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by Jennifer White


When I died in childbirth, it was the strangest feeling. I was looking down, and I could see myself laying there on the table, as the doctor pulled my little girl out from my expiring body. I saw the light go out from my own eyes as I passed away. Yet I remained.

I watched over my little girl, keeping her safe from the dangers of the world as best I could. As a spirit, I only had limited abilities to effect the world, so it was heartbreaking to only be able and watch as events unfolded. I wanted to save her from every bruise, scraped knee, falling off her bicycle, or keeping her away from harm. All I could do was to watch, cry, and wish I could hug her. But it did allow me to be close to her, and watch her grow up into a young woman.

I would have stayed with her for all her life, waiting for her to join me when she gold old and passed on. But one day, something strange happened. I felt myself being called away.


Now I knew that my life had been incomplete. I knew that there was still something for me to do in the world. I knew in my heart that I was to rejoin the world of the living one day. Perhaps that was why I had become a wandering spirit. I had something left to do, and now I was being called to it. But I didn't yet have a clue as to what my purpose would be.

I seemed to move through space, away from my little girl, until I stopped in an unfamiliar room. I could see a young man laying on a table, with a group of women clad in white robes gathered around him. They were chanting in a strange tongue. I could feel it: it was they who had been calling me.

"Oh spirit from beyond!" said the leader at the end of the table, as she looked upwards. She was dressed in white, wore a headdress, and was by far the prettiest of the group. "We have called you, to return to this earth, and to fill this body with your feminine spirit!"

I felt myself being drawn in closer and closer as she chanted in the ancient tongue which I couldn't directly understand with my mind. But I could understand her words with my *soul*, my heart, my inner being. I suddenly understood the great powers I had, but had never known how to use before. I felt myself being drawn into the body on the table.

With a rush, the lightness and floating sensation I had felt ever since dying went away, and I once again felt gravity's pull. I had flesh again. I was in a body again. But it was all wrong. I was in a *male* body. I was inside a young man, perhaps 15 years old.

His thoughts were so loud! He was dreaming now, unconscious from drugs the women in the white robes had administered to him. He was dreaming of naked women, and of having sex with them. I felt a complete revulsion, from the thought of having sex as a male. I was a woman, and this was all just wrong.

But inside, I had new knowledge now, which they women had revealed to me. I had new powers. And most of all, I had a mission. I would set things right in this body I now lived in. I would correct it, so that he could take his proper place in the world.

But I was so tired. I felt so weak, and he was so strong. There was nothing I could do but it sit there, and just experience life as he lived it. I was within him, unable to effect anything, until I gathered my strength, and only then, could I begin my mission.

* * *


The boy who I dwelt in now, was named Mark. He was an average guy, normal in every way for a boy his age. He had a sister named Sue, two loving parents, lots of friends, and a girlfriend named Debbie.

When he was making out with Debbie, touching her soft body, it made me long *so* much to be in a female body again. As he touched her soft curves, I longed to feel curves on *my* body again, not the hard muscles of a boy. When he became aroused, I felt a revulsion of having an erection going on with the body I lived in. I should be getting wet inside, not getting hard! It was *so* wrong, and it broke my heart to feel aroused because of a girl.

I knew I had to proceed with my mission though. I had been inside him for well over a month now, and it was time to begin my work. My strength had grown, and I was starting to get used to Mark's body, his mind, his heart, his soul. Now that I knew him, and I had strength, it was time to begin.


I knew it was too early to reveal my presence within him, but I was strong enough now that I could influence him. I would just do it in such a way that he would not notice me. And so when he was told by his mother to take the clothes out of the dryer, fold them, and put them away, I did something to him for the first time.

Along with his stack of socks and underwear, I made him grab a pair of his sister's panties, by putting a thought into his head that it would be a fun thing to do. He didn't even really notice that *I* had generated the thought; he just acted on the idea, without giving it any further thought.. It took a *lot* of my strength to do that, but I was elated that *I* had made him do something!

Once in his room, with the door shut, he started to put away his clothes. When he got to the bottom of the pile, he came upon the panties. Now it was time for me to act again.

