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Mistaken Identity                   by: Prudence Walker


A Hugglebugs story

Chapter One

Tom was waiting impatiently for the delivery, it was supposed to be here in 5 minutes, they guaranteed it would be there on time. He had a date, with a girl he had met only a few days ago, from the office, and he wasn’t about to blow it, just because he couldn’t fit his old tux. he’d put on more weight than he’d thought, since the last time he wore it. Looking for a solution to his problem sent him to the phone book, when he saw on the TV a new company being advertised. They claimed to be able to solve any problems dealing with ill fitting clothes or overweight bodies strange name though, he thought, ‘Hugglebugs’ they claimed over the phone when he rang, that they could make his body fit his old clothes, no matter what the size. He was a bit skeptical, but they assured him their product, (a nanite technology) could do it.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door; tom went to open it, seeing a young man with a green shirt, with the logo Hugglebugs on it. He had a package, but he had a puzzled expression on his face, as he was looking over some delivery slips in his hand.

"Order for number 69 Kent terrace?" he asked hopefully.

Damn they got the numbers wrong, thought tom, how they got 69 when he had told them it was 96 is anybody’s guess.

"Yes that’s me," he replied, "they must have switched the numbers at the dispatch," looking at the boy checking the number on the door.

"Umm, are you sure, this is the right address, I can’t just give it to you like that, in case there’s been a mistake in the orders."

"Oh give it here will you, I need it urgently," tom replied getting annoyed.

"Well you need to sign this disclaimer form then, to cover the company in case of an error." Tom hastily signed, not looking at the form and after getting a copy, the boy left.

Oh boy I hope this stuff works, tom thought, as he opened the package, reading the instructions, he undressed, and got the spray can and started to cover his body all over with the contents. I wonder, why they said to spray in side my mouth with it, I know why they said to do my head, so any shrinkage in the body doesn’t make my head look out of proportion, but my mouth? Oh well, I hope it doesn’t taste awful.

Waiting for the changes to take place, at 69 Kent terrace there was an impatient woman waiting for her delivery from Hugglebugs.


Chapter Two

The woman in number 69 Kent street was fuming, how dare they say their product had been delivered, she had been looking forward the being a well stacked blonde, with legs that were guaranteed to pop the eyes out of any male around. Well, its too late now, she thought, I’ll have to go as myself, but they haven’t heard the last of me, just you wait and see.

Meanwhile, tom was experiencing his first signs of his changing body. Good, he thought, as he saw his waistline shrinking, its working. Then his chest started to get larger, hmmm they must have thrown in a pec size increase, but as the changes continued, he started to worry, these weren’t pecs, but breasts. They were getting bigger as he watched, in fact getting distracted by them, he didn’t see the other changes, until his blonde hair fell in front of his eyes, BLONDE!!! YIKES! What’s! Happening here? Running over to the wardrobe mirror, he saw for the first time, the full extent of the changes.

Gone was any sign of his 6-foot brown haired male self, instead, there stood a 5’8" blonde bombshell, with legs to die for. A perfect oval face, with a peaches and cream complexion, strawberry blonde hair cascaded over his shoulders, to mid back, and his hips and butt seemed to be padded.

"WHAT THE F…."!! He shouted, then stopped, in shock at the sound of his sultry sexy sounding voice.

"I don’t believe it," he muttered, as he sank down on his bed. I can’t be a female but as he looked closely at his groin he saw that, yes, he was indeed, a female.

Going to the phone, he rang the company, " look, your product has given me a body I don’t want," he explained to the woman at the other end of the line.

"Oh? What’s the code number on the can," she asked, when he read it out to her, she was silent for a few seconds, as she confirmed the order. "Ok," she said, that’s Miss Hayward’s order, umm---lets see, oh yes, a blonde bombshell, so what’s wrong, why aren’t you happy miss Hayward?"

"I’m not Miss Hayward, my names Tom Jackson" he shouted. Getting very upset.

