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This story was originally written in Portuguese, and has been translated into English. If someone would like to assist the author in improving the English 'readability', I'll be happy to repost the story for Alessanda Lews.


Mission Mars

by Alessandra Lews


Even with all the technological progress that the future had brought, the world was not free of an old problem… unemployment.

Eduardo was unemployed for several months. Somebody that met the success, now for several years faced collections, late bills and it was ready to be spilled of his apartment.

To complete the misfortune, his girlfriend had abandoned him. -better this way - he thought - for the way she was only interested in my bank account. Everybody told me that beautiful woman is problem. And as she was very beautiful....

A day he receives the visit from one of his ex-workmate and friend. He has just resigned, therefore it didn't tolerate more the pressure that suffered in the work.

-you should be crazy! I'm here in the largest hardness trying to get a job and you fire yourself ?! did you see how it is difficult to get a job nowadays?

-calm. I am not crazy.. not to this point.

So, what is the thing?

- I got a better job.

-How better?

-Well, I can tell you that I could retire until the end of this year!

Hei. If that is something illegal I don't want to know..

-no. It is not really. It is a very honest work.

-So, tell me.

-Well. Did you hear about that peolpe are being hiring to work in the construction of the first human colony in Mars it is not?

-yes. But that is for cientists and us..

-Let me to finish. The problem now is that they need temporary workers in several areas, then...

After the explanation, Eduardo was already quite interested in the work. The wage was excellent, and they guaranteed the workers' safety during the whole period.

-Alright you convinced me. I want to enroll also, and...

-Oops. I think you won't ..


-The problem is that the registrations are already contained. I tried to call to inform you before but..

- Yes my telephone was cut by lack of payment. It's a shame.

Suddenly his friend's expression changes... - Yes! I had an idea!

-what idea?

I will arrange a registration for you!

- Not! nor think about giving me yours that I could not accept. Now you are in the same situation that me..

- It is not that. Actually my youngest sister was interested in meeting this work. She made the registration and the preliminary tests and she was approved, but yesterday she told me that changed her mind and it doesn't go anymore. I don't know if it is because of her boyfriend or her got afraid... THE important is that I am here with her card with me. I would return it for the company, but now I think we will make another use of it.

I guess isn't gone work. They will never let me go in her place. By the way, how I will enter with a feminine pass?

-No problems. See... it is just a card with identification crystal. I went there to ask some quetions and I know how the security is. They won't ask for other documents or to check if you are or not the owner of the card.

-Even that I need to think before making a decision. How long does the mission?

-At least six months. But you can give up at any moment, only that you doesn't receive the whole payment, but just a small part. The contract in this sense is very severe. Well, think to respect this night, because the presentation is tomorrow morning. If you will not there on time you are out.

I thanked and he left, leaving with me the card and the address of the company.

The idea of stay in a distant planet for several months didn't please me a lot, but my situation here was not also of the most pleasant. At this time I remembered the histories that my grandfather told me of when he went to work in Japan. According to him it was very difficult in the beginning, but later he got used to and he ended even liking. With the money that he got there he was capable to set up his business and to have a prosperous life.


8:00 AM and there it was me.

There were two guards in the door, wich make me begin to sweat. And if they discovered that the card was not mine? what would happen?

I passed the card by the sensor and the glass door opened. It was a great relief. There inside there was a great room with about a hundred people, in most men. I think the women are not interested a lot in this adventure type.

It was strange that nobody was taking luggage, not even a simple small suitcase. And all looked at me in a strange way, because I had a very big one.

At this time the big screen of video lit and a gentleman's image appeared:

-dear friends. My congratulations. You were the chosen ones for this work season in Mars. Will be months of arduous work, but we are right that will be plenty of compensates. Besides when you return you will be exactly as you are now and without any scratch it is not? At this time everybody gave a laughter, and I was with fool's face - I didn't understand the joke...

The such presentation closed up, and we were directed for the transport cameras.

An employee took charge of keeping my luggage and later I was instructed to remove my clothes, to put a white and agglutinated clothes to the body. Soon after I had to lie down inside of a camera and to place MY card inside in a fitting of her.

I could not ask questions for not lifting suspicions, but with certainty there was a previous training and all those people had participated, less my friend. He had probably missed that training thinking would not be important.

But the right is that I was going. I would probably be going by a cryogenics process, and it would pass the trip frozen waking up only in my destiny. At least would be a calm trip.

When breathing a gas that flooded my camera I slowly fell asleep....

When I opened my eyes, I felt as the light burned it. At this time I heard a person say.

-Take care with the eyes, let they get used slowly. Remember it was never used!

