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A series of stories with TG themes, dedicated to women, and to men who like women, and especially those who like to be women (which includes me!)


M is for Mandi ..... aka Threesome? Certainly!

by Bethany Jacques


That night, that Friday, had been highlighted on the kitchen calendar for weeks, though my wife didn't know the reason why. OK, so she was off to her sister's for the night and that was why she'd underlined it to start with. But I had other reasons. Since Sarah had turned forty she'd not gone out as often, and had only actually been away for the night once. As luck would have it, that night had been a darts night in the pub. I'd have missed it, yes, but Sarah would almost certainly have found out and wanted to know where I'd been.

But, Sarah was off to her sister's, and that Friday was going to be my big night, or Mandi's rather. Mandi is me. Me, dressed and tarted up to an extent, the woman I like to be when I want to feel sexy and rather naughty. I had never gone out on the town before though, never had the chance, and I was so looking forward to the evening. In fact, even if I'd been staying and dressing up I'd probably still have been looking forward to it. For me, just dressing up and looking female is a big turn-on, I'd probably have just dressed and posed in front of the mirror and wanked heartily.

That Friday was going to be different though. I'd gone all out during the previous few weeks, ever since the calendar had got highlighted. Unknown to Sarah I'd spent rather a lot, somehow I knew I'd have to come up with an explanation but that was for later. I'd spent nearly 50 on makeup, 150 on a new wig, 280 on the very best breast forms I could find. Add to that the cost of the tight black miniskirt and the matching black halter-top and you didn't have much change from 1000. If any. I also indulged in some sexy lingerie: black stockings with matching garter belt, a pair of black lace panties and a black satin bra. I wasn't sure if anyone else would end up seeing all of this but it sure made me feel a lot sexier.

After dashing home that Friday from work, I'd laid out my new purchases on the bed. For some reason I seemed to have the impression I might not be sleeping there that night. Well, maybe just wishful thinking. I'd run a hot bath and then soaked myself in bubbly fragrance for about half an hour, letting the bath oils soften my skin. I then got out and shaved my face as close as I could, twice, followed by rubbing gently in a facial cream to make it soft to the touch.

I then started to transform myself. Martin, aka Mart, typical Brummie business man, was about to disappear, to be replaced by Mandi, a sexy tramp who was desperate to experience the thrill of seeing a guy stiffen in his jeans. At least that's what I hoped I'd be doing that first evening out on the town. I started on my eyes, carefully applying black mascara and then black eyeliner. I used a neutral base to cover any remaining trace of facial hair and added a little light rouge to my cheeks.

Next, beginning to quiver at the thought of 'who' I was becoming, I put on a rather bright red lipstick. I looked at myself, at herself, at 'Mandi' as she began to appear in the mirror. I'd been able to practice even when Sarah had gone out short-term, and I was confident in my ability to get at least the make-up right. I was becoming beautiful right before my eyes. I combed back my own somewhat thinning hair and put on my wig. It had been one of my most expensive purchases for the evening but after looking at myself there and then I knew it had been well worth it. It was my natural hair colour, a reddish brown, or pretty close to it, cut to just below shoulder length, straight and long and sleek. Delightful! I was feeling good already.

With my face and hair done I turned to my body. Whatever happened, however the evening turned out, I desperately hoped that my body would be appreciated by someone, someone male, that evening. Exactly how, I wasn't sure, but I knew I wouldn't get many chances like this, the evening and the efforts really shouldn't, they couldn't, be wasted. I had tried really hard not to get too hard while doing my make-up, not at all easy sometimes, so was able to rather comfortably push my penis down between my legs and hold it tight in that position with the sheer black panties I'd bought specially for this evening. Side-ties of course, well, they might just have to come off! I slipped on the matching garter belt and stockings, felling better by the minute.

Breast-forms next, and these were my most expensive buy. I lay flat on the bed, sprayed the adhesive on and positioned them, and then lay still for more than the required three minutes. A little smear of the cover-up round the edges, then I put on my bra. For me, the defining moment whenever I dressed. Well, one of the two defining moments, the other was to come later. I stared at myself in the mirror once again. I was becoming as sexy a minx as I'd hoped. Hopefully the men would think so. Well, one of them at least.

I turned my attention back to getting dressed. I slipped on my mini-skirt. As it slid up my legs and thighs, now smoothed by the stockings, another jolt of excitement ran through my body. I hoped that later in the evening I would maybe be feeling the same thing as some man slipped it down my legs. Finally my halter-top, I pulled open the neck and slid it over my head. I adjusted my bra underneath the fabric and then gave myself one last look in the mirror to adjust my wig.

