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Dear Readers, it took me a while because reality caught up with me, but now the next chapter is ready. I simply hope you don't get bored and enjoy also the 6th installment of my little story.


Mommy Adriana Makes Greta Become a Secretary

by Greta


Finally I lay in bed. I heard Mommy Adriana sound asleep while I tossed and turned. I simply couldn't sleep after todays events. I would never be the same man again. Tears trickled down my cheeks and I sobbed silently into my pillow. I knew if I let Mommy Adriana let her way soon there wouldn't be a trace of man left in me. Was it really only two days since she had arrived? It seemed to me like half of a lifetime. She had changed everything. First of all my relation to my wife. No, she wasn't my wife anymore it seemed, now she demanded to be recognised as my Mistress.

I was wearing girl clothes, a chastity belt, I had already taken hormones, had lost my virginity in a sex shop and had endured a permanent make up session in front of a curious crowd. What else would I have to endure on my way to womanhood? The latest humiliation Mommy Adriana put me through was right before us going to bed. She made me wear a buttplug with steel balls inside which vibrated through me with each movement and caused me to come without ever getting an erection due to my CB 2000.

The alarm woke me from a dreamless sleep. I didn't want to get up but Mommy Adriana told me to get done with my business. This implied her walking with me to the bathroom. There she stood at the door watching me as I went to the toilet. I lifted my pink babydoll, pulled down my matching panties, sat down and peed like the girl I was rapidly becoming. "No more dirty seat covers when you sit down. This is certainly an advantage for you", said Mommy Adriana. "Before, with your silly attempts of peeing like a man, you always had to wipe the seat. Now its clean." I looked at her and nodded. "Yes Mommy Adriana, thank you for making me sit down." She smiled at me and seemed contempt with my answer.

I wiped myself and she had me undress. "Turn around and hold your hands on your back." I did as I was told and she quickly put handcuffs on my wrists. Then she took off the chastity device, and my cock sprang to life almost touching her face. This infraction was swiftly dealt with a hard slap on my penis. I almost doubled up from the pain and yelped outloud, but the slap had the desired effect, it quickly shriveled to almost nothing. "That's the right size for a girl dear Greta. Your cockette should not be longer than any womens clit honey." Then looking up at me she continued. "And I make sure of it that it won't."

She cleaned my cockette and put it back in its device. Then she pulled up my panties and stroked with her hands over my smooth front. "That's the best. You are on fast track into womanhood." With that she took the dreaded hormone pills out which I had to swallow right in front of her. "Isn't it wonderful Greta? Now you belong to the smarter part of the world population which have female hormones flowing through their blood."

Did she want to test me? I looked at her but couldn't detect any sarcasm in her eyes, so I quickly lowered my eyes again. "Yes Mommy Adriana, thank you for helping me to become part of it." Surprisignly she took me into her arms. "Good girl. Just keep it up and it won't be hard for you at all. I bet soon you'll enjoy everything we do together. I think we are on our best way of becoming girlfriends." As if to prove I was already a girl she airkissed my cheeks. "Now lets hurry and have a shower together honey. It's always a delight to take a shower with another girl."

We stepped into the stall where she reinforced my knowledge of feminine hygiene. "You need to know this by heart. Once I am gone you'll have to take care of your Mistress and she'll rely on your skills as a good maid. Just before we finish you just may show me again how much you have learned with your tongue so far." She pulled my head to her body and I dutifully started to lick her bushy mound trying hard to pleasure her. "Oh yes Greta, you really have a talented tongue. We have to develop your skills further. Hmmm! That's heavenly sweety. Yesss, suck on my clit. Yesss, suck hard. Oh yesssss. Quicker, quicker, Greeeetaaaaaa. Oh yesssssss, I'm cummming." Mommy Adriana held me tight to her pussy "Ohhh Greta. Hmmm, I could go for a repeat performance of yours but we need to hurry."

