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Warning: This totally fictional story contains some affectionate scenes between a mother and son that some might take to be incestuous. I would never in real life condone any behavior of this sort, but as a harmless fantasy it does seem to intrigue many people. If you don't like that sort of thing or you're under 18, please don't read any it. Positive comments are more than welcome. I'm


Mommie's Pretty Panties

by Marcie Manseau


Chapter One - All He Had to Do Was Ask


"Mommie, how come girls get to wear such pretty underwear and boys get stuck with plain, ugly cotton ones?"

When he asked that fateful question one morning, he was taking the panties his mother had worn during the night and putting them in the laundry. That was one of the tasks he loved doing for her: picking out fresh panties for her to wear every morning and evening. The pair he was holding at that exact moment were made of pink satin and had lavish white lace trim on them and a delicate pink bow on the middle of the waistband in front. He was sort of fondling them and looking them over as he waited for her answer.

"I guess it's because most women prefer to wear pretty things and most boys don't," his mother replied, after thinking about it for a second or two. "I assume that if lots of men liked to wear lacy lingerie, they'd sell it in men's stores. Do you like those panties? Is that why you asked?"

"Yes, they're very pretty. I think they're your nicest ones, and they look great on you. They even smell nice now," he said as he rubbed them on his cheek.

"Oh, do you like the smell of my perfume?" she replied with a sly smile.

"Yes, and your other smell too. I don't know what it's from, but I can smell it every time on your panties."

He was eleven years old then, petite and blonde like his mother Donna, and an only child. His name was Elden, which he hated, so his mother had taken to calling him El. It was just the two of them as his father had disappeared the moment his mother had told him that she was pregnant; both were sixteen at the time.

Donna earned a very comfortable income working from her home as a fabric designer, and she was teaching El all about her craft. They lived in a large house in rural Montana; their closest neighbor was about forty miles away. They were the fourth and fifth generations of her family to live there. The mountains and meadows surrounding their home gave them a spectacular view. Other than their home, there was not a man-made object as far as the eye could see.

As a result of being so isolated, Donna and El were very close because they spent every day, all day together. He adored his mother. She was his best friend as well as his teacher and the world's best mother. There was nothing they didn't discuss freely. El had never learned that there were some things a boy didn't discuss with his mother. She had never restrained his questioning nature by making him feel uncomfortable about any subject.

"I think that smell is a woman's natural scent, El," his mother explained. "Thousands of years ago it was intended to attract men for mating. Have you ever seen how a male dog sniffs a female dog's backside? They do that to tell if she's in the mood for sex. Her scent tells them if she is."

"I've seen dogs do that a lot. Can you tell if a woman wants sex by smelling her that way?"

"No, thankfully women have evolved a lot since those times, hon. But I think men are still attracted to a woman's scent. That's probably why you like smelling my scent in my panties," she said with a warm smile.

"Ok, I understand now," he said, adding another piece of information to his knowledge of sex, something he was becoming very interested in. "I still don't think it's fair that boys can't wear pretty panties too, though."

"Oh, they can if they want to," his mother replied. "Some men like to do that, I'm told. Did you want to try on a pair of my panties, El? It's ok with me if you do."

"I guess I sort of would," he admitted, knowing that his mother would never make him feel bad about anything. "Can I try on this pair?" he asked, holding out the lovely pink satin panties he had in his hand.

"Sure, but wouldn't you prefer a clean pair?"

"No, I like that they smell like you, mommie. I think wearing panties that you've just worn would make me feel real close to you. Is that ok?"

"Sure, it's fine with me. Feel free to wear them anytime you want to, sweetie." Then she leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips and patted his bottom. It had always been their habit to kiss on the lips. El loves her kisses because she has the softest lips.

He smiled at her, then stepped out of his plain old cotton briefs and eagerly put the satin panties on. As he slid them up his legs, his penis began to harden, something that was happening a lot lately. Donna and he often joked about it. The cool pink satin of her panties felt wonderfully sexy and silky against his boyish erection and his cute plump bottom. His hard penis twitched involuntarily. He adjusted the thin elastic waistband above his hips and almost swooned at the delicious feeling of those soft satin panties. Donna smiled at his obvious reaction.

