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Miracle Mile

by Jennifer White


I was walking through Grant Park on a crisp cool autumn day. I was trying to loose some weight, and I took an hour long walk every day. Today was Saturday, so I was going to stay out for a little while longer than normal. But the daylight was dying, and I turned to head towards home.

As I pivoted, I saw something shiny lying on the ground. I reached down and picked it up. It was a pretty gold bracelet, with a fiery color from the reddening light. Almost without thinking, I slipped it into my pocket and continued on with my walk. I smiled at all of the girls, but they ignored me as usual. If I had a girlfriend, I could give her the bracelet. Perhaps I'd get lucky and find someone soon.

* * *


When I got home, I took off my wind breaker. I was surprised to see that the bracelet was on my left wrist. It must have slipped over my hand when I held it in the pocket to keep warn. Once the sun went down, it got chilly in a hurry in Chicago, with all the wind.

I went to pull it off, but it was stuck. I couldn't get it over my wrist. Oh well, I might be swollen from all the walking. Or it might be somewhat contracted because of the cold. I'd take a warm bath in the morning, and get it off then.

I went about my normal nightly routine, and went to bed after watching SNL.

* * *


On Sunday morning, I awoke at 8:30am. I normally slept in a bit on the weekends, instead of getting up at 6:30 like I did on work days. I poured my bowl of cereal, and went to the front porch to pick up my copy of the Sunday Chicago Tribune. I was holding my coffee cup in my left hand, and the paper in the right hand, reading the headlines.

I went back to the kitchenette in my apartment, and read the paper while I ate. I drank up the milk at the bottom of the bowl, and went to put it into the sink. That's when I noticed. Something was wrong with my left hand!

It just didn't look right. After a few moments, I realized what the problem was. The hair. All of the hair on my left hand was gone. Well actually not gone. There *were* a few very fine ones there, but they were not visible unless you looked very closely. And I could have sworn that the fingers were somewhat smaller than my right hand.

It must be some allergic reaction to the bracelet. I went about trying to take it off. But nothing would work! I took my hot bath, hoping the heat would expand the soft gold. But no luck. I tried pulling it off, but no luck. I used some Crisco shortening to act like grease, but all that did was get me all messy. I hated to do it, but I used pliers next. But that didn't work, and to my amazement, they didn't at all mar the flawless surface of the gold.

Next, I got out my hacksaw, which was designed to cut metal. I had cut off a steel screw from the wall the other day in fact. But when I pulled the blade carefully back and forth across the surface of the bracelet (so as to not catch my skin!), it didn't catch to start a groove. I felt frustrated!

I used the vice on the workbench to hold the bracelet still, and tried the hacksaw again. The blade broke! It snapped! What was going on? I could cut steel with the saw, but not gold? I was thinking about what to do next, when I remembered that I was going to be late if I didn't hurry out the door now. I was meeting friends before the Bears game.

I got dressed, and wore a long-sleeved jersey, so that the pretty feminine bracelet on my left hand wouldn't show. I walked out the door, and headed to the bar to meet my friends.

* * *


On Monday morning, I awoke with a hangover. When was I going to learn not to start trying to keep up with them when they slammed beers after the game? I groaned and headed into the shower, my eyes bleary.

I let the hot water run all over me, and it felt soothing. I washed my hair, then soaped up. After rinsing off, I dried myself, then got dressed. It was when I was tying up my tie that I noticed. My hand!

Yesterday, my hand had looked strange. Today, it was transformed! It was definitely smaller than my right hand now, with thin elegant fingers instead of my large stubby fingers. But that wasn't the worst: my fingernails were long and oval, smooth an even, as if professionally manicured. I gasped. Was that pale pink nail polish on them? Impossible!

I ran to the bathroom, and took some rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball. It *was* nail polish! On me! I took off my tie, then my blue striped shirt, so I wouldn't get any of the alcohol (or the nail polish I was removing) on it. I cleaned off my nails as best I could, then got the clippers out to trim them down.

While I was doing this, I noticed my forearm: from the elbow to the wrist, I had no hairs left, except a few fine tiny thin ones. No! Just like my hand yesterday!

I reeled. Somehow, overnight, my hand had changed to look like the hand of a woman. And now my left forearm was showing the same symptoms. Would it change overnight too? I looked at it careful, and it seemed smaller than my right forearm already. No! This was terrible!

I had to rush to get dressed again so I could make work on time. I had on my long sleeve shirt and a jacket, so my arms wouldn't be visible. I wore gloves when I took the CTA, so nobody could see my hand. Once in the office, I kept the door closed. When I did have to meet with someone, I kept my left hand below my desk, so they couldn't see it.


