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Hello, Well this is my first story… Well at for here. Well since I tend to be more dominant in nature, I decided to have a little fun. Took the whole idea of what kind of fun I would have if magic was real. So I now I tell a story from the point of view of one of my fantasy-subbies. I hope you enjoy, and please, I would love to hear back from everyone who reads this. So do not hesitate to share your thoughts, praise criticism, or any other thing that would inspire me to write more, or write better. It would be much appreciated. And all emails will be answered. Mistress Dyvia in my story is a fictional woman, at least I think she’s a woman, I haven’t entirely decided.


Mistress Dyvia

by Mistress Dyvia


Me? To be honest, I like that BDSM thing. Well Not all of it, but most of it. I love bondage, I love the Dominance/submission stuff. Not much into the pain though. So I can’t say that I was really into the SM part of BDSM. Neither was my wife. My wife, Maria, perhaps the most beautiful women I could ever have conceived of. All she did was give and give, she had a kinky side, which matched mine almost perfectly. I was lucky that she shared in the whole eroticism of the experience. She was the submissive one of us. I, was switch. I was gladly willing to dom her, but part of me wanted her to domme me occasionally. It never got in the way, and I spoke freely about that desire I had. Every so often she would domme me, but it was few and far between. I could tell from time to time that she was trying to make me happy, but she was not a domme. I accepted that, but apparently she had not.

I came home form my work one day, and she was sitting waiting for me. She told me she had a present as it was my birthday. She had a hired a professional domme to take me for a month. I was shocked. Actually I did not like that at all. I wanted nothing to do with another woman except Maria. She looked at me, "Keith, please, I know you have this deep desire in you, and I can’t help you, but she can. And I don‘t mind honestly, you have always been so great to me, this is the least I can do for you."

I shook my head. "Its not important, hun. You are the only one in the world I would ever think of being with. I just couldn’t." She put her head down, and I almost felt guilty about not wanting to be with another woman. That was just messed up. "Besides, I can’t miss a month of work."

"Oh its already been taken care of. I talked to you boss, I told him as a birthday present I wanted to send you on a cruise to unwind. He was happy to help out."

"Well…" I was shocked again, she had thought it through completely. "I guess I have a month to spend with you."

"No actually you don’t."

"Why not? Did you make plans without me?" I asked with a snicker. I know she was absolutely loyal to me.

"No, its just that I knew you would talk me out of it…" A tear rolled down her eye. "I’m sorry.."

"Sorry for what?" I was about to reach out for her, but something told me not quite yet. "There is nothing to be sorry for." She shook her head. There was?

Someone grabbed my shoulder and turned me around, I was staring at a woman who was completely dressing the part of a dominatrix. And then the spray in my face. I had barely registered the latex and rubber, before I felt myself slip under the veil of unconsciousness.


I awoke. I appeared to be in a basement. I saw the blue light of the sky above me. I felt a little dazed. SNAP!. I immediately looked to the other side of the room. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" I struggled, I was naked and spread-eagle and also I was vertical. Strangely, this was exactly what I had in mind for being dommed. "Where’s Maria?"

"Keith… Were you not paying attention? She hired me to keep you entertained for a month. Well actually she paid me very well to dominate you in every way possible… for a month" She walked up to me, within inches of my face. "She really loves you ya know."

"Screw you, Let me out. You can’t do this, not without my consent, it’s illegal."

"Don’t worry, it may be now, but before this night is through, you will sign your soul away to me, and smile doing it."

"The hell I will."

" Oh really?" She kneeled down before me, and started to lick my balls. She lifted my dick up and started to stroke the back of it. It felt good, but I would not give her the satisfaction. She started taking it into her mouth. I closed my eyes and just focused. ‘Do not tense.’ rang through my mind over and over. She continued for what must have been close to an hour, and I had not orgasmed nor had I shown any indication that I would. Finally, she spat my dick out and cursed. She paced in a circle for a bout a minute. "Okay fine, you won’t do this the easy way.. Then we’ll just have to do this the real easy way." She paused and got in close to me. She looked into my eyes, and said slowly, "Cor-eb-leth" I closed my eyes and felt my head spin, My head started to droop, but then it became alive again when maybe a second later I heard, "Five! Wide-awake."

My head spun for a moment, "You didn’t hypnotize me." she couldn’t have. I looked around everything was the same, but different. Was I drugged? No.. it was the room, everything was the same but.. Slightly… The window.. It was night time.

