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Miss Pratt's Singer

by Justincbenedict


"It's nine a.m. and this is Dougie the Dog here at WKGC, and we're back with Claudia Leary, better known as Claudia Canary. You're amazing, Claudia! Sixty million albums, four Grammy's and seven American Music Awards, and recently you were named best pop female vocalist at ToneFest!"

"Thanks, Dougie, you're too kind, and I couldn't have done it without the people who work behind me…"

"Oh, no you're remarkable. My daughter has the poster for your movie, as well. But what I wanted to talk about today was the new song that's really hitting the play lists, your hit "Obeying Auntie". I understand there may be yet another movie, Hollywood wants to do, based on this song of a rebellious girl led the right way by her strict aunt. Tell me, was this inspired by a relative of yours?"

"Hah! No, my folks were very permissive…no actually by a therapist I've seen over the years…"

Samuel grunted as Miss Pratt switched off the radio, turning his huge black head to Miss Pratt. "So you see, you're an inspiration, Prattsie.." Miss Pratt smiled grimly and bent her whippy cane over her knee, frightening the two naked women who hanging from her ceiling. "Yeah, ain't it the truth."

Kathy held onto the rope desperately, as Miss Pratt ruminated on. Miss Pratt bent her cane, muttering about Claudia O, and the upcoming session. Despite Kathy's discomfort at having held onto the end a rope that hung from the ceiling for nearly two hours, she couldn't believe that Claudia O was one of Miss Pratt's clients.

Kathy looked over at poor Evelyn, also hanging from a rope. Kathy had thought it was horrible enough when her husband had informed her that he was through chaining her to the ceiling for whippings. "I want you to hold onto a rope voluntarily, and not let go and fall off just because I'm giving you a whipping." Master Titus had informed her.

But of course, every time Kathy had been stripped naked and forced to hang from a rope connected to the ceiling of her Florida room, she'd dropped it, screaming as soon as his nasty wicker carpet sweeper had smacked her full bare buttocks.

So Titus had given Kathy a plane ticket and a sum of money, and sent her to Washington, DC to see Miss Pratt with the instructions to not return to San Antonio until she'd been trained to hold a rope and take a full, harsh whipping.

And she'd gotten a room at a Holiday Inn, and every day she'd driven to Miss Pratt's for a "group class" in Hanging, which reminded her of the Spinning and Step Aerobics classes at her spa. Thirty naked women, of varying ages and sizes, hanging onto ropes…

At first Kathy had been able to hold the rope for about five minutes, and then she'd dropped, exhausted…her wrists burning.

 But after the vicious whipping that Giselle, Miss Pratt's second-in command had given her, Kathy had anxiously jumped back onto the rope and held it for fifteen minutes, watching, as the other hangers did with anxiety as Giselle and Debra walked around tapping their rubber hoses, occasionally whacking a bare butt that seemed slacking.

Now Kathy could hold the rope for two hours, and even hold it when getting a light whipping, but still, when Miss Pratt hit her with a cane or strop, Kathy tended to fall, even if her wrists were tired.

And now she and Evelyn were the only Hangers… Evelyn, the poor thing, could hang, not letting go of the rope, and take whippings of various amounts, but Miss Pratt was testing her further, and had chained a big metal thing, a propane cylinder weighing about fifty pounds to Evelyn's feet.

So now Evelyn had to maintain her strength to hold onto the rope, and also support this tank thing which appeared to be pulling her into the floor. And my God,  Miss Pratt was going to give Evelyn a whipping!

Miss Pratt approached Evelyn, a woman in her late fifties, holding the cane in one hand and a bag of clothespins in another. "Samuel, you must understand, Claudia is my most demanding client…she's a lot of work. Hold still, Evelyn." Putting the cane down, Miss Pratt reached up and began putting clothespins all over poor Evelyn's withered breasts, one at a time.

"I can remember her calling me and FORCING me to fly to Budapest once, because Claudia was having a panic attack before a concert." Miss Pratt put more clothespins on Evelyn's stomach. "Miss Pratt, it's too much, with the tank, ma'am." Evelyn whispered, and Miss Pratt  reached up and soundly slapped her face leaving red mark across Evelyn's cheek, and the older woman began quietly sobbing.

