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Mommy Adriana and the Video booth

by Greta


I closed my eyes. Not wanting to see people staring at the bound and gagged bundle which I had no doubt they were, especially when we stopped at red lights. In fact I didn't see where we were going. The only thing I knew was, the nearest Mall wasn't far away, just a few minutes drive. My two tormentors were sitting in the front, chatting among each other while I was lost in thoughts.

Had I finally found my destiny? Sitting here in the back, securely fastened and tied, even gagged I revelled in the feeling of helplessness. How many times did I give hints to Andrea I loved bondage and if she wasn't interested in dominating me? She never seemed to pay attention. Now it looked to me as if she just had been waiting for the right moment. Did she plan all this with Mommy Adriana?

Judging her character she was able to do just that. She never made quick decisions, on the contrary she always thought things over and over before finally deciding. She was a head person while my decisions were more spontaneous. Suddenly we came to a halt. I opened my eyes slightly and was surprised not to see us parking in front of a mall but being in the red light district. I really got frightened. Why did they change their minds and what did they want here in the red light district?

They got out from the car. Mistress Andrea opened the door, unbuckled me and pulled at the leash, giving me no chance to stay inside. I didn't resist because I knew any attempts to avoid the upcoming events would be futile. Both women walked ahead of me, Mistress Andrea tugging at my leash and me teetering behind them. There were quite a few people in the street, stopping in their tracks when they saw our unusual trio. Some were pointing at me, I heard them laugh.

"Go Ladies, go", one tall man was shouting. "Show the sissy his place." I could have died on the spot and was happy when we walked into the safety of a sex store, or so I thought. As soon as we had entered the door opened again and I heard the man, who had been shouting in the street, saying. "Probably I can be of help to the Ladies putting this sissy in his spot."

Mommy Adriana and Mistress walked straight to the counter and asked the owner to fit me with a buttplug. "She needs that special wiggle in her walk", said Mommy Adriana. The owner and the man behind me laughed attracting the other customers browsing through the racks. "Hahaha, this sissy could achieve the same results with a good fuck." I simply bowed my head in embarrassment., but Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea nodded at each other. "Very good option", said Mommy Adriana which caused another round of laughter. Would my humiliation never end?

While the owner showed Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea some butt plugs, the tall man had stepped close behind me and whispered in my ear. "You sissy faggot, don't you dream about a big fat cock deeply buried in your boypussy?" He started to caress my behind. I jumped in surprise, moaning loud behind my penisgag. Mistress Andrea tugged angrily at my leash. "Stand still Greta! We are just checking your newest toy honey." Then she saw the man standing directly behind me.

"Oh, you start already to attract men, do you? How will this be when you have become more feminine? I wonder how many men will stand in line? Just stand still and stop bothering while we try to decide which plug is best for you. We may buy also other things for you, so you stand there, be grateful for our concern of your needs and show a little bit patience, and the good looking man behind you a good time, maybe. Really, I ought to be a little jealous that you find a man quicker than I do. Well, in any case we women still have to do some heavy shopping. So enjoy yourself meanwhile."

She simply turned around and left me to the mercy of the man whose hand I felt immediately on my behind once again. After Mistress Andrea had reprimanded me this awful man became bolder and his hand slipped into my panties. I drew in my breath sharply, just to feel another angry tug from Mistress Andrea. "Greta! Last warning! Behave and be nice to the man, you are a girl now!" The man stood right behind me, kneading my buttcheeks. I felt his hot breath at my ear. "You are mine. Your Mistress is busy so just relax and enjoy the trip. He pressed himself against me, I felt his huge bulge and I moaned into my gag. He took my cuffed hands and I felt his cock through his pants.

Then he lifted my hand towards his zipper, pressed together thumb and indexfinger and pulled slowly down thus me unzipping him His other hand pulled down his boxers and all of a sudden I was holding a hot, pulsing cock in my cuffed hands. He squeezed my hand thus me squeezing his cock. Oh I wished the earth would open up and swallow me. Without wanting it I had leaned into the man who was now blowing into my ear, licking it slightly. "Yes sissy. You want me to fuck you right here in front of everybody, don't you?"

He pulled down my panties and I stiffened when I felt him guding his big cock towards my boypussy. I couldn't believe what was unfolding here. Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea seemed oblivious to what was happening. One toy after another was piled on the counter. The owner was happy to have good customers on such a quiet Sunday afternoon. The few other customers had either left or turned away as if nothing was happening and they had seen such events unfolding every day. I got in panic.

What could I do? He just couldn't rape me right here in public, or could he?. Oh no, I felt his rock hard cock right at my nether hole. With one hand holding my hips he pushed forward and breached through my sphincster. I moaned once again behind my gag, but neither Mommy Adriana nor Mistress Andrea were alarmed by this. The man pushed further into me. "Yes, sissy", he whispered when I instinctiveley pushed back at him making it easier for him to slide in all the way. "That's what you need, isn't it?"