"I want to wear them" I thought, with all my strength, putting the thought into his head. "I *have* to wear them! They turn me on so much!"

His mind was full of indecision, as he struggled with this new strange thought. He knew that it was wrong by society's standards for a male to wear female clothes. But my thought was powerful, and he could not get it out of his head. I made him feel curious, and drawn to the panties. He struggled some more, but then finally caved in.

Mark locked the door to his room, pulled down the shades, then took off his pants. I was so happy as he removed his boxers, and pulled the panties on. I used up the remainder of the reserve of strength I had built up, and used it all to give him the biggest hard-on he ever had in his life.

Putting on the panties had made him become *so* aroused! And as any boy of his age would do, he felt compelled to make himself climax upon getting so aroused. He took out an old sock, and started stimulating himself until he came into it. It was a puny male orgasm, nothing compared to what I was used to experiencing!

I was exhausted and spent, but I had accomplished the first goal of my mission. I had shown him that wearing female things was pleasurable, and he would never be able to look at a pair of panties again, without feeling arousal from them. He had taken his first step.

* * *


I was pleased that Mark kept the panties hidden in his dresser drawer after the first episode, rather than returning them to his sister. Also, every now and then he put them on and stroked himself, all on his own. This was very good. I had trained him well, just from one session!

I had to rest now, and wait for my strength to return. In time, I had built up enough stamina again, and I was ready to make him take the next step. He was ready for his first time in a bra.


I put the idea in his head, when he was alone at home.

"I wonder how it feels to wear a bra?" I thought, again pushing it into his head, so that it seemed like *he* had come up with the idea. He grabbed one from the clean clothes he was folding, and took it to his room.

When I had made him think of the panties, it had really drained me, just to get one thought into him. But now, it was much easier. I realized that the more I did, the easier it would get over time. That was a good thing. I was getting stronger. Or was it him, becoming weaker?

Not too long after the clothes were all folded, he was in his room, locking the door, already feeling aroused from just the though of putting on the bra. And I had only put the idea into his mind!

He took off his shirt, and fumbled with the bra, trying to get it hooked up in back. At first, he got the hook into the wrong loop, and he had to undo it before putting the bra on again. With his third attempt, he had it on right, and he stared at himself in the mirror.

I used all of my remaining strength, and injected into him a feeling of warmth. A feeling that this was *right*. A feeling that this was who he really was. Wearing a bra felt really *good* for him, and as with the panties, he would never be able to look at one again, without wanting to wear it.

Soon, he was stroking himself again, making himself climax. I felt the warmth of his orgasm too of course, but I still thought that it was nothing compared to how it felt to come when you're a woman. He didn't know what he was missing!

* * *


This time, I recovered much quicker. It was wonderful how Mark's mind had adjusted to wearing the bra. He kept it of course, hidden in his closet. But now, when he was feeling up Debbie, he would touch her bra under her shirt, and feel turned on by it. He was making out with his girlfriend, secretly wishing that he was wearing a bra and panties too.

I was thrilled when he stole his mother's pantyhose on his own, and put them on. I didn't even put the idea in his head, he thought it up himself! I helped a little, making sure he really got aroused from them. But it didn't take much. He was really liking how women's clothes felt, and I was sure that in time he would progress more and more in that direction, even without any intervention from me. So the next step I was prepared to take was something quite different.


When I was ready, I just had to wait until one day when Mark had his bra on, and was ready to start touching himself. That was when I acted.

"I should stuff the bra" I thought, placing the thought into *his* mind. "I want to feel what its like with the cups full."

He got excited, and soon was stuffing one pair of boxers after the other into the bra, until the cups were completely filled out. Now I used a good deal of my remaining strength to inject a feeling into him.

Having a bra stuffed full felt *good*. It felt *right*. If he removed the bra, his flat chest would feel so empty, so *wrong*. He felt a *need* to have breasts, filling up the cups of the bra. Of course, all these new feelings came from me, within him. But to him, it seemed like it was just his natural response.

