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Misty             by Julie … and Misty


When I was 11 we went on summer vacation to New England, where we stayed at my Aunt Nancy’s. My parents then went on to Boston, while I stayed behind. ….. It was several hours later when I was looking for my suitcase, that we realized it was not here. My parents were to return the next day, so it was going to be a minor inconvenience, or so I thought.

The next morning my parents called to say they were having car trouble, and it would be another day or two before they could return.

It turned into a hot summer day; and after lunch, my cousin, Sue, who was two years older, and slightly bigger than me, suggested we go into their pool. While she went upstairs to put on her swimsuit, I took off my shirt, and was going to go in in my jeans.

"Where are you going young man ?" My Aunt demanded.

"..’… in the pool." I replied.

"Oh no, … not in your clothes. You’ll wear a suit."

"But … I … uh …. "

"Come on, … we’ll see what we can find."

She ushered me upstairs, and we went into my cousin’s room. She asked Sue to find something for me. I was anxious as she shuffled through her drawers. She held up the bottom from one of her bikinis; but it was quickly apparent it wasn’t going to work. Then she pulled out a one piece. Aunt Nancy handed it to me.

"No way !" I protested.

"Come on !" Sue cajoled. It’s hot out, and the pool will be fun. No one will see you."

Their yard WAS fenced in by a high wooden fence; and the temperature was in the 90s, so I went into the bathroom. I hesitantly pulled it on, and then off …. looked at it …and gingerly on again. I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t want to do this. I stepped out of it again. Sue pounded on the door urging me to hurry up; so I slipped it on once again, and pulled the straps over my shoulders, and I came out, … quite timidly. Aunt Nancy and Sue giggled a little. I was red faced and embarrassed. ……. I was once again having second thoughts when Aunt Nancy scooped up my clothes for the laundry. Sue grabbed my hand and pulled me downstairs, and out to the pool. We were alone in the enclosed yard; but I was uncomfortable; although the water felt nice.

I was just beginning to get over my embarrassment when the door on the fence swung open and Sue’s friend, Trish, came in. I wanted to sink to the bottom of the pool. My pulse raced as my heart pounded with anxiety.

"Hi !" She greeted cheerily, an amused smile spreading across her face. "You must be ummm … Michelle, Sue’s cousin." She chuckled at my expense.

Sue giggled with her. My face must have been scarlet !

"You look so CUTE !" She cried.

The next few minutes seemed like hours as they teased me. Trish asked me about my dolls, and if I liked playing with my "Barbies", teasingly. Then they taunted me about what sort of dresses I liked, and if I wasn’t going to put my hair in curlers after swimming. I was so humiliated. I couldn’t take it; and jumped out of the pool, and ran to the house. I opened the door, and was about to enter and run upstairs when Aunt Nancy yelled.

"Don’t you drip on my wooden floors ! ….. What are you coming in for anyway ?"

I explained that Trish had come over; and they were making fun of me.

"Oh, .. the girls are just teasing you a little. They don’t mean anything. Now go back out there and have fun. Don’t let them get the better of you."

I grumbled, but grudgingly returned to the pool. They continued to tease me off and on; but then after a while we were getting along just great; and I found myself thinking how well I was fitting in as just one of the girls. I was surprised to find it was kind of exhilarating ! By the time Aunt Nancy called for us to come in to wash for dinner, I was a little disappointed.

We dried off in the patio, and I noticed a pair of jeans on the clothesline, and wondered if they were mine. We went upstairs to wash up and change. I took the suit off, rinsed the pool chlorine out, and then washed; but then I looked around for something to wear. I opened the door a crack, and asked for my clothes. After a while, I repeated, … calling out again. Sue told me to put on a towel and come out. When I finally summoned the courage to come out, I found Sue and Trish in skirts and blouses with smiles on their faces. Sue led me into her room, and there …. there was a dress and things laid out. I looked at them.

"Your clothes aren’t dry. Mom said since we got along so well this afternoon, it wouldn’t hurt you to stay a girl a little longer, at least until after dinner."

"WHAT ? …. No Sue, … I can’t … You mean wear a dress ? Are you crazy ?"

"Oh, come on … Michelle. You make a nice girl. We had such fun. ….’ Come on ….."