Should be the effect of the cryogenics, I didn't understand the part it have never been used...?

I began to feel my body little by little, and it was a sensation very odd. I began to recover each sense, and for me it was as if I was finding strange my body.

I began little by little to recover the senses. I could notice the white and fair clothes pressing my body. Strangely it seemed to press some areas more than other.

At this time a person, probably a doctor, approached of my camera and said - Calms, you will find strange a little, but soon you adapts. Open your eyes very slowly - He then placed a hand flashlight in my face and examined me. In the middle of the exam he had to remove my hair that was on one of the eyes. Oh, my hair grew a lot during the trip, and it is clearer. Perhaps the cold has left it like this. My hair that were black, now were maroon.

When finishing he said that was everything ok. It was enough me to wait some more minutes and I could already try to lift.

Soon after he turned for other man, that should be the supervisor saying. - She is very well, soon it can go to the lodging. - Perfect. The other man answered.

So, seem that everything is ok.. wait...why he said SHE... He should be referring to the other person... Yes, only can be that.

I began feeling stronger, and I was already in conditions of lifting. Again the hair fell on my face, and I had to remove it. They were long and very soft, and I felt that fell on my shoulders.

When I removed the hair of my face and I begin to lift, I noticed that my body seemed very light, in spite of the general sensation of fatigue. As it went lifting, I felt a movement totally unknown in my chest. It was as if a weight was moving if in agreement with the gravity... two weights to be more exact.

When I looked down I had the great fright. There was a volume underneath of the white clothes, in the height of my chest. I lifted one of the hands and I touched it, feeling that it was not part of the clothes, but my own skin... - it's -B.. BREASTS!!

I removed the hand that was on them and I examined closely. It was a small hand, with fine and delicate fingers. The fingernails were long.

-my God... what is happening?!

This can be only a hallucination.. or a nightmare! It is this, I am still sleeping on the way to Mars.

But everything seemed too real. I passed my hands by the body and I felt the curves that it now possessed. I touched my face and the skin was very fine and soft.

Suddenly I felt that I should verify something that could drive me crazy. Slowly I placed my hand between my legs... I touched it and I pressed it , and this only confirmed what I feared.. there was nothing there. Nothing in addition it can classify as pubian hairs, and in the middle of the legs a cut, a cut with the soft and delicate borders like I had already known through my girlfriends... it was a vagina!!

At this time I screamed.. and this came out much sharper than I waited. I panicked, and soon the doctor appeared and applied me something, that in some seconds left me dizzy. - Nurse, according to the record she has a brother here. Bring him immediately!

Some minutes later a boy appeared. He dressed the same clothes as me, but he was very tall and strong.

- Are you the brother? - asked the doctor

- Yes

- Great, she is a little disoriented. Take her to the room and leave she there resting.

- Alright doctor. Thank you.

He approached and it helped me to lift. He was very strong, and for I could notice, my body was much lighter than of habit, so that he almost raised me in the air.

-W..who are you? - I whispered.

-Calm down Edu. I am Erik.

-no it can be. You don't look like him..

-Yes I know. And you look like even less with Eduardo. When we arrive in your room I explain to you.

When we arrived at the room he placed me seated in the bed, and turned on the lights.

The room was pleasant, but very feminine. There were printed curtains, plush bugs decorating the bed, and some albums of pictures. Some pictures belonged to the sister of Erik, some of the parents and some with own Erik.

He then sat down in the bed and began explaining to me what had happened.

Since he had wakened up hours before, he could be updated and discover what had happened, and now would tell me.

The cost of a physical trip for Mars was very high, besides very risky. The solution that the company found was to use a tele-transport technology.

Unhappily this technology doesn't allow the sending of alive organisms, but a cientist discovered that was possible to transport a conscience from a point to another. Some people call this soul.

For the transport be possible, it is necessary that there is another vessel awaiting in the destiny, I say... another body.

To solve this aspect, the genetic engineering was used. They created bodies in laboratory ready to receive the consciences.

- So, in my case there was a body especially done to receive a woman's conscience, awaiting your sister.

- That's right.

- Your idiot. Look what you did to me!! I kill you! - I tried to attack him in vain. His body was stronger than the original, and mine on the other hand was weaker than before. He simply held my fine arms and left me without action.

- Calm down Edu. That is just temporary.

- So, I want to leave NOW!

- Wait. Think well... within six months you can go back to your original body, and to be the same guy again, and be full of the money. Or you can return now and to continue with that miserable life of the last times. What do you prefer?

