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Mistress of Two

by Jim Rossi


Twas on a meeting at a local nightclub that would produce a night of passion, sexual satisfaction, fetishist fulfilment, humiliation and depravity. Such conflicting emotions on a single night of pleasure and pain.

A bar stool, yes a single bar stool would prompt the meeting of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, waiting to be served can be a frustrating activity, however on this occasion one eye focussed on the bartender hoping to get glance in order to be served. The other served to my left side, dressed in eye catching red mini dress, a top so low cut that her breasts were asking to escape, almost halfway to doing so. Our eyes did meet in a sweeping glance, first dismissed as time wasting exercise then the second and third with more impression laid on. However such arousal emotions cancelled with her taking her two drinks across a crowded nightclub to location unknown. Twenty minutes later did I see her dancing rather intimately with another, another women that it equally was a attractive. . Only now did I see the true overall beauty of these beauties. My barroom beauty dressed in red mini, that oh so low top hiding a red lace bra, several sizes too small at least, her feet covered in high buckled heeled boots. Her friend dressed rather more conservative befitting her slightly older status, dressed in black leather trousers, leather bodice covered in see through blouse, her feet covered in shoes with heels so high I thought impossible to walk in. For minutes I ogled these near canoodling ladies, I would have continued but for a nod and wink from my barroom gal beckoning me over. Being slightly dim I mis read these obvious signs as nothing more than a dance move. Only a pair of hands dragging me towards the hated dance floor did I realise the winks were for me.

Never had a dance floor held so much anxiety and expectancy, becoming part of this gorgeousness threesome dancing awkwardly with each lady by me side, their hand stroking body not minding mine returning the compliment. My senses grooming with excitement at the every glance, dance turned to 80's pop to the usual slow couples song. A dilemma occurred, who would leave in this threesome, how I wanted be partnered with the barroom gal for that 3 minutes of pleasure. Thankfully the spare older cog left us to resume a partnership of fantasy, our bodies closer, my pleasure rose inside my boxers, slightly embarrassed I pulled back to avoid the contact. However she with surprising force reeled me in, my penis hitting leg whispering as out mouths clenched the others "Don't worry I like a man with passion" said with a sexy naughty wink.

The night continued until 1 o clock struck, together as a threesome we left slightly the worse for wear of alcohol, but not so much that our bodies would not falter altogether. High on sexual excitement. The short taxi ride pensive with anticipation, so much so the taxi driver turned his head more than once checking for any action. Reaching the reception of a fancy-Dan apartment block, pressing those codes into the machine opening the door straight up to the lift into a door closed with authorities bang. Further drinks poured by the older one who still kept our names secret, no names given only cutesy sexy nicknames. Older left us on the couch with drink in hand , swallowed quickly to resume our lip lock. I still had no idea as the relationship of these two women, were they lesbians, bi, flatmates on a night out or what. All questions dispelled by a feeling of alcohol relaxants, booze had never relaxed me as much as this, surely the drink was drugged. Still I did not car as my hands stroked her breasts with immense groping, done outside would have resulted in criminal convictions but here her hands fondled my groin, moving under my shirt stroking my chest.

All was stopped by the sight of the elder entering dressed in black leather ankle loose fitting skirt with zip at the front, a bodice so tight her breathing became 'Barry White' husky. Her hands covered\ to the elbow above on black gloves , a collar with black hat so dominant it took all eyes to it, to the point that her whip in hand failed to take any significance. One click of her fingers caused barroom girl to leave entering the bedroom getting a quick arse flick by the whip. My mind was in two minds, with stiffy so large, I just sat there entranced by this sight. Re-entering barroom girl split my one sightedness, for she was dressed as a French maid read to serve, pvc mini low cut dress with no room for a bra, shoes with extra high heels maid cuffs, frilly petticoats hiding miniscule panties. On her sat a hat to pathetic it was scary. Now elder took control, "Sit maid" sit she did upon her beck and call. "Lick but don't salivate" was elders next command, taking the zip down parting the skirt like the red sea , her tongue parting her pussy with extreme intensity.


As she licked so did elder move until my sight was barroom girls panties high in the air. As she licked, elders hand beckoned me towards her, surprisingly to even myself I followed her hand. Still licking her barroom licked until we three entered the bedroom. There she stopped the licking as elder sat on a throne like chair with lower placed cushions either side. Immediately barroom kneeled on one cushion awaiting orders, elder pointed to her breasts, straight away barroom removed two buckles suckling like an infant on one breast, elder pointed to me to take the other side, again I did as if by trance. Suckling that breast brought a great satisfaction, surprise when milk left it into my mouth, nourishment allowed for harder suckles. Such suckling halted by soft yet noticeable taps from her whips. Elder left taking Barroom with her as I waited like a prize dummy. So stupid did I feel at this humiliation and control when realism hit me in those brief seconds.

Elder stood inspecting us both as Barroom hands took to near the bed, her hands removing my shirt, shoes, trousers, socks leaving only the boxer shorts. Erotic it was not for her eyes spoke no passion only commands being the power behind the actions. Stripped to boxers a I kneeled just like barroom in with backs respectfully to elder. Slowly a hand came across barrooms head placing a collar saying maid slave around her neck, her face brought a smile as the catch was attached. A collar was nearly placed around my neck but removed swiftly, "Not yet, we will see his role here" said elder.

