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The following story is partly true and partly my fantasy. I'll let the reader decide which is which. It is a recounting of how I came to be a panty slave.


Miss Vicky's First Encounter in Panty Training
by: Miss Vicky


I have been wearing lingerie for a little over six years. This is the first chapter in the story of my initiation to frilly, feminine lingerie and the wonderful woman that rules my feminine life.

I suppose I first became aware of my interest in submission from watching an XXX movie at a stag party for a friend that was to be married. One of the scenes involved a woman dressed in lacy lingerie tying a man hand and foot and then teasing him almost to insanity. I had a lot to drink that night, but the next day, the one memory of the evening was that of the bondage scene in the movie. The more I thought about it the more aroused I became. I wanted to find a way to experience it firsthand.

I knew that to approach my girlfriend with this sort of thing would be to say the least, nonproductive. She had and continues to have a very narrow approach to sex or for that matter foreplay. As long as I am satisfied with the missionary position at 10:30 exactly, everything is fine. If I try to experiment or deviate in any way from the norm, she lets me know that sort of thing is inappropriate. Other than this one area, we have a wonderful relationship.

I went to an adult book store and picked up a copy of The Forum. This is a weekly paper devoted to the sex industry in the Twin Cities. There were several ads in there for domination services. I called several of them, getting bad vibes from the way they answered the phone. At last, I called a woman that for the sake of this document we will call Jacquie. Her voice was very cultured, and her choice of words indicated an intelligence that I had not encountered with the other places I had called. She asked me if I had any experience with submission or discipline and I admitted that I was a complete novice at this sort of thing. She then asked me several questions about what I expected if I was to be allowed to see her. Her tone was very professional, much like that of a Doctor the first time you go to see him. I explained that I wanted to be put in a submissive position and be "forced" to do her bidding. Also when asked what other things associated with sex I found stimulating, I told her of my affinity for women in pretty lingerie. I also told her of my partiality for orally attending to a woman's needs. She quoted me a price for what she called an initial consultation and we set an appointment for the following day. She also instructed me to purchase a pair of black panties in size seven and to have them with me when I came.

The next day I made sure I had plenty of time to acquire the panties Mistress Jacquie had commanded I bring with me. Although I had previously shopped for lingerie for a gift, I was somehow uncomfortable as I surveyed the racks of frilly garments. I settled on a pair of french cut panties with lots of lace trim. They were the epitome of femininity and I tried to imagine what they would look like when my new Mistress wore them.


I arrived promptly at the address she had given me. Because she was new to the town, she was working out of a well known massage parlor in St. Paul. She greeted me at the door and to say the least, she was not what I expected. Instead of the leather and chains I had visualized, she wore a simple skirt and blouse combination, much like what you would expect of any woman on her way to the office. She was about 5'6" tall and had a very attractive face and figure. Her strawberry blonde hair was stylishly combed and came to her shoulders.

After taking my money, she led me back to the room she had subleased. She followed me in and locked the door with a key that hung from a chain around her neck. Turning from the door, she instructed me to have a seat on the bed. I did as she instructed and noticed that the bed had an iron framework around it with several chains and lengths of rope attached. She sat in a chair facing me and then proceeded to tell me what it was she expected from her new slaves.

There was to immediate and total obedience to whatever instructions she gave. I was to address her only as Mistress Jacquie and speak only when spoken to. She also had me pick out a word that would not be likely come up during the course of the session. This was to be my safety valve. If I became too uncomfortable with what she was doing, I was to use this word and she would stop. Saying no or please stop would have no effect, only the special word I had chosen beforehand.

She then instructed me to stand and be perfectly still while she disrobed me. Before long, she had stripped me completely. Mistress Jacquie explained that this was to be part of my training, that to be naked while she was still clothed was meant to illustrate my vulnerability and submission to her. She then produced a pair of sturdy leather cuffs and after attaching them to my wrists, she pulled my arms over my head and fastened them to the iron framework over the bed. I was now completely naked and totally vulnerable to whatever she wanted to do to me.

Continuing, she let me know that in order to submit to her, I would have to shed my masculinity. She went on that the primary evidence of my masculinity was of course my cock and balls. My submission to her would have to begin with removing them from her sight. Imagine my surprise when she took the black lacy panties I had purchased earlier in the day and instead of wearing them herself, she pulled them up my legs and settled them in place over my private parts. They were, she said, to be a symbol of my submission to her. As long as I was wearing them, I was under her control. To illustrate the point, she stepped aside and let me see myself in the full length mirror opposite the bed.