No matter how much I didn't want to admit, these words did very sense. After all it was only a temporary situation, as if it was a disguise. Perhaps I should wait a while to see what happens.

- Ok - I said with my feminine voice. -... but if I piss off I get out here!

- Alright, that is what I want to heard Jessica!

- Jessica?

- It is my sister's name.. and your name while you are here.

- aaa... certain. Jessica! l liked.

- Well, now I need to go and you need to rest. Good night

- Good night.

For the first time I was totally alone.. me and this feminine body.

In the corner of the room, there was an enormous mirror attached to the wall, and when I approached there the lights turned on automatically. The image that appeared was distance to be confused with a man, were a girl and she should have at the most twenty years.

The hair were maroon and long, passing of the shoulders and arriving to the middle of the backs. The eyes were almond-shaped, the nose was small and delicate, and the lips... that lips.. these were well drawn and fleshy. I opened my mouth and I could see teeth white and perfectly aligned, without any sign that some day they at least had a decay. I examined my neck, and of course, there was no sign of the Adam's apple in that neck.

The shoulders were narrow and the arms slender. I bent the right arm and I made force, but the muscle that appeared was very discreet. A normal arm for a woman.

Underneath of the white and agglutinated clothes, I could see what now I took in the chest. It was a pair of big and very defined breasts. Even with the clothes I could notice the nipples marking the fabric. I should be with cold or something similar...

My stomach now was straight, similar to the one of these girls of the commercials of gymnastics apparels. The waist was narrow, and looking again at the mirror I realized that this body was full of curves, because the fine waist contrasted with the wide and round hips. The legs were long and well shaped, and in their middle, it was that characteristic format that we see in the girls with fair pants.

After I examinate myself superficially, I decided to go deeper. I began to undressing.

When removing that clothes, I saw that was still more fascinating than it seemed. I discovered that the clothes didn't sustain the breasts. They seemed nor to feel the gravity of so firm and beautiful.

I practically didn't have hair along the body, except for some areas. The skin was white and very soft, and in my exam I didn't find any imperfection, not even a acne.

I looked at myself of several angles, and in all of them that body was beautiful.

-Oh My God! I could be masculine magazine cover - I thought.

It was like to have a babe totally to your control. I began then to pose for the mirror. I blinked and it flirted myself, and that was entertaining.

I began then to use the body. I placed me in sensual positions, imitating the pictures of models that remembered. It seemed that in each pose I was sexier and beautiful.

I didn't realize in the beginning, but with that game I was getting excited. I began to feel a heat and chills for the body. But unlike the one that I was accustomed, there was not any member being erect. The one that I could feel the heat and the moist increasing between my legs and invading the rest of the body.

I put the finger between my legs and I could feel the hot and wet meat. I took the finger until the nose and I recognized the characteristic smell that had already felt before. It was the smell of a feminine vagina.

I began playing me again, and I could feel the whole format and contours of my new equipment. It was sensitive and delicate, and the touch gave me different and delicious sensations.

But when touched in a certain point, I could notice that there was the most sensitive place of all. I had toyched MY clitoris. I lied down in the bed, opened the legs and I began to massage it daintily. Every second the pleasure increased. Instinctively I started to caress all my body, and to press my breasts with the other hand.

The sensation was different from a masculine masturbation. It was as if the pleasure was spreading for all my body, not only between my legs.

I scrubbed me, moved me in the bed and I moaned more and more loud. It seemed that my masculine mind still got excited more hearing my own feminine voice.

It was then that I reached the longest and deep orgasm of my life. It seemed that the pleasure would not end anymore, and it was as if I will explode of happiness.

The climax was so big that I was there, lying immobile in the bed, with the body all easily and relaxed by a long time. Now I know what the men are losing...

After some time resting of the " exercise ", I got up of the bed and when doing this I felt that needed urgently to do a thing... I needed to pee!!

I went tol the bathroom, and upright I looked at the toilet, imagining if there would be another option. - That is too much humiliation for a man.

As didn't have another way, I lowered the seat of the toilet and I sat down, wanting for that to end soon. I don't know if was beacuse I was nervous, or if it was for the fact of that body to be new, but nothing happened for several minutes. I began to be really concerned.

Suddenly I decided to take a deep breath and relax. Therefore soon after I started to hear that characteristic noise, that began in a low and it went increasing. In spite of the humiliation, that was of an enormous relief for me.

When finishing, I got up to give the discharge. At this time I felt that lacked to do something. I caught a toilet paper piece then and I dried myself there below. Not being still enough I had to repeat the operation - it is because that the women spend so much paper - I thought.

After to give the discharge and to wash the hands, I decided to put some clothes and go sleep. After one day as that, I was quite tired.

