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Miss Me

by Jennifer White


I couldn't wait to graduate in the spring. I was a good student, so I'd be sure to get a good job as soon as I had my degree. And I felt like I had everything going for me. I would have a degree for a technical field that was in demand. I was a starter on the baseball team. And best of all, I had Georgia for my girlfriend.

Georgia was the same age as me, but she was studying to be a nurse. She was really nice, and really pretty. We got along great, and things kept getting better and better between us, since we met at the start of the year. And now things had reached a new level: she had asked me to spend spring break by going home with her, to meet her family.

I of course accepted. My folks lived in California, while hers were in-state. So it would be easier to go there, and much less tiring. And the way she always talked about her mom and her sisters you could tell that her family meant a lot to her (they never mentioned the father, but she hinted at a messy divorce).

So we were all set. I was in my last class Friday morning, writing down my assignment for next week. She would be packing by now. I'd get back to my apartment, grab my suitcase, and drive over to her place. Now if this class would ever end!

* * *


It seemed like hours later when I finally arrived at Georgia's apartment, on the other side of the campus from mine. I went to the door, and she was waiting for me.

"I've been dying to see you all day!" she said, giving me a big kiss.

We kissed for a while, and she wanted to tell me all about her day. I listened patiently. She always said I was a good listener.

"Are you ready to go?" I said, after she was done (and had asked about my day).

"Sure" she said.

I offered to carry her bag for her, but she insisted on doing it herself.

"Remember, I grew up with a mother and two sisters. No boys. I've always had to do things like this for myself."

That was one thing I loved about her: she was so independent. She carried her bag (with some obvious effort) down the steps. She took the keys out of her purse, and pushed a button to open the hatch back.

"Don't you want me to drive?" I said.

"Don't be silly" she replied. "You don't know where you're going. I do. You don't know all the back roads we'll need to take. Just get your bag, and load it in. Or do you want me to do that for you?"

"No," I laughed, "I can handle that myself."

She was really something.

* * *


I was glad that Georgia was driving. We went down so many back roads, then dirt roads, that I was completely lost. I couldn't have found my way back to the school for days if she left me alone with a car.

At last, we drove up a long driveway that wound through the woods, until we reached a picturesque little white house.

"Home!" she said.

"You didn't tell me you lived so far off the beaten path" I said.

"Well, we have a home in the city too, but this is where we go for vacations and such."

We walked up to the door, each carrying our suitcase. She opened the door up, and walked right in. Inside, we were greeted by her mother Veronica, and her sisters, Betsy who was a year younger, and Helen, who was a year older.

Within a few minutes of talking, I found out that they didn't have anyone with them for vacation, so I was one guy alone with four women. Veronica was very pretty, and she had passed that trait down to all her daughters. It was hard not to get aroused, seeing the three sisters running around the house in just shorts and T-shirts, as it was a very warm day today. Veronica wore a more conservative skirt, but if she wasn't my girlfriend's mother, I would have been interested in her.

Georgia was very well built, with lovely curves, and big breasts. Her sisters, like her mother, were equally well endowed. So it was hard to take my eyes off of them! They all had long hair, they all wore makeup, they all had long fingernails, painted bright red colors.

"Georgia, Bob, it's time for lunch!" called out Veronica. We came to the table, and ate the delicious tuna salad she had prepared. When we were through with lunch, Georgia whispered to me that it would be nice if I volunteered to clear the table and do the dishes, since the others had cooked. That made sense, so I offered to do it.

And sure enough, they accepted. So there I was, cleaning up after us all, while they sat on the couch and chatted. But it wasn't too bad, because it didn't take very long.


The day seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, we were having dinner. Again, an excellent meal prepared by Veronica. Again, Georgia asked me to offer to clean up, which I did. And again, they gladly accepted my help.

While I was cleaning up, Betsy uncorked a bottle of red wine, while Helen got down a set of wine glasses. I looked at her tight butt as she reached way up to get the glasses down. What a body she had.

When I was done, they asked me to sit on the couch with them. Georgia indicated that it was ok, so I found myself in between her two sisters. We all talked, and drank. We went through two bottles of wine in no time.

"I'm getting a little tired. I think I'll go put my jammies on" said Helen.

"Me too" said Betsy.

