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Mom! I Can't Help Myself - Surprises                  by: Jennifer Allison


Chapter 4 -

Dearest Mother:

It's Friday already. This last week has gone by so fast that I can hardly believe it. To me it is still Monday morning and I just left Miss Lynne's office for the first time.

I want to thank you again for this wonderful surprise. I never dreamt that being a girl could be so much fun, and work at the same time.

School is tough, I mean the instructors are strict but with a gentle touch. Amy, one of the other four girls in the ninth grade, complained when we had homework on the first day of school. A little too much, after which, Amy received her spanking. Ms. Westwood said, 'This is not your old school.'

Amy is one of the four other girls in my grade along with Barbara, Susan and Terri. They are mostly like Marcia and I. They started dressing in their sister's or mom's clothes and fell in love with it.

I forgot to tell you. I aced my rule book exam. Yvette missed it by one question. So did Barbara, Amy's roommate. So the six of us who had passed, gave up our Television for the night and helped them study for the make-up. Which both of them aced.

When you see my signature you'll notice my name change. Ms. Stoneman had me sign another Letter of Agreement and that was that. I was told there is usually three to four girls who want to change their names. Thanks Again.

You may have noticed that my writing style is different. We even have to write like a girl now. With all the loops and circles. Ms. Stoneman is going make sure we are doing it right.

Tomorrow we are going downtown for the first time, and I am a little scared. It will be my first time in public, as Vanessa. I hope no one will recognize me.

I am closing now. Need to turn in the letter before lights out.

Give my love to Jennifer.



The girls were woken two hours later than normal.

"We let you sleep in on the weekends," they were told.

Another surprise awaited them. Instead of the heavy-duty corset they had been wearing during the day. They found a body shaper.

"We have found these work better when a girl is going out," Ms. Stoneman said.

As Vanessa put on hers she noticed the top had cups. "That's right Vanessa, you and Brigitte need to start wearing a normal bra, no more trainers for both of you."

A look of complete satisfaction came over Vanessa's face; she passed another milestone to becoming a complete woman.

All four girls were dressed in a skirt and blouse. "We don't want to make you stand out from any other girl running around town."

After breakfast each girl was given five twenty dollar bills.

"You can spend these on anything you want, except for food. To make sure you will stay on your diet. Each group will have lunch with their house mother. You'll not eat anything other than what is ordered at lunch. If you do, you will be required to report yourselves, for punishment."

As Vanessa, Marcia, Brigitte and Yvette piled into Ms. Stoneman's car. They left the grounds that had been their home for the last five days.

Ms. Stoneman finally told them the plans. "You're first stop will be the beauty parlor. There you'll have a complete make over, which includes your first perm. Don't worry about any of the workers at the beauty parlor finding out your secret. They already know.

"Since it is the last Saturday before regular school starts. You can count on quite a few normal girls being there. Vanessa and Marcia, even some girls you might know. So just practice what we have taught you over the last week, and you'll do fine. My advice is listen to the beauticians, they'll be watching out for you, and warn you if there is a problem."

When they said the works, they meant the works, a manicure, pedicure, eyebrow plucking, and everything else.

Vanessa received another surprise. As the beautician was working her, she whispered, "I hope you are enjoying Miss Lynne's. I did four years ago." Vanessa realized this lady was just like her, just a few years ago.

As the curlers were being placed in her hair Vanessa was shocked to recognize the girl next to her. It was Becky Andrews, a girl who she dated a few times last year.

"I wonder what Becky would say if she knew I was sitting next to her. My breasts are almost as large as hers were last year." said Vanessa.

When the beautician left for a moment Becky turned to Vanessa.

"Hi, my name is Becky, are you new in town? I haven't seen you around before."

"Hi, I am Vanessa," replied Vanessa in a high voice, the hormones were doing their job. "I just moved here."

"So we most likely will be attending the same school this year then."

"No, I will be attending a private school this school year. Then start the tenth at Cleveland High School."

"Then we will be attending the same school. I will be attending Cleveland next year too."

As Becky and Vanessa were talking, Marcia and Tammy Tucker showed up. Tammy was Becky's best friend. Tammy had been away for the summer taking care of her sick grandmother.

So Vanessa and Marcia just sat back and listened to their friends talk.

"Becky, guess what I did this summer?"

"You took care of your granny."

"Wrong, I lost my cherry."

"How was it?'

"Great, I went to the beach one day, and I met him there. The next thing I knew. I was in bed with him.

"How about you?"

"I tried getting hold of Robert, but he seemed to be far out in space, I just gave up on him. I always dreamed of him being the one who took my cherry."

"I don't think I would be good at that anymore," thought Vanessa.

As if on cue, the hairdressers showed up.


