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MOM! I Can’t Help Myself              by: Jennifer Allison


Chapter 3           Roberta - First Day at Miss Lynne’s School for Girls - Part 2


"Roberta, this corset is killing me."

"Marcia you’ll just have to learn to live with it. If we want to obtain our hour glass figure we have to learn to wear the corset."

"I think I am going over and lay down on my bed for a few minutes it might help. When Ms. Stoneman let us lay down a minute, it felt a lot better."

"I wouldn’t do that. It says here in the rule book. No student may lay on their bed until at least 6pm."

"Just an idea," replied Marcia. The two of them continued to read for another fifteen minutes.

Without any warning Marcia got up and laid down on her bed. "Come on, Roberta. I know your corset is killing you. Laying down really helps."

"No thank you. I don’t want to take a chance of Ms. Stoneman finding out."

"You are just a worry wart. Have it your own way."

A half-hour later, they heard Ms. Stoneman coming, Marcia jumped off the bed, did a quick straightening, and sat down on her chair.

There was a knock. "May we come in."

"Yes, ma’am."

Ms. Stoneman entered followed by two girls dressed the same way as Roberta and Marcia.

"Miss Roberta and Miss Marcia. I would like you to meet Miss Brigitte and Miss Yvette. You four girls have been assigned to my group this year."

Each girl went over and met the new girls in the appropriate ladylike way.

As three more chairs were brought into the room Ms. Stoneman announced. "I would like each of you to tell us why do you want to be a girl.

"Miss Marcia you first."

"Ever since the first time I tried on my first panties. I knew something wasn’t right. It seemed like I wanted to dress and play like a girl all the time."

"Miss Roberta, it is your turn."

"It started last January. For some reason, I wanted to try on my sister’s clothes. It started as a one-time thing, just to see what I would like and how they felt. But it started to be a habit. I had to at least once a week to wear something feminine. By April every chance I got, I was in Jennifer’s room. Then she caught me, in her panties and bra, applying my lipstick. She called my mom.

"I thought I would be in trouble, but for some unknown reason. My mom accepted it. The following Monday when I came home from school. I got the shock of my life. She called me into her room where she had me strip, then close my eyes. She then pulled something up my arms, I knew what it was when she snapped it together. When I opened my eyes, I found myself wearing my first training bra. She the told me she bought me 4 bras and a dozen panties for me. I was only supposed to wear then inside the house and when no one else was in the house except her and Jennifer. She then handed me a Baby Doll nightie; ‘you can wear this to bed if you want’ she told me. You can guess what I wore to bed that night and ever since. She then promised me something special if I still wanted to dress up like a girl by the start of the summer. Something special is my attending Miss Lynne’s."

"I forgot to add that Miss Marcia and Miss Roberta are from the local area. They happen to be best friends. They didn’t know that they would be both attending Miss Lynne’s together until Miss Roberta walked thru the door.

"Miss Brigitte, you’re next"

"I am from Denver Colorado. My story is not like the rest of yours. Mother Nature pulled a dirty trick on me. Just recently my parents and I found out what that trick was. On the outside I am all male. But in the inside it is all female. There is a medical term for it, but it so long I forget. So my parents and I decided after consulting quite a few Specialists in the field, that I should become a full time girl. When Miss Lynne’s heard of my plight. I was invited to come and spend the school year here."

"Now Yvette, it is your turn."

"I am from New Orleans. My mom made a mistake four years ago. As punishment for giving my twelve year-old sister trouble during her time of the month. I was put in a dress. I found I liked it so much that I wanted to become a girl. It took me three years to convince my parents."

"I don’t about your feeling in the matter Brigitte and Yvette but Marcia and I have made a pack to help each other through this year. What I now propose is that. We help each other, the four of us."

"I agree," Brigitte said

"So do I," replied Yvette.

"I promise to do my very best to help the four of you through this year," promised Ms. Stoneman.

Ms. Stoneman stood up, and walked over to Marcia and Roberta.

"Since the two of you have had a chance to read the rule book, I have a couple questions.

