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Mistress Jasmine Made Me A Slave For Ever

by Greta


Since long I haven't written a story so maybe I am a little rusty but I hope you enjoy it anyway. There are some autobiographic parts in it but most is fantasy, which part is real and which is fantasy I leave to you. Like any other author I do love comments too, whether they are good or bad. So please leave some words of praise or critics. Those critics which help me to become a better author are the best.

I should have been honest. I mean I should have known that lies have short legs and now they had caught up with me. The worst was I had not only lost my place in my bed but had also had lost my place with my wife. Somebody else occupied these places now. Let me tell you how everything went.

More than 11 years ago I married my wife when I visited Thailand and fell in love with her. We had a good life because she was very wealthy. She is a Thai, and a very beautiful woman. Her family has a military background. Well, to cut things short. Some members were involved in the coup dŽEtat some months ago. Then somebody had approached her and talked with her in private. When he left she talked to me and dropped the bomb. "Honey, we are going to Germany. I have been named Ambassador to Berlin. I am supposed to calm down the Government." Looking at her striking beauty I knew what the militaries had in mind. Our moving from Thailand went very quick and since then I had been moving around high society like others drinking a glass of wine.

Our marriage until the point of moving had been very good because in the privacy of our home I had always time to indulge in my hobby: To dress up as a woman. My wife encouraged me to do that and a couple of times had even invited some beautiful shemales to our house. I had the urge since childhood and when I met my wife I took my chances and I told her about my strange hobby. She took it in stride, probably because shemales are so common in Thailand. The only no-no was me ever leaving the house dressed, otherwise I had complete freedom. We really kept it private but she made a habit out of it to shop around and shower me with beautiful clothes, everything you can imagine from lingerie to dresses.

Now with the moving to Germany everything went downhill for me. "Honey", she said. "No more dressing for you. Imagine the press gets wind of it and we are doomed. My family is doomed. We would have to hide and could not return to Thailand." So with a heavy heart I agreed to not jeopardize what she was here for. Due to her work also our sexual life went downhill. She often came late and simply was tired. I got more and more frustrated because I didn't want to join an abbey.

Somehow I tried to escape my problems and started to fantasize about meeting a shemale. Since our few parties I had grown fond of shemales and I knew my wife had also taken a special liking to them. So I got online and started searching for a beautiful Thai shemale. It didn't take me long to find one and I visited her webpage. Her name was Jasmine and she was a dominant. No, I thought to myself, a shemale domina. No, I will try to find a willing girl. I kept searching but either they lived too far away or didn't live up to my expectations. So finally I went back to the Dominant one. One day, after I had been neglected once again by my wife, I took up all my courage and phoned Domina Jasmine.

Her husky voice let me shudder. "Hello, is this Domina Jasmine?" I asked rather lame. I was nervous as a wreck but was able to ask her if we could meet. "Tell me about yourself slave", she told me in a demanding. Tone. "Don't forget to call me Mistress Jasmine, understood slave?" I swallowed hard but I managed to tell her who I was without telling her my wife was the Ambassador. We set up a meeting at her place and two days later I rang her bell.

The door wasn't opened by her but by a striking maid, dressed in a French maids uniform. My eyes nearly popped. She ushered me in before I could say a word. God, she was tall. In her five inch black heels she towered over my 5"8 frame. Looking up at her she told me to undress. "Mistress has ordered it." I must have looked dumbfounded because when I didn't move she quickly walked to the door and opened it. "If you don't do exactly as Mistress says you can leave but never come back."

"Oh please. Don't . I do everything she wants", I squeaked out and started to rip off my clothes in a hurry. She smiled at me. "Good boy." When I was down to my underwear I stopped dead in my tracks because I realized I still was wearing my red lacy panties I had put on this morning. The maid looked me up and down, not discovering a single hair, neither on my arms nor on my chest or legs. Once again she smiled. "You will definitely do", she said.

