantyhose, he got to enjoy seeing me slip them up my legs. I was so embarrassed as I sat on the edge of the bed and rolled up the pantyhose just like mom showed me. I slipped them on one foot and then the other. Since I still was not used to wearing pantyhose, I struggled as I pulled them up over my knees. Once I got them that high I realized I couldn't get them any higher unless I lifted up my tight fitting skirt. I had no choice but to lift my skirt up to be able to get the pantyhose all the way to my waist. So in spite of my embarrassment I lifted my skirt, pulled up my pantyhose and then did a little wiggle to get them snug. I knew Mike would get another good view of my pretty pink panties but I had no other choice. Mike's giggle left no doubt that he enjoyed my struggles and that he did indeed get to see my panties one more time.

As soon as I had my shoes on, Mom grabbed me and led me towards her room. As we were leaving the room she said in a voice loud enough for Mike to hear that she would do my hair and makeup like I wanted. "I know you said you want to look like the other girls in your class." She was always saying things like that to reinforce the idea that I really wanted to dress and act like a girl. Once in her room, she sat me down at her vanity and combed my hair into a feminine looking style, adding a few barrettes to hold it in place. She then took some makeup stuff and put in on my face. She said it was just some thing to give me a little color. I think she said it was blush. She then applied some light lipstick on my lips and mascara on my eyes. Mom never made me wear any makeup so I wasn't sure why she did it today. I asked her what she was doing but she told me to hush.

"I told you that we have plans this afternoon."

As Mike grabbed his baseball glove, mom handed me a purse and said let's go. Oh my God, she's not really going to make me go out is she? I mean she never made me go outside dressed like this before but she sure was now. A minute later I found myself sitting in the back seat crouching as low as possible. Mike and mom were in the front seat. I used to always get the front seat but now that I was dressing like a girl, Mike just took my place and I was too embarrassed to say something to him.

During the drive over to the field, mom asked Mike if he liked my makeup. Mike just looked at me a little strangely. "Danielle insisted on wearing makeup if she was going outside. She said all the other girls at school wear it and she wants to be just like them, right sweetie?"

As I cringed at her comments, Mike just laughed at her little lie (which he thought was true) and said I looked really cute in a real condescending way.

Once we reached the ball field, Mike jumped out of the car. Mom said we would be back before the game ended. Mike kissed mom and he waved to me as he yelled, "Bye, Danielle. Don't let any boys smudge your lipstick." I wanted to kill him for calling me that name and saying that about me. Imagine me letting a boy kiss me. Mom just laughed as she told me to sit up front with her. I almost died getting out of the car for fear that one of Mike's team mates might recognize me.

As soon as I realized that mom was not heading back towards home, I asked her where we were going. She then told me we had to go to the mall to get a nice new dress for my birthday dinner. I don't have time to buy something without you being able to try it on to make sure it fit you properly. I was practically in tears as I begged mom not to take me to the mall since a lot of the kids hung out in there after school, but she didn't care. I told mom I didn't need a new dress for dinner.

"I can assure you honey that you will be wearing a nice new pretty dress on Saturday when we celebrate."

I pleaded with her not to do this to me but she just told me this is how bad boys get treated and it was all for my own good. "I've done a lot of research on this type of petticoat treatment and I can promise you it, it works. You were the one shoplifting and being a brat so this is the price you pay. I'd much rather have a sweet daughter than a rotten son, so you just better get used to acting like my precious little girl. If you do good it will remain our family secret but if not, all your friends will know." I cried and sobbed but to no avail. In a few minutes the car was parked and we were walking towards the mall.

I wasn't sure if mom was kidding or serious about making me dress completely as a girl for dinner on Saturday, but since I now found myself entering the mall while wearing a mini-skirt, I kind of thought she probably wasn't kidding.

As we entered the mall entrance, I quickly forgot about our dinner and began to worry about running into some of my friends. As we walked mom was all excited about finding me the perfect dress. I wanted to die right there but before I could Mom pulled me into the first of many girl's clothing stores. I was in constant fear that I would run into one of the girls from school as mom and I went from rack to rack. I wasn't too worried about running into any of the guys since they would never be caught alive in a girl's store. After selecting four or five dresses, mom informed me it was time to try them on. I almost fainted as she led me towards the ladies dressing room. The room was one large area with some benches and a few private stalls at the one end. Those private rooms were all taken so Mom put the dresses and her purse on the bench and told me to take off my skirt and top. Much to my relief there were no teenage girls in the room, at least I didn't see any in the open area. There were only some women and a few younger girls, maybe eight or nine years old. I breathed a sigh of relief until I realized that I would now be standing in this room in my underwear trying on dresses. Somehow I managed to get through that trial but as soon as we left the dressing room, I told mom I had to go to the bathroom. My nerves were shot and I guess that made me need to pee really bad. Mom informed me that the ladies room was right around the corner, so we could go there now. Even though I was wearing girl's clothing, I never thought about the fact that she would take me into the ladies room.