Mark put his shirt back on, and admired himself in the mirror. It felt good for me to see my new self in the mirror, with what looked like boobs. I wished I had my real boobs back, but having him with a stuffed bra would have to do. At least he was basking in the glow of it too, enjoying the feeling as I did.

From then on, he would always stuff his bra full, whenever he had a chance.

* * *


I was very pleased with the progress so far. It had only been a few months, but I already had Mark wearing his sister's bra and panties, stuffing his bra full, and more importantly, *liking* it. On his own, he added one of his sister's old skirts she no longer wore, and one of her blouses to his collection. If he had enough time, he would wear all of his girly things at once, and I made sure he really enjoyed how it felt.

He had some inner turmoil over it, and a couple of times he swore that he would never do it again. Once, he decided at school that when he got home, he was going to throw it all out. But when he picked up the bra, I made him feel so turned on that he just couldn't go through with his plan. Instead, he dressed up.

I was stronger now, and I could do more things, more often. I started putting random thoughts into his head, like when he was making out with Debbie for example.

"She's so lucky to be a girl" I thought, making him feel jealous of her femininity. Or in math class, as the pretty girls walked by to sit down, I made him think "They are so lucky that they can wear skirts to school" or I would make him admire their shoes, their makeup or their handbags. "I wish *I* could wear makeup" I made him think.

* * *


I had been inside of Mark for four months, and he was still progressing nicely, right on schedule. I was planning a big step now, one which he was ready for. I waited until he was dressed up in his sisters clothes, his bra stuffed full, and looking at himself in the mirror.

Now I did something I hadn't before. Up to now, I had only put thoughts into his head. Now I was going to make him *do* something under my control for the first time. I was going to take over for a short while, as long as my strength lasted. He was admiring himself from the side, looking at how his chest stuck out in front of him.

"I wish I had real breasts" he said out loud, much to his surprise. It was me of course, who had made him say it.

He felt a shiver up and down his spine from the surprising thought, and the fact that he had blurted it out. Now I added one more thing: I put another thought into his head, making it seem like a realization which had just crept over him. I made him *feel* it in his heart too, and speak it out loud:

"I wish I was a girl."


Mark felt a flash of embarrassment, and he hurried to get out of the clothes. He was so upset, that he was about to cry. His world was rocked from having just thought something so forbidden, so wild and so extraordinary. It was too much for him to take, and he was scared that he had somehow crossed a line, going too far.

Up to now, it was innocent fun. Wear girl's stuff, get hard, make himself climax. But now, he had just had a thought that he wanted to *be* a girl, and he was scared out of his wits. He put all of the girly things into a brown paper bag, which he threw into the back of his closet. He swore to himself never to wear them again, and that he would sneak it all into the trash on garbage day, so he would never be tempted again.


I had to let him go ahead and do just that. All my power was spent, from the brief takeover. I had to rest up again, letting myself come back up to full strength before I tried to start the next phase of my mission. It was pretty draining to have accessed control over him, and having made him do something. But I was now to the point where it was easy to put thoughts into his mind. That took barely any energy at all, and I could do that at will.

For now, I laid low, letting him pretend that he had just gone through a phase, and that he was done with dressing up as a girl. But little did he know, I had only just begun my work. I was on a mission, and I would not rest until I had done what I had set out to do.

* * *


I bided my time, growing in strength and intensity. Not only did I find that each time I did something to him, it became easier and easier; I also found that each time I recovered from expending my energy, I would become stronger than I had the time before. I was more and more powerful, capable of doing more and more of the things the woman in white had told me of.

Mark was still progressing right on schedule, and it was time now for me to talk to him for the first time. I was going to introduce myself to him.


Mark was watching TV in his room, with his door shut, like most teenage boys do. He had just completed his homework, and he was thinking about calling up Debbie.

"You wish you were a girl just like her. Don't you" I said, using the most smoky and sultry voice I could muster.

Mark looked around in a panic, wondering where the voice he had just heard came from.

"I'm inside you Mark. You can't see me, because I am in you, a part of you. Your female self."

"Who are you?" he said out loud.

