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Mind Your Manners

by Jennifer White


Terri was so impressed with her friend Myra's husband Frank. Unlike her own husband, he was well mannered. He was nice enough not only to offer her a drink when she arrived at their house, but to refill it as soon as she needed more.

And he did the cooking! And he not only cleared the dishes after they ate, but he washed them too while the girls chatted. After they went to the livingroom to talk, he didn't just stare at the TV, insisting that he had to watch some stupid ball game (like her husband Chuck always did). Instead, Frank listened intently as they talked, sometimes throwing in an interesting point, but never being loud, and never trying to dominate the conversation.


"I wish my Chuck was as perfect as your Frank is" said Terri to her friend as she prepared to leave.

"Maybe next time Chuck can come too" replied Myra.

"Not much chance of that. If I set up something with my friends, he'll never want to go."

"I'm sorry to hear that" said Myra. "See you Wednesday for tennis?"

"Sounds good" replied Terri, smiling as she left her friend's house. As she drove home, all she could think of was how Frank appeared to be everything she had always wished for on a husband. Unlike Chuck, who was drifting further and further from her ideal vision, even as their relationship got colder and colder.


* * *


But about a week later, Terri's image of Frank as the perfect husband was shattered. Terri was shopping in her favorite department store. She was looking for something exciting to go with her new dress, which she planned to wear to her cousin's wedding next month. Something fun and sexy that would turn Frank on, so that they might at least have one night of decent lovemaking. And so she was looking for just the right sexy lacy things for herself.

She turned the corner towards the next rack, and what did she see? Frank! He was by a display counter, holding up a cute little negligee. Terri thought it was so sweet that he was buying something like that for his wife. But then she heard him speak.

"Do you have this in an extra large? This was the only size you had on the floor."


Extra large? Myra was a tiny thing. She needed *small*. So he wasn't buying for her after all. Terri spied the packages of nylons and the bras he had piled on the counter. These weren't things a man bought for someone who he wasn't involved with. There was only one possible explanation: Frank was having an affair.

As Myra's friend, Terri felt that it was her duty to tell her about this terrible discovery. And this wasn't the kind of thing you did by phone. Plus, Frank would have the evidence on him. There was only one thing to do: go there right away and tell her.



Terri looked her friend Myra in the eye, and told her that she had some disturbing news. They were on the couch in the livingroom, while Frank was upstairs in his room. Terri used a hushed voice, so he wouldn't hear them talking.

"I think that Frank is keeping something from you" she said.

Terri proceeded to tell Myra what she saw and heard at the department store.

"I think he's having an affair. Why else would he buy extra large lingerie, when you're such a little thing?"


"Terri" said Myra, holding out her hand to touch her friend on the arm, "I really appreciate you trying to help me like this, but it is not necessary."

"Denying it won't make it go away" said Terri, who was defensive of her friend. She didn't want to see Frank hurt her. "This is something you're going to have to confront him about."

Myra smiled.

"It's not what you think. Look. Can you handle a secret?"

"Yes" said Terri.

"Good. Because I'm going to show you something."

Terri nodded. Her curiosity was quite intense. How could Myra take the news so easily? Men didn't shop for lingerie for their wives, without having their arms twisted. He was shopping for someone *else*, someone that wasn't Myra. But she took the news as if Terri had just told her that she saw him shopping for a lawnmower! Terri was literally on the edge of her seat, waiting to find out what was going on.


"Francine, bring us tea" said Myra loudly. "Now!"

Terri never heard her use such a demanding and authoritative tone before. And who was Francine? A niece of hers? A friend? She had never spoken of a Francine before. Terri heard the sound of high heels clicking on a wooden floor, approaching the room. She was about to meet Francine.


Terri looked up, and her stomach twisted into a knot. She felt an inner shock, as if she had just been dropped ten floors. Before her stood Francine, wearing a French Maid outfit, all frilly and lacy, with an extremely short skirt and a white apron. Francine wore black fishnet stockings, and shoes with six inch heels, and a lacy maid's cap. Francine's face had too much makeup. Her long nails were painted a very bright color of red. She stood at attention, facing Myra, as if she was a lowly slave in the service of a queen, afraid that the slightest misstep would result in torture, or worse.