After I had assisted her in dressing she made me bend over the bed. "Stand still girl." She lubed me up and pushed without further adoo a buttplug deep into my rectum. Mommy slapped my butt. "There we go, now you should have that certain wiggle in your walk which I like so much on you." Then she laid out my clothes for the day. "Honey, I had a dream last night and I think we should go through with it. So get dressed up in these clothes and then you go downstairs and prepare breakfast." I picked up the white lace corset and put it on. Mommy Adriana pulled the strings tight. "Hmm, I see already one inch less than two days ago. Honey you really make the step into the right direction. Soon you'll have a lovely figure."

I fastened white stockings at the straps hanging from the corset and pulled up white matching lace panties. "Before we continue I do have a little surprise for you. While you were all busy in the video booth with your lover, your Mistress and I took care of more important business. Your new breasts that is." She took from one of the many bags I had carried yesterday a beautiful pair of latex breatforms out and held them in front of me. "Oh honey, this will look lovely." She put glue on the forms, reopened the corset, marked my skin, applied glue where the breastforms should hold and pressed them for several minutes on me.

"Now get up honey. Try it out." I sat up and immediately felt the additional weight, even so they were only a B-Cup size. I moved my upper body to the left and right. "Oh my God, the breasts follow me," I cried out causing Mommy Adriana to laugh outloud. "Yes Greta, they are all yours. They follow you where ever you go, think of them as your best assets you have from now on. Hahaha, since you don't have other assets anymore."

She quickly laced me back into the corset and felt me up from behind. She stroked my false nipples but it felt as if a lightning coursed through my body and I shook against her tight embrace. "Oh yess, it works. I didn't believe the sex-store guy but he has convinced me now." She explained while handing me a white blouse that there were tiny sensors integrated in those nipples which coming into contact with my skin would cause exactly this kind of reaction I just had showed. "Oh honey, you'll be sooo sensitive now when somebody touches you there." A short black leather skirt which ended at least three inches above my knees and black four inch heels completed my outfit.

When she motioned me to go downstairs I stopped in my tracks. "Mommy Adriana? I, err, I, please could I wear my wig, please? I feel kind of naked without it." She smiled at me. "Honey, yesterday I told you, you have to earn the right to wear a wig, to make you resemble more the woman you so much want to be. I can't remember a thing you have done today which makes you earn this reward." What about me licking you to an orgasm?, I thought, but didn't dare to mention.

In the kitchen I prepared breakfast for all of us. This time I didn't bring up the food to Mistress Andrea but she came downstairs dressed in her favourite silken negligee. Mommy Adriana held her hand possesively around her hips. Just before sitting down Mistress Andrea looked at me. "Good morning Greta. Hmmm, I see you are dressed well. You just have this secretary look. I agree with Mom. After having finished breakfast, we all go to your workplace where you resign in person." I shook my head frantically. "No, no, no, please don't do that to me. I do anything you want , but please don't make me resign. Please have mercy with me. I can't go in there and resign dressed like a girl. Pleaaaase."

Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea waited patiently until my outburst was over. Obviously thinking both alike, they made a move into the same direction raising both their arms. I quickly glanced into the direction they were pointing and saw: The dreaded wooden paddle! Instantly I dropped to my knees, knowing there was no way I could avoid resigning personally dressed like I was but trying to prevent the worse: Getting punished and then doing the resignation.

I cried outloud. "Please nooooo! Nooooooo, not the paddle! I will resign like you told me Mistress Andrea. Please, please, please, not the paddle. I will resign, I will do it Mistress." They looked at each other for quite a while and then it was Mistress Andrea who finally spoke out. "Greta, you promised yesterday to be my maid and serve me. Now you didn't want to obey my order. I told you I still love you, but you also have to help me. You know I can't allow a rebellious maid. Imagine I am entertaining guests or even better, I will have a new man. What happens when you fail to wash his socks or underwear, fail to iron his shirt, what shall I do with you then? Oh honey, you know what I have to do, right?"

I looked at them pleadingly, seconds seemed to turn into minutes or even hours. I stared into their faces hoping for a miracle to happen in order to avoid my punishment when the door bell rang. "Who can it be so early?", asked Mistress Andrea. "Oh, it must be Anne, our neighbour. I completely forgot, I promised her to take her to work this morning because her car is getting fixed in the garage." The bell rang again. "Open up Greta. It's certainly your guest then", smiled Mistress Andrea.

