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Mom's Gone Shopping

by Pete Zee


Chapter 1

It all started when I was 15. I was bored in the house as everyone was out and I was home from school with a cold. I am an only child and had a very active imagination, which was overly active at the time as I went through puberty. I was clearing up my room and took some dirty clothes through to the laundry basket. When I took the lid off I couldn’t but help notice that there was a lacy set of lingerie at the top. As I was bored I pulled it out to examine it and it felt really silky in my hand – it was a silky pair of French knickers and a camisole top and a lacy garter belt along with a pair of sheer stockings. I loved the feel of the satin and the silk and one thing led to another and I found myself in her bedroom undressing and then putting these things on. She was about 4" shorter than I was so the lingerie felt very snug. Luckily (!!!) I am not very well endowed (about 5") so I could fit easily into her panties. The feel of the silk and the lace drove me straight over the edge and I filled the French knickers with wads of cum. My heart was beating so fast as I was very turned on by this new experience.

Pretty soon, whenever I had the house to myself I would dress up like that. This was all a secret until a couple of years later. My dad was away for the weekend and mom had decided to go shopping. She said she would be away for about three hours. Needless to say I raided her closet. I dressed in black seamed stockings with lacy tops and lacy garter belt and matching cami top and a pair of black silky French knickers. Then I went and lay on my bed and gently stroked my whole body. However, she had forgotten her credit cards and so she came home unexpectedly and I didn’t hear her coming into the house. She walked straight into my room and found me like that.

I was so embarrassed and she stood there open mouthed then said sorry and walked out. I pulled the covers up over my head and lay there mortified on my bed. About a minute later she knocked at the door and she came in and said that I shouldn't be embarrassed, as it was ok to experiment now I was 17. She asked me if I would like to talk about it - I was so red faced but she said to come through to her room in 5 minutes and we could chat. Then she took from behind her back a silk robe, which she said I should wear to "cover up".

Well I lay there mortified and then thought well I suppose I’d better face the music. I got up and put the robe on and went & knocked on her door. She had an L shaped bedroom with built in wardrobes so you didn’t see the main area of the room until you had gone past the L. She told me to come in and I opened the door and the first thing I saw was her dressing table and the chair in front of it which had a pile of clothes on it - the ones she had been wearing to go shopping!

I walked into the room proper - she was sat up in bed with the covers pulled up and I could make out a towelled dressing gown pulled up to her kneck. She told me to sit down on the seat at the end of the bed and then she asked me about the dressing up. I was very red faced and looking at the floor and mumbling my answers. She asked me how long I’d worn them and why I had the urge to do it. I told her I liked the feel of them. Then, she asked me whether I only ever wore the black lingerie.

I said yes and then she told me that she sometimes liked to wear her white lingerie, as it was very sensual looking and feeling. Then she pulled the covers right up and rummaged a bit and took off her dressing gown. Then she pulled back the covers and she was wearing white fishnet stockings, a white lacy garter belt and matching bra and a sheer white thong. I was open mouthed in shock. She asked me whether I thought the white lingerie looked good and I stammered yes. She said it felt very good as well and that she loved to wear it in bed. She told me that for a woman it felt very sensual to wear such an outfit and relax in bed.

Then she moved both hands down to her thighs and began to stroke her stockinged legs. She told me to take off my robe now and I complied. Then she put a finger in her mouth and gently trailed it down her tummy to her panties and slipped it inside the thong. She beckoned me to join her on the bed and kneel in front of her - she told me to watch how a woman pleasures herself. She started to rub herself and closed her eyes and then she took her fingers out and held them up to me and I licked on them and then she put the others in her thong.

Then she asked me to lie down on my back on the bed. She then crouched above me and hold onto the headboard and played with her pussy rubbing herself through the thong. She moaned and stepped out of the thong and squatted down till her gaping hairy pussy was just above my face. She was very wet and pungent - it was a huge turn on and my little cock was straining in her panties. Then she squatted down the last bit and my tongue and lips connected with her pussy. She was soaking wet. She was rubbing her nipples through the bra as she grinded onto my face.

Then she got off and knelt down in front of me. I felt so horny and naughty knowing it was so wrong but so sexy. Then she slowly rubbed my thighs through the stockings and then my tummy. Then she traced the outline of my cock through the panties. My heart was beating real fast as she did this so softly. And then she kissed my thighs above the stocking tops and then felt my balls in the silk encasing. Then she eased the panties off of me and down my thighs and over my feet. She cupped my balls in 1 hand and put her hand onto my shaft.

She said to me "please don’t cum yet". I was so very turned on. I am uncut and she gently pulled my foreskin back to its full amount – the pressure left me basking in blissful anticipation. She again said to me please try not to cum yet. But I couldn't help myself and as she released the pressure and then moved hand up once and then as she started to pull it down I started to cum. She grabbed the French knickers I had been wearing and held them over my cock and with the other hand jerked me off into her panties. I said sorry and she said that was ok because I was young and inexperienced and then she went over to the bedside cabinet and rummaged around and produced a big black dildo.


To be continued …..




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