But that wasn't what caused the shock: the shock came from the fact that Francine was really Frank.


Myra's husband was dressed as a woman! He had some kind of fake boobs, that made it look like he was stacked. He had on a wig! Makeup! Jewelry! And he was serving them tea! 'Francine' put down the tray on the table in front of them. Then he smiled at Myra, and curtsied. He curtsied!

Terri shook her head in disbelief.

"Is there anything else Madam?" asked Frank, in a voice that was trying to sound feminine.

"No Francine. You may return to cleaning the bathroom."

"Thank you Madam" he said, turning to go.

Terri watched as he walked off, taking tight little steps, and swinging his hips as he moved.


"Well, what do you think?" said Myra, taking a sip of her tea.

She was so calm! It was as if she had just shown a picture of a baby niece, or a new puppy. She was acting as if it was ordinary to show a girlfriend your husband dressed up as a woman, serving you as a maid.


"I don't know what to say" replied Terri, who was still in shock.

"You complimented me before on how wonderful my husband is" started Myra. "He is that way today, but he wasn't always. When we first started off, we had the usual problems. You know how it is. You think you can get him to change some of his bad habits. Get him to dress better. Get him to stop hanging out with his buddies all the time. Get him a better haircut."

Terri nodded. Most every woman hoped to improve her husband after they got married.


"But as with most men, Frank was very resistant to my suggestions. I'd buy him a nice shirt, and he'd never wear it. I'd try to suggest we go out with some of my friends, but he'd say he already had plans to hang out with the guys. Without me of course."

Terri nodded again. That wasn't too different from her relationship with Chuck.


"I could have lived with that. Most women do. But then I caught him cheating. With a secretary from work no less! I threatened to divorce him, but he pleaded with me. He said he loved me, and that he'd change. We went to counseling together. He seemed to make a real go of it, and things were better, for a while at least."

Terri could see so much of herself in Myra's problems. All of this had happened before she had met Myra. Terri had only known Frank as a nice, supportive, wonderful husband. She couldn't believe that the same man had once cheated on her.

"So the counseling changed him?" said Terri.

"No, far from it" replied Myra, taking another sip of her tea. "It just made him learn how to hide things from me. It was less than a year later that I picked up the phone to make a call, and heard him talking in whispered tones to a woman. They were making plans to hook up the next night. He told me he was going out with the guys, but now I knew he was cheating on me again. I cried for days."

"I'm so sorry" said Terri, putting her hand on Myra's.

Myra nodded. Even now, there was a tear in her eye.


"I was lost. I was ready to end our marriage, and face life as a single, middle-aged woman. But in my darkest hour, I found help from an unlikely source."

"From who?" said Terri.

"A wonderful woman. Ayla."

"Ayla? What an unusual name" said Terri.

"Yes" replied Myra. "She was the friend of a friend, and I met her at a candle party, almost by accident. We were drinking wine, and I guess I started to talk about Frank, and I said more than I had intended to about him. Next thing I know, she's offering to help me. Well, I was skeptical at first. But she showed me a few of her previous projects."

"She does this to other men?"

"All the time. She knows true hypnotism. Not the carnival stuff. We're talking real control of a person's mind. She can alter a personality. Permanently. As she did with Frank."


Terri was speechless. For a woman who really liked to talk, that was a rare occurrence!

"I thought it was too far out. To weird" continued Myra. "I was kind of disgusted seeing men dressing up as women, pretending to be female. But I changed my mind."

"Why?" asked Terri, who was pretty shocked herself at what she had seen.

"I talked to the women who's husbands had been feminized."

"What did they say?"

"They all *loved* it" said Myra. "Imagine having a man who cares so much about you, adores you so much, that he's willing to do *anything* you want. Imagine a man who does *exactly* what you want, all the time. Whether in bed, shopping with you, helping clean the house, *anything*. In fact, Frank is happiest when he is dressed up as the maid, working around the house. I don't have to lift a finger if I don't want to."

"But he seemed so wonderful, so normal when I've met him" said Terri.

"That is because I've ordered him to act like a man when I allow him to dress up in male clothes. But on the inside, he thinks of hmself as a woman now. And those female behaviors make him a perfect man. He is attentive, and listens to what I'm saying. We don't have those typical male/female arguments anymore. He's like having a close girlfriend, who happens to be properly equipped when we're in bed."


