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by Jennifer White


Erin looked around her. Nobody was there. She looked down at the poor rabbit with the broken foot. If nobody did anything, it would surely be killed by some animal. But she was late for class, and there was no way she could afford another tardy mark on her record. Although her mother had warned her a million times not to, she felt that she had no choice. The rabbit needed help, quickly. And there was one way she could fix it, right away. Her magic.

Erin was a witch, as was her mother, her grandmother, and all of the women in her family, dating back for centuries. She was young and just learning to control her powers. She only used them for good, fearing the consequences of the misuse of magic. If you did harm to someone without proper justification, the spell would find a way to bounce back on you. But curing an injured creature could be nothing but good.

She looked around, one more time, to be sure that nobody was watching. Then she used her powers to create a spell and fix the poor rabbit's broken leg. In moments, the rabbit stood up, and hopped off happily. Erin smiled. She had done a good deed. She wouldn't tell her mother though; she would be upset that Erin had used magic in public. But nobody had seen her, so nothing bad could come of it. Or so she thought.


* * *


During the lunch period, Erin was reading her assignment for her literature class. She nibbled on a salad along with cheese and crackers as she read the difficult text from the 1800's. Of course, compared to the archaic language in the books of spells that she studied with her mother, this was quite simple in comparison! She was so rapt in her reading though, that she didn't notice the boy sitting down next to her.

"That was very nice what you did today" he said.

Erin looked up, and recognized Lance from her math class. She always thought he was a jerk, and she avoided him as much as possible. She wondered what he was talking about, and tried to think back through her day.

"Nice? In what way" she said.

"Nice in that you care about a stupid little rabbit so much" he replied.

The blood drained from Erin's face. She had been seen! But she had been so careful. How could this boy have been watching when she had cast her spell?

"I didn't see you there..." she said.

"That was because you didn't look up in the tree. Boys climb trees, you know. I had a great view of it all. And now I know your secret. You have magic powers, don't you? You can make things happen with just a wave of your hand. I've got to tell everybody about this!"

"No, please don't!" said Erin, ruing what she had done. It was so stupid of her to get caught!

"Oh, you want to keep it a secret, do you?" said Lance, who already knew of course that she didn't want to be discovered. Why else would she have looked around so many times before she cast her spell? He was just playing with her.

"I can't let everybody know about this. Please. What do you want from me?" asked Erin.

"Oh, just one little thing" he replied.

"And what is that?" she asked.

"I have just one little wish. Use your power to grant me the wish, and we'll be all set."

Erin didn't like the idea one bit, but what choice did she have? She couldn't let him tell everyone!

"Very well" she said. "One wish."

"Cast your spell so that when I name my wish, it comes true" said Lance.

Erin closed her eyes, and started the spell. She looked up at Lance with anger in her eyes.

"The next words you say will be a wish that will come true" she said.

Lance smiled and nodded.

"I wish that you would become my love slave, so that no matter what I tell you to do, you must do it."

"No!!!!" said Erin, as she felt the weight of the spell hit her. She looked at the grinning boy next to her. She tried to fight it, but the spell took hold of her, making her become like a complete slave to him. She could not speak, she could not move. She waited to hear his order. She should have hated him, but her heart leapt, just to be next to him. She was completely in love, and completely his.

"Tell me you are mine now" he said.

"I am yours now" replied Erin, against her will. No! She didn't want to obey this terrible boy!

"Make me become irresistible, so that nobody can resist me, even the teachers."

The magic flowed from Erin into Lance. She looked at him and licked her lips. She felt herself getting wet, just sitting next to him. She wanted him. She wanted to fuck him right then and there in fact. She had a look of terror on her face. What had she done?

"Hi, Lance" said one girl as she passed by, touching his shoulder lightly with her hand.

"Maybe you can come over and help me with my homework tonight" said Laura, the head cheerleader, as she passed by in her cute little outfit with the multicolored skirt.

"I hate homework" he said. "Make it so I'll never have to study again."