They pleaded with me, and coaxed me. They said how cute I was, and what a nice girl friend I turned out to be. I was filled with mixed emotions. I kind of liked her friend. They both swore they wouldn’t tease me, and pleaded so earnestly; and they reminded me I had nothing else; and her Mom wanted me to wear this. I asked about wearing a pair of her slacks or shorts or something; but Sue responded by saying we were to dress for dinner, and I was to be dressed as they were.

She handed me the pink and white lace trimmed panties from the bed. I looked at her, and then pulled them on under the towel. I was crimson. Trish pulled the towel away, as Sue prepared the slip to go over my head. I felt like such a weakling as I allowed her to pull the frilly nylon slip over my head. I looked down at the lace and ribbon bow on my chest with butterflies in my stomach. Sue held up the dress. It was yellow, with a faint pink flower design, and white lace down the front. They pulled it over my head, and I suddenly wished my head would not emerge, and I could just hide in the dark folds; but my head did emerge to look down on the ruffles and lace. Sue tied the sash in back, as they both cooed how pretty the dress was, and what a pretty girl I made. Sue handed me a pair of lace topped ankle socks, and then a pair of shiny black shoes with a strap over the instep. They stifled giggles as they used a curling iron while blowing my hair dry, and brushing it. Trish produced a ribbon, pulled it through my hair, and tied it in a neat bow. I was stunned !

They chattered and giggled softly as we headed downstairs.

Aunt Nancy stopped, mouth agape, as we approached.

"What is this ?" She asked, half laughing.

I was thoroughly embarrassed.

"We thought she made a great girl ! Doesn’t she look pretty ?" Sue asked. "We decided she should stay a girl for today."

"Wha … what ? …. No, my clothes … you said …. I didn’t …. " I stammered.

"Oh … she is cute. This is nice ! Just us girls…. huh ?" Aunt Nancy giggled. "Here I thought you’d be anxious to get back into your own things. They are all nice and clean for you. I guess you enjoyed being one of the girls this afternoon then."

"WHAT ? My clothes ? But they said….."

Sue and Trish giggled. They nudged me over to the table, and coached me on how to scoop the dress as I sat. …..This was embarrassing.

"Sue’s dress looks nice on you….."

"Michelle, Mom, …. We call her Michelle." Sue interjected.

"Michelle", Aunt Nancy repeated, a smile coming to her lips.

I was nervous as Sue and Trish would glance over and giggle. Aunt Nancy did her best to act like everything was perfectly normal; and I noticed her struggling to keep a straight face a couple times as we ate.

Sue and Trish were quickly behind me, pulling out my chair as we finished. They giggled as they fussed over me, straightening the bow in the back of my dress, and fluffing the skirt.

We went into the living room; and I sat on the couch as Sue turned on the television. Sue and Trish came over to sit on either side of me, and continued to fuss over my dress, paying more attention to me than the t v, smoothing my dress over my lap, cooing and giggling.

Twenty minutes later, they were pulling me from the couch.

"We’re going upstairs to play, mom." Sue called to my Aunt.

Aunt Nancy just smiled.

They both fussed over me, fluffing and straightening my dress and playing with my hair. Sue pulled out her girl’s games, and I soon found myself playing "Mystery Date", a very girlish board game. When I landed on a square saying I was to buy a new dress, they had to go into Sue’s closet to find an even frillier party dress for me ! Sue and Trish held several shiny, lacy dresses up to me, giggling. I wasn’t sure if I was more embarrassed to be standing there in the slip or the frilly pink flower print party dress. Trish fussed even more with my hair and hair ribbon. The dress rustled girlishly as we made our way back to the board game to finish. They were a bit disappointed when I didn’t win.

And then I found myself playing with her dolls along with them.

It was about nine o’clock when Trish’s Mom called for her to come home. Sue and I went downstairs with her dolls in our arms to see her out. Trish and Sue whispered to each other and giggled; and we said our goodnights.

Aunt Nancy suggested we get ready for bed then.

"Mom, …. can Michelle wear one of my nighties ?"

Aunt Nancy giggled; and I was crimson.

"Sure, …I don’t see why not. She makes a cute little girl, doesn’t she ?"

They both giggled; and I was led upstairs to Sue’s room.

I was handed a white flower print nightie with ruffled top and hem, with a large, white ribbon bow at the bust, and a thin flower print robe with ribbon ties to wear. I had to wear a pair of Aunt Nancy’s slippers with ribbon bows and a bit of a heel. We went downstairs for a snack of cereal, and walking in the slightly large slippers with a heel was awkward. They giggled as we sat at the table.

