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Mistress Melissa

by Michelle Rose


Chapter 1


The sales clerk said, "that will be $646.78, how will you be paying?" "MasterCard of course, I might as well get some miles!" She was a pretty girl, in her late 20's, short brunette hair with nice highlights, tall and not to thin. Unlike many of her contemporaries, her style was classic and she carried herself as a lady should. When she took my card, her hand gently brushed mine; it was the softness of her skin and the feeling, that it was no accident which brought my eyes to hers. Our smiles came easy and she leaned forward to whisper, why would a man buy these, I mean, women's cloths?

I looked around and saw that we were alone; I felt comfortable with the situation. I asked her name and with a quizzical look, she replied, Melissa. "Glad to meet you Melissa, I'm Mitchell". My heart pounded, I thought it might explode. For the longest time I have wanted to talk with a woman about crossdressing, that is, other than my therapist. I heard myself say, "They're for me". For fraction of a second, I saw that questioning look again, but then, a new smile spread across her face. "I knew it, you're a crossdresser!" I nodded my agreement and told her, "I have shopped here a couple of times before and the last time I was in, you helped me". She confessed to recognizing me and recalled my earlier visits.

As Melissa authorized my credit card, she began folding my new things and we passed the time with idle "chit-chat". From her questions, I began to realize she was curious about men like me. I learned to sense when a woman accepts a feminine man; some do, while others don't. She made lots of eye contact and showed support for the trangendered community. She wanted to know how often I dressed and if I went "out" as a girl. I told her that, I dress daily and yes, I have gone out, but so far, only at night. I explained, I feel very natural in women's cloths and wish my body was different; but I still get nervous about going public. She completed the transaction and handed me the shopping bags. Again, she made contact, but this time, she rested her hand on top of mine and gave it a gentle squeeze, before letting go.

I told her, it was thoughtful of her to be so nice and thanked her for treating me with respect. She said "it was only common courtesy and that she didn't understand what all the fuss was about; I was a slight man, thin and had very feminine facial features". "So what if you're really a girl inside", she offered her opinion, that I would be very pretty, with make up and my hair done. As I went to leave, she called to me and asked if I would like to have lunch? I told her, I would enjoy that and arranged to meet her by the tavern in the food court at 11:30.

I left the shop excited and knew it would be a long hour until lunch. How long had it been, since a woman was interested in me, years! Not only that, but my "fem" side was out in the open! I went to Macy's and at Este-Lauder, picked up my favorite White Linen Perfume, perfumed body powder, mascara, a new lipstick and lip liner. My total was enough for their give away and I left with a sampler of the latest eye shadows and complementing blushes. At Lancôme, I stocked up on liquid foundation and powder make up. I also took home a great set of makeup brushes.

I passed the remaining time shopping and found a three quarter length wool coat in a muted red. Its wrap around style and oversized collar will look great and keep me warm. A soft cashmere scarf and glove set, in black, will complement the coat. I just had enough time to put every thing in the car and be on time for lunch. I arrived at 11:25. Melissa was waiting and gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. She took my hand a led me inside the tavern.


Chapter 2


The dark and quite ambiance provided the ideal atmosphere for intimate conversation. We were seated, Melissa insisting on a booth toward the back, where we would be left undisturbed. With frosted glass panels between adjacent booths, it was almost a private dinning room. Melissa said, she only had an hour and needed to return to work on time, so we both ordered without looking at the menu.

After the waitress left, Melissa asked me about myself. We spent the time talking and getting to know a little about each other. I told her that, I lived in a small rural town, about 2 hours outside the city and came to Philadelphia about every month. The extended weekends, allowed me privacy to be a "girl" and not worry about small town gossip. If I was outed, as a crossdresser, I wouldn't be able to live there. I learned, she was also from a small town, but now lived in a suburb of the city while she worked and studied for her doctorate in Anthropology. The conversation was easy and in that short time, I knew we connected.

As common with good times, the hour flew by and all too soon she had to return to the store. I offered to pay, but she stopped me and asked what kind of girlfriend I was. She explained that when girls have lunch together, they usually go "dutch". We split the bill and headed out the door.

