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Mommy Adriana, I Will Obey You

by Greta


Finally we were on our way home. Interestingly neither Mommy Adriana nor Mistress Andrea had cuffed or gagged me. So I just sat in the back of our car. During the short drive I had some time to think about what had happened in the past two days since my wife, err Mistress Andrea, and I had picked up my mother in law, now Mommy Adriana, at the airport.

First of all Mommy Adriana had quickly made it clear to me that she didn't think I was an adequate partner for my wife, to put it mildly. She had degraded me through physical punishment to the status of a girl. I had learned to serve her and my wife sexually and otherwise. My wife Andrea became in the process, first my reluctant, but then actively participating Mistress who obviously enjoyed her new found powers over me. On day two they dragged me out into public where I lost my virginity to a man in the video booth of a sex store and finally I had received to the great amusement of many onlookers a permanent makeup in a busy mall.

I woke up from my thoughts when we turned into the driveway. Mommy Adriana told me to bring up the packages into our bedroom. The women walked into the livingroom. While I was putting the bags away not even daring to look what was in them I heard Mistress Andrea call. "Greta, hurry up, fix us a drink and then prepare dinner." As quickly as I could in my high heels I went to the living room and curtsied in front of both women. "Yes Mistress."

They both looked at me and acted surprised. "Why do you try speak in a bad version of a male voice again. Over there at the make up store with Silvia you acted naturally as the girl you are. Now you want to get macho with us again?" I blushed but before I could utter a word Mistress Andrea continued. "From now on we only want to hear that sweet girly voice of yours. Never again will you even try to use a mans voice. Is that clear Greta?" I nodded my head, dropped another curtsy and with great effort I tried my best girl voice once again. "Yes Mistress Andrea, yes Mommy Adriana "

"Very good Greta. See, just let the girl out and it comes naturally. Hahaha, like in the video booth were you screamed for cock. I think we should have a little replay of this slutty action after dinner. Now hurry, we are hungry." I curtsied once again and went to the kitchen where I quickly prepared a bowl of Caesar's salad. I took a baguette out of the freezer and put it in the oven with some garlic.

Meanwhile I set the table and when everything was ready the women sat and I served them. Only after they had finished I was allowed to eat. I quickly took the stuff away and let the dishwater do its magic. I heard already the voice of Mistress Andrea. "Come here Greta. It's showtime!" When I entered the living room I saw both women had taken off their pants and panties, both were wearing stay up stockings. Their pussies were exposed.

"Honey", spoke Andrea. "Sit down between my legs. While Mom and I watch the video you'll be taking care of our our needs." They both opened their legs wide and I was looking at their glistening pussies. I dropped to my knees in front of Mistress Andrea while she switched on the dvd player. Immediately she pulled me to her pussy and I began to lap her pussylips dutifully.

From the television in my back I could hear myself, pleading with the man to let me go. Andrea gushed her juices all of a sudden into my face. "Swallow it you bitch", she shouted at me. Obviously excited by the actions which were unfolding in the video booth. I looked up and saw Mommy Adriana freeing the breasts of Mistress Andrea with one hand, with the other hand she was furiously rubbing her own pussy.

I opened wide and swallowed as fast as I could but most of Mistresses juices wetted my face. She grabbed my hair and held me steady while she pushed her pelvis rapidly against me. "Oh, my God", she shouted. "I want to fuck you. Oh, I want to fuck your mouth and asspussy!" Once again she came with a loud scream. I saw Mommy Adriana sucking on Mistress Andreas exposed breast.

I lapped rapidly at her pussy while she frantically pushed her pelvis against my face. "Stop the dvd Mom. Stop it. Please", screamed Mistress Andrea. "Oh my god", I need to fuck Greta right now or I go crazy. Greta get on the table on all fours. Right now. Mom would you please get the strap on. Pleeease?" Mommy Adriana gave no answer but was already on her way while I climbed on the table.

What I saw when I looked at Mommy Adriana made my heart miss a beat. She had put her strap on too which was obscenely jutting up and down while she walked towards us. She held the other strap on for Mistress Andrea in her hand. Mommy gave it to my wife. "Where do you want to fuck her honey? Front or backdoor."

Smiling Mistress Andrea answered. "This time I take backdoor for sure. Hmmm, I loved it the last time and I bet with each time it's getting better." Just now she was looknig closer at the strap on Mommy had handed her. "This, this, is a double ended dildo Mom?" With an evil smile Mommy answered. "Honey, well, actually I wanted to give it to you only tomorrow for your birthday but its close enough so happy birthday honey and enjoy your present."