Slowly I wiggled to the door, trying to breathe deeply in order to relax which was nearly impossible with the tight corset. I held the doorknob and failed to turn it around. "What are you waiting for Greta?" I heard them both ask. I didn't move, but the thrid ring from the doorbell let me open up the door. My neighbour, impeccably dressed in her smart powderblue business suit, stood there impatiently. "Finally. I thought…., Oh my God! Oh my God! What happened to you? Oh my God! Is that really you Gary? Gary?"

I blushed deeply but couldn't say a word. Then Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea appeared from behind. "Hello Anne", my wife said. "I am sorry to give you the surprise of your life but many things happened during the weekend and my hubby Gary admitted to us that he actually was a closet sissy all his life amd wanted to become a woman. As you can see, I am trying to understand her feelings and we have already progressed quite a bit. But please do come in."

Anne stood there with her mouth open, trying to understand what Mistress Andrea had said. Then she looked at me. "Is that true Gary? I mean, oh my God, look at you. If it weren't for your short hair you'd look gorgeous. You always had legs to die for and now you even have the curves. If you had a nice wig, I mean, oh my God. I mean, I need to be going or I'll be late for work. I guess you aren't going to drive me Gary. I'll call a Taxi then."

Mistress Andrea made a step forward, took the hand of our turning neighbour. "Wait Anne, just a moment. Greta here, that's her new name, will drive you. She has promised it to you so she'll do it. Besides, she'll really wants to go to her office to and resign personally." Anne turned around again. "Look Andrea. I don't know what is going on here but this surely isn't the Gary I know", pointing at me standing still like a marble statue with a lowered head

"Gary, say something. We know each other since childhood. What is going on?"

I felt Mommy Adriana standing close behind me, unbeknownst to anybody she lightly slapped my behind with the frightening paddle. I shook my head, looked up at Anne, opened my mouth, nothing came out when once again I felt the paddle lightly on my behind. In resignation I lowered my head. "I am sorry Anne, but there is nothing else to say. My wife is right. I have been hiding it all my life. This weekend with the visit of my mother-in-law it finally came all clear. I want to become a woman and yes, I'll drive you as promised."

Mommy Adriana stroked my cheeks. "Good girl", she smiled. Anne still seemed to not believe what she heard and stood there motionless. "Ok, Gary or Greta, I'll help you. Let's go to my place. If you don't have a nice wig, I do. I mean you can't run around like that, you'll be a laughing stock and that's certainly not good for the ego of a new girl. My wig isn't the most sophisticated, and maybe for your complexion not the best, but I think you certainly look better as a platinum blond than you do now with short hair."

Mistress Andrea and Mommy Adriana giggled. "Oh, that is a great idea Anne, but why don't you get the wig from your house. Meanwhile Greta helps me with the finishing touches and Mom and I accompany you to Greta's office. Afterwards we need to shop, our new girl needs clothes. We so wanted to buy a wig for Greta this weekend, but there were many other things to do. Don't you like her make-up Job?" My neighbour looked at me closer. "Oh my, is this tattoed? This is tattoed! Greta, this is permanent, you know that? Wow, Andrea, I always wanted to have something like that. You have to give me the direction of the store."

Anne scurried off while Mistress Andrea quickly dressed with my help. When the bell rang again I opened the door, Anne stepped in and made me sit down on a kitchen chair. She placed the platinum blonde pageboy wig on my head, curiously watched on by Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea, then fastened it to my scalp and combed it out. "This looks much better than I thought", said Anne. All three clapped into their hands. "This is you Greta", they cried out. "Oh, thank you soo much Anne", Mistress Andrea hugged our neighbour.

"She smiled all over. "Greta, honey. This is my welcome to womanhood present from me." With this she hugged me tight and airkissed me. "Now let's hurry girls. I need to go."

I put on a black jacket and we all walked to the car, there Mistress Andrea handed me a white purse. "Thank you Mis.., err, Andrea." I blushed and took out the car keys. Mommy Adriana looked at me sternly and I simply handed them to her. Turning to our neighbour she explained. "These days Greta allows me to drive so I can get to know the town."