There I was, 195 pounds of male with my cock and balls covered by a pair of frilly women's panties. It was debasing yet arousing at the same time. The idea of being dressed in female underwear was to me an extreme form of humiliation. She reached down and started to massage my cock through the sheer fabric of the panties all the while teasing and taunting me. She had by now gotten my cock to grow bigger and harder than it had been in a long time. She ridiculed me about how much I seemed to enjoy being humiliated and dressed in lingerie. By now, my cock was twitching and jerking spasmodically under her touch. It would take very little more of this and I would lose control.


She then stopped and stepped back to remove her blouse and skirt. Underneath she wore a matching set of pink lingerie, all of it very lacy and frilly. Her 36A breasts were mounds of perfection above the lacy cups of her underwired bra. The mound of her feminine essence made an intriguing bulge in her pretty panties. Her legs were encased in white seamed stockings and secured with a white garter belt.

She asked me if I approved of her costume. Of course I did and told her so. She said that I didn't seem sincere enough and that for that infraction, she was going to have to spank me. Using a hairbrush, she applied 20 strokes to my helpless ass. I found myself getting more and more aroused with each stroke of the brush. After making me thank her for the spanking, she gently massaged the area she had just spanked to a nice red glow.

Explaining that I appeared to be worthy of further attention and training, she unhooked the cuffs from the top rail of the framework and had me follow her to a chest of drawers on the other side of the room. She opened the top drawer and pulled out a black lacy bra. She had me slip my arms through the straps and fastened it behind me. It had heavily padded cups and was underwired, giving me the illusion of small breasts. Mistress Jacquie opened the next drawer down and extracted a black lace waist cincher with garter straps and seamed thigh high stockings. Ordering me to sit on the bed, she rolled the stockings up my legs before fastening the cincher around my waist and attaching the garter straps to the stockings. She retrieved a pair of 3" heels from her closet and made me slip my feet into them. As I teetered on the heels, she ordered me to walk back and forth in front of her. This was to say the least, my first experience walking in heels and I'm afraid I didn't do too well. Mistress commented on how inept I was and made me continue until I achieved a modicum of success.

Mistress next made me lie flat on my back on the bed with my arms and legs extended. She fastened another pair of cuffs to my ankles and before I knew it I was bound in a spread_eagled position on the bed. She got on the bed and straddled my waist. She told me that the time had come for me to give her some pleasure. She further instructed me to do a good job if I was to be accepted for further training. She pulled down the cups of her bra, and lowered her tits to my face and told me to suck them until her nipples were hard. After I had done this to her satisfaction, she pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and made me watch as she masturbated herself to orgasm.

I wanted nothing more in the world than to be allowed to help, but of course, I was in no position to do anything. She explained that since I was a new and unknown slave, I had not yet earned the privilege of tasting her pussy. Since however, I had made a sincere effort to please her, she was going to give me the climax I craved so badly. This was not the norm she said, but I had tried hard to please her and would be rewarded for my efforts.

She pulled my waistband of my panties down to the base of my balls and released it. She released my right hand and told me to make myself come. I began to stroke my cock with faster and faster strokes until my hand was nothing but a blur. Just as I reached the point of climax, Mistress Jacquie cupped my balls and stroked them gently, commanding me to cum for her. She kept up her stroking until I came all over my black lace lingerie, embarrassing myself with my

lack of self control. She untied me and made me shower before giving me back my clothes. She asked if I wanted to schedule another session and when I said yes, gave me several instructions.

I was to get a health certificate from my doctor, stipulating that I had no sexually transmitted diseases. She showed me her own clean bill of health and said she expected the same from all her clients.

Before coming to see her again, I was to go out and purchase several complete sets of lingerie in the appropriate sizes. When I had any contact with her whatsoever, even when calling to set an appointment, I was to be wearing panties, bra, garter belt and hose. This would serve to imprint on my psyche that she was in total control and that I had no choice but to serve her in any manner she chose, no matter how bizarre it may seem at the moment. If I was willing to do this, she would continue what she referred to as my "education in submission".