They embraced for a moment, kissing heavily on the lips before Andrea answered. "Mom, I will enjoy it for sure. Don't know whether Greta will love this present . It is huge. What? It must be more than 10 inches long and at least 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Oh my god Mom, I mean I don't want to damage her." Mommy Adriana calmed her. "Don't worry honey. I know it is huge but Greta has in the last couple of days taken a few cocks, plastic and real ones, so she is already quite stretched. Just take her the way you like it most. Happy birthday."

With that Mistress Andrea pushed the shorter end into her wet pussy and positioned herself behind me. She put a copious amount of lube on her huge phallus, then pulled down my panties and put more lube around and into my boycunt. Meanwhile Mommy Adriana came around and stood right in front of me. It seemed they had timed it because practically at the same moment they said: "Tell us Greta, tell us what you want. No, beg for it!"

Mommy Adriana made a step forward and rubbed her big strap on over my permanently painted glossy lips. "Mmmmhhh, I ought to make you put on lipstick. It looks so fabulous on my cock Greta." Mistress Andrea at the same time reminded me of the man from the afternoon. She rubbed all around my hole and left the dildo right at the entrance slowly moving up and down. Teasing me, driving me mad with desire.

As if helping me speeding up my decision Mommy Adriana pushed her rubber cock between my lips and held it there for a couple of seconds slightly rocking forth and back. Very slowly she withdrew it again just leaving the tip between my lips. I looked up at her with puppy eyes. She smiled down at me with an air of superiority as if knowing I couldn't resist neither cock. I closed my eyes for a second, a tear rolled down my cheek and I felt her hand patting my head. "It's ok Greta, it's ok. That's your destination, don't fight it anymore. Just tell us girl, just tell us what a slut you are and how much you love it."

Still with the tip of Mommy Adrianas cock between my lips I tried the best I could to voice my desire to be used by both of them. "Please Mistresses, please make this slut feel complete. Take me at both ends. Fuck me good and hard. Please Mistresses, I beg you. I want to…, oh my god, I need to feel your hard cocks in my boypussy."

I heard Mistress Andrea say: "You shall have your wish Greta. Think of yourself only as a girl, because after having seen you in the booth today there is no doubt anymore that you are a cockhungry girl." I saw Mommy Adriana nodding, she was still calling the shots it seemed, and they both pushed simultanuously filling me up at both ends.

I had to fight off my gag reflex, concentrate and to relax but managed to let Mommy Adriana push into my throat until I felt her pubic hair tickling my nose. "Oh, good Greta, you are a natural cocksucker. Soon we'll change this dildo for the real thing. Hmmm, we should have done it already this afternoon, asking one of the other customers to join forces with your lover in the booth. But that'll be for another time."

Mistress Andrea had buried her double ended dildo also deeply inside of me when I saw Mommy Adriana pull out a small remote control out of her pocket. "Honey, this is another little surprise for your birthday. It'll add even more spice to your fucking Greta. Have fun." She pushed a button and all of a sudden I felt a low hum deep inside of me. Obviously Mistress Andrea felt the same.

"Ohhhhh Mom", she moaned. Mommy Adriana pushed another button and the hum intensified. "Ohhhhhh", we moaned unisono. "Ohhhhhh Mom, this is, this is, ooooooooooohhhh soooo good." Mistress Andrea shuddered violently. Her first orgasm raced through her body. She didn't even fuck me, she just held her huge cock deeply lodged inside of me and let the feelings wash over her.

Mommy Adriana pulled out of me, but quickly pushed a penisgag inside of my mouth perfectly gagging me. She walked around me and stepped behind her daughter who was lost in bliss. "Since your pussy is occupied I think your asspussy should be filled up too honey, don't you think so?" Mistress Andrea was still trying to come down from her orgasm when she felt her mother poking at her asspussy.

"Oh no Mom, please no. Don't do that. It's too big. It was painful when I let Greta do it once or twice with her tiny clitty. No please, this is really too big." Mommy Adriana started to massage the nipples of her daughter, driving her crazy, then increased once again the intensity of the vibrator, rocking both of us. My cock tried in vain to get hard and it was very painful for me but drowned by the wonderful feelings which happened deep inside of me.

Mistress was just all bliss. I felt another orgasm aproaching when all of a sudden Mommy Adriana pushed another button and the vibrator went dead. "Oooooooohhhhhhh Mom, ooooooohhh please, don't stop it, please, please, please." Mommy Adriana laughed. "You know what you have to do honey. Just say it and I turn the vibrator on full power sweety." Mistress Andrea violently shook her head. "Please, don't make me say it. Please no." For a moment it was silent. Nobody said a word but then I heard her whispering. "Please Mom, turn it on again. You can take me with your cock, but please turn it on again. Would you please Mom?"

