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Missy's Beginnings

by Missy Closet CD


I woke up this morning feeling fresh and well rested, little did I know that by the end of the day I would be in the position I'm in now or how fulfilling it would be.

It all started yesterday when I met the most wonderful mistress online, Goddess Melissa and was priviledged enough to have her speak to me. She invited me into her group of sissy slaves and I accepted. This being all new to me I slept in anticipation of our next meeting. When I went online again this morning I was extremely please to see Goddess Melissa online again so I bowed my head and said hello. Again she graced me with a reply and asked me many questions about myself. Not wanting to disappoint her I answered all of them honestly even if they made me blush. When she found out my wife had a pink bra and panty set she had me wear it, now knowing that I was home alone while my wife worked. When I was properly attired I opened my cam to Goddess and she had me write accross my belly, "Property of Melissa", which was scary, yet I knew I must comply. Since then Goddess has had me wear my lingerie under my ugly man clothes while I went out to buy my wife her coffee for her break and then when I got home she has had me do the laundry, wash the dishes, and clean all of my wifes sneakers while only wearing the lovely lingerie. As she has requested let me tell you about my wifes sneakers. My wife is somewhat of a tomboy and only owns 3 pairs of sneakers as she hates dresses and frilly stuff. She is wearing one pair at work so I have taken her light blue Avia running shoes and lovingly brushed off all of the dirt on them and cleaned them up as much as possible, I also took her canvas Resort Club Carla 1 sneakers and put them in the wash to make them all sparkly white again. I love doing things for my wife and it is even more special because Goddess has ordered it and to disappoint her would be wrong. I just wish that my wife was more like Goddess and would take control of all aspects of my life and make me her sissy at home for real. I don't know how to get my wife to do this and would love to hear suggestions from any member of the group that is in the same position or has let their wife know. Thank you all,I hope you appreciate my first attempt at writing and that I hear from you soon.


Missy, a slave of Goddess Melissa




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