I got by the day without being discovered. I went home, and tried like hell to get the bracelet off. All this started when I put it on. I had to get it off! But nothing I tried worked. I thought of getting a blowtorch, but that would char my hand, so that wasn't an option. But I was desperate enough to think of going to that extreme.

Frustrated, I went to bed frightened. What would happen to my arm in the morning?

* * *


Tuesday morning. My fear was confirmed. When I got out of bed and took off my PJs, I looked in the mirror at my arms. My right arm was strong and muscular. A manly arm. But my left! The hand was soft and delicate, with smooth skin and long fingernails painted a soft pink color. They went back that way again overnight! My left forearm was slender, considerably smaller than my right one. I looked like a woman from the elbow on out on the left side. I looked at my upper arm. I could already see that it was changing too. The skill was considerably rougher there, but it wasn't as rough as the other arm. And it looked smaller too, including my left shoulder.

What was going on? How could I stop this? I had an early meeting, so I had to get to work. I would have to worry about this later. I got dressed up, and used the same techniques to hide my deformities from everyone. What would they say if they say that I had a girlish arm?


After work, I tried a dozen other schemes to get the bracelet off, but nothing worked. I called around trying to find a jeweler's saw (one of those little rotating ones they used to cut off rings) so I could get the damn thing off. But they were hard to come by. I finally found a place, but they were in the northern suburbs, and they were closing at 8pm. So I would have to wait another day to get there and buy it.

* * *


Wednesday was no better. My whole arm looked like a girl's arm now! And my shoulder! It was so much smaller than the right one! I used a towel, which I put under my shirt to hide the smallness of the left shoulder and arm.

It didn't look to bad in the mirror, so I was able to get into work just fine without being caught. Again, I kept my door shut, and I tried my best not to let anyone see me like this. I thought that work would never end!

When I was done, I took the CTA red line north to the Howard station, then the Skokie Swift out to Skokie, which lies in the northern suburbs. After a transfer, it was a short bus ride away to the store. I bought the saw, trying to duck the questions as to why I would want one.

I rode back, and was relieved when I got to the safety of my apartment. I took it out of the box, read the directions, and went to work.

The little circular blade whirred around at a high speed, giving off a high pitched whine. I moved it closer and closer, until it touched the metal. The sound was like the shrieking of metal on metal, when the subway brakes when going into a corner at high speed. I could feel small bits of metal pelting my wrist. I pushed harder and harder, then pulled back the saw to see the progress.



Not one dent! I looked at the saw. The fine teeth of the blade were all ground flat! There was nothing left but a circle of metal! What the hell was the bracelet made out of? I stared at it, looking at the glimmer of the gold in the light. It looked so pretty there on my wrist. How could I think of harming it? It was so delightful to look at, as the light glinted merrily off of it at different angles.

I just stared at it for quite a while, then decided to go to bed.

* * *


When I awoke, it was Thursday morning. I ran to the mirror to see what had happened to me overnight. It was my right shoulder. It was now small like the left one, and looked funny with a manly arm extending from it. An arm where the skin from the shoulder to the elbow was changing. It was going to become like the other one.

I dressed for work, and prayed for this to stop. But I knew in my heart that it wouldn't.


Friday my lower arm transformed, and my hand too. This was a turn for the worse. Not only was my gradual transformation still going on, it was getting faster! I just didn't know what to do. I decided to take the day off, and try to visit some of those stores on the South Side where people who claimed to be fortune tellers ran their businesses.

I went from store to store, but they were all phonies. My 'fortune' at all of them was different, and not a single one of them could tell what was happening to me. I must have tried twenty of them, paying good money each time for nothing.

Frustrated, I went home. Before going to bed, I looked at my body for signs of what was to come next. It was going to be my upper legs. The skin had changed already.

* * *


Now it was Saturday, a week since I had first found the bracelet. The mirror in the morning confirmed to me my new upper legs. They were just like those of a woman, fit and muscular, but not large and bulky like my old ones. Instead, they were smaller, thinner and.....graceful.

I looked down, and I could see that my lower legs were next. Sunday morning found them completely transformed, as well as my feet, which were now little tiny things! I couldn't wear any of my shoes without putting on several pairs of socks. And even then, they were way too loose. I went to a local shop to get some new sneakers. I picked one where I knew they had poor service, and tried on several pairs. But none of the men's shoes fit me, so I had had to get a pair of women's shoes. They had pink trim, but I didn't really care. I just wanted to get them, and get out of there! I didn't want to try on a boy's size, because I would attract too much attention over there. They watched that section closer, to keep theft down. I just ran to the register, and checked out.