We all got into the car and Anne gave directions how to get to her office. Just before we arrived, Anne turned to me and said. "Greta, we know each other for so long and you know you are a really good friend of mine, so I really don't want to miss your first day out as a girl in the shopping mall. I am going to phone my boss and ask him for a day off. I am sure he'll give it to me and then I'll join you girls on your shopping spree. I can't wait to see you modelling dresses Greta. Then she laughed outloud. You know I am a shopposaurus myself, I simply wouldn't forgive myself until the end of my days if I missed that." A quick phone call confirmed her day off and immediately Mommy Adriana took the next turn to a big Mall.

"No", I said. "This isn't my day off. I have to go to the office:" Mistress Andrea looked back at me. "You are right sweety. First of all there is your big coming out to your co-workers and your boss telling him you'll leave as of today." I blushed and didn't want to think of all this. Maybe an angel would take me out of the car and fly with me to a land where all boys could be girls if they wanted to, without anybody taunting them.

Of course Mommy Adriana had a different thought, a sly smile crossed her face. "What would you say Andrea, if Greta's boss, because of the turn of events, offers her a Job as a secretary?" Mistress Andreas eyes lit up in mock surprise. "Hmmm, I wonder if Greta would rather be an office girl or a Lady's maid. I think we leave this decision on her, but we should take it in consideration?"

I felt Anne's hands touching my knee. "Don't you worry a thing Greta. I am convinced you'd make a wonderful secretary. If your boss really asks you, go for it girl. It will do you good. I know you type well, know how to attend the phone and you don't have to be afraid of taking dictation." I looked at her like a deer caught in headlight, slowly turning a deep red. "Oh, I mean, you know what I mean, err, you know, taking dictation isn't….

The rest of what she said was drowned in roars of laughter coming from the front of the car. Mommy Adriana had to stop in order to avoid an accident. "Oh my God, Anne", laughed Mistress Andrea. "That was too precious. Our little Greta taking dicktation. Who knows she may even enjoy it." Now it was Anne's turn to blush. "Do you mean Greta…? which caused another round of laughter. "Anne, she is a woman now, why souldn't she enjoy it", asked Mistress Andrea.

"Wow, I didn't know this ride was going that fast Greta. I thought you wanted to develop your personality little by little." Could I sink deeper in the carseat? Could I disappear into it or simply become invisible. I closed my eyes but nothing helped. I shook helplessly my head. "It's not what you think Anne…" my words trailing off. She simply looked at me, then hugged me and whispered in my ear. Greta, I am your friend and if you like sucking cocks, it's fine with me and maybe even good for your career if it is your boss whom you suck."

While talking Mommy Adriana had driven us to my office and it was now or never, but before I could get out Mommy Adriana said. "Honey, I do believe it's in your own interest if we all go with you. We don't want you to get harrarssed." I looked at her knowing immediately there was no way out for me. In fact I had intended to tell my boss I had lost a stupid bet and that's why I was in this getup. She smiled reading the disappointment in my eyes. Once again she had outsmarted me. Sometimes I had the feeling she could read my mind. Mommy Adriana wasn't only very assertive but damn'it, she was smart too.

With big trepidation I stepped out of the car with the others. Thankfully Anne put a hand around my hip as if to say "don't worry girlfriend,. I am with you". I leaned into her and she whispered "I never imagined you'd make such a beautiful girl". We walked together to the entrance, Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea smiling conscpiciously at each other. Once inside Mistress Andrea walked and motioned us to wait.

She talked to Jenny, the girl at the reception who was just about 20 years old and had only started a few months ago. All of a sudden she turned her head into our direction, looked back at Mistress Andrea, shook her head and looked back: At me! She looked right at me. Under her gaze I shrunk another few inches and believed I had reached the size of an imp. She got up behind her table and rushed towards me, and I felt myself in her embrace. Airkissing me she mouthed "Oh Gary, err Greta, I am soo happy for you. This takes courage to do what you do. I wish you luck with your boss. He's already in his office. I'll phone him so you can tell him your desire to become his personal secretary. You know how much he relied on her after his wife died so suddenly last year. I wonder how you knew Mrs Davengo resigned last weekend. Never knew you were so close to her that she'd tell you. Oh well, girltalk."

