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Molly and Stephanie the Communication between to TVs who are very much into lipstick nylon stockings, high heels silky satin and lace... Would YOU like to continue the story with me? (or if you recognise yourself Steph, you know who to get back in touch with!)


Molly and Stephanie the Communication

by Molly



As I rake my long nails, painted in deep shiny cherry red

nail-varnish, across and back over my nipples that are

encased in my soft but tight pvc corset, I mince across the

room in my oh so very high heels, walking like a model on

the catwalk but slower and more seductive, I feel the lace

tops of my sheer black stockings tug gently at my

multi-strapped suspenders. I run my tounge across my full

pouty cherry red lipsticked lips, feeling my satin cami

knickers bulge and strain at my hard excitement, longing to

be stroked, as I think of you


oh Baby Baby !

hello there !

I watch you, my clitty stiff in my peach satin pantie I'm

wearing peach satin undies 8 garters white FF nylons and a

very trashy black pvc skirt. I drag my tongue over my

lipstick. I cross my silk stockinged legs, my 6 inch

stiletto heels point at you. I motion to my wardrobe and ask

you to pick out an extremely tight tight tight micro mini

pvc skirt

smiles, what will you do ?


mmmmmm hon, whata turn on!,

My deep dark eyeshadowed eyes nearly pop out of my head at the gorgeous sight of you, they follow every inch of your heels, your oh so sexy shoes and stockings, your white FF nylons have me mesmerised as I follow them all the way up to your pvc skirt, dissapointed in one way at losing the sight of your nyloned legs, but pleased at the 'tease' you show with that trashy skirt.

I fumble though the wardrobe, so excited and nervous at the same time. So many sexy things to wear, silk satins, pvc, uniforms, mmmm. I pick out a stretch crimson red skirt that looks so short it could be a belt! I wonder how I could ever fit into it, I notice it even has splits on the sides that would reveal any stocking tops that were being worn as one walked, even if one's stockings were pulled up as high as they would go!

I gaze back at you, admiring your look so much. I hear your stockings rasp as you cross and uncross your legs mmmmm. Oh how I long to know how your lipsticked lips would feel against mine...and how your nylons would feel next to mine.

I smile knowingly as I hand the skirt to you, and lift one leg.....


I smile

A good choice of skirt. You are unaware that it is two sizes too small. You are going to stretch yourself into it. Its going to be so horny gorgeous. I instruct you to change into a black nylon full pantie for a reason. I spray them with scent and hand them to you. You slip into the darling panties how snug they feel - pretty under such a gaudy skirt. I carefully slip the ridiculous skirt into place with much effort. I got you to change the pantie so that when you walk and bend and pose for me I can see the black nylon pantie at all times. If it was a thong I wouldn't be able to.

You pull the tight tight tight red pvc skirt into place. The hem just barely covers the tops of your seamed nylons I can make out each of the suspender clip "bumps" through the tight stretched material. You step up into your so so high stilettos and regloss your mouth for over 30 minutes as I watch the darling pantie tease me at the hem of your skirt....................


The purfume intoxicates me , I feel powerless to resist, I do as you command and then walk slowly over and sit on the chair as I feel you walk to me I hear your high heels 'click-clack' on the hard floor (just luv that sound dont you?).

Then you straddle my lap and open your deepest red lipstick tube...




I stand above you just for a moment. You are sitting before me knees together, but stiletto heels wide apart. The red pvc skirt chosen is stretched beyond what the material is supposedly capable of doing. Your suspender straps clearly visible through the red gloss material my eyes travel the length of the the straps to the chrome clips. Each one totally visible around the tops of your thighs. Each suspender clip strains to the tautness, the seamed nylons with their wide band are utterly incredible I milk and milk and milk and milk and milk in homage to these nylons. To my mind there are no others.

In my own skin tight 'black' pvc ultra acute mini dress with my seamed nylon tops showing my 8 suspenders straps taut, I straddle your taut thighs. I smile at you your completely OTT makeup your false eyelashes flutter at me needs one more thing. LIPSTICK oh darling darling sweet LIPSTICK. Red so so red. Both our pvc skirts and dresses caresses and touch, our suspender clips kiss our silk and nylon panties a whisper away from each other, I begin to paint your pouty mouth with total reverence. In my mind I think I should sit and paint your mouth using the entire tube at once. The lipstick is deep deep red the gloss sheen is utterly incredible...................Hours of lipstick painting. I look down a moment and utterly adore how your seamed nylon tops your suspender straps frame your nylon panties beautifully precious baby. You're almost ready.................