"Take off your panties too but keep holding them daintily in your hands."

After I took off my panties the maid showed an immediate reaction. Her hand went to her mouth to stop laughing. "Oh my, that is soo cute. If you had any pubic hair your clitty couldn't be seen.. How big or rather how small is it." I turned beetred and stuttered. "It.. it.., it grows to five inches when my cock is hard." She laughed outloud. "Oh my God, my feminized clitty is even longer." Now I hung my head in shame realizing this maid wasn't a real woman but a feminized man and his/her cock was still longer.

The maid used this moment of embarrassment to quickly step close to me. With one gloved hand she cupped my cock and balls. Before I could react she tightened her grip. With the other hand she reached under her skirt and freed her cock from its confines. "Drop to your knees slave", she whispered into my ears while squeezing my balls hard. I groaned in pain and followed her order. "That is your place, on your knees. Look up at me." Her cock dangling right in front of my face I didn't dare to do just that. Just when she wanted to say something, Mistress Jasmine opened the door. "What is going on here? You little slut. Who told you to dominate my guests. You will pay dearly for this."

While saying this in a calm tone she move forward despite her six inch heeled boots with the smoothness of a Tiger and held she long mane of her maid in one hand while she swatted the exposed and semierect cock hard with her other hand. The maid cried out, begging for forgiveness but she held still and once again Mistress Jasmine swatted her quickly retreating cock. Again and again rained her blows on the defenseless cock. The maid was crying in pain but Mistress didn't stop. Then she looked at me and with a cold tone she said. "This will happen to anyone who gets cross with me."

With a push she got rid of her maid who dropped heavily crying on the ground. "You get up to your room and wait there for your punishment." Turning around to me. Now get up and let me see what we can do for you." Slowly I got up from the floor while the maid ran still sobbing and holding her privates to her room. I knew that after this display of power I should have immediately left and never come back, but the voice, they eyes of Mistress Jasmine were mesmerizing.

I followed her as if in trance. "Sit down on the chair and let us talk." Only when I sat down she seemed to notice and so did I that I was still holding my red panties in my hand. "What is this. These aren't my maids panties, aren't they? I shook my head. "No", I managed to say. Since I was too afraid to say something there was an awkward silence for a moment. "Oh, you are one of those guys who wants to be feminized and dommed by a shemale?" I shook my head but didn't get a word out. I was simply in awe of her. "Well, what you want is what you get."

Through an intercom she called her maid. "Come to the playroom immediately. First you help me, your punishment will come later." Together with her maid they quickly dressed me up in a red PVC outfit, together with a red bra, stuffing it with 38 d falsies and exchanging my red panties for red PVC ones which had a long zipper in the back. My little cock was forced into a pouch and my front appeared to all who cared to look as feminine. Mistress Jasmine and her maid then put me in black thigh highs, six inch PVC heels which too were red, made me up, put a black haired wig on my head, fussed with the it and when I looked for the first time in the mirror my jaw dropped. I didn't recognize me anymore. I looked like a slutty whore.

My hand went to my face but Mistress Jasmine grabbed one hand, the maid the other and they both let my to a kind of a horse, bend me forwards and shackled my hands and feet to it. I struggled slightly but was no match for them. The maid pushed then a penisgag into my mouth and strapped it around my head. I was completely helpless.

"Leave now", I heard Mistress Jasmine saying. "I deal with you later." I heard the heels of the maid clicking away on the floor and only Mistress and me were in the room now. She stepped behind me and all of a sudden with a cracking sound a whip landed hard on my behind. In quick succession 20 blows rained on my butt and in no time I was a sobbing wreck. My ass hurt like hell. "That is for letting my maid dominate you. I am the one who dominates in this house, not she. Never forget that again. You came to seek my services, not those of a lowly maid." Stepping close to me I felt her hand stroking my behind, soothing my pain. "Hmmm, such a cute little tush. It is time to loosen you up I believe."