Gorgeous. Did I look gorgeous? At least I thought so. I was sure 'Mandi' was going to turn some heads that evening. I sat down on the bed and slipped on my heels. They were too high really, almost six inches, but there had been no decision to make when I'd seen them in the shop. I'd had to have them, the final sexy complement to the 'look' I'd created. I stood almost six feet tall without them but I was sure I could get away with wearing them. I took a few extra practice steps back and forth until I got the hang of walking in the new shoes. I'd had high heels before of course but never so high. They looked - and I felt - sensational.

My final step of course, so as not to have problems with my sheer stockings and so on, was putting on my fingernails, long and bright red, the same colour as my lipstick. I picked my new clutch-purse, also bought specially for the evening. In it I put my lipstick and mascara, a small girly handkerchief, and a lighter and a pack of VS120 Lights. I'd quit smoking some years ago except when I dressed up as Mandi . I also placed inside my car keys and a few condoms. As I put these in that same tingle went through my body again as I imagined slipping one of them over some man's cock later that evening.

I left the house, tingling. I arrived and parked just along from the gay club I'd chosen as the venue for Mandi's first outing, I was almost shaking. With fear, trepidation, anticipation, dread, excitement, all these and more. I was about to take, in my new high heels of course, a big step. I'd been there a couple of times before, though as Stan, and I was still feeling very nervous. I knew I wouldn't be the only cross-dresser in there that night and probably hundreds if not thousands had walked through the same door, but this was my first time I was uneasy.

I walked up to the door and I paid my entrance, then I walked into the club. Across the room I could see two 'grrls' - two cross-dressers. I decided to walk up to them. I wasn't sure if they would accept me but I figured it was worth a try.

"Hello," one of them said as I walked up. "I love your shoes."

"Thanks. Hi. I'm Mandi."

"Hi Mandi. I'm Jessica and this is Stephanie," she said introducing me to the other two girls who were standing there. "Have you been to this club before? I've never seen you."

"No. Actually this is my first time out in public."

"Well, welcome and congratulations. That's the hard part isn't it? Walking in here for the first time" Stephanie said. "You look good, Mandi, really very convincing. I saw you walking over here in those heels. That was one of the hardest things for me to get the hang of. You do it very well though. Wish I dare wear heels like that, they really are gorgeous."


As we were talking a man walked by and gave me a slightly odd look out of the corner of his eye. I stared back and Jessica noticed this.

"Go after him, honey. He's a real hunk and by the look of the bulge in his pants I think he wants you."

"I sure hope so," I said, feeling my heart race just a bit. I left the two "grrls" and walked over to the bar, shifting myself onto the stool next to him

"Hello there, I'm James. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Hi. I'm Mandi. And sure you can. Vodka and tonic, please."

"I have to say, Mandi, you look beautiful. Really, if I hadn't seen you with Jessica I'd never have realised you were a tranny. Even here, close up, it's difficult to believe."

"Thanks James. You're very kind."

I was in heaven!! Within five minutes of entering the club my dream was starting to come true. I had a man! James, my man! I smiled at him and took my VS pack out with my lighter, he held it for me smiling all the while. I did what I'd always, always wanted to do. I shuffled a little on the stool and crossed my legs, just willing my skirt to ride up my thigh a little which it obediently did. I smiled again at my escort.

"So, do you come here often? Sorry, that's not a pick-up line, you said you know Jessica."

"Well, nevertheless Mandi you can consider yourself picked up. If you like, of course."

Our drinks arrived and I sipped on my vodka and posed with my cigarette. "I like."

"Good" said James, and laid a hand on my leg.

We chatted for a while, James told me he wasn't married - I'd already looked for a ring! - and that he liked T-girls and came in the club about once a month, maybe a little more, and that he liked to give a grrl a good time.

"If someone like you has taken the trouble to make herself up and to look so sexy for a guy like me, Mandi, I think she deserves to be treated well and pampered."

I glowed at his words, he kept on saying 'she' - and his hand was beginning to move slowly up and down my thigh. I wanted to do the same, to feel his own leg, feel his body, maybe he'd be the one to get the chance to closely inspect my sexy lingerie? I took hold of his hand. I was just about to suggest we move to a different location, away from the central area of the bar where everyone could see us. I wasn't sure where - either to the other side of the bar, or to his place.....?