I stared at myself naked in the mirror for what must have been hours. I just could not believe it. From my butt down, I had womanly legs. They would look hot if I wore pantyhose. I imagined a skirt wrapping around them.

No! Stop it! I'm not going to dress like a girl! I needed women's shoes now, but that was just because of my size. But that was it! I wasn't going to go any further.

I looked at myself, trying to figure out what would happen next. The fact that I had much less hair on my belly than normal told me what was in store for me.

* * *


I called in sick on Monday morning when I looked in the mirror. My tummy had transformed over night, and not only did it now have smooth skin, but it was so much smaller! With my little legs and my little tummy, but my normal body in between, it made it look like I had curves! Feminine curves! No! I couldn't go outside of the house now. I would look like a girl, no matter what I wore. I was too depressed to even go through the routine of cutting my long fingernails. I just left them as they were. They did look pretty, especially when I looked at them and the bracelet.

I admired it's perfect form, it's color, its shape. I caressed it, and stared at it for hours.


I awoke, and found that I had napped for a few hours. I was hungry, so I got up to walk to the kitchen. As soon as I stood up, I knew something was wrong. It was my balance. I went to the mirror as fast as I dared, and stared at my self. Oh no!

As I slept, my hips and my butt had completely transformed. I still have my manhood between my legs, but my hips now had the wide, flat shape that a woman did. And I had just the cutest little butt! It would look wonderful in a skirt. I felt such an urge to go out right away and get one!

No! No way. Not me! I pulled on sweat pants, and went to the kitchen. Nothing looked good, so I considered going out shopping for some food. But no, the urge I had just felt to wear a skirt scared me. I didn't trust myself to go out.

I was also very upset because it was the second transformation for the day. So it wasn't just every day that caused me to transform, it was sleep. I vowed to stay awake all the time! I would never sleep again!

* * *


Well, that wasn't the best idea. I stayed up very late on Monday night, but then I eventually did fall asleep. I awoke at 10:00am, and stared at my new pretty face in the mirror. This wasn't me! It was some girl! I could go outside now, and anyone passing me on the street would think I was a girl, because of my new face!

I just stared and stared. This couldn't be me! No! I wasn't a girl! This wasn't happening! No! Oh, and did I mention my hair? My head was now covered with a thick mane of golden hair. It fell down below my shoulder, making me shiver as it rubbed against me. It was so soft, so full, so pretty.

No! Stop thinking that! I hated it! I hated it!

I started crying, and actually cried myself to sleep, I was so tired.

* * *


I woke up, and it was afternoon. I stood up to go get a drink of water, and the moment I moved, I felt it. A bounce. On my chest. Oh god no! I had breasts.

I ran to the mirror, and felt them bounce with every step. I had a big pair, sticking out in front of me, leading the way. The nipples were so big! The rings around them too! And the breasts themselves! They were just....big. Based on the girls I had dated, I guessed that they were 36D, or bigger!

I cupped my hands over them, and just could not believe it was true. I felt a tingle between my legs. I looked down, and I was shocked. I could actually *see* it starting to happen. It started slowly at first, then gained speed. My male parts were pulling back up inside of me! No! Stop!

I reached down to touch it, but it was gone. In its place was a small mound with a warm wet slit. My finger penetrated the slit, and I moaned as I accidentally made contact with my sensitive clitoris.

I went to the bedroom, laid on my back and explored. It wasn't long before I found my "special places", and touched them in different ways until I came and came and came. I couldn't help it: I moaned and squealed with delight.

I wanted to go on with this all day, but it got really sensitive, and I was almost laughing since it felt so ticklish to even the lightest touch. I carefully pulled my finger out, and let out a squeal as my ultra-sensitive genitals felt the finger brush by.


I went to take a shower to clean up. Then I dried off, and went to get dressed. I looked at all of my clothes, but I didn't have a thing to wear. I grabbed a jogging outfit that looked decent, and headed out to Michigan Avenue. The Miracle Mile.

* * *


"First, I need a bra" I thought to myself. I couldn't have these things bouncing like this. I needed some support. So I started at Nordies. I found the lingerie section, and went to shopping. There were so many different kinds of bras available these days! I had a young woman measure me, to be sure of my size.

"My current bra feels wrong" I lied. "I want to get fitted again. I think I've grown a bit". well, at least that second part was pretty much true.