With that she opened the zipper of my pvc panties and deftly stuck a finger in my asspussy. I groaned into my gag. "Oh so tight. Well, you should have come prepared, wearing a buttplug a few days in advance, but I believe you thought you'd do the fucking. You know what? You are wrong. Specially after letting yourself being dominated by a mere maid I think you have been asking for what is to cum." She took her finger out of me and somehow I felt empty but this feeling was soon over. "Well honey, I think we have to fast-forward your preparation so I will use a vibrating buttplug on you."

I hadn't even started to think what that meant when I felt applying pressure to my ass. I groaned and tightened up to prevent the invader to get inside of me, but I stood no chance. She simply pushed and pushed. I cried out into my gag and gave up while the plug slid inside past my sphincter. She zipped me up again so the plug stayed deep inside me. While moaning heavily she slapped me on my behind. "That must have hurt dear but it was a lesson for you never to resist me. That will always be painful. So when I tell you to do something think twice before you refuse my orders."

Sweat was breaking out on my forehead and I heard her walking away. "Don't move. I have to deal with my maid. Ill be back." What seemed like an eternity I heard the door again and heels clicking on the ground. Since I was immobilized I wasn't able to see but I knew it must be Mistress Jasmine. Still her voice cut into the silence like a knife into butter. I shivered inside and felt her touching me. She started rubbing me all over my body, so sensuous, so arousing. Her hands stroked my shaved and nyloned legs and slowly circled around my pubic mound. My cock wanted to expand but it was if being in a chastity belt, it was held firmly in place by the pouch. I tried to push myself into her hands. I wanted her to continue stroking. Oh my god, she was driving me mad. I tried to hump her hand, but all I ever got was becoming more and more frustrated.. I moaned continuously into my gag. "Yes pet, I know what you need. I believe you want to fuck, you are horny, aren't you? I vigorously shook my head yes. "Hmmm, but how can you fuck like that, all tied and your clitty securely put away?"

She came in front of me, lifted my head, I looked pleadingly into her eyes, moaning. "I got the idea. If you can't do the fucking, well, then I do it. That is so much easier than freeing you from all the shackles, you know that would be really time-consuming. I on the other hand just have to step behind you, pull down the zipper, aim my sweet, little cock at your pussy and then I just push." She smiled at me. I shook my head vigorously, she touched my head, and calmed me down. "It is nothing to be afraid of. You know I have been fucked before and I am still alive. So don't worry, I promise you will survive."

Then she stepped behind me while I groaned into the gag. I felt her pulling down the zipper, taking out the buttplug and before my asspussy could close again I felt her cock at my entrance. I knew I couldn't prevent what would happen so I didn't fight it. "Good girl, you are learning quick." Then she pushed forward. "Ahhh yes, a virgin, soo tight. I love that", she cried out while I squealed into my gag. "I know it hurts a little, try to suck on the cock in your mouth, it will make you feel better and besides it prepares you for the real thing." While giving me this advice she had impaled me and kept pushing deeper inside. Oh my God I thought, how big is she? I felt so full and she just kept pushing in.

I squealed and squealed and finally she showed some mercy giving me time to adjust on her seemingly gigantic tool. I mean she was a shemale, how could she have a bigger cock than me, a man? The shemales whom we had met in Thailand had all small cocks and usually they wanted to be fucked, they were smooth and submissive. She was the complete opposite of them, dominant and big cocked. Was this why she was abroad? I had seen it many times in Asia, the real quality goods were exported and could only be bought at home for a horrendous price. Was this the same with shemales?

I was woken out of my reverie by her final push. Now I felt her pubic hair tickling my behind. "Oh yes, you made it. I didn't really think I could bury all of my meat in you but while I waited a moment your pussy expanded. Hmm, you are a natural slut with a natural pussy. Girl, I could turn you also into a shemale. Id love feminizing you. Hmm, wouldn't you like that?" I shook my head. "Haha", she laughed. "So it will be a one time experience? I don't think so, once you have been impaled by me you belong to me and you will come back for more without me giving you the order. You will crave it to be fucked by me." And fucking she did. She rode me like a mad woman and I don't know what was louder her cries of ecstasy or my muffled screams behind my penisgag.