But he beat me to it. He stood up himself and took my hand, leading me across towards a darker area. OK then, his place later maybe. As we moved out of the spotlight, James turned and pulled me closer. "Mandi, you are most definitely the hottest girl in here tonight."

"Why thanks...."

I didn't finish. James pulled me closer, leaned over, and gently pressed his lips to mine! My ego swelled, boosted by both his words and his actions. I moved my own lips against his, beginning to tease his mouth with my tongue. Shit, I was kissing a guy and I was totally loving every moment of it. My heart was pounding, my cock was trying to burst out of my tight panties, things couldn't be going SO well. I was wrong, and I was right. As our lips parted James leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"Mandi. Let's not beat about the bush. I want you and I think you want me. OK so you're new to this, like you said. But I've been here before, with a few girls like you though none as gorgeous. My car's outside, let's go to my place."

"Oh James!" I surprised myself, with my words and with my tone. I'd never really thought of myself as really submissive but there and then I was more than willing to submit to whatever James suggested. I wanted to give myself to him hell, I wanted to be taken. My look gave him the answer he wanted. He smiled.

And then he beeped, or at least his jacket pocket did. He scowled, not at me though, as he took out his pager from his pocket. "Shit!" he said. He looked at the small screen. "Shit! Shit!"

He looked towards me. He was obviously very disappointed. "Mandi, I am sorry, SO sorry, but I have to go. I don't want to, Christ I don't want to but I have to."

As he pushed the pager into one pocket he took a wallet out from another and fished inside it. He offered me a card. "Mandi, believe me, this isn't a set-up but it's urgent, I just have to go. Ring me. Please ring me, I'll get back to you." And he turned, and he was off.

I just stood there for a moment, elation had turned to deflation. I'd interested him, hell I'd aroused him, and he'd seemed so nice. But he was gone. I looked towards the closing door he'd just gone through, and noticed Jessica moving towards me.

"Shit, Mandi. I heard James's beeper. That is so unlucky, he really did have the hots for you." She put an arm round my shoulder to console me. "Hey, you got his card."

"Yes" was all I could say. It bore a hastily written, rather untidy but legible, mobile telephone number. Not a land-line, so I couldn't work out from the code where he lived, not even the town. Understandable though, he'd not want me ringing home, maybe his wife would have answered. If he had one, that is. I turned it over and looked. 'St Mary's Hospital'. Hell - was James a doctor?

"You're a lucky girl, James is a regular here, he has to stay very discrete indeed, you'll understand. Gorgeous and clever and rich, the ideal T-girl's date. He doesn't hand his cards out lightly. Come on, let me buy you a drink. I'm on my own, Stephanie's pulled and I don't know where she is."

I sat for a few minutes at the bar with Jessica, she filled me in on what went on there in the club and on the tranny scene in general, telling me about some of the grrls and the sort of things they got up to. OK so most of the ones who went to that bar were just after sex, with guys or other trannies. But not all, some just went because it was a safe-ish place to sit and have a few drinks and a natter with friends, and show off to each other and to the other clientele at the same time. I asked her about the men hanging around, at the bar and some of them in those darker areas round the edges of the club.

"A mixture, Mandi dear. See that young man at the end of the bar, he's waiting for Jennie. She's a trannie, comes in regularly, he met her last week and then chickened out. Apparently he rang her the other night and she said she'd meet him again. Nice guy. Unlike those two over there, just behind that spotlight. Couple of perverts, just come in to ogle the grrls and wank each other."

"Ohhh, no. I don't really like the sound of that."

"Me neither but hey, each to his own. And they pay their way. If that's what turns their crank..."

"Jessica, thanks for the chat. Let me buy you a drink now."

"Thanks, love. And we did mean what we said earlier, me and Stephanie. You do look the business. For your first time, well, very impressive indeed. And pulling the Doctor, wow."

I smiled and we continued to look round until another tranny, who I have to be honest was not at all convincing, caught Jessica's eye.

"Excuse me love, I need to talk to my friend. Good luck anyway."

And she kissed me briefly on the cheek and wandered over to the other girl and they strolled arm-in-arm towards an empty table. It was just then that the guy at the end of the bar, the one who had been waiting for someone, Jessica had said, came over to join me.

"Hello. I'm Steve. Are you a regular here?"