"As this is your first time going in a ladies room you must sit down when you pee or you draw unwanted attention to yourself. Remember, girls don't stand and we use toilet tissue to wipe ourselves when we are finished. And when you're done, wash your hands." I still remember how embarrassed I was sitting down to pee like a silly girl. As I sat there I could see my panties and pantyhose around my knees. So within the first half-hour of our shopping trip, I had tried on five dresses, two of which mom bought and had my first visit to a ladies room.

We continued shopping for another hour or so and I had acquired some girl's shorts, a few tops, a pair of girl's sneakers, a pair of open-toed heels, two pairs of sandals, one pair of sheer white pantyhose and the two new dresses. I thought the worse part of the entire trip was when mom took me into the sleepwear section to pick out a pale yellow baby doll nightie to wear to bed. Up to now I was still allowed to sleep in my old boys pajamas. However, the worst part was when we stopped and got my ears pierced. Mom said it was an early birthday present.

When we got back to the car I really began to believe that she planned to do what she said and that I would be wearing one of those dresses and those stupid white pantyhose at dinner on Saturday! Even worse I knew mom would have me dressing all summer now based on all the stuff she just bought. Mom said she was aware of my fear, but she had decided this is what's best for me and I had little choice but to agree. I remember she told me she didn't want me to end up like my father, a mean-spirited, tough guy, who was always in trouble.

That is not the life she had planned for her child.

"I know you're not too happy about celebrating your birthday this year, but traditions are important. So our tradition will continue with a few minor changes. Your hair will be done, your nails will be polished, you will have perfume on and you will be wearing your new dress. And one more thing, don't forget you live with me and you'll continue to live with me. So, if you don't want your friends to find out about your cute little panties you better do exactly what I say. Do I make myself clear, honey? And you can start right this second with your little brother, so you'd better play along or else. From now on I expect you to be mommy's perfect little girl and Mike's sister. We wouldn't want all your friends to see those pictures of you, would we?"

By now we were back at the ball field to pick up Mike. I was sick to my stomach just thinking about the rest of tonight and tomorrow. Mike, oblivious to my feelings, jumped in the car, shouting they won the game and he hit a home run. Mom was all excited for him telling him that was great and she was sure dad would love hearing about it tomorrow at dinner.

"What! Dad's coming to dinner tomorrow?" I asked.

"Oops, ruined the surprise didn't I? Yes dear, he said he was going to be in town and asked if he could join us for your birthday." she answered. "I haven't told him about your current situation, so Mr. Macho is in for a surprise too."

"But Mom. Dad won't like this one bit."

She interrupted, "He'll have a say in how I raise you as soon as he pays me the three years of back child support he owes. Until then I'm the boss. Neither you nor your father has a say in this matter." She then gave me a warning look.

Because of that look I just shut up. Mom made it even worse when she told me to tell Mike about all the cute things I bought at the mall. So for the remainder of the ride home I was telling my stupid little brother about my dresses, pants and shorts that I bought. Mom also had to tell him about my baby doll nightie that I would be wearing tonight. Mike cracked up when he heard that one.

When we returned home, mom told Mike to go upstairs to change and wash up for dinner. When I asked if I could change mom said there was no need for me to change since I looked so cute. Besides, girls like to help cook dinner. After dinner, I had to help her clean up and do the dishes while Mike was allowed to go watch television. As soon as we finished, mom took me upstairs to have me try on the two dresses with the white pantyhose and my new shoes. She wanted to see how it all looked together. As she walked past Mike she said to me in a loud voice that she didn't know why I was in such a hurry to try everything on again, especially my new nightgown. After I tried everything on again, Mom decided the pink and white dress would be best for dinner. She then ironed it and hung it in my closet. She told me to take a bath and put on my new nightgown and then join her downstairs to watch TV.

Mike totally cracked up when I walked into the den wearing that stupid baby doll nightie. He teased me quite a bit but I just sat there quietly and watched television. I knew I would be the one punished if I said anything so I just endured his stupid comments. However, I didn't sleep very well that night knowing what shame and embarrassment tomorrow would bring.

When I woke up that Saturday morning I felt sick to my stomach knowing what was in store for me. I couldn't decide if it was worse to get dressed into one of the casual outfits mom bought yesterday or to stay in my stupid nightie. I decided the nightie was worse so I put on a pair of pink shorts and a pretty short sleeve top with lace at the neck and sleeves. Mom and Mike were already downstairs by the time I got down. I heard Mike tell her that they had another game today. Mom said he could play but he had to be home by five to get ready for dinner.

That afternoon, Mike got his glove and left for the field on his bike. About an hour later Mom grabbed me and led me into the bathroom to wash my hair. "Its time we get started on you, honey."

When I complained that it was so early, mom just smiled and said "Now honey, you know it takes us girls a lot longer to get dressed and I know you want to look extra pretty for your birthday." Pretty! I don't think so. Being pretty was certainly not on my list of birthday wishes. But as soon as I finished showering and washing my hair, mom took me into her bedroom and sat me down at the vanity where she proceeded to set my hair in rollers. "I wanted to do this early so the curl has a chance to set. I think you'll look cute with curly hair." First she was calling me pretty and now cute. Things were going quickly from bad to worse. I felt so stupid sitting there with goofy pink curlers in my hair. I wanted to die as I sat there staring at my reflection in the mirror. As soon as she finished the last curler, she took out a bottle of bright pink nail polish and proceeded to polish my fingernails and toenails. "You know something. I think pink is your color. We'll do another coat after I finish my shower and get dressed. By then your hair should be dry enough to take out your curlers and see how you look with some curly hair.