"You don't need to shout" I said. "I can hear your thoughts, just as you can hear mine."

"Who are you?" he thought. "What's going on?"

"You may call me Sarah" I replied. "I am the woman inside you. I am here, because I am going to make you become *me*. Today, you are a boy, but when I am done with you, you will become a girl, just like your Debbie. You want to be a girl Mark, don't you?"

"No!" he thought. "I like being a boy! I don't want to be a girl!"

"Then why do you dress up like a girl?" I asked.

"I do not!" he protested.

"Don't lie to me Mark. I know your thoughts. I see everything. I'm there when you're kissing Debbie. I'm there when you are dreaming. I see all. I've seen you like to dressing up like a girl. It turns you on to wear a panties. It turns you on to wear a bra. You ache inside to be wearing one now, don't you? You want to feel the full cups of your bra under your shirt. You want to feel a skirt wrapped around your legs, don't you? It's all right, you can tell me. I know your inner self. I know your inner feelings. Admit to me that you want to have a bra on, right now."

"So what if I do?" he replied. "And anyway, I'm never going to do that again! I'm done with it!"

"Just think Mark" I said, "think of how you'd feel with a pair of soft panties wrapped around you, and how turned on you would be as they softly caress your skin."

"No! Stop it! Just shut up!"

"See how turned on you are right now, just thinking of having a bra on. Remember how good it felt to wear a bra, and to feel the cups stuffed full? Think of the straps over your shoulders, the band wrapping around you, and how good it feels it wear a bra. You want that, and you want it now. You just *have* to wear a bra, don't you? You feel a *need* to feel feminine, and you can't deny it."

"No!!!" he said, in complete denial.

"Mark, remember, I am inside you. You can say 'no', but your feelings betray you. I can sense how you feel. You *want* to wear a bra. I can tell. You should go out right now, and take one from your mom's room. Your parents are out, and your sister is doing her homework. Go put on a bra, and stuff it full. Then you can call Debbie."

It was all too much for him. I made him feel so turned on, made him long for wearing a bra so much, he got up, and went to his parents room. In minutes, he returned back to his room with a pair of her panties, and her bra, which was several sizes larger than his sister Sue's.

And so when he went to stuff the bra full, it took a lot more stuffing to completely fill out the cups, and when he stared at himself in the mirror, he looked like he was really stacked. He put his shirt back on, and his jeans over his panties.

"Very good Mark. Doesn't that feel better? Now you are like Debbie. You have boobs. Don't you just love how that feels? I know you wish they were real. Tell me you wish they were real."

He was still very resistant, and refused to admit his true feelings. But the point had been for me to introduce myself to him, and I had succeeded in that point.

Now I put two thoughts into his head, and then I was quiet. The first one was "Call Debbie so I can talk to her." He picked up the phone, and dialed her number. As she said hello, I put the second thought into his head: "I want to always wear a bra when I talk to her, so I can feel closer to her."

He still didn't realize that it was *me* who made him think these things. He thought they came from his own mind. I was quiet now, resting and gathering strength for the next step. I had told him that I was going to turn him into a girl, but he didn't believe me. Yet.

He sat there in his bra, talking to his girlfriend, not realizing how he would become like her in the very near future.

* * *


After I first spoke to Mark, I was able to sit back and enjoy for a while, as everything fell back into place. He was so excited about wearing a bra again, that soon he had stolen a couple of outfits for himself, from his sister and his mother. And he felt compelled to wear a bra when he spoke to Debbie on the phone now. Better yet, he only felt *right* when the cups were stuffed full.

I spoke to him a few times, to let him know that I was still there, but I didn't do much to him for a while, as I gathered more and more strength and power. I had so much work to do, and I didn't want to waste any energy, unless I needed to.

It was mid-October now, and time to make my next move. I waited until Mark was walking hand in hand with Debbie, as they headed home from school. I spoke to him, in a gentle whisper.

"Tell her that she's so lucky to be a girl" I said.

"Sssh!" he hissed at me in his mind.