"I was just about to ask you how they feel on you, but I can see from the look on your face and the bulge in front of the panties that you like wearing them a lot, El," she teased. "You look very nice in them, very sexy." She slid her hand over his bottom and a wave of pleasure swept over him. "It never occurred to me that a boy would look so pretty in panties."

"It feels like I'm wearing almost nothing at all," he told his mother as he cuddled closer to her. "They really are comfortable and they feel so nice. Is it ok if I wear them all day?"

"Of course. I told you that you can wear them anytime, remember?" she reminded him. "You know we share everything, sweetie. You don't even have to ask."

It was true; his mother and he were very, very close. There was nothing they didn't do together. They had always shared a bed, a shower every morning and a soak in the bathtub every evening. He loved to do things for her and she loved to do things for him. She had taught him how to cook and sew, how to set her hair and do her nails and makeup, and he even shaved her legs and underarms in the tub every other evening. Donna also shaved off all her genital hair, but that was one job she wasn't yet ready to trust El with.

After a bath or shower, they'd dry one another off and then massage a perfumed lotion into one another as they both had very dry skin. Their hands touched every part of the other's body every day. El knew her body far better than he knew his own. His cute three-inch erection always was the last thing Donna would apply the soothing lotion to, and she was careful to make sure it was all rubbed in thoroughly. Lately she'd had to be careful not to do it too much as she was concerned that he might have an orgasm. He was getting to that age, after all.

Donna had even explained to him about how a woman's body works. He knew the proper names for all her parts and the purpose of each. El knew all about her periods too, and had even seen her changing her tampons. Neither of them were shy or embarrassed about anything.

From that morning on, El wore his mother's deliciously scented panties every day and slept in them every night. Every day after every shower or bath, he brought her a clean pair, and after helping her put them on, she'd hold the panties she'd worn earlier so he could step into them. Knowing he was about to put her panties on always made him hard. Quite often just before she pulled his panties all the way up, Donna would cup his little hairless balls and erection in her hand and give the tip of it a soft kiss. It was so cute she couldn't resist it. Naturally, El was delighted when she did that.

As soon as they had their panties on, they'd hug and kiss for a minute or two. He loved how her panties felt against his as the warmth of her bare perfumed breasts pressed into him.

Donna loved the way El looked in her panties as much as he did, possibly because she was bisexual. When she felt his erection pressing into her through their panties, she slyly moved so it would be pressing into her clitoris. After all, Donna hadn't been with a man since El was conceived, and almost twelve years was a long time. She was barely able to restrain herself and not rub against his small erection. Her kisses did become more ardent though and began to involve some sharing of tongues. El quickly adjusted to that change when Donna explained to him that that was how adults kissed. Naturally, at age eleven, El was anxious to be as grown up as possible.


Chapter Two - A Softer, Gentler Son


All that summer, both Donna and El cuddled up in bed at night wearing only panties. Their affectionate snuggling and kissing only served to make them closer. El loved resting his head on her bare breasts and he often fondled them. He'd been doing that since he was a baby, so Donna saw no reason to stop him. Occasionally he'd even suckle one of her nipples, and as she knew it seemed to soothe him, she'd never said a word about it. Besides, it felt very nice. She loved to caress his cute little bottom through his silky panties while he did that.

When fall arrived and the weather turned cooler, Donna got out one of her pretty nighties to sleep in along with her panties. She preferred knee length nighties of silk or nylon, and most had pretty lace trim. At twenty-eight, she had a lovely trim figure with fabulous legs and taut B cup breasts.

When she got out El's pajamas for him to sleep in on that first cool night, he was about to put them on over the white satin panties he was already wearing. Donna stopped him, saying, "You don't need to wear panties under pajamas, sweetie. That looks kind of silly."

El frowned deeply, and responded, "But I like sleeping in panties. Those old jammies of mine are so ugly! Can't I wear just panties, mommie? Please?"

"I think it's going to be way too cold for that, El. You'd freeze, even with me cuddling up with you. You'd toss and turn all night and neither of us would get any sleep."

"I think you're going to be cold too, mommie," he pointed out. "That thin nightie can't keep you warm. I can see right through it." He was right about it being thin. It was made of a diaphanous peach colored nylon with a plunging lace trimmed neckline and a wide lace hem at the bottom.