Erin gave a subtle wave of her hand, and Lance smiled.

"This is so cool" he said. "Next thing, I wouldn't want to disappoint the girls when I'm alone with them. There are so many to please. I'm going to fuck them, one after the other, starting with you. But I don't want to have to wait to recover. Make it so that I can have sex as often as I want to, without having to wait, so I can do it again and again."

Erin shed a tear as she cast the spell. Lance smiled at her, with his wicked grin. But he didn't realize what he had just done.


Spells that are not used for good have a way of coming back to haunt the person who cast them. The bounce-back effect is something that every witch is careful to avoid. By recklessly using magic, Lance didn't realize what havoc he was about to produce.

Lance had wanted to enable his penis to become able to get hard again right away after sex, so he could be with girl after girl after girl. In his mind, he'd be able to have one orgasm after the next, all night long. He would be the smartest person in the school, so he'd never have to study. And he'd be irresistible, so he could have all the girls he wanted. Plus, Erin would be his slave, in case he needed anything else.

But the last spell he ordered to be cast didn't work as he had expected. A man can't have sex as often as he wants; he needs to wait and recover after he comes. But a woman can have sex again and again, without having to wait. As soon as he made his demand, the spell went to work. Within moments, his penis was gone, replaced by a perfect virgin pussy. He didn't realize it yet, but he was now a girl.

His earlier demand to be irresistible was still in play. And now that he was a girl, he would have to become an irresistible one. His body began to change in response. The peach fuzz on his face disappeared, even as the bone structure changed to make his chin pointer, his cheekbones higher, as his lips became fuller. His eyebrows become plucked, as his eyes became a deep alluring blue. His face was now pretty, matching the changes in the rest of his body.

His shoulders had become much smaller, his large male muscles replaced by flexible feminine ones. His hair become long and full, even while his wrists become thin, like his arms. His hands shrunk down to a tiny size, as the nails at the end of them became long ovals, painted a delicate pink color.

His long legs became much thinner, even as the hair on them disappeared. They were quite smooth and soft, as they joined his torso at his widening hips. His waist shrunk down to an incredibly small size, even as his female sex organs finished forming inside. His ovaries were fully functioning by the time that he started to realize that something was wrong.

"What's happening to me?" he said in a voice much higher than he was used to hearing when he spoke.

"You're becoming a girl" replied Erin, as she watched the mounds under his shirt continue to rise until they reached full DD size. His shirt looked like it was going to burst, the buttons straining to contain the monster breasts that had formed on his chest. The outline of his large nipples was clearly visible through the thin fabric.


Lance was now the hottest girl in the school. She was indeed irresistible. All of the boys were staring at her, and the ones passing by said a few flirting words as the ogled her.

"Hi Tanya. I hope you'll go with me to the dance on Friday" said one.

"Wow Tanya, you're so ht" said another. "Do you want to go see a movie Saturday? Call me! Please?"

"Tanya, here you go. I have your homework done for you" said a nerdy boy with thick glasses, as he handed her some papers. "You owe me one. I'll see you after school, so you can settle your debt with me."

Erin smiled. 'Tanya' would never have to do homework again. The boys would do it for her. She was indeed irresistible, and every single male in the school, even the teachers, was lusting after her.

But better still, now that he was no longer a boy, Erin was no longer in love with him. And since she wasn't in love, she couldn't be his love slave. He had inadvertently broken his hold over her too. She was free now, to do whatever she wanted!


But now Erin had a hard choice to make. Should she reverse the feminizing spell, and turn things back? As with all spells, it came down to one question: was the world a better place with or without the spell? In this case, instead of a mean, manipulative boy, there was a girl. A girl who would make every boy happy, just by talking to them. A girl who would make boy after boy happy, as she had sex with them, one after the other, as she had wished.

She was forced to conclude that the world was a much better place with out Lance. Tanya would make people happy, whereas Lance would make people miserable. He would stay that way forever, she decided.