I felt overwhelmed from the lightning speed with which everything happened. I didn't know how to respond. The women stood around me and I felt like in a painting, they all looked at me simply smiling in a knowing way . Once again Jenny hugged me and then phoned Mr. Rearden. "Yes, Mr. Rearden. Life is full of surprises and… "Yes Mr. Rearden, I know you are worried about getting a new secretary, but that's exactly why I phone. Your problem may solve itself, if you are willing, err, I mean there is Mr. Gooden waiting for you. He, she, err, please see for yourself Sir. Err, shall I send Mrs err Mr. Gooden inside?"

Jenny motioned me to Mr. Reardens office and I heard her "Good luck, hope you get the position". Now Mistress Andrea stepped towards me, took my hand and we walked to the office. "Mom and Anne, I think I'll have to do that. Just wait here a while." She wanted to turn but then Mommy Adriana coughed lightly and Mistress Andrea froze. "Ok, Mom, if you want to come, please feel free." I looked at Anne but she had already sat down in of the comfortable chairs in the lobby and grabbed herself a magazine.

So the three of us walked towards the office. Mistress Andrea knocked at the door and we heard Mr. Rearden calling me in. We stepped in and he looked up in surprise. "Oh Ladies, I believe you are in the wrong office. I am waiting for Mr. Gooden who apparently has a surprise for me which hopefully benefits the company."

It was Mommy Adriana who spoke up. "We are in the right office. I am the mother-in-law and this is the wife of the person mentioned, and there is a surprise yes, because the thrid person you see here, this gorgeous blonde here was Mr. Gooden but has decided to show his or should I say her real nature. She is now Greta Gooden."

Mr. Rearden made a step backwards, his mouth gaping open, ogling me up and down, shaking his head in disbelieve. "Mr. Gooden?" Before he could continue Mommy Adriana took the word again. "You'll agree of course she can't continue working in her former position but since we heard you desperately seeking a new personal Secretary, Greta told us how she loved to have such a Job." Mommy Adriana was on a roll, I saw Mr. Rearden open his mouth several time to say something but with her natural authority my Boss didn't look so bossy anymore. She practically waved off each attempt of his to speak and after a minute or so I saw Mr. Rearden just nodding his head.

"Our little Greta told us her desire of becoming a secretary. She told us how good she was at typing, attending the phone, making the appointments, and further more she wasn't afraid of dictations either. Her biggest plus she said was her will also to run little errands for you, simply to make your life easier and concentrate better on running the company." While saying this Mommy Adriana stepped slowly closer and closer to Mr. Rearden and at one moment even put his hand on his shoulder pushing him back down into his seat.

"Now I believe there is a Job opening for this position, right?", Mommy Adriana continued She boldly patted Mr. Reardens head who seemed to shrink into his seat and onviously showed signs of embarrassment. "Furthermore I believe Greta is the Girl for this Job and I am convinced you will hire her right now. Isn't that right Mr Rearden?", gripping his shoulder while asking the crucial question.

I stood back with Mistress Andrea, who had possesively put an arm around my hip and had made me stand with my head bowed. Then I heard Mr. Rearden. "Errr, I don't know what to say. I mean, I need a secretary but Mr… Mommy Adriana cut him off again. "That is good to know you need a secretary and as I said before Greta here fits the bill and besides she is a willing girl, right Greta? Aren't you willing?" She looked back at me and I nodded my head. "Greta, I didn't hear you girl!" I nodded once again. "Yes Mommy Adriana, I am willing."

She turned back to Mr. Rearden and grabbed my arm at the same time dragging me towards Mr. Reardens chair. "See, she is willing and in order to show you how willing she is, Greta has thought of a little demonstration." I felt her push me to my knees and I came face to face with Mr Rearden's crotch. Then I felt also Andrea's hand on my other shoulder"Greta, undo Mr. Rearden's pants." I looked up at him and saw Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea towering over both of us. They had both placed their hands on each of our shoulders thus preventing us from getting up.

