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Molly Girl

Janet L. Stickney


 "I know that you don't think so, but after what you did, this is going to happen regardless, unless you want to move out that is! That was the very last straw! Now just stand still while I lace this up!"

I stood there like a dummy as the corset was laced tight, compressing my waist to an unimaginable size, then watched as the outfit was pulled over my head and buttoned up the back. After I stepped into the shoes and she straightened out my hair, she handed me the lipstick, a bright red. I reluctantly put it on, then stood looking in the mirror. It was worse than I imagined it was going to be! I looked…good!

"Now, I want you to go start setting the table. Our guests will expect to see a nice table, and I'm sure that you'll want to do your very best, won't you?"

"Do I have to do this!? I mean…just look at me!"

"You look just delectable and you know it! Now go set the table! I think that by the time you're done, our guests will be arriving, which will give you the chance to meet them at the door; oh, and remember to curtsy will you? A proper maid always curtsies to the guests."

We were in the pub when I made the remark, one in a long string that I had thought was funny. I said that it was a good thing the girls all wore those French maid outfits, saying it was a true sign that they knew their place. By the look on everyone's face I knew it was a mistake the minute I said it, but there wasn't any way to take it back, and given the fact that my girlfriend also worked there, and wore that same costume, well…it got very ugly very quickly. The other guys around us abandoned me, keeping their mouths shut, leaving me to slowly twist in the wind all alone.

"So!" she said angrily, once we were at home, "you think that those uniforms are a sign of our place? Just who's place? The girls that work there, or women in general?"

"It was a joke honey! Only a joke!"

"Yes, well, it didn't sound like a joke to me or any of the other girls, and it's too late for you to try and apologize now, isn't it. You've been making statements like that for a long time now, almost since we met, and I'm really tired of it!"

She made it clear that she was pissed, so much so that I slept on the couch that night, and my abject apologies did not make things the slightest bit better. It wasn't until late the next day that she told me that the only way I would ever appreciate women and what they did for men was to try being one! Of course I told her she was full of it, and even under the threat of even more lonely nights I protested vigorously. I told her that there wasn't any way I was going to dress up like a woman, under any conditions. But after the temperature around the house dropped to the full freeze mode, in the end, I lost the argument. I gave in, but told her I wouldn't go anywhere, and it would only be a one time thing, which is how I ended up wearing one of those same uniforms. Only mine wasn't black like theirs, mine was bright red with white lace trim, low cut, with three layers of stiff petticoats holding the skirt out. They always wore dark hose, while mine was a tan color, very sheer, and made my legs look, to my great dismay, fantastic. The heels were open toed red patent leather with three straps to hold them on. My nails were exactly the same color as my outfit, and my hair was dark but very curly. She had done the makeup, and I could see that it was very dramatic, and very ultra feminine.

Then she dropped it on me. "I've thought about this a lot, and I just don't think that having you around here all dressed up with only me to see you just isn't enough! What would you learn if I were the only one to see you acting like a woman? Nothing, that's what! In order for you to find out what it's like for us, I have invited all of the girls from the pub over for a nice lunch, which you are going to make, then serve to us. You will conduct yourself as a proper maid, and maybe then you'll have an inkling of what it's like for us! They will be here at two, so you better go set the table and prepare the lunch. I'll be down as soon as I change."

I stood there stunned and unable to move. There wasn't any way I was going to do what she wanted, none, so I just stood there. When she gave me "the look" I grimaced.

"You do understand that if you don't do this then I'll be forced to toss your ass out don't you?"

"But…look at me! I look like a…."

"Woman, yes, you do. But since you can't seem to get it through your thick skull that you're going to do this on your own, I think maybe a few more days as a woman might be in order! Now, get your ass down there and do what I told you, or pack up and leave!"

We were facing each other, and I could see by the look on her face that she finally meant it.

"The girls and I, we talked about you yesterday, and while I wasn't going to do it, I think that maybe you should try doing what we do! They were all for it, because of the way you treat us and always have! I also know that you think you won't work in the pub, not as a waitress anyway, but not only are you going to do it, Maryann made the arrangements, so you'll be starting there on Tuesday, a week from now, on the afternoon shift!" I started to say something, but…"You really don't have a choice, because after being the only one supporting us for almost the last year, I have decided that it's time you got a job, and there just happens to be an opening at the pub. So, you're not only going to take that job, you'll take it as a girl named Molly, who happens to be a good friend of mine! I'm simply tired of supporting you and your bad habits, and since you haven't shown the slightest interest in getting a job, I got one for you!"

"I'll get a job alright, but it won't be as a…"

Oh? And how many times have you been turned down because of those incidents? Face it! Nobody wants you! You'll have to face the facts as I see them, which is that you have had zero success getting a job, even when you tried looking, right? And here's one that not only pays well, you can double it in tips on a good weekend! If you make what I do, then we won't have to struggle to pay the bills all the time! You're taking the job, and I'm going to help you, and that's the end of it, unless you would rather move out!"

Everything she said was true, and I couldn't deny it. When I was 16, I stole a car, got caught of course, and did ten months in the county lock up. My parents were so hot that I found myself on the street, but because of my inability to get a job because of the conviction, I started selling drugs as the only way to survive. I got nailed again, and did six more months in lock up. When I got out, I happened to meet Lisa, and we hit it off right away. She knew about my convictions, but urged me to keep trying, which I did, all while living in her place. That was about a year ago, and now this!

"You expect me to dress like a woman, and work at the pub? Honey, please! I don't look remotely like a woman, and even if I did, how long will it be before one of the guys finds out!? If I don't get killed, I'll be laughed right out of town!"

"Yeah, that would certainly be true, if they find out that is, except that you actually look quite pretty as a woman, and with me as your coach, the girls and I think you'll do just fine!

Now, go set the table and start making our lunch!" She paused, "or move out."