My guess had been close, it turned out that I was a 38D, not a 36. I guess I just knew breasts! I found several bras, and also couldn't get out of there without a couple of sets of panties, and a silky nightie to boot. I wandered through a few of the other departments, and found some things on sale. I got a black skirt that was 40% off, and a cute little lacy top. Also, I got a pair of black wedges, that were good enough to wear in a formal setting, but great for casual use too.

I went back out on the street, and headed over to the Nike Store. I wasn't done with bras yet. I found a couple of good sports bras there, and a jogging top. I got the cutest little tennis outfit too, and it even had a built in bra! I didn't know they had such a thing these days.

I also got another good pair of running shoes, then headed back home with my first load. I put on one of the bras, and it felt so....right when I closed the clasps and let the strap snap against my back. I admired myself in the mirror.

I put on the skirt (I had been right before, my butt really looked cute in a skirt!) and the top. Along with the wedges on my feet, I was ready for round two. I went back out, and gaped at the shoes I saw in the window. I just had to have them!

I ended up buying four pairs of shoes, three with various sized heels, and a white sandal. I also found a cute little purse which I slung over my shoulder. I carried my bag over to The Gap, where I bought some bell bottom jeans, several tops, tank shirts, and a skirt.

I was too full, and had to drop off that load. In fact, I made three more trips before I felt satisfied at my collection of clothes, makeup, and accessories. I threw the old male clothes out of my closet, and put them in trash bags to give to the poor.

I replaced them with all of the cool new women's clothes I had found today. I wondered how close I was getting to my Visa limit. Perhaps I had better switch to my Discover card. I had a lot more shopping to do! My closet had barely anything in it, and I hadn't even found a thing to wear to work yet. I needed some business suits with appropriate length skirts. I needed formal wear! I needed more of everything.

And I sighed. My apartment looked so awful. It took a trip to Crate and Barrel, then to a few art stores and a florist before I felt even the slightest bit comfortable with the decor. It was going to take some time to fix up. It was too much a 'guy' place, and that made me feel uncomfortable.

* * *


The next day, I was putting on my lipstick, admiring my just shaved legs in the silk stockings, and how they rose seductively into the depths of my black skirt. My thin waste gave me the classic "hourglass" shape. My large bosom was so sweet! I picked out a top that showed off some of my cleavage. Flaunt it if you've got it!

I was admiring myself, when there was a knock on the door. I went and opened it.

"Uh hello Miss. I was looking for Tim. This is his place isn't it?"

"Hi there Simon" I said in my soft sweet high pitched voice.

"Um, I don't remember meeting you...."

"Tawny" I said.

"I'm sorry Tawny. I'm sure I would remember you."

"Why don't you come in?" I said. He didn't need much encouragement. I led him to the couch.

"Are you Tim's girlfriend?" he said, gaping at me.

"Do you like this outfit?" I asked, "or do you think that this skirt would go better?" I held out one with a much shorter hemline. He nodded, so I changed, right there in front of him.

"Better?" I asked.

"Yes!" he blurted out.

I walked over to him, and put my long leg over his. I walked up so that I was straddling him, and sat down. I could feel him getting hard.

"Do you want me?" I asked. I was wet already.


When Simon left, smelling of my perfume, I was so happy. He was a wonderful lover, and I knew he would be back tomorrow. I had told him to be there.

* * *


That night, I went out for a drink. I walked along Michigan Avenue, wearing the same outfit with the short skirt that Simon had liked. I felt sexy and hot. Who knows, perhaps I'd get lucky at the bar.

As I walked along, I had an itch on my arm. I scratched it with my long nails, which I had painted a dark red color. That was when I noticed. I was missing my bracelet!

I turned around, and saw a young man coming towards me.

"Miss, Miss! You dropped this on the last block" he said.

I looked at him, and he had the bracelet on his wrist.

"Um, it seems to be stuck. I didn't mean to put it on, it just kind of slipped on. Help me get it off!" he said, suddenly alarmed that he was wearing a woman's bracelet.

"Don't worry, you can keep. I'm done with it" I said. I strutted off into the night, and I could feel his stare as he looked at my butt. I wondered if he'd feel as wonderful as I did when he started wearing skirts in a few days. I smiled.

I had told him that I was done with the bracelet, but really, it was done with me. There was nothing left of the old me to transform. I was a woman in every way now. I stopped to look in the windows at the jewelry store. I hoped that Tim would buy me a big ring when he proposed to me. I had him hooked, and it wouldn't be long before I made him propose.

I sighed. I looked forward to being a mommy. We would keep trying until I became pregnant. I hoped it would be a girl. Just like me.




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