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Mom's Girl


Elizabeth Joanne


Chapter 1

I have been crossdressing forever, I am not even sure when it began but I do remember I was quite young. Being an only child it was usually my mother's clothes in the beginning until I got old enough and brave enough to buy my own. After college I got my own apartment and proceeded to indulge myself as I wished, sometimes a lot, sometimes not for weeks.

As I grew older I grew apart from my parents in spite they only lived a couple of miles from me. I would see them on the usual family holidays and that as about it. In spite of the youthful age, they were only 20 when I was born, they had already started to plan their retirement buying a beautiful home on Lake Michigan about two hours drive away, then the bottom dropped out. At the age of 52 my father was killed in an industrial accident. My mother was devastated and sold their home and moved to their place on the beach. Thankfully between what they had saved, my father's investments and the settlement from the accident Mom would never have to worry about money.

My father's death shook me and made me realize my own mortality even at the age of 32. I began to get deeper into my crossdressing and exploring my feminine side. I started going out, first just for drives at night, then to clubs where TG's (although that term was not in vogue at the time), and eventually into the light of day. I went anywhere en femme I chose whether it to be a movie, the park, and yes even the stores and malls. From that point Beth never had to settle for something her "boyfriend" bought her but instead shopped for her own clothes. Being only 5'7" and 140 lbs I could pass fairly well and never had any problems.

At this time I also started to truly establish Beth's persona and personality. I became fascinated with the businesswoman look of the era and many times was in a skirted suit with the requisite pumps. I had my ears pierced, first one then the other, much to the consternation of my conservative German employer. Fortunately I was the number 1 sales person by a long shot and they learned to live with my little idiosyncrasies.

My relationship with my mother was at best strained, an occasional phone call, the usual Christmas and birthday cards, and an even rarer visit. As I sat that summer of 1988 I realized I was staring 35 in the face and I felt the time for me to come clean, at least with my mother so I took a couple of days off and drove out to see her. When I told her of Beth and my "hobby" she said she had known for years however she felt she could not support me in this. I felt crushed, I guess I had hoped she would welcome with open arms however deep in my heart I guess I knew she wouldn't, damned conservative Catholic she was! I left early that weekend and headed home resolved to what had been at best a strained relationship was going to go grow more distant.

It was a couple of weeks after that I was home one evening when the phone rang, it was my mother. She told me she was sorry we weren't closer and how she admired my courage to come out to her even though I should have done it years ago. We talked for almost an hour and when she got ready to hang she told me she loved me, something I hadn't heard in years from her. After we hung up I began to wonder what brought all this on but I was happy in that at least I may still have some form of a relationship with my mother. The phone conversations with mom grew to be several times a week and each was longer than the pervious one. They were all basically pleasantries and stuff about family until one in early October.

"Your 35th birthday is just two and a half weeks ago," Mom said.

"I know," I snapped back. "You don't have to remind me I am middle aged now."

"Well that isn't exactly what I meant," she replied. "It has been a long time and I just thought it was time I got to know you better."

"You're my mother, how much better can you get to know me?"

"Well I know the male you were born, but I don't know my daughter Beth at all."

"What are you saying Mom?"

"What I am saying is your announcement of a few months ago took me back a little but I have been thinking about all of it and if it is a part of you then I should know that part as well so I am inviting my daughter Beth to come and spend her birthday weekend with me, that is if she game for it."

"No lectures?" I asked.

"N, just an honest attempt to not to try to understand but to accept this piece of you, is that OK?"

"Well my birthday is on a Sunday so why don't I take a few extra days and come up Thursday night and stay through to Monday?" I said. "I have a butt load of vacation time still from last year not to mention this year's and they are all over me to take some."

"That would be lovely" Mom said with an obvious sparkle in her voice. "I do have one stipulation though."

"What's that?" I said wondering what it could be.

"I only want to see my daughter Beth."

"Meaning what?"

"From the time she gets here on Thursday evening until she leaves Monday it is Beth and Beth alone."

"Why?" I asked.

"I have had all these years to get to know and try to establish some form of a relationship with my son, it is time I had the same chance with my daughter," Mom replied. "What's the matter, never been out of the house?"

"Of course I have, it's just that "

"Damn it now," Mom cursed at me. "You drop a bomb on me back a couple of months ago asking my love and acceptance, now give me a chance to at least try Beth."

I froze. She called me Beth! I knew deep in my heart she was right but I was scared, not sure of what exactly whether it was rejection, ridicule, or allowing myself to be seen out there, but I was scared. Still I knew what I had to do.

"Are you sure?" I asked feeling my legs shaking.

"Yes, just a Mom and daughter weekend," she replied. "That is if you are ready for it."


"Good, I'll see you on Thursday October 20th Beth."

We said our good byes and I changed and went to bed but couldn't fall asleep. So many things danced through my head as I lay there. Yes I had been out many times as Beth but never for a long weekend and when I traveled I always had some sort of a safety net. I knew Mom would expect me to stay with her so there would be no turning back. I knew deep in my heart this was what I had hoped for when I told her but now that is was presented to me I was scared as a 5 year old on their first day of school.