Finally I was released from my shackles, breathing heavily, sweat dropping down from my forehead. After such a long time I simply couldn't get up and I had to take my time. With shivering legs on my high heels she let me to a shower. "Pet, that was it for today. Hope you enjoyed your time with me, I certainly did. Haven't had a virgin in quite a while. Take a shower and then my maid will show you out. Have a good day and I am sure we will see each other again."

I just nodded my head and stepped into a luxurious bathroom where I shed my clothes, not daring to look at myself in the big mirror because of shame. What had happened to me. I just wanted to have a good time with a shemale. I wanted to fuck her but now she had made me literally into her bitch. My ass burned.and I felt depraved. I felt like a whore which was a twisted thought because I was the one who paid. I shook my head, I even paid for my own fucking. I started to laugh hysterically. I stepped into the shower and let the hot water wash away my shame. While I washed myself I touched tenderly my violated asshole. Oh, it still was open and somehow I couldn't withstand the urge slip a finger inside. It went in very easily. I quickly added a second and third finger. I had never been able to do that and now I had the feeling as if I could put my whole hand inside.

What was happening to me? I mean it felt good to have my fingers rubbing inside and somehow I realized she was right. Mistress Jasmine was right I would be back sooner or later. Well, I was back sooner than later and since our roles were clearly defined by the first meeting I was always dressed as a girl and the more often I went the more she treated me like a girl. You know it weren't only fucksessions anymore where she would take me as hard as she could or me impale myself on her big pole. Meanwhile I had found out her cock was more than eight inches long and also quite thick.

What was the main difference between our first time and the other sessions was the fact she taught my girl thing. You know, how to walk, how to talk, gestures, she taught me makeup, you name it. In her house I was a girl completely. At home it was a different matter. I was still the man even so Mistress Jasmine started to control more and more of my life. I had told her I was married but that didn't stop her from ordering me to only wear female underwear under my men's clothes. Since I didn't want to make her mad at me I obeyed her orders. I had learned my lesson when visiting the first time.

Since my wife left house early and came back late the task at hand wasn't as difficult as it sounded. We hardly had any time for each other anymore but that was about to change in a way I would have never expected. After one year being in Germany my wife was to give a big party for her first anniversary as an Ambassador in Berlin. The Embassy invited besides the Diplomats from all over the world also businesspeople form Germany and abroad.

My wife and I of course were representing and receiving the best wishes from our guests. While the people were passing by all of a sudden my heart stood still for a moment. A beautiful Thai woman was approaching us and she spotted me seemingly in the same moment as I spotted her. She was my Domina Jasmine. With her was a tall man leading her towards us. I must have turned a different shade, I was having hot flushes, I wanted to run but I simply couldn't move and then she stood in front of me.

Looking deep into my eyes. "It is a pleasure to meet you. Would you please introduce me to your wife, the Ambassador?" With shaking legs I led her to my wife whom she eyed up and down while taking the few steps she stood apart from me. "Sweetheart, may I introduce Jasmine Kulap to you." My wife looked at her. "Thank you very much for coming Miss Jasmine, the name rose suits you. You make this room shine with your beauty." They exchanged pleasantries before my Mistress went into the ballroom. I saw the gaze of my wife following Mistress. She was simply capturing.

The evening went without a hitch and we had a really good time. I danced with my wife several times and somehow I also came to dance with Mistress Jasmine. She simply overwhelmed me, when there was partner change and she immediately took me into her arms instead of the other way round so I was all of a sudden in the position of the female dancer. I almost stumbled because I wasn't used to this but Mistress told me to relax and just follow her lead. "I think we will do this in a training session but then with you wearing high heels so you'll be prepared for this." Just before the dance was over she handed me a letter saying that it was for my wife and she instructed me not to open it but just deliver it. I wanted to know what she had written to her but she refused to say just vaguely mentioning it was a social thing and I shouldn't worry my pretty head.