"Shut up, Evelyn. You're a disgusting wimp. I can't believe what a ninny you are even after eight years of training. What will Kathy, our newcomer, think? Now open up your thighs, so I can get more clothespins in there." Evelyn breathed, rolled her eyes at the goggling Kathy, and opened her thighs, and Miss Pratt began putting clothespins all over her inner thighs and up in her shaved vaginal area.

"When I arrived in Claudia's hotel room in Budapest, I was furious, and the first thing I did was throw out her entourage, all of them, makeup women, voice coaches had to leave the room, and then I took her jeans down and whipped her with a coat hanger that I straightened from her wardrobe."

Miss Pratt began putting clothespins on Evelyn's wrinkled bottom…Kathy hoped that her buttocks never got so cellulite infested that they resembled cottage cheese. Miss Pratt pulled a stepladder over, and climbed up, adding 20 more clothespins to Evelyn's abdomen and underarms.

Finally, Miss Pratt backed off of Evelyn, and sat down again. "You just relax, honey…enjoy the clothespins." Miss Pratt turned to Samuel. "I know that Claudia is your favorite're such a star-fucker, so to speak."

Samuel smiled and went back to polishing the doorknob. "You know Claudia called" he said "…are you going to give her an entire afternoon, tomorrow as she asks?" Prattsie snorted. "I don't see why, good God, it's not my fault she can't have sessions because she's touring the world all the time, or recording in Burbank, California. Why can't she find a fucking domme there?"

Kathy watched Evelyn hang there, the clothespins and the tank obviously torturing her. Kathy noticed though, that the more she worried about Evelyn, the less she was concerned with her own situation, which of course was, that she had now been hanging from the rope for nearly three hours.

Samuel wiped the doorknob again. "I can think of two thousand good reasons why you should see her this afternoon, dear. It is indeed annoying that she calls at the last minute, but we need a new roof." Samuel shook his massive head. Miss Pratt grinned at him. "Okey-dokey…I know you have tomorrow's schedule memorized, Samuel, you Caribbean genius, you…"

Samuel paused in his polishing and recited:

"Tomorrow at eight o'clock in the morning you are seeing Dr. Nichole Plaskett, a cardiologist, who is treating your father for free, by the way. Dr. Plaskett is coming in for a Governess fantasy, and I have already arranged the large wooden hairbrush, the twin tailed School Strap, and your prim hemlined dress to be arranged in the Nursery."

Miss Pratt nodded, and  backed off, jumping up and whacking Evelyn on her right hip with the cane. Miss Pratt smiled in satisfaction as two clothespins fell off. "What are you looking at, Missy?" Miss Pratt shouted at Kathy. "Want some of this? I didn't think so." Kathy clutched her rope and prayed.

Samuel scratched his chin, and began reciting the schedule again.  "From nine-fifteen to ten thirty, you will be doing aerobics with Giselle and Debra." Miss Pratt slumped.

"Oh, I hate that. Ugh. Exercise." Miss Pratt lit a Chesterfield. "Yes my dear, but you are at this point just squeezing into your leather corsets these days." Miss Pratt stuck her tongue out at Samuel, who ignored her. "At ten o'clock, while you are aerobicizing, Susie Huidekoper, a clothing buyer will be coming in, and she will disrobe and I shall lock her into a cage in the basement—"

Miss Pratt wandered up to Evelyn again, and severely tweaked one of the clothespins that was directly on her clitoris tip. Evelyn bit her lip to keep from screaming, and Kathy saw a tiny stream of blood come from Evelyn's mouth.

Miss Pratt interrupted him. "The dungeon, not the basement..stop calling it that." Samuel grimaced. "I have worked in Bondage houses in both hemispheres since before you were born, little girl and my father before me…" Miss Pratt said "I didn't know eunuchs could reproduce" but she said it very quietly. Samuel continued. "that is a basement, most certainly not a dungeon. You have a pool table in there and the boiler room is MARKED. It…"

"Enough already! Susie, what about her!" Samuel smiled. "After you've worked out and relaxed with your tea, and Susie has been crouching in the dark for a few hours, you can go down and have a session.  At approximately noon, I think."

