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by Jennifer White


In the penthouse suite of a tall building in Manhattan, a group of women met around a large table. Most were older, and it looked like a group of retirees. But little did anyone suspect the power and wealth controlled by these women. Nor did people know the true purpose of their monthly meeting. They were planning schemes to turn men into woman.


"Ladies, we are ready to implement a new project. Who has a suggestion?" said the chairwoman.

"I do" said the lady across the table.

"Go ahead. We are listening."

"It is a fact of life, that boys love video games. They spend hours playing them. From these games, they learn things like hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, even logic. Yet most popular games are violent, teaching them that the way to solve problems is by brute force, or by shooting someone."

"And you want them to learn a better lesson?"

"Oh yes. We can teach them skills that are much more important than violence, all while helping them with their self-image."

"Excellent. Make it so."


The meeting adjourned, with much excitement. There was work to be done.

* * *


"The problem with video games" said the woman, "is that they look like video games."

There was a round of laughter at the table. Collected here in the room were some of the brightest and best computer programmers and graphic designers in the entire west coast. Yes, they all looked like nerds (even the women), but they were incredibly intelligent.

The three women who were professional graphics designers were dressed far more elegantly, and sneered at the geeks, who didn't seem to care at all about clothes, or what they looked like. A designer cares about colors and overall presentation. They all wore makeup (unlike the women who programmed computers for a living), and had on the latest fashions.

But the two women at the end of the table, who came to the team from New York, where they had worked at Cosmopolitan and Vogue, sneered at the graphics designers. Their outfits were so last week! And nobody carried handbags that size anymore. What losers.

But the gray haired woman in charge made them all work together, towards a single vision: the best video game ever made.

"Not to insult anyone" she said, "but you programmers are geniuses at making things work. But you have no concept of color palette, color coordination, or how something should look. And you designers, you know that part, but lack the technical knowledge. And neither of you knows trends that interest young people like the fashion editors from New York. But all together, you are a team of unequaled talent."

She got down to her master plan for the best video game ever, and laid out how they were going to achieve it.

* * *


One year later, with much effort spent, the game was nearing its completion. It had a look that was never before seen, with stunning graphics, sound, and playability. It would make the current crop of video games look like "pong" in comparison.

She thanked the staff for their hard work, and told them they could all go now. They all did except one female programmer, and one of the graphics designers. That hadn't been randomly hired. They had been planted. They were part of The Organization.

"All right, down to business" said the gray haired lady. "We now have the gaming engine perfected. It is time for us to change the contents of the game. Here's what we're going to do....."

* * *


It was the big day for the release finally. The right people had been sent the right press releases, and there were stories in all the right publications, helping to create demand before the game was ever released. The name for the game was 'Mission', and all the write-ups talked about the mind-blowingly advanced graphics, the action, and the adventure.

Stories were also fed to the newspapers, which spoke about how the game was so hot, that production could not keep up with demand, and that it was expected to sell out immediately when it reached stores.

Of course, there was actually an entire warehouse full of copies of Mission, ready to ship around the world. But by creating an artificial shortage, it became so hot, with such a buzz, that it literally flew off the shelf. With each shipment to stores, the games would be sold out within hours.

And soon, more and more children were playing 'Mission'. As with all videogames, it was quite addictive, and soon, it was played over and over for hours on end. But it never got tiring, because each level was completely different, getting harder and harder.

The game centered around Missy, an undercover agent. Sort of a female James Bond type. She would receive her orders, and go out on one mission after the next. Mission 1 was to steal back valuable diamonds from international thieves. Mission 2 was to find and retrieve a kidnapped heiress. Mission 3 was to blow up a boat carrying weapons to an enemy country. Each one completely different, yet harder to solve.

The children kept playing it, but the game's true reason for existence had not yet been seen. That would occur later.

* * *


It was important to get rebellious teenagers interested in Mission too. So a 'protest group' was formed, called Mothers Against Violence in Games (MAVIG). They picketed outside stores, saying that Mission was bad, because it taught children the wrong values.

Suddenly, now that it was something that parents thought was bad, teenagers started to flock to the game. Some, to get back at their parents. Some, because if adults said 'no', then they simply had to try it out. And others, well, just because teenagers are like that. And just like the other children, the game's awesome graphics and difficult adventures were addictive.

Now a large percentage of children across all age groups were hooked on the game. Most of the kids were able to get through the first 5 levels. But then it got harder, and nobody was able to solve it...

* * *


Timmy had been so excited when he got his copy of Mission. He had been trying for weeks to get one, but they were always sold out. Then his mom said he wasn't allowed to buy it, because it was too violent. But he had enough money from mowing lawns, and when the new shipment came in, he was able to get one! He would hide it when he wasn't playing it, so his parents would never know.

Just like all his friends said, the graphics were unbelievable! The game was just so cool, and so fun to play. Once he started, it was hard to stop. The only thing he didn't like, was that the main character was called Missy, and she was this pretty girl. The game started out at her house, where she had closets full of dresses, shoes and stupid stuff like that. But in her walk-in closet was also racks of guns, ammo, knives, and other cool things that she used on her missions.