Following Mistresses instruction I handed the letter to my wife who slipped it into her purse. Finally the festivity was over and we went back to our house. We raved about the success of the night. She kissed me long thanking me for being such a good spouse, taking care of her and not complaining when she was working long hours. "I love you soo much", she said. "I know I chose the right partner, supporting me in everything." Despite me feeling bad, having in mind cheating on her already quite a long time with Mistress Jasmine, we made love for the first time in quite a while and it was wonderful. After we had both come down from our sexual heights my wife went to the bathroom. I saw she took her purse from the nightstand.

I almost drifted off to sleep when all of a sudden I heard a loud scream, then crying and sobbing. I ran in shock to the bathroom, but when I opened it she cursed at me and threw the letter right in my face. "You fucking pervert. How could you do this to me? Get away from me. I don't want to see you. Sleep somewhere else." I couldn't say a thing, I was just standing there with my mouth open. When she passed me, her hand flew up and she hit me right into the face. Again and again. "That is for cheating on me you stupid bastard. You will pay for this." I was defeated completely and hung my head with burning cheeks.

The letter was surely the key. I bend over to pick it up from the ground. It read:

Dear Ambassador,

we have been introduced to each other at the start of the Celebration of the Anniversary of your nomination as an Ambassador her in Germany. It was done by your sweet hubby whom I know already quite a long time. In fact your hubby has been regularly cumming to my place in the last months if you know what I mean. In any case I should explain that I do all the fucking because your hubby is my little fucktoy and I believe he is a girl too, at least inside of his sweet heart. Let me tell you that he cums to my house, then I dress him up as a girl and this makes me so horny that I fuck him long and hard. Well, I never knew who your hubby was but recently found out so I prepared a little scenario

I want to play with you. I do believe I have your ok because if not I do have photos and even video to prove that your hubby has been a verry naughty girl during the last months and if this evidence shows up in the German press it wouldn't only ruin him as you easily can guess. Well, I give you until tomorrow morning to think about my proposal which is the following: When I saw you I knew your hubby was a failure. I mean you are one beautiful woman and I have no clue why he would ever have the remotest thought of straying. So I will not only take his place in bed but also the one at your side. Well, to keep an official appearance Ill let you pose with hubby (if you want to ) when ever possible so I will stay in the back, but as soon as we step into the house Il will run the show. I am a professional Mistress and you wouldn't do me justice if I hadn't thought about an insurance Misses Ambassador. I know your family background, being militaries, so I made enough copies with different friends and if something happens to me those copies go immediately to the press and you are ruined for life. So don't even think of failing my orders. In the future you and your hubby will do exactly what I say and you will do it without complaining. If I tell you to suck cock you will and if I tell you to kiss my ass you will do that too and with a happy smile on your face. For your unfaithful hubby I do have a punishment. I will train him to be your Lady's Maid. What you make out of it is up to you. I will leave this decision in your hands. You could use him all the time as a Maid or just for the time being when in the house.

Sincerely your Mistress Jasmine

My head was swimming. I couldn't believe what was happening. How could there be photos, videos even? How could Mistress do that to me? I was doomed. I knew with this letter my life was over. No more good times, no more leisure, no more golf playing, no more lying in the sun. Oh my god, what had I done? My brain raced. I had to do something, I had to act fast. So I went after my wife who was sobbing in the bedroom. I fell on my knees in front of her, but before I could utter a word she viciously kicked me. I fell to the ground, she got up and kicked me several more times, screaming at me. "You ruined my life, you ruined our life and that's all because of your bloody cock or should I say clitty because judging from the letter it wasn't you who was doing the fucking. Jeez, why didn't you ask for a strapon. I could have given it to you, if you wanted to be fucked up the ass. Oh my god, I can't believe it, you cheated me because of a woman fucking you with a strapon! I would have fucked the living daylights out of you. I thought we were married for good and bad. The worst of the whole story is I thought we trusted each other, but obviously you never did or you wouldn't have run off so lightly."

