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And for a final touch I had put on a dark red lipstick. Just the right rouge to accentuate every syllable. I tucked the lipstick into my cleavage, then I took a few steps back and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I wore black latex opera gloves, thigh high boots with a 5 inch spiked heel, a little black leather skirt, a tight lack lycra corset with latex trimmings. with a little red watch over my left wrist. I also wore a little gold necklace with a "D" hanging from the end. The clasp had touched the D so I made a little wish to myself. I checked my hair, it seemed just fine. I winked to myself and blew myself a little kiss and walked out of the room closing the door behind me.


Mistress Dyvia's Fun Night with a New Gurl

by Mistress Dyvia


So I walked into the room and there Christopher was. He had come to me seeking some sort of feminization and bondage/discipline experience. I tried not to act too feline-like, well, too predatory that is, but sometimes that side of me would just come out. Meow. Well anyway I sat down in front of him, and he looked me in the eye. "I see you have a strong will."

"Sometimes I do."

"That's fine by me, but I'm not here to break wills." I paused to let the words sink in. "You came to me, so the only thing that needs to be overcome is your own inhibitions. I am not going to fight you, and you are not going to fight me. If we continue, at most you will fight yourself, and the side that obeys me, will win, or we stop."

"Yes... ...Mistress?" He seemed to say "mistress' as if he were not yet sure. Fine by me.

I smiled, "Not yet. Just Dyvia for the moment." Not that I disliked being called Mistress, but I wanted there to be a clear transitional moment during the evening; for both of us.

"Alright." he said trying to appear relaxed. Though considering some deeply routed fantasy of his was about to be granted, it was obvious that he was not relaxed. hehe. I love those moments.

"Like I said you seem to be strong willed..." I said as I stood up and walked over to my desk. "And the best thing about strong willed subs, is that they can be soo utterly determined." I pulled out a piece of paper, and six inch piece of string. I walked back to the chair in front of him, and as I did so, I said, "Do you think that you are a determined individual, Christopher?" And I sat back down and crossed my legs once more.

"Yeah, i guess so."

"Good lets test that out." I handed him the six inch piece of string and he took it. "Hold each end with a different hand behind you back." And he looked confused for just a second, and then he did so. He made to fists behind his back, and each end of the string flowed into the center of his fists. "very good, now imagine those are handcuffs, so your hands are stuck behind you back, until I tell you to release them. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do." MMMmmmm. He still didn't add 'Mistress' in yet.

"Good now I'm not going to lie to you, or trick you, I'm going to tell you exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to use your strong will to help me. You see this piece of paper?" I showed him as I held it up.

"Yeah." he spoke as he nodded.

"If you agree to sign this, you are my slave until I decide otherwise. You will do everything I say. You will be determined to be my absolute best slave." I smiled as I looked over the paper. A contract. All it stated was, 'I agree to be Mistress Dyvia's property and obey all her instructions and rules indefinitely or until she releases me. Signed:' A large empty space followed the word 'signed.' I then thought that it was important to add in another bit, "This is not legally binding, even if you sign it you really don't have to hold up your end. But like I said you are strong willed, and I'd like to think that you are stubborn enough to stick to your own decisions."

"I am Dyvia. I really am."

"Then would you sign it?" it was a trick, but I wanted to see if he would notice on his own.

"Umm should I let go of the string?"

Ooh perceptive, I knew I was going to enjoy this night. "No."

"Then How can I sign it?" He asked.. And so innocently I might add.

I pulled the lipstick from its little hiding place in my corset. "pucker up."

He paused.. "b-b-b-but…"

"Determination Christopher.. Determination. " he puckered up and I daintily applied a rather thick coat of lipstick to his lips. Then I held the paper by the top and bottom for him as he tried to get up, with a bit of difficulty. He pressed his lips to the contract. And I added the date and time. With a real pen. Hehehe.

"Well alright Christopher. Rule number 1, I am no longer Dyvia, I am Mistress Dyvia. Rule number two, you will never make eye contact with me, unless I say your name at which point you will hold eye contact until I stop talking in which case you stop looking at me until the next time I say your name." he looked down, and I of course, smiled. "Understand so far Christopher?"

He looked up at me, made eye contact, "Yes, Mistress Dyvia." and then lowered his gaze once more.