My original conversation with James popped into my mind and I had to smile at him. "Is that the same as 'do you come here often?', Steve?'

He looked embarrassed. "No, er - sorry. I mean, I saw you talking to Jessica. I just wondered if you know Jennie?"

"I'm afraid I don't. Sorry." He looked disappointed, but he'd seemed a nice guy. "But you can buy me a drink if you like."

"OK then. Sorry, I didn't get your name."

"I didn't give it." Steve had turned to the barman who had appeared, without any order being given, with what I took to be a beer and a vodka-and-tonic. Good barman! "I'm Mandi."

"You look lovely." Which was nice though not a gushing compliment. Maybe I'd been spoilt up to then with all the nice comments. Or maybe he was thinking of Jennie. We stayed chatting at the bar for maybe five minutes, swapping thoughts and laughing, he really was a nice guy. I was just beginning to think that something might happen with Steve and I, I'd had to take the lead somewhat by reaching for and holding his hand but he didn't seem to mind, in fact he clearly liked it. It was maybe going to happen, but it didn't. Steve's face brightened, but he wasn't looking at me. He was looking past me. over my shoulder.

"Hi there honey." I heard the voice behind me and turned to see a very attractive T-grrl. I realised, this must be Jennie.

"Hey, Steve, what's all this about? I turn up a little late and you've found yourself somebody else?" But there was humour in her voice, she'd seen Steve's face and so had I. She smiled at me.

"Sorry, honey, I'm going to have to take him away."

"No - er, Jennie. Steve was waiting for you, I know. I was just - well - keeping him company. No worries, OK?"

"That's OK then. Come on Steve, you promised me a ride in that fast new car of yours. I'm sorry I'm late, so let's make up for lost time. OK?"

"Yeah, sure." There was delight in his voice. He had to let go of my hand to stand up. He turned towards me. "Look, Mandi...."

"Yes. Go to it, guy. Go with your girlfriend."

He leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. I smiled, Steve smiled, Jennie smiled. They left, hand-in-hand, and I stopped smiling. Twice in the one evening. Maybe I'd been building my hopes up too high, but it really did look as if it wasn't going to happen. I picked up my bag, just about ready to call it a night. I looked round at all the couples, of various gender combinations, chatting and kissing and ... more.

Still, I thought, I really had enjoyed myself. For a first night out, tranny-style, it had been a most enjoyable evening and I'd pulled twice - nearly! I stretched my right leg towards the floor, maybe to enjoy giving the two perverts in the corner one last glimpse at my stocking tops.

"Hello there." I looked up. A young man was looking at me. OK, maybe not young but certainly mid-twenties at the most. And quite tall, and definitely handsome. Suddenly things were looking up. He was smiling so I smiled back. "I hope you don't mind my saying, but you are without a doubt the most gorgeous woman here tonight."

I remembered Steve's 'you look lovely' comment. That was better! Maybe I'd stay a little while longer. I placed my own hand on this guy's on the bar. I was reaching to hold the hand of a total stranger, I didn't even know his name. My own bravado surprised me, even then. Before that evening, and maybe without three vodkas inside me I'd never have done that.

"Thanks for that. I'm Mandi, by the way, and yes, you can buy me a drink."

"Shit. Sorry, I didn't mean - oh hell, sorry, I'm not really sure why I said that. It wasn't to pick you up, honest."

"Yes. I realise that."

"Hell, no. Mandi, can we start again? I'm Dave by the way."

"Pleased to meet you, Dave." The conversation was definitely weird and I didn't at the time realise why. I got my first glimpse of the reason when our drinks arrived and Dave had downed half of his scotch in one go. Clearly he was disturbed. I sipped my vodka and smiled at my latest 'escort'. I didn't realise at the time, it wasn't going to be my last!

Dave looked rather deeply into my eyes. I really couldn't read him, I didn't appreciate why until he spoke. "Look, Mandi. Is this your first time in this club?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"I thought so. I meant what I said, Mandi, you are very beautiful and, from the way you're dressed, looking to hook up with someone. I've never seen as sexy a woman in here. But - you need to know - have you heard of the 'L-for-Leather' club?"

I didn't see where this was going. "No, I haven't. Why do you ask?"

"It's up the road, towards town, about a hundred yards up on the left. Big red illuminated 'L' outside it. I know there's a few in here but most of the lesbians in town go in there. I think you'll .... "

He stopped, tailed off. Why? Because I'd grabbed his hand and stood up, this time I was the one to lead someone across the bar towards the less-public area. I sat him down and turned towards him. I sipped the drink I'd brought me, deciding that I wasn't going to have another.

