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Dear Readers, this is my first attempt in writing. Besides English isn't my first language so I hope you are not too critical with my first effort. It is a little fantasy I had after the visit of my mother in law. As you can imagine from my story she is quite the person. Oh by the way, i am not that small, 5"11 but due to a lot of running I weigh just 140 pounds and my arms are thin and rather womanly. Hope you enjoy my little story.


Mommy Adriana

by Greta


It was just in the beginning of December when my mother in law arrived for a 4 week visit. I dreaded her visit because she has never been my friend and wants her daughter to wear the pants in our marriage. Until now she has visited us only a couple of times, each time too short in order to put her plan to work. This time this factor didnd't matter and she started right away.

I drove with Andrea to the airport to pick up my mother in law. When we saw her Andrea fell into her embrace while I stood back. She looked at me, took me into her arms too and crushed me so hard that I winced. Then she laughed at Andrea and said Gary has a frail body like a boy. He should lift weights instead of all the running. Then she looked at me again and said since you prefer to have the body of a boy and not a man you will call me mommy, do you understand? Or better Mommy Adriana, got that boy? I was so dumbfounded that I simply nodded. She raised an eyebrow at me and I stuttered "Yes Mommy Adriana". She was all smiles and patted my behind "Good boy": Then turning to Andrea she said. "That's how you have to deal with boys. " Andrea answered " But mom, he's a man." While walking to the car Mommy Adriana started to laugh outloud again. "You don't want to tell me he's a man. Didin't you mention to me you were the one on top during your lovemaking? A real man wouldn't wrap his legs around you, wouldn't he?" With that she looked at me and I blushed red like a tomatoe. How could Andrea talk about our privacy like that. "I asked you something boy. Dont you think you should answer Mommy Adriana?" My head hanging down, face flushed I nodded embarrassed. "Yes, Mommy Adriana, a real man wouldn't do that." With that she turned again to Andrea. "See, he agrees with me, he's a boy or not even that. I mean do you think a boy would wrap his legs around you? I don't think so, that's too feminine for a boy. So there is just one conclusion. He must be a girl!" Andrea turned now red too. "Oh, come on mom, he's not a girl. I mean he spills seed after all." "Haha, which you extract! Isn't it so? I mean how often have you complained when you do the normal missionary style with this girl on top he'can't come. Only when you go on top and take him like the girl he is he cums." Now Andrea hung her head too. She didn't say a word anymore which made me even more embarrassed. At least I had hoped Andrea would defend me but now I saw myself totally in the claws of this cruel woman. We arrived at the car and she took the key from my hands. She easily lifted her suitcases, which I hardly had been able to pull to the car, into the trunk. Then she opened the car, got into the drivers seat and motioned to me to go in the back. Andrea sat at her side and gave her directions. Then she started to talk to Andrea again. "Look, now that we have agreed this person in the back is a girl. I think we should also treat him like one. I have now 4 weeks time and I make him a fine wife if you wish or a maid which I would prefer. Let me tell you why I prefer him to be a maid. You could then easily have a real man as your lover and he, sorry, she would have to serve you both. Let's wait till this night is over before you make your decision honey. I have exciting time planned for us tonight. Haha, don't know whether it'll be exciting for our new girl there in the back."

Once at our house she told me to get her suitcases into her room. I was already sweating when I reached the house with her heavy load but finally made it to her room. She appeared behind me and said. "Set up another bed in here and be quick about it girl. I'll have so much to teach you." With that she patted my behind and I answered dutifully "Yes Mommy Adriana."  Then she turned to Andrea and said: "Girl will sleep with me here during this month so she'll learn as much as possible." Andrea didn't fight her and just nodded her head. Yes mom, as you wish mom. If you think its best for him." She laughed once again. "Honey, I don't think its best for him, its best for her. Think of him from now on only in feminine terms. He doesn't deserve to be called a man. Now, we need a new name for her. Hmmm, let me think. What about Greta? That's close enough to his real name and its really feminine Yes, Greta is it." I blushed over both ears. She turned to me. "Greta, how do you like your new name?" My face went pale, I knew I had to answer her, so I said in a low voice. "Oh, please Mommy Adriana. Don't do that. I mean, I am not a girl." "What? We all have agreed that you are a girl! You don't like your new name? I think I have to show you I am serious about it." With that she grabbed my arm with strength and surprising quickness, turned it behind my back so I winced and pulled me towards her. I lost the balance and somehow as if well planned ahead she came to sit on the bed with me over her lap. I tried to wrestle with her but of course was no real match for my mother in law and in no time she had pulled my pants down and started to spank my naked bottom. Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack! In rapid succession her blows rained on my defenseless bottom. I yelped in pain, but she was relentless. One blow after another rained down on me and in a matter of a few minutes she had reduced me to tears and utter embarrassment. I was kicking my legs, howling in pain and shedding tears like a little girl. Finally she stopped. "Now girl. Once again. Tell me who you are and what is your name?" I sobbed under tears. "I am a girl and my name is Greta." Triumphantly she looked at Andrea. "What did I tell you. He, lol, she is a girl named Greta." Then she motioned for me to stand up. "There is something wrong. Oh yes, you don't look like a girl so we should make all the effort to make you look as close as possible to your new gender. We don't want anybody to think you are a boy or even a man. You wouldn't want to embarrass us to be seen around a sissy". She laughed outloud. "Nobody would think you are a man anyway, even now. Look at you, you are pathetic. You'll be a much better maid than you ever have been a man or husband. You are a disgrace to mankind." She then said to Andrea. "Honey, why don't you go to the kitchen, while I prepare Greta for her debut. Later she'll serve us the food when its ready."

