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Mistaken Loyalties

by Danielle L. Richards


Chapter One: Surprises and heartbreaks


I had just returned from shopping for some of those little delicacies that I knew my wife enjoyed and had gone into the kitchen to prepare all for what I hoped would be a very pleasant repast. I had always been the chef in our relationship as my dear wife, Rachael, would burn water. As my work also kept me home as I had an at home brokerage firm that I had built up in the last ten years to be a multi-million dollar business, I sure didn't need to work, but I really enjoyed making my clients more money than most of them could dream of. I was a very giving, considerate, kind, and loving person who often felt so honored to have won the love of such a wonderful person as my Rachael. Throughout my life my attributes have caused me to be the brunt of many cruel pranks and cruel women who thought that I would be an easy mark and that since I was so effeminate, in their viewpoint, that I would quite gladly be the simpering pansy and dote on their every need and demand. Needless to say many women were surprised and dismayed to find that this was so far from the truth as to be ludicrous and found themselves out on their behinds faster than they could count. In some cases this exodus was faster as they were not exactly the brightest bulb in the pack. Why oh why do people take the more gentile attributes as weaknesses? My mother always warned me that people would try to take advantage of me and to guard myself from emotional and financial ruin by never putting all my eggs in one basket. I always loved and honored my mother as a sweet and caring person and also knowing her incredible intellect made sure I always followed her advice. God I missed her so much as she was the light in my life before I found Rachael and she had saved me from myself many a time. She never rebuked me for my stupidity as she thought me to be an exceptional man but that I did need to learn not to trust everyone. She seemed to like Rachael however and thought that she would make a good wife for me even if she did demand that Rachael sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Rachael was a little hurt but said that she loved me enough that she would allow my mother this little idiosyncrasy. All seemed to be well and we have lived in marital bliss now for ten years. Mother, sadly, only lived long enough to see our second anniversary, before cancer took her away from me. I must have cried over my loss for months and I am sure this added fuel to the thoughts of some neighbors and friends of Rachael that I was a little off. I know for a fact that many of her so called friends tried to sabotage our marriage by telling her that I was gay or a transgendered person or something. I would imagine that they had never met a gentile man before. I am sure that I satisfied Rachael in the bedroom as she never seemed to complain or anything and we had, I thought, a loving relationship. She had disclosed to me that she had had some lesbian relationships in high school and university but was more than happy with our marriage. Who wouldn't be as I was able to give her anything she wished and she knew this even though we lived a rather modest lifestyle by her choice. My estimation of this woman went up quantum levels when I discovered that she was content to live well but not ostentatious. I had gotten all my ingredients together for our wonderful meal and as it was too early to start yet went looking for my loving wife. I was getting a bit frantic as I could find her nowhere in the house and all her belongings were still here. I was about to call the police when I saw a note on the den desk by the phone I was reaching for.


"Dearest David,

I am so sorry to just leave a note like this as you really deserve better but I just couldn't look into those soft brown doe eyes of yours and tell you that I was leaving you. I have discovered a new love in my love and although I can find no fault with you, except one, I find myself needing this other love desperately. I must confess that my lesbian tendencies have returned and I find that I cannot fight them anymore. The one fault that I found with you is that you are a man. I honestly thought that you really were transgendered when we met and the way you treated me and loved me throughout our marriage was almost like being married to a woman. I kept waiting for you to come out of the closet so to speak and become my feminine lover but you never did and so with the deepest regret I must leave you. I hope that you will find someone who truly deserves such a kind and loving man as yourself but I know that I am not that person. I do not wish for anything at all from you and as a matter of fact have taken nothing from the house as all is really yours anyway. My new lover is able to keep me in the life I have grown accustomed to and I will not want for anything. I thank you for ten wonderful years. Please do not try to find me as I do not wish to be found by you unless….. No that is silly, and I am stupid to even hope! So goodbye my love and be well.




