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Mom, I Can't Help Myself

by Jennifer Allison

Part 6


It has been four days since her sex change operation. Vanessa was feeling better each day. This morning her mom had given her very good news.

"Vanessa, Miss Lynne's is going to let you come home for the Christmas Holidays. Isn't that great?"

"Yes it is, mom."

"You don't sound too excited with this news."

"No I am not. I am wondering how my friends and neighbors will react to me being Vanessa instead of Robert."

"You are going to face that problem sooner or later anyway. I don't think there much trouble. Without telling them the truth. Jennifer and I have been doing a little canvassing on your part. Asking some of your friends and our neighbors what would they say and do if a girl or use to be boy moved in the neighborhood. You would be surprised at the comment we got. 85% of the remarks were very positive. Even a couple of the boys asked if there was such a girl because they wanted to ask her out on a date. They thought such a girl should and could understand their problems better than a regular girl."

"What about the other girls at school? Some of them I know can't afford to go home for the holidays."

"That has been worked out. Briggite will also be spending the holidays with us. As Yvette will be spending them with Marcia."

Vanessa found Brigitte waiting at the house when she arrived home from the hospital. Brigitte had her operation the week before Vanessa, but she had to stay in the hospital a little longer due to complications. So this first meeting between the new girls.

"How does it feel finally being a whole woman?" Brigitte asked.

"Strange but wonderful. The strange being not feeling that piece of useless equipment between my legs and wonderful knowing that I am the girl I wanted and suppose to be."

When Vanessa entered her now very feminine bedroom, there was nothing and I do mean nothing that ever could be considered manly in the room. She found a training bra and a pair panties bronzed. The plaque said,

"Vanessa's First Bra and Panties."

"I still remember the day my mom gave me those to me. She said I could wear them around the house as long as I want. The only time since I wore men's briefs was for the next two months cause of school."

"I wish my parents would do something like that for me. My dad is still in a little of shocked to find his great big and only son is now a girl."

"Is that why he has never been to visit you?"

"Yes! He writes to me, but I can tell in his letters the heartbreak."

"It is not your fault Brigitte Mother Nature pulled a nasty trick on you. Let us be thankful there is a place like Miss Lynne's that helps fixes Mother Nature's mistakes."

"Vanessa, I think you need to lay and rest. Your mind might be telling you are okay. But you are not listening to your body. You need to lye down and rest. I am even going to my room and take a nap too."

"You're right Mom."

Two hours later Vanessa woke with the smell of soup.

Her mother was serving her supper in bed. "Doctor said for you to take it easy for the next couple days. So you will get up only if you have too."

The next day Marcia and Yvette showed up.

"Let's see it."

"See what?"

"Your pussy."

"Are you crazy, the two of you are still half and half."

"Come on. I'll show you mine after my operation."

"Yeah then we will both be girls so it won't matter."

"So if we can't see it, how does it make you feel?"

"Like a dream come true. I am on cloud nine and I never want come down."

"I don't know if I can stand the wait. My operation isn't going to be until after the first of the year," said Marcia.

"The wait will be well worth it. I remember how I felt when I woke up and the nurse telling me everything was fine. Then telling me my problem was finally gone. Then seeing it for the first time when the doctor replaced the bandage."

"Come on girls' time to leave. The nurse is here to check on Jennifer and then she needs to get her rest. You can stop by again tomorrow."

It was the school's nurse who stopped by.

"How are you doing, Jennifer?"

"Sore, tired and bored, my mom has me on bed rest."

"She is just following the doctor's orders. We don't to have any trouble with your new plumbing, do we?"

"I should say not."

She took Vanessa's pulse, blood pressure and temp. Then she checked the vagina. To make sure everything looks right.

"I'll be back tomorrow and if everything goes right. You will be up and moving around a little bit.

"I am also checking Brigitte while I am here."

By Christmas, Vanessa was almost back moving around normal. She still felt some pain and needed to rest more than a normal teenager.

As for presents she received mostly clothes and intimate articles of clothing. What she got from her mom was a very formal dress normally worn by a girl going on a prom date, with heels and purse to match.

"I love the dress mom. But when will I be able to wear it?"

"You never know what the future will bring."

What Vanessa didn't know, was that a slumber party was being planned during the week between Christmas and New Years.

Jennifer, Deanna, Brigitte, Marcia, Yvette and some of Robert's old friends, were invited,

Becky Andrews and Tammy Tucker. Whom the new Vanessa met during her first trip to the beauty parlor.

Vanessa didn't know about Becky and Tammy until she opened the door.

"Remember me, I am Becky Andrews? We met at the beauty parlor right before school."

"Yes I do. Why are you here."

"We were invited to your slumber party."

"You were," Vanessa said, trying to hide the surprise in her voice. "Please come in. We are using the playroom for the slumber party."

As Becky and Tammy headed for the playroom. Vanessa stared searching for her mother.

"Mom did you invite Becky and Tammy?"

"Yes I did."

"How could you?"

"You were going to meet them sooner or later. If you meet them here, it will be on the ground of your choosing. Sooner or later they will find out the truth. You might just think about telling them now. It is better than finding out at school."