"Good gurl." Then it hit me, I almost forgot. "'Christopher…' that name will simply not do. Something different.. Tina? No no. Tina is short for Christina, which is the femme form of Christopher. Need something very different. Jen? No your name has an 'e.' 'B?' Bobbi? No sounds too masculine. Barbara? Non could be too bimboy. 'N?' Nicole? No, I don't want that hard 'c' sound in your name. Nadia. Nora Nala Nara Nesta, nina nola. Whoa, wait, Nina. I like that.. Your new name is 'Nina.'"

"yes Mistress." he spoke so submissively.

"Good Gurl. " I took his little string thus 'unbinding' his hands. and then took off his shirts until he was top less. I brought him into his room. Or at least the room that would be his until I was done with him. Once there I opened up a drawer to his, or maybe I should start calling him a 'her,' her night table. I pulled out a roll of duct tape. "nina touch your middle fingers to your opposite elbows behind your back. Nina struggled. But touched and held. I then went and taped her forearms together in that position, which I knew probably wouldn't be too comfortable for her to undo later. "You like this Nina." it was a statement not a question.

"Yes Mistress."

"okay Nina, that is going to get old. Lets have a little fun."

"yes Mistress."

"Instead of saying 'yes' from now on.. You will say ' I need to suck a cock.' and instead of saying 'no,' you will say 'I think someone's cum is dripping from my ass.'" I smiled as I enjoyed the almost pale look of hers. "Do you understand Nina?"

"I need to suck a cock Mistress."

"good gurl." I went to the closet and pulled out some breast forms. Gave her double Ds. Noticing her chest was lacking hair, I used am adhesive to hold the massive forms to her chest. I pulled a corset around her waist and tied it tightly, cutting almost 6 inches off her mid section. She was gasping for a few moments. Them I added a garter belt and stockings, pink in color. Then black high heels, six inches, with a little pad lock. I put the key to unlock them on a necklace and put it around her neck. Not that it would do her any good there, since she couldn't touch it anyway. Then I added a nice long blond wig with big hair. Hehe, I secured it with a few hair pins, and continued my little game. I found a tight black lycra miniskirt, and put it on her. "No panties.. Typical of slut, wouldn't you agree?"

"I need to suck a cock, Mistress."

"You're doing so well Christopher." She looked up at me. I smiled, and she quickly looked away. "Tsk Tsk nina, making eye contact without me saying your name… Now we can't let you get away with that unpunished can we?

"I think someone's cum is dripping from my ass, Mistress"

"good gurl." So I went to the bathroom and took out a tampon, I bent her over and slowly worked the tip into her ass. I pushed it in and gave the string a little tug. She grunted but took it like a Gurl. I of course smiled, as I kept her bent over and tied a little bell to the string. I'm sure you know the kind, like the ones on cat toys. How appropriate I though to myself as I felt my nails through my latex gloves. My poor nails.. Lacking attention lately. Mm.. Time to be a tease. I started to dig through, found one little toy that I tucked into my corset. I will tell you about that in just a moment. I pulled different sized dildos from the little toy chest and started placing them in various parts of the room. There were twelve in all.

"Okay my naughty little slut, Nina." I smiled, and slowly pointed to each dildo. I pulled a pillow out of a pillowcase. And put the case in the middle of the bed. "You are going to take each of those dildos and you are going to take them into your mouth, and put them into this pillowcase one at a time. When the last one is in the pillowcase, open the door, and come to me in the next room." At which point I decided to unravel the a blindfold that I had tucked into my corset when I was digging for dildos. Hmm digging for dildos.. That sounds like a fun game, I'll have to think of some rules.. Oops getting off track again sorry. I put the blindfold over her eyes and tied it snuggly behind her head. "Happy hunting."

"Thank you Mistress Dyvia."

"You are so very welcome Nina."

I exited the room, imagining her frustration High heels, arms bound tightly behind her back, her ass filled with a tampon, which rang every time she shook her butt. A corset holding her back straight and cinching her waist tight. Probably on her knees trying to crawl looking for the dildos that she would have to get up for, to put in the pillow case. As I contemplated these little thoughts of what was happening in the next room, I took off my gloves, and sat at my desk and started to apply a thick coat of a burgundy colored nail polish to my right fingers.



I wondered How long it would be until I could continue Nina's little adventure. But I'm sure you've had enough fun for now. Maybe next time I'll tell you about another story…? Or perhaps you would like to hear about Nina's strap-on fun? Or her fetish role-day? Oh well you'll have to let me know. Email me back at

I love you all! ;)




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