Since I didn't want to sleep without clothes, I went to seek what to dress in the closets of the room.

When opening them I discovered that they had really perfected in the clothes. There was the whole type of feminine clothes there: dresses, skirts, blouses, tops and etc.

- Well, we will begin with an underwear - I thought.

I began to open the drawers, and the one that I found was highly clothes sensual, dozens of pants, bras, bodices and some that I had never seen and didn't know how to dress that. I ended up finding a pantie that, in spite of being decorated, resembled the most comfortable because it was not so " tight " as the other ones.

I put the pantie and I went arising for the legs until the hips. It was inserted fit in my new body, being very comfortable.It was of the exact size, and all the other clothes of that room would probably serve also perfectly.

I left then for the choice of the bra. Did I catch one what it seemed to be me the pair of that pantie - How the women dress this?

A little confused, I went the arms by the loops, and being of backs for the mirror got to fasten it after some frustrated attempts.

When looking me in the mirror I discovered that that body was extremely sensual of lingerie, it was as if it still highlighted more their attributes.

To complete I needed now a clothes to sleep. I sought a lot in those closets for a pajamas, but it was in vain. The simplest clothes than I found it was a semi-transparent nightgown.

For the that resembled, during my stay in Mars I would have to sleep wearing a nightgown as a bride in her wedding night.

I went to the bed. The following day would be probably quite complicated.

- Good night girl.. - I said looking at my reflex in the mirror beside the bed.

I closed the eyes and quickly I fell asleep.

I woke up that morning, and for some instants I forgot about had happened with me. Still of closed eyes I began remembering little by little.. the trip... breasts... vagina..

All that seemed it was a long and quite convincing dream.

But when opening the eyes I didn't recognize the room, and looking down I realize that was not a dream. I was in another planet... in another room.. in another body. A feminine body.

I got up, I looked at the mirror and I weighed for some minutes. After this I was taken by an enormous motivation:

-I am bigger than this problem. I will overcome this and to win. That is temporary and I should make the best with this situation!!

I went to the bathroom, and I prepared a bath. It would be my first bath.

I entered in the shower and of closed eyes I left the water being slippery for my body for some instants. In that soft and sensitive body the sensations were much more intense.

I began soaping me, and when I went to wash between my legs I had to resist, making this more quickly as possible, or else it would arrive to a point that me not more it would resist. I would finish masturbating again.

I leave the shower, and as usual I wound the towel around my waist. When passing in front of the mirror, I noticed that something was wrong in that image. I removed the towel of the waist, and I placed around the thorax, passing underneath of the arms and covering the breasts and the hips. For the that I remembered, was that way the women used the towels.

I went until the closet to choose what to dress. I didn't want to call the attention, nor to use very feminine clothes, I think this was a demand of mine already in rags " masculine " ego

On the other hand, I needed to be convincing. I had to get dressed and to act as an eighteen year-old girl would do. The solution would be a compromise.

I began puting the lingerie. I placed the pantie and soon after the bra. This time I placed him with the front for my backs, I joined the bolt in my chest, later I rotated the piece around my body and ready! It was very easy. This was the second time that I dressed a bra and I had already caught the way.

Now the most difficult part. Skirts, dresses.. no.. anything of that. I was not still ready for so much. Suddenly I found a family piece: an it jeans pants!

Yes, this pants and a blouse will serve perfectly, and I won't find strange so much... it was what I thought.

I put the jeans, and he was fit perfectly as expected. The problem is that this it was made of a soft and elastic fabric. I placed a white blouse then and it was to the front of the mirror.

I was not using make-up, my hair were back and still A little humid, I was using the simplest clothes than I had found, and even so...... I was GORGEUS!

I leave my room and I went to the place where instructions would be pass on the tasks that would be accomplished, as the instructions contained in a letter found at my room.

I was sent for one of the agricultural areas. I discovered that in Mars, the colony produced its own food.

My task was to take care and to collect data about a new potato variety, genetically developed by our cientists. The work was quite interesting, and besides I made friends with several girls.

In the intervals, all of us met to talk about everything. The subject more discussed was obviously MEN. For not giving suspicion I invented a series of former-lovers, some of them inspired in myself.

I heard the funniest and sometimes more tragic histories. For the first time I was hearing that under other perspective, and sometimes I caught saying - The men don't render! - I arrived until being sorry of some things that I had done with former - girlfriends, and I felt bad with those memories. But in general I finished amusing.