They both went upstairs. They returned shortly, each wearing a silky skimpy little thing. Betsy's was red, and barely came down below her waist. I could see her panties underneath. And Helen's had such a deep plunging neckline, that I could see a lot of her breasts. They sat on either side of me, and seemed to move closer to me, as I sat there uncomfortably.

"I think I'll change too" said Veronica.

"Me too" said Georgia. They left me alone with the sisters, who were quizzing me about school, and what I hoped to do for a living. I looked up relieved to see Georgia return. She was dressed in a powder blue nightie, as skimpy as that of her sisters.

But then Veronica returned. She shocked me. She was wearing something even skimpier than any of the girls. Right in front of me! It was black, and lacy. She looked hot. I couldn't believe that my girlfriend's mother would dress like that in front of me!

I couldn't help but stare at them all. I felt so aroused. I wanted to grab Georgia, run upstairs, and make love to her. But suddenly, I was startled as Helen put her arm around me. Betsy crossed her legs, so that her leg laid on my lap. I looked up helplessly at Georgia, who didn't do anything to help me. Helen was running her nails up the back of my neck, and through my hair now. And both sisters nestled in closer to me.

"I feel hot" I said, trying to get away from them."

"Would you like to get into your sleep wear too?" asked Veronica.

"Yes, I think that would be a good idea" I said, wanting to get away from them.

"Girls, show our guest to his room" she said.

"No, I can do it on my own" I said, but Veronica insisted. Who was I to turn her down?

So I went with them to the guest room. There was my suitcase, sitting open and empty on a chair.

"We unpacked for you" said Helen, pointing to the dresser.

"Thank you" I said, opening a drawer. But it must have been Georgia's drawer I was looking in, because it was filled with panties, bras, and other feminine stuff. I tried the next, but it contained skirts, tank tops, and other girl clothes. And same for the final drawer.

"Oh, here's your nightie" said Helen, handing me a silky pink women's nightie. It was small, sheer, and had frilly pink lace trim.

"No, that's not mine!" I said.

"Oh come on, it will be fun to wear" insisted Betsy.

"What harm would it do?" asked Helen.

"Sorry girls, but I'm not putting that on."

"Mother will be very angry if you don't" said Betsy. She said it like an older sister telling you to make sure you do your homework or something.

"No" I said.

But just at that moment, Helen ran up to me, put her lips against mine, and pinned me to the wall. Her tongue entered my mouth, and she put her arms around me. There was a knock at the door, and Georgia walked in.

"Robert Allan! What are you doing with my sister!!!?"

"Georgia! Thank goodness you're here! They were trying to make me..."

"I can't believe you'd make out with my sister, right behind my back! I can't believe I brought you here! I trusted you!"

"Georgia! I wasn't doing anything. She kissed me!"

"What's the fuss here girls?" said Veronica, walking in confidently.

"I'm sorry Veronica, but Betsy and Helen were trying to make me wear a woman's nightie. When I refused, Helen kissed me. Then Georgia walked in, and thought I was trying to make out with her sister."

"Girls, is this true?" she said, putting her hands on her hips.

"No mother. We did try to get him to wear a nightie, but he refused. I told him you'd be upset if he didn't but he didn't care. Then he started kissing me. I'm sorry. I should have punched him and screamed. But he had his tongue down my throat."

"That's not true!" I protested.

"Betsy?" said Veronica.

"Its just like Helen said."

Veronica turned to me, and shook her head.

"I was hoping that you'd be different from the other boys that Georgia has brought with her before. When you offered to do the dishes, I thought you might be the one for her. But I can see that you are not. You are a typical male, driven only by your need for sex."

"Mom, please don't do this!" said Georgia, with a look of alarm on her face.

"No darling. You know it must be done now. He has failed to pass the test. And he tried to force himself on your sister."

Georgia bowed her head, and nodded.

"Okay Mom" she said.


Veronica turned to me now, with a very stern look on her face. Gone was the kind demeanor of the protective mother. Now she looked imposing, even scary.

"Girls, go wait outside."

The all went, with Betsy closing the door behind her.

"Bob, put the nightie on."

"Why do you want me to put on a nightie?" I said, confused.

"Put it on" she said, slowly and clearly, like a mother talking to a five year old, telling him to go to his room. It was the same 'or else' tone of voice that mom used on me when I was in big trouble.

I relented, and took my shirt off, then put on the nightie. I felt scared, ashamed, and upset, all at once.