Chapter 2

The next two weeks were filled with getting ready to meet my Mother as her daughter. I made sure everything I wanted was clean and pressed; I even sent my favorite wig out to be washed and styled. I decided to get a pair of jeans and a pair of Lady Reeboks, both firsts for Beth Thankfully I only wore a woman's size 9 so shoe shopping was not as bad as it is for a lot of girls. I arranged to take that Friday and Monday off to be at Mom's as well as the Thursday before to get ready and the Tuesday after to relax after getting home. The final weekend before my journey I went to the mall in my new jeans and Reeboks, I fit in so well it almost scared me. During this shopping foray I decided I needed some slacks so I got a pair of black dress slacks, women's of course, as well as a pair of black flats to wear with them. After all if I wanted Mom to see me as her 35-year-old daughter I better dress the part!

The final couple of days were spent getting everything ready, selecting all the appropriate things to wear, take, making sure I had everything set aside to go into my new floral American Tourist luggage, after all Beth needed her own luggage too. I opted to stay somewhat conservative in my clothing choices as well as my boobs. I had two sets of breastforms, one D's and the other B's. I knew for at least now I was going to go as a 36B, not a 36D in spite of the fact not only was Mom busty but was all the women in her family who I resembled.

That Wednesday evening prior to my departure I went to bed early and in spite of drinking a bottle of California Chardonnay I still tossed and turned in anticipation. God how I wanted some sleep but it was obvious this wasn't going to happen so finally about 5:30 Thursday morning I turned off the alarm set for 9 AM and climbed out of bed.

After a shower making sure my body was hairless, the electrolysis I had begun a year ago on my face was sure doing it part for I only had to shave a few hairs off my face for the first time since the weekend. After patting myself dry I powdered my body, slipped into my pink terry cloth robe and proceeded to start my final preparations. I did my nails, both finger and toe, in a soft rose shade before applying my make-up. After my war paint was on I began to dress. I knew I would be leaving probably 3ish so I figured I would dress as a businesswoman on her way out, my favorite look. I put on the brown pinstriped skirt to the suit as well as the white silk blouse, leaving the matching jacket for later. Under all of this I was a typical 35-year-old woman, no slip because of the lined skirt, a white Playtex Cross Your Heart bra, white lace camisole, and coffee shaded Sheer Energy pantyhose, no panties though so no VPL. I slid into the brown suede pumps and started to pack my luggage. Perhaps the only difference between myself and a GG were the breastforms nestled in the plain bra cups, my nude waist cincher and the padded panty girdle giving me those nice round hips one expected of a woman my age.

As I packed I checked off the items on the list I had been putting together for the past week and a half. Make-up, curling iron, wig stand, spare pantyhose, the red and white outfit I had bought for church on Sunday, my jeans and Reeboks as well as the ankle socks to wear with them, bras, panties, shoes, and even a red purse for Sunday, they were all there. I checked and double checked before I loaded up my brown leather purse with everything a woman should have, made sure I had all of Beth's credit cards, my driver's license, and keys.

I loaded my luggage into the trunk of the Thunderbird and went back into the house; it was barely 12:30. My stomach was churning both from nerves as well as hunger, the only thing I had fed it so far today was probably too many cups of coffee, so I decided to get something to eat before heading out. I pulled on the matching suit jacket, grabbed my purse and trench coat and went back into the garage. My hands were trembling as I hit the button on the transmitter to open the garage door. I started the car, pulled it into reverse, and backed out of the garage. As I backed down the driveway I closed the garage door and headed off. I stopped at a local Big Boy and had a salad and iced tea before I filled the gas tank, I love how the guys stare at my legs in this above the knee skirt, then headed to the expressway and my journey to acquaint my mother with her "daughter."

I took my time driving across the state, actually driving the speed limit, and enjoying the scenery and sunshine through the windows and the open moonroof. I also noticed as the truckers would take their time passing me and were admiring the scenery of my legs as my skirt had hiked up a bit. Yes I loved every second of it and even waved and smiled at them. Finally I reached my exit and got off the expressway. Right there was a gas station so I topped the tank off, went to the ladies room to get rid of the iced tea from lunch as well as the Diet Coke I had to sip on for the drive, checked my make-up, and gathered my courage. As I drove away I knew it was only a couple of minutes away I lit up another of my Virginia Slim cigarettes and hoped for the best. I turned down Mom's street, tossed the cigarette out the window, and pulled into her driveway.

My hands were trembling as I opened the car door, and my knees shaking as I stood up after sliding out of the car as ladylike as I could. There were only two steps leading up to the porch but it seemed like a zillion of them as I climbed them. I stood there for a second gathering myself together before I pushed the doorbell button. My stomach churned as I heard some stirring inside the house and the doorknob turn.