"Well, what are you doing using her order," she asked getting testy.

"It was supposed to be my order, but it’s been messed up,"

"Hang on" she said "let me check, -----well everything seems in order here, I have your signed waiver which absolves us of blame."

But! Then as he thought, oh oh, I did too, Damn my impatience. "So now what can I do?" he asked quietly.

"Well, we can send a new delivery, but as its Saturday it won’t arrive till Monday, at 9.00am at the soonest," she said "of course you’ll have to pay for it again."

"That means I’ll be like this, all weekend?" tom asked.

"I’m afraid so," she said, "are you going to be ok?"

"I guess," said Tom, looking at himself in the mirror, "but I need some clothes. I have nothing to wear, Nothing I have, is going to look any good on this body." "I mean I refuse to stay indoors all weekend, just because of a clerical botch up."

"Have a nice weekend Miss-er-Sir" he heard, as he hung up the phone.

Yeah right! Just what I need, looking around, he found a shirt that just fit over his new breasts, so tying the tails around his middle in a knot, it acted somewhat, like a bra. In keeping with the casual style of the shirt, he found a pair of old faded jeans that had holes in the legs. Cutting the legs off, he had a pair of pants that looked suitably feminine, especially when filled with his ample butt. It was a tight squeeze, and made his new charms obvious to anyone interested. Slipping some sandals on, and grabbing his wallet, he went out.


Chapter Three

Thinking about how strange it was, looking like a woman and the sensations coming from his new anatomy, he didn’t notice the car coming as he stepped out between the two vans, parked on the side of the road. Suddenly there was a screech of tortured rubber, as he glanced up in time to be struck a glancing blow, throwing him to the pavement.

He came back out of unconsciousness to see a man looking down at him, a concerned expression on his face. Tom could feel pain as he tried to move,

"arghh" he moaned "what happened?" he asked as he struggled to get to his feet.

"I’m so sorry, I never saw you till it was too late," replied the man "are you ok? There doesn’t appear to be any broken bones from what I could tell, just some bruising and scratches."

"Are you a doctor" Tom asked, as he was helped to his feet.

"Yes as a matter of fact, I was heading into the hospital, so I’ll take you in my car and give you a check up."

"No, please no hospitals," said Tom thinking that was the last place he wanted to go.

"I insist just in case there’s any internal damage, don’t worry it’s on me." So saying he lifted Tom into the back seat of the car and started to drive away.

Arriving at the hospital, tom found himself on a gurney and rushed into Xray, where the scan gave him the all clear.

"Just some soft tissue damage," said the doc, (by now, Tom had found out his name was Tim)

"You got off lightly, but I feel I need to make amends to you, can I do anything for you?"

"Well I was going to buy some clothes, I just arrived her at my brothers place, and I lost all my luggage at the airport." Said tom thinking quickly.

"Let me take you shopping then, my treat."

"What about your job, can you just leave like that?" said tom.

"Oh no problem there" Tim replied, "I was only delivering some notes, now lets see what we can do for you in the way of fresh attire," looking at the torn clothing Tom had on. Tom had told Tim his name was Tammy to avoid any awkward questions, and so, ‘Tammy’ and Tim went out shopping.

Tammy was not sure how he was going to cope, as he had never shopped for clothes before, at least female clothes, and had to get the assistants help in every thing. At last, fully dressed from the skin out, and having had a free makeover thrown in, due the amount of sales he had purchased (Tim paid for it all).

They then left, Tim had offered to buy Tammy lunch. which after a moments pause, Tammy accepted, thinking he may as well get as much out of this as he could, while he had this body.

Tammy enjoyed lunch, and he noticed the attention this body attracted from the men in the restaurant, he thought this isn’t so bad, getting treated like a lady as long as its only temporary.

Having dropped Tammy back home Tim left, promising to take Tammy out that evening to a club. Why not, thought Tammy, I’ve got to stay in this shape till Monday, so I may as well enjoy it especially if someone else was paying.