Terri was still stunned, trying to take it all in. Her head was spinning. Frank had been transformed into a woman on the inside by Myra's friend Ayla. And that made him the perfect man.


"Now from what you've told me about Chuck, I think he could use a dose of Ayla."

"I don't know..." said Terri.

"You want to get back at him, don't you? Make sure he never cheats on you again? How would you like to make him your personal slave? She can do all that, and more."

"Can't I have her just reprogram him to be faithful to me?"

"It doesn't work that way. I asked her the same thing. No, in order to tame his inner man, she needs to turn him into a woman. Once he is female on the inside, then the sky is the limit."

"But I don't like the idea of even thinking of a woman as a slave. That is so middle-ages."

"I agree" said Myra. "Look at it this way: he will be a slave to you, because you are everything he will long to be. With all his heart, he will wish that he had a pussy. And boobs. Because *you* are a woman, that makes you the ideal to him. The very image of perfection. He can't help *but* to worship you. And he will want to serve you, because you are everything he wishes he could be. So it isn't slavery; it is hero worship."

"Wow" said Terri. "That's a lot to think about."

"I know" replied Myra reassuringly. "Take a few days. Think it over. Or better yet, when your husband comes in tonight late, drunk and messy, imagine that he had been home with you all night, cooking for you, doing the wash, watching a movie, devoting his entire self to only *you*."



* * *


Two days later, Terri called Myra on the phone.

"Honey, can you give me Ayla's phone number?" she said.

"Sure. Can I ask what changed your mind?"

"I found a receipt for Tiffany's in his bag. But the present wasn't for me."

Terri couldn't hold back the tears. In spite of his promises, Chuck was cheating on her. Again.


After she calmed herself, she called Ayla. They met the next day at a little coffee house, where they discussed their plain over lattes and biscotti.


"So I will learn how to put him under hypnosis" said Terri. "Then you will show up, and start to reprogram him?"

"Exactly" said Ayla. She had a slight accent that Terri couldn't quite place. It just made her seem all the more exotic. She was dark haired, with the darkest eyes that Terri had ever seen. Ayla was striking in her beauty. Who would have guessed that such a small woman would possess so much power!

"I can't wait" said Terri.

"Soon, he will be your girlfriend. Not some pig-headed man" replied Ayla, who then started to discuss the basics of what Terri would need to do to put her husband into a suitable trance. Then she could come in, put him in deeper, and start her work.


* * *


It took two weeks of training for Terri to reach a level of proficiency in her techniques, that she would be able to mesmerize Chuck enough to put him under. If worst came to worst, she could use drugs on him to zonk him out. But Ayla said the results were better if his mind was unclouded. So she worked hard to learn.

One day when Chuck came home from work, she was very nice to him. She had a nice dinner ready, and afterwards, she sat him down in his favorite chair, and started to rub his shoulders and back. Soon, he was nice and relaxed. A perfect state for her to start.

Terri walked around to the front, and sat on Chuck's lap. She was looking deep into his eyes. She was blocking the TV, so he had no choice but to look deep into hers. The first time would be the hardest, and she had to rely on all of the things she had learned from Ayla. Little did Chuck realize it, but life as he knew it was almost over. As he started to fall under Terri's trance of total relaxation, he didn't hear Ayla come down the stairs into the livingroom. He didn't see her standing there, watching as Terri completed her work.

"He's ready" she said.

"You did well" replied Ayla. "He is in a first level trance. Go now. Shut the door. I will let you know when we are done for today."

Terri nodded, and left the room. She was full of curiosity as to what Ayla was doing, and in a way she wanted to watch it all. But then again, it might be a little scary, so she decided against that. She was too nervous to read a book, so she went to the basement to work out on the elliptical machine. She watched a movie as she worked out, and now the time flew.


It was about an hour and a half later when Ayla walked into the basement.

"I am done for today" she said. "He will sleep for a while, then wake up, only remembering watching the TV. He won't even notice that the time has gone by."

"Ayla, I'm curious. What exactly did you do to him?"

"That is something most women want to know. Without getting too technical, lets say that I started to build a second personality within him. A female personality."