After we finished, and they had teased me a little, like asking me girlie things; they both saw me to my room to tuck me in. I reached up to remove the ribbon from my hair.

"Oh no, … leave your hair ribbon." Aunt Nancy said, and retied the bow.

Climbing into bed in a nightie was new to me, and it got all tangled. They helped me straighten it out, giggling at my inexperience. It felt so nice waiting for sleep in the silky nightie, my face still glowing red from embarrassment. I couldn’t help but smile.

Aunt Nancy woke us up just after 7, and the three of us went down to eat breakfast in our nighties and robes. About eight my Mom called again to say they wouldn’t be returning until the next evening.

"Well, I think you should get ready and go to church with us …. Michelle." Aunt Nancy cooed coyly.

"What ? How ? I …. in my jeans ?" I asked.

"Nooooo, …. You can’t wear jeans to church." Aunt Nancy laughed.

I was suddenly cold. I looked at them. They giggled mischievously.

"Come on Michelle, let’s go find you a pretty dress." Sue grinned.

"No Sue, …. I can’t."

"Sure you can. No one will know."

"Oh no …. I can’t……"

I was ushered into the bath; and Aunt Nancy helped me wash , and quickly put my hair up in curlers. I was then escorted to my room where I was given underthings to put on. I was scared and dumbfounded; but I pulled on the panties, … white, lace trimmed ones with a little bow. The slip had a wide circle skirt to it with lace ruffles and a large ribbon bow. I sat on the bed wondering how I had gotten in so deep. I couldn’t go out in public like this. Sue came in, …. bubbling, holding a pretty dress for me.

"Oh no Sue, … I can’t go out like this." I whined fearfully, tears coming to my eyes.

"Now, now, don’t get misty on me…." She smiled. "Hmmm, I like that. Misty, …. I think I’ll call you Misty. It’s cute."

She pushed me into the frilly, flowery dress, and then brushed and combed out my hair, and tied a satin hair ribbon in it. I was given a small white purse to carry, and nudged downstairs. Aunt Nancy gasped.

"Oh, she’s cute ! You girl’s look so pretty !" She giggled.

"Yes, … isn’t she ?" Sue giggled. "Mom , … I changed her name. …. This is Misty."

"Hi Misty." My Aunt cooed, running her hand over my silky shoulder, looking me up and down.

She left the room and returned with a pair of white gloves for me. They watched I pulled them on. They had a small bow at the wrist.

I was ushered out to their car, and sat between them. They fussed over my skirt, arranging it. I was nervous as we drove to their church, and was shaking in the frilly dress as we got out of the car. Sue fussed over me, straightening my clothes and adjusting a curl in my hair. She took my hand.

I was scared to death as I was introduced to a couple of women and then a couple of Sue’s friends ….. as their cousin Misty.

Sue would look over at me with a smile as we sat through the service, and would arrange my frilly skirt occasionally.

It seemed to take forever as we left, making our way through the church crowd. A few of their friends stopped to talk and Sue and I were told often how pretty we looked.

We arrived back at their house, and I was relieved to see our car was not there. I knew they were not supposed to return until late tomorrow, but I was fearful just the same.

Aunt Nancy tied a frilly apron around me, and Sue and I helped set the table and get dinner on the table. I felt so strange in the frilly girl things; … but I was getting a little used to wearing a dress. Aunt Nancy and Sue fussed over me and treated me like a pampered, pretty girl.

Trish showed up as we wred the table. She was wearing an every day blouse and skirt. She lit up when she saw how I was dressed.

"Hi Michelle", she cooed. "You look so PRETTY !"

I was crimson.

"No, I changed her name Trish. …. This is Misty." Sue told her.

"Hi Misty !" She squealed.

The three of us went upstairs and "girl talked" for a short time, before they decided we should go swimming. It was getting quite warm again. … This time when I came out in my suit Sue stuffed a pair of nylons in the cups, and then we went out to the pool.

I was more relaxed with Sue and Trish, and we had a fun time playing in the pool. The slight padding made the suit fit, and even look better on me, despite making me look more of the girl.

My Aunt called us in later in the afternoon to come in and wash up for supper.