She fell back on the bad, sobbing again. "Get lost. I don't want to see you again. Everything will happen as written in the letter. You will become a fulltime maid and I make sure that this happens. This will be my revenge on you for cheating. Oh let Mistress Jasmine train you to be a perfect maid. Get out!" She kicked me again. I was now sobbing too and slowly made my way into the guest bedroom. I didn't have the guts to tell her the truth about Mistress Jasmine She hadn't realized yet that Mistress didn't need a strapon in order to fuck her. I took off my clothes and wanted to lay in bed when the door opened and my wife stormed in. "If you are going to be the Maid you can already get used to wearing nighties."

With that she threw a pink nighty on the bed and left again. I looked at the nighty, stepped close to the bed and mechanically picked it up and slipped it over my head. What a great feeling, the nylon was whispering on my skin, it was whispering to me. Despite the terrible turn of events I got very horny and my clitty grew hard. I couldn't resist stroking myself while fantasizing about what would happen to me in the future. I took some tissues from the nightstand and "saw" myself with closed eyes my wife taken doggiestyle by Mistress Jasmine while I kneeled behind her and licked Mistress ballsack. I came hard crying out in ecstasy.

The next morning the door was opened and to my surprise Mistress Jasmine stood in the doorframe. My wife must have already phoned her she would accept Mistresses conditions. "Get up sleepyhead. It is late, your wife and I had already a nice little talk. This is the first day of the rest of your new life. Consider it from now on your birthday Maid Greta. Out of your bed now. You will now forever call me only Mistress, no more Jasmine, this name will be reserved only for my Slut Janet. You will do that from now on, never forget that. Is that clear?" I groaned but nodded, then I got up quickly. "What a pretty nighty for a pretty Maid. My new slut Janet has already taken care of business here I can see." I wondered who was slut Janet, but then it dawned on me, she was referring to my wife. As if on cue she appeared too in my room. Mistress Jasmine took the initiative. "Slut Janet walk to your ex-hubby, and then you both get down on your knees."

For a moment my wife and I looked at each other but then we dropped down on our knees. Mistress stepped right in front of my wife. I looked up at Mistress and knew the moment of truth would come very soon now. She looked at me and shook her head slightly as if she wanted to say "Don't you think about ruining my surprise". Then she lifted Janet's head. "Now Slut, I want you to lower my panties and then worship me. Is that clear? Accept what I give to you, will you Slut Janet? Will you obey me, no matter what?" My wife nodded slowly her head. "I know I have no other chance. Yes, I will obey you Mistress Jasmine, I will accept what you give to me." "Then get busy Slut."

My wife raised her hands and wanted to lower the panties of our Mistress, but she stopped her. "No Slut, use your teeth." So Janet got under Mistress skirt and pulled down her panties. "Oh my god", she cried out in surprise. "Oh my god, what is that? Oh my God, that is a cock, a real cock. Oh my God, I never knew, I never. Oh my God." She looked at me incredulous. "This can't be true. Oh my God, you got fucked all the time by a real cock." Then she looked back at Mistress who took this moment of total surprise to her advantage. Like in slow motion I saw how she raised her hand behind the head of Janet who continued to look up at her and slowly pulled her close to her cock. "Kiss your Mistress cock. You know you want to."

I could literally see how it worked in Janet's head, then she slightly moved forward and planted a soft kiss on the cocks forehead. "It is soo big", she purred. "It is soo much bigger than the cock of our future Maid." Mistress laughed outloud while I turned red and bowed my head in shame. You are right Slut, I am much bigger than Maid Greta. In one point I have to correct you. She doesn't have a cock, she has a clitty, her small size doesn't deserve the name cock." My wife nodded her head. "You are right Mistress Jasmine, she does have a clitty when comparing it to you." That said she bend forward and took Mistress cock willingly and deep into her mouth.