"I know it doesn't look like much, El, but believe me, I've been wearing nighties like this all my life, and in addition to being really nice to sleep in, they do keep me warm."

"Ok, if you say so, I believe you," he conceded. "Would you mind if I slept in a nightie too, then? I really like wearing your panties and I hate those awful old pajamas."

"I guess that would be ok," Donna decided. "The only problem is that my nighties would be too big for you. I think you'd get all tangled up in them during the night."

"Maybe you could buy me some in my size," El suggested. "Would that be ok?"

"Sure, but you know everything we get here comes from a catalog, and after I order some for you, it will take a week or two for them to get here. You'll have to wear your pajamas until then. Sorry."

"Do I have to, mommie? I really hate them!" he insisted, and began sobbing.

Donna hated to see him so unhappy, so she began to think of other options. After a moment or two, she remembered that all her clothes from when she was a girl were in one of the spare bedrooms, and she knew that there were lots of pretty nighties there. Also there was a variety of sizes so some of them were sure to fit El.

"As always, your super bright mother has come up with a brilliant solution, El," she joked. "Do you remember that in the bedroom I used as a girl, there are three dressers and two closets full of my clothes from when I was a teenager in there."

Donna and El lived in the house that Donna had grown up in. It had been left to her when her mother had passed away eight years ago. It was a spacious older ranch style home built of stone, with eight bedrooms and three baths. It had been constructed in the early 1920's when people had large families and lots of money. They shared the master bedroom now which was about thirty feet by forty feet and had a king-sized bed and a large built-in stone fireplace. The walls were a pale shade of peach and the wall to wall carpet was a dark shade of peach. It had been Donna's parents room but she'd redone it in a more feminine style.

"You mean the peach room, right? I forget all about that room, except for when I have to dust it," El admitted.

"Yes, that's my old room. There are tons of the lingerie I wore as a teen in that room, things I wore from about age eight until I was sixteen and I moved into that other room we shared when you were a child. I'm sure there are several nighties in there you could wear until I buy you some of your own, El."

"Oh, I'd like that, mommie," El gushed. "You know I love wearing things you've worn before. I've seen pictures of you at my age, and you were so pretty. Can we go and look for a nightie now? Please?"

"Ok, let's go and find one," Donna said with a huge smile. "And just so you know, I like you wearing my things too, El. If I'd had a daughter instead of a son, I'm sure we'd have shared a lot of my things. My mother and I loved to share her pretty things. This is going to be so much fun!" She gave him a hug and a sweet kiss, then took his hand and led him off to her old bedroom.

They spent over an hour going through the clothes she had outgrown. She showed El where everything was, and after trying three or four nighties on him, they both chose a lovely white lace nightie with white lace trim that had delicate pink ribbons and bows worked into the lace trim. It had been Donna's favorite nightie when she'd been ten.

The moment El saw it, he said, "I want to wear that one, mommie. Please? It's so pretty, and it even matches the panties I have on."

"I sort of guessed you'd like this one, El. It's the nicest one I've ever owned. I always felt so pretty when I wore it, and I bet you will too." As she held it up for El to slip into, she told him. "Please be careful with this gown. It's very delicate. The lace is all hand made. It was very expensive."

"I promise I will," he said as his mother let the sheer fabric slide down over his slim, hairless body. "It feels so good on me," he gushed as she adjusted it on him. His erection soon became very obvious. The silky feel of the nightie was the best thing he'd ever felt against his young body. It was almost as if delicate hands were caressing him all over. "This is amazing! I'm going to sleep in a nightie for the rest of my life, mommie," he said once he was able to talk.

"It looks very nice on you, El," she told him honestly. "As I recall, there's a pink ribbon for your hair that came with this nightie. Would you like me to put that on you, too? A pink ribbon always looks so sweet in blonde hair like yours or mine."

"I guess so, if it goes with the nightie. Is that ok?"

"Sure, hon. Like I said, it's fun sharing my pretty things with you. Let me brush your hair out first so it looks nice."

Donna ran the brush she had used as a girl through his shoulder length blonde hair and admired the sheen of it. As she was the one who always cut his hair and didn't like doing it, she'd let it grow long, trimming only the front into bangs when it began to get in El's eyes. It was much the same hair style she'd had as a girl. El didn't mind as he seemed to like it that way. She then slid the ribbon under the back of his hair and tied it on top of his head with a perfect bow. With his hair pulled back by the satin ribbon, his delicate ears and long slender neck were exposed. Donna thought he looked totally adorable, and he did.