After spending some time under the hairdryer. The curlers were removed and Vanessa finally got a look at her new self. What she saw was a beautiful young woman staring back at her. There was no way anybody could call her a boy now.

All Marcia could say was "WOW!" Marcia's hair was like her namesake's on the Brady Bunch.

"Look at the time, we have just a few minutes to get to the lunch bar"

When they both arrived at the bar. They found Ms. Stoneman sitting with two very lovely creatures. It took a few moment for Vanessa and Marcia to realize these two creatures were Brigitte and Yvette.

Ms. Stoneman broke the ice. "I now have four girls who really look like girls now."

The five of them talked while eating lunch. Telling each of their experiences in the beauty parlor.

When Vanessa told them of meeting his ex-girlfriend.

"I have a little confession, Vanessa." said Ms. Stoneman. "The meeting between you and Becky was arranged as the one between Tammy and Marcia. We wanted to see how the two of you handled the situation. Of meeting someone you knew, and give you some confidence."

"How did we do?"

"Great, I was in the back listening to all of it. Just in case, that is why the hairdressers showed up as if on cue, they did.

"Now finish your salads, you girls have a lot more fun ahead of you."

For the following week the four girls followed the same routine.

By the end of the second week both Marcia and Yvette had grown out of their training bras.

Another surprise popped up for the girls on Tuesday of the third week.

When Ms. Stoneman woke up Brigitte and Yvette. Brigitte started complaining that she wasn't feeling well.

"Ms. Stoneman, I don't feel very well."

"Let me guess? You have cramps, ache all over and feel a little bloated."

"How did you know?"

"Lets call Vanessa and Marcia over, and I will explain it."

As the five were gathered together. "Let me explain, why I called you all over. Brigitte isn't feeling very well. I am sorry to tell her, the problems she is having will pass in a couple days. But they will return in four weeks."

"Why?" asked the four girls in chorus.

"Simple. Brigitte is having her first period. And she will have one every four weeks."

Vanessa, Marcia and Yvette started giggling.

"I wouldn't laugh too hard girls. You'll be having your first period within the next two weeks."




"It is very simple. When you signed up for Miss Lynne's. You were informed that you would experience everything about being a girl. Periods are one of the things a woman needs to learn to live with."

"Why do we have to have periods. We don't have the right equipment to need them."

"Right, you don't have the equipment for a real period. So all of you will experience the symptoms of a period. With out experiencing the real thing.

"Why do you have to have a period. The reason there is. What happens if one of you attend a slumber party next year, and the other girls start talking about their periods. What are you going to say? Since you are having yours. You won't have a problem explaining yours. Also when you attend high school next year, there won't be any questions, when you don't have one."

"What do we do?"

"Until after each of your operations, you'll do nothing. After the operation, you'll be required to wear a tampon. Just like a real girl."

"How did you do it?"

"Hypnosis, for the last three night each of you have been listening to tapes. I don't know the exact date each of the rest of you will your first period. All I can say it will be in the next two weeks."

So it came to pass. Over the next two weeks each of them had their first period.

Finally visiting day arrived.

Ms. Stoneman dressed her girls in a way to show off all their feminine features. Low cut dress showing off their cleavage, tight dresses clinging to their feminine curves.

"I want to show your family how well you are blossoming into womanhood."


When Jessica and Jennifer saw Vanessa for the first time. They were utterly shocked. This beautiful creature couldn't be their son and brother just a few weeks before.

All Jennifer could say. "Is that really you Robert?"

"I am not Robert anymore. I am Vanessa, please use my right name."


While this was going on Marcia was a little surprised when there were three women sitting at the table reserved for her family. She had figured only on her mom and sister coming. Who is the third woman?

As she drew near, a look of utter surprise came over her face. All she said was.


"That's right dear, it's me."

"How? Why?"

"Why is simple. I wanted to come and visit. When your mom asked Miss Lynne if I could. She said I would have to come dressed like this. Your mom and sister helped me. I am even wearing a corset. I don't see how you can wear yours?"

"Corset wearing is something you have to get used to."

Marcia's dad had a question. "Are those real?" Pointing at Marcia's chest.

"Yes they are. No implants, only hormones. The Doctor thinks they will stop when they reach 36 inches."

"Are you happy here?"

"YES! Every day brings the day that I will become a complete woman, one day closer."

Leaning over to whisper in his daughter's ear, Mr. Hawkins said. "I think I am going to ask your mom to let me dress up like this more often. I like this feeling I am having sitting here dressed like this."

"I think that is a great idea dad."

The rest of the day was spent visiting and meeting the other girl's family and touring the campus.

What the girls didn't know was. The next week was the week that the first girl would be getting ready for her operation.

Brigitte, will be the first. Vanessa will be the third.




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