"Do it!" I said, but he refused. So I put words into his lips, making him speak what *I* wanted.

"You know," he said, at my command, "Sue says that you and I should go to the Halloween party as Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. She thinks that would be really cool."

"Yeah" said Debbie enthusiastically, much to Mark's chagrin. "I can be Jessica, and you can be Ashlee. This is going to be so cool!"

"Why in the h*ll did you just do that?" thought Mark at me in his mind.

"To show you that there are repercussions if you disobey me. You will find yourself in much better shape if you just do as I tell you from now on. Now tell her you'll do it, or I'll *make* you tell her how you wish you were a girl like her, and how you wear a bra when you talk to her."

Debbie kept talking about how much fun it was going to be, and so Mark was stuck now having to go along with being Ashlee Simpson for Halloween.


Now, it was a lot of fun for me. Mark's girlfriend Debbie was helping him get into costume, and made him look like a girl. He was sitting there, as she put on his makeup. It felt so good to have makeup on my face again. Well, actually his face, but it would be mine again soon enough.

She made him dress up in a silver glitter skirt, high heels, and a skimpy blouse. He got so aroused from being dressed up like that, and she couldn't help to notice. She made fun of him, but he tried to play it down.

Now he was in full makeup, and Debbie put the black wig onto his head. She painted his nails, sprayed him with perfume, and he looked in the mirror.

Mark was still staring at himself when Debbie returned in her costume, with her done up like Jessica's, heavy makeup, and everything.

"There" she said. "Now we're sisters."

"Now what? The party doesn't start for a few hours" he said.

"That gives me enough time to teach you some dance moves" said Debbie. "Let's start with our stage routine..."


I enjoyed the evening *so* much, going around outside in a skirt again, feeling my legs shaved, instead of having all that awful hair. When it was time to go out on the dance floor, I took over full control from Mark for a while, and danced like a real girl.

"I had no idea you could dance so well" said Debbie, as we took a break to drink some of the punch and have a snack.

"Neither did I" said Mark, embarrassed that he had been out there, moving like a real girl. "I guess you're a good teacher."

All of his friends came over, made comments, and told him what a good chick he made. The girls all made a big fuss over him, telling him how cool he was to agree to go to a party like that. He was suddenly very popular with the chicks.

"See? It's good to be a girl, isn't it?" I said.

He ignored my comment, not feeling happy about being out in public like that.


When it came time to announce the winners of the couple's costume contest, Mark cringed when they called him and Debbie up to accept their award. And to make matters worse, in front of the whole school, they put on one of Ashlee Simpson's songs, and he had to lip-sync it. Then Debbie did one of Jessica's songs, while he danced on the side (with me controlling him again, making him swing his hips, and move like a real girl).

He was feeling a terrible inner turmoil, as he watched his girlfriend pretend to sing. Here he was, wearing her clothes, her panties, her bra, in full makeup and a wig, in front of the whole school. And he was dancing, moving like a girl.

For days and days afterwards, he would be the talk of the school, with everyone commenting on what a realistic girl he made. He would be blushing red for some time to come!

* * *


It was about a week later, that Mark was making out with Debbie at her house, in her bedroom. He had his arm around her, and he was kissing her. I took control for a moment, and put words into his mouth.

"When I was dressed up in your things, it really felt special. I felt so close to you" he said.

"I could see how much you liked it" replied Debbie. "You got so hard, I thought you were going to come in your panties."

Mark blushed bright red, but I made him say something else now.

"I know we did it just for the costume party, but I loved how it felt so much, I want to do it again some time."

"You want to wear my panties?" she said.

I made him nod his head.

Debbie kissed him hard, and I made Mark relax, so she could push him down and take control of the situation.

"You want to be a girl for me, don't you?" she said.

Mark could only stare at her in amazement, as I made him get hard as a rock. She felt it, and smiled. I had taken a gamble that she would like the feeling of power she had over Mark, when he had been Ashlee, because he had become so meek and passive. It paid off now: she was willing to have him wear panties again, and take control of things in the relationship.

She went to her dresser, pulled out a pair of white cotton panties, and handed them to Mark.

