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Mom - I Can't Help Myself
by: Jennifer Allison 

Part 5


Each boy at Ms. Lynne's School For Girls knew what the next few weeks would bring.

It was time for the first of them to prepare to have their sex change operation.

We find our little group of Vanessa, Marcia, Yvette and Brigitte waiting for the big moment. By sheer luck of the draw, Brigitte will be the first student to start on the final step to womanhood.

On the first Monday after visiting day. Brigitte was called to Ms. Lynne's office. She didn't reappear until two hours later. The only difference the others could see, was the color of her hair ribbon. It was pink. It had been a school rule. Any girl could wear a ribbon in her hair as long as it wasn't pink or baby blue.

"Hey Brigitte, you are not supposed to wear a pink hair ribbon."

"Pink is the only color hair ribbon I wear now. It is what shows that I have chosen to go through with my sex change operation. I was even examined by the doctor who will perform the surgery."

"Did they tell you when your surgery will be?" asked Vanessa.

"Not actually, but shortly after Thanksgiving."


The following Monday. Traci was called into Ms. Lynne's office.

Fifteen minutes later an announcement was made.

"Will Miss Vanessa report to Ms. Lynne's office please."

As Vanessa entered Ms. Lynne's office she was wondering what was happening. She knew her decision wasn't until next week.

"Please sit down Miss Vanessa. I bet you are wondering what is going on?"

"Yes I am."

"It is very simply. Miss Traci decided to wait. So that moves you up to number two on the list. In front of you are two hair ribbons. Blue if you want to keep your male organ or pink if you want your operation."

Without hesitation Vanessa reached for the pink ribbon. "I think I told you what I wanted when I entered Ms. Lynne's." Vanessa said as she tried the pink ribbon in her hair.

"We just wanted to make sure you haven't changed your mind."

"What do I do now?"

"First you must be examined by the doctor who will perform the surgery. She is waiting for you down at the nurse's office. She will take some blood and urine samples, to be analyzed. Then when the results come back a decision will be made. Whether it is a go or no go on your operation. If it is a go, the surgery will be done sometime shortly after Thanksgiving.

"Now get along. The doctor is waiting."

"I have a question. Does my mother know?"

"Yes she does. If you take a look at the phone, you'll notice someone is on hold. That is your mother waiting for me to tell her of your decision.

"Now get along. The Doctor hasn't got all day."


Vanessa was told to strip as she entered the Nurse's office. "Then I want you to climb up on the exam table and place your legs in the stir-ups."

Vanessa noticed the stir-ups were like those for delivering babies. They raised the legs and spread them at the same time. Leaving the groin area fully exposed.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Smithson. I would like to examine you and then I will answer all your questions." The doctor then proceeded to examine Vanessa's groin. Then her breasts, and the throat area. All the time whispering under her breath. Perfect, just right, I think there won't be a problem there. She then withdrew some blood.

Handing Vanessa a cup. "I need a urine sample. There is a bathroom just next door. Get dressed and come into the nurse's office when you are done."

After doing as she was told. Vanessa entered the nurse's office ten minutes later. Ms. Lynne, Dr. Smithson and Vanessa's mother were there.

"I didn't know you were coming mom?"

"When Ms. Lynne told me of you decision I rushed right over. I would be very interested on what the doctor has to say."

"As far as I am concerned Miss Vanessa is ready for the operation. Mentally and physically, unless something shows up in the blood and urine."

Vanessa asked, "if everything falls into place. When will I have my surgery?"

"A week or so after Thanksgiving."

"How long will Vanessa be in the hospital?"

"Around five days barring complications. She then will be brought back here. Where the nurse will be keeping an eye on her."

"Are you just going to remove my penis? I noticed you examined my throat."

"If everything goes as planned I should be able to fix your voice box and make your voice a little higher. Barring any complications with the other surgery."

Turning towards Ms. Lynne. "What happens when Vanessa comes back?"

"She will be placed in a room by herself. We do not mix pre-op with post-op girls. Brigitte the first girl scheduled for her operation will move in with Amanda. The third girl to have her operation will move in with Vanessa."

"That means Marcia and I won't be roommates anymore?"

"That is until Marcia has her surgery."

After a few more questions Vanessa returned to her class.

Everybody noticed the pink ribbon.


It was still the first week of November. If any of you had to wait for something you really wanted. You can figure what Vanessa was going through. Every day was Christmas Eve, and Christmas seems like it will never come.

Thanksgiving at school was another visiting day for the parents.

Marcia found out that her dad was now a woman 24/7. Her breasts were starting to poke through.

"I am keeping my penis, but I will be all woman in every other area," she announced.

"What does Grandma have to say about you and me?"

"She is happy for both of us. It seems like it runs in the family. It seems like dad used to like dressing up once in awhile."


The following Monday when Vanessa, Marcia and Yvette woke up. They discovered Brigitte, was no longer in her bed.

"She has gone to the hospital. I figure she is already in surgery, as we speak," reported Ms. Stoneman.


Ms. Lynne later announced it.

"I would like to announce that Brigitte's surgery has gone off without a hitch, barring unseen problems, she should be back in school by Saturday."

The next day Marcia was called away from class and returned later wearing a pink ribbon.

By Sunday night Brigitte hadn't showed up. A minor problem did pop up and the doctor decided it would be best if she stayed in hospital another couple days.

Early Monday morning Ms. Lynne and the school's nurse awakened Vanessa.

"Miss Vanessa it is time for you to leave for the hospital."

The nurse gave Vanessa a sedative to help her keep quiet.


It was Tuesday morning before Vanessa came to her senses.

"I see you are awake Vanessa. I want to tell you that your surgery went off without a hitch. The doctor even had time to work on your throat. So please don't talk."

Vanessa using her arm that had no IV's pointed down to her crotch.

"Yes it is gone. You are all girl now.

"If you need anything let me know. I spent a year at Ms. Lynne's too. That is why I am assigned to be your nurse. I know what you are going through."

Not saying a word, but mouthing a Thank You to the nurse.

"You are Welcome. Your Doctor will here later this afternoon, and will check up on you. Your mother and sister are outside and would like to come in."


Ms. Long, Jennifer and Deanna came into the room. Deanna was Jennifer's girlfriend who used to be her boyfriend.

Ms. Long took one look at her new daughter's face and right then and there she knew she had done the right time thing. By starting Vanessa on her road to womanhood.

The four were still in the room when the doctor arrived later that afternoon.

"I know you would like to take a look at your new self. But I want to wait until tomorrow. You have waited this long, one more day won't matter."

"Doctor, will Vanessa be able to leave the hospital, Saturday?"

"I am pretty sure she will. Miss Brigitte's surgery was a little more complicated than we planned."

The very next morning the doctor removed the bandage so Vanessa could take a look. Ms. Long and Jennifer were both there.

Vanessa used a mirror so that she could get a better look at herself.

Vanessa found herself staring now at her slit where once her penis was.

Ms. Long and Jennifer did something unusual. To help reassure their new daughter and sister they dropped their pants and panties. "Look the only difference between you and us. Is that we have pubic hair."

Jennifer asked the Doctor. "Why is Vanessa using a tampon?"

"To help keep her opening opened. She will need to use one at least once a month or so."

"Everytime she has her period, Vanessa will use a tampon just like a regular girl."

"Mom does that mean Vanessa has periods like any normal girl?"

"Not exactly, Ms Lynne's uses hypnosis to make a girl think they are going through a period. They even think they have a slight case of PMS."

"Is that true Vanessa?'

Vanessa shook her head, Yes.

"I think Vanessa has had too much excitement. Let her get some rest. You can come back later tonight."



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