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Synopsis: Mistress Dyvia collects a new toy from a dark alley, brings the new 'girl' home and has her fun.

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Dark Alley

by Mistress Dyvia


There are always dark alleys in every town I have ever been in. Many are the kind of dark alleys that you see in movies or read in books where hapless visitors get kidnapped, girls get raped, and men get mugged… Some towns have dark alleys that fit the description well, but are actually quite innocent. Tonight I am in such an alley. It looks dangerous, but nothing big ever happens in such a place. It's almost midnight. I open my purse and take out a small bottle and a little handkerchief.

I am in full domme mode tonight. I'm on the prowl so-to-speak. This alley is about to become a little less innocent. I'm simply wearing a black cat suit. I really shouldn't have worn high heels, but I did, and it does help with the dominatrix look.

I see a car pass and the lights almost shine into the alley as it parks. I crouch down a bit. The lights go out. I hear a double horn, and then a single car door slams. The person, I assume, presses a button on a key chain, because the car makes a noise-beep in such a way that the car is alarmed.

It takes a few moments, but I hear footsteps coming down the alley, but there is no longer any light. I'm wearing a black wig tonight, so that my red hair wouldn't be a contrast to the darkness. The steps are almost heavy; a man obviously. I'm careful to move the hair of my wig in such a way that it partially covers my face and helps me blend into the shadows. I look through the strands of hair and watch the man coming towards me. It's dark, but I can make a out a trench coat, a white shirt with a dark tie, and white pants.

His steps slow down, are his nerves and instincts contradicting his decision to walk down this alley? I smile at the thoughts of what is to come. I rise up on my toes, careful not to make that click-clack sound from my heels. I step around him, and pull the cloth, now covered in the contents of the bottle around his head, and pull it tightly to his mouth and nose. I move closely to his head and whisper into his lips, "You can't fight it, just breathe, you belong to me now." He starts to struggle, but the chloroform already has his movements sluggish. I press my knee to the back of his tailbone and pull him backwards, slowly dragging him to the ground. By the time he reaches the ground, he is unconscious and motionless.

Mistress Dyvia Presents:

Mistress Dyvia's Dark Alley

By: Mistress Dyvia

Hello to all my sluts, slaves, and subbies out there. I've been on a hiatus for a while. I'm back! I recently signed up at as a client, and had a blast over there. Then the sight went down so they could upgrade, and because of LIL I had the writing bug back! So while waiting for Melissa to get back the site back up, I wrote this. As you can imagine, It wouldn't be a Mistress Dyvia story without some rules for those true submissives out there to follow. So here are your rules:

1. You are my property. Say it. "Mistress Dyvia, I am your property." Now that you've said it, you belong to me, and until you finish all the instructions, you will remain mine. As property, I can pretty much do with you as I wish.

2. You must be aroused before starting this story and I insist that you remain so through out the story. And you may not cum, until Slut cums.

3. Have lipstick, high heels, and some wet wipes or a damp cloth readily available.

4. Whenever you see parenthesis, you will use the wet wipes or damp cloth to clean your lipstick off and then you will reapply it. When I put make up on my slut, you will wipe it off, and put your lipstick on. (If you have other makeup available to you, that would be a good time to match my slut)… you just saw parenthesis, did you do like I told you to? And Lastly, whenever Slut has high heels on, you will to, if I take her shoes off, so will you.

5. As a good slut, subbie or slave (aka a bad girl) you will write me an email (or a review), telling me whether or not you followed the instructions as I told you to. On top of that, I encourage you to write a critique of the story in about four to five sentences, but that is not required.

And with the rules firmly established, I'll let you get back to my story:


I debate upon taking his car, but I ultimately decide against it. I'll come back for it later. I start to drag him towards my car, "Yes, I definitely should have worn flats…" I put a ball gag into his mouth and then a hood over his head, so that when he wakes up, he'll be mute and blind. I take off the shoes he has, and attach a pair of ballet shoes to his feet, that should definitely limit his ability to stand or walk. I lock on a pair of ankle cuffs and attach them with a six-inch chain. I pull off his trench coat and attach a collar that says, 'Property of Mistress Dyvia" and then pull his arms behind his back and pull them up. I handcuff his wrists together and use another small chain to attach his wrists to his collar. I sit him up in the back seat, put his seatbelt on and give him a little whiff of Ammonia.

He makes some grunts. I say, "Slow down there… relax." He intensifies his verbal assaults and struggles in his bonds. I slap him across the face, "I said calm down!"