They told me that at the end of the month there would be a great party, when it would be inaugurated the first disco of the colony. Everybody would be there. - I don't know if I go... - I said with a concerned glance. - What? Stop being reserved, it will be very cooll! One of them said. The idea of going for a place with music, drinks, people flirting " dressing " a woman body felt chills.

One day when finishing my working day and to go for my apartment, I crossed with the boys coming back from the work. Leaned in the wall, I waited until the group passed. I don't need nor to mention the glances that they gave to me.

Suddenly I recognized one of them in the group.. it was Erik (in his new body of course).

-Ed ...or Jessica?. Is Everything ok? -he said.

-yes. I'm ...surviving...

-Go later to my apartment for us to talk - he said.


After faking for so many days, it would be good to speak to somebody that did know the truth. Besides, Erik was always a nice guy.

Later I went to his room, I entered and we began to talk. He told me that the boys were working hard (I think was for that reason that the bodies had been produced so big and strong), their appearance was of somebody very tired.

So, I had luck of coming as woman!

-Yes it's truth. Oh! my backs are hurt - he said.

-Let me see it...

Instinctively I went back of his armchair and I began to do a massage in his shoulders.

- God, you are very tense!

- AAAHH that is pleasant... he said, while my small hands pressed his aching muscles... very well shaped muscles. I liked to do that.

When I finished he thanked me, and was undressing himself. I was paralyzed.

I will take a shower. Do you wait here, later we continue the chat, ok?

He was saying that and removing his clothes in an innocent way. After all, in spite of my appearance, we were just two boys... what badly there would be in that?

- Ok - I said.

But with me the thing was different. I felt small and fragile, and I knew what would happen in the head of a man to the glance for me. On the other hand, I had not seen any masculine body until now. In a certain way I was curious and wanted to look.

That was perfect body, strong and muscular in the right measure. While he undressed I repaired in each detail. My heart was accelerated.

When he entered in the shower my mind was confused. He had left the door opened, and passed me strange thoughts, I imagined opening up the door and entering the shower with

him... - Damed what's going on with me?

I leave there running hopelessly, escaping from that situation. I ran until my apartment and I locked myself there until the following day.

The time went passing, and little by little I was getting used to that condition. I discovered after a time that, the more I entered of head in that history of being a girl, more I would have fun and faster the time would pass. After all, soon I would be back the Earth, and in a much better financial condition than before.

I began to prove different clothes. I began trying some discreet dresses, skirts, blouses, etc. Then, feeling safer, I tryed such more daring clothes as mini skirts, tops, shorts and cut off dresses.

Of course that some of these clothes asked for shoes with heel, but after a certain training in the apartment I walked with them with total naturalness. They besides left me with the sheer clang and the most beautiful legs.

The whole climate inside of the colony it was controlled, but sometimes I felt as if I was in Rio in the middle of the summer. The problem is that that body was very healthy, and it possessed a lot of energy. This associated to the discharge dose of hormones circulating in my blood gave me certain alterations in the excitement level, in other words.... I was VERY AROUSED!

This situation was softened with frequent cold baths, and regular sections of masturbation... wich wasn't a reason for complaints.

On that week the inauguration of the such nightclub would happen. My friends didn't speak in another thing. I agree in going, after all what could happen wrong?

I admit that after I lost the fear of to use feminine clothes and to expose myself, I began to feel pleasure in to dress provocative clothes and to see the other people's reaction, men and women.

I crossed the legs carelessly, and the guys dribbled. I leaned forward with a beautiful neckline and them they almost jumped inside of my blouse. Everything with a very innocent face, as if I didn't make idea of the reaction that was causing.

Finally the day of the inauguration had arrived. I was quite animated with the preparations.

I had made depilation (fortunately nowadays this it doesn't hurt!), one of the girls helped me to prepare my hair and make-up. It is incredible what the make-up can do, therefore it got me still more beautiful. - If I would be a man I would fall in love when seeing me! - I thought aloud.

- With certainty. You are a babe. - said the friend that helped me.

I began getting dressed. I placed a beautiful red dress that left the backs to the display. According to the girls, with that dress I could neither use bra nor pantie, because both would appear and it would be very strange.

For the first time since this had begun, I would leave without using pantie and bra.

I placed the dress then, I put a pair of shoes of heels type Stilleto, I used a delicious feminine perfume, some jewels and.. ready.

Looking at me in the mirror, seeing that feminine figure full of curves, with an angelical face and with an air of fatal woman at the same time I said - Babe, you are stunning <SMACK> (I sent a kiss to myself).

When arriving in the event, there were already a lot of people there. God, I didn't know that there were so much people in the Colony! I joined my group of friends, and we began to drink and to talk. I was having fun.