Terri looked at Ayla in amazement.

"There are many cases where people have multiple personalities. For example, if a child is abused, they often pretend that it is happening to someone else. Given enough time, that 'someone else' within them starts to grow more and more, until they are a functioning personality unto themselves. The child then switches out of one personality, and into the other. Sometimes, one person might have many such inner personalities."

"Like Sibyl?" said Terri.

"Exactly!" replied Ayla.

"What will happen when he finds a second personality inside himself?"

"He won't. I'm keeping her very well hidden. I had to put him through a terrible inner trauma to induce her formation. If he goes near her in his brain, the trauma will keep him away. She is warm, safe, and cozy inside of him, although with just one session, she is very weak. She is only the framework of a personality."

"I see" said Terri.

"Now that you've put him under once, it will be much easier the next time. Soon, you'll be able to bring him under with just a word, as we discussed last week. Then I can cross the "firewall" I built between him and his new female personality. I'll build her up more and more in the weeks to come."

"Thank you" said Terri. "I just don't know what else to say!"

"That's all right" replied Ayla. "I'll see you tomorrow. Same time."

"What if he stays out all night?"

"He won't. He'll get scared if he doesn't come right home. Trust me."

"Okay" said Terri.

She watched Ayla leave, and she shook her head. It was hard to believe that all she was doing was really possible.


* * *


Over the next week, Ayla was a regular visitor to Terri's house. She would arrive before Chuck did, and wait for Terri to put him into his trance. She was right; with each session, it became easier and easier to mesmerize him. Now, all that Terri had to do was to say a key phrase that she had planted into his mind. When he heard the phrase, he would instantly relax, and his face would go blank. Now Ayla could do her work.

Naturally, Terri was curious about what was going on. Ayla was always glad to explain what she had just done to Chuck.


"Chuck's new female personality is in place. Now it is time to make her think that she is real."

"I don't understand" said Terri.

"I'm starting to give her memories. Soon, she will think that she has always been alive."

"But there are so many memories in my life! How could you have the time to program in a full life worth of memories?"

"What do you remember when you were one year old? At two? Three? Five?"

"I can't remember much. I think all that I know from back then comes from things my mom and my sisters have told me."

"Exactly. So the early years are a wash. All I have to do is to put in major events that any child would remember. I'll add more details as we move forward in time, until when we get near the present, I'll program in a few full days, from dawn to dusk."

"So what did you program in today?"

"A birthday party. She will now have a vague fuzzy memory. All her friends were there, and their mothers. There was a big chocolate cake and ice cream. Her mom gave her a pretty blue and white gingham dress, which she just loved, and she wore until she outgrew it."

Terri nodded. That sounded reasonable.

"I've also put in memories of going to elementary school as a girl, wearing pretty clothes. Having her hair in a ponytail, but some mean smelly boy kept pulling it from behind, and teasing her. She hated him, just as she will learn to hate all boys. She will believe that only *women* are good. She will think that all men are bad. That will make her hate her own body. And make her worship yours."

"Wow" said Terri. She was very impressed with Ayla. In the coming days, she would be astounded.


* * *


Ayla continued to plant new memories into Chuck's head, in the female personality that was now forming. Memories of having her first period, and feeling proud that she was a woman now, instead of just a girl. Memories of her breasts budding, and getting to wear a training bra. And better yet, a real bra once her boobs started to fill out.

The female personality within Chuck could now remember being asked to the prom by a handsome football player. She was picked up in a limo, given the prettiest bouquet you've ever seen, and taken for a wonderful romantic dance. After the prom, they made out, and the boy almost got her to go all the way, if it wasn't for the fact that she disliked males so much. They just wanted to use her for sex. That was all they thought she was good for. So although her body wanted the boy, her mind said 'no'.

Ayla planted memories of going to college, and living in the coed dorm. Getting her hair dyed blonde, even though it shocked and upset her mother. Getting her ears pierced, and a tattoo on the small of her back. Going to class in a tight black skirt, and being proud because all of the guys stared at her as she made a fuss about sitting down. Soon, she had them offering to carry her books for her, and asking her out every weekend.