Chapter 3

I stood there still as a mouse as the door opened and my mother appeared at it. Neither of us said a word as we both eyed each other up. She then reached down and opened the screen door as I took a short step.

"Come inside and let me take a look at you Beth," she said.

I gingerly stepped inside the house I had been in many times before yet this time I felt like a total stranger entering a totally unknown environment. I saw the hall table right there and as always Mom's purse was on it so I set mine on it next to hers and stepped into the living room. Mom closed the door and followed me, stopping a couple of steps short as I turned around.

"My, my." she said as she looked me up and down. She was silent for a few seconds before she looked me in the eyes. "I was a bit apprehensive about all of this but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised."

"What did you expect, a hairy drag queen?" I asked in my softest yet raspy feminine voice.

"I have to be honest with you Beth, I wasn't sure what to expect, I hope you understand."

Yes I do Mom, I hope I meet with your expectations of a daughter."

Oh my God yes," she smiled. "Now get over here and give your mother a hug."

We hugged and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was not one of those faked hugs but one of genuine affection, one a grown daughter would expect from her mother. We finally broke our embrace and she took a step back. It was now I finally saw how she looked, as good as she had in a long time, and how she was dressed, in a skirt and blouse with hose and heels. As I always expected from her Mom was impeccably dressed, classy yet conservative.

"I was just about to pour myself a drink, would you like one," she asked.

"Yes please, scotch on the rocks with a twist," I replied.

"I thought you preferred Whiskey," she said motioning for me to sit down..

"Well Beth prefers scotch," I said as I sat down on the sofa smoothing my skirt under me.

"What ever Beth prefers is what she gets," she smiled obviously pleasantly surprised as I crossed my legs just a lady should.

Mom poured both of us a drink, handed me mine and sat down in the chair. Over the next hour we talked, mostly small talk as we downed that drink and the next one. Finally she must have worked up her courage.

"Do you still like Italian food Beth?

"Of course, I smiled. Why do you think I need the waist cincher?"


"Well there is an excellent Italian place not far from here, shall we? My treat."

"I'd love to Mom," I said as I stood up and started towards the foyer and my purse. "Just let me freshen up my make-up and we can head out."

"That sounds like a good idea for both of us, give me a minute and I'll give you one too," she smiled as she got up and headed toward her bedroom.

We freshened up and headed out the door. Mom insisted on driving as she knew where she was going so I pulled my car into the garage and climbed into her Lincoln after she backed out.

"Very ladylike, she said as I closed the door and put my seatbelt on. "I am very impressed Beth. May I ask you a somewhat personal question?"

Uh-oh, here it goes I thought as replied, "Sure."

Where did you come up with the name Beth? It is probably very proper for the era and the like, but why Beth?"

"Well I guess you could call it a nickname of sorts," I said as I lit up another cigarette. "I go by Beth but my name as you see me is Elizabeth, Elizabeth Joanne.

I could see the tear swell up in her eye as I told her my "name." Elizabeth had been my grandmother's name, her mother and Joanne was hers. I knew that she and her mo9ther had been very close.

"Very pretty name," she said as she fought the tears.

"I thought about names a lot when I started to get more deeply involved and going out and even went through a few," I said as I reached into my purse for a tissue and handed it to her. "I guess I decided to name myself after the two ladies who most epitomized femininity as I wanted myself to be seen as well as the two I love the most."

"That is so sweet, your grandmother would have been proud and I know I am to be honored as this," she said. "When I was pregnant with you your father and I debated about what to name you, obviously you know what we decided if you were a boy but if you had been a girl we debated between Donna Joanne and Donna Elizabeth and Donna Elizabeth won."

"I never knew that," I said.

"I know," she said. "Had I been able to have more children and had been blessed with a daughter she would have been Donna Elizabeth. I guess I can live with having one named Elizabeth Joanne."

"Thanks Mom."

"May I ask a question?"

Sure, ask me anything Mom, it is time you got to know your daughter."

"Well this isn't that kind of question although God knows I have a million of those and I am sure we will get through all of them. This is more of a favor."

"Ask away," I smiled as we pulled into a parking lot.

"Well your grandmother always went by Elizabeth, may I call you Elizabeth rather than Beth?"

"Of course you can," I said as I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Bear in mind I have gone by Beth I may not respond right away until it sinks in but please call me Elizabeth if it makes you happy."


"It does Elizabeth, thank you."

It was obvious when we got inside the restaurant Mom was at least a semi regular here as both the Hostess and waitress knew her by name. She made a special point of introducing me as her daughter Elizabeth to both of them. Dinner was excellent, I had my favorite Veal Marsala, as were the couple of glasses of wine. We ate and returned home, by now it was after 9 and I had to admit I was a bit tired from the drive not to mention my poor sleep last night so I suggested calling it a night. I brought my suitcases in and went to the guest bedroom, pulled on my nightgown and crawled under the covers satisfied Mom was trying and I was so happy she was.




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