She groaned and started bobbing her head up and down. Oh my God, I remembered her giving head heavenly. I saw also in Mistress face that she was clearly taken by my wife's skills. "Oh Slut, you suck cock like a pro. Oh yes, take me deep. Take my whole cock." And that's what she did, she swallowed it all. "Yes, oh yes", cried out Mistress. "This is soo awesome. You have made me very horny Slut." Her hands grabbed Janet's head and she started to fuck my wife's face who clung to Mistress like a ragdoll.

I kneeled at their side and watched the performance in awe. Mistress was clearly superior to me and I enjoyed how her heavily veined cock disappeared into my wife's mouth. After a while Mistress sped up and fucked Janet's face like a madwoman. Then all of a sudden she pulled out, turned to me, grabbed my hair and fed me her pulsating member. She pushed it deep into me and shouted:" Keep it all in your mouth Maid Greta. Don't swallow it, keep it in your mouth. Don't you dare shedding a drop of my precious milk." She erupted into my mouth and I never felt her ejaculating that much. I felt like I hardly could hold all her jism in me.

"Slut Janet, kiss Maid Greta and share with her my precious gift. Take this as sign of your submission." My wife turned to me and started to kiss me without hesitation. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and we shared indeed Mistress semen. "Yes, my little Sluts. Swap it in your mouths until nothing is left." Janet held my head and greedily kissed me. After we were done she loudly said "Thank you Maid Greta for making it happen that I can now experience a much better cock than you ever had." Both women laughed outloud.

Mistress Jasmine then took us both to the bedroom where I saw a Maids uniform on the bed plus several other items. "Undress Maid Greta." I took of my pink nighty and quickly stood naked in front of them. "Slut Janet, dress her." My wife didn't wait a second before she helped me with white panties, white corset, white bra and white stockings. Then she helped me with the French Maids dress, and placed a white maids cap on my head. Lastly she had me step into six inch locking-on black high heels. When I had them on Janet clicked the padlock shut. Then Mistress stepped forward holding an armbinder in her hands. "Turn around Maid Greta, put your arms on the back."

I turned around with my hands in the back. While she laced me into it, Janet took out a spreaderbar and locked it on my ankles. When they were done I was completely helpless. To top it off Mistress took out a penisgag and locked it in place. "Mistress Jasmine, I never thought she could look soo cute. What a great package we made out of her." "You are right Slut Janet, but any moment now comes the surprise Maid Greta has never in her dreams thought about." The doorbell rang. "Oh there he is", said Mistress. "Go and open the door and then you lead him into the bedroom Slut Janet."

My wife nodded her head. "Yes Mistress" and left. Mistress tenderly stroked my face. "So pretty. So pretty and soon you will be even prettier with all your new jewelry." My eyes must have shown my fright. "Don't you worry Greta, there will be no permanent damage done to you." Just then Janet appeared with a bearded man full of tattoos and piercings. "Hi John, glad you could make it." He smiled at Mistress. "Jas, for you always." He nodded into my direction. "Is this the slave?" "That's her, exactly. You know what to do. While you work your magic my Slut and I will watch. By the way, when you are done could you do her too? I will tell you what I want." Mistress pointed at Janet. "Sure thing Jas, you know I do everything for you."

Mistress and Janet sat on the bed while the man picked me up with an ease as if I weighed virtually nothing. In a moment I lay on my back. He pulled down my panties and got everything what he needed. After he had shaved my pubic area completely bald plus my ass cheeks and the few hair around my asspussy he took my clitty into his hands. I squirmed in my bonds but couldn't prevent him from quickly piercing my foreskin. Then he pushed my testicles up into my body, pushed my legs over my head, pierced my skin close to my asspussy, pulled my penis backwards and started to mold the piercings together.

