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Mom's Christmas Elf


Janis Elizabeth


Johnny was the second of four children in his family and the only boy. In fact, at the age 12 he was the "man of the family" since his father had been killed in an auto accident several years ago. His mom had been able to get along quite well, thanks to the insurance settlement and the inheritance of Johnny's paternal grandparents estate. Johnny and his three sisters did not want for anything. There were times though when Johnny did not want to be the man of the family. At those times, he longed to be something else. He desired to be like his sisters and do what they did and wear what they wore. However, there was no way that he could ever tell his mom about what he wanted.

Christmas was one of those times where Johnny wished that he could be like his sisters. He envied them as they wore their frilly aprons and helped Mom bake the Christmas cookies. But it was more than baking cookies and helping Mom get the house ready. On Christmas morning, Mom and the girls would dress like Christmas elves. Mom would wear a short red satin dress trimmed with white fur and the girls would wear short green satin dresses also trimmed with white fur. Mom and the girls would wear a satin Santa's cap, also trimmed with white fur and with a white fur ball at the top, which matched their dresses. Traditionally, the week before Christmas, Mom would have each of the girls draw a slip of paper from a hat. On one was written the word "ELF." On Christmas morning the girl that was lucky enough to draw that slip of paper would be the one that distributed the Christmas presents to everyone. Mom's parents would be there and would tell the girls how lovely they looked in their satin dresses. The elf would even receive special praise from her grandparents. There would be so many pictures taken of Mom and the girls by the grandparents. Johnny seemed to be left out of these events, even though his grandparents loved him as much as they did each of his sisters.

Johnny had always enjoyed snuggling up to his Mom when she wore her satin dress. The feel of the fabric against his skin had always caused Johnny to sigh softly. In addition to the dress, his Mom would wear black stockings and red four-inch heels. Each of the girls would wear white stockings and white ballet slippers. This year, his thirteen year old sister Megan would be allowed to wear one-inch heels instead of the ballet slippers. Johnny loved how the girls looked also. Last year, nine-year-old Kerrie, looked and acted adorably as the elf.

Although Johnny didn't realize it, his Mom and his sisters could see the sadness in Johnny's eyes, starting just after Thanksgiving and lasting until almost the New Year. It was Johnny's ten-year-old sister Lindsay who last year had mentioned to Mom about noticing the apparent sadness in Johnny's eyes. Although Mom hadn't said anything to Lindsay, for several years she had noticed how sad he was at what should have been a joyous time of the year.

As always, just after Thanksgiving, Mom and the girls started to do the Christmas baking. This year, as the kitchen was being prepared to become a bakery, Mom asked Johnny if he wanted to help. Of course, he would have to wear an apron, like his sisters, to protect his clothes. Although this was a part of what Johnny craved, he felt that he had to display some reluctance over the suggestion. Even as he was saying "no thank you" with his lips, his heart and mind were screaming "Yes! Yes!" Lindsay told Johnny how much fun they had and wouldn't he like to be a part of it. Megan even tried to have her brother join in. Mom finally coaxed Johnny into the kitchen by saying that he should try it. If he weren't enthused after doing the first batch or two of cookies, he wouldn't have to continue.

Johnny reluctantly agreed. Mom was wearing a lovely print apron, Lindsay and Kerrie were wearing frilly pink aprons and Megan wore a frilly white apron. Mom held out another frilly white apron for Johnny to put on. He thought it might be a bit too girlish, but Mom said that no one would see him wear it, other than his sisters. With that assurance, Johnny slipped the apron around his neck while Mom tied the strings in a big bow.

While Johnny pretended to complain, he was actually enjoying his first brush with femininity. For the next two weeks, he joined his sisters in the baking, all the time wearing his new apron. The third week, Mom had everyone dust and clean the house. In addition to the apron, each girl wore a scarf over her head to protect her hair. Since Johnny would be helping clean the house, he should take the same precautions as his sisters did. Mom took a black silk scarf and placed it on Johnny's head, tying properly under his chin. While baking and cleaning, Johnny was happy and did not show any of his previous sadness. His Mom and his sisters all noticed this change in his attitude and were happy for him.

Finally, only one task had to be done for Christmas. That was the drawing of the slips of paper to see which on of the girls would be the elf this year. Wearing his apron and scarf, Johnny moved toward the back of the room as his Mom prepared for the drawing. She smiled as she looked towards Johnny. "Wouldn't you like to be included this year and possibly be the elf," she asked him. With all his heart Johnny wanted to be included. However, he murmured something about that he thought only his sisters could be chosen as the elf.

Mom assured him that there was only a one in four chance that he would actually be the elf. Besides, wouldn't he like to wear the satin dress of the elf that he had secretly adored for years? When Johnny looked at her questioningly, she reassured him by saying that she had noticed his sighs when he snuggled in her lap and how she detected a look of envy when he looked at his sisters in their satin dresses. She understood his desires and said it was all right for him to want to wear satin. Suddenly, his sisters were all saying that Johnny should draw with them to see which one would be Mom's Christmas Elf. After all, since he helped with all the work of baking and cleaning, he should have a chance at the reward.