I quickly agreed to her terms and said that I would call her as soon as I had fulfilled the terms she had outlined. She gave me a pat on the cheek and sent me on my way.

As I drove away from my first encounter with Mistress Jacquie, I reflected on the commands she had issued. The health certificate would be no problem, my annual physical was due anyway, and I was sure I could get my family physician to include the necessary tests. The command that I acquire several complete sets of lingerie was another matter. I had no idea what sizes I wore and somehow the prospect of being allowed to try things on in the store seemed to say the least unlikely. It would have to be trial and error.

Because I am the type of person that likes to meet a new challenge head on, I stopped at a large mall on my way home. I went immediately to the lingerie department of a large, well known department store and began the quest for my new wardrobe of frillies. There were panties and bras in every shade of the rainbow. The black panties had fit me quite well, so I selected several pairs of panties, all in size seven. When I had all the basic colors (white, black, pink, red, blue, mint green, peach), I started to look for matching bras. This was going to be a bit more of a problem. I had no idea what size I wore. There was only one solution. I looked around and when I was sure no one was watching, I held a black bra against my chest and tried to fasten it behind me. It took several tries before I settled on 36A as my size. I was trembling by now, partly from fear of discovery, partly from my audacity in even trying this. After a while, as I continued my shopping, my fear subsided and I began to fully enjoy myself. The garter belts were next. I picked up one in each color, making sure they were the laciest, frilliest ones available. If I was going to be dressed in lingerie, I wanted to make sure I looked my best. Suddenly, it had become very important that Mistress Jacquie approve of my new wardrobe. My last purchase was several pairs of stockings, all with lace at the top and seams down the back. I took all selections to the cashier and after paying for them I left the store.

The next two weeks were spent getting in to my doctor and waiting for the results of the tests. My anticipation grew with each passing day. I couldn't get the image of Mistress Jacquie out of my mind. Finally the letter I had waited for was delivered. As I had known they would, the tests showed me to be free of any diseases. I could wait no longer and quickly showered and began to dress as Mistress Jacquie had commanded before calling her. Somehow, it seemed appropriate that for my first time I be dressed in virginal white. I stepped into the french cut panties, reveling in the slippery cool fabric as I pulled them into place, covering my swelling cock and balls. Next, I slipped my arms through the straps of the lacy under_wired bra and fastened it behind me. My chest muscles settled into the cups, giving the impression of small breasts. The garter belt was next, followed by the wonderfully sheer seamed stockings. I walked over to the full length mirror on the door and was immediately struck by how quickly Mistress Jacquie had taken control of my actions. I looked in the mirror and my reflection showed me just how far my submission had already progressed. Looking back at me was Mistress Jacquie's newest panty slave. The delicate lace adorning the cups of the bra accented my newly found "breasts". Every time I made the slightest movement, my privates were being caressed by the silky, lace trimmed panties imprisoning them, inciting my cock to grow to it's maximum size.

My next course of action was to dial Mistress Jacquie and report my progress. Imagine my disappointment when her machine picked up the call. Her voice instructed me to leave a message and wait for her return call. I decided to leave myself in the lingerie and await her return call. I put on my male outer clothes and returned to my office to finish my days work. about 45 minutes later my business line rang and I answered it as I usually did, identifying myself and asking the caller how I could help them.

"Good afternoon slave, this is Mistress Jacquie. Have you followed my instructions? Are you prepared to present me with a clean bill of health from your doctor? Most importantly, are you wearing silky, soft panties while you talk with me?"

I assured her that I would never disobey her and also let her know that I had followed her other instructions.

"I want you to describe in detail what you are wearing. Tell me how you feel sitting there wearing nothing but your frillies."

I itemized each item, going to great pains to tell her just how lacy and frilly each piece was. I further told her how exciting it was to be dressed in such a manner.

"Very good slave. Are you ready to obey my next set of commands?" Of course, I said that whatever she directed, I would comply at once.

She surprised with what she said next. I was to immediately leave the house and after first stopping to pick up some Polaroid film, come directly to her. I was to bring my health certificate and the rest of my lingerie. With an admonishment not to dawdle, she hung up, giving me no chance to protest.

I quickly called the rest of my days appointments and feigning illness, rescheduled them for later in the week. I grabbed the attache case I had purchased to carry my lingerie in and rushed out to my car. I drove quickly to the local drug store and bought the film Mistress Jacquie had requested. Once that was accomplished, it took a short 20 minutes to arrive at her dungeon, where I was immediately admitted into the reception area by a pretty red head wearing a red peignoir that left little to the imagination. I wondered if she knew the purpose of my visit.