I had a heavy heart as I set the table, knowing that our "guests" were all of the women that worked at the pub, and just knew that I was about to be put through the wringer. My only solace in the whole thing was that I was at home. I could take a joke as well as anyone, and knowing it was coming, I was able to prepare myself for it. I also promised myself that I wouldn't work at the pub like she said. When she walked into the kitchen I saw her looking as radiant as she always did when she was all fixed up nice, a smile etched on her face as she walked over and checked everything.

"You know the rules, right? You are to answer the door with a smile, let them in, then curtsy to each one. I'll be watching, so make sure you do it like I showed you."

When the first guest arrived, I let her in, smiled and curtsied like I was told, which drew a wicked smile, then they all arrived in a bunch, so I only had to do that once more. They all giggled of course when they first saw me, and again when I pranced into the kitchen, my skirts flouncing with every step, but when they were all seated and I served dinner, it really began.

"She's a little flat chested to work in the pub, don't you think so?"

"But she has great legs, and look at that cute butt!"

"Maybe a lower cut outfit would help?"

"The guys would just love her, what with those long legs, but maybe you're right. A lower cut on the dress would probably get her more tips, and not just money either!"

Laughter filled the room as I had to serve them dinner, make the drinks and so on, but I said nothing, doing my best to remain calm. While I was clearing the table I overheard…

"When will she start her first shift? We'll have to get an outfit to fit her you know."

"Two days. I think she should start on a week day when it isn't so crowded, then work her up to the weekends gradually. That way she'll get used to the flow of the pub, and there won't be any thirsty customers!"

"You'll have to do something about her boobs of course, but that's easily fixed, and maybe get her hair done. That way she can go without a wig. It gets warm in there when there's a big crowd, and it just wouldn't do to have her makeup slide off onto the floor!"

Gales of laughter filled the room while I stayed in the kitchen stewing. There was no way I was going to work at the pub, not dressed like I was anyway! About an hour later they all left, leaving me to clean up the mess. It was late when Lisa called me into the living room.

"You were simply wonderful tonight! Did you learn anything from it?"

"Yeah! The heels make your feet hurt!"


"I heard you all talking about me working at the pub dressed like this, and I'm telling you I won't do it!"

"Let me get you out of that dress, clean you up, then we can talk about it."

She unbuttoned the dress while I removed the shoes, wig, pantyhose and makeup. I couldn't get the corset off, so I wrapped myself in my robe and found her in the living room sipping on a drink. I made one for myself, sat across from her, and saw her smile at me.

"What about this corset? It's killing me!"

"You'll just have to get used to it honey, because we need to train your waist to be smaller, and besides, it does accent your hips and gives you some shape! Maybe we'll leave it on until your waist reaches the right size, since all the guys like to see girls with a good figure. Now lets go to bed."

She had me in a box, and what's worse, I knew it. If I said absolutely not, then I would be back on the street, and since I didn't have any skills to speak of, I knew I would most likely started dealing again, which meant that I risked a third strike and a very long prison sentence, one which would make me over 60 before I got out! But if I stayed, then I would have to do what she wanted, which was to start working at the pub, as a waitress! I lay there next to her wide awake, wondering how I got myself in this mess, all while the steady tension of the corset bit not only into my waistline, but my ego as well. I had no idea how Lisa thought she was going to make me into a woman, but if you included those devious friends of hers, then I was pretty sure that it was going to happen. If it wasn't so painfully clear that I was going to have to do exactly what she wanted, and the consequences if I didn't, I would have run away as fast as I could. In the morning after some coffee, Lisa removed the corset.

"This is all necessary if you want to have any chance of pulling this off, but before I start, I'll say it again. You can do this, work as a waitress at the pub, or leave. Either way, I'm going to make it your choice, that way you can't say I forced you into this. What's it going to be?"

"Is this the only way Lisa? I mean…"

"It's the only way I can think of for you to appreciate what women do, but like I said, it's your choice."

My choice! If I agreed, there was no telling what she would do to me, but if I said no…

"How long do I have to work there?"

"For as long as it takes for you to understand what we do and how those remarks of yours hurt! Me and the other girls will decide, not you; any other questions?"

With a sigh, I took a deep breath and nodded my head yes. Lisa then began to rub some foul smelling stuff that made my skin feel like it was on fire and itched like hell, until I stood in the shower and washed it off. That's when I discovered that I didn't have one hair below my eyebrows! Lisa once again laced me into the corset, handed me some panties to wear, then pantyhose and had me put on a skirt. She did my makeup, did something with my hair, then stuffed the breast forms into the built in bra and gave me a blouse to wear. I was stuck wearing my penny loafers, but she said it would be fine, then gave me a purse. Smiling at me, she then told me what I could expect.

"Since you are so new at this, we are going to make our first stop the beauty shop where they will cut and style your hair in a way that'll be easy for you to take care of, as well as do something with those stubs you call fingernails and a few other things. They are also going to redo your makeup after they do something about that beard stubble of yours. I figure you'll be there most of the day, so after you get settled in, I have a few errands to run. I'll be back to get you around four."

"Eight hours?! This is going to take eight full hours?"

"At least eight hours! Maybe even ten! Now, lets get going, we don't want to be late."

I hated it, and even fought with her about it, but eventually I followed her out to the car, then into the beauty shop. The lady there seemed to know I was coming, and I was quickly taken to a small room in the back. Lisa patted my arm, then left me to the tender mercies of a woman I didn't know. She immediately washed off all the makeup, had me lay back, covered my eyes, then put something on my face. Telling me it might hurt a bit, I heard the door shut, then I smelled the hair burning. It went on for what seemed like hours before she came in and rubbed in a lotion.

"It looks like the laser did a wonderful job! We have removed virtually all of your beard, but we can get what's left on your next visit! Now, I know that Lisa used that hair remover on you, but we still have to do this, that stuff never removes the hair properly, so stay where you are and I'll begin."