Finally, Johnny agreed to be in the drawing. His sisters all cheered as his Mom put four folded pieces of paper in her red satin hat. Johnny didn't realize that his Mom and his sisters were all in agreement that Johnny should be this year's elf. Mom told them that three of the pieces of paper would be folded so that they would be bigger than the fourth. Each of the girls was to take a large folded piece of paper leaving the smallest piece for Johnny. Megan, as the oldest girl, was the first one to draw a paper from Mom's hat followed in order by Lindsay and Kerrie. Johnny was to choose last, since this would be his first time. After everyone had drawn a paper, Megan opened hers, looked at it and then showed everyone a blank. Johnny's heart was beating a little faster as it was now one chance in three instead of one in four. Lindsay next opened her paper and showed them her blank. Kerrie was next. Johnny gripped his paper, hoping against hope that it said "ELF" but not really expecting it. He was almost afraid to breathe as Kerrie looked at her paper and then showed everyone a blank. With trembling hands, Johnny unfolded his paper and saw the magic word "ELF" in block letters on the sheet.

Johnny felt weak-kneed as all of his sisters surrounded him giving him big hugs. When Johnny looked at Mom, she was smiling broadly. She reached out and hugged Johnny tightly and said how happy she was for him. She then had everyone sit down. Mom commented that it would be more fitting if the elf were known by a girl's name rather than a boy's name. She looked at Johnny and asked if he had any favorites. Johnny blushed and shook his head no. She then asked the girls if they had any suggestions. The girls offered names like Dana, Kendra, Sherrie and Leslie. Mom considered each for a few seconds before saying it did not seem quite fitting. Finally, Megan suggested Joanie. At once, Mom nodded her head in agreement. She asked if Johnny would like the name Joanie. He thought about it for a second or two and then nodded his head. She told the girls that, until Christmas, they would refer to him as Joanie.

Mom then sprang a big surprise by asking Johnny if he would like to live as Joanie from now until Christmas. She reminded Johnny that he was home from school for the week, so none of his friends need ever find out. Almost too eagerly, Johnny said that would be nice. He then asked what he would do for clothes. Mom assured him that, since he and Megan were approximately the same size, and her closets had an abundance of clothes, he could wear some of hers. They would probably fit Joanie well. Lindsay immediately piped up asking how soon they could meet their new sister. Mom looked at Johnny, saw him nod in agreement, and said that it would take about thirty minutes to have Joanie ready. She shooed the girls into the family room to watch a movie while she helped Joanie get ready.

Johnny went to his room to undress while Mom went to Megan's room to get him some clothes. When she walked in, Johnny was sitting on the edge of his bed in his shorts. Mom handed him a pair of white flowered cotton panties for him to wear. Turning his back to her, he removed his shorts and put on the panties. He turned back to face Mom. She held out a training bra for him to slide on his shoulders. When she saw his puzzled look, she said that it was appropriate for a girl his age to start wearing a bra. She stepped behind him and fastened the hooks and then helped to fit it properly across Joanie's chest.

Joanie had to admit that it felt different wearing the bra. Mom then gave her a full nylon slip to put on. Joanie shivered as the soft fabric slid down her body. Mom had Joanie sit on the bed and had her put on knee-high stockings and a pair of Megan's flats. Everything was fitting nicely, even the shoes. Joanie was now ready for her dress. Mom had selected a pretty, full skirted, light blue dress with short puffy sleeves for Joanie. When she put it on, Joanie saw that the hem of the skirt fell to just below her knees.

As Mom zipped up the back, Joanie looked at her reflection in the mirror. Everything was perfect except for how her hair looked. It still looked like a boy's. Mom sensed Joanie's concern and led her into the master bedroom. She had Joanie sit at her vanity, facing away from the mirror. Mom then applied a little foundation and powder to Joanie's face and some pink lipstick to Joanie's lips, saying that a girl of twelve doesn't need to use much makeup. She then went to her closet and removed a box. When she opened it, Joanie saw that it contained a nicely styled wig. Additionally, the color matched her hair exactly. Mom fitted it to Joanie's head and then lightly brushed it. When Joanie saw her reflection now, she smiled happily. She turned and gave Mom a big hug.

Mom told her that a young lady walks slowly and does not run. She then said that she should go see her sisters. Joanie followed Mom's advice and slowly walked into the family room. It was Lindsay who first noticed her. She squealed and jumped up to give Joanie a big hug. Megan and Kerrie were close behind. They told her how nice she looked as Joanie smiled broadly. The girls spent the rest of the evening in he family room, welcoming their new sister and showing her how to do things like a girl.

Later that night, at bedtime, Joanie changed into a pink waltz-length nightgown. Megan showed her how to remove her makeup and properly cleanse her face. Had Mom allowed it, the girls would have stayed up until all hours chattering away. However, Mom insisted that they needed to get some sleep and that they had the entire week to get acquainted with their new sister.

For Joanie, sleep came easily, despite her excitement and newfound identity. She dreamed of being Mom's Christmas elf and wearing a green satin dress just like her sisters. She had a pleasant, restful sleep and awoke the next morning happy and eager to face the day.