A silk bag was handed to me with an order from elder "Choose one" picking a bronze collar tag like barroom wore, the name hidden from me until the collar was attached. "Now change, she will help you" said with harsh tone. The collar name was read backwards, "LRIG LOOHCS EVALS" READ BACK WARDS saying 'SLAVE SCHOOL GIRL'. My penis now had lost its stiffness, no longer did it rise erectly as once proudly it did, this droop allowed barroom to dress me in her way, big blue gym panties covered my bottom, a blue shorter than normal gym blue skirt covered the panties, for the chest a sport bra covered by loose fitting buttoned top showing midriff, covered by 'GS; netball bib. A wig of blonde curls was fastened to my hair, no wind could move that wig, rolled up my leg were top elastic white knee length with tightly tied gym shoes of the female variety.

Following barroom into the room Elder sat on the throne again, now a stool was placed near her crotch area, a single stroke of her hand indicated I should go between her legs with my purpose known and barroom on the cushion sucking the milk from her tits. So sat between her legs I licked, unknown to me the skirt closed on bring darkness, any halts in licks to her vagina brought taps from her whip. Climaxing four times elder brought cum to my mouth swallowed all.

She rose as I still licked, the skirt was removed dropping over my head. To the bed she went laying at the top, we were called over, "now I wonder what would happen should a school girl and maid fancy each other, I wonder, hmmm" she pondered "lets see shall we ". Directing traffic we were called onto the bed, "maid lower School girls top removing it until the sporting sports bra remains. Look at those titties, don't you want to suck those as you did to mine", Maids hands removed my top fondling my chest as if a buxom us pair existed. "My the bra is stopping you isn't it? School girl why don't you remove it for her, that's it be a good girl." So I did remove it as maid sucked my tits with hunger " Bite them, tease them she likes , I can tell, smudge your lipstick on them, mark those lovely titties" , turning her attention to me "You like don't you schoolgirl, now return the favour, place those hands under maids skirt, remove her panties and show how much you love your titties sucked". Reaching under I snapped back the panties untying the knots holding in place, my hands rubbed vigorously as her sucking increased. Shockingly no one came upon the pressure, Elder had enough, "stop this, now swap clothes, lets see how you look as each other, " swapping clothes we did, placing her panties and maid uniform on me as she dressed in the school girl costumes . "Maid bring us drinks quickly," she ordered, bringing the drinks back my sight would have shocked me ordinarily, Schoolgirl jumping upon down with knickers by her knees, her sports bra left on the floor as the top allowed her breasts to jump as she did. " maid pick her up, lay her on her bed with her backside near me," this I did " now face school girl , don't move or you will get strapped until you bleed.." So taking my place at the of the bed facing my lust target "School girl make maids panties like yours then place his pussy pole in your mouth and suck, maid will not cum until I allow her to." Maid removed my panties down to my knees as her mouth sucked me till erection, as predicted I did not cum.


Ten minutes as her sucking stopped from moaning from the arse fucking from a dildo she was receiving. "Stop" we did, " Maid remove schoolgirl top, its time to play games" this I did. "Schoolgirl remove maids panties, maid you remove schoolgirls panties" thus done "now lets see if school girl catch your puss pole in her mouth and keep it there for 3 seconds, if she can she wins if not she loses, first schoolgirl hold your titties up his pussy pole can divide them, do it now". So again we played kiss and chase with the penis as the chase. She tried to catch yet it failed. Eventually she caught the penis holding it for 3 seconds. "Well done school girl, you win, now as a prize strip maid to nakedness, then using the binds attach the hand chains behind her back, then place the nipple rings on her, then attach the chains together to the pulley and lift her up on her tip toes" so she did and I hung with aching nipples for thirty minutes and my eyes saw her fucking schoolgirl in the pussy. "Release her take her down, dress her in her new role of bride, place the dress, underwear and veil, make her beautiful for her special day and night" so now I was to be a bride and dressed as such, so with suspenders to garter belt, white shoes, high petticoat dress and veil covering my face. "Now prepare the wedding, Schoolgirl dress as a bride as well, you will be legally joined before you consummate your marriage" two brides as the alter as vows were said then straight into bed, "that's it you randy brides strip the other of her dress, make yourselves horny." "Be careful not to ruin it, as your suspenders and shoes clash, kiss the mouth of your partner, then caress your partner, remove their panties and lest see you consummate your relationship." Our mouths kissed with tongues intertwining, the bodices removed as the panties fell, she was the masculine in the marriage as she laid me on the bed, elder viewing with intention. Sitting astride she rode me to satisfaction for her twice, still I did not come. "Change positions, maid doggie style" ordered elder, so in went in my pussy pole into her pussy , "Change again, maid spoon positions" this change of positions happened many times, her climaxing over and over, me still a virgin.

"Now it is time to lose your virginity and prove your love, take your final love proof, her arse your pussy pole, I suggest they meet" meet they as did as her arse was soon filled inch by inch with my pussy pole. Finally I came inside her arse. "Enjoy that did we, now do the same to me as I do it to her." Taking her my pussy pole, I entered the elder wearing my marriage veil and suspenders, as she fucked my bride in the pussy, all came at the same time.

Finally we both sat facing each other, our hands tied to each other, our face locked in kiss as the collars were removed. I awoke from my trance dressed in wedding veil, suspenders, shoes and garter belt. Locked in lip lock tied. Our binds unlocked as we all went to separate rooms to recover. Thirty minutes and we all joined up drinking coffee before laying to sleep in the same king-size bed again making love , this time aware of our thoughts.




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