What followed certainly made my skin smooth! Using wax, she ripped the strips away with the sound of tearing filling my ears as she went, giving me sore teeth just from biting down so hard. When she was done with that, she took me into the larger room and began on my hair. After washing it, she started, and since I had no idea what she was doing, I didn't say a word when I smelled the chemicals or saw the rollers. While I was being baked like a helpless chicken under that dryer, a different girl started on my nails, filing, trimming and sanding, I watched as she added a paper form, then a white paste. More filing, sanding and trimming, then she added the color, a soft brownish red, two coats, then a clear coat over that. Then my hands were placed in a small silver tray, and a blue light came on. She said I had to sit there until she came back. Having seen what she used and the shape of my nails, and not being completely stupid, I knew that she had used acrylics to lengthen my nails, and that meant that I would have to be a woman, possibly for months!

Taken back to the chair, the rollers were taken out, then more chemicals were used, only that time she let me watch as my hair went from dark brown to strawberry blond, and when she was done, I had curly blond hair that was just about an inch past the bottom of my ears! Without asking, she pierced each ear, putting in a stud, then once again I was taken to see a different woman. She did my makeup, but of course she didn't need as much, because I didn't have much of a beard left, and when she was done, I was left looking at a girl that was really quite cute! Sighing, I knew that Lisa had planned this very carefully, and I had no choice but to do what she said, or possibly risk more jail time. From head to toe, I looked like a 19 year old girl!

"Look at you! You're gorgeous!"

"Hi Lisa! Molly was a wonderful client, and just look at her! She's beautiful!"

"I agree Marilyn, and thanks! She can come back when…three weeks? To remove the rest of her beard?"

"That's about right. Let me book her right now."

"Let me pay the bill" Lisa said with a grin, "and we can go. We have one more stop to make, then we'll be done for today!"

What was I going to say? No? Lisa was in full control, and she knew it. After we left, she kept looking at me and smiling, stopping only when she reached our "final destination". It was a small clinic of some kind.

"What's in here?"

"You'll see, and I just know you'll be as thrilled when they're done as I was to find this place!"

"Done? What more can you possibly do to me Lisa!"

"Well, you are aware of the kinds of outfits the girls have to wear? What do you think we should do to make you fit in better?"

"Boobs! This place sells boobs!?"

"Not just boobs, but…well, you'll see. Come on, lets go in, we have an appointment."

Almost the minute we walked in I was taken to an examination room, checked out by a person who was a doctor I think, then given a shot in the arm. Then she explained what she was going to do, and had me sign a paper. I felt myself falling, but when I woke up I didn't have any clothes on, only a thin gown. When I sat up, I immediately felt them. Breasts! I had breasts! Big ones too! Just about the time I was ready to cry out, the doctor came in.

"There is nothing to worry about Molly, these are the very best on the market! This is how we did it…" She droned on and on, something about going in under each arm, then she mentioned it. "We also fixed it so that you'll no longer have to worry about any kind of unwanted discovery, but before you go off the deep end, we did not remove anything! All we did was to manipulate things in order to make it look as if you are a female, which is after all, the goal isn't it? We also helped you with your waist, not a lot, but some; you have lost about four inches in the waist, which means that unless you want to wear it, you can dispense with the corset. I also had to do something about that butt of yours, so I used the cells from your waist to make your hips a bit rounder as well as filling out your upper thighs. I had to use a new mix of collagen just above your pubes to get the right definition, but now you have nothing to worry about. You may get dressed, but no corset for a few days. I left a bra for you to wear home."

When Lisa walked into the room…"Look what they did to me Lisa! I look like a…"

"A very cute girl! Now quit crying about it so much! We'll go home, I'll make dinner, and you can show me all of your new toys!"

As I got undressed I saw what the doctor had done to me and almost started crying! The calendar on the wall was marked off, so I could see that I had been there almost four days! I struggled to get the bra on, then I had just slipped on the skirt and blouse when the doctor came back in.

"I'm sure that you noticed that your voice has a higher pitch; that's from the anesthetic I used to freeze portions of your vocal chords. I'm sorry, but I cannot tell you exactly when it will wear off, but it usually lasts about three months. Think of it as just one more way to help you learn your lesson."

I was so shocked at everything that had been done to me that I was silent when Lisa took me home, then went to make dinner, leaving to stare into the mirror and see what I had become. In just a few days she had managed to take away everything I knew and cherished, including my manhood! I was almost in tears by the time we finished dinner, but she took me to the bedroom and told me to get undressed so she could see for herself. As my clothes hit the floor I felt waves of humiliation roll over me, waiting to erupt. When I was down to the bra and panties, I looked up with tears in my eyes, which is when Lisa put her arms around me, hugging me a little, then I felt the snap come free. Lisa tugged, and my bra came free, leaving my heaving breasts on full display. Lisa's eyes went wide for just a moment, then she hooked a thumb in my panties, yanked, and when they hit the floor, I stepped out of them.


"That's exactly what I said!"

"Honey! You have a great figure now, maybe even better than I do!"

"That's just Fu***ing great Lisa! Why did you do this to me?! I would have…"

"You would have continued to lay around all day and moan about how bad things are for you, then come to the pub and tell me that we should dress the way we do just for you? Oh no! You needed a swift kick in the ass, and you got it!"

"But how can we afford all this!?"

"The doctor grew up with my mom, and after I explained things to her, she donated her services. Everything else was paid for by the girls at the pub! We all chipped in, and voila! The new you!"

"Lisa, I hate this! I'm not a girl!"

"You are now, so just get used to it! I said that you would have to start today, but the doctor said next week, so you have from now until Monday, which is six whole days to learn how to walk, talk and act like we do, buy panties and bras, get fitted for your outfit, and maybe buy a few clothes for daily wear, like a few skirts and blouses. I'll leave that to you, but you have one week, so use your time well!"