Suddenly a group of boys approached of our table. Among them I recognized Erik. At this time I felt a chill in the stomach. I tried to avoid him since the day that I saw him without clothes.

They greeted us and they asked if they could join us. Of course the girls agreed.

Erik sat down on my side in the table after some chat and some jokes, I felt more comfortable and relaxed. I think the drink also helped...

In a certain moment, the DJ placed the techno sound very high so that all went to the track. It was difficult to hear what the others said.

So that we could continue the chat, Erik was forced to speak in my ear. When he made this I stared my eyes. God, when I felt his breath I felt chills for my whole body.

For my salvation, one of the girls screamed - we will dance!. I smile and I got up in the time, and we went all to the track.

Everything was under control. We were dancing for a long time, and I thought while we were in the track dancing techno, everything would going well. It was there that I made a mistake...

At this time at the request of some people, the DJ decided to give a refreshment for the people, passing for a softer style. He began to play romantic music ...not that!

I looked at Erik with a half smile, and with the hands upward as saying that - It doesn't have way. We will have to dance.

I approached of him, and he passed his arm by my body and caught my hand. At the beginning we were with a certain distance from each other, but after some moments I felt that he held me closer of his body. I felt defenseless, and at the same time safe.

With his mouth in my ear he said.

-It looks like you are adjusting very well.

- How ? - I asked.

- You are a wonderful woman!

- ...thanks.... - THE dance and those words left me a little dizzy. I asked for us to go back to the table.

Back in the table he sat down again to my side, and we drank again some more drinks.

In the middle of the chat, he placed the hand in my thigh underneath the table. I faked didn't notice, and I continued talking as nothing it was happening. But something happened inside of me...

In certain moment, some people began leaving. It was already almost morning. I decided that I would leave too, and Erik kindly offered to accompany me. When leaving I could hear some laughters in the table. They should be believing that something would happen between us, but of course this was impossible.

We went walking together to my apartment. In the road we went talking and laughing a lot. It is strange as the alcohol makes any joke funny.

I opened the door of the apartment, and looking at him I said:

- Well, I think I'll see tomorrow.

- Wait! - did he interrupt me - Can I ask you a favor?

- Yes?

- Is it that if I don't enter with you the personnel it will spread thereabout that I took a rejection, Do you understand?

- Ohh.. I got it. This wouldn't be good for your reputation

- Thas's right. I could enter and stay here a little. But if that is a problem to you...

- No, everything is fine. Don't forget that in spite of this appearance I was man already. I know how much that is important.

- C'mon, get in <laughters>

- Thank you. I am being due one.

- And it does owe. After all who will be get fame of a easy womam is me...

We entered and I ordered him to sat down in the sofa and be my guest, while this I went to the kitchen to take a drink. I gave to him his glass and I sat down at his side in the sofa. We began to talk. It was then that I decided to do a game.

- Hey. Ot this time I think the neighbors should be hearing something?

- Something like what? he asked.

- Something type " YES, it is C'MON .. THAT, FUCK ME AAAII THAT!"!.

I surprised myself with my feminine voice, screaming and moaning as if it was in ecstasy. I didn't think about this in the time, but the effect of those little moans for him must have been devastating.

- When I stopped he was looking at me fixedly. Little embarrassed I laughed, just then gave a laughter and said.

- God, this was too much. I didn't know that it was that good, nor I need to play in the girl and she already has an orgasm <laughters>

When we stopped laughing, he looked at me with a smile and said - it Stands up a little bit.

I rose...

- Now parade a little for the room. - it Continued him.

I understood the game. I went until the other corner of the room and I returned, as if it was a model in a catwalk. I gave some stops and it played the hair exactly as the models do, while him participating in the game applauded.

Suddenly, in one of my laps I lost my temper, probably my little experience with very high heels allied to the effect of the drink.

When noticing what it happened, he quickly rose and it caught me in his arms, avoiding my fall.

For some instants I was there, suspended in his arms. We looked at each other in the eyes without saying an only word. A stranger sensation took care of me, and I believe that he was feeling the same.

Suddenly, taken by the climate he pressed his lips fervently against mine. I was I lift a burning kiss... being kissed by a man.

At this time I closed my small hand and I began uselessly to give some little punches in his shoulder. I made this in vain for some instants, but the heat of that moment began restraining me totally.

After some instants I ended for surrendering, and my hands now instead of trying to expel him, now it made caresses in his nape and backs.

The sensation was very different than any other kiss that I had already given. The fibers of the mouth, the taste.. everything was new for me.. and very pleased.