Chapter Two: Consolidatios


I was astounded at this turn of events and I must have stood there in shock for quite sometime. The chiming of the grandfather clock in the den brought me around as I then realized that I had been standing there with that note in my hand for almost an hour. Why had I not seen this coming? There was absolutely no warning at all and I was having a real hard time coming to grips with this bombshell falling on me so, so hard, was the only adverb that came to mind. What had I done to deserve this? I had given her anything that she had ever wanted with exception, obviously, of lesbian sex. She too thought of me as a panty waist sissy just because I was nice? Mother was right, even though Rachael had fooled her as well, that I should trust no one! I could only think that the advancing cancer in mother had caused her usual keen sense to miss out on Rachael's true colors. I was devastated and just fell into my big soft chair, curled up into it, and cried for hours. I felt like quite the fool and was feeling a new emotion for me, anger, and I didn't know what to do with it. I had to do something soon or I would become a basket case. What saved me then, as it always has before, was my mother's voice in my mind saying 'consolidate your ground and make sure you are safe from attack from all sides'. Now I knew that she meant that in business sense but I acted on it right away. Looking at the clock I saw that it was only two o'clock and I had time. I went to the washroom and cleaned up, got dressed in something a little more business like, grabbed all documents that I would need, and drove downtown to the banking district. I arrived at my main bank at two thirty and immediately was shown in to the president as I was a very large account and as such had some prestige. We waited for refreshments to be delivered and for Mr. Wilson's secretary to arrive and got down to business. Showing first the note that my wife had left me I then proceeded to also show the pre-nuptial agreement that Rachael had signed. After Mr. Wilson had read all and had offered his condolences for my loss he asked me what the bank could do for me that day. I informed him that I wished my soon to be ex-wife's access to any account I held to be terminated as well as all credit cards she held to be cancelled immediately. Even as Mr. Wilson nodded in agreement I could see the shocked look on his secretary's face. I imagine she thought I was one of those bastard types who only trying to rip of my wife for some reason or another. I turned to her and told her, "Miss, I can understand your misguided sympathy for my wife but before you do anything stupid that would damage your career let me tell you she is not worth it!" I handed her the letter as well and watched her eyes as she read it. "So you see miss, the only reason she is leaving me is because I am not enough woman for her and as all can she I am never going to be enough woman for her as she had finally worked out for herself. So if anything, she is cheating on me and I am the victim here. I will say though, most strenuously, that if one dime from this bank from my accounts goes to her for any reason I will sue you for all you have. I hope that is understood?" Both the secretary and president nodded vigorously and assured me that would never happen. Satisfied I arose, shook the president's hand and then turned to the secretary and apologized if I seemed a bit harsh and shook her hand as well as she apologized to me for assuming the worst. I left the bank feeling that I had indeed consolidated my ground and even if it seemed a little petty of me to do such a thing so quickly I was still feeling some anger and felt justified in my actions. Next on the list was my lawyer's office which was just two blocks down the street. I entered the offices of Mayer, Mayer, and Johnson Associates I enquired after the availability of Mr. Mayer Senior and was asked to take a seat as that was determined. I had no sooner sat down when the man in question came out himself to receive me and escort me to his office. That raised some eyebrows I can assure you as no one else was afforded such a courtesy. Of course they did not know how long Mr. Mayer had been the family attorney. Mr. Mayer had grown up with my mother and they had even gone to some school together and were the best of friends. I have been told that Mr. Mayer and myself had many of the same traits and bore some uncanny resemblance to each other and I had often daydreamed that he could very well be my real father as I had never known mine. All in all though he had remained a steadfast friend to the family and extended that to include me when mother had passed on. His loyalty and incredible abilities as a first rate attorney made him indispensable to me in my entire private and business needs. He had taken on the protectiveness of my mother after she had died and although I found this to be amusing I did appreciate it and had come to think of him as a friend indeed. After making ourselves comfortable and with refreshments delivered, I had an Earl Grey tea of course, as did he, when I showed him the letter and allowed him to make a copy of it before he sat down again to read it. I am sure he read it three times trying, I suppose, to make any sense out of it when he finally laid it down on the table before him, pursed his lips, and made a sound like a horse snorting, stared at me and said. "My dear boy I am overwhelmed by such disrespect and betrayal of the women who made her vows to you, what, ten years ago now? What ever is wrong with people these days? Is there no decency left any more? I will start divorce proceedings immediately for you, of course, and make sure that she can cause no more grief!" He looked so grief stricken as he stood up and offered me his hand to shake that I quite overlooked his last statement as I shook the proffered hand and turned to leave. "Your mother left a tape for you to see in this eventuality and I was wondering if I may bring it over for you to view this evening? If that is you have no other pressing engagements?" I laughed as I told him that I had no pressing engagement for quite some time and that he was more than welcome to come at his earliest convenience. "Ah, you were always such a good lad David and it breaks my heart to see you constantly abused by people. But such is the lot in life for men such as ourselves and we must look after people like us constantly as the tide of evil is horrendous!" I hesitantly agreed with him as I smiled good bye and left his office. What a strange thing to say, I thought, as I left to go home but he was a kind old man and I would overlook his idiosyncrasies.