After moving him over in front of the full length mirror, she turned him to face it. "Look how lovely you are, El," she enthused. "You're just as pretty as I was in that nightie. How do you like it?"

"Oh, mommie! I love it! I love it! I feel so special! I look almost like a girl now, a lot like you looked at my age. And my hair is great! I love the bow! Thank you so much!" El was turning from side to side in front of the mirror so he could see how it looked on him. He discovered then that when he did that, the diaphanous nightie caressed his body, and the lace at the hem tickled his hairless legs. He instantly fell in love with those feelings.

Donna stood behind El and hugged him close to her as he admired his new look. Not surprisingly, El had an erection. Donna bent over and reached in front of him, sliding her hand up under his pretty white nightie. Her hand pulled his erection in tight up against his body. "Now you look even more like a girl, El," she said with a giggle. "Your erection is most unladylike, but I know you can't help getting one. I think I need to teach you how to relieve yourself and make it go away."

Because they lived in such a remote area with no other people near by, Donna was the only one El could learn things from, including how to masturbate. He'd seen a few animals having sex, but none of them ever masturbated, so Donna knew it was up to her to teach him.

"I don't understand what you're talking about," El said softly, not wanting her to stop touching his penis.

"It's called masturbation, and both men and women do it, but not the same way. It relieves your sexual tension and it's a wonderful feeling. Usually boys do it by rubbing their erections until they cum. Cumming is when the semen spurts out of their penis. It's accompanied by a really nice feeling. Would you like me to show you how to do it, El? It looks like you really need to do some relief."

"Yes, please show me," he replied at once. Seeing how pretty he looked in his nightie with his hair in a very feminine style and tied back with a pink ribbon had really turned him on. Donna knew that El needed to cum very badly, even though he wasn't aware of that himself.

"Ok, but I'm going to do it from behind you so you can see your lovely reflection in the mirror. Hold the front of your nightie up, about waist high, sweetie."

El pulled it up, revealing his pretty panties in the mirror, then Donna lowered them until his erection was fully exposed. She knelt behind him and hugged him to her body with her left arm while her right hand began caressing his tiny testicles.

As her hand moved up to encircle his small erection, Donna told him, "You look so pretty and sexy in your pretty nightie and panties, El. I love sharing all this with you, sweetie. It's just like having a daughter. I'm so happy." She massaged his hard penis slowly as she knew he wouldn't last long.

"That feels so nice, mommie," he purred as her hand slid back and forth. "Please don't stop."

"I won't stop until you cum, my pretty baby," Donna said softly. "I know you're going to love doing this for yourself soon, too. All boys do." Her left hand moved behind El then and began to massage his bare bottom.

A moment later, she sensed he was close so she moved her left hand in front of his erection while her right hand moved just a bit faster.

"Come for me now, you pretty thing," she told him.

A second later, El's head tilted back and he began to moan, "I love you, mommie. I love you." Just then, his first spurt shot into Donna's left hand, then three more followed, each less strong than the one before it. Donna rubbed him once more but nothing came out.

"Did you like that, El?" she asked as she got up, his sperm still cupped in her left hand.

For a second or two, he couldn't respond, but then he managed to say, "Wow. That was amazing. Thank you." Looking down at her hand, he asked, "Is that all that came out? It felt like a lot more."

"No, that's all of it, sweetie. That's about all most men cum," she told him. "There are a billion sperm in there, enough to make every woman in the world pregnant. It doesn't take a lot. It's very tasty too, at least I think so. I've told you before about oral sex, when woman or a man sucks another man or licks a woman. Do you remember that?"

"Yes, I remember."

"Well, in the past when I sucked a man, I always loved the taste on his cum in my mouth. I was just about to lick yours off my hand, but I wanted to explain to you why I'm doing it first. It's very safe to do, nothing bad about it. Will it bother you if I do that, El?"

"No, not at all, mommie. Can I have a taste too? Is that ok to do?"

"Sure, my love," she replied, and after licking half of his seed off her hand, she held it out for El to try.

He eagerly licked the rest up, and then smiled. "It's delicious, mommie. I love you so much."