I didn't hear but felt the answer because when Mommy Adriana pushed her strapon into Mistress Andrea, her cock automatically pushed deeper into me. Then I felt the vibrator again, stronger than ever before, ripping through our bodies. "Aaaargh, Mom. Oh my god. That feels sooo good. Oh my god, may it never end." Once again her body shook violently and she came big time. "Aaaaahhhh, I am cuuuummmming. Aaaaaahhhhh." Then Mommy Adriana started pounding into her. Her abundant hips slapped against the flesh of her daughter making Mistress Andrea pound into me, slapping hard against my bottom with increasing speed and strength

We all started to grunt, shout and moan. "Yes, honey, what a tight asspussy you have. Oh my god, you are mine, you belong to me honey. I am your Mistress, I am Greta's Mistress. Oh, yes, yes, yes, you'll obey my every whim from now on. I'll mark you as my territory honey." With amazing speed she buried herself on each push deeply inside of Mistress Andrea who simply screamed, screamed and screamed in bliss, she must have had an out of body experience.

Sweat dripped from my cheeks down on the floor. I looked up with glassy eyes, watching on dvd where the man fucked my boycunt hard inside of the booth. Now I felt like a ragdoll, used for the pleasure of these two strong women. The finale came with a great crescendo both of them screaming outloud with me grunting hard into my gag, frantically sucking on the shaft deeply lodged inside of my mouth. Despite locked up in chastity I came as hard as never before. My cum dribbled down from my chastity device and formed a puddle on the table.

Exhaustion washed over me, the vibrator had gone dead, I started to shiver. Mistress Andrea fell on my back, stroked my hair and unstrapped my gag, all the time whispering. "Yes Mistress Mom, yes Mistress Mom, what ever you want, yesssss Mistress Mom. Greta, we both belong to her. Just do what ever she tells you. Don't you ever dare not to obey her. It is my wish. I will obey her too. We must obey her, she is too strong for even both of us together. I still love you, but I want you to be a girl now and Mommy Adriana knows what's best for both of us." I simply nodded my head. "I will obey you Mommy Adriana."

Then Mistress Andrea pulled slowly out of me, leaving me empty. Surprinsingly I didn't feel used but loved by both of them. Yes, it was surely another humiliation I underwent but with the reassuring of Mistress Andrea still loving me I felt happy for the first time in the last 48 hours. Right there and then I felt I should make a confession. "Yes Mistress Andrea, Mommy Adriana was right from the beginning. I have never told you before because I was too afraid of your reaction but each time you were gone I rummaged through your panty drawer. I have been trying on not only your underwear but virtually any piece of clothes you own."

I hung my head expecting her tirade which never came. Instead Mistress Andrea hugged me. "Now the picture becomes clearer and clearer. I was already wondering why you were so adept walknig around in high heels. At first I thought Mom is right, you are a natural but now I see you had all the practise you wanted. Oh you, I always teased you about being my little housewife and you just played it out in the privacy of our home. No more privacy for you Greta.."

She put one finger under my chin, raised it and looked into my eyes. "Sweety, I am sure you'll become a good maid for me and my future lover." It hurt me to hear this from her mouth but I knew this was the only way for me without loosing her totally. As if she had read my thoughts she said. "I'll take good care of you. I love you very much but Mom is right, as a man you are simply inadequate. You see that, don't you?"

Tears trickled down my permanently made up face. Another wave of embarrassment washed over me. I always thought I was fairly good in bed. She had never complained about my size but I had to admit that after a few months into our marriage she went on top and stayed on top during all our lovemaking. She had been so polite and let me try my luck to cum with me on top. I pounded into her with all my might, glistening in sweat and working myself to exhaustion but never reaching the point of no return.

Then she looked at me as if saying, let me take care of that. We rolled over with me lodged inside of her hot pussy. Then she pushed one leg after another between my legs and thus slowly opened mine. We always adjusted our position after that and I ended up wrapping my legs around her wide hips. She often looked down between our legs when lifting her hips. Being connected as we were it gave the impression as if she had the cock and was pounding into my pussy.

We picked up on this scenario and she started to refer to me often as "my girl, you are my girl" or "I know you want to be my wife, hmmm, you want me to make you pregnant, don't you?"when being in this position. Then she rapidly pounded into me making me feel sooo helpless, often she would increase this feeling of helplessness by taking prisoner of my hands pinning me down on the bed effectively.