Samuel  coughed. " And, Prattsie your new Kangaroo Hide Dog Quirt came in the mail yesterday, and you can get a chance to try it out on her, as we broke your old dressage whip on Mrs. Oliphant last night." Miss Pratt clapped her hands. "I am so excited about my new quirt!"

"Well it's downstairs, and you will have an enjoyable morning, I think" Samuel said. He looked at Miss Pratt, and nodded at Evelyn, and she mouthed Oh, and jumped up, swishing her cane. She was walking over to Evelyn, when, all of a sudden, she walked back towards the terrified Kathy.

As Miss Pratt stood in front of Kathy, Samuel kept talking.

"At two, Otillia Dervyside,  the wife of an Oklahoma State Supreme Court justice is coming...she arrives every sixty days to shop and go to the theater. She needs electrical play, but since Claudia will be demanding the afternoon, Giselle can handle that. I've trained her." Samuel smiled. "But then there is Florence."

Miss Pratt looked at a name "Florence? Who's Florence?" Samuel looked up from polishing the doorknob. "She is your scholarship know...the public health microbiologist woman, you call her Rover?" Samuel admired his black gleaming face in the doorknob. "You can probably put her off, considering she is paying the reduced rate of four-fifty per hour...say next week." Miss Pratt smiled. Samuel was much more focused on the bills than she was...without him she didn't know where she'd be.

"Debra can't take her?" Debra was a brand new worker, and Miss Pratt was quite proud of her. Debbie got on well with Giselle and knew a great deal about administering canings.

"No, Debra is horsewhipping Zoe, who is a Chief Financial Officer of an advertising firm—"Miss Pratt held up her hand. "Enough with the titles, Samuel...try to be a bit less impressed with our clientele, eh?" Miss Pratt smiled. "Now let me focus on our Kathy here." 

Miss Pratt looked at Kathy, admiring the raven hair, the pale white skin and full breasts. "How are your wrists doing there, Kathy?" Kathy tried to smile. "I'm getting better at it, ma'am. I think Master Titus will be pleased." Miss Pratt bent her cane over her knee and then swished it through the air, and both Kathy and Evelyn winced.

"Do you think you're up for a few blows, dear?" Miss Pratt asked this in a tone as if she were inquiring whether an invalid would like to have breakfast in bed. "Oh, no not yet, ma'am…Miss Pratt, I really need some more time."

Oh Jesus. The little bitch is going to hit me! Maybe not, if I suck up to her. Kathy was a good looking woman, but she was thirty nine, and she felt so foolish calling a twenty-eight year old "Miss Pratt"

How Titus had found her Kathy would never know…but Miss Pratt may be flattered enough…"Miss Pratt, really, ma'am. I am just learning your methods of rope-holding, it's hard for me, ma'am."

Miss Pratt smiled kindly. "I know it's really tough for you, honey." Kathy ignored Evelyn's warning look and continued her sob story.

"Yes, ma'am,  I have blisters and all. I doubt I could hold on if I got whippings yet. But your training is splendid. I thought I'd hang here for another twenty minutes and then go get some lunch…and come back tomorrow. It's been so good for me."

Miss Pratt grinned. "Yeah, I bet it has…Pilates for the submissive, eh?" Miss Pratt lifted up the cane. WHACK!

 Kathy screamed as the cane slashed her stomach. But she was still holding onto the rope. WHACK! Miss Pratt had danced back to Kathy's butt,oooh, that hurt…but still, she'd hold on THWACK! Right on the tits. Kathy let go of the rope screaming, and fell to the wood floor.

But not for long. Miss Pratt began whacking Kathy as soon as she landed flicking the cane up and down her nude body. "Did I tell you to let go of that rope, get the fuck back up there now!"

Kathy grabbed her breasts, sobbing, and held up a hand to ward off the blows from the cane, but they kept coming.