Chapter Four

That evening Tammy was treated to dinner and later, they went dancing, Tammy was a little uncertain at first, taking the woman’s role, but as the drinks flowed, his inhibitions loosened. Soon, he was feeling more than tipsy, and allowed the doctor to take him to his home for a nightcap.

Tammy was starting to think of himself in the feminine pronoun, as the combination of the drinks, and the way Tim treated her as a beautiful woman, started to alter the way he was thinking. It seemed so natural, that he started liking the way he was being treated, and so fell into the role of a woman with little reluctance.

The next thing she knew was Tim had kissed her, and was caressing her breasts. The sensations were so alien, but so overwhelming that he didn’t resist, and then one thing led to another and Tammy found herself sharing the bed with Tim. Sex as a man is one thing, but as a woman, WOW! Tammy thought, I could almost get to love this, if it wasn’t for the thought of periods and childbirth. CHILDBIRTH!! OH NO, Tammy sat up with a scream.

"What’s the matter honey?" said Tim.

"Babies is the matter" screamed Tammy; "I don’t want to be pregnant."

Tim laughed and showed her the condom he had used,

"I’m a doctor and I know how babies are made, so I took precautions." Lying back in bed Tammy sighed, and started to think of tomorrow snuggling against Tim she drifted off to sleep.

Awaking in the morning was a shock as the recollections of the previous night’s events came clear in her mind. Getting out of bed without waking Tim, she thought of sneaking out, but then thought, I don’t even know where I am, and I haven’t even any money for a taxi. So she went into the shower, to wash off the residue of Tim’s lovemaking.

After having breakfast, that Tim had prepared, and getting driven home again, Tammy kissed Tim goodbye, saying she was due to fly out, Monday morning.

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning up the apartment and Tammy was idly thinking how nice this body felt, when he heard the phone ring. Answering it, he said,

"Tammy here."

"Oh, is there a Mr. Tom Jackson there?" A voice asked.

"Speaking" Tammy, said, thinking what a fool he felt.

"This is the Hugglebugs company. And we have discovered a problem with your situation."

"Oh" said Tom with a sinking feeling in his stomach,

"what’s the matter?"

"Apparently your mistaken order you used, was setup as a permanent change, and that means trying to alter your body again, won’t work. The Nano’s in your body will resist any further changes."

"WHAT! You mean I’m stuck like this, for life?"

"Yes, we’re sorry, but in compensation, we will refund your money and set you up with I.D’S, plus a full wardrobe of clothing to set you up.

Stunned, Tom now Tammy, sat down and contemplated his next move. Then sighing, he picked the phone up and rang Tim’s number.

"Tim," she said, when he finally answered, I have cancelled my flight back for the foreseeable future, and yes I would like to see you again, tonight. Hanging up she went to the mirror to see if she needed to do anything, before her date that night.

That night, Tammy started thinking of the future, the future as a woman, as a bride and as a mother. Could she do it, did she want too, she knew the sex was great, but was it enough? What about her job would her boss fire her, or demote her. Not finding many answers she sighed, and started getting ready for her date with Tim. That night with Tim, she went back to his place again after having spent the evening dancing. This time without getting drunk, as they sat on the couch sipping a drink, Tim asked why the change in plans.

"Well my brother has had to go away overseas, so I’m holding the fort for him" Tammy replied.

"Well I, for one, am glad your staying" Tim said, nuzzling at Tammy’s neck, he then started to kiss her neck, working his way to her mouth.

Tammy felt strange letting a guy kiss her, but it did feel nice, and her body was getting highly aroused. Giving in to her body’s needs she kissed back, and soon, they were once again in Tim’s bed, this time as a willing participant with a clear mind. The sex seemed even better this time and as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. She thought that no matter what the future, it was going to be a lot of fun, if the sex was this great. Her dreams were filled with images of her and Tim, making passionate love and living as man and wife.

The End.


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