After a slow kiss in the mouth, he lied me down in the rug and fervently he began to kiss my neck. I closed my eyes to ponder a little more in that feeling.

At this time I babbled:

-... Erik... you know that would not owe...

He then placed his hand on one of my breasts and it began to press and to caress. That silenced me.

Still wanting plus, I opened the dress and I placed his hand inside, what intensified that sensation.

I caressed his wide backs and head. I went down one of my hands to his waist and for the middle of his legs. When passing the hand over there, I could feel that there was something big and hard, seeming to want to burst his pants. I began to scrub it with will.

I tried to place the hand inside his pants, but he impeded me, and at the same time he got up, lifted me in his arms and went in direction of the bed. I certainly knew what it was to happen, but at this point I didn't possess more any will, besides the will of to belong to him and to surrender, as well as every female surrenders to his male.

He placed me in the bed, but before he lied down I impeded him. Seated in the bed, I removed his belt unbuttoned his pants... I needed to see him and to feel him. My heart was accelerated.

When removing his pants and briefs, I could see well in front of me the largest and more perfect member that it could exist (not that I had already seen many, but...). I Diffused in it with my hand, and I felt how it was strong and hard as if it was made of iron. I started to caress it and to masturbate him for some seconds, until that he interrupted me. He removed my hands, and kindly it drove my head in direction to his penis. Automatically I opened my mouth and began to lick, and later I started to swallow that tool. My head went and it came every time with more will. I was sucking that as if it was the most delicious thing of the world.. good, on that moment really was.

After some time sucking that delicious member, he made me stop. While I looked and it licked my lips, he has just undressed.

Erik arose in the bed and it pulled my dress. If somebody spoke to me that one day I would be in a bed with a man, hoping he ate me, I would probably say that it was madness, impossible of happening. But I was there, anxious to have him inside of me.. really that was a madness!

He opened my legs and it came on me. We were in the typical position dad-mom. Carefully it began to place his penis in mine, more than wet, vagina. The sensation was indescribable. I closed the eyes and I played my head back, surrendering to that sensation.

He went placing slowly, entering and leaving bottom more and more... penetrating me. I felt more and more him inside me, contorting of pleasure.

After some time, I felt his pubian bone leaning in mine. I had gotten to swallow that enormous member with my vagina. He now was there inside. I opened my eyes and I looked down. I could see the penis of Erik entering and leaving my body. I has just become a complete woman.

While he went and it came, I had pleasure picks, more and more intense. I didn't get to imagine which would be the limit, because the sensations surprised me to every moment.

I made a gesture so that he stopped, and I changed of position. I placed myself of four leaning in the elbows. He quickly held strong in my hips and it began again penetrating me. I felt him pulling me with force while his body gave small beaten in my buttock, as he placed everything inside.

At this time I looked to the side of the bed, and I could see a beautiful couple loving each other ... we were contemplated in the mirror. I had the sensation of being making the right thing, as the nature it had defined... at least for those bodies.

He began to do stronger and faster movements. It seemed that I would go mad of pleasure, so much that didn't resist and I began to moan. He caught my hair for back and it pulled as if they were the reins of a horse. This still gave me a sensation larger of being the thanks to him... he was my owner and me his slave. My pleasure sensation stiller increased and at this time my wailings it turned pleasure screams.

Suddenly he also began to moan accompanying my screams. We were arriving to the climax and it seemed that I would explode!

It was as if everything stopped and I was taken by a gigantic wave. The sensation was much larger than when I masturbated in that body. I was having a great, intense and deep feminine orgasm.

After this it came a peace sensation and intense happiness.

Both of us slept there hugged until the following day.

I woke up feeling wonderful the other day. I looked to the side of the bed and I saw that he still slept to my side.

I got up and I began to remember what had happened. I felt totally strange... in fact, suddenly I began referring to me in the feminine.. and it could not avoid. It was as if I thought me and I felt woman inside.

I looked again at bed and there it was him, that that one day was my friend, now was my lover.

The more stranger is that, if something like that happened with me in the past I would probably kill me, but now I was simply accepting naturally that. At the beginning of this trip I sometimes felt like a man that was dreaming that was a woman. Now it seemed that I was a woman that one day dreamed to be a man.

I went to the bathroom and I took a slow shower. Everything seemed more vibrant and beautiful on that morning.

When leaving of the bath I discovered that he had left, and left a note in the bed:

- Jessica, I don't know how it will be with us after this night. Perhaps you never again speak to me. But I only wanted to say that was wonderful! A kiss, Erik.

I sat down in the bed with the coiled towel to the body and I smile while read the note. Will it be that I was loving?