Mom rejoined me in my room wearing her robe 30 minutes later. She watched as I applied the second coat of polish to my own nails. After I was done with this task, mom sat me down on the bed and removed one curler to see if my hair was dry yet. "It's still a little damp. I think we need to wait another half hour or so. So, lets get your started on dressing. You can at least put on your lingerie and pantyhose now."

I stepped into my panties and then removed my robe to put on my bra. As mom helped me hook it into place I asked her what she told dad about me. "I talked to him last night and told him you decided you want to spend the summer as a girl. I explained that this started out as a punishment for your thievery but after dressing this way for a few days you discovered that you enjoy showing your feminine side. He wasn't very happy but considering his situation he really can't say or do anything."

After I put on my slip, I sat on the bed to slip on my sheer white pantyhose; I asked mom how she could that. "Mom, how could you tell dad that lie? You know I hate dressing like a girl. I'm a boy, mom!"

"Well, that doesn't matter, does it? You're being punished for the summer and that's final. Your father isn't too happy about this little turn of events but he agreed not to put up a fuss. And he certainly would never consider having you live with him. You'd cramp his life style and he couldn't afford to keep you anyway especially when I told him you have been behaving much better since you became my little girl. Sit down over here so we can get your make up on. By then your hair should be dry. Now, getting back to your father. Since I told him you like all this stuff, you'll have to be on your best behavior tonight. I expect you to be the perfect fourteen-year-old daughter. That means not a word of complaint from you all evening. And you better remember all your lessons and manners. I expect you to sit very ladylike, to eat slowly and daintily and to speak softly. One slip up and I'll be parading you to the ball field every night next week in a different dress. And you know I'm not kidding."

As she continued talking, she was expertly applying makeup to my face. A little foundation was followed by a very light application of blush and a hint of brown mascara on my eyelashes. Mom then applied a light pink lipstick to my lips followed by an application of lip-gloss to make my lips shiny. "Oh, one more thing. Tonight, you will call us mommy and daddy. And I want you to do a little curtsy for your daddy when you greet him tonight."

"Curtsy? That's dumb, mom."

"Who am I?'

"I mean mommy."

"That's better. Now stand up. I will show you how to curtsy." When I didn't get up right away, mom gave me a look and said, "Or if you prefer, you can practice doing them at the ball field tomorrow."

With that I quickly stood up. Mom told me to place my right foot behind my left foot and hold my slip with my right hand and then bend my knees a little. I never felt more stupid then practicing curtsying for those few minutes. "Ok, I think you got it. You can do a few more after we fix your hair and get your dress on. In fact, let me get your dress now and then we'll do your hair so it doesn't get messed up." With that she went to the closet and brought over the pink and white dress we bought the day before at the mall. She told me to be careful not to let the dress touch my face since I already had on my makeup. She unzipped it and helped slip it on me. Once I had it on, she zipped me up and I felt trapped for the evening.

Mom sat me down again and started removing the curlers. "Wow. You're hair really holds a curl. You're going to look so pretty after we get it all combed out and styled a bit. After about 15 minutes of teasing and combing she seemed satisfied that my hair looked nice. Handing me my sandals, she said, "Here honey, put these on and then we'll let you take a look at how pretty you are."

After slipping on the dressy sandals I walked over to mirror and stood in silent shock at my reflection. I could not believe the pretty young girl in the mirror was really me. From head to toe I was all girl. All of a sudden the events of the day and the preceding week overcame me and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I didn't want my father to see me like this. As I started crying, mom yelled at me. "You'd better not cry young lady. I just spent all afternoon fixing you up so you look like my little princess and I will not have you ruin everything with your tears. But if insist on crying like some baby girl, I'll change you into an outfit more appropriate for a five-year-old girl and take you out like that. Do I make myself clear?"

"Sure mommy. I'm sorry. I'll stop crying."

"That's better. Why don't you sit on the bed and I'll get dressed. Your father should be here any minute now. I think our reservations were for 6:30 or 7:00. And honey, don't forget to smooth out your dress like I showed you so it doesn't get all wrinkled."

As I sat down mom slipped on her stockings and then removed her robe to finish dressing. I guess she really did think of me as a girl now since she was rummaging in her closet wearing only her lingerie looking for a dress to wear. "I want to wear something nice too since you look so pretty, Danielle."


As I sat there I couldn't help but think how horrible tonight would be. Birthdays were supposed to be fun but tonight would be no fun at all. I could not believe I would be spending such an important day dressed as a girl. And to make matters worse my dad would be there for the celebration and I had to convince him that I actually enjoyed all of this crap or else mom would take me to baseball practice dressed as a girl.




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