My orgasms were really incredible and I was bucking under her and screaming my pleasure to the world. Often she would afterwards slide over my chest up to my head where she'd sit over me saying "honey, lick me now, you had your pleasure. Now give me mine" Dutifully I'd lick her even knowing my cum was inside of her. Once in the beginning I wanted to refuse when she simply told me. "Honey, you are my wifey when I take you and make you happy. Now make me happy, it is just fair. When I go down on you I also drink your cum so what is the problem?"

That did the trick and I'd never complain again and I lapped at her sweet pussy whether it was cumfilled or not when ever she told me to. Then it was just a game, just fooling around or so I thought. I simply felt happy the way things went. Did this mean she wasn't happy back then? Now she wanted me to admit my inadequacy in bed? My mind raced. Did she ever scream out of pure lust while having sex with me like she just had been doing almost constantly for the last hour or so? I had to admit, no.

It all became totally clear to me. Why had I been so stupid as if to think I could have made her happy in bed? It must have been my macho pride, trying not to acknowledge what I really was: A Sissygirl begging to be filled herself by hard cock! Once again tears filled my eyes. Embarrassment washed over me and I shook my head. "I am sorry Mistress Andrea. I have not made you happy in bed. I have used you for my pleasure. I have used you in bed fullfilling my fantasy when closing my eyes, thinking of myself as being the woman in our relation. I am so sorry Mistress, please forgive me. I promise to become the best maid and serve you and who ever is at your side."

Mistress Andrea hugged me while I continued crying. "It is all ok, don't you worry sweet girl. Now you will live your dream Your Mommy Adriana will see to that." I felt Mommy Adriana also hugging me. "Greta, we both saw your potential. Andrea has discussed it with me many times and I came to the conclusion that you were a closet girl and only drastic measures could make both of you happy."

She held me close. "Greta, Andrea needs a real man not a caricature like you are. Look what I have achieved within two days. Look at you! I mean if you hadn't wanted this I couldn't ever have forced you to. Sure I might be a little stronger than you but you could have chosen to walk out and leave, but you didn't. You wanted it but you needed somebody else to push you over this imaginary borderline. Now I bet you'll become one happy girl."

I hugged her tight. "Yes Mommy, yes, thank you for helping me. These first steps were very painfull and humiliating but I feel so much better now." She laughed at me. "I know we could have done it differently but hey you know girls wanna have fun too." Mommy Adriana took my and Mistress Andreas hand. "Come girls, lets take a shower before going to bed and you Greta have to wash us."

We started leaving when Mommy Adriana discovered the puddle on the table. "What is that Greta? Did you have some nasty discharge?" I blushed deeply and hung my head. "Yes, Mommy Andrea." She looked at me sternly. "You know what to do." Almost mechanically I nodded my head and dropped a curtsy. "Yes Mommy Adriana." Then I went over to the table and lapped it all up like the good girl I desperately wanted to be now.

In the bathroom we undressed and stepped all into our big shower stall. When we built the house Mistress Andrea and I had taken care of it, we both didn't like the feeling of being sardines in a tin. While the women put the water to their liking I simply got on my knees paying them the respect they deserved. Mommy Adriana handed me the washcloth and told me to start cleaning her.

I carefully lathered her up and came several times close to her pussy. I heard them both giggling and looked up. Mistress Andrea motioned to me to just get on with my business. I looked to Mommy Adriana. "Greta, get your talented girly tongue going." I didn't hesitate a split second but got to my desirable task immediately.

I heard them giggling again. "She takes to it like a duck to the water." My tongue had no resemblance with a duck when I snaked along the outer pussywalls of my Mommy Adriana. "Hmmmm, yes Greta, oh yes, that's good. Andrea honey, suck my nipples, suck them good."

I felt her hands in my hair, stroking me, pushing and pulling me, driven by her insane lust. Oh, I had opened Pandoras box and she never be satisfied before she had completely transformed into a girl.

Did I really want that? I didn't know. I always thought it most erotic to be a shemale, to have breasts and look like a woman but still have my cock hiding under my mini skirt. Yes, I'd rather be a shemale then a complete woman. I loved my cock too much but Mommy Adriana quickly brought me back to reality when pushing her pelvic hard into my face.

"Greta, stop dreaming. Get your tongue going." Without wanting it my thoughts had slowed down my tongue and diminished her pleasure. With renewed vigor I resatrted my effort and was soon rewarded with her grabbing my hair and wildly bucking into my face. "Oh yesssss Sissy, yessss Greta. Your tongue is heavenly, yesssss, yessss, yessss, I am cumminggggg."

After we were done with the shower we put creams on our bodies and Mistress Andrea felt over my skin. "Greta sweety. I'll schedule you for a complete hair removal. Then you won't have to worry about shaving all the time. It'll get less when you take your special pills but it saves you time for serving us."