"My name is Ashley", she said handing me a folded piece of note paper. Mistress Jacquie wants you to read this note and comply at once with the instructions it contains"

So much for the reason I was there remaining a secret. She handed me a note, telling me that Mistress Jacquie's instructions were that I was to read it and comply at once with the commands it contained.

The note was short and to the point. For some unexplained reason my hands started to sweat as I read it:

Dear Vicky

(This is how I acquired my female name)

Since you profess to want to be my sissy slave, you will remove your outer clothes where you are. I no longer wish to look at you dressed in any of your male clothes. When you are finished, you will be directed back to my chamber. You will leave everything in the reception area except for the film and of course the rest of your frillies. Now that you have read this, I expect you to comply at once.

I was mortified at the thought of exposing myself to yet another woman while dressed in my pretties. I hesitated for a moment and then did what I knew I must. After removing my shoes and socks, I quickly disposed of my shirt and slacks. After I had neatly folded my male clothes and handed them to Ashley, she looked me over from head to toe. When she had completed her inspection, she smirked at me and informed me that Mistress Jacquie had told everyone all about me and how completely she controlled me.

With that, she called out to the rest of the women working there, "Come here girls. You have to see the new slave Mistress Jacquie told us about. You won't believe the pretty white lingerie he's wearing for us!"

I had never been so humiliated in my life as seven women came into the reception area to chortle and laugh at my predicament. Several of them rubbed my cock through my panties, making sarcastic remarks about how excited the "little slut" was. Finally, when they were finished with my degradation, Ashley produced a pair of handcuffs. She used them to fasten my hands were securely behind my back. Next, she placed a blindfold over my eyes. The attache case was then placed in my cuffed hands.

"Oh my, I forgot to get the leash." I heard her say. Oh well, I'll just have to improvise."

I felt what I assumed to be Ashley's hands grasp the waistband of my panties and tug them down to the tops of my thighs, baring my erect cock. My cock jumped as she wrapped her hand around it and gently tugged, commanding that I follow her lead. "You look like the sort of pervert that will follow his cock where ever it leads him," she teased.

I had never felt so helpless and vulnerable. I meekly followed my captor, obeying the directions given me through my penis. I heard a door being opened and after passing through, a bolt was thrown, locking me in whatever room I had just entered. A pair of hands took the case from me and I heard it being opened. I heard the film being opened and the unmistakable sound that a Polaroid makes when it loads the first picture. I felt something being attached to the chain between the handcuffs. Suddenly, my arms were raised behind me, forcing me to bend at the waist. I could only surmise that there was a rope holding me in position. I heard the Polaroid being used. Someone was taking pictures of me and my plight.

I could now smell expensive perfume, one that was somehow familiar. Of course, I thought, it had to be the scent of my Mistress. I heard footsteps approach and walk around my bound form. After a moment, my Mistress spoke.

"You have done very well. You have followed my instructions to the letter. I believe you would benefit from further training. While I am very pleased with your progress, you still have a long way to go."

By way of a reward she stroked my cock for a moment before returning my panties to their proper place, once again trapping my privates in silk and lace. Next, she removed the blindfold. I found myself in the same room as my first visit. As I had surmised, there was a rope attached to the cuffs and the iron framework over the bed. Mistress Jacquie was once again dressed in a conservative blouse and skirt combination. After unfastening the rope from the cuffs, she produced a key and unlocked the them. I thanked her profusely, keeping my eyes lowered all the time.

She then told me that my training would continue with my learning how to walk, sit and generally behave like a proper lady. This was to be a very important part of my training. It was to be the foundation of all that would follow. If I was unable to master these simplest of things, there was no hope for me and I would no longer be allowed to see her.

She produced the same pair of 3" heels I had worn the last session and after slipping them on my feet, made me walk back and forth in front of her until I could do so without wobbling too much. Next, she showed me how a model carries herself, shoulders slightly back, hands on the hip. Once she was satisfied that only more practice would offer improvement, she told me to sit on the edge of the bed. As I did so, she chastised me for not knowing how to sit like a lady. She came over and sat next to me, showing me how to sit properly with my knees together and my ankles crossed. All the while I had been performing for my Mistress, the silky hose and panties had worked their own special magic on my penis and balls. With every movement I had made the wonderful fabrics had conspired to arouse me to a fever pitch. Needless to say, after all I had been through, I was fully erect and my penis was oozing precum.