I close his car door and get in the front and turn on the engine. I put my car into gear and pull out onto the road, "Obviously we're going to need to get around this little communication barrier we have here. So from now on, whenever I ask you a yes/no question while you are gagged, one grunt means yes, and two means no… Do you understand?"

One grunt.

"Good girl…"

Two grunts…

"Well don't worry, you may not be one yet, but you'll feel differently about that by this time tomorrow."

Two grunts.

"Anyway, You may call me Mistress Dyvia. I am your owner, at least until I decide otherwise… You are 'slut' well once again, until I decide to give you a more proper name. Understand?"

A flurry of grunts assault me.

"Shut up Slut! Let's be clear, I don't give a shit whether or not you agree with me, or whether or not you'll let me change you… I will make you into a woman, and what I say is your truth; and you will find that it will be your truth. Now it will happen whether you like it or not, now when I ask you a question, and add the word, 'understand,' there is two responses to give, 'yes' or 'no…'" I let out a sigh of frustration.. Which is more for dramatic purposes than anything else. "If you give me two grunts, I will obviously have to find a better way to express myself… Now let's try again, I am Mistress Dyvia, and until I decide otherwise, your name is 'Slut,' Do you understand 'Slut?'"

I here a single defeat grunt come at me.

"Good girl."

He doesn't respond.

I look at my rearview mirror, and smile as I see him still testing and fighting against his restraints, "here's the deal, I am going to have fun with you. I am going to turn you into a girl for all intents and purposes. I'm going to turn you into a walking talking sex object. I'm going to see to it that your cock will be straining against your panties just by putting your lipstick on. I'm going to make sure you love high heels… You'll be hairless, and feminine. You'll be an eager sexual creature… You'll have breasts, big ones, and when I finally decide to take you out on the town, you'll be excited to have people looking at you, your breasts, and your curves. You will be an obedient slut… Now you can make this happen one of two ways, just go with the flow, and you'll be one hell of a slut… or fight me, and you'll still be one hell of a slut, but your name will be 'cockslut' and I'll make sure your attitude and specialties reflect that name. Now, once again, do you understand the words I have just spoken to you?"

I hear a subdued single grunt once again. (I love subdued gestures)

"Good girl."

The next few minutes are silent which ends when I pull into my driveway and then drive up and into my garage. When I park inside the garage I press the button on my remote, and the door comes down. I get out of the car, and step over to his door,.. her door… and open it, I undo her seatbelt, and pull her out. I can tell she wants to struggle but given the nature of the way she's bound, the ballet-heels, and blindfold, I don't think she trusts herself enough to fight me. I can tell she doesn't like those heels, I have to help her stay up.

I eventually lead her to the den, which has a flight of stairs leading to the second floor. Once again I have to be careful, given the nature of her bindings. I sit her down on the bottom step. "Push yourself up one step at a time. Use your legs to push your ass up to the next step." She does so, and two minutes later she has moved herself up all thirteen steps. I help her back to her feet and lead her to my bedroom… Or should I call it 'Boudoir' for the sake of this story? Boudoir it is.

I lead her to my 'boudoir,' and sit her on my bed. Finally I take that hood off her head. I stand in front of her silently. I watch her eyes, reflecting her male nature, looking me up and down. It brings a smile to my face, momentarily forgetting that she is my prisoner.

"Now Slut, let's be completely clear here, until I say otherwise you are going to be my toy or plaything. I will have my way with you, and you won't complain too much, if you agitate me more than three times in a twenty-four hour period, I will take things to a new level… Though given how fun that sounds, don't be surprised if I try to push your limits." I take the gag our her mouth and look at her, "Do you have any questions, I'll answer three."

"Please, Let me go."

"That's not a question…"

She looks down and is thinking, "Please, can't you just let me go?"

I smile, "I could, but I have no intention of doing so, I wanted a plaything, you are it. I made my choice and have absolutely no intention of going back, or changing my mind, I'd hate to have a reputation of being a fickle Dominatrix."

She looks at me with a fearful gaze, "What do you intend to do with me?"

"I intend to turn you into quite the feminine sexual creature. One that lives that male 'lesbian fantasy…' though it might be a bi-fantasy if you make me work too hard. I'll just push you to the edge of reason, I'll break you, and I'll put you back together the way I want you. And in the end, you'll love me for it… And you will thank me for it."

"How long are you going to keep me like this?"

I let out a laugh, "As long as you amuse me… but don't that it will be that easy to not-entertain me.

"Will it hurt?"