With that she took me into the bath room and quickly took off all my clothes. I had no fight left in me and I let her proceed. In little time all my hair was gone. Then she plucked my eyebrows, triple pierced my ears and took me back into her room. There she proceeded out of one suitcase a severe looking corset which she put on me and quickly laced me up. Soon I felt the restriction while she said into my ear. "Greta, one of this suitcases is practically for you. Remember I am a seamstress and have made all kind of clothes for you. I asked Andrea for your size. Remember when she measure you a while ago, hmm, this was all for your own good. Oh, you are sooo lucky to have me." I nodded my head in submission. "Yes Mommy Adriana." Soon she had laced me into the corset very tight so I had to take shallow breaths. Then she attached to the garters silk stockings. Afterwards she pulled both my arms behind my body and tied them quickly. She put me into ankle chains so i was practically immobile. "Greta honey, I have a big surprise for you and I wanted you to be immobile and helpless." She turned to her magic suitcase and took out something which I couldn't see. Only in the last moment she turned around and dropped to her knees right in front of me. I felt her pulling my cockette and my balls. She pulled my cockette through something, my balls were tightly confined and then i heard an ominous click. "There," she said. "Now you are safe and secure. As a girl you don't need your cockette anymore. Andrea will decide whether you'll ever use it again, besides it has also the advantage of forcing you to sit down when you pee. Welcome to the club Greta. I've just put it in a CB 2000. Oh I love it." She was all smiles. Then she took off my chains and untied my wrists. I had a look at it and knew I was totally in her power. Then she put on a bra and put 36b silicon falsies in the cups. "I chose smaller ones because I don't want you to have bigger tits than Andrea. Well, who knows how big yours get when you take hormones honey, because that's what you need. Real tits for a real girl." Quickly she donned a blouse and then a long skirt which she tightened in the back and I quickly found out it was a hobble skirt. Then she led me to the bed where I sat and she put me on six inch high heels with little ankle locks. "Oh Greta, you look already great. Let me put make up on you and you can meet your new Mistress Andrea."

In no time I was made up. Then she put a longhaired auburn wig on my head. "This will do until you grow your own hair which I expect to happen quick because of all the hormones I am going to feed you. Hmm, soon you'll get your first beauty treatment. Hahaha!" Then she led me on wobbling legs to the kitchen. Andrea was just putting the plates on the table when she saw us. Her reaction was pricelss. Her jaw dropped and the plate too. She held her hands in front of her open mouth. "Oh my god!"  Mommy Adriana smiled. "Honey, don't worry you get used to it quicker than you think. She'll be a good maid for you in no time." So my first duty was of course to clean the broken plate from the ground. Very careful not to fall on the high heels I served them food and before dinner was over I had already been taught by Mommy Adriana how to curtsy. I cleared the table and put the dishes away in the dishwasher. Then we went to the living room. There she opened a bag with a present for me and Andrea. We both thanked her respectfully. Then she motioned for me to open it up. I didn't know what it was but it had one big dildo attached and another smaller one. "I am going to explain how to use that Greta. Lay down on the ground." Dutifully I lay down and then she lifted my head and put the straps around it. "Now open up your mouth Greta." With this she pushed the smaller dildo, maybe four inches long into my mouth. Now the bigger dildo protruted about 8 inches from my mouth. "Stay on the ground Greta. Don't move." Then she sat at the side of Andrea. "Honey, open your present." Andrea did just that. She turned red with embarrassment when she discovered a huge, 10 inches long, strap on dildo. "Honey, trust me. This has to be done. Then you own her for ever. If you think its too severe, just ride her face and I'll pop her girlyboi cunt, but I let you choose honey." Andrea looked at her with a flushed face. "Mom, I prefer to ride her face if you don't mind." Mommy Adriana shook her head, smiling all the time. "Honey, no, I don't mind: On the contrary I know I am going to enjoy this tight girlyboicunt." Then she led Andrea to me. I saw her taking off her panties out from her skirt, she quickly lowered herself. Mommy Adriana held her back." Andrea dear, let me put some lube, or are you wet? Does it excite you honey kowing you totally control her now, hmmm?" As if she wanted to be sure her daughter was wet she quickly grabbed between Andreas legs and pulled her close. She dibbed her fingers into Andreas luscious pussy. "Oh yes, you are dripping honey. You'll enjoy your ride very much. I promise." Then she rubbed Andrea several times and in no time my wife came with a loud moan. "Now you are ready sweety." Andrea now sat onto my face and I felt her weight on my head. The dildo pressed deep into me and I involuntarily started to suck on it hoping to get more air. Andrea got quickly into a rhythm and rode me like a madwoman. Meanwhile Mommy Adriana lifted my legs over her shoulder. I felt the cold lube being applied to my boicunt and quickly two of her fingers entered me. I was just trying to survive under Andrea so I simply tried to block my thoughts from what was happening down there. She had it all planned. With all the action on my face, Andrea juices were almost drowning me. I think she had cum again two times already and she kept going at it. Mommy Adriana withdrew her fingers and I felt the bulbous head of her huge cock. I knew what was cumming and I knew too I had no chance to prevent it. In fact if Mommy Adriana could have seen my face she would have recognized I was looking forward to be penetrated and I tried with all my might to relax when the giant head pressed against my sphincster. With surprising little resistance she entered me and started immediately to fuck me hard. They both turned me in that moment into their mere fucktoy and I was loving it.




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