When we were in bed, I had rolled on my side and lay there for a moment, then I felt her hand slide over me and gently cup my left breast. As her finger began to play with the nipple I felt waves of very intense pleasure gripping me, and I did my best to just lay there without moving.

"They're sensitive too! You like that don't you?"

Pausing, she pulled me on my back, then kissed the same breast, which gave me goose bumps, but as her lips moved downward, I felt her hand on my groin, her finger tracing the slit that the doctor had created. Like a master violinist, she toyed with me until she moved between my legs and her tongue touched me, once, twice, then more. Quivering with excitement, I was disappointed when nothing else happened, but Lisa was smiling as she lay her head on my stomach.

"Maybe it's to soon. Maybe you'll be able to react differently after a while. I hope you don't mind Molly, but you're so damned sexy!"

Just that little bit was more attention that I had gotten from her in over a month, so no, I didn't mind at all. In the morning, Lisa told me to get dressed and do my own makeup, which I did the best I could, then I got dressed in the same skirt and blouse. My hair had needed almost nothing but a few spikes with a brush. When we were both dressed we headed for the mall. I found out that I wore a 38C bra, size 7 panties, and size 10 skirts and dresses according to Lisa, so we picked up a few of each, more pantyhose, then shoes. The girls all wore black heels, so I got two pair of those, another pair in white and some flats. No pants of any kind, which Lisa said would only inhibit my progress. It was an entirely new experience, shopping like that, as a girl I mean. As the day went on I started to get used to having weight on my chest and nothing between my legs, and I almost forgot about my new status. Until Lisa and I saw some friends of mine, friends that I usually saw at the pub!

"Hi Lisa! Who's this? I think I'm in love!"

"This is Molly! She'll be starting at the pub on Monday, so go easy on her will you?"

"Sure thing! You can always count on me to be gentle with a girl that looks like her, especially when she's hot for me!"

"You'll be sorry if you keep going down that road!" Just be nice!"

"You bet Lisa! See you on Monday then Molly!"

Blowing me a kiss as he walked off, I was shocked that they had no idea who I really was!

"You know how he is, just ignore him Molly. He's all talk and no action!"

"This is going to be terrible Lisa! What if…"

"If nothing! You're going to work as a waitress at the pub, and by the way those guys reacted to you, you'll be raking in the tips! Face it girl, you look, sound, and dress like a girl, and your pretty on top of that, so why shouldn't they be hitting on you? Now, lets get your outfits for work."

I was fitted for three outfits. Two were black, exactly like the other girls wore, the third was a pair of red hotpants with a low cut gold lame top! I wasn't eager to wear that, but Lisa was also fitted for the same outfit, so I didn't say anything until we were in the car, which is when she told me that the owner had decided on a change. Every Saturday night, all of the girls would be wearing the hotpants! I was totally dismayed, but there wasn't one thing I could do about it, not with those heavies on my chest! Worse, I could see the effects of the extra fat on my hips, especially when I wore those hotpants. Even in front I looked like a girl! I had a better ass than Lisa, and my figure was just about as good as hers! The only thing tempering it all was the fact that nobody would be able to say that I was a guy. Lisa was adamant that I get used to the idea of being a girl, telling me that I looked so good that I might actually enjoy it, if I tried that is.

Each day she would give me things to practice, then check me on it after work, and by the time Sunday arrived, she said that I was as good as I was likely to get. That's also the day that Lisa took me to the pub to fill out the application form. Jack, the guy that owned the place gave me the form to fill out, but as I was filling it out, he was busy looking down my blouse, and the way he looked at me, well, he made me feel like a piece of meat. He said that I was hired, then Lisa and I sat out front having a drink. Like Lisa, I was wearing a short skirt, so when we sat on those stools, a lot of leg was showing.

"Hi baby!"

"Oh! Hi!"

"Who's your friend Lisa?"

"This is Molly! She'll be starting here tomorrow! Molly, this is Stanley."

He smiled, but his eyes kept drifting to my magnificent set of boobs. I did my best to smile instead of slapping him, and eventually he drifted away. That night as Lisa and I went to bed, I told her how I felt when both Stan and Jack looked at me.

"Get used to it honey, why do you think we dress the way we do? The guys want to get into our pants, so they tip big, just so we'll bend over and let them see what we have! Just don't go crazy if someone pats you on the ass! Most of the guys do it. They don't mean anything by it, and they get a big thrill out of it. Now, lets go to bed."

"But it's only six"….then it hit me. Duh!

Lisa was masterful in the way she made me react to her, yet there still wasn't any response when she did her muff dive again. I worked on her, and as always, she reacted wonderfully. Laying there, she calmly asked me if I wanted to try something else, something that might help me react. When I said yes, she got up, went to the dresser, put something on, and turned around. When I saw it every muscle in my body tensed up.

"Oh no you don't" I said, "not that!"

"Oh yes, this! How are you ever going to understand what we go through for the guys unless you have some basis for understanding!? Besides, maybe this will help you get yours! Now, roll on your side honey, and I'll get over here…" I found myself facing her "toy" which to be honest, wasn't any bigger than I used to be, but…"Lick it. Take it baby!"

I hesitated, the very thought of it making me almost choke. If I did what she wanted, what would that make me? While I knew it was a fake, I also felt lower than ever. Then Lisa touched my breast, and I slipped my tongue out to touch it. Lisa didn't say a word as she shoved a little, and I had it in my mouth. Lisa moved it in and out like a guy would, making sure that I took enough to get used to what she said it was like.

"There is one other thing Molly, and most girls know what it's like, so just relax. I'll be gentle, I promise."