"Dave. Thanks for the compliment. But I'm not a lesbian."

He looked at me. He still didn't see it and for the first time that night in the company of a man, I didn't mind that he didn't. I loved it! He'd not 'read' me as a TV. Even dressed as I was and where I was, he'd seen me as a woman, just about the biggest compliment anyone can pay a tranny. Well, a tranny like me anyway. OK so I was going to tell him, I knew that, it wouldn't have been fair otherwise. But not yet. And Dave was clearly embarrassed.

"Aw shit. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to - what a fool you must take me for. Let me get you another drink, can I?"

"No thanks, just sit with me for a while."

"I just meant, looking so sexy like that. I thought you were maybe on the lookout for another woman."

"No, I'm not. I have my own reasons for being here." I didn't tell him why, like with Steve I just sat and talked a while, again mainly about the club though not for long. After a few minutes he stood up and extended a hand in my direction.

"I think maybe we should move, let's get a table over there." And he indicated the very same table where James and I had sat earlier. The couple who had been canoodling there had moved, looking as if they were heading out of the club and probably straight for a seedy hotel room.

I sat next to Dave and sipped my drink. His hand appeared almost immediately on my thigh. I looked at him and tried to suppress a grin. I'd 'been there, done that' twice that evening already but I didn't want to tell him that.

"Mandi. Look, I'm not in the habit of picking up strange women like this."

Basically by then I'd had a few. I could cope, but my thinking was just a little hazy. However, I realised he was having fun with me, and indeed I was with him.

"So, I'm a strange woman, am I?" I didn't care. It was just that he'd said 'woman' again.

"No, that's not what I meant. I meant someone I don't know, like the stunningly beautiful woman I'm with now."

I was definitely getting a little aroused, his fingers were beginning to slide upwards though very slowly. I leaned over towards him, deja vu again, and nibbled his ear. "Flattery will get you anywhere, darling. Like a little further up my thigh, under my skirt!"

"Oh no, I can't!"

I was annoyed. Really and quite suddenly I was pissed off with Dave. I'd just started building up my hopes, after being ready to leave a few minutes earlier, that I might actually get somewhere with a man. OK so he hadn't read me so there had to be a limit. A snog and a bit of a grope and maybe a hand-job or something. But that, though not really full-on sex, would be more than enough by way of achievement for a tranny's first night out. I just had to do something.

I leaned over towards him, as his hand didn't slide any higher, and placed my lips on his. Absolute minimum I was going to get snogged that night! Dave responded - by taking his hand off my leg! I was really getting annoyed, things were moving apace - backwards. I grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled his head towards mine, landing a full-blooded French kiss on him, opening my mouth and thrusting my tongue towards his, As my ardour became apparent he did start to react. We parted, just a little.

"Christ, Mandi, wow. You are one hell of a kisser!"

"OK babe, let's go again!"

And I did, as before though I worked harder on his lips with mine, gaining some satisfaction at least as I slid my own hand up his thigh and felt a definite reaction there. OK, so not much, but I was willing to work on it.

"Hi there. Dave?"

We were interrupted. I had to part, mid-snog. I looked round, there was another guy standing there looking towards us. I wasn't at all sure how to react so I just said "Hello there. "

I looked at the guy. He seemed tall, but since I was sitting down and leaning over Dave at the time that seemed difficult to judge.

"I have a question. Why are you snogging my boyfriend and sliding your hand over his cock?"

I was shocked by the question, naturally. I was trying to seduce a gay man! Maybe that did explain why I seemed to be having to working hard to get a reaction from Dave. But then again, he'd been very complimentary and just before this guy came there had definitely been some reaction.

"Because he's incredibly hot," I answered, licking my lips suggestively.

"This is Andy," Dave told me as his hand, very surprisingly, re-appeared on my exposed thigh and did indeed slide just a little up inside my skirt..

"Hi Andy. I'm Mandi." I giggled at the rhyme.

"I hope you don't plan on stealing him away from me," replied Andy.

"No way."

Dave butted in. "Sorry, Andy, I was just waiting for you when I saw this totally gorgeous creature waiting alone at the bar. I thought she was a les, and I was trying to help her. But then, hell Andy, you've got to admit. She's just fucking gorgeous, I just couldn't resist!"