"Did I understand you right Jas, it is going to be permanent, right? Jas?" Mistress had used the time the man was working on me to work on Janet. They had gotten naked on bed and Mistress was pistoning several fingers in and out of Janet's pussy who was moaning outloud. "Oh John, why do you have to interrupt me. You know it is going to be permanent. Just go ahead and stop interrupting me." Out of the corner of my eyes I saw how Mistress eased Janet's legs apart and teased my wife's pussy with her enormous while I lay helpless on the ground about to have my clitty chastised permanently. I would never again use my clit for anything else than peeing.

I heard my wife moaning and panting. In the moment when John was done I heard her begging. "Please Mistress Jasmine, please Mistress Jasmine, please fuck me, fuck me harder than my chastised hubby ever could." Tears were rolling down my face when Mistress sank agonizingly slow into the hot pussy of my wife. My own agony wasn't far from over. While Mistress enjoyed her lovesession with my wife I had to endure the piercings of my nipples and my ears. For the final touch I got also two tattoos. One above my chastised clitty which read "Clitty out of order" and the other one above my ass cheeks which read "Mistress Jasmines property encircled by red roses.

Mistress kept pounding Janet but stopped momentarily when she saw John was done. "You can go now. I have changed my mind. You can do Slut another time. I have to finish establishing my reign here. Thanks John, Ill call you." "Sure thing Jas, have fun." Mistress laughed outloud. "You bet I will." She got up from bed, her erect cock bobbing up and down obscenely, pulled me to my knees, took my penisgag out and helped me crawling close to the bed. "Kneel exactly there slavemaid." She got up on the bed again, sank her cock into my wife and positioned herself with Janet in such a way that I came to kneel close to both of them.

She grabbed my head. "Suck my balls while I fuck your wife slavemaid." Obediently I followed her order, mesmerized by her big cock pistoning in and out of Janet's juicy pussy. Her juices were running down and Mistresses ball sack and I kept sucking and slurping up the juices at the same time but couldn't prevent me from being literally drowning in them. Mistress pounding got quicker and quicker, Janet was screaming constantly now, she body was convulsing, one orgasm after another were rattling through her body. Then Mistress groaned loudly, I saw her already big cock swell even bigger and with a loud scream she erupted deep into her pussy. Feverishly I sucked on her balls who were pulsating strongly. I felt each and every blast of semen in my mouth.

The fell into each other arms and kissed and moaned. "Oh Mistress Jasmine. I love you. Oh my God, if I ever knew how wonderful it is to be fucked with a big cock I would have done it much earlier." They kissed once again. "I am glad you didn't because otherwise I wouldn't be in our bed with you." My wife laughed. "You are right of course. I am happy that everything happened like it did. Thank you soo much for chastising my hubby. He should never be able to fuck anybody anymore."

"Don't you worry my sweet Slut. She won't." They kissed each other over and over again while I still kneeled behind Mistress, softly sucking on her still huge balls. "That is enough now slavemaid." She slowly eased out of Janet's pussy. Then she turned to me. "Clean me up now." I opened my mouth and she pushed her cock into me. Swirling my tongue around her big shaft I slowly licked her clean. "Look at that", said my wife. "He loves that, he loves cleaning your cock Mistress Jasmine." Mistress smiled. "Oh I taught her well." She then pulled my hair so I got close to Janet. "Now be a good girl and clean out my wife."

"Thank you Mistress Jasmine for allowing me to be your wife now", Janet said. Then she pulled my hair and placed it right in front of her pussy. "Yes, lick me clean me, suck every drop out of my for the first time well fucked pussy. Don't you dare miss a drop of our Mistress milk." I only slightly hesitated but than got into the task. After a short my former wife came hard once again and cried out. "Yes, yes, yes, now you will be a slave for ever."




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