Then she rolled me on my face and yanked my hips up, spreading my legs. Using her finger, she made sure that I was well lubed before she started entering me. I struggled to ease the pain, but she was relentless in making it enter me. Then I felt it slide deep inside, and all at once I felt myself wet in the groin. Lisa thrust hard, taking her time, making me experience two more events which left me dripping. Smiling, she pulled out, then went to clean up. I lay there exhausted from what had happened, unsure why I had let her do that to me. I never once thought about doing what she did to me, but I couldn't say it didn't get me off, and that scared me. We lay there together, her hand on my breast, and as I drifted off to sleep, I thought about what the next day would bring, but I just knew that it was going to be bad. The next morning Lisa insisted that I take a bubble bath, which wasn't all that bad, then she left me to get dressed, telling me that if I didn't show up for work, she would tell everyone that I had decided to be a girl, and was out looking for a boyfriend!

I wore a plain skirt and blouse to the pub, changing with everyone else in the locker room. As I pulled on the ruffled panties my breasts were heaving in concern, then Kelly helped me slide the outfit over my head and zipped it up. The pushup bra had done it's work, making alps out of small mountains, which were bursting to pop out based on the way the dress fit. My nails had been repainted, my makeup perfect and I wore perfume, yet…

"Lets go to it girls! There's some thirsty lads out there!"

"Horny ones too Julia!"

"The best kind!"

Kelly took me by the arm…"They don't know, and we aren't going to tell them so relax! Besides, with those babies staring them in the eye and that cute body of yours, they won't have any doubts at all!"

As we walked out together, the guys started cheering, then I took a tray and started work. The owner wasn't stupid, the tables were lower, so we had to bend over to take the orders, which let the guys get a good eyeful in front, and by bending at the waist, the guys behind us also got a good look. After a few hours my feet were killing me, my legs hurt, and my arms ached from carrying the tray, but nobody else was complaining, so about all I could do was smile and keep working. I endured pats on the butt, guys reaching for a breast, uncouth come on lines, some outright offers, and having guys put their arms around me a few times. Just about ten I was able to take a break, and went in the locker room. After counting, I found out that I had made almost $200 in tips alone! I put the money in my locker, sitting there shocked at how much money I had made, and that was on a Monday! By the end of the night I made another $100, but I was dead on my feet! After I changed clothes, Lisa and I went home, but I flopped into bed and dropped off immediately. The next morning…

"I want you to take the money you made in tips and go out and buy some clothes for yourself. Earrings and other jewelry too."

"But I don't know what to buy! I don't have a clue!"

"I'll make a list, but a woman your age knows what to buy, and certainly doesn't need another woman to tell her! I'll make the list while you get dressed."

She handed it to me, then pointed at the door. Looking at the list, I knew I didn't have enough money to get everything, because on the list were…blow dryer, curling iron, brush, makeup (all), jeans, slacks, shorts, panties, bras, slips, skirts, dresses, coats, shoes, pantyhose, jewelry, hair stuff( meaning barrettes, and so on), a swimsuit, and lastly, nail polish! Smirking, she suggested that I start with lingerie since I didn't have enough, at least one more skirt and blouse, plus jeans and shoes.

"I figure that by the end of the week you'll have everything you need Molly, now, go on, you're a big girl now, and there's nothing to be afraid of."

"Big girl" she called me! Using her car, I went to the mall, and bought everything I could, but not everything on the list. The shoes I bought were gym shoes, which I changed into right on the spot. When I tried on the jeans for fit I could see that they fit me like Lisa's did her, which only reinforced what I already knew; that this was going to last a long time. Lisa wasn't the kind of girl to go halfway, and by making me into a girl, she had gone to go all out to make it true. That much was plain as day. But there wasn't anything I could do by then. I had my own boobs, no manhood, a round butt and wider hips with a narrow waist. It was a done deal that I didn't know how to get out of! I was sitting at a table in the café area when I saw her walking towards me, and unable to run and hide, all I could do was sit there and hope she didn't recognize me. That idea vanished in a puff of smoke when my mom sat down across from me.

"Lisa told me you were here; I've been looking everywhere!"

"Mom, I…"

"You look very nice, did you know that?"

"This isn't what I planned on mom, but…"

"Lisa told me how you volunteered to do this, just so the two of you could buy a house, and I'm very proud of you…to do this I mean. Not many men would go so far to please a woman."

"Mom, it's not like…it's as bad as all that" I said, lying through my teeth, "but look at me! I have my own boobs now, and the doctor did something to make me look like a girl! I don't even have a beard any more!"

"Well, girls don't have beards honey, and half the population have breasts, so don't worry about that!" Putting her hand over mine…"Does this mean that you've given up on crime? If it does, your father would really like to see you…"

"Not like this mom! Never!"

"Maybe later, after you get used to it then. Now tell me, what did you buy?"

I showed her, then she and I walked through the mall together, just talking. Mom said that Lisa told her I volunteered, but I think she knew better. She knew that I had always been an asshole when it came to women, so it followed that I would not eagerly become one just to buy a house. Mom did not say anything about that, only offering to buy me a dress that she said was very nice. To my great shame, I let her. My mother and I were never what you could call close, but as we walked through the mall I could feel something new in her attitude around me. Unable to say what it was, I let it go, then, as we passed one of those fancy lingerie shops…

"Let me buy you something really nice Molly, something really special. I would hate to think that my daughter didn't own something special, something sexy and very feminine for the man in her life."

"Man in my life? There's only Lisa mom!"

"I know that, it's just a figure of speech honey. Lets go in and see what we can find."

Mom picked it out and I tried it on after she insisted, but when I looked in the mirror I almost fainted. The white satin next to nothing bra had pushed my babies up, together and out, while the high cut, narrow front matching panties did next to nothing in hiding my still bald muff, and the sheer front let the slit I sported be seen if you looked close enough! I turned to mom, who smiled and gave me the okay sign. I changed back into my own clothes, she paid for the stuff, and we started for the door.