Chapter Three: Hidden Agendas Revealed


I arrived home to see my phone blinking it's message light so after hanging up my coat and removing my shoes I went to see who had left me a message. How strange, it was a message for me to come over to the Jameson's for dinner tonight. How odd, I thought, as the Jameson's were more Rachael's friends than mine as I didn't really like Lisa's arrogance nor her husbands simpering ways. Her husband, Daniel, however was an excellent cook and I had always enjoyed the food there over the company so I decided that since I sure didn't feel like cooking for myself tonight and it wasn't too late to accept the invitation so I called over and accepted. I said that I would be over in about a half hour or so and was told that this was just splendid by Lisa. I grimaced at her through the phone as I always found her tone of voice and choice of words to rather pompous and it always appeared as if she though all beneath her in some way. I could not for the life of me imagine why Daniel put up with her. Love I guess, though I couldn't see those two in bed being intimate. I went upstairs for a quick shower and shave and then dressed a casual but sharp suit I used for entertaining. I put the note from Rachael in my pocket as I was going to ask Lisa and Daniel, as they were after all, Rachael's friend, if they had heard from her. Possibly Lisa may have some information as to the why of Rachael sudden change of heart. As they were just next door I walked over and rang the bell to be greeted by Daniel wearing an apron and wiping his hands on a kitchen towel. "Oh do come in David and please excuse the way I am dressed but I have really outdone myself in the kitchen tonight and I am sure you will find it just scrumcious!" This whole sentence was said in a breathy, high, and quite womanly voice and I noticed that Daniel had increased in femininity since I last saw him. Hmmm! That would have been six months ago as I helped them with some investments. I seem to remember that Daniel told me later that he had done very well on my advice and really loved it that I was able to such things. If I thought he was swishy then he was positively feminine now even with earrings and feminine hair do that framed his face quite becoming. He was starting to look quite nice in a feminine way and I had to wonder how this affected his relationship with his wife. How odd. As I followed Daniel into the house I passed by the staircase leading up to the bedrooms and I smelled an aroma I knew very well. I had just purchased the same aroma for Rachael last week and she had loved it and wore it all the time. So it was possible that she was here now or had been here recently. Without making a fool of myself I couldn't very well run upstairs to check so I would have to play the game and see where it led. We had reached the living area by now as I thought my thoughts and without thinking I leaned over and smelled Daniel. "Very nice Daniel, lilac isn't it?" I asked as I felt I should make sure that he wasn't wearing the scent I had smelled. "Oh yes!" Daniel simpered, "Do you like it?" "Yes Daniel. It is very becoming on you." Ever the diplomat I did not want to embarrass him. He beamed at me and turned to go back into the kitchen. I turned to Lisa to see a wide smile on her face as well as she seemed to be particular pleased about something. "David, how perfect to see you tonight, I am so glad you came over tonight but where ever is Rachael? The invitation was for both you know. I do hope that nothing is wrong." "Well actually Lisa, Rachael will not be coming with me tonight (I just love double entendres don't you?) as she has left me for someone else it appears." I gazed into her eyes as I said this and I know I saw a glint there. This woman was up to something and I had better watch my back. "Oh you poor man!" She said as she engulfed me in a hug. I took that opportunity to give her a sniff as well. Nope, she had on something quite vile that could never be mistaken for that lovely fragrance I had bought for Rachael. Daniel came in and saw us in the clinch that I was sure was just window dressing as Lisa never brought to mind to me of a very caring loving person. Then again I never had liked her but had always tried to be polite and kind to her. Maybe she had the wrong impression of me as well? "What ever is wrong?" asked Daniel in what appeared to be genuine concern but you never know. "Oh poor David seems to have lost at love and Rachael has left him." She answered. "David! I am so sorry for your loss. Let me get you a drink!" he said as he scurried over to the wet bar and poured me a stiff one. "Have either of you heard from or seen her lately? I would sure like a chance to talk to her as this is so sudden. I was kind of hoping that we might be able to work things out. I always thought we had such a good relationship and I feel bad if I have inadvertently done anything to jeopardize that. We really need to talk!" I talked to both of them when I asked this but couldn't see anything in Daniel's eyes but concern but there was that glint back in Lisa's eyes. I believe that Daniel is in the dark on all of this or he is quite the little actor whereas Lisa had something up her sleeve besides a hairy arm I'm sure. "Well no David, I haven't seen her for quite some time, I'm sorry" Daniel started to say, "But lovey, wasn't she….." he never got the chance to finish as Lisa said that he should run to the kitchen and see to dinner. He scrunched up his face in a pout but left to do as he was told. Now I knew that something was fishy and it wasn't dinner! "Well let's see her note then David!" Lisa said as she held out her hand. "What makes you think there was a note Lisa?" I asked. "Oh posh! David, there is always a note. Come on let's see it!"