"Go to the bathroom, and put them on. Then come back in here, so you can be my girlfriend."

"But..." he protested.

"I can see you've been keeping your legs shaved. I kind of suspected you liked being Ashlee a *lot*, the way you moved, the way you seemed so comfortable in heels. Now go put on your panties."

Mark stomped off to the bathroom, really upset at me. I of course had made him shave his legs that day, so Debbie would notice. All was going according to plan, maybe even better than expected.

"What?" I said. "You're the one who loves to wear panties. All I did was help you get Debbie involved. Now you don't have to feel ashamed about your secret. Now your girlfriend is going to make you happy. You can wear panties for her now, and you don't have to hide it anymore."

He put them on, and returned to the room. They continued to make out, and touch each other. But now, Mark had ceded control to Debbie. allowing her to decide what to do, and how to do it.

"You're my girl" she whispered into his ear, filling me with elation and delight, but filling him with dread.

* * *


So now at home, Mark dressed as a girl whenever he could. He stuffed his bra full, he wore Debbie's panties, and he fell more and more under my spell.

When he was with her, she would sometimes dress him up, or sometimes ask him to wear her panties to school, so he could prove his devotion to her. She was helping me do my job, and I was glad for it. I was really lucky that he had a girlfriend who was into putting him in panties. That allowed me save my strength for the important work ahead.

I was much stronger overall now. It took absolutely no effort on my part to put thoughts into his head now. And it was a breeze making him do or say what I wanted, although I used that power sparingly.

I was ready to accelerate his progress, and it was almost time. You see, it felt so awful being trapped in a male body. I longed to have my old body back, and soon I would. I was ready for a change, even if he wasn't.

I decided to start on his chest. It felt so awful to be flat chested. After having been a woman, and being used to having a full bosom, this male chest was an awful thing to live with.

It took almost all of my strength, but on day when he had his bra on under his shirt as he talked to Debbie on the phone, I first made him think a thought: "I wish I had real breasts."

Then I used all of my might, all of my strength, and all of my power. I imagined my chest the way it used to be, back when I was alive in my old body. I felt my current chest - his chest. And I used my will to being reshaping it.

I didn't yet have the power to do anything drastic, and it only responded to my will a little bit. Under the cups of his bra, the rings of color around his nipples became darker, gaining in diameter. At the same time, his little tiny man-nipples expanded outwards, both in width and in height. Underneath them, his flesh changed, and expanded outwards just a tiny bit, perhaps one half of an inch.

It wasn't much of a change, fairly insignificant in the scope of an entire body. But it was a change for the better, a change to more closely match my female form. He didn't notice it yet nor feel it. But tomorrow when he took a shower he would be sure to discover it.

Almost all of my energy was spent, and I couldn't even put a thought into his head now. I had to rest. I was so tired. I was glad that as a side effect of the change to his body, he got really aroused. I would remember that, and use it to my advantage later on. But for now, I had to withdraw, rest, refocus, and gather strength for later.

* * *


I was exhausted, and I have to say: it took me a week to gather my strength back again, and in all that time, all I could do was to observe what Mark thought and felt. I was just along for the ride. The only thing that made it tolerable, was that Debbie was into making him wear panties, and when he was alone, he felt compelled to wear a bra.

I was a bit miffed that he didn't notice the change in his chest, so I decided that when I had the strength again, I would do a few other little things he would never notice either.

Now when experts look at a human skeleton, they can tell from the bones whether it belonged to a male or a female. The hips for example are different for girls. So I worked on those next. While Mark slept, I altered the structure of his pelvis, making it more like a girl's. I was only about to get it about 70% in the first shot, but I thought that was pretty darn good.

Of course, he never noticed a thing (other than some soreness the first day). It only took me a couple of days to recover this time, so I completed the job, giving him true female hips. On the outside, you'd never notice it. But on the inside, he had a girl's bones in his pelvis now.

He never noticed the next week, when I took a little off his shoulders, reduced the size of his Adam's apple, and began the first alteration of his face, as I made his cheek bones just ever so slightly larger than before.