"I do understand what you are saying, but I just don't think I am ready for it."

"I think you will be surprise at what you are ready for. Now stop being a bad hostess and get back to your party.

Five minutes into the party Becky stood and made a surprise announcement.

"I want everyone to know. Tammy and I know the whole truth."

"What truth is that?"

"That Jennifer, Tammy and myself are the girls here who were actually born a girl."

"What are you talking about?" Asked Vanessa.

"The answer is simple Robert."

"What!" exclaimed Marcia.

"That's right Mike. We know." Turning towards Brigitte and Yvette. "Since you are classmates with Marcia and Vanessa I just guess that you are in the boat."

"What about me?" Asked Deanna.

"Dean Courtland never had a cousin name Deanna."

"How did you find out."

"Marcia it was your dad and his cross dressing who got Becky and I to thinking. Then everything else started adding up. When we added everything together we came up to one answer.

"When we confronted your mom, Vanessa, she told us the truth. We both promise her and we promise you that we won't tell anyone. This knowledge has helped my family with a problem. I have a cousin who tried to commit suicide last month. The reason found out was he had a gender identity problem. He will start at Miss Lynne's next September."

"I have a question, when will you have your operation?" asked Becky.

"Brigitte and I have already had ours."

"Wow! You did it. Can I take a look?"

"I not sure if it is proper."

"You don't have anything I haven't ever seen."

"I don't think it is proper doing it in front of Marcia and Yvette."

"I don't see a problem Vanessa," said Vanessa's mom. "If you just show it to Becky and Tammy."

"If it makes you more comfortable, me and Yvette will leave the room for a moment."

"Thank you, Marcia."

"I am sorry, would you please."

A few moments later none of the girls had a strip of clothing on.

"There is no way to tell the difference between those born a girl and those not. 6 pussies and twelve breasts."

"Now that we let you see our new bodies. I would like you to go into more detail about something, Tammy. But first let Marcia and Yvette back in."

"More details about what?"

"Loosing your cherry last summer. What else."

"When did you find out about that. My mom doesn't even know. Oh yeah the beauty parlor, you were there when I said something to Becky."

"Come on tell us. I want to know what I have to look forward to."

"It was last summer on the beach. I was walking on the beach in the skimpiest bikini I could find on the internet. It was so skimpy, the next smaller size would be considered indecent exposure."

Vanessa, Brigitte, Marcia Yvette and Deanna remembered what their reactions would have been at the sight of Tammy in her bikini a year ago at this time. One gigantic hard on. A distance memory.

"I could tell the tenting of the guy's swimsuits the problems I was causing. I love it. Just seeing all these men and boy above the age of twelve were trying to hide their problem.

"But there was this one guy who didn't care. I felt if he could have gotten away with it he would drop his swim trunks right then and there.

"So this is the guy I started talking to. I decided right then and there I wanted to see what was causing that tenting in his swim trunks."

'What happened then?" asked Marcia. Everybody else wanted to ask but Marcia asked first.

"An hour later I found out what it was." replied Tammy. "No one was in our beach house since it was my moms' bridge day. You think I would be allowed to wear my skimpy bikini if she had been home."

"Stop teasing us with those useless details. We want the good stuff." squealed Vanessa. Who like the other girls were busy rubbing their breast and the front of their panties.

"We didn't kiss until we entered the house. But it took one step before our lips were touching and our tongues were playing game together. His hands roamed my body like yours are doing. Not wanting to waste the moment I started rubbing the bulge in his trunks. He told me. If I didn't stop I would wreck the surprise he had for me. As he was saying this he had removed my bikini top and then transferred his mouth from mine to my breast. All of sudden I felt his hand inside my bottoms rubbing against my pussy which by now was soaking wet."

By now Deanna, Jennifer and Becky were busy fingering themselves. While Yvette and Marcia were stoking themselves. Vanessa and Brigitte had to be content with just playing around with their breast since their recent surgeries.

"Not being able to wait any more I said. We need to get to my room. I want to see what you re hiding in your trunks.

"In my room I finally got a look at that monster that had been hiding. It was the first adult one I have ever seen. I have seen one on a baby. I really don't need to tell five of you what it looks like.

"By the time we reach my bed we were bear naked. As we fell he spread my legs. He keeps saying. You want this bitch don't you. Over and over. I kept begging him "YES!

"Then here it is. He then jammed his love pole into me I screamed at the pain cause by the breaking of my cherry. But that didn't last very long. Then the immense pleasure came as we rocked back and forth. I went into bliss as he shot his surprise into me."

The room exploded into moans of pleasure as Yvette and Marcia shot a full load of cum. As Deanna, Jennifer, Becky and Tammy went into the wild beyond. Vanessa and Brigitte didn't go to the beyond but their faces showed the pleasure they had received.

"Is there is anymore."

"No! My mom drove in the driveway and he had to leave in a hurry. I never saw him again on the beach."

The slumber just turned into a normal slumber party after that.

On 2nd of January we find Vanessa and her friends back at Miss Lynne's.


End of Part 6

There will be a part 7 further down the road. JA




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