"Well actually there was Lisa but I threw it away as obviously she has left me for someone else so why would I wish to keep a cowards note. I was hoping that she might have the decency to come down and talk to me face to face but I guess that ten years of our lives means nothing to her. I am very disappointed in her!" Lisa looked totally rocked by my statement and her mouth opened and closed several times without a sound coming out. I almost laughed at her discomfort as she was definitely not expecting that from me. What can I say; I always seem to have that effect on people when I don't perform as they expect me to. Daniel had returned by then and saw the look on his wife's face and asked her what ever was the matter. "Well Daniel, David threw Rachael's note away. I can't believe that you would do that David. Daniel, if you received a note from me telling you that I had run off into the arms of another woman wouldn't you keep that note?" Well I'll be damned, I thought, they are in this together. I bet that Lisa is the woman that Rachael left me for. Eeeeewwww! Well there was no accounting for taste I guess. One man's garbage is another man's treasure. I shuddered all the same as the unwanted picture of my wife eating Lisa out and I was close to barfing! Excuse me but that was not a pretty sight. I wonder how long this was going on? Meanwhile Daniel had finally stopped stuttering and had said that yes, of course he would have thrown it out. Who would want to be reminded of such a betrayal! Looking at Lisa face one could see that this was not the answer she was looking for. Daniel, however, was standing there quite defiantly for a change and I saw something in his demeanor change towards his wife. I thought that this was the perfect time to strike, while the iron was hot, so to speak.

"Daniel my friend, " I started. "I just do not see what you see in this woman. Especially as she has my wife upstairs at this very moment in time as her lover and I am not sure where that leaves you. I seem to recall that everything is in your name is it not? If I were you I would call your lawyer and get a divorce from this scag that has done nothing but humiliate and feminize you to the point where you allow her to have a woman lover in your very own house. My God Daniel! Wake up and smell the coffee. This woman is vile and contemptuous. You could do so much better. Why don't you kick her out of your home right now along with that bitch Rachael and I will try to help you straighten out your life." Lisa was frothing at the mouth and Daniel was looking like he was seeing things clearly for the first time in a long time. He turned and opened a drawer and took out a Polaroid™ Camera and with me in hot pursuit with Lisa steaming behind us we galloped up the stairs to the Master Bedroom and there Rachael was stretched out to the four corners of the bed, totally naked with a dildo up her vagina buzzing away. She was obviously half blind from pleasure as she asked. "Lisa darling, has it started already? Are he and Daniel having sex right now? Oh! I would love to see that! I sure hope you are right and that you can change him into a girl for me as then he, well she I guess would be just perfect. Oh! I can hardly wait to see her as she grows all those wonderful womanly curves and we can make love all night long. Oh I love her so much Lisa, I can hardly wait. Can you imagine how sweet she will be with all those wonderful attributes she has? Oh! Oh! Oh! OOOOOOOooooeeeeee!" She screamed out the last as obviously the thought of me being her feminized lover gave her an orgasm. Daniel had been taking pictures all the time as by his tears flowing down his face, he was very distraught to find out the plans that his wife had for the both of them. Lisa had finally puffed her way into the room by then and managed to get into a great shot of her next to Rachael on the bed as she tried to cover up the evidence while she inadvertently gave us even more. "Well don't you two make a cute pair? I certainly hope that you will be happy with your new lover there Rachael as I'm sure that she had no intentions of changing me for you. She obviously wants you for herself and wanted to make sure that Daniel and I got together." I laughed. Daniel had a speculative look on his/her face but then turned to me and said "Why not David? I would make you a better wife that she ever could. I can cook, clean, do laundry, and all those things a good wife should do and I am rather attracted to you. I know I am not complete yet but I can get that operation anytime as I have been living as a woman now for over two years and I am more than half there, see!" with that he took off his clothes right there in front of everyone, Well not Rachael as she still was still having her orgasm or maybe another one, and I saw Daniel for the first time as a woman. All the right curves were there and the cutest pair of what had to be thirty-six B breasts and beautiful legs that ended at the nicest ass I have ever seen. As Daniel Twirled for me the only thing that detracted from the image of all women was a very teeny tiny vestige of a penis that was nestled between what looked like labia. I found myself becoming aroused at the site and I am afraid Daniel saw that as she squealed in delight and threw herself into my arms and started to kiss me all over. "I just knew it! I just knew you would love what you would see. You see I would be perfect for you, Oh please let me try. You will see that I can do more for you than these so called women there. Looking at her I had to agree and I must have said so out loud as she went off with more jumping and squealing. The jumping was making her breasts jump up and down as well as she wasn't wearing any support for those puppies and I was definitely getting aroused at her display not to mentioned being kissed most passionately by what appeared to me to be all girl. "Come on Danielle, get some clothes on will you before I come in my pants, and shouldn't you be wearing something like a bra for those breasts of yours? You can hurt yourself you know?" I had naturally called her by the feminine version of her name now that I had seen her and she was all smiles as she got redressed. Turning to the women I saw that Lisa had removed the vibrating dildo from Rachael and she was starting to come around looking at everyone in the bedroom she just had to ask. "What happened Lisa? You promised me that you would fix David so we could be together and now he's running off with your husband? What about me? What am I going to do now? I have no money, no place to live, no skills to get a job, what have you done to me? You have ruined my marriage for nothing! Let me out of here, undo me before I have you charged with kidnapping you bitch! Oh David! Please let me explain. Please give me another chance. I'll be good to you, please let me come home. I only made just one mistake in ten years. Please forgive me and let me come home." Her pleas were quite touching and I must say I was beginning to weaken when Lisa shoved the dildo (on full it appeared) back into Rachael's sopping wet vagina and she went into fits of squirming in total pleasure. "One mistake bitch?" said Lisa as she watched Rachael squirm. "She has been coming over here for about three months now David and I thought she wanted to stay with me. I honestly thought she just wanted to get rid of you in a way that she could get some funds to live on just like I did to Daniel here. I am sorry Daniel but you didn't leave me much choice when you have everything here locked up tight in your name! What if something happened to you? I would be out in the cold with nothing while the state got everything. I was only trying to make sure I had a future, how can you blame me for that?"