On the way back to work, she told me, she had classes tonight, but wanted to know if I had plans for tomorrow night. With a little laugh, I told her my calendar was free, my calendar is always free and I jumped at the chance for a date. Before parting, she kissed me on the lips and whispered that I should wear something I bought from her, maybe, the wool skirt with the polka dots and the periwinkle turtleneck shell and sweater set. She asked if I had a pair of black heels and I knew my suede pumps, with a 4 inch heel would look great with the outfit. We exchanged cell phone numbers and I gave her my hotel and room number. She entered the store, but just before passing out of sight, she turned her head and blew me a kiss. I returned to my hotel excited beyond belief!


I spent the rest of the afternoon in my room. I gave myself a pedicure and painted my nails with a bright red polish. I'll use the same on my fingers, but that will have to wait until I'm getting dressed. From photos in fashion magazines, I selected a few makeup styles and spent the next couple of hours, putting on and then removing my makeup. By the time I was finished, I was confident that tomorrow night, I would have a nice look. It takes a lot of work for a gal to look her best, especially when, she's a guy! Since I kept my brownish red, really a dark auburn, hair shoulder length, I frequently styled it for my crossdressing. I also decided to buy some curlers tomorrow and do my hair in a full, wavy style.

That night, I had a hard time falling asleep. For as long as I can remember, I longed to meet a woman, who would accept me. Now, I have met Melissa, not only is she beautiful and seems willing, but, she's so self confident and easy to be with. I felt attracted to her and wanted to see just how strong her dominance really was.


Chapter 3


The new day dawned with sunshine; the weather girl promised a delightful day with mild temperatures and a cool, clear forecast for this evening. I started making a list of all the things I had to do for my transformation. I wanted Melissa to desire me and was concerned, that I would not pass as a woman

I dressed in jeans and a sweater, but with lacey lingerie underneath and left the hotel at 9:30. My first destination was a lovely lingerie store that was TG friendly. I have shopped there before and knew they would have something special.

I was not disappointed and made some selections for my everyday needs. Some panty, bra and garter sets, sheer lace top stockings and a half slip with matching cami. I loved the feminine colors, in muted pastels; pink, blue, burgundy, yellow and of course, black. For my date, I took home a delicious black corset. It was satin and had a plunging "V" neckline, in lace with pretty embroidery. The full boning and lace up back will deliver a figure any girl would be envious of. My C cup, silicon breast prosthesis's will fill the padded bra and give a full, round bust. I found a black lace thong that looked beautiful with the corset and threw in a pair of black fishnet stockings, just in case I felt a little sluttish when getting dressed. With three shopping bags full of new "pretties" I left the store with an additional 857 miles!

Next, I went to a nearby leather shop and decided to get a new purse. This shop wasn't TG friendly, but the sales clerk was very nice. She offered her help, which I declined and seemed confused to have a man shopping in her store. I found a knock off of a Channel bag, in black leather that would be perfect. As I wondered around, I found a rack of leather miniskirts, at 20% off. They were made of buttery soft leather and satin lined. Luckily, there was one, in a deep chocolate brown in my size. The clerk rang up my sale without saying a word. I thanked her and was on my way.

It was getting late and if I was to be a girl for my date, I needed to get ready. One last stop at Walgreen's for the curler set, a highlight kit, depilatory cream and a package of razors; I could be back at the hotel by 1:00, perfect!


Chapter 4


By the time I returned to my room, the maid service had finished with their daily care and my first order of business was hair removal. Since I have dark hair, the hair on my body is also dark. I am thankful that it's sparse, but, it still takes a lot of work to remove it from my ears, nose and other embarrassing places. Thanks to tolerant skin, I am able to use depilatory creams to get most of the job done. I need 15-20 minutes with the cream on and then just do some touchup with a new razor and a tweezers. While I wait, I give myself an extra close shave. In the shower, I used a sugar exfoliate to remove my dry, dead skin. Between hair removal and the exfoliation, I get really sensitive and love the feeling of wearing satin and lace.