"You are Tanya now" she said, calmly. "And you are a girl. Just remember Tanya, if you ever even think of telling anyone about me and what I can do, you will regret it. I could cast a spell, and make you become such a bimbo that all you can think of is having sex with boys. I could make you become the school slut, and have you sleep around. You'd be spending your lunch hour giving blow jobs, and only eating come for your meal. Is that what you want? Or I could turn you into a rabbit. Or a worm."

"No!" said Tanya, sheepishly.

"Then don't even think of telling anyone. Since you did this to yourself, everyone thinks you've always been a girl named Tanya. I will do one kind thing for you, and then no more magic. Come with me."

Erin led Tanya to the girl's rest room. Nobody else was inside, so Erin locked the door. Tanya was still wearing boy's clothes. She would fix that now. She waved her hand, and Tanya's massive boobs were suddenly wrapped up in an underwire bra with wide straps, needed to support their heavy weight. Her boy's dress shirt changed into a tight fitting maroon sweater with a low cut neckline that showed off her impressive cleavage.

Next, her boxers morphed, becoming pink thong panties with white lace trim. Then the jeans that Tanya was wearing changed to become form fitting with her new body. The waistline shrunk down to match her incredibly small size, while the hips stayed out wide. The length changed too, stopping just below the knee. Tanya's white athletic socks disappeared, since the white sandals she was now wearing didn't require anything else on her feet.

Her face changed a bit, as makeup appeared on her lips, eyelids, eyelashes, and so on. And finally, the wallet that had been in her back pocket also morphed, becoming a cute little handbag, dangling from her shoulder. Now she was dressed as a girl, ready for her next class. Erin smiled as the bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch period.

"Bye-bye Tanya. See you in math class this afternoon!" said Erin, as she unlocked the door and headed off down the hall.

Tanya didn't know what to do at first, but then turned to head to her next class. She didn't have to worry about being on time; one of the boys would be doing her homework for her anyway. It had been such a terrible day for her. She had been a boy, on top of the world, with a witch as a slave granting his wishes. Now she was trapped in a girl's body, with every male in sight wanting her. And her new body was reacting as any female's body would, making him want them right back, which sickened him. He didn't want to have female sexual responses! He didn't want to be a girl! But there was nothing he could do. And if he told anyone, she would make him become a mindless slut, or worse. Tanya hurried to her class, resigned to her fate to live out the rest of her life as a girl.


* * *


"...and so I think that it all came out right in the end" said Erin, sheepishly.

"How many times have I told you about using your powers when you're not at home?" asked her mother, angrily.

"I'm sorry. I'll never do it again!" said Erin.

"Don't worry honey. You tried to do something good. You meant well, which is important. You have much to learn however. I'll go fix a few little details, so that nobody questions about Tanya. And I'll make sure she never talks. I hope you learned a lesson, not to do that again."

"Yes mom. Thanks you so much! I love you" said Erin, as she hugged her mother.

"And I love you too" she replied.


* * *


Erin's mother was far more powerful than she was, being older and wiser. As night fell on the school, nobody noticed as all of the school records changed to reflect Tanya instead of Lance. The pictures in the yearbook changed too, showing her pretty face in her picture aged one year less. Now there was no record of "Lance" ever existing.

As Tanya laid in her bed, trying not to cry, a wave of calmness spread over her. She didn't realize that Erin's mother was on the street below, waving her hand. Tanya was so upset about being a girl! But suddenly, all of her worries melted away. Being a girl wasn't something bad, it was something good! She preferred being a girl in fact. She had always been a girl.

Her memories of her encounter with Erin disappeared. Erin was just a friend of hers, and they often spent lunchtime eating together. Tanya was so relaxed that her eyes finally closed, and she was able to get to sleep. Schoolgirls needed a good night's sleep, so they could dream of their boyfriends, and get a good rest for the next day. Girls needed to get up early to put on their makeup and get dressed in pretty clothes so the boys would all look at them and want them. Tanya's face formed a smile as she slipped into her first female dream. She was a girl now, in every way.


The End




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