"You girls have been out in the sun and water all afternoon, so I want you all to use plenty of moisturizing cream before you get dressed. Sue and Trish said they would, and then looked over at me, and giggled. Aunt Nancy followed us upstairs, and directed me into the bath.

"Now, get out of that wet suit, rinse it out, and wash off in the shower, while I get you something to wear."

She looked at my slightly padded front, then at me, and at my chest again, and smiled.

I rinsed the suit out, and threw it over the shower doors before showering. The nylons dangled over the door too. Aunt Nancy returned with some things as I was toweling myself dry with a large fluffy towel. It felt so nice….. Aunt Nancy helped me dry off, and then squirted some cream on her hand and began massaging it into my hair.

"Girls have to take care of their hair and skin, especially after being in the sun and chlorine. ….. Boys should too, but they are so obstinate."

She handed me a pair of flower print panties with lace around the legs. I pulled them on under the towel. She then squirted some different cream in her hand and proceeded to spread it from my face to my feet.

She pulled out a box, and lifted a powder puff from it, and powdered me all over. .It was like I was her niece, or daughter.

"Hold out your arms." She said, softly.

I was slow, and she pulled my arms into position, and then slid a white band up them. I was a bit shocked as I looked down to see a bra over my chest with lace edged cups and a ribbon bow in the center. She fastened the catch in back.

"Susan grew so quickly, she barely wore these."

I looked down at the slightly padded training bra. Aunt Nancy smiled at my perplexed state as she handed me a white half-slip. It had two kinds of lace at the bottom, a sheer lace with flower design with regular white, scalloped lace under it; and it had a satin ribbon bow over the lace on one side. She helped me into it. She then held up a white blouse with tiny flowers and a rounded collar with dainty lace trim. It had short, puffy, banded sleeves with the same lace edging as the collar. Next came a light pink skirt with tiny flower design, and she helped me into it. I slipped on the lacy anklets and shoes I wore earlier. I stood in front of the sink as my aunt wound some curlers in my hair.

"There you go Misty. Now lets find the girls and go down stairs."

We left the bath and I went to Susan’s room where Sue and Trish were talking. They stopped when they saw me, and smiled. They were dressed nearly like I was in blouses and skirts with their hair in curlers, but not in full curlers. We all had just strategic curlers in place.

"Oh would you look at our Misty ! She’s wearing a bra !" Sue gushed.

Sue and Trish were all giggles, and came over to look it over through the thin blouse, as they ran their hands over it’s outline.

We walked down to the dining room looking so similar.

After we ate we helped with the dishes, and then we went upstairs to Susan’s room. Sue and Trish took their curlers out, and then mine; and brushed and combed each other’s hair as they started chatting about girl stuff.

After they were satisfied with their own hair they combed mine a little more, and then Trish handed Sue a pink satin ribbon. I tried to turn away, but Sue turned my head back and slipped the ribbon through my hair and tied a neat bow, while they giggled. They said what a pretty girl I made. Then it wasn’t long before Sue and Trish started fussing with makeup. At first they were content to experiment with each other with pink lipsticks and then eyeshadow and stuff; but then they turned their attention on me. Sue put pink lipstick on me, a little mascara, and a little blusher; and then we had to go show Aunt Nancy.

"Oh, … don’t you girls look nice, …. very pretty. Ah …. Misty, you should have been born a girl. You look so pre e t t ty."

They all giggled and squealed before we headed back upstairs.

The three of us played as three girls until Trish had to go home.

I was again put into a silky nightie and robe, and tucked in by Susan and Aunt Nancy after our late snack.

The next morning, I went from my nightie right to the bathing suit with nylons in the cups, and we splashed in the pool until mid-afternoon.

When I went upstairs to wash up for lunch, there …. there was my shirt and jeans I hadn’t seen for a while. I was a bit melancholy as I pulled them on.

When I appeared downstairs Sue looked disappointed; but it was like "Misty" had never happened.

Mom and Dad pulled in about 6 P M, and Aunt Nancy had delayed dinner for them. Mom asked me if something was wrong as I ate, somewhat dejectedly. I smiled, and said no. There wasn’t a hint of anything from my aunt and cousin.

When we went to leave, Sue pulled me aside, and handed me a pair of panties I had worn, and smiled, and kissed my cheek.

"Come again Misty." She whispered.

Aunt Nancy hugged me.

"I loved having you. Come back and see us."




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