This did not go unnoticed by Mistress Jacquie. She teased me about what a wet little slut I was and decided that I should dress in something less virginal than the white lingerie I was currently wearing. She walked over to the open attache case and pulled out a pair of red panties trimmed with black lace.

"I think these are far more appropriate for a hot, wet slut like you. I want you to take off the white things and then I will personally dress you like the tart you obviously are!"


I hurried to comply, and before long I was completely naked in front of a my still fully clothed Mistress. While I had been stripping off the white lingerie, Mistress Jacquie had found the rest of the red and black lingerie. She put me in the bra first, then fastened the garter belt around my waist. After admiring the diamond pattern in the black stockings, she rolled them up my legs and attached the garters to them. I was somewhat surprised that she had saved the panties until last, but she explained that this way if she needed to take them down to discipline me, there would be no need to fiddle with the garters first.

She reached into a dresser drawer and pulled the leather cuffs she had used on me during my first visit. Meekly, I held my wrists out to facilitate her strapping me into them. I then raised each leg in turn, holding them as high as I could so my Mistress wouldn't have to stoop to attach the ankle cuffs.

"Very good, Vicky. You are a very cooperative slave. I appreciate your collaboration in your enslavement. Now I want you to lie on the bed with your arms and legs extended toward the four corners."

I complied at once and soon found myself once again bound to the bed. Mistress Jacquie went to the dresser and retrieved the pictures she had taken earlier. "I want you to admire my handiwork slave. Look at these pictures. What a lovely sissy girl you make! Wait, what is this?" she asked pointing at the picture with my cock framed by the white lace garter straps.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I was very excited and my cock grew without my being able to control it", I replied meekly.

At this point, Mistress Jacquie slapped my face. Not hard, but hard enough to get my attention. "That is the wrong answer slave, that is really your clit. Everybody knows that "girls" don't have cocks, they have clits. Yours is just a little larger than most. Somehow I find it fitting that the biggest slut I know also has the biggest clit. Now slave, once again, what am I pointing at?"

"That's my clit Mistress", I answered.

"That's right you little hussy, that is indeed what it is. Did you know that you also have a pussy? Well, you do and I'm going to be the one to pop your cherry, sissy girl! I'm going to fuck that sweet tight pussy of yours until you can take no more!" She unhooked my legs from the corners of the bed and pulled my panties off. Next, she used a winch at the end of the bed to lower a three foot long steel bar from the top of the framework. She used two snap rings to attach each ankle cuff to the ends of the bar and then again using the winch, raised my legs until I was half suspended with legs spread wide apart and my ass in the air.

"Don't you look like a tramp!," she whispered with her mouth just inches from my ear. "You're all spread and ready for me aren't you slut? You know, it has been my experience that virgin trollops like you like to scream the first time they are penetrated. I have just the solution for that."


She went again to the dresser and returned with a ball gag. Commanding me to open my mouth wide, she strapped it in place, rendering me unable to do anything more than moan. She stroked my cock, excuse me, my clit with soft strokes, making it jump as though it had a mind of it's own. "You really love being made helpless don't you? Wait until you see what I have in mind for you!! You're going to love it!" She stepped back from the bed and started to disrobe. Once she removed her blouse and skirt, she was left standing in only her bra, panties and garter belt. They were deep purple with lavish black lace trim. The panties fit snugly, like a second skin. I could clearly see her sex outlined through the purple satin. The bra could barely contain the swell of her creamy breasts. Her erect nipples were like buttons, outlined against the lacy cups. The sight of my Mistress in her finery had a conspicuous effect on my clit. I could feel it begin to ache and quiver with desire. My desire was compounded by my inability to do anything about it. I was totally helpless and under the control of my Mistress. She alone would decide the course of events. All I could do was lay there and accept whatever happened.