"Miss Roberta, what is the first rule on the list of things that a student will never do?"

"No student will be allowed to do anything of a sexual nature with another student, instructor or staff member. As an example kissing on the lips falls into this category."

"Right. Miss Marcia, did you get to read the rules regarding your conduct in your room?"

"Yes ma’am. I have."

"What is rule #3, please?"

"No student may sit on her bed until 6pm."

"Miss Marcia do you wish to say something else?

"Ms. Stoneman, I wish to report myself for laying on my bed. My corset got so uncomfortable, I just felt laying down would help."

"Weren’t my instructions for you and Miss Roberta to sit down and read?’

"Yes ma’am."

"I am sorry, but I am going have to spank you. If you had just broke the rule or did something I told you not to. I would have given you extra duty. But since it is both. A spanking is required.

"Do you wish to challenge."

"No, ma’am. I do not. I do beg to report. I lost a bet with Miss Lynne’s. One extra spank is required."

"Only one, she usually bets three."

"I only took one spank."

Ms. Stoneman left the room and soon returned, carrying a paddle. One side was smooth the other had holes drilled into it.

"Miss Marcia, please stand up, pull down you bloomers and bend over and place your hands, palms down on your chair, please."

Then Ms. Stoneman proceeded to spank, Miss Marcia.


She then turned to the other girls. "I usually don’t like to spank one of my girls. But I will when I need too. If you have noticed the two sides of my paddle the smooth side is for minor offenses. The other is for major offenses, or when I believe a girl needs it."

When she tried to sit down Marcia looked very uncomfortable. Ms. Stoneman noticed this. "Miss Marcia, you may stand for the next fifteen minutes. A warning to the four of you most instructors and staff will require you sit down immediately."

"Now some information about me. My name is Agnes Stoneman. I am 51 years old, a widow, with no living children. No living child is the reason why I work for Miss Lynne’s. I had a son, who was just like you. He wanted to a girl so much, instead of coming and telling me. He took his own life. So I have decided since I couldn’t help my son, I am going to help others like him. I have been working here for five years.

"I am fair, and impartial, but I will not tolerate any disobedience or disrespect in any of my girls. My door is always open. In time I will allow the Miss and Ms. to be dropped, in the presence of only the five of us."

Looking at her watch. Ms. Stoneman announced. "It is almost lunch time, I need to get you girls dressed.

"I also know you have a lot more questions and such. I will try to answer and explain everything after lunch. This will include a tour of the school."

Then she proceeded to dress each girl in a very thin flowery white dress. It didn’t hide any of the new curves that each girl now had, with the help of their corsets. It was the type of dress if the sun hit it just right, you could see the shadows of a girl’s legs.

"Now I have a surprise for you. Your moms haven’t left yet, they are waiting for you in the lunch room."

"We are giving you each another chance to say goodbye. It will be six weeks before any of you will have any visitors."

Yvette asked, "where will I get my diabetes medication? If I can’t get it from my mom."

"There is a trained nurse on duty 24 hours a day. There is also the school’s doctor. Miss Roberta and Miss Marcia both know her. They both have been seeing her since their mom decided to send them here.

"Don’t worry about anything. When a student signs up. The school does a complete background investigation. I do mean a complete. We even know Yvette you don’t watch your blood sugar as regular as you should. Since you are one of my girls, that will change. I even know Miss Roberta, you are supposed to wear glasses when you read. The next time I see you reading something, you had better be wearing them. That isn’t a suggestion."

As they entered the Lunch room Roberta noticed her mom was sitting with Mrs. Hawkins, Marcia’s mom.

Neither June Hawkins nor Jessica could believe their eyes when they saw these lovely creatures walking towards them. Were these beautiful creatures their sons just this very morning.

"Hi mom, Ms. Hawkins."

"You can’t be my Roberta. You look completely different from when we arrived this morning"

"I am, did you know about the corsets? They are going to take a lot to get used to."

"I knew, Miss Lynne’s told me that everything they do here will help you to make it through life as a woman."