"Your father doesn't know about this, and you know that he goes to the pub on Friday nights, so just do your best and you'll be fine; he'll never figure it out Molly, never."

I had forgotten all about that! My dad was a life long admirer of breasts, and he never failed to mention to anyone that would listen, about a girl he thought had a "nice rack". That would be me in this case. I worked the next three days, with Thursday off. By then I had amassed almost $800, so I went back to the mall and bought the rest of the stuff on the list and a bit more. By the time I was done. I had a total of six skirts, eight blouses, three tops and plenty of bras and panties as well as most of the things a girl my age would have or need. Lisa had used her toy on me twice more, and each time my body responded. On Friday as I changed for work…

"Molly! Jack yelled through the door, "Get your ass out here!"

I added some lipstick and went out to see what he wanted. "Kelly was in an accident, so I'll need you and Janice to split her area tonight. You take table 4 through 9, she can take the rest."

I started my shift, and by the time ten came around, the pub was full. The drinks were flowing, people were laughing and having a good time, just like always when it happened. Some guy I knew only casually, came up behind me, slipped his hands under my arms, and cupped each of my breasts. I squealed in shock, he squeezed, and I dropped the tray on the table. I told him to let go, but he wouldn't, so I cocked my arm, and hit him with my elbow, right between the eyes. He hit the floor, out cold, with a big red mark on his forehead. People scattered as the bouncers came running, pushing their way through the crowd. They helped him up, then tossed him out on his ass. Jack asked if I was okay, made sure the bouncers wouldn't let the jerk back in, and I went back to waiting tables.

"That" Brian said, "was a pretty good one Molly! Not very many girl know that move!"

"He grabbed me, you saw it!"

"Yup, he sure did, and you put him on the floor like a pro!"

"Well, he needed it Brian! I don't let customers touch me like that!"

"What if it wasn't a customer?"

"What does that mean?" I was so dense that I didn't get it! Duh!

"What if you let me take you to dinner? On your day off."

"Are you asking me out?!"

"Why not? You're the best looking girl in here!"

"I…I'll…think about it."

"That's good enough for me!"

When Lisa and I got home that night I told her what Brian said. Instead of telling me that it was a ridiculous idea, she told me I should take him up on his offer!

"What do you mean Lisa? You want me to go out on a date?"

"How long" Lisa said a bit stridently, "have you been a girl now? Almost a month now anyway, and well, I'm a grown woman Molly! I need someone to make love to me like a man does, and well, you can't, can you? I know this is going to be hard on you, but I think that maybe it would be better if you moved into the other room. And if Brian wants to take you to dinner, then why not go? It'll do you good to go someplace other than work, here, or the mall!"

"You have someone else, don't you?"

"Not really, but Stan has already asked me out. After you supposedly left me, he sees me as single again. I think I'm going to take him up on his offer Molly. Maybe you should take Brian's."

"You did this to me on purpose, didn't you?! You turned me into a girl just so you could…"

"Molly! Stop that! I did not do this just to leave you! I could have just tossed you out! Right? I only did this to help you find out what we go through every day and make you quit being such an asshole!" She took my hands in hers, then hugged me. "Molly, think about this for a minute! Have you ever had any one treat you like they do now? Have you ever had this much attention? I've been watching you a lot, and you know what? I think that your starting to more than just like being a girl. You flirt with the guys a lot, you always smile at them, and you've lost virtually all of your male mannerisms! Now you have a guy asking you out! What could be any better than that?" She paused, then said, "I'm pretty sure that you're just fighting against the idea that a guy finds you attractive enough to ask out, but you'll have to face the fact that even if you decided to go back to being a guy, you'll still have that voice, won't you. And didn't you tell me that the doctor told you it would last for at least three months? Molly, honey, you're a girl now, and girls date guys. So tell Brian you'll have dinner with him and simply enjoy being out somewhere with someone that likes you enough to ask you out!"

And that's how it was. I was crushed, having to face the naked truth like that, but Lisa was right and I knew it. She and the other girls didn't turn me into a girl for spite, and to be frank, I did start all this by wearing that silly maids outfit. I didn't even complain t hat much when I woke up to find myself with a girls body! I loved Lisa, but it was different, more sisterly I guess, and I guess I knew that she would find someone else. I moved my things into the other room, spending time sorting everything out. As I put things away I stopped and looked in the mirror. Lisa was right about one thing, I did look like a girl, and there wasn't any way I could go back to being a guy any time soon, if ever. I was devastated at having to move out of Lisa's room, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she might just have made my life better. Part of me said the hell with it, the other part wanted to be with her, but the part that said the hell with it, started to get a lot bigger. I undressed and went in the shower, letting my hand caress my body, which was every bit as good as Lisa's, maybe better in some ways, and decided that she was right. I would let Brian take me to dinner.

When I saw Brian that night I said that I would go out with him, and we set a day. The week went by quickly, and on my day off, I spent a few hours getting ready, starting at the beauty shop. I had the rest of my beard removed, another full waxing, and my nails, hair, and makeup done. Then I went home and changed into the dark green sheath dress, but underneath it I wore that set of special lingerie that mom bought me. I was waiting in the living room when Stan showed up to get Lisa. He was very polite, told me I looked gorgeous, then he and Lisa left. Brian showed a bit later, and we left for the restaurant. Brian is one of the guys that I knew pretty well, but of course, he still gave me no sign that he knew who I was, and treated me just like a lady all through dinner. Lisa was right, it was fun to be out of the house with someone that wanted to be with you. When we got back to the house, Lisa had her bedroom door shut, which, according to our agreement, meant that she had a guest.

