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Mission Impossible

by Amber Lynn Kain


The yellow, convertable Mustang cruised along the straight stretch of highway, eating the miles. The 302 hummed quietly, its owner took very good care of the car, while not mechanically inclinded, he appreciated a fine tuned machine. Arron made sure his "stang" was cared for. He smiled, turned up the cd player louder and pushed down on the gas pedal.

A little later Arron reached down and flipped on the lights. Twin beams shot from the nose of the car and brightened the twighlight. Up ahead he saw what he was searching, a Holiday Inn was a only few miles further down the road. In a few minutes the yellow sports car pulled into the hotel's parking lot. Arron raised the roof and locked it into place. Getting one his bags and a shopping bag from the trunk of the car, Arron turned, locked the car and set the alarm.

Opening the door, Arron dragged his bag into the room and heaved it on the hotel bed. It wasn't really heavy, he just wasn't that strong. Being 5'4" and weighting only 135 lbs did not give him a build that would make it easy to lift any heavy object, however, his size did provide him with lots of dressing options.

Arron went into the bathroom and started the shower. The shower took a litle longer than his usual, he lathered his very short hair and shaved what little beard he had. He stepped from the shower and dryed himself off slowly, watching himself in the mirror. Reaching for the shopping bag he left on the counter, he pulled out the bottle of scented lotion and began to rub it into his skin, paying extra attention to his feet and elbows. He ran his hands up and down his legs, they felt so smooth, he was glad he spent the money on a professional waxing. The girl was a little rude when she found out what he wanted, but she did a great job in removing all his body hair.

He turned on the console lights over the large mirror. He washed his face and began the transformation he had not done since he joined the Army two years earlier. Now that he was discharged, he felt safe to do so. He reached into the shopping bag and took out all of its contents; mascara, foundation, concealer, several lipsticks, and more cosmetics and set them on the bathroom vanity. Arron stepped out of the bathroom and went to his bag on the bed. There he emptied out the items he had specially ordered from a catalog.

A small biege gaff, black lace panties and a matching bra. As he touched the gaff, his breath deepened, slowly, Arron stepped into the small garment and pulled it up his legs. When it reached his thighs, he pushed his balls up deep inside and pulled back his samll penis between his hairless legs. He held his penis with one hand and pulled the gaff tight against his crotch. The panties slid up easily and layed flat against the gaff. No sign of the gaff or his maleness was visible under the black lace.

Arron went back to into the bathroom. He knew from practice what to do next eventhough he had not transformed himself for a great while. But hey, he thought, I would never forget how to do this. Besides he did study every beauty magazine he could find. He shrugged his shoulders and turned on the portable radio he brought with him. Some pop princess belted out her latest tune, while Arron picked up the tube of concealer.

He dotted his face to hide the few blemishes he had. Many of his roommates' girlfriends complemented him on his great skin and his nice tan. Although he did not dress while serving, he continued to use moisturizer and tanning lotion through his enlistment. Next, using a cosmetic pad, he applied a light coat of foundation. Steadily, he traced the eyeliner around his blue eyes to give them a dramatic effect, followed by brown eyeshadow brushed onto his folds of his eyelids. He then applied several coats of Mascara to his eyelashes to lenghten and fininsh his eyes. Arron opened the lid to the blush and brushed a faint trace of rose powder over his cheek bones. He smiled and he snaped the compact shut after he smoothed his look with face powder.

He walked out to the bed and Arron reached down and picked up the box, that had only come days before his discharge papers. He went into the bathroom and opened the box. Nervously, he took out the size 4 breast forms and held them to his small, flat chest. He nodded at the effect the tear drop silicone forms gave him. He applied the medical adhesive to the back and placed one, then the other on his chest. As if in a trance, he watched his buxom chest rise and fall.

Biting his lower lip, he brought out the wig he purchased. The color was jet black and was cut into a page boy that fell to just below his chin. Arron held the wig upside down, then ducked his head into it and pulled it on to his head. He tossed his hair and pushed the strands from his face. He then picked his wig smooth.

His hands shook slightly as he reached for the lip liner, Skillfully, he outlined his lips with the pencil. Arron tried to stay with latest fashion when he dressed. The current trend was to trace the lips but not fill them in, once he completed the outline he tossed the pencil on the vanity and fluffed his hair and took a step back.

The effect was startling. No longer did a skinny boy stand in front of the mirror, but an attractive, slim young woman. The attractive girl pushed the stray hairs from her face and walked out into the bedroom. She picked up the black lace bra and hooked it around her slim waist. She started to slide the lacey bra around but stopped, unhooked it and tossed it on the bed. She reached into the bag and brought out the top she intended to wear. The girl pulled the top over her head and the sheer, black material clung to every part of her body. The blouse's material streched over the breast forms and accented the brown nipples on them. Pleased with the effect, she reached in the bag and took out the black spandex mini skirt that matched the top and stepped into it. She pulled the skirt up over her long smooth legs and pushed the sheer top's material down into the waist band.

Her hands smoothed the short skirt as she sat down on the bed and began to put on her high heels she had brought with her. They were black sandals that laced up her ankles with a slim 4 inch heels. She buckled the little silver buckles around her ankles and stood up slowly. She hadn't walked in heels for a long time, but after she took a few practice steps, she quickly remembered how to walk in them. She stepped in front of the mirror and gazed at her reflection...she turned right, then left, then around and looked over her shoulder at her image. She was hot...and she knew it.

A wail pierced, the evening and snapped her from her self admiration. It was her mustang's car alarm. Quickly, she grabbed her car keys and bolted for the door. She stopped and leaped into the bathroom. She frantically searched in the mound of cosmetics and at last located the hotel room key she left on the bathrom vanity. She raced as quickly as her high heels let her down the hallway and out to the stairs, then to the hotel's parking lot. She cursed when she heard the wide tires squeel and the motor gun. She flung open the side door in time to see her car speed from the lot and onto the highway. She stood there, her hands out to her side...she wanted to cry. Then she became angry, No way is that ass gonna take my rod, she thought. She turned and ran back inside to her room. Dialing the lobby, she ased for the police after she told the desk clerk what had happened.




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