I don't answer I open a drawer, and start to set up a little surprise for her. I leave the room while that is getting ready. I re-enter with a pair of scissors.

"Will it hurt?" She asks with just a little more desperation.

"Now hold still, I'm cutting off your clothes." I start snipping up her legs, so much easier to cut her clothes off than risk removing her restraints so early.

"I don't like pain."

"Well that's too bad, pain is going to be in your future, hopefully not for too long, but its all up to you how long it will last… And I answered three of your question already, I am not answering any more." I only respond to the last one because it was not a question, but a statement.

I lead her once again to the guest room. One might feel sorry for the guests, as it's not a room of much comfort, as much as play. I bring her to an x-frame… And I release her bit by bit, reattaching her to a spot on the frame. It doesn't take long before she is spread eagle and ready for what I need to do with her.

I leave her alone for a few minutes; I can only wonder about the thoughts that float through her head in these few isolated moments. I finally return, and in my hands is a jar of hot wax, no not the candle kind, the kind that you rip hair out with.

"I had this whole thing planned where I was going to say 'if you scream even once, I'm going to gag you…' however, why wait for the inevitable?" I reveal a ring gag and roughly force it into her mouth. But I also have another little surprise. I pink dildo, and I have a head strap that went through the base of the dildo. Luckily for me, not so much for her, I could adjust it, so that the head of the dildo would always be in her mouth on the inside of the gag, but it would really be up to her how much of the rest would be. As predicted, she uses her tongue to keep as much of it out of her mouth as possible…

With her significantly distracted with that, I start dripping the wax onto her legs and spreading it around. There are a few grunts, as the wax was rather hot. But when I am ready, hopefully she is, I placed the small cloth strip on her leg, and tug sharply. Oh God, did she scream through that dildo… A short indeterminable amount of time later, I find that I have stripped all the hair off her body from the neck down. She especially didn't seem to like it when I did her balls. Oh well. Don't even want to tell you about the difficulty I had with her when I needed to turn her over. All the sobbing an whining... and that's without the 'pain in the ass' struggling she did, or the pain in the ass waxing she felt..

Shortly there after she finds herself tied to a chair, luckily for her, the gag and dildo were removed, though I'm sure when I am done, she would have preferred them in her mouth. I'm sure some of you have read enough of my stories to know what I'm about to do to her throat. I slide a breathing tube down her throat to make sure she can breath… then I pour a special compound down her throat that will make a mold of her throat. I pull it out, and use a special drill-like tool to reshape it... I return to her moments later, and slide it into her throat… She doesn't fight me on it at all.

"Okay sweetie, say something."

"Something…" She gasps… Her new femme-voice was more than she was prepared for.

"Sounds sexy," I compliment.

"I don't want to sound sexy."

I shake my head, "Of course you do, trust me, sooner than you think, sounding sexy, acting sexy, being sexy will be extremely important to you."

"But… why can't you just let me go?"

"I already answered your questions… Now lets move on to the facts. I already told you, I am Mistress Dyvia, and you should address me as such." I smile, "Though, I will settle for 'mistress.'" I raise an eyebrow, "Try it out."

"Yes… Mistress."

I clap my hands excitedly, "Good Girl!"

I think that at the height of our enthusiasm, that this will be a great time to introduce her to her brand new breasts. I run to the closet like a giddy school girl and reach to the top pulling down two white boxes. I enthusiastically bring them back over and open them slowly for her. She has a nice pair of D cups. "You're getting to be a big girl now!" I let out a dreadfully awful giggle… Well it was a giggle, but for her I'm sure it was 'dreadful' as well as 'awful.' (Don't give me that look; how would you have felt?)

I took off her Ballet heels, only to replace them with the five-inch kind, so she could walk somewhat independently. Around her neck I firmly secure a cute little leash to her collar, as I do look forward to walking her around the room to test out her new shoes. Her makeup comes next, and she lets me do what I need to. By the time I'm done her skin look s a little paler than she's used to. But her cheeks are rosy, her eyelids are blue and her eyes are surrounded by a perfect black and dramatic halo. The last thing I do to her is put on a sexy dark red lipstick. I look down and see that she's standing attention; you know, rock hard.