To start out, she'd get a message for HQ, with her instructions. Then she'd load up on guns, ammo, and knives, and head out. She had a collection of cool cars and motorcycles. There was also a training area in her backyard, where you could practice shooting, driving, jumping, and the other skills you'd need to beat the bad guys.

In no time, Timmy solved Mission 1, then 2, then 3. Each one got harder, but as he become more adept at how to control the game, he kept moving forward. He didn't like how everything was from her point of view, so if you looked in the mirror in the game, you'd see yourself as a pretty girl. Or of you look down, you'd see your breasts. That kind of turned him on, to see them sticking out there, and they looked really realistic. But after awhile, you kind of just forgot that they were there. But every time he saw Missy in the mirror in the game, he'd get a hard-on. She was really hot to look at, but wow, could she ever fight!


Timmy got Mission 4 solved, but then came the hardest one yet: Mission 5. No matter what he did, when he got to the bad guy's mansion, he couldn't get past the two guards! He tried a stun grenade, but that set off the alarm, and he got shot. He tried to sneak past them, but they'd shoot him. He tried to fight them, but even with all the cool moves he had learned, he couldn't beat them. They were too fast, and too good.

Timmy's friend had said he couldn't get past the guards either. There had to be some way to do it! So he went onto the internet, to a forum, to see if anyone figured it out. He was rewarded for his efforts, but finding something! He read the entry:


I was able to get past the guards, but not by fighting them. I tried to just

walk past them, but they got me. So I tried a different tactic. I went into the

closet, and found a hot red dress. I put that on, then found some makeup in

the vanity. Now I looked totally hot. And the guards just stared at me, as I

walked right past them!




So that was it! Timmy ran over to his game console, and started Mission 5 again. He went into the walk-in closet, and looked at all the dresses he had ignored. He looked through them, and found a red one that looked hot. He tried a few of the control buttons, before he found the one that made her change into it.

He wanted to go out and find the makeup that Jack had talked about, but he couldn't get her to leave the closet.

"I need the right shoes for these" she said.

Timmy saw a pair of black ones, and had her put them on. She looked at herself in the full length mirror, and shook her head.

"These won't do at all" she said.

Timmy took them off, and started to go through the shoes on the rack. It wasn't until he found a pair that went well with the dress that he had selected, that he was allowed to move on to the next task. He didn't realize it, but it was the first of many subtle feminine things that he was going to be taught. Each time he went to the closet, he would have to pick out a different dress. And he would have to learn which shoes went with which outfit.


Now he searched to find the makeup area. There it was, by the vanity. Timmy knew nothing about makeup, but he started with lipstick. He knew that girls like that. He had her put some on. Then mascara. That was enough he thought, and he instructed her to leave.

"I won't look good enough without some blush" she said.

Now Timmy had to put on blush. And she refused to get up until she put on several other kinds of cosmetics, along with earrings and perfume. Now Missy was fully dressed up. And Timmy was rapidly learning about makeup as well as how to dress up like a girl.


Timmy had Missy go to the garage, and he wanted to ride the motorcycle. That was cool.

"I can't ride that in a dress!" she said. "I need a car."

He picked the convertible, but as she drove, she suddenly declared that her hair was a mess, and she needed to fix it fast! Timmy had to find a hair salon in the mall, have her wade through the crowd, get in there, and get his hair done.

Only then, with perfect hair, was she ready to go face the guards at the mansion. He put the top up, and drove there. Now he was able to just stroll by the guards, and they didn't even try to stop him!
"Good evening Ma'am" said one.

"Have fun at the ball" said the other.


Wow. Timmy didn't realize that you could solve problems in a non-violent way. He thought you had to beat up someone or kill them. But this was cool. You could just sneak past the guards, if you were all glamorous and dressed up.

Timmy's feminine education had begun.

* * *


To win Mission 8, Timmy had some other hard things to learn. The spies in that level were looking for a redhead like Missy. So he had to go back to the hair salon, and get his hair dyed blonde in order to avoid detection.

He also found that by wearing a top that showed off his cleavage, he could distract an attacker long enough to get close and kick him in the groin. That was really cool, using just his boobs instead of needing a weapon.

By now, he was expert in dressing up. The instructions for each mission would tell him what kind of outfit he should wear, and what accessories were needed. Like in level 7, where he needed to find a Prada purse, just the right size, in order to win. And he was getting good with the makeup now, along with coordinating his outfit.

All of Timmy's friends were eager to be the first to get to Mission 20, and they all tried to out-do each other. Timmy stole his sister's copy of Glamour, so he could read up on fashions, and not have to spend so much time guessing about which top went with a given skirt. Or what it meant if a mission said he should wear stilettos.

His skills at the feminine arts kept increasing, and he kept moving forward through the missions. It took a while for him to learn about nailpolish colors, hair styles, hem lengths, and everything else he needed to know.