The week went by quickly for the girls. Megan was Joanie's primary teacher during the week but Lindsay and Kerry also helped. Joanie was enjoying her new persona and her sisters were enjoying having her with them. Before anyone realized it, it was Christmas Eve. Mom went and laid out Kerrie's and Lindsay's dresses, shoes, stockings and underwear for the next morning. Megan laid out her things without Mom's help. She and Mom then came into Joanie's room. Joanie watched as Mom hung a lovely green satin dress trimmed with white fur on the door. Megan laid out a satin training bra, satin panties, garter belt, white stockings and white heels. She smiled at Joanie and said that both of them would be wearing their first pair of heels tomorrow.

Although Joanie had enjoying a pleasant week, she was so excited that she had difficulty sleeping. When morning finally came, she was up and ready to go at the first call. She removed her nightgown and put on the satin lingerie than Megan had provided her. She had some difficulty with attaching the garters to the stockings. Megan had told her to put her panties on after she had her garter belt and stockings. As Joanie did, she understood why they went on in that sequence. She put on her training bra and then her lovely white satin camisole. Before she put on hr dress, she slid the heels on her feet and carefully got used to walking around in them. Megan came in dressed only in her lingerie. She helped Joanie with her makeup and with her wig. She then waited for Joanie to put on her dress so that she could zip up the back. Joanie knew that the dress was short but she didn't realize how short. The fur on the edge of the skirt caressed her leg about three inches above the knee. Megan then helped Joanie with her green satin hat.

Joanie then followed Megan back to her room and helped zip the back of Megan's dress. Joanie was so happy she was almost floating. The girls headed for the family room where Lindsay and Kerrie sat waiting in their green satin dresses and their green satin Santa's hats. Mom came in just behind Joanie and Megan. As always, she looked lovely in her red satin dress, black stockings and heels. Just as she walked in to the family room, the doorbell rang. Mom looked at Joanie and said that the Christmas Elf opened the door and greeted the grandparents.

Joanie smiled and carefully made her way to the door in her heels. She opened the door and greeted her grandparents. Grandma hugged her and said how nice she looked. Granddad jokingly wondered who this new Christmas Elf was. Joanie led them into the family room and prepared to fulfill the duties of the elf.

The tradition was that oldest opened their gifts first on down to the youngest. The girl serving as the elf would be the last one to open her presents. After reading the gift tag, Joanie took the present to the proper person. She made quite a few trips from the Christmas tree to each of the people seated in the room. She was surprised that, while there were a few packages for Johnny, there seemed to be even more for Joanie. Once all of the presents were distributed, Joanie went and sat by her presents. Megan showed her how to properly sit in the short dress.

Each one, in turn, opened their presents. First the grandparents, then Mom, Megan, Lindsay and Kerrie opened their gifts. Comments were made about how nice things looked, especially clothes. Granddad sat there taking pictures of the festivities. When it was Joanie's turn, Mom suggested that Johnny's presents be set aside and that Joanie concentrate on those that were addressed to her. As Joanie opened box after box, she saw that she had received enough things to have her own feminine wardrobe. Lastly, her grandparents handed her a nice check, telling her to get any additional clothes that she desired.

Joanie was both surprised and pleased as she looked around the room. Mom smiled and said that she had realized for some time that Johnny was sad for a month around Christmas. This year she was determined to have Johnny have a happy Christmas. The girls had been supportive in helping Mom have Johnny become Joanie. Mom admitted that the girls helped rig the drawing so that Joanie would be Mom's Christmas Elf this year. Mom said that she and the girls hoped that Joanie had enjoyed the last week. All of her presents were a tacit admission that they wanted Joanie to be a part of their lives for more than just the past week. Even the grandparents said that Joanie seemed so happy and seemed to be enjoying herself so much.

At this point, Joanie was ready to cry, not tears of despair and sorrow, but rather tears of joy and happiness. Megan, Lindsay and Kerrie were ready to join her. Mom reminded the girls that tears tend to stain the satin. This helped to ease the mood as everyone chuckled. Joanie went over to her Mom and hugged her.

Mom led everyone into the dining room. There, on the wall, was a sign that proclaimed Joanie as this year's Christmas Elf. Granddad had Joanie pose under the sign while he took some pictures. Mom was happy for Joanie. Granddad then posed Mom and her four daughters in front of the sign. Of course, Joanie was in the center, with Mom and Megan on either side. Lindsay and Kerrie knelt down in front of them.

For the rest of the day, Joanie enjoyed her special position as Mom's Christmas Elf. Megan jokingly kidded her saying that next year, no one was getting any special advantage and that all four girls would have an equal chance of becoming the elf. Joanie smiled and said that she would worry about next year when next year came. She was just going to be happy with today.

After her grandparents left, Joanie and Megan assisted their younger sisters to get ready for bed. After quick hugs, they bid Lindsay and Kerrie good night and went back to be with Mom. In the family room, Joanie was asked if being Mom's Christmas Elf was everything she had hoped it would be. Joanie smiled and said it was that and more. She was also glad that Joanie would be there in the future more often than Christmas week. With a hug, she went off to bed, happy that she was just one of the girls.




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