Finally she jumped for the rope and grabbed it, just as the last of the cane slashes marked her back. Miss Pratt gave Kathy a final whack on the hip. "I think I'll hold on for twenty minutes and then go get lunch." Miss Pratt did a horribly effeminate falsetto mimick of Kathy's voice.

 "Yeah, you little bitch…you'll hang here for the next hour, and then pass the next three hours in the basement locked in the stocks while Debra works you over!"

Kathy burst into tears, and kept hanging on.

Debra stuck her head in. "Ma'am, there's something for you to sign." Miss Pratt stood up "Goodie….must be my new shipment of toys from Mozambique…good torture stuff there…Samuel, come with."

She turned to Evelyn and the sobbing Kathy, whose body was now covered with red welts and stripes.

 "I expect both of you to continue to hang onto the ropes…if I get any evidence that you've dropped down for a rest, there'll be hell to pay. Samuel, do the whipped cream!" As Kathy stared, Samuel picked up a can of Crazy Whip and squirted a large square under her feet, and then another square under Evelyn's.

"Now, if you drop down, I'll know about it. Remember, I'll be back in fifteen minutes." Miss Pratt smiled like the Wicked Witch of the West, and followed Samuel out the door, shutting and locking it.

Kathy looked over at Evelyn sympathetically. The older woman looked terribly in pain, hanging as she was from a rope that she could let go of at any time...and shit, if she fell with that propane cylinder hanging under her, she might break a hip! And also, it must be horrible having all those clothespins hanging on her nipples, belly, armpits clitoris, buttocks  and inner thighs.

"H-how are you feeling, Evelyn?" Kathy asked. Evelyn opened her eyes and smiled weakly at Kathy. "It gets better,my dear...learning to be a tolerant sub takes time. My nipples hurt terribly, but the rest of the clothespins really don't bother me." Evelyn swung on her rope inadvertently, clutching it carefully.

 "Let me amend that" she said with a rueful smile. "My private parts below aren't faring too well either...but Evelyn will live!" Evelyn looked carefully at Kathy, who was none too comfortable on her own rope.

"Are your wrists holding up, dear?" Kathy looked up at her poor wrists, hanging on the rope for life itself. "Well, I shouldn't complain-hell, I don't have a fifty pound cylinder pulling me down, but yes, it's pretty hard."

 Kathy grimaced. "I am wondering whether this was all worth it...but my husband is a Dom and he ordered me to come, and I don't like to displease him." Kathy smiled gamely.

Kathy watched, amazed as Evelyn's elegant fuschia nails gripped the rope, and she swung a bit. "It's a good thing to have a Master that understands you...he must be remarkable!"

Evelyn breathed in, and several of her clothespins fluttered.

 "Yes, Titus is a wonderful, caring man. I got lucky with him! When I discovered that he could accommodate my submissive fantasies along with being a great guy, I was thrilled!" Kathy looked at Evelyn. "Is your Master counting on you to get training?"

Evelyn smiled. "No, my husband is also a submissive...I don't have a Master, except for Miss Pratt." Kathy's jaw dropped, and she almost let go of her rope. "Jesus, you're putting up with this rope-clutching thing for nothing?"

Evelyn gave Kathy a look. "I want to be the best submissive I can be! If I can hold onto a rope, and spare Miss Pratt the trouble of chaining me to the ceiling when I get my discipline, it's well worth it, and well worth the eight hundred dollars an hour that I pay for training. Besides, " Evelyn smiled "I've lost weight and my normal personal trainer says my body is quite muscular now!"

 Evelyn looked at Kathy severely. "So try to be more grateful for your training...this is a big opportunity." Evelyn slipped a bit on the rope, and pulled herself up. "And don't try any more sucking up to Miss Pratt, dear. "

Evelyn moved a hand on the rope that obviously had a big blister on it. " Being flatterring—That never works. I know you think she's not too sharp because she's so young, but Miss Pratt never really had a childhood, and became a working domme in her late teens. She is old beyond her years."

Kathy sighed, and tried to get more of a grip on her rope, but her wrists were becoming numb. "I know...there's so much I need to learn!"




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