Mark didn't notice a thing. His parents, his sister, even Debbie didn't notice. But he had changed quite a bit. I bided my time, grew in strength, then made more changes to him. The fact that his shoes felt loose on him made him think that they had become stretched out, not the fact that his feet had shrunk. He never noticed how his chest hair had stopped growing, or the peach fuzz of his beard.

Now, I could make an alteration, and it only took a day for me to recover. I was ready for my greatest work yet. Something on the inside, something he would never notice, but something that would have the greatest possible effect on him. I began to create his female reproductive system.

I started with a single stem cell inside his body, making it divide and grow into two cells, then four, eight, sixteen, and so on. I created the start of his vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and of course his ovaries. It would take a few weeks for them to grow to full size, but they were there now. And soon, the female hormones would start flowing inside of him, causing all sorts of other alterations. I wouldn't even have to touch his brain; the estrogen would do it's work, and alter it for me.

Mark didn't know it yet, but he was well on the way to becoming a girl, and soon the pace of change would accelerate.

* * *


As I grew in strength, I also noticed something that was very nice for me. When I began the process of changing Mark, I could put thoughts into his brain. But as he began his gradual transformation into a girl, he became less and less Mark, more and more *me*.

And so for example, when he was in the shower, I could think "I want to shave my legs", and he would do it! With the female hormones beginning to flow now, his brain was starting to respond to my female thoughts more and more, with his male thoughts starting to become less relevant. I felt stronger every day, more and more myself, more and more womanly.

I laid back for a while, until a weekend I had been looking forward to. I knew that Mark's parents were going to be out of town, visiting friends. Sue was sleeping over a girlfriend's house. That left Mark home, alone.

It was easy to have him call Debbie, and tell her not to come over until Saturday, because he was feeling under the weather. She was sympathetic, and promised to come over the next day to see how he was doing.

So now he was all alone, and he was all mine. The first thing to do was to get him to dress up, all the way. It was simple to think "I want to dress up in pretty clothes", and to sit back as he put on one of his sister's cutest outfits. This time though, I made sure he didn't put anything into the cups of his bra. Filling them out would come later!

I made him put his hair up in curlers. I hadn't let him cut it since I came into his life, and it was getting longer now. He worked on his hair, making it look full and pretty. Then he put on his makeup, his sister's jewelry, and a pair of her high heel shoes which fit him perfect now.

He looked in the mirror, satisfied at how much he looked like a girl. While he was dressing up, I removed the rest of his Adam's apple, and I did some more work on his face as he put on his makeup. He thought the makeup was making him look pretty (which it did), but there was also the fact that he now had a girl's face underneath it! He just didn't realize it yet.

I shrunk his shoulders and his arms next, and began to rearrange his hips and his butt. Gradually, too slow for him to notice as he read his sister's copy of Cosmo, his hips filled in, and his butt gained that perfect shape for a woman.

When he looked at himself in the mirror, he admired how he looked, but I kept his attention off his new curves, as I continued to shrink his tummy. It became flatter and flatter, pulling in on the sides.

I imagined my old chest now, and willed his to change. I pictured my chest, while looking down at his. I was elated as it started to puff out, until he had A cup boobs. It was time to reveal the truth to him, so I asked him to walk over to the mirror.

Mark looked in the mirror at himself, and gasped. *Now* he noticed some of the changes, and stared in disbelief.

"You are becoming a woman today" I told him. "You are becoming me. How does that make you feel?"

"Please, stop!" he said out loud, surprised to hear that his voice sounded like a girl's voice now.

"What have you done to me?" he said.

"I've told you Mark, I am turning you into a girl. I am turning you into *me*. Now watch yourself in the mirror."

His breasts had continued to expand as we talked, and they had reached B cup size. He noticed, and put his hands over the top of them, as they continued to expand to C cups. I imagined my breasts from my old body, and continued to expand his, until they were an exact match. He was a D cup now, and he was very scared.

"Inside your body" I said, "you already have ovaries. You already have a womb. Now, only one thing remains."