"You are one stupid bitch Lisa, I had provided for you if anything happened to me and there would have been a substantial amount for you to live on even if we split up. I loved you Lisa, I truly did. I thought that what was happening to me was normal for my kind of person not that you were deliberately making me a woman. I am shocked of course but I am so well along now that I love it and want to go all the way and if David will have me I will be his wife in the truest form of the word and love him for ever as he should be loved. Your own stupidity has doomed you to having nothing as I am not exactly predisposed to giving you anything now and I am quite sure that Rachael is about to find herself in the same boat. So I am sure happy to have found out the truth and I hope that you two are happy together. Now get your girlfriend off of my bed and get out of my house!" I looked over at Danielle with new respect as I started to applaud. "Well said Danielle and I agree completely. I think my mom would have approved of you. You will make the perfect wife and as such you are welcome in my house." Once again I was deluged by hugs and kisses and I must admit it felt good to be the recipient of all this love for a change. Then I remembered that my lawyer was coming over tonight and looking at my watch was amazed to see that all of what had just transpired only had taken and hour and a half. Wow! Two marriages over and two new relationships started in such a short time. I took Danielle in my arms and told her that we had to get home as our attorney was coming over tonight to show us something that mother had left me. Danielle turned to the two women, one still squirming in ecstasy and one very forlorn, and told them to be out in an hour. "Oh and in case you think to do anything nasty just be warned that when you went out on that three week seminar last year I had the whole house wired for sound and video so don't even think you can do anything around here and be sure that there are copies of everything that went on here for the last eight months so don't think you can sweet talk your way out of anything! So there Bitch! Now get out!" I leaned over and gave Danielle a kiss on her sweet cheek and we both went off to my house, well I guess our house, to see what momma wanted to say!


Well! I sure hope that Lisa and Rachael learned a valuable lesson here and I sure wish the very best for David and Danielle. Maybe we will look in on them from time to time. Besides I am just dying to know what Momma wanted to tell her sweet son! Remember sweet readers, never judge a book by its cover and always give someone their due even if you may not like what they do or how they live as then they will accord you the same.


Goddess bless

Hugs & tickles





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