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Molly Starts To Dress

by Molly CD


It's midnight; his girlfriend is away and unlikely to call,

It's time for the crossdressing, transvestite teaser, Sissy Molly to come alive!

Pulling on her sheerest seamed nylon stockings, yes the barely black ones with the pretty lace tops mmmm the electric sensuous feeling of nyloned legs.

Carefully she attaches each stocking top to the suspender straps dangling from her Purple PVC corset, mmm yes the same PVC corset that is pulled oh-so tight giving her that desired deep cleavage. She fondles her right 'breast' cupping it gently, sexily, then tweaking a nipple through the sexy fabric, mmm another suspender strap at the back, twisting around like Marlene Dietrich, yes the pose she likes to emulate as she runs her long red finger-nailed hand up and down the back of her nylons.

She makes sure the seams are straight, adjusting them again and again until they are perfect, like the perfect match her long deep red shiny manicured polished nails have with her creamy deep red lipstick, mmm

Yes the lipstick she just loves to apply over and over making her full pouty Lipsticked Lips sooo desirable. She sexily runs her tongue across and back over her lipsticked top lip. She has been so careful to outline her lips with a lip pencil first making them look extra full and sexy, not forgetting to enhance the deep 'V' on the middle of her top lip, oh yes Purrrfection, as she blows herself a kiss in the mirror, the full length bedroom mirror that is showing off her curvy body, such a slim waist the corset gives her mmm.

Now she gathers up the other stocking, slowly but surely, in unhurried luxury, slipping it over her pretty deep red nail varnished toe nails, mmm yes see the re-enforced dark part of the toe, mmm yes and the heel as she continues to slip the stocking over her foot, easing it, slowly, gradually, but definitely up further and further, standing tip-toe on that foot as she rounds her heel with the sheer nylon delight, her eyes widen as the dark reinforced heel takes shape.

Ooo yes and now the seam, thick and black on the 'barely-black' sheen of the sexy stocking, higher over her calf muscle, so shapely from wearing so many High Heels, itching to slip her stockinged feet into another pair of delicious High Heels, but first she revels in the ecstasy of drawing sexy nylon over super smooth shaved legs, mmm yes what a feeling, nothing like it, especially when the stockings were brand new, as hers often were.

Up up up go the naughty nylons to the top of her milky white thigh. Then expertly, as she has glimpsed so many 'ladies' before do, she runs her hands up the seam of her nylon stockinged leg before attaching the suspender strap to the deep lace top welt of her stocking. Adjusting the tension of the straps, mmm tighter, making sure the silky strip lays neatly over the clasp.

Now for the shoes, her new Red ones, the Patent Leather Red High Heels, the ones she has been searching for so long, the ones with the one inch wide ankle strap, not with just a plain buckle though, no, these has Padlock Buckles! Before she adorns them she brings them up to her face holding them against her cheek, then she opens her lipsticked mouth and runs her long wet tongue along the full SEVEN inches on the HEEL, mmm, then as if to confirm it she runs her finger seductively back and forth across it's length. Likening it to another seven inches she likes running her tongue, lips and fingers over!

As she places them on the floor side by side she admires their beauty, only to be increased as she slips her arched nyloned foot into the sexy pumps, ooo yes what a feeling, sudden memories of when she first tried on her mothers shoes for the first time, noticing how very much higher and more dominant she felt.

She sat on the bed, crossing one leg over, hearing her stockings "whisper" to each other as they rasp, pulling across the sexy wide ankle strap of the shoe, then CLICK-CLICK, she was trapped now as the padlocks snapped shut, such a scary but exited feeling, she just HAD to do it again with the other foot, mmm yes, nylons, very high heels, red patent leather ones with wide ankles straps binding her stockinged ankles to them CLICK CLICK, mmm that's it now, but what to do with the key? Should she throw it somewhere forcing herself on hands and nyloned knees to find it? Should she be bold and mail the key to herself, would anyone come home early and catch her before the post arrived? She would decide later. For now she slipped the key into the 'bra' of her tight purple PVC corset, mmm cold but a nice tingle.

She stood balancing perfectly on the seven inch High Heels. She gazed at the tarty TV slut in the mirror, donned long blonde wig and velvet choker, mmm she felt a million dollars as she sexily winked one of her long false eyelashes at herself, slowly and sexily, gazing at the effect looking at the full make-up, even down to dark eye-shadow and blusher on her cheeks.

All she needs now is a Pearl Necklace, will anyone oblige?

As her lace-edged satin panties started to bulge it would seem she would be obliging herself...




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