My hair just needed a wash and conditioning, but I wanted something special for tonight. So I added, just enough light brown highlight to be noticeable, then I used a hot oil conditioner, I can't wait to add some long, loose curls. With a little bit of luck, my hair will be soft, silky and have a luxurious shine.

I dust myself with the scented powder and put a little White Linen Perfume on the nape of my neck and another spray on my chest. The curlers are hot and I select the largest, time is running short and I need to cheat a little; so I'll use the blow dryer to help speed the process.

After deforestation, exfoliation and hair styling, I like to do my nails. I keep my finger nails a little long, for a man, but not long enough to call attention to them. With a little shaping and some polish, they look very nice. Two coats of "Cherries in the Snow", a top coat and my nails are ready. I found a new quick dry, from Nail-Tech, it works better than my old stuff. After, I'll take a break and give my nails about an hour to dry.


Its 4:30 and I need to get my make up on. I like a natural look, but, my skin needs a good foundation. Mascara, eye liner and some eye shadow, I like to blend 2 or 3 shades together for a really nice look. I keep my eyebrows trimmed and shaped to a gentle arch. Nobody has ever commented they look feminine and when I do my hair and put on makeup, good eyebrows are a must. I started using lip liner and noticed; my thin lips appear much fuller. The color of my lipstick is close to my nail polish and they look great together! I like just a little blush on my cheeks and my face is done.

Now I'm ready to get dressed; I'll start with the corset. Putting one on by yourself, takes some practice. The snug fit and shaping, more than compensates for the difficulty in breathing. Soon, I manage to lace it up, tight and admire my new curves in the mirror. I decided not to wear the fishnets and slip into a pair of sheer black stockings. I adjust and secure the lace tops with the six suspenders on the corset and then, pull my thong on. My penis slips between my legs after my "eggs" are pushed up and into myself. It's not as bad as it sounds and the flat front it provides, just looks right when you're in a skirt. My falsies fill the cups of the corset and look wonderful.

Before putting on my cloths, I take out the curlers and finish styling my hair. I love the feeling, as it brushes against my neck and shoulders. I'll put in my diamond studs, a birthday gift to myself some year back and to complete my jewelry, 3 gold bangle bracelets, an ankle chain and a few rings.

The skirt, Melissa requested is sure to become one of my favorites. The heavy textured wool is accented by small polka dots in several muted colors. The blue, red, yellow and green on the black wool will make this a versatile skirt. The satin lining, felt so good as I slipped into it. The straight cut and glove like fit really helps me look feminine. The length was perfect, coming to just above my knee. The periwinkle color of the shell and cardigan sweater, matched the blue polka dots on the skirt.

Its 6:30 and I'm going to make it, with time to spare. After fixing my hair and another spray of perfume, I'm almost ready. A girl needs her purse and I'm no exception; drivers' license, credit cards, cash and the room key. Lipstick and liner, pancake make up, eye shadow and a small brush complete my list. With my pumps on, I look in the full length mirror and know my desire is fulfilled, I am the woman I should have been born.


Chapter 5


Just then, the room telephone rings, I answer in my male voice and it's Melissa. She jokes that she must have the wrong number and tells me she was expecting her girlfriend. We both laugh and in my softest, "fem" voice, Michelle arranges to meet her in front of the hotel. I grab my purse, coat and scarf and head out the door.

The lobby is noisy and full of people. Summoning all my courage, I let Michelle walk the gauntlet and I was happily rewarded with an uneventful passage. The doorman opened the door and said "good evening ma'am, may I call you a taxi". The moment of truth, Michelle says, "no thank you, I'm waiting for a friend to pick me up". He never missed a step, "Very good ma'am, and a good evening to you". I thanked him and walked over to side.

Waiting, I was very content with all that had happened. I was finally facing the world, as the person I had denied for so many years. Coming out and being honest with myself, was the most difficult thing I had ever done. Melissa drove up and stopped in front of me; a small gust of wind blew my coat open and sent a chill up my legs. As I drew my coat closed, around me, I saw Melissa smile. When next to her, in the car, she leaned over and kissed me and welcomed me into a better world.




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