"Now put these on" she said, handing over a pair of panties to me.

"Why?" I asked again.

"Because you will look silly without them. Now put them on, and come out to join us in the living room."

After she closed the door, I reluctantly put on the panties, then went to join them on the couches. There were new full glasses of wine poured for each of us.

"A toast!" said Veronica. They all picked up their glasses, so I did too. "A toast to Caryn!"

We all took a drink, and put our glasses down.

"Who's Caryn?" I asked.

Veronica looked me in the eye and spoke.

"You are."


"Whoa. What are you talking about?" I said.

"I'm talking about you Caryn."

"My name is Bob, remember?" I said. This was getting too weird. I was going to have to get out of here.

"No. Your name is Caryn."

"I'm your daughter's boyfriend" I said. "Not some girl!"

"Georgia?" said Veronica.

"Boyfriend? You're not my boyfriend! You're my girlfriend Caryn, from school. What's wrong with you Caryn?"

"I'm not Caryn!" I protested.

"I'll prove you are" said Betsy.

"Okay, just try" I said. This would be good.

"Take a sip of your wine" she said.


I took a sip.

"Now another" she said.

I took another sip.

"Now stand up."

I went to stand up, but I only got a little bit of the way up, and I crashed down back to my seat. I tried again, but it was like my legs were made of lead. I couldn't move!

Helen stood up, and went to the kitchen. She returned with a tray containing several items. The first was a bottle of white pills. She removed two, put them in my mouth, tilted my head back, and poured water in my mouth. The pills washed down into me, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Next, there was a tube of some sort of cream. Georgia put on gloves, and started rubbing the cream into my skin, all over. She pulled back my nightie, so that every inch of my skin would be covered. They rolled me over, and applied it to my back also.

Then after putting me on my back again, she got out another tube of cream, and started applying it to my chest, around my nipples. I felt a strange burning tingle there.

While this was going on, I looked over to see Veronica. She had a syringe which she was filling with a clear fluid. She tapped it to get any air bubbles out. Then she took a cotton swab, and dabbed something smelly on it.

"A local anesthetic, to deaden the pain" she said. I could feel her dab it on my penis, which was very alarming! And then, I couldn't feel anything down there between my legs. She got on her knees, and I felt a strange pressure inside of me down there, but no pain. She stood up, and the syringe was empty. She put the plastic top over the needle, and put it into a medical waste disposal bag.

"Go to sleep Caryn" she whispered to me.

The three of them picked me up, and carried me to my room, laying me out on the bed. The last thing I saw before I went out, was Georgia looking over me, smiling. I could see her boobs really well through her skimpy nightie.

"Nighty night, pretty girl" she said, as the darkness wrapped its arms around me, and I surrendered to it...

* * *


I woke up, and I hurt all over. Veronica was there, looking over me.

"She's awake!" she called out. The three sisters came running over to see me.

"Hi there Caryn!" said Georgia excitedly. "I'm glad to see that you're awake."

"What did you do to me? What is going on here?" I demanded, but she just giggled.

"Time for your medicine" said Veronica.

Betsy and Helen administered another pair of white pills to me, while Veronica gave me another shot between my legs.

"What are you doing!" I demanded loudly.

"Settle down Caryn. I'm going to tell you now" said Veronica.

Now this I had to hear! They were calling my by a girl's name, and drugging me up. What explanation could there possibly be for this?

"First of all, as you know by now, we are turning *you* into a woman. You are no longer man. Even if you left here right now, you would find that within six months, you'd be back, begging us to help complete your transition. It is irreversible now."

"You can't turn a man into a woman" I said.

"Oh really? Well why don't you ask my son Hank."

"I would if he was here" I replied.

"*She* is here" said Veronica, pointing towards Helen, who stepped forward.

"I was born a male, just like you" she said. "But you would never be able tell, could you? You thought I was born female, like my sisters."

"We were lucky" said Georgia, "but Hank wasn't. He had a birth defect. A chromosome that made him male. But mother cured him. And now he is my sister Helen. As female through and through as I am."

"No" I said. "That's impossible."

Helen looked at me and laughed.

"She still doesn't believe you mother."

"She will, in time."

"Maybe if you explained the process to her" said Betsy helpfully.

"Good idea!" said Georgia.