With a smile, Mistress Jacquie began to lower her panties. Once they were off, she once again came close to the bed. "You love panties so much, I'm going to give you a real treat," she said as she slowly dragged the intimate garment back and forth across my privates. I've been wearing these all day, and to tell you the truth, I have become quite wet during the past few minutes. You are about to receive the fruits of that excitement." With that, she pulled them over my head, placing the crotch over my nose. With the ball gag in my mouth I had no choice but to inhale her musk. With every breath I took, my senses were assaulted by the aroma of my Mistress's most secret place.

While I had been preoccupied with her fragrance, Mistress had gone once again to what I had begun to think of as her toy box. In her hand she held a black vibrating butt plug. Attached to it was a control box with about three feet of wire.. I watched through the leg hole of her panties as she coated it with lubricant. Using one hand to spread my ass cheeks, she used the other to slowly insert the plug in my rectum. I had never experienced anything like this. The sensation of my body being invaded was uncomfortable and at the same time arousing. She made me watch as she turned the thumb_wheel on the control box to the on position. Suddenly, I could feel a low vibration permeating my innards. As she advanced the wheel, the intensity increased until I began to involuntarily thrust my hips forward and back in much the same manner as woman would while she is being fucked. Mistress Jacquie grasped the base of the plug and began to plunge it in and out. Each time she shoved it deep inside me, my prostrate was besieged with sensations of intense pleasure. Once again she leaned close and whispered in my ear.

"You love this don't you slut? Your pussy is so hot and wet I don't even have to use more lubricant. Look at your clit, it's dancing all by itself. You want to cum don't you. Go ahead, you little tart, tell your Mistress how much you want to cum."

Since my mouth was filled with the ball gag, all I could do was moan and plead with my eyes for the fulfillment my body craved. Just as I thought I could take no more, she pulled the plug out and dropped it on the floor next to the bed.


"The time has come for you to reciprocate and provide your Mistress some pleasure," she said as she removed the panties, and ball gag from my head. "You showed some talent with your tongue the last time you were here. I want to see it you can improve on that performance."

She got on the bed and straddled my waist. After pulling down the cups of her bra, she lowered her breasts to my mouth. I eagerly took each nipple in turn into my mouth, swirling my tongue around them and sucking and licking avidly. I could hear her begin to moan and pant as I continued my ministrations. She sat up and moved forward until her beautiful pussy was directly over my mouth. I needed no instruction as to what she wanted next. As she lowered herself, I buried my tongue deep inside her, drawing it out only to flick the tip against her clit. Each time I did, her body would twitch, her thighs clamping against the sides of my head. As I increased the tempo, she began to writhe and moan as her climax neared. As it overtook her, she grasped my head with both hands, holding it prisoner against her pussy. Her juices gushed out, filling my mouth with the sweetest nectar imaginable. As her orgasmic tremors began to subside, she moved back slightly, removing her pussy from my mouth.

"That was very good," she cooed. "I will make a lesbian lover out of you yet. Because you have pleased me, I am going to allow you privilege of having an orgasm."

She got off the bed and lowered my legs until they were once again resting on the mattress. She picked up the red panties and wrapping them around my clit, began to stroke it. I was more than ready for a climax. As she increased the tempo, she urged me to cum.

"Come on you little tramp, cum for your Mistress!! Show me how much you appreciate being dressed in lacy undies and tied up. You know you have no choice, fill my panties, cum for me NOW!!!!!!"

It felt as though my insides would burst. My helpless body was wracked by the most intense orgasm I could ever remember. Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky fluid jetted from my clit, soaking the panties around it. Every muscle in my body tensed from the exertion, straining against my bonds. Finally, it ended. I felt completely drained, both physically and emotionally. Mistress Jacquie stoked my cheek as if to calm me.

"Vicky, you could become one of my favorite slaves. If you continue your training, I will lead you into a world of pleasure unparalleled by anything you have experienced before. I am going to release you now. I want you to dress in fresh lingerie and when you get home, you are to call me and let me know that you arrived safely. You are mine now and I want to know that my property is safe."

Once freed, I showered and dressed as directed in a peach bra, panties and garter belt with matching peach hose. Mistress Jacquie had retrieved my male outer clothes and as I put them on, she gave me my final instructions.

"You will call me soon and arrange your next training session. Before you do however, I want you to acquire at least one, preferably two nightgowns. I will leave the style and color up to you, but I think you would be happiest in either a peignoir set or perhaps a baby_doll nightie."

With that, she kissed me on the cheek and sent me back out into the everyday world.


Miss Vicky




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