He kissed my neck, held now both hands at my hips and fucked me slowly, oh so slowly, agonisingly slow. He felt incredible. What a difference to the plastic and lifeless strap-on cocks of Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea. With long strokes he fucked me and I simply couldn't help it, I squeezed my buttmuscles and he bit into my neck. "Oh yes sissy, that's good. You are a natural bitch, aren't you. Hmm, yes., you are a bitch in heat." He buried himself in me to the hilt.

Just in this moment Mistress Andrea turned around, looking into my eyes. She acted shocked."Oh my God, can't I turn around for one single second.?You are a slut without any shame. Fucking here in public. Besides you are unfaithful to me. I can't believe what are you doing. Are you an animal?" The man didn't miss a beat and continued fucking me. Even if I had wanted to stop the wonderful sensations in my asspussy I was unable to stop him bound as I was, still in my handcuffs and my tight leather jacket zipped up.

She stepped towards me, and with one quick grip she squeezed my testicles hard. I moaned with pain into my gag. The man held me at my hips, there was no way to escape. She took out the gag."Tell me you love being fucked by this man, I know it you filthy bitch, you can't even stop fucking while I am talking to you. Oh look at you, I can see it in your glassy eyes, you love the ride. You are disgusting."

She let go of the leash and to the man she said: "Take her to the booth if you want but you pay the toys for her." The man nodded towards the owner. "I'll pick up the bill afterwards." The owner replied: "Go to booth 10. It hasn't been in use today. Besides it has a feature I'd like to show the Ladies here."

He pulled out and put my hands around his pulsing cock and we walked like that to the appointed booth where he quickly ushered me in and closed the door. He took the leash and looped it tightly around the handle of the door thus effectively immoblising me now bend over.. I started to plead to him. "Please Sir, please let me go. I am not like that. Please help me, my wife and her mother in law want to enslave me. Please help me to escape, pleeeease." He didn't answer me, but simply pulled down my panties and stuffed them unceremoniously into my mouth gagging me once again.

"Now Bitch, I bet that's exactly what you want to be. I rather help your wife in exchange for a good fuck into one hot and tight ass. Besides, I know you love me fucking you." While saying this I felt his cock at my entrance rubbing up and down around my hole. I closed my eyes and pushed back. Oh, how I craved to have him fill me up again. I tried to push back but wasn't able to get his cock slide into my boycunt. "Hmmmmpfffffhhhhhhhh."

He laughed. "I didn't understand a word of what you said. Do you want me to fuck you?" I hung down my head, yes, I wanted it, but I couldn't tell it to him. I felt too ashamed of myself but oh I craved the feeling of his hard cock in my boycunt. His hand moved to my mouth, pulling out the panties. "Say it bitch. No, scream it, so everybody can hear you want to be fucked good and hard."

I couldn't do that., but he oh so devilishly continued teasing my hole. How good it felt, I had goosebumps on my skin and I really wanted him, I really, really wanted him back inside. So I raised my head and screamed on top of my longues. "Please Sir, please Sir, please fuck me hard. Please, stop teasing me. I need to feel your big cock inside of me."

As soon as I had finished shouting he rammed his cock all the way in.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhh", I screamed once again knowing that everybody in the sex store knew I was speared by his rod. He held me tight and fucked me with incredible speed. I had become his fucktoy. In and out he rammed his huge cock. "Oh, oh, ooooooohhhh, yesssssss, oh my god, yes, youuu bitch. You are one good fuck, ohhhhh I am cumming. Yessssss." I felt him spewing his hot seed deep into my bowels painting my inner walls.

If the leash wouldn't have been securley tied at the doorhandle I would have sank on my knees now. I felt tired and exhausted. He pulled out of me, leaving my boycunt wide open. I felt so empty, so lonely all of a sudden. I saw his slimy cock in front of my face and instinctively opened my mouth. He pushed in and I started licking him clean. In my mind I thanked Mommy Adriana for her enemas. I was clean inside out. It was worth the humiliation earlier.

When I was done he stuffed his cock inside his pants, patted my head like a doog. "Good bitch, you are one great fuck. Hope we see us again." Then he opened the door and left me in the booth. Now being alone I broke completely and started to cry. The click clack of heels made me raise my head. Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea came to free me.

"That was quite a show sweety. We were able to watch it all on the video." Mistress Andrea waved a box in her hand. "The owner was so kind to give us a bonus for all the purchases we made and gave us this DVD where your slutty show is recorded. In return for his kindness all he wants is to sell copies of it here in his store. Of course we have him the ok after he had agreed to split fifty fifty. Honey, who would have thought you turn so quickly into a porn star The title will be "Sissy begging for a fuck".