Their lunches were delivered. Since most of the girls needed to lose some weight, they were diet plates, mostly salads."

Roberta introduced Ms. Stoneman to her mom. "Mom, this Ms. Stoneman, my housemother."

"I can’t believe the work you have already accomplished with my daughter."

"It is easy when you have good material to work with."

"Ms. Stoneman I heard my daughter has already had her first spanking," said June Hawkins.

"Agnes, please. She broke a rule and disobeyed me. I felt I needed to make a point right away with my girls."

"I have no problem with that. I just wanted to say. You have my permission for any punishment that you feel necessary."

"I feel the same way," said Jessica.

"Mom, I wanted to ask you something. I glad Ms. Stoneman is here so she can hear your reply."

"Yes Roberta, what is it?"

"This morning you said if I had be born a girl, you would name me Vanessa, right."

"Yes, that is right."

"I was wondering if I could change my name, from Roberta to Vanessa. With your permission that is."

"Don’t you want to be called Roberta?"

"I don’t mind Roberta, but I like the name Vanessa better. Since it would have been my name if I had been born a girl. I thought you might not mind. I will keep Roberta as my middle name. It will also help when I attend high school next year. So someone won’t put it together that Roberta and Robert Long is the same person."

"Turning to Ms. Stoneman, Jessica asked. "Is there a problem if Roberta changes her name?"

"That would purely up to Miss Lynne. In my opinion I don’t see any problems. The only one would have been, was getting your agreement. But Miss Roberta fixed that by asking you now."

As the lunch was finished the mothers got to leave. As Jessica hugged her daughter. "I expect at least one letter a week from you. I will be back here in six weeks with Jennifer on visiting day."

"I will. Mom I want to thank you again for letting me become the woman I want to be."

"You’re welcome, I want you to obey Ms. Stoneman. If you get kicked out of Miss Lynne’s you had better plan on never wearing any feminine clothes as long as I am alive."

With this Jessica left her daughter.

"Now it is time for a tour of the school. Then I will take you back to your common area and explain more about the school and my rules.

As they started walking, the girls were still having trouble walking. Their legs wanted to take a normal step for a male, but the plastic strap attached to their bloomers plus their heels. Made it loads of fun.

Ms. Stoneman showed them the classrooms. "Most of the classrooms aren’t very big, since there are usually at most 4 to 8 girls per class. There will be eight girls in your main school courses. Since there are eight girls starting the 9th grade this year. As for the special classes, where we will teach you what you need to know to be a girl there is one room for all the students.

"There is a library, with a large collection of books. Most of the fiction are those you once considered sissy books. But now they are just the books for you. The rest are for reference for your school assignments. I have also subscribed to some magazines like Seventeen, etc., etc. for your reading enjoyment. This way when you get into a conversation with a group of girls you’ll know something about what they are talking about."

"Ms. Stoneman, when will we meet the other girls? I noticed that there was only the four of us and our moms in the lunch room." asked Marcia.

"You’ll most likely meet the rest of the girls at supper tonight, or tomorrow." Ms. Stoneman showed the girls the gym. "Gym class is the only time you won’t have to wear your corsets. This is the only other class that you have with all the girls."

Roberta asked, "why do we need gym, anyway?"

"To keep you in shape. It also helps you learn what a real girls’ locker room is like. This way you won’t feel out of place when you take your first gym class at a regular school next year. I know that it’s a boy’s dream to find a way into the girl’s locker room while some of the girls are changing their clothes."

"Will Amanda share the same locker room?"

"No, we have separate a locker room for her. It is the same one the girls use after their operations. We try to take away all temptation."

"What type of gym classes will there be."

"Mostly, aerobics and ballet. The classes that a woman and girl would take, or have taken earlier in their life."


As they approached their living quarters. Ms. Stoneman said. "In your rooms you noticed two doors. One leads to the common bathroom, which the four of you share, and a common room, which you share with the other 4 girls in your age group. I know one bathroom for 4 girls is asking for trouble, but each of you have a vanity in your room, which is to be use for your applying your make-up and such.