"Its like this" said Veronica. "First, we've started you on very high doses of female hormones like estrogen. And we've administered a blocker that counteracts the effects of testosterone. So you are no longer influenced by male hormones."

My eyes must have been bugging out of my head. They all laughed at my panicked face.

"Next, I've shot a powerful agent into your penis and testicles. First, it completely shuts down their functions. Then they will atrophy, and shrink. In less that a week, they will be useless. They will wither and fall off."

"No!" I said.

"It's true. I used to have a penis" said Helen. "But now I have a nice sweet pussy instead. Like you're going to have soon."

"No!" I protested.

"Aw, come on Caryn. You're going to love being a girl. Its so much better than being a boy. You get to wear such cute clothes. And you'll have breasts."

"Yeah, having boobs is cool" said Georgia.

"I'm not going to have tits!" I said.

"I'm afraid that you are" said Veronica. "First of all, the female hormones will make them grow naturally. But we are also about to administer a booster, which was cause a growth spurt. In just weeks, you'll have nice little breasts, like a teeny bopper. In a month, you'll be stacked."

I struggled to move, but my arms were tied down.

"This is a birth control patch" said Veronica. "It's like the anti-smoking patch, but instead of putting nicotine into your system, it will put the same hormones that the female body produces when it is pregnant. That will also help your boobs to grow. And soften your skin, so you get that glow like an expecting mother."

I wanted to protest, but there was nothing I could do as Betsy put it onto my right shoulder. I could imagine the hormones flowing through my skin and into my bloodstream. Helen put a second patch on my left shoulder. Meanwhile, Veronica was preparing two syringes. This time, she shot the contents into my chest. One into my left, one into my right. Both into the little ring of color around my little nipple.

"Don't worry Caryn, they won't be little for long" she said, smiling.

You can't imagine how awful I felt. If what they had told me was true, my body was already awash in female hormones, with more coming in all the time. And my dick was going to shrivel up and fall off. And I was going to grow breasts, and end up looking like a real woman. How could this possibly get any worse?

* * *


As I laid there in bed for the next few days, I felt humiliated, in that I couldn't even get up. I had to use a bedpan if I had to go to the bathroom. And they kept injecting me, forcing pills down my throat, and putting creams and lotions on me, and telling me I was a girl now.

The girls also took it upon themselves to start teaching me about girly things. They would do each other's hair, and try to get me to understand how you style long hair. Or they'd put makeup on each other, telling me to pay close attention, since I'd be putting it on my face every day soon.

Betsy plucked my eyebrows, Helen shaved my chest and my legs, while Georgia trimmed my pubic hair back, then gave me a bikini wax. It hurt! And they kept calling me Caryn, and telling me I was a girl.

They pierced my ears, and put in ear rings. They sprayed me with perfume several times each day. They painted my fingernails and my toenails. They fussed with my hair. They put stuff on my face that they told me would make me pretty.

Night and day they kept it up. There was always one or more of them with me. Even if I was asleep, they were reading things to me, like women's magazines, with articles on beauty and fashion. Or they'd talk to me about relationships and romances, and what I needed to look for in a man, since I was a woman now.

I was so frustrated. I didn't know what to do! But they had me trapped, and I was unable to do anything but lie there and take whatever they did to me.


Then things did start getting worse. One morning (I think it was morning; I didn't have any windows to look out), Veronica stood over me with a glass of some steaming hot liquid. Betsy put her fingers over my nose, so I had to breath through my mouth. Then Helen took a plastic bag, and held it over my mouth.

After a few breaths, the oxygen was gone, and I was starting to hyperventilate. I was starting to choke. I had no air! I was being suffocated. Just when I thought I was going to pass out, Helen removed the bag, and I took a deep gulp of air through my open mouth.

But right when I breathed in, Veronica poured the hot liquid into my mouth. Since I was in the act of breathing, the liquid went in with the air, and I started coughing. I tried to yell at them, but I had lost my voice.

"I am so sorry Caryn" said Veronica. "But we had to do this to you. The liquid you just ingested had to go down the right tube, so it would hit your vocal cords. Now they are coated, and you can't speak for a while."

She was right; I had lost my voice. I looked up, and Georgia had, of all things, a violin.

"A violin string is like a vocal cord" said Veronica. When its length is full, the tone is lower."

She nodded, and Georgia played a string at its full length.