I'm already planning her to have a fetish look tonight. I start laying out the latex on a chair in front of her. Occasionally, I do have to unlock a wrist or an ankle. But I start her out with a corset to help give her that hourglass figure. On top of that is a latex cat suit, bad planning on my part, means I have to take her shoes off again, but she seems happy to be able to stretch the muscles in her toes one last time. I decide at this point to go in an unusual direction. Her latex skin is there, but instead of going with the usual latex outfit on top, I go with some lingerie. Small lacey pink gloves, matching garters and hose, and I even go with a simple pink halter-top and matching skirt. I put her shoes back on and find that the only thing that is missing is her hair. For that I just simply take off my own wig, and plop it on her head. I love the way her eyes dance on my hair as its perfect even after being cooped up in that wig for so long (Okay, so my hair was messy, but for the sake of the story, my hair is perfect, no split ends, no pillow hair, and it always returns to its perfect appearance no matter what ways it gets twisted and contoured into.)

I take a firm grip of her leash, and give a little tug. I unlock her restraints and tug again this time allowing her to be free, "Follow, Slut."

"Yes Mistress."

I don't walk far; I just want her to get a taste of what it is like to wear heels. I'm sure by this time tomorrow; her feet will be killing her. I make her circle the room behind me three times, then make her walk with her own leash in her hand by herself three more times. I can't help but think; tomorrow, I will have to work on that walk of hers, it's not nearly sexy enough.

Moving forward I take her leash again and start walking her back to my bedroom. This is where it will really start to get interesting. I have her get onto her hands and knees and crawl up onto my bed. Making sure she can see every move I make, I stand in front of her at my nightstand and open it up pulling out a big pink dildo. Next, I reaching and pull out a harness. I'm sure she could put one and one together. As I start to put the harness around my own black cat suit, I can see the mystique and the spectacle unfolding in her eyes. (Though I may have mistaken that for 'fear and awe')

I walk around her, fading out of her view, and when I'm behind her I grab her by the hips and pull her in tightly to me, and rub the phallus across both of her legs. She shivers. I smile.

Her cat suit has a wide zipper (well after I customized it a bit for such an occasion). She quickly finds that her ass is very much exposed and that her penis is free. I take a small tube of a cold lubricant and spread it generously along 'my shaft' and place a nice glob of it on her ass. "Are you ready, Slut?"

"No mistress…"

I shrug my shoulders, "Well… Ready or not here I come… or here you cum?"

I ease the phallus into her ass carefully. It takes a few slow attempts to get it all the way in. She breathes heavily, but it almost sounds like she's enjoying it. I slowly push her forward and crawl up onto the bed with her, the toy never leaves her ass. One hand helps to guide the thrusts in and out of her. The other strokes her hair. My hand on her hips slowly sinks back and starts to jerk her off. My hand in her hair clutches her neck and forces her down. "Stay, Slut." Her head pressed to the mattress and her ass up high in the air, I begin to fuck her. I love hearing the sound of each grunt as I slide across that mythical male g-spot. Between the circumstances of her imprisonment, jerking her off, and the position I'm making her get fucked in, it only takes a couple minutes for her to cum.

I catch of all her cum in my hands. "In the future, Slut, you will be expected to lick my hand clean. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Dyvia."

"Good, now stay right there." I walk off to the bathroom, and wash my hands. I return moments later to find she is still there, still spent. I take off my strap-on and let it fall to the floor where I leave it. I go back to my still-open-drawer from my nightstand and bring out a small roll of bondage tape (it sticks to itself but not to you! lol). I have her stretch her legs out straight, and I start mummifying her legs.. now leg. I have a small length of chain attached to one of the legs of my bed, and I bring it up and lock her feet to it so she can't go too far without me. Next I cuff her wrists together and use a small chain to lock them to the headboard. And finally a small blind fold to cover her eyes.

I place a nice fluffy pillow under her head and get up. I take off my own cat suit and my undies, and then put on a sports bra, and a more comfortable pair of granny-panties, then a nice comfy nightshirt. I wash off my make up… hmm, funny I left Slut in hers, I guess she can do the laundry tomorrow. Oh well. And of course I take all the clips out of my hair. I return to Slut, and pull the blankets out from under her, and cover us both in them. I lie next to her and move one of my legs over her 'leg,' and my arm rests lightly on her chest with my hand settles on her breast. I give her a light kiss on the cheek, "So tell me, slut. When you emailed me about this fantasy of yours, is this how you pictured it happening?"

She shakes her head, "No Mistress, I thought it would be more lame than this."

"Lame?" I giggle for a moment, "Well just wait until tomorrow, you'll see just how 'lame' it'll get."

"Yes Mistress, I look forward to it."

"Good night Slut."

Goodnight Mistress, sweet dreams."

I kiss her on the cheek, and close my eyes, letting the darkness overtake me.


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