"Having doubts?"

"Yes Mistress." What? I did NOT just say that.

"What kind of doubts?" She said Smirking.

"Its night out now." I reluctantly answered.

"Are you sure it wasn’t night before?" She asked. I wasn’t sure. I thought I had seen the sun light. But maybe it was the moonlight? Or was it just dark? "Answer me slave!"

"No Mistress. I am not so sure." I was uncertain, and I it was her fault. "What did you do to me?"

She just smiled and walked up to me. "Just made a few changes, to make you more compliant."

"Like what?" I already knew, I was trusting her words. It didn’t really matter that I did not trust her. I was believing her. Or maybe I was just doubting myself. Either way, I knew what she did.

"Well one, you’re calling me Mistress now. Two next time I want you to orgasm-" I felt like I was attacked by my own orgasm. I watched as my flaccid member drooled a thick white fluid onto the ground. It was done in ten seconds. "-Then you will orgasm." and I did it again. This time it was a little more painful.

She knelt down at me once again and started to suck at my cock. She had me rock hard quickly despite my best efforts at ignoring her. But I could do nothing. It was biological. Once again, I still resisted for the love of Maria. She could not bring me to orgasm this way. I would not allow it.

After an indeterminable amount of time she stopped still gripping my dick with her right hand looked up at me. "You are incorrigible. I hypnotize you so that you cum on command, but I suck you and I suck you more, but you are just to fucking stubborn to orgasm!" Right as she said the word we both realized at the same time she had chosen a bad choice of words. And cum streamed out of my dick and splattered against her carefully made up face. I started to chuckle. She fell gave me an angry look but then it faded to something of a smile. She started laughing as well. She stood up and left the room, she came back. She still had the stream of white semen on her face slightly moved as gravity slowly pulled it down. She held a fist, I slowed my laughing. I realized her laughing was not so genuine. My laughing stopped. "You think this is funny?"

I was immediately nervous, "No Mistress." ‘Mistress’ again? Mistress what? I don’t know who the hell this woman was.

"Well too bad time to be punished little girl." She reached down between my legs with her free hand, and pinched and held a piece of my scrotum. She opened up her fist and revealed a ring. She was going to pierce my scrotum? No way. But before I could even verbally react she pierced it, I let out a pretty loud scream. She clicked it something on it and suddenly my scream changed to an extremely high pitched screech.

I looked down at myself. I was a woman; completely. I looked between my legs and saw a freshly pireced clit. All I saw was a little ball and immediately made the assumption that she had a barbell ring in ‘my clit.’ I was furious. "What the hell did you do to me. Maria would never have allowed you to do something like this. When I get out of here, and I will, you are going to be in such deep shit…"

She glared at me. "Shut your mouth slave!"

"Yes Mistress." And I quickly silenced myself.

"Maria? Is that your hang up? I should have known. Yes, I should have, it couldn’t possibly be more obvious." She pressed a finger to my clit and applied pressure, and much like when my dick hardened against my will, I felt my new pussy moisten. She pressed in forcefully I felt a ripping pain, an she quickly withdrew. "Just to get that out of the way. You didn’t really care to be a virgin for long did you?"

I was speechless but I found my voice answer anyway, "No Mistress." I wish I could stop with this annoying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ mistress crap.

"And most importantly, let’s take of this little business with your wife. Cor-eb-leth." And my world once again faded to black.


I was aware that I was in the middle of doing something. My vision returned and I noticed that I was dusting a shelf. Something did not feel quite right about my body. I looked into a mirror. Everything seemed fine, my hair and make up had no flaws. My stockings had no runs, my cap was fine. I suppose my boobs were not showing enough cleavage, but that was quickly fixed. I normally where 6 inch heels, but for some reason they did not appear to be right today. Oh well, I had better finish before Mistress get mad.


"Oui, Mistress?" Did I just answer in French? I don’t think that is quite right.

"Je voudrais que vous nettoyiez les objets sur la table dans la salle dinante

." Huh? I have no idea what she had said.

"Naturellement Mistress. Ce serait mon plaisir." I answered pleasantly. Once again I have no idea what I just said, but I said it earnestly.

"Avec votre bouche." How frustrating, I love my mistress, but why can’t she just let me know what we were saying.

"Oui. Je ne le ferais pas aucune autre voie." I replied.

"Une plus de chose, je devrais attendre un invité bientôt, vois s'il vous plaît qu'elle est faite à…" She gave an evil smile, and something told me that I would know what to do, "…détendu."