"But as the length of the violin string gets shorter, it gets higher in pitch."

Georgia put her left hand on the violin, and moved it up the neck. The pitch of the note got higher and higher.

"In the same way, when the substance absorbs into your system, your vocal cords will emerge with a shorter length. Not very much, but it will be enough to raise the pitch of your voice. The next time you are able to speak, you will sound like a girl."

"Oh yes" said Helen. "I know from experience. This change is *permanent*. You'll never go back to your deep voice again. From now on, you will *always* sound like a girl."


That was really awful, but that afternoon, when I still couldn't speak, the unthinkable happened. I was using the bedpan to go, when Veronica clapped her hands and smiled. When she took the pan away, she held it for me to see. There floating in the yellow liquid was a little tiny penis, that looked like a 5 year olds. And a matching set of shrunken balls. Mine. I no longer had a dick.

"Girls, come see how Caryn has changed" she yelled out.

Georgia was the first to arrive, and she seemed very excited.

"Oh Caryn, you *are* a girl now. You are one of us."

"She's so pretty" said Helen.

"She's officially a girl now" added Betsy.

Veronica propped me up so I could see between my legs, to see that it was true. To my dismay, it was. I had lost all trace of my maleness. Against my will, I was now becoming a real girl.

* * *


It had been almost a week since we had arrived. Because we had 5 days off from school, and 2 weekends, that meant there were three days left before I was due to return to school. Nobody would miss me until then.

I was like in a daze, not believing what was happening to me. I slept a lot, but whenever I was awake, I was inundated with feminine things. Not just the hormones, the creams, the drugs. But they kept telling me everything about what clothes to wear, how to dress, makeup, hair, shoes, jewelry, more and more.

Then one day, the tone shifted. Veronica was there when I woke up, and asked me how I felt.

"What, you're not going to start a lecture on coordinating separates as soon as I wake up today?" I said angrily. I was still not used to my higher pitched voice. I sounded so much like a girl!

"Caryn, listen to me. We've been trying to help you get a head start, because those are things that girls gradually learn over the years. We don't wake up one day and suddenly know how to dress, or how to fix our hair. Those things are taught to us over the years by our mothers, our sisters, our friends. But you didn't have the luxury of growing up as a girl. So we are trying to get as much information into that pretty little head of yours as we can, in such a short time."

My eyes left her for a moment, to see the TV screen, where E!, entertainment TV, was showing highlights from the previous evening's award ceremony red carpet arrivals. Why was I looking at this? Why did I care what dress Liv Tyler had worn?

"So Caryn, you are starting to learn. The knowledge will seep in over time. Don't be afraid. The best thing you can do is to experiment, and see what works for you. As a woman, you'll find that there are a mind-boggling amount of options. Dresses, skirts, a dozen different types of pants, a wide array of colors, hundreds of shoes...and that's just the clothes. Then there's your makeup, your hair, your can do so much as a girl. You can be pretty in so many different ways. Its all up to you."

"What if I don't want to be pretty?" I said.

"Aw, honey, most young girls go through a phase like that. When I started to develop breasts, I became upset. I swore that I'd never be all frilly and girly like my sisters. But over time, that is what I became anyway. It just happens. You can cut your hair short, you can wear grungy clothes, you can not wear makeup. But the fact remains that under it all, you are still a girl. And in time, womanhood will overtake you, and you will *want* to be pretty. You will *want* to be feminine. It happened to me. It happened to Georgia. And it will happen to you."

"Georgia?" I said.

"Yes. She was upset with herself when she was in high school. She cut her hair short, and dyed it jet black. She painted her nails black, and wore only ugly grungy clothes, so she could be as unfeminine as possible."

"So what happened to her to change all that?"

"Frank MacLeod. When she saw him in her 11th grade history class, her hormones kicked in, and she suddenly didn't want to be viewed as she was anymore. By the end of the month, she had blond hair growing out, and was wearing skits and sweaters."

I looked up to the picture of Harrison Ford arriving at the awards ceremony, in his tux.

"One day" said Veronica, "it will happen to you. You'll see the right guy, and your hormones will kick in. You'll feel differently about yourself, wanting to look good for him. And then you'll *want* to be a pretty girl."

"But I'm not a girl! It won't happen to me!"