It was such a weird situation which obviously also overwhelmed Mr. Rearden. I saw how instinctively he took a better position in his leather armchair which wasn't lost on Mommy Adriana. "Yes Mr. Rearden, this is so formal. May I call you James or better yet Jamie, hmmm, yes, Jamieboy get comfortable, Greta will get you relaxed. Meanwhile I saw my red nails pulling down the zipper of his pants. I hesitated but one glaring look of Mommy Adriana sealed my fate.

I saw shivering but immaculate manicured and slender womens fingers taking out Mr. Rearden's cock which was thankfully not big at all. Mommy Adriana laughed. "Do all men in this company have small cocks. Jamieboy, this is rather a big clit but certainly no cock. Hmm, maybe a cockette. Yes Jamieboy, you may call this from now on your cockette, is this understood?" Mr. Rearden shrunk further into his seat and turned beetred. He cleared his throat, looked up at Mommy Adriana but couldn't hold her gaze for long before looking down in embarrassment. His whisper was barely heard. "Yes."

"Yes, what?", she demanded putting a finger under his chin. Mistress Andrea had pushed my head meanwhile right into Mr. Rearden's crotch. My nose touched his cockette which lightly twitched and tickled my skin. While my face was buried in his crotch I heard Mr. Rearden say. "Yes Madam." She laughed. "Very good Jamieboy. Now get busy Greta. Jamieboy deserves a big reward for being such an obedient little Boss."

I slowly opened my mouth and for the first time I felt a pulsing member of my own gender in my mouth. Mr. Rearden moaned immediately. "Pinch your nipples Jamieboy. That is good, right? Yes, you need Greta to serve you every morning from now on." My head was bobbing up and down on his hardening cockette. "Hmm, think of it when she comes to your office and drops to her knees right in front of you every morning from now on. See yourself looking down at her while she slowly opens your belt, undoes your pants and slowly slips them over your hips which are prettily adorned from now on with garterbelt, stockings and lace panties."

I felt him stiffen at her words, his cockette twitched in my hot mouth and looked up into his face. His eyes closed, burning cheeks glowing with a mixture of desire and embarrassment. Mommy Adriana was standing at his side, stroking his face and cooing into his ears. Driving him mad with desire while I was rapidly sucking and slurping his now rock hard cockette. "Jamieboy, tell me you are a sweet sissieboy and want to wear panties and nice lingery from now on." When Mr. Rearden didn't answer immediately she pulled my hair slightly and I stopped my ministrations. Loud moans escaped my bosses lips.

Then Mommy Adriana opened her purse and took out her fiery red lipstick. "Tell me Jamieboy. Tell me how much you need to wear lingery from now on." She pushed my head and once again I started sucking him which caused another round of loud moans. Quickly Mommy stopped me again and Mr. Rearden almost cried out in frustration. "Oh please Greta, don't stop please. Don't stop, it feel so wonderful. It has been soo long."

Mommy Adriana thought otherwise and held my head. She released me and proceeded to turn the lips of Mr. Rearden bright red. Like in trance he licked over his now creamy lips. "Yes Madam", his voice shivered. "I will wear lingery from now on." My wicked mother-in-law smiled in delight and motioned me to continue sucking him. "There we go Jamieboy, and I will help you. I promise to train you alongside Greta. We will all become a nice little family. I will take care of you Jamieboy. I still need a nice obedient hubby who does exactly what I want."

With an excstatic cry Mr. Rearden came into my mouth. "Greta, don't swallow but hold Jamies cum in your mouth. Now get up both of you. I want you sissies to seal the deal with a nice kiss where you mingle your juices." Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea pushed us against each other and I found myself kissing Mr. Reardens creamy lips. I had my eyes closed and suddenly I felt the tip of his tongue invade my mouth. I pushed my own little snake into his mouth and transferred his juices into his. We wrestled like this for quite a while before Mommy Adriana ended our embrace.