With teary eyes I looked up at her. "Andrea, oh how can you do this to me?" She slapped my face hard. "How dare you? How can I do this to you? You, the fuck, are doing this to yourself. Who got fucked here? Me or you? I am not the one who fucked around. I am not the one who was unfaithfull." Once again she slapped my face. "And never call me Andrea again. I am Mistress Andrea for you." My head was ringing and I cried outloud. "Please Mistress Andrea, don't hit me again. I'll be good. I promise, I'll be a good girl."

Mommy Adriana patted my head, as if taking pity with me. "Honey", she said to her daughter. "Don't be soo harsh to her. This is still new to her. Soon she'll get used to it. We still have to go to the mall. So let me see what I can with your face Greta, it's all red and puffy. I think I have to put you some make up."

I looked at Mommy Adriana, thankfully, but what did she mean with "soon she'll get used to it"? She just took off the leash from the doorhandle. Then she gave me a tissue. "I don't have a tampon now, so this has to do the trick before all the cum oozes out of you." I half stuffed the tissue into my boycunt, then picked up my panties and pulled them back in places. I sat on a stool and Mommy Adriana started her work.

She wiped my tears and started to do a light and quick make up, oh how I wished she would add a wig too but this hope was short lived. When she was done, she picked up the penisgag and held it in front of my mouth. "I bet you need something to suck on." Dutifully I opened my mouth, she pushed it in and secured the straps behind my head. Then they took the leash and dragged me out of the booth.

We walked through the store, where several customers clapped and wolfwhistled. The owner laughed at me and waved us good bye. "Thanks for the show." With this he waved a DVD at me. "I am copying it already because of seven orders. Hope you come back again for Part II soon again." I blushed with shame and held my head bowed. Now I was happy to leave this place what I thought was a save haven when I entered it earlier

It was already dark but still early enough to hit the mall. There were quite a few people out in the red light district now. We turned heads. The two women walking ahead with several bags and the Sissy on the leash mincing behind. Thankfully we soon reached our car. Once there Mommy Adriana took off my cuffs. She knew they weren't necessary. I rubbed my almost numb arms and sat down.

I winced in pain because of my sore boycunt. Mommy Adriana quickly drove to the mall. When we parked in the lot Mistress Andrea turned around to me. "I am going to take out the gag now. During our shopping trip I only want you to speak when spoken to, otherwise I don't want to hear a word. Is this understood?" I simply nodded my head.

We got out of the car and Mistress Andrea took the leash dragging me behind her. We went into the Mall and straight to the make up counter of a little store. A young woman came to greet us. She was in the beginning of her 20ies. "Hello my name is Silvia. May I help you." I tried to hide behind Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea but my Mistress pulled at the leash right into the spotlight.

"Yes, I sure hope so. See, we do have a little problem." I heard Mistress Andrea say. "Do you do also permanent make up? My hubby Greta here is as you can see a sweet little sissy. She loves her make up but is soo lazy to always put it. So I wanted to make life easier for her by having it done permanently."

The girl looked at us, but didn't bat an eye as if she heard those request every half an hour. With a devilish smile around her lips. "Madam, I am delighted in helping to solve this little problem. I am sure we have fixed it in no time." With that she grabbed the leash, looked at Mistress Andrea and Mommy Adriana. "May I? I do have just the right place for our darling, but oh so lazy Greta to have her make up done." Mistress Andrea let go of the leash and Silvia took me to a corner table which was placed in such a way that all passing customers could see us.

I stopped in my tracks when I realised this but with an energetic pull on the leash she had me sit down and secured the leash at the seat I had to sit on. I felt being at the dentist. Silvia turned to Mistress Andrea and Mommy Adriana. "How do you want the make up for him, err for her I mean?" Mommy Adriana smiled at the girl. Don't you worry about this. Hahaha, yesterday this pathetic sissy still thought she was a man. It took him a day to realise she wasn't."

Then Mistress Andrea chimed in. "Greta surely wants a nice make up with whom she can attract lots of men. Actually she seems to attract men anyway, even without make up." The three women laughed outloud while I sank deep into my seat than possible. Especially Silvia thought it to be hilarious. She had tears in her eyes when she finished laughing. "I am sorry, back to business. I'll do her face in a way that it looks good during the day and with a few strokes of a brush can be changed to a dramatic evening look."

Mommy Adriana nodded her head. "Right honey, this is exactly what Greta is looking for. How long will it take?" Silvia told her it would be a couple of hours. "Very good", said Mistress Andrea. "Meanwhile we girls check out stores where we can go with Greta afterwards. If she gives you any trouble, feel free to tell us." Looking at me she continued:" But I am sure she will love the treament. Welcome to beauty Greta." Then she airkissed me and whispered in my ear. "If you misbehave the paddle is waiting for you at home."