"It happened to Helen. It wasn't until she fell in love for the first time that she really accepted her new gender. Until then, she always resisted a little. But I have learned a lot since I transformed her. I have improved my methods. You won't be as much of a struggle."

I didn't like the sound of that at all.

"As you've been sleeping, we've been feeding you, on a liquid diet. Now today, you are going to be fed while you're awake. Are you hungry?"

"Yes" I had to admit.

"All right then. Georgia, bring Caryn her bottle!"

Georgia walked in, all smiles. She looked very pretty today. A week ago, I would have felt aroused from seeing her. But now, I had nothing between my legs to get aroused with.

"Hi Caryn!" she said.

"Hi Georgia" I replied.

"Here's her bottle mom" she said, handing something over to Veronica which I couldn't see. Veronica held it out of my view for a moment, then nodded to Georgia, who left us alone.

"This is what you've been feeding from" said Veronica, holding the bottle up for me to see.

I was expecting a baby bottle, or something like that. Instead, what she held up was quite shocking. It looked like they had taken a women's sex toy, a dildo, and made a few changes. They had attached 'balls' that were filled with the liquid, which must have run through a tube down the center. At the end, when she squeezed it, a little drop formed. She let the drop run off the 'bottle' and onto my face.

"Now my darling, have a drink. Suck, and you'll be fed."

"No" I said in protest.

"But then you'd go hungry" she said, shaking her head.

She put her hand on my jaw, and used just the right pressure. My mouth popped open, and she jammed it into me. I had to breath through my nose. Veronica squeezed a little, and I felt the hot liquid run into my mouth. It had a pleasant taste, lot hot milk. Soon, I found myself sucking and drinking. It felt good to get something into my stomach.

"There, my little baby girl is eating. Good girl!"

I closed my eyes. I didn't want to think about this *thing* she had put into my mouth.

* * *


From then on, I got all my meals when I was awake. Always a liquid meal, always administered in the same way. Until one day, Veronica had Georgia there with me when it was time for my meal. By now, I wasn't resisting anymore, I just opened up, and let her put it in my mouth. Why fight it? I couldn't stop it anyway.

But today, they did something diabolical. Veronica showed me the bottle, so I opened my mouth. But she didn't put it in. Instead, she handed it over to Georgia, who went around back of the bed, out of my view. Then Veronica pulled me up into a sitting position.

"Look down at your breasts Caryn. They are progressing faster than even I had hoped."

I looked down, and there they were. Breasts. Real ones. On me! They had been growing at a remarkable rate. I hadn't really noticed them so much. They only stuck out a couple of inches, but they seemed enormous to me. And my nipples were a lot bigger. And there was a large dark ring of color around them. Veronica had been right; I looked like I had the chest of a teenage girl.

And looking down at them, I couldn't help but notice the lack of anything between my legs. My nicely trimmed rectangle of pubic hair was there, then nothing. You could see that my hips had widened, my stomach narrowed. I had curves. This was terrible.

I looked up to see Georgia had got up on the bed. She walked over to where I was, with a wicked smile on her face. Here I was feeling completely helpless and weak, realizing for the first time the full extent of the changes I was going through.

And what did she do? Something to make me feel even worse. She was wearing a pair of jeans today. I recognized them as men's jeans. She undid the zipper, reached inside, and pulled something out. The end of 'the bottle'.

It made it look like she had a penis sticking out of her jeans. It was only the bottle, but it looked like I was facing a guy with his thing sticking out of the fly of his jeans. And she kept moving closer and closer.

"Time for feeding baby" said Veronica. She held my face still, as Georgia got really close to me. She did the thing with my jaw again, and it popped open. Georgia rammed the bottle into my mouth, hard enough for a surge of hot liquid to go right straight down my throat. She rocked back and forth, making it go in and out. With each thrust, I got another splash of liquid.

"Good girl!" said Veronica.

"Suck me baby, harder!" said Georgia.

I never felt so helpless in my life. They had me now, making me do something I would never ever have wanted to do in real life. I was breaking down inside, starting to cry. Georgia had a hand on one of my breasts now. And Veronica moved my hands so that they were on Georgia's butt. I had to hang on to keep from falling over.

"That's it" she said. "Pull me deeper inside you."

Veronica plunged a needle into me, and I could feel something surge into my bloodstream. A warm feeling came over me, and everything felt hazy. I felt like I was melting. I wanted to fall over and cry, but whatever she gave me felt *good*. I was smiling now, and my tears were tears of joy.