"Molly" Brian said. When I looked back, he put his arms around me and kissed me, long and hard, with his tongue playing explore. By the time we broke, I was panting! He had caught me off guard and kissed me! I had never kissed a guy before, and I was a bit shocked, but to tell the truth, he was a good kisser. The rasping feeling of his face, the smell of his cologne, and his strength were so unlike a girl. I moved away, hesitating, unsure if I should concede or not. Having a man look at me like he did was so new, so different.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"No, it's not you Brian, it's…I've…it's been a long time since anyone…"

He pulled me down next to him on the couch, stroked my hair and face, then gently put his lips on mine. I felt as if I should jump up and run in my room, but I held that feeling inside, and he kissed me again. I could sense the passion within him, and as I looked at him, he pulled me closer. Then I felt his hand on my breast. I wanted to pull away, but just like it was with Lisa, it felt so damned good that I let him keep it there for a moment, then I moved, making him withdraw his hand. When I first moved into the spare room, my intention was to show Lisa that I could live with what had happened to me and do without her. When Brian asked me out, he made me feel…like a girl, but when he touched my breast and I felt the quivering inside of me that all the way through, I lost it. My reaction to him wasn't planned, it just happened, but I cannot say it was unpleasant. He first tried to get into my pants, then my bra of course, but I stopped him and he went home without touching anything but my breasts, and to be brutally honest, he did that really well.

For all intents and purposes, I was a 19 year old girl, with only a very few people knowing differently. As I lay in bed I thought about that. At the very minimum, I had two more months of being a girl, and even then I would have to undergo surgery to remove my breasts, hips and butt, and hopefully, my voice might turn back to normal. But I wouldn't have any beard, and how could I simply return as a guy after all that time? The questions would be relentless, and of course, how could I ever face those guys again, and on top of that, I would be right back where I started from. Broke, with two convictions on my record. Lisa had already started up with Stan, and if I returned as a guy, I couldn't see him letting me live with Lisa, which meant that I would have to leave. My becoming a girl was turning out to be a trap.

There was only one way out for me, and as I thought about it, I could see that there was only one conclusion I could come to. I had to keep on being a girl, then try to forget everything about my male life, and be the best girl I could be. Once I came to that decision the rest was easy. The next day I went to see the doctor that had fixed me up, and got a document that would allow me to change my identification. I hired a lawyer who changed my name to Catherine Michelle, deciding to use the name Molly only at work. That took most of the morning, and as I sat in the car, I thought about what mom said, and called her.

Telling me that she and I needed to talk, we made a date for the next morning and I went home. That's when I told Lisa that I had changed my name, what it was. That drew a glassy stare from her.

"But…I thought you were going to give it up!"

"Lets think about that for a minuet Lisa. If I become my old self, say in a few more months, I'll need the surgery to get rid of the boobs and the other stuff, right? And how could I just reappear? Where have I been? In jail again? And if you're dating Stan, how could I possibly live here? I'd be broke and on the streets again, right? I'd be right back where I was to start with! I sat in a chair and looked at her. "I've decided not to fight it Lisa, I'll keep on being a girl, but I never really liked the name Molly, so I'll only use it at work. Otherwise, I'm Cathy. Okay?"

"Sure, I guess, but…what does that all mean?"

"It means that from now on I'm going to be a girl."

"Complete with boyfriend?"

"That remains to be seen, doesn't it?"

"Don't you like Brian?"

"But it's up to him, isn't it?"

"Yeah, that's true, it's always up to the guys."

"I'll pay my share of expenses Lisa, but from now on, we only share the house. Is that okay with you?"

Lisa agreed to never tell anyone who I really was, and since she was in on the entire transformation from the beginning, she also had a lot to lose if that came out. From that point on Lisa and I remained good friends but nothing more, and I never discussed my dates or anything else with her. Brian and I went out three more times before I let him put his on my panties, but of course, there was nothing to succeed with there. With an entirely new outlook on life and my rapidly growing acceptance of my status, I succumbed to his eager passions in another way. It was much better than when Lisa had me kiss it, and I didn't feel the slightest bit remorseful that I had done it. If anything it made me feel as if I were really a girl. Brian wanted to stay the night, but I couldn't allow that, so he went home. The next morning for my breakfast meeting with mom, I wore a very prim dress and flats, my hair down and minimum makeup. After we were seated, I told her that I had changed my name, what it was, and why I decided to do it. I went through every scenario that I could think of, always returning to the fact that I liked being a girl.

"You have to tell your father Cathy, this isn't something you can hide from him!"

"He won't like it!"

"Maybe, maybe not, but he didn't like you in jail or out on the streets either, and he managed to cope. He'll cope with this as well, but only if you tell him how and why it all started and why you feel you have no choice."

"I heard him tell some of the guys that he thought I had a nice ass mom. He'll flip when he finds out who I really am, and he might even let it slip out! I can't have that mom."

"Why don't we tell him together? He's at home right now…"

I was positive that dad was going to kick my ass up and down the street, then kill my bruised body when he found out who I was. Dad was a good guy who could never understand me, and really had a hard time when I got busted the first time. That's why he threw me out. What I had done went against everything he had taught me, and I had thrown it all away. We never spoke again after that, and my mother only rarely. But I needed her more than ever before, and she knew it. The fact that I had become a female did not seem to bother her, and if anything, she seemed, in a way, pleased! When I started working at the pub I would often see my dad there with his friends, unable to even hint that I knew him, what our relationship was, nothing. That was really hard, especially when he patted me on the butt as I passed by, and never failed to comment on my "rack" as he put it. I did not want to face my father, but I didn't have a choice, unless I was willing to forget my entire life. He and mom were the only family I had, and I couldn't just turn my back on them, no matter what happened. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I followed mom home, then the two of went in the house together. My dad was out on the dock fishing, his bobber bouncing up and down as he dozed.

"Honey" mom said, "there's someone here that you need to meet." Dad turned and saw me, jumping to his feet with a grin on his face. "Honey, this is Catherine. Our daughter Catherine."