After the women had left, Silvia stood at my side. "Greta, don't worry your, umm, pretty head. How many men would wish they had such a caring woman who would give them a beauty treatment. Hahaha!" Once again she had to whipe her tears. "Oh my god, this is too funny. Somebody please pinch me, this must be a dream." I got smaller and smaller in my seat.

Several people stopped walking and looked through the window checking what this obviously sissified man was doing their in a make up store. Silvia started her magic and the crowd grew in front of my eyes. I simply closed my eyes and tried to forget the world around me, but Silvia started to chat with me. "You can't really be a man? I mean who would allow his wife to do that to him. You must really love this, don't you?" When I didn't answer her immediately she stopped working.

"Greta! If you want me to report problems to your Mistress feel free not to cooperate honey", her voice dripping with sarcasm. I looked up frightened at her, tears in my eyes fearing the paddle at home. I tried to ignore the staring people outside and several inside who had been so curious as to walk into the store."I am sorry Miss Silvia", I sobbed. "I am sorry. Yes, I mean no, oh my god, I don't know, it all happened so quick." She smiled at me as if caring. "Just tell me little sissy, just let it all out. Mommy Silvia will listen to you." She patted my head. Why did they do that all the time with me? I wasn't a dog.

I shook my head, I was too embarrassed. She didn't give me a chance and simply reminded me again of my not being cooperative. So I finally gave in and poured out my story about how Mommy Adriana had started my transformation from a happy man into a whimpering sissy within two days. While listening Miss Silvia advanced on my face and gave little commands to turn my head or close my eyes. It prickled a little but otherwise it wasn't painful at all.

Finally Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea appeared in the store again, just after Miss Silvia had finished. I was still in the reclining seat ready to get up and face the world. They both walked up to the seat. "Wow!," they both gasped, looking at my face, "You are good. Its perfect. Jet black brows and eyeliner, powder blue shadow, and crimson red lips. Shes cute! Really cute. The sad part is, she wont have to constantly reapply her makeup throughout the day like I do. On the other hand, since it is permanent, she wont be removing it either."

Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea both hugged Miss Silvia. When I came down from the seat I heard laughter but also clapping hands. Several women were really impressed and kept asking about permanent makeup too. Then Mistress Andrea made me thank Miss Silvia. I dropped a dainty curtsy and thanked her in my best girl voice I could muster.

"Oh this is a new one", laughed Mistress Andrea and Mommy Adriana. "The video booth adventure must have had a certain effect on her. Hahahaha!" When I wanted to pay Miss Silvia with my credit she simply declined. "This is on the house sissy Greta. You brought me soo many new customers I am booked for weeks in advance now."

Then she turned to Mommy Adriana and Mistress Andrea. "Girls have fun with your sweet, little toy. If you need any help, please feel free to phone me." She handed her card to Mistress Andrea. They embraced and kissed, but when Andrea wanted to kiss Silvias cheek she quickly turned and found herself kissing Silvias mouth. The younger woman held my wife for a second and then I saw Andrea kissing back.

I was stunned to see them kissing right here in front of everybody but Silvia wasn't done yet. She obviously pushed her tongue into Andreas mouth and held her close while massaging my wifes shapely bottom. Finally they stopped kissing and looked at each other. "Oh, I don't know what happened with me", said Silvia. "It, I mean the situation was so erotic you dominating so easily your hubby. I just wanted to show you how I elt for you. Hmmm, the kiss was lovely."

Mistress Andrea held her hand. "I am sure we meet soon again. I ggive you a ring. Now we need to go. Greta needs a nice wig before we go home. Bye honey." They embraced and kissed once again. Andrea turned to me, open her purse, took out the leash, clipped it to my collar which I still wore and pulled me out of the store.

Later we arrived at a wig store. An older Lady was behind the counter and Mommy Adriana talked to her while Mistress Andrea and I watched the array of wigs on display. "Now sissy, which wig would you like so you can finally look like the girl you have always dremed about", asked Mistress Andrea. I looked at her, then bowed my head and whispered. "You know exactly I never wanted to be a girl." She put a finger under my chin, lifted my face up and said in a sarcastic voice: "Well, if you don't want to choose I let your Mommy choose. I am sure she will find something really sissy for you. What about some cute pigtails for our little girl?"

I blushed beetred. I wondered how many times it took to become a natrual redfaced person. I managed to choose then an auburn wig. The hair slightly curled reaching to my shoulder blades. The Lady advised me how to care for the real hair wig and it ripped a big hole in my pocket. Mommy Adriana saw my face. "Greta, it'll be worth it. We intend to keep your hair short for further embarrassment, at least for now. You'll have to earn the right to grow your hair like the girl you so dearly want to be. So be appreciative of this wonderful wig." I bowed my head and breathed. "Yes Mommy Adriana."




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