Instinctively, he reached down between his legs, as if trying to hold on to what was left of his maleness. But the little shaft and the attached sack were already rapidly shrinking, even as he grasped at them. They grew smaller and smaller, shrinking away to nothing, and pulling up inside of him.

After they disappeared completely, a soft mound formed in the area between his legs. It turned pink, and a crack formed down the middle. The crack expanded, caving in, connecting the female sex organs inside to the outside, through the vaginal canal. Under the soft hood of flesh, as a final touch, his clitoris formed out of what used to be his maleness. He was a girl now, completely. And he was in total shock.

His brain had already become more and more receptive to my thoughts. And now that his body had betrayed him by becoming female, the male self within the brain was rapidly becoming disconnected from one system after the next.

I stretched my arms, and it felt good. They were female arms. They were *my* arms. And he no longer had any attachment to them. I took a few steps with *my* legs. Female legs. Ones he could not control.

His world crumbled, and he shrunk down more and more as I gained control of every single system in what used to be his body. I took a deep breath, and sighed. It was *me* taking the breath, not him. I was in total control now. He was no more. He was me now.

"I am a girl" I said out loud. "And it feels good."


In my mind (it was *mine* now), Mark was but a tiny presence. He was there, but very weak and faint. He would feel now like I did when I first entered his body: able to feel everything and observe, but with no power to effect things in any way. My next task was to get rid of him for good, so I would never have to deal with him again. And there was one way to do that, quickly, painlessly, and easily.

I went to his bedroom, and locked the door. I took off my skirt, my panties, and I laid out on his bed. I spread my legs wide open, and I started to touch myself. From all the times I had done it in my past life, I knew exactly what to do.

As soon as I reached an orgasm, he would be gone forever. I wondered what he must be thinking, since I couldn't hear him anymore in there. I imagined that I had a man with me, who was naked, and hard from being aroused. As I touched myself, I imagined that the man was putting his large throbbing member into me, and that I was kissing him as he held me down.

I smiled and moaned as the first wave of orgasm hit me. It was just the first one, out of four that I brought myself to that afternoon. After years of not having any physical sensation, then six terrible months of feeling a male body, I reveled in being a woman again.

Mark was crushed now, gone forever. I was whole again. I was myself. But I was in a body that was about sixteen years old, so life was all laid out before me. I got dressed, and washed my hands, to get my smell off of me. As much as I loved being a woman, I never liked how I smelled down there between my legs!

* * *


There was a knock at the door, and I looked through the peephole. It was Debbie, looking for Mark. Time to break the news to her.

"Hi, is Mark home?" she said.

"I'm sorry" I replied, "but he's gone."

"Where is he? When will he be back?"

"Never" I said. "He told me that he was running away, and he would never come home. He said he was depressed, because he should have been born a woman, but he was stuck in a boy's body. Do you know anything about that?"

"I know he liked to wear my panties" she said, blushing from the admission.

"That's okay honey, lots of girls like for their guys to wear their clothes. It's a lot of fun!"

"It sure was" she said. "If you hear from him, tell him I love him."

"I will" I said, "I will."

* * *


Now came the hard part. I showed up at the school, told them that I was lost, and that I didn't know how I got there. They tried to tie me to some missing person's report, but they had no idea who I was, other than I told them my name was Sarah. They decided that I must be some girl who had run away at a young age, or who had been kidnapped, and that whoever had me must have set me free. I was put into a foster home, and enrolled in school.

I would have to live through being in a foster family for a while, but as soon as I got out of high school, I'd be free. I already went to college the first time I lived, so after getting a hardship scholarship and student loans, I would breeze through school, and get a good job.

That plus I was very pretty, and I had big boobs, so I never had trouble finding boyfriends, nor getting them to buy things for me, since they were so desperate to please me.

My dream is to find the a man who loves me, move in with him, get married, and have the baby I always wanted. I do regret that in order for me to live again, I had to erase Mark, but I'm sure that somewhere, his spirit is still out there. Maybe he would live again too, as I do now. I'm just glad to be alive, and glad to be a woman.




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