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Miss Four Legs               by: Paul G Jutras


It was the worst for Paul. He was generally a happy child with loving parents that gave him everything he wanted or needed. That all changed when he became a teenager and watched while his female friends start to develop while he didn’t. He slipped into a depression during those years and even saw a therapist. He gave Paul the run around about being a man and to except himself for the body he was given. That only made things worst.

His sadness continued throughout his adolescent life and into high school and collage in full force. Then came the special day during a holiday break while visiting his caring mother at home. He always loved animals and stories of transformations such as mermaid as centaurs. Paul was returning from the mall when he ran into a strange man in an alley.

"I have what you’ve been looking for." The stranger stared at Paul with almost hypnotic eyes.

"I’m not into drugs, man." Paul said, shaking off the spell and turning to walk away.

"This isn’t any drug that you know." The man said with a smile. "One might say it’s magic and can give you the body of your dreams."

"You’re nuts." Paul glanced back over his shoulder.

"Am I really?" The man snickered. "The soft skin and female curves you’ve always wanted."

Paul suddenly grew much more interested. "How did you know... What’s in the pill?"

"As I said, magic." The man snickered as he unscrewed the cap and showed a green, shinny pill that he placed in Paul’s hand. "Take it, it’s yours."

Paul didn’t know if it would work, but didn’t want to take a chance if it did. He went back into the mall and bought some pantyhose, foxy 2 inch heels, a sink floral blouse and matching skirt. All which he hid in his closet when he got back home. He waited until his parents had gone to bed and then swallowed the pill before going to sleep.

Paul woke the next morning feeling his bladder full and headed for the bathroom. As he had done since being potty trained, he sat down on the toilet to pee. Something he always preferred to do. When he went to push his penis between his legs, he found it wasn’t there. His arm brushed pass a breast that sent an electrical shock of pleasure through his body. After he went, he whipped as if he had down it a hundred times before.

Paula excitedly got up when down and pointed his butt in the direction of the mirror. It was so large and soft compared to before that it was no wonder he felt like the toilet seat was patted. It wasn’t the seat, but him. His feminine glees were short lived when he stepped into the kitchen and his mother saw him. Panic on her face, she dropped a plate that smashed on the floor.

She looked directly at Paula, trying to speak. "What... How could... Those aren’t real are..."

Paula unbuttoned her pajama top and showed her mother that her breasts were quite real as was her new vagina. Her mother even got down and played with the opening of the vagina with the tip of her finger before she believe it was real. "We should call a doctor!"

Paula kept her from the phone and managed to explain everything about the man and the pill. She still insisted that Paula was examine to confirm what they both already knew. The doctor was quite as shock too about the story, but assured Paula’s mother that she knew had a perfectly healthy daughter.

Paula was nevertheless happier than ever before. After breakfast she dressed in her new mall outfit and got use to walking in the 2 inch heels. She loved her the skirt rose up and twirled . She was looking forward to the start of the new semester but was enjoying showing off her new body about town for now. When she got home; however, she learned her lesson about not going for long walks in heels that you’re not use to.

Paula’s mother tried to avoid eye contact as she watched Paula sit on the couch and kick off her shoes. She began to run her sore nylon coated feet, able to feel the blisters that had formed on them. She didn’t care since the pleasure far outweighed the problems.

The inevitable happened that Friday. Paula coat home complaining about headaches, cramps cutting through her and the bloated of period water weight gain. "Not some great being female now, is it." Paula mother said, suddenly feeling sorry for what she had said and the new pain her new daughter was going through. With an understanding smile, she gave Paula some medicine that helped a little.

As Paula finished shaving her legs, she stretched her legs out and admired at how lovely they looked. With a smile she thought of painting her toes and only wishes she had more nails to go with the variety of colors that were offered. When Paula woke the next morning she thought the cat had climbed into bed with her. When she tossed the blanket off, she saw the shock of seeing she now had an extra set of legs. Paula had four of them. Her butt was now three feet down and four feet back where her new rear legs were. She stumbled out of bed and worked on walking with four feet instead of two.

"I guess I have to watch my thoughts before bed if that magic pill is still working at bed time." Paula thought as she entered the kitchen, wearing only her nightgown. The nightgown covered her original vagina, and her new second one could only be seen between the new legs from below. "I just hope this doesn’t mean having my periods twice as bad."

Paula’s mother looked at the new legs speachless and wished Paula knew who had given the pill in the first place. Without even a name, there was no way to track down and reverse what had happened. Paula found that she could still sit with all four legs under the table and drive with just a little trouble. One thing she did find was that the heels didn’t hurt her feet now that she walked about the house on four legs.

Paula mother went to the big and tall shop for plus size women to get clothes that would fit Paula and her extra legs. She also made sure to pick up so NAIR HAIR REMOVER because it would be a lot faster than having to shave four legs the old fashion way. Her mother also went to get matching shoes from the shoe store so that Paula would have two pairs for now on. Paula thought of putting pantyhose on her rear legs and thigh highs on her front, but then decided on garters and stockings. Paula was pleased with the result even if her mother though of her as a freak and a disappointment.

When the break was over, Paula got ready for her first day back at school. She found she was much faster in putting on makeup than when she first changed and was quite adept to walking on four legs now. Paula managed to get quite some jaw dropping looks on campus, but all the guys still thought of the new Paula as quite a looker. Paula had plenty of dates and was never happier than when she started a new world and life that would indeed be the best of times.



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