"I love you too, sweetie. Now pull up your panties and let's get some sleep. It's getting late."

They kissed then with lots of tongue, sharing the remainder of El's sperm just before going off to bed, both wearing their pretty nighties and panties. After El fell asleep, Donna slipped her fingers into her panties and gave herself two lovely orgasms. She needed relief as much as El had.

All that winter, both El and Donna wore lots of different nighties to bed, but they never did buy any new ones for El as he really preferred to wear the ones his mother had worn when she was his age. He began to masturbate three to four times a day, much to Donna's amazement. He always licked up all his cum too. Several times Donna even let him watch when she masturbated so he'd know how a woman does it. He tasted her juices then and liked that as much as his own cum.

By late spring, when Donna affectionately kissed the tip of El's penis while putting on his panties, there was a drop of pre-cum on it. She made sure to lick it off because she loved how it tasted, and doing that also prevented his cum leaving a spot of his panties.

Taking an example from Donna, El began to place a soft loving kiss on her clit as he helped her on with her fresh panties in the morning and in the evening. Once in a while, she'd feel his tongue touch her most sensitive area when he kissed her there, and she was very pleased that he'd thought of doing that for her on his own. When they kissed after doing that, she could always taste her own wonderful juice on his lips. That was a sweet reminder for her of the girls she'd made love with when she was a girl. She'd told El all about that, then informed him if he every felt attracted to another boy, it was ok for him to be with him. Whoever he preferred to make love with, it was fine with Donna.

Donna knew then that it was only a matter of time before El and she began experimenting with oral sex. She was very anxious to suck his cute little penis, as making a man cum with her mouth was a favorite thing of hers. She knew that he loved her taste too. His kisses on her clit got longer and more intimate with each passing day. When she masturbated, that was all she could think of. One day they masturbated together and when they were done, they loving licked off each other's hands, then spent hours kissing and cuddling, both totally naked.


Chapter Three - Twice the Fun


Donna realized one day that El needed to be around other people, and so did she. As wonderful as country life was, El needed to be around other people so his socialization skills would develop properly. Also, she found that she was missing the company of other adults, especially other women. Their closeness and sharing was wonderful, but it wasn't enough for either of them

She had exchanged letters with one of her school friends named Lisa for many years. At one time, she and Lisa had been lovers on sleepovers and they had always kept in touch with one another. Lisa was a perky, petite redhead with a definite Irish look, a cute figure. She had an even more open mind than Donna did, if that was even possible. Lisa had been divorced for about four years at that time, and she also had a son who was a few months younger than El, who had just turned twelve. His name was Rickie. They were living near Los Angeles where Lisa was a script editor for a major motion picture studio, a job she loved as it paid her very well and gave her lots of free time in between projects.

After discussing with El the prospect of inviting Lisa and Rickie to visit them the coming summer and discovering he was all for it, Donna wrote a letter to Lisa. A few weeks later they received an enthusiastic response. In an ensuing phone call, the two mothers had talked for over an hour, and had decided that it would be possible for Lisa and Rickie to stay with them for most of July and all of August.

The two months before their visit flew by, it seemed, and the two weeks before they were to arrive, Donna and El were very busy cleaning, baking and generally getting things ready for their visit.

One day when they'd finished putting clean sheets on the twin beds in what was supposed to have been El's bedroom, but one in which he'd never slept, Donna explained that he'd most likely share that room with Rickie, while she and Lisa shared her bedroom. At first, El seemed excited about that, but then he became strangely silent.

After watching him for a few minutes, Donna just had to ask, "El, are you all right? Is anything bothering you?"

"I was just wondering if I'll still be able to sleep in my pretty nighties when Rickie is here, mommie," he told her.

"You know, I never thought about that," she admitted. "I don't think Lisa will mind a bit. She loves people that are different. I doubt that Rickie will mind, but I'll call her later and see that she thinks, ok?"

"I hope they'll understand," El told her, "because I'm sure none of my old pajamas would even fit me anymore. If I can't sleep in a nightie, I guess I'll have to sleep in just panties."

"Yes, I guess so, sweetie," she replied, "and come to think of it, we'll both have to start wearing robes, unless Lisa and Rickie are as open about their bodies as you and I are. Let's hope they are. I just hate being all covered up some days, as you well know. Let's go to my old room and see if there are any robes there for you."