They laid me gently down, and I felt contentedly to sleep.

* * *


This new feeding technique turned out to be the way that I was to be fed from then on. Five times a day, with a different girl taking a turn each time. It didn't matter who did it to me, the results were the same in the end. And I hated to admit it, but I quickly became *used* to it.

Veronica was also putting what she called an 'accelerator' into my breasts three times a day now, and they were developing at an alarming rate. Already I guessed that I was as big as Georgia was, and there was no sign of slowing down.

"Georgia," I said, as she redid my nails, "what bra size are you?"

"I'm a 38C" she replied.

"What about me?" I asked, dreading the answer.

"Well, your band size will be bigger than mine, and you look like a C cup right now. But mother says that you'll develop some more, so you should end up at least a D."

At least a D cup? Me? Having these mounds on my chest made me feel so weak. A constant reminder that I was being turned into a girl. I couldn't escape them. They were always there. And they would yell out to all that saw me, announcing me as a female. Men would see them, and feel attracted to me. Women would never be interested in me again. They would think I was one of them.

"There, your nails are done. Aren't they pretty Caryn?"

"Yes" I said, admiring how they were so evenly colored. They had grown a surprising amount for the week I was there.

"Georgia, don't we have school tomorrow?"

"Yes, we do. I'm going to drive back this afternoon, so you'll be in my mother's care, with my sisters. I'll be back next week to pick you up, and take you back to school."

"I can't go to class like this!" I said.

"Yes you can. There are lots of other young women who go to school. Of course, if you'd rather be a housewife, and stay home while your man works, that's fine too. You're a woman, and you can do whatever you like."

Great. Go to school like this, or find a man. Not very good choices, either way.

"Now take your pills Caryn" said Georgia, as she combed my lengthening hair.

I was feeling a little stronger now, so I was able to take the pills on my own. It wasn't something I wanted to do, but it felt better to take them myself, then to have them forced down my throat.

"Before I go, I want to show you something" she said to me.

"What's that?"

"You took anatomy class, right?"

"Yeah sure."

"You know what a vestigial structure is?"

"Yeah. When you're born, some structures form that never develop."

"Exactly. When a baby is first formed, it has a vaginal structure. If the baby becomes a boy, the structure never develops like it does for a girl. But it is still there. A vestigial vagina."

I nodded my head. I thought I remembered that from class.

"Some of the things that mother has put into your body targeted your vestigial vagina, making it develop, much as your breasts have. It is not fully formed yet, but I wanted to show you this."

She opened a box, and pulled out a thin smooth tube, about the diameter of the widest point on my thumb. She put it into her mouth to get it wet, then took it and placed it between my legs, where my male parts used to be.

Gently, she wiggled it into the little opening that was there.

"This may feel uncomfortable for a moment. Your opening is still very small. It will get bigger in time."

She used a light pressure, and forced the tube into me. I was amazed at how deep she was able to get it. At least six or seven inches!

"In time, your vagina will get wider and deeper as it forms. And the opening between your legs will get bigger too, as the lips of your labia develop."

It was a revelation to me. Not only did not have male sex organs anymore, I had the start of *female* ones. I had felt neutered before, feeling that I'd never have sex again. But now I realized that I *would* be able to have sex. But as a woman.

It was terrifying to think of. They weren't just making me look like a woman, they were making me *become* a woman. Even after all I had been through, this was the first time that it really hit home. This was the first time that I realized the reality of my situation.

"I *am* a girl" I said, as Georgia smiled at me and squeezed my hand.

* * *


From that moment on, everything changed. They were nice to me! They got me out of bed, and started me exercising to build up my strength that I had lost after 9 days of not moving.

"Why are you being nice to me now?" I asked.

"Because now you have accepted the facts that you are a girl. Now you are one of us. You are no longer a *male* that deserves to be treated as scum. You are a woman now. And we women have certain rights and privileges. You will never be forced to do anything you don't want to, ever again. Now that you are a woman, you are free. You could walk out of here right now, and we wouldn't even try to stop you."

Wow! Just be accepting my new gender, they were treating me as an equal. No more forced feedings with a dildo bottle. Instead, they gave me real food. I told them my favorite was Mexican, so Betsy went out and brought back take out for me.