Mission 20 was the hardest. He got stuck again, and wasn't able to get past the last obstacle. The villain would walk in the room as he tried to open the safe. And he always got killed, and would have to start that mission over again.

After dressing up again and again, putting on makeup again and again, trying different outfits, different hair styles and colors, different shoes, and everything he could think of, he was still no closer to winning that level. It was really cool and really fun to dress up and to put on makeup, but why couldn't he win this level?

So once again, he turned to the internet. On a gaming forum, he finally found the answer. One boy wrote that to win that level, when the villain comes into the room, rather than trying to kill him or beat him up, you would win if you *seduced* him.

So Timmy tried it again. This time, he dressed up in the sexiest outfit he could find, that showed of his boobs the most. He wore extra perfume, and very high heels. And when the villain came into the room, rather than being hostile, he acted friendly.

The villain reached for a gun, so Timmy had her take off her top. The villain just stared at him. So he took off his bra. Now the villain dropped his gun. Timmy had seen love scenes in the movies, so he knew what to do next.

In no time, he was laying on his back, his feet up in the air, with the villain on top of him. All the excitement made the villain pass out, or have a heart attack or something. So he was able to calmly get dressed, opened the safe, take the money, and walk out of there unharmed. He had completed mission 20! He had won!


The screen showed a totally awesome set of graphics, showing Missy going home triumphant. It was a really cool video. At the end, it showed a 'key code' flashing on the screen. It said to go to, enter the key code, and you would receive a prize for completing the game!

Timmy rushed to his computer, put in the key code, along with his home address. The web site said he would receive his gift in the mail, in 4-6 days.

* * *


Four to six days later, a package arrived for Timmy. He took it up to his room, locked the door, and opened it up. Inside, was a big box. It was Mission: The Home Game. The box had cool pictures from the game.

Inside, he found a whole pile of stuff. A bra and panty set, like Missy wore in the game. The black leather skirt from Mission 9. The white tank top from mission 11. The curly blond wig from mission 17. The makeup kit from her vanity. And a couple of fake guns and stun grenades.

"Now you can play Mission at home" said the instructions. "*You* can be Missy, and go out on your own missions of adventure."

Wow, just like the game! This would be so fun. He loved Mission so much, and loved playing at being Missy. Now he could do it at home. It would be more realistic. He *wanted* to put on all this cool stuff, like she had. So Timmy stripped down naked, so he could put all this cool stuff on.

Timmy put on the panties first, then the bra. He found that it included built-in inflatable fake boobs. He blew into the nozzle to inflate them fully. Then he put on the skirt and the tank top. Now for the blond wig and the makeup. He knew just what needed to go on, but it was his first time doing it for real. But with the skills he had built up, it was pretty easy to do.

He strapped on the gun, put the stun grenade into the purse, like Missy did in Mission 3, and he was all set. He *was* Missy now. And it was time to go out and play, and have some fun. This was so cool. It felt so awesome to *be* her.

He wished he had a closet full of cool dresses and skirts like she did. He would have to start sneaking into his sister's closet, so he could try some of her stuff. He decided to head over there now, to see if he could find a pair of shoes that matched this outfit. Then he'd go outside, and play with his friends. They would be so jealous that he was Missy! They'd know that he had solved Mission 20, and they would all be scrambling to catch up with him.

He looked in the mirror. He was Missy now. This was the best day in his life.

"I'm Missy" he said, using a voice like her's from the game. He practiced walking like her. He looked down to see boobs, just like in the game. He smiled. For the first time in his young life, he felt happy. He wanted to dress like this *all* the time. Tomorrow, he'd go to school like this, and show the other kids how cool he was. Everyone would be so jealous. He'd be the coolest girl in school...

* * *


"What is the status of the project?" asked the gray haired lady at the head of the table in the darkened meeting room.

"We have sold over three million units" reported the lady across the table. "Of those, the majority of course are being played by boys. As of today, there have been 1.2 million of them that have completed level 20, and entered their keycode on the web site."

"And what are the results you have seen?"

"By the time they get to level 20, they know as much about fashion, dresses, skirts, shoes, makeup, and hairstyles, as any girl of their age. And they are used to dressing like that. They are used to putting on makeup, and seeing themselves as a pretty girl when the look in the mirror in the game."

"Excellent. Go on."

"When we send them the box of clothes and makeup after they complete level 20, the vast majority of them dress up as Missy, and want to go show their friends how cool they are. Young boys are challenging each other, to show off who is the most like Missy."


"And there is more. While the premise of the game is violent at first, the more they move forward in the game, the more they use skills like talking to resolve problems. The more they use *feminine* logic and reasoning. In fact, by level 20, there is no shooting of guns, no violence at all. And they have to play at seducing a man, in order to win."

"So by now over a million boys have reached this level."

"Yes. And they have played so much, their self image has been changed. When they play, they *are* Missy. They all want to be her now. They all want to dress up in pretty clothes, and to be a girl."

"That is wonderful" said the old lady, wiping a tear of joy from her eye. "So, we are ready to start a new project. Ideas, ladies?"




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