As El recently had learned to loved exploring in that room, he quickly followed her there. After searching in two closets, Donna found a pink chenille robe that she was sure would fit El. It was ankle length and zipped up the front. Other than the color, it wasn't too feminine. El seemed to love the silky feel of the fabric when he tried it on.

As they were leaving the room, El said, "Mommie, I'm out of clean shorts and tops. Are there any here that I could wear?"

Donna managed to suppress a smile as she was sure he had some clean tops and shorts in his room, but she decided to go along with his suggestion as she knew he liked to experiment with her things.

"I'm sure we can find some things that will fit you, sweetie," she allowed. "I think the dresser over there has tops in the middle drawer and shorts in the bottom one. Help yourself."

She sat on the bed and watched as he undressed down to his panties, then tried on just about every top and shorts in the dresser. There was about fifty of each and most of them seemed to fit him. It took over an hour before he finally decided on a very short pair of white silk short that zipped up the back and had no pockets. They were designed to show off a girl's bottom, and they looked great on El, thanks to his petite slender figure and cute little bubble butt. The top he chose was a skimpy pink knit with lace scallops on the neckline that left a few inches of his tummy exposed. It was very feminine and it also looked nice on him. At her suggestion, El wore a pair of her white summer sandals with the outfit, ones she remembered picking out when she was thirteen.

"You look great, El," she honestly told him. "but you've got to let my brush your hair into a pretty style now. Would you like me to put that pink ribbon on it when I'm done?" She adored playing with his long, silky blonde hair and he seemed to enjoy it when she fussed over him.

"Yes, I think it would be perfect with this top, mommie," he decided a moment later.

"Ok, while I try and find the ribbon, take a look at how cute your bottom looks in those silk shorts."

El walked over to the mirror, then turned slowly in front of it. As he did, his smile grew bigger and bigger.

"Oh, mommie," he gushed, "they are so much nicer than my baggy old shorts! Thank you so much for letting me wear them. I love the shoes too. They're so dainty."

"It's ok, hon," Donna said as she hugged him. "Remember, I said you're more than welcome to wear any of the things here any time you want. I love it when you wear things I used to love wearing. You're getting more and more like the daughter I never had, but always hoped for. This is fun, isn't it?"

"It is," he readily admitted. "Boys' clothes are so boring and girls' clothes are such fun. So many bright colors and soft fabrics."

"Then you don't mind pretending to be a girl now and then, just to please me?" she asked, already knowing that he'd love the idea as much as she would.

"No, I'd like it, mommie. It's kind of like when we used to play with dolls and dress them up in all those wonderful outfits grandma make for you when you were a little girl."

"You're so good to me, El," she said, again barely able to suppress her smile. "One day I'm going to have to set that lovely hair of your in rollers too, just to see how pretty it will look with lots of soft curls. I love how my hair looks when you set it, even if it is a pain."

"Can you set in for me now, mommie?" he asked. "I'd love to see how it would look. Please?"

Of course, Donna agreed as it was her intention all along. Two hours later, El's pretty face was surrounded by his pretty blonde curls, and he'd even let her put some lipstick and earrings on him, along with two rings, a necklace and a bracelet.

"You look so pretty, El," Donna said once they were done. "I think my daughter has just been born. This is so great! Do you like how you look?" She wanted to kiss him very badly but was reluctant to mess up his pink lipstick.

"I love it, mommie!" he told her. "You made me so pretty! I love you!"

"Is it ok if I call you Ellen now?" Donna asked, once she was sure he was pleased with the changes she'd made. "You look nothing at all like a boy. You're my pretty daughter Ellen now."

"Oh, that's perfect! Much nicer than El. It's so cool being a girl! Will you pierce my ears for me, mommie? I want to try on all those pretty dangly earrings you have."

"Of course I will, my lovely daughter. I love you so much. Tomorrow I want you to try on some of the dresses I wore when I was your age. There are so many pretty ones in the closets here. Would you do that for me?"

"Yes, I want to try them on, mommie," Ellen told her. "Ever since I saw them in there a few weeks ago, I've wondered how I'd look in one of them."

"Then that's what we'll do, Ellen," Donna replied. "It will be so great."


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