"No! This is Molly! She works at the pub! We don't have a daughter woman!"

"We do now. Take a close look and tell me who this is."

Dad looked, then…"yeah! This is Molly! She works at the pub, but she isn't our daughter, that much I know for sure!"

"Honey" mom said softly, this is our son. He decided to be the girl he always knew he was." Mom paused to let that sink in, then…"All that trouble with the police? That was him fighting against the truth, but that's over now. This is our daughter, and her name is Catherine Michelle!"

"My son! This is my son? No! It can't be! My son wouldn't…really?"

"Hi Dubs." It was what I called him. I was the only one that ever called him Dubs. Something from my childhood.

"But I…a girl? You turned yourself into a girl?"

"It's better than jail Dubs, and I'm doing fine now."

"Well…This is just…I should….I can't go to the pub now, can I?!"

"Why not?" I said, "Just don't pat me on the ass like you usually do! And, you can't tell anyone!!"

"You can count on that! My son, the girl? Really?"

"You didn't seem to think I was anything but a girl before now, so what's changed Dubs?"

"I know you got'em, I seen'em myself, but…just how real are you?"

"I have it all Dubs, and yes, it's all real."

"So…you're a real girl now? You're not one of them halfway boy girls are you?"

"All real Dubs. No half way stuff."

We stood there on the dock staring at each other for a moment. The shock of it all hit him like a bolt of lightning, and he was virtually speechless for a moment. I could see it in his eyes, the shock, the fear, wondering how I could do such a thing. In his world boys were boys, and girls were girls. He realized that the girl whose butt he had been patting was his daughter, the same girl that had what he always said was a great figure. For him, it was almost incest, and he recoiled when he thought of it. There was nothing I could do or say to ease his shock, only stand there and let him digest what I had told him. Then…

"You planning on coming home?"

"That depends."

"On what?"


"Where you staying now?"

"I rent a room."

"I don't understand any of this! A girl? Your mother says that you always wanted to be a girl? Why didn't I know that?"

"Because you would have made it even harder than it already was" mom told him.

"You're probably right" he said. "Your mother has always wanted a daughter, so you might as well stay here, but I don't want any late night funny stuff in my house! Understand?"

"Yeah, thanks Dubs,"

"I'm not sure that I can get used to you like this! I mean…your so…"

"She is a lovely young lady who has decided to stay out of trouble by working at the pub! The fact that she has become our daughter has nothing to do with it! Besides, I already know you like her, so lets get her all moved in before we do anything else."

Two days later I had moved out of Lisa's house and back with my parents. Everything was okay, until dad caught a glimpse of me as I walked out of the bath back to my room. I had a towel loosely wrapped around me, not using a robe since I thought I was home alone. I heard the sputtering and ran into my bedroom, quickly putting on a robe before I walked out. Dubs was standing there, his eyes still wide.

"You got no…you’re a girl!"

"I told you I was Dubs!"

"Yeah, but I thought…."

I went to him and put my arms around his neck, our faces just inches apart. "I'm your daughter now Dubs, and like it or not, that's the way it is! I'm sorry you saw that, it won't happen again." Then I kissed him on the cheek. He was flustered, not used to seeing a young girl in the house for one, and knowing that the girl he saw had been his son just had to be really hard on him. But he was trying, and we managed to get along fairly well. Brian came over a few times, which is when I found out just how possessive Dubs was becoming. He gave poor old Brian the what for when he decided that I wasn't home on time once. Mom was like a woman possessed as she decided that I needed a more feminine room, and dragged me to a shop to pick out new colors, curtains, bedding, and furniture! As the days became weeks, then months, I knew that being a girl was the best thing that ever happened to me. Dubs had the hardest time when I would model the new outfits Jack was buying for us, like the time Jack bought us all those really tight and very short hotpants. He didn't like that at all, but when Jack opened another club, a "gentleman's" club, Dubs told me flat out that I couldn't work there! He said that no daughter of his was going to work as a stripper! Between Brian and Dubs, I hadn't even considered it, but it was one more sign that my father was taking his role as my "protector" very seriously. In many ways he and I became very close, although he hated seeing me in a bikini when Brian and I would use the lake. I was making more money than ever at the pub, mom and I were as close as could be, and Brian was leading me into a role I knew was coming, his wife. Dubs still had his moments, but on the whole, he treated me like his daughter, a Princess really, and even gave me a very nice daughters ring for my birthday.

Lisa and Stan broke up when she got pregnant, leaving her to take care of herself all alone. I did not ask if I could help, since she and I had become less friendly after I moved out. Lisa was angry with herself, irate that Stan had taken off, and refusing to ask me for help, ignored me as often as she could. Once she told me she was going to tell, but that fell flat when she realized that because I could prove I was a girl, all it would do is make her look like a shrew. The girl that had lost out in the pregnancy lottery. I won the "best in hotpants" contest five times in a row before I told Jack that I was going to be gone for about two months. Brian never knew that I wasn't a girl, and when I went in the hospital to complete my transition, all mom would tell him was that It was for "female troubles".

As I look back on it, there must have been some part of me that was fascinated with the idea of being a woman, some thing that let Lisa lead me into it without a real fight. But the road I traveled let me return to the only family I knew, get away from a past that I wanted to forget, and find someone that loves me more than life itself. Brian is coming, so I have to go now. I have to save him from Dubs. He's going to try and talk Brian into learning how to fish.

About a month after Lisa and I came to our agreement, Jack called us all into his office.

"I'm opening a new nightclub, a men only joint. I'm going to offer a lingerie show for the guys, which means that some of you'll be wearing nothing but lingerie all night. It pays a grand a week plus whatever tips you get, but for that I'll expect you to be very friendly with the clients. If you are interested, just let me know."

I was making an average of $800 a week, so grand plus tips sounded really great, and we were all talking about it.




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