Me and Erik passed next months as lovers. I tried all the pleasure possibilities that a feminine body could provide. I discovered that there were several types and intensities of orgasms.

It was a wonderful period.. until that...

- Jessica - he said.

- Yes?

- Well, our time here is almost ending.. and I think is better we give a break.

- How?

- The problem is that in some weeks we will go back to Earth, and for our original bodies.

- I understand. You are right. We won't be able to be later together, don't we?

- Yes. There won't be more Jessica and " this " Erik. I think is better we stop now, the shock will be smaller. Don't you think?

- I agree. Well, I wanted to say that was very... interesting this trip.

- For me too....

We finished the chat, and he gave me a long farewell kiss.

We decided then that we would not see each other more in Mars, but we would be any day in the Earth for us to talk. I felt that I would not have courage to meet him, not after what it had happened.

Some months passed, and Erik never again had news of Eduardo, until that one day received an unexpected e-mail of his old friend.

In the e-mail Eduardo said that had tried a contact before, but the telephone had changed, and that he had found the e-mail of Erik in an old calendar.

The message was an invitation to they meet in a restaurant for a chat between friends. Erik thought about not appearing, but at the last moment he thought would feel bad if he didn't going.

There it was him, seated in front of the door, drinking a beer and waiting for the friend that, no matter how incredible it went now, had been his girlfriend and lover for several months.

He looked at the movement, trying to recognize between him the people that enter in the restaurant.

Suddenly he sees an person that seemed family.

- The same hair, glasses, will be him with that beard... it can be. Erik thought.

But when approaching the boy it passed direct for him. No, it was not Edu. When standing back the bearded boy left of his front, allowing Erik to visualize the door again. There, stop in the entrance of the restaurant was a beautiful girl, using a jeans pants and a red top. She was perfect, had a goddess's body and it seemed to parade while she enters and went in his direction...

- Hello - she said removing the great dark glasses and opening a beautiful smile.

- At this moment Erik lost the breath for some instants. It was him, or better HER!!

- Are not recognizing me. Tell some thing.

She at this time pulled the chair in front of him and sat down.

- E ..Edu... or can I say JESSICA !?

- In the flesh. God, you look like someone who saw a ghost.

- But this is not possible. Our minds came out of there, the bodies not. There was not physical transport. How that is possible?

- Well, after we separated I thought for a time, and I discovered that with everything that had happened to me I could not return back. I could not live again as man. Then I did begin to investigate and to try to find a solution... but before continuing, why you don't use your chivalry and ask for a beer here for this girl?

- Yes, sure.... WAITER!! - Erik asks for a beer, and the waiter writes down and it will look for it, but before he go he gives an indiscreet glance in the full neckline of Jessica.

Faking not to notice, she continues her history.

- After a time I discovered that the Earth frequently received a great amount of ores coming from Mars. Therefore it should have a transport...

- I was knowing about this, but it was prohibited the people's transport expressly in these ships. The norms were very severe, and if a pilot infringed it he would never again drive not even a cab in the Earth.

- You are totally certain. It was for this reason that was forced to use my recently acquired feminine charm with one of the pilots.

- I don't believe that you got that, he took a risk of this way.

- I got yes. Only that as part of the agreement I had to pass the whole trip making to him some " tasks ".

- I already understood...

- God, what a girl is forced to do to get what she wants ...but at least he was cute. It was not that bad.

They passed hours talking and knowing what each one had done since their departure of Mars.

- But and now. What do you intend to do? Erik asked.

- I don't know. I didn't still decide. Is it difficult to choose what to do being a girl so young, beautiful and rich,do you know? - She give a roguish laughter.

- What if we left on Saturday?

- Thank you for the invitation, but I can't go.

- But why not?

- It is that I am already with a trip marked for the Caribe. I will pass some months there, deciding what to do and bronzing this small body. For speaking in this I need to go.

- Do you travel today?

- No, only tomorrow. But today I need to do some purchase. It seems that the pleasure in doing purchases is part of the feminine sex.

- Well, it was great to have met you Erik. When I return who knows we can leave together.

- It would be great - he said.

- Thank you for the beer.

She rises and says goodbye to him with a kiss his face.

Erik observes Jessica leaving the restaurant. The parking attendant brings a beautiful convertible sport car. She enters, it retouches the lipstick using the car's mirror, and when finishing she send a kiss for herself. After this she turn on the radio. It is playing a rock and she increase the volume and leaves making noise with the tires of the car, only to call the attention.

She goes out for the streets with her hair being flying to the wind. It was a new beginning, the beginning of a new life full of new emotions for Jessica.





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