"She's definitely the hottest thing in here tonight, man or woman" Andy said to Dave. And he sat down on the other side of me, and slid his own hand onto my other thigh.

"You have no idea, baby," I replied as I moved my own left hand from my side and placed it on Andy's own thigh. And felt his cock! Hell, I was stroking the two of them!.

"Do you two feel like getting out of here?" asked Andy. "We can go back to my place for another drink or two."

"Sure" I said. "After this."

And I swivelled round towards Andy and, just as I had done a few minutes earlier to his boyfriend, pressed my lips to his and thrust my tongue into his mouth. We separated, he just stared at me.

"Hell, Dave, no offence meant baby but I've been missing out on something - I don't know what - for the past seven years."

"Well guys," I muttered, quietly and sexily. "Let's all go and find out, shall we?"

So the two gay men walked me out of there, one of my arms in each of theirs. As we approached the door I saw Jessica, coming out of a side room, in something of a state of disarray. And the man she was leading was even more dishevelled. She saw me, then she saw Dave and Andy. She didn't exactly smile, she just looked shocked. As we passed her and her guy I just heard her whisper to me 'Way to go sister!"

I felt wonderful. As all three of us strolled out into the night air and along the street through the weekend revellers, I was feeling incredibly lucky to be accompanied by not one but a couple of sexy men that night. I was also, after two disappointments in that department, feeling incredibly horny. My mouth was hungry and to my surprise so was my arse. We walked out towards where my car was parked. I wondered whether I was fit to drive, I'd consumed quite a large volume of alcohol that evening and really didn't want to risk it. But I needn't have worried. My two escorts just carried on walking past my car, encouraging me along.

We arrived at the front door of a neat little 'town house' within two minutes! I knew there was potential trouble ahead, but though I wasn't totally drunk, the combined drinks of the evening had most definitely clouded my judgement. Hell, I'd walked through Brum in the company of two gay guys, a couple indeed, who thought I was a woman! And I'd loved every second of it. As soon as we were through the front door Andy dashed to the loo, I took the opportunity to fling my arms round Dave's neck and stare into his eyes. It didn't take long, within seconds we were all over each other, tonguing each other's mouths and rubbing our hands all over each other's bodies.

Eventually I had to come up for air. "Well, Dave, tell me. If you're both gay, what's the attraction?"

He pressed his lips to mine once more, and I shivered as I felt his hand slide up inside my skirt and begin to fondle my arse.

"Oh God, Dave! That's incredible!" It became even more so as I felt his finger trace the thin string of my thong and slowly begin to insert itself, just gently at first and then further, into my arse-hole.

"Oh hell, Dave!"

"Hey, you, what are you doing to my girlfriend?"

It was Andy, fresh from his peeing, walking towards us - grinning, and with a very large cock sticking straight out of his jeans.

"Well, Mandi. You know how some straight men maybe fantasise about some sort of gay action, well, it's similar with me and Andy. We have our own fantasies, about the two of us together with someone. And to be honest, when I saw the way Andy was looking at you this evening, you really are an incredibly sexy woman, well, I knew we had to try to pull you."

"Didn't have to try very hard, did you?" I joked, amazed at Dave's confession as well as the size of Andy's erection.

I didn't want to take long though, I was feeling a little more secure after they'd been honest with me. The two guys were clearly into all sorts of stuff, I just hoped they wouldn't be too disappointed when the truth was eventually revealed. But I needed more fun first!

We made our way into the bedroom and I dropped to my knees and began unbuckling Dave's jeans as Andy looked on, rubbing himself and swelling even more. I slid his pants and jeans down together and surrounded my prize with my watering mouth. I bent my head toward his luscious cock and took the head between my lips. As I rolled my tongue around and around it I massaged his arse. I could hear him groan as I began bobbing my head up and down his shaft.

As I continued sucking on this beautiful cock I felt another pair of hands on me. Dave had begun caressing my body, from my breasts all the way down to my own arse. I was incredibly horny and my arse really was craving a cock. I pulled my mouth off Dave's cock just long enough to moan the words "I need my arse fucked."

"Oh yes, Mandi! Now you're talking our language!"

The three of us then moved over to the bed and I allowed them to undress me, to take off my top and my skirt, and to revel in the sight of my skimpy silky thong. I turned round and slid it down, and looked at each of their faces as they both stared open-mouthed at my released and rising cock.

"OK boys, now. You're the experts here. Who does what, which way up, and to whom?"


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