WOW! I am almost breathless on hearing your words! I grind and writhe beneath you, longing for you to inch your way further and further up my long nylon stockinged legs so our stockings can 'whipser' sweet rasps to each other. I long for the feeling of your silky satin cami knickers next to mine rubbing up and down , oh that feels so good!

Your deep oh so shiny cheery red lipsticked lips look so inviting. The look and feel of you and your perfect my make up, concentrating of course on my lipstick, over and over yes mmm, I am getting lost in the heavanly creamyness of it. You emphasise the deep 'V' in the middle of my top lip, you ourline them with lip liner to make them look even fuller.

I can resist no more as my hands caress your nyon stockinged thighs, up and up toying with your suspenders mmm, then I hold your waist as I reach out and kiss your beautiful lips with mine. Full on kissing, mmm yes RED LIPSTICK to RED LIPSTICK, tounges hesitanty at first, ensuring the soft creamy smooth lipsticked lips keep kissing, gentle licks, my hand feels inside your panties and yours feels inside mine, gentle stroking, nylons caressing each other as we kissssssss......


We disappear into a soft succulent world of the delicate lipstick kiss. We spend an hour not once coming up for breath as the gloss mess lipstick smears our mouths our kisses get hungrier our fingers delicately caress each others nylons. Our fingers caress the front of our panties I wrap your clitty in the silk of your panties and stroke you up, then slowly slowly back down. I want to kiss you in lipstick and coat your stiff clitty in a silk 'tube' and stroke you forver till you cum and cum and cum, your lipstick lips never once leaving mine.

We will change into completely different outfits next. I want

every single minute detail of yours precious baby. tell me every

material every single item of detail

precious precious baby



After hours of creamy kissing our creamy lipsticked lips slowly and sensuously break away from each other, I lick my lips knowing your will just have to re-apply some more lipstick to both yours and mine. My extra long tarty black eyelashed eyes gaze down, revealing my smokey dark grey eyeshadow. I flutter my eyes at you, then as I look down I see the sight of your long red fingernailed hand wrapped around me, the tight tight skirt hitched up so much I hear it ripping at the seams. The look of your girlish hand milking me is just to much and I explode with delight all over my silky satin knickers, squeezing your nyloned thighs in gentle exstasy. I open my mouth and gasp as the cream oozes down to my stocking tops and dribbles onto yours. I caress the cream into your nylon stockinged thighs. What a slutty tart I feel! (you can take that both ways - as the way I an feeling about myself and my hands feeling YOU!)

As you open your handbag to take out more of your lucious lipstick a card falls out that reads:

"Special 2 for 1 offer at Zoe's Lingerie store

Late night opening -

--- Today only ---

**** TVs Welcome ****

Showers and Luxery changing rooms provided".

We look at each other with wide open eyes, and a wry smile.

Could it be that you intend to drag me there. As I am, smeared lipstick, torn skirt revealing my sheer black seamed stocking tops and cream soaked cami knickers?!? I don't have time to resist as you fetch some handcuffs from your handbag and click-click - we are cuffed together!! I'm jerked off of the chair (tee hee - in more ways than one) and pulled towards the door. You marching ahead as I try to keep up, both of our high heels click clacking wildly on the floor. How would we look on the streets like this...

the card has a picture similar to


we stumble into the store and I push you into the changing room. I kiss you opened mouthed, panting wanting but resisting. I close the curtain, and you hear me say to the assistant.....

"Can you select thee most expensive lingerie set my lover, money no object, and cheapen the whole thing with a disgusting trashy dress?"

Describe it in detail, everything

kiss kiss


The assistant comes into the changing room, she glances at us noticing the wet marks in our panties and stockings. "First of all I suggest you get out of those clothes and take a shower, here is the key, don't worry it's as double one".

She then proceeds to lay out some garmets:

The stockings; Ultra sheer, 10 denier Barley Black by Pretty Polly, with seams and pretty lace tops, with a full fashioned french heel, with reinforced heel an toe.

To hold them up: A nylon and satin suspender belt with 4 suspenders each side with shiny metal clasps and a silk bow on each one. A matching bow is present in the front of the suspender belt too. The rear is plain and should feel smooth next to the skin.

Panites: Soft Black nylon with lace frills on the top and the hem in

the style of cami knickers

A matching bra, black nlyon and satin cup with lace on the top and trimm

A satin full slip in silvery pink with black lace edging and slits up both sides

Shoes: Slutty deep shiny patent red with 1" ankle straps and 6" heels without platforms.

A selection of make up including numerous Red Lipsticks, deep dark eyeshadow, rouge, long dark false lashes.

And last but not least a trashy blue dress, so tight it will reveal

all the bulges and so short, stocking tops and supenders will keep

popping on view.


We notice te assistant



lipstck kisses

and nylon caresses






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