She held up the pills for me to swallow and I did so with a glass of water. Mommy Adriana handed me a short pink babydoll with matching panties and high heeled slippers. "You look delicious, but tomorrow we have to fit you for tits" she said and rubbed my chastity enforced girlish flat front. "Hmm, no more silly erections will destroy the perfect feminine picture." I cringed under her comment, only after two days being in chastity I wanted soo much to feel an erection, exactly what she said was silly.

How could I tell her I didn't want to be turned completely into a female but kind of stop halfway? That I dreamed of bedding Mistress Andrea both wearing our feminine, sexy nightgowns and me plunging deep into her. Would my dream come true? For now while taking my special pills I was on my way to fullfill one part of my dream, to live as a shemale. Any thoughts of SRS were way beyond my imagination.

Mommy Adriana took me out of my reverie."Girl, you seem to be daydreaming a lot lately. What is going on Greta?" I bowed my head not wanting to tell her about my dreams. "I am just overwhelmed by all the changes Mommy Adriana." She took me in her arms. "Don't you worry your pretty, little head about it. Mommy knows what's best for you."

"Now go and say good night to your Mistress and be quick." I minced to my wifes bedroom, knocked and entered. I greeted her with a curtsy, before approaching our, err, her bed. She was reading and looked at me. "Don't you look precious like this. It's soo cute. Mom really has chosen well." I curtsied again and thanked her. "I came to say good night Mistress and thank you for a wonderful day."

She motioned for me to come sit at her side. She stroked my hair and said. "I am glad you have come to accept the new you." She smiled. "I expected you not to give in soo quickly but obviously Mom was right about you from the beginning. I remember when we met and you came to our home. That night after you had left Mom said to me you were a perfect sissy, great wedding material to experience the good sides of life like having all the lovers I wanted and still a loyal maid or sissywife at my side.

We held each other in our arms. "It has taken me several years to realize Mom was right and I didn't really want to admit to me I had married a girl in fact, but Mom has convinced me to let take things their course. Now hurry, I am sure Mom is waiting for you." She kissed my cheek in girl style. I curtsied again and wished her a good night.

"What took you so long?" I heard Mommy Adriana when I entered her room. "I am sorry, but Mistress Andrea told me many things, so it took just a little longer." She looked at me angrily. "Don't get cheeky with me. When I say be quick you better be quick. You need discipline girl. To show you what I mean you'll position yourself now over my lap. Quick now."

I stepped forward and slowly bend over Mommy Adriana who sat on her bed. She didn't help me but had me position myself exactly as she wanted. "Raise your babydoll and lower your panties girl." As if there was something to raise. I mean the babydoll was soo short, it hardly covered my panties at all but I did so anyway what was ordered.

"Greta, we will make this a nightly habit you getting spanked in this fashion." I shook my head. "But Mommy Adriana, what have I done. I mean it was Mistress Andrea who did the talking." This made her really angry. "So you want to say that it's Andreas fault and not yours? How was she supposed to know you better come back quick? Did you tell her?"

Of course she had me there. "No", I said in defeat. "I didn't tell her you wanted me to be quick." I hung my head. "Girl, you have just earned yourself double the amount of swats I originally wanted to give you. You choose now how many you deserve." I started to beg. "Mommy Adriana, please don't be soo harsh with me. I think 10 will do to teach me the lesson you want to."

She laughed. "10? You dare to say 10? This isn't even worse the effort to hold you on my lap and not let you fall over. No honey, this cost you even more. Actually I want to give you 25. Then the double would have been 50 but I think I will be verrry nice to you and just add the 10 you wanted so we have a nice, round 60 swats. What do you think sissy?" I knew I wouldn't be able to change her mind, so I said. "What ever you want Mommy Adriana, I will obey."

After she was done with my punishment, she rummaged in one of the shopping bags from the afternoon. She motioned me to go into the bathroom. She followed and told me to get on all fours and hold my bottom up. She stepped behind me and pulled down my panties. Then she handed me something cold and hard while she started to apply KY to my boycunt. "Go for it Greta."

I knelt on the bathroom floor and inserted the big buttplug into my rectum. The slightest movement caused the three steel balls inside the plug to hit each other. The vibrations moved through me like caresses. "Greta stand up and walk around, there cums a nice surprise for you sissy", Mommy Adriana ordered with a devilish smile. I walked back and forth feeling the vibes of pleasure build to the inevitable climax. And I came, the semen dribbled from my chastised cock into the sanitary pad I wore but the erection I wanted so much was still denied




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