And instead of being naked in bed, they let me put on a bra and panties, and gave me a whole bunch of outfits to pick from. All the clothes in my dresser had been girl's clothes, even that first night. Now I was allowed to wear them. It felt so much better to go around wearing something, than to lay powerless and naked in bed. I had never thought of a skirt as something that would make me feel powerful and privileged, but that's what it did for me.

I felt special.

"She looks so pretty" said Veronica.

Now in the past, when they first started calling me 'she', it was a mocking, sneering insult to me. Then over time, it became annoying, a symbol of the harm they were inflicting on me. But for some reason now, it was different. I was a *complement*. I couldn't explain it. I felt *proud* that the had just called me 'she'.

"Thank you" I said in my girlish tone of voice.

I couldn't believe I just said that!


Over the next few days, I started to regain my strength. Each day, I would dress up in another outfit. Today I wore a pair of girl's jeans, and a short cami top that left my belly button exposed. They always complimented me on my fashion choices.

And today, I got to put on makeup for the first time, by myself. I would need a lot of practice to get as good at is as Betsy and Helen were, but that would come in time. Once all dressed up and made up, we spent a fun day together. It had been a long time since I had fun.


"Georgia is coming over tonight" said Veronica to me, as she hung up the phone.

"But it's only Thursday"

"Yes. Her teacher gave the class the day off for tomorrow, so she's on her way home now."

I suddenly felt uncomfortable. Here I was, dressed so casually, with Georgia on the way. I had to excuse myself, and find something better to wear. I went trough option after option, before finally settling on the knee length navy skirt, high heel boots that came up half way to my knee, and a white turtleneck sweater. I was brushing my hair, when she arrived.

"Georgia is home!" said Betsy excitedly. I rushed out to greet her.

"Caryn! You look so pretty today!" she said.

"Not as pretty as you Georgia" I replied. She was much prettier than I would ever be.

"Georgia, I have great news" said Veronica. "Caryn is complete. She will be returning with you to school."

"Caryn! That's wonderful!" said Georgia. "You are going to live with me for a while, until you get into the swing of things again."

"Thank you Georgia, you're such a good friend" I said, giving her a sisterly hug.

"What are we doing tonight?" she said, turning to her sisters.

"Betsy wants to hang out at the mall" said Helen, "but I want to go to a dance club, and try to meet some boys."

"Georgia is dressed more for going out than hanging at the mall" said Betsy. "Lets go dancing."

"Yeah, that would be fun. Are you coming Caryn?"

"Sure" I said. It did sound fun. I would get to go out on the dance floor, and get into the rhythm of the music. Everyone would be watching me, and I could show off my body. I wanted to go change into a little black dress.

"Maybe we'll meet some boys" said Georgia, licking her lips.

"Yummy" said Betsy.

"I can't wait" said Helen.

I looked at them. They were three pretty girls, as attractive as you could possibly imagine. But seeing them, I felt nothing. No attracting, no urge to kiss them, to feel their firm young female bodies. I was like them now.

And do you know something? The thought of meeting a guy no longer scared me. I was used to feeding from a bottle that looked like a dildo. I wasn't scared of a silly male sex organ anymore. I just wanted to have fun. So what if that meant being with a guy? Yes, I used to be a guy, but that was in the past. I was a girl now.

"I'm in" I said. "Let me change into something a little sexier."

"Me too" said Betsy.

"And me!" said Helen.


It took over an hour for us each to get dressed up, put on extra makeup, and do our hair. There was a lot of pushing and shoving, trying to jockey for position at the mirror in the bathroom. But when we were done, we all looked hot.

I got in the car with them, as Veronica waved to us.

"Have fun girls!" she said.

"We will" promised Georgia. "We will."

I rode out onto the country road, heading outside for the first time in my female life. Tonight would always be special for me. My first night out. Georgia squeezed my hand and smiled at me.

"You're like a sister to me" I said, squeezing back.

"And you are like a sister to me" she said in reply.

We hugged each other again. I was so happy. This was the best night of my life.

* * *




"Helen, its your turn to find a man, and bring him to us" said Veronica.

"Sure thing mom. When are we going to make one into a she-male, like I want?"

"Yeah, you always go all the way" added Betsy.

"Maybe this time darlings" said Veronica gently. "Maybe this time..."




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