"Each of you will be required to keep your bedroom, bathroom and common room clean. I will inspect them every day. Usually I assign one girl each day for the bathroom cleaning detail. I do this randomly. So those girls who like leaving the bathroom in a mess, will be assigned to that detail more often. So it will be fair to the others."

As they entered the common room. Each girl noticed the chairs and couches and a 25-inch color TV.

As they all sat down. Yvette asked, "what time in the morning will we have to get up."

"Usually at 6:30 I will wake you. But some girls need more time to get ready in the morning so they might get up earlier. Breakfast, which like all meals are mandatory, is at 7:30 and your first class is at 8:15. There will a break of ten minutes every hour for a chance to stretch your legs.

"Your gym class will be the last hour before lunch. You’ll be given extra time so you’ll be able to change your clothes. As I have told you before. Your roommate will help you in and out of your corset and such. If she is not available the other two girls in your group will help."

At that moment there was knock at the door.

"Is that you Ms. Cardwell?" asked Ms. Stoneman.

"Yes, it is. Are your girls ready for me."

"Not yet, but come on in, anyway." Turning towards the four girls Ms. Stoneman said. "Ms. Cardwell is one of the school’s nurses. She is here to pierce your ears. Miss Lynne requires that all her girls have their ears pierced. We have it done here by a trained nurse, so there won’t be problems."

Brigitte went first, one hole in each ear. Then Roberta, to her surprise she was going to have three done. "Your mom told us how much you enjoyed it when your sister had hers done. So she thought you would like to have three."

"Yes I would like to have three earrings per ear, please."

After each girl had her ears pierced. Ms. Stoneman continued, "the common room will be opened after 6pm only, and all day Saturday and Sunday."

Marcia asked a very important question that really had been on all their minds. "Will we be confined to the school grounds for the whole nine months? Or will we be allowed outside?"

"No you’ll be allowed to go off the grounds. The first time will be this coming Saturday. I won’t tell you about it. I want it to be a surprise. There will be outings to museums, and other cultural events. Even something very special come February."

"Please tell us!" all four girls begged.

"I can’t. All I can tell you is that every girl at Miss Lynne’s starts counting the days from when they find out about it and when it happens. But only the good girls will be allowed to go. If you have had too many spankings or your grades are not up to par. You won’t be allowed to go."

"Are we allowed to watch TV. I noticed it when we walked in?" asked Brigitte.

"The TV will be allowed to be turned on at 6pm and will be shut off at 11:35 after the evening news. Your homework will come first, remember there will be eight of you girls sharing this room. You’ll have to work out something between you, on what shows to watch. If there is an argument or if I have to settle the argument, I will shut it off for the night and the next day too. There will not be any TV tonite or for any girl until they pass their rule book exam."

"Will we get to watch any show?"

"There will be some shows that we will allow to be watched. Mostly shows that we feel are suitable for you, as young ladies. For instance no Football on Sundays and Mondays "

"Does that mean I’ll miss the World Series and Super Bowl?"

"You might be able to watch some of the World Series, and Super Bowl. We have a large screen TV set up in the theatre. If enough girls want to and show up to watch a certain event. We will have it shown there."

Ms. Stoneman noticed Roberta’s eyes drooping, she asked. "Miss Roberta how much sleep did you get last night?"

"Very little, I guess it was too much excitement."

"I think it’s time for you girls to take a nap. I know you all think you are to old for it. Even at my age I take one once in awhile."

As Ms. Stoneman helped each girl out of their dresses she released their corsets just enough to make them more comfortable.

"I’ll be back in time to help you get dressed for supper. If you don’t want to nap, you can sit quietly and study the rule book."


As Agnes left the room she ran into Miss Lynne.

"I see we have your first name change request," said Miss Lynne.

"How do you know?" asked Agnes. "I was just coming over to talk to you about it,"

"Mrs. Long stopped as she was leaving, and told me. I see no trouble with it. All we need to do now, is have Miss Vanessa signed a new letter of agreement with her new name."



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