"Naturellement, Mistress." I smiled in response.

"Amusez-vous, Jacqueline." And she abruptly exited through the front door.

I finished dusting the shelf. And I found my hands wandering down to my pussy. I started playing with my little clit ring when I remembered that Mistress wanted me to clean the sculptures in the dining room. I walked into the dining room and saw that the room was lined with sculptures. This could take a long time. Then I saw a table that had about a dozen phallic shaped objects. Those are what I had to clean. I walked up to them and realized that each one seemed to be covered with Mistress’ pussy juice. She wanted them clean. I took the first one and placed the tip into my mouth I sucked it hard and licked its length with my tongue. I used my free hand and placed it under my miniskirt and started teasing my clit ring again. With each new sculpture that I placed in my mouth, I found that my arousal level gained a new level of excitement until I finished the last one in which I had an intense orgasm. The intense orgasm. The reward of serving Mistress.

I then went to the kitchen where I made myself a cup of tea and started sipping it carefully. It was soothing. Then the doorbell rang. It must be Mistress’ expected guest. How did I know that?

I walked up to the door and opened it. A lovely woman was standing there, strangely she seemed familiar. I invited her in and offered her a drink. She said yes, and I told her all that I had available. She asked for tea. Well Mistress wanted her to be comfortable. I walked away from her letting my high heels allow my butt to sway a little more than usual. I wondered if she looked. I poured the hot water in a cup, I dipped the tea bag in and out. I mixed in a little cream, and sugar with a little of Mistress’ comfy powder.

I brought it out to the woman. "And here you are." I was embarrassed by my accent.

"Thank you very much." She took the tea from me as I held it out. "I didn’t catch your name."

I smiled, I needed a moment to translate. "My name is Jacqueline." I did my best to hide my accent, but it still came through.

"My name is Maria, nice to meet you."

"And it is nice to meet you too." Maria? Why does that name seem so familiar? Have I met this woman before? I think I would remember. Oh My. She spilled her tea. Oh well it wasn’t unexpected. I cleaned the rug where the spill was and put the cup and dish on the coffee table. When I was done I picked up this Maria woman and took her upstairs to Mistress "fun room." I took Maria’s unconscious body and stripped it of all clothing. I locked her arms and legs into the ‘X’ frame.

Mistress walked in soon after. She placed a small vial of something under Maria’s nose. Her eyes snapped open as she gagged. She looked up at the two of us, she started yelling. Her English was too fast for me to catch. But it was not my concern. Only Mistress was.

She ignored the ‘Maria’ woman, and had me kneel. She was going to treat me first. I was thrilled. Mistress locked my legs together with shackles. Then she bound my wrists behind my back. It turned me on so much, and then I would turn my gaze to the woman on the ‘X’ frame. And my passion would immediately intensify. Mistress slid a dildo gag between my lips. Then pleasured my clitoris with her tongue until I came. When she was done she inserted a delightful vibrating dildo into my over-juiced pussy. I was in heaven. And the strange woman, Maria, calling out contemptuous foreign (English) words made it so much more intense. I loved my Mistress so much.

Then Mistress spoke to me, "Remember, my Darling." And my memories came flooding back. I was Keith, I had drugged and bound my wife Maria to that frame. Oh God.. Mistress turned me into a woman, made me enjoy it. Oh Please…. What have I done?

My wife kept screaming obscenities. "Who do the fuck do you think you are?" "Let me go you bitch." Of course she had no idea who I was… I can only assume ‘yet.’ "Why the fuck did you do this?!" Please just let me go?" "Where is my husband?" "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!!?"

My mind kept reeling. What have I done? Did I cost my wife her freedom? Forever? Its all my fault. Oh God.. Please help me. I sat there unable to say a word. Gagged. And my thoughts slowly merged into one repeating mantra. "Oh.. My.. God… What… Have… I… done? Oh My God What Have I Done? Oh my God, What have I done? OhmyGodWhatHaveIDone? OhmygodwhathaveIdone? OmigodwhatveIdun? OmigodwhatveIdun? OmigodwhatveIdun? OmigodwhatveIdun? OmigodwhatveIdun?"

And then as it kept cycling through my head I saw Mistress looking at me, she answered my first question, and my wife’s last question, "I am Mistress Dyvia."


The End

Don’t forget to write to me. Well? Now Bitch! J jk, maybe…




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