"That's enough sissies. We'll have enough time for this later. Now Jamieboy, I think you'll

get the contract ready and give Greta the rest of the off because she needs lots of clothes for her new wardrobe. Oh by the way, I think you should put in the contract a dress allowance of 1500 dollars a month apart from her salary. Tell the accountant to prepare a check right now, so Greta can pick it up." My boss picked up the phone and informed the accountant that he had found as new ecretary and needed the check as of now telling her I'd pick it up any moment.

I left the room with Mistress Andrea while Mommy Adriana stayed back in Mr. Reardens office. When we passed the offices I saw everybody staring at me, some men looking in disgust, others in lust, while a couple of girls waved at me and made thumbs up. "Oh, this is you. You are Gary Gooden, err Greta. Wow, I didn't believe Jenny when she phoned earlier. Well, I can't say I like this charade but if you stick to it and don't come dressed everyday in a different manner I wish you good luck.." She handed me the check and we were on our way back to Mr. Reardens office.

I knocked timidly and we entered. We just saw Mommy Adriana sitting behind Mr. Reardens desk. "Mom, where is Mr.Rearden?" She laughed and I saw her hands were under the table. "Are you talking about Jamieboy? He's doing what he'll be doing very often from now on, servicing me." Mistress Andrea giggled. "Oh Mom, you are incredible. You have a special way to wrap men around your finger and put them under your thump."

Mommy Adriana looked back in mock anger. "What did you say? Just men?" Then she burst out in loud laughter, but qickly interrupted herself with a sudden loud moan. "Yes Jamieboy, oh yesss, what a good tongue, what a talented tongue. Oh Andrea, we should have a contest whether Greta or Jamieboy has the most talented tongue. We should invite your neighbour Anne and also the girl from the makeup story in the Mall. What was her name? Silvia? You've got her number. Oooooohhhhhhhhh Jamie, yessssssssss, ohhhhhhh, I am cummmminng."

Mommy Adriana was bucking wildly and it took her quite a while to come down from her heights. "Hmmm, that was good Jamieboy. Verry good. Sweety, I have decided you really need a treat. You take also the day off and we all go to the mall. I am convinced we'll find you all the lingery you'll need from now on. Besides, poor.Anne is missing all the fun out there."

We got all ready to go. Mr. Rearden came from underneath his desk and straightened his close. "Oh my, Jamieboy, you certainly neeed a touchup", said Mommy Adriana. She once again applied the fiery red lipstick to Mr. Reardens mouth who seemed to be completely in her power. Mistress Andrea opened the door and we walked slowly out of his office. Anne looked up and rushed towards us. "Did she get the Job?" She stopped in her tracks when she saw the lipsticked Mr. Rearden. "Oh, oh, hahaha, I hope it's not epidemic, otherwise all men will turn into little sissies and girls."

Mommy Adriana turned to the receptionist and simply told her Mr. Rearden would take off the rest of the day in order to help his new secretary choose a new wardrobe. "Oh by the way Jenny. From now on Mr. Rearden will obey a new dress code. He's going to wear lingery under his suits and girl, I can't be after him all the time, so I'd like to ask you to check him every morning when he comes to his office."

The stunned girl simply nodded dumbfounded. "Yes, Madam." Then a smile crept over her face. "I'll be delighted to check on the lingery daily." My mother-in-law smiled back at her. "I do believe this will be an interesting and quite pleasing task for you Jenny." Then looking into the round she added: "Shall we finally go to the mall now? Greta has gotten a nice dress allowance from Jamieboy, so it will be quite a shopping spree."

Now it was Anne's turn to speak up. "Now wait. Let's go to a friend of mine instead to the Mall. I shop always there. She has a wonderful boutique and caters for all needs. It's a little bit expensive but exactly what a personal secretary needs and I am quite sure we find also some nice lingery for Greta's new Boss to wear."

Mommy Adriana made Mr. Rearden hold my hand and we walked to the car. Mr. Rearden and I sat squeezed against each other in the back with Anne. My mother-in-law sped off to the Boutique of Anne's Friend. What idignities would wait there for me and Mr. Rearden who still held my hand?




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