Now Ayla went back in time, to when she was a schoolgirl. She created memories of being on the girl's volleyball team, and wearing the tight sweater and the short shorts that showed off her legs. Of course, a few boys always showed up to watch her play.

She created memories of going to camp for a week in the summer as a girl scout, and learning just how much fun she could have without any boys around. While she felt an attraction to boys, it was girls with whom she could really be herself, and truly have fun.

Memories were created of the long summers off from school. Laying on the beach in a yellow string bikini, and being so proud of her tan. Baby-sitting for extra money, so she could afford more of the cosmetics she so loved to wear. Learning to love pretty clothes, and starting to stay up on the latest styles. She learned to love to read Glamour and Cosmo every month, religiously.


* * *


"She needs a name" said Ayla one day, before she started her work on Chuck.

"A name?" asked Terri.

"Yes. When you speak to Chuck, you call him Chuck, Charlie, or whatever. By what name do you want to address *her*? Chuck isn't a woman's name, so we can't use that. Perhaps a female version of it?"

"How about.... Chantal?" asked Terri.

"Ah. A very pretty, ultrafeminine name. That will do nicely. When I get done with her today, she will think of herself as Chantal."

"How is she progressing?"

"Very well. She is getting stronger and stronger by the day. Soon, she will be ready for the next phase."

"And what is that?"

"I'm going to need more time with Chuck. Perhaps three to four hours at a shot. I'm going to lead him through living out a full day as Chantal. Implant memories of everything she does from the moment she wakes up, until the moment she goes to sleep. This is the most critical part. Just as you can remember more of what you did yesterday than you can a week ago, I need to make sure that her recent days are very detailed, and very full."

"I see" said Terri.


Ayla worked on the new personality within Chuck's mind. By the end of that day, the new personality thought of herself as Chantal. And by the end of the week, Chantal's mind held memories of what would be a typical day for her. She was growing stronger and stronger. It was time for the wall to come down.


* * *


"We need to integrate the two personalities" said Ayla. "When a patient has multiple personalities, they undergo a therapy where all the different personalities are subsumed into one. Some attributes of each end up in the final product. But it is important that the original, the *real* personality, stays as the dominant one. But we don't want that!"

"No" agreed Terri.

"I will start to being them together. But I will make *Chantal* the stronger of the two. *She* will be the one in control, as the 'Chuck' personality starts to fade away. He will erode bit by bit, until only she remains."

"This is *so* cool" said Terri.

"Now is the good part. You haven't seen any results yet. But now you will" said Ayla, with a big smile on her pretty little face. She went into the livingroom to do her work on Chuck for the day. He would never know what hit him.


* * *


It was Saturday, and Terri had been nagging Chuck that they needed to go shopping for new outfits for the Joanne Miller's wedding next month. He hated shopping of course, but she was so insistent. So he drove her to the mall (of course, she criticized his choice of routes, and the entrance he chose to use).

They went inside, and she immediately went to the sale racks, even though that wasn't what they were there to shop for. When Chuck went to a store, he liked to know what he needed, go in, buy it, and leave. Why did she have to look at *everything*, and waste so much time?

He sighed, as Terri held a sweater up to herself to see how it would fit. Chuck shook his head. He turned, and caught sight of a mannequin, with a black skirt and a bright green top.

"That's a cute outfit!" he heard a woman say. "You should buy that."


He turned to look around, but nobody was there except Terri. That certainly wasn't her voice he had just heard! Who could have said it?

"You'd look really cute in it" said the voice again.

Now Chuck thought he must be going crazy, literally. He was hearing voices. Or was this some new high-tech sales gadget that was talking because he was standing near the display? He edged away from it, just in case. He didn't realize that he was hearing Chantal in his head. She was still relatively weak compared to him. And saying those few words directly to him was too much, and she had to go back to rest and gather her strength.

Chuck didn't hear anything else from her, so he assumed all was well. He forgot about the voice, and went on with the drudgery of shopping with his wife.


* * *


A few days later, Chuck was walking into the bedroom, after taking his morning shower. He could hear Terri downstairs cooking breakfast. He was starting to put on his shirt, when he heard it again. The voice.

"The bed needs to be made" said the female voice.

It made him jump. She sounded so near to him! It was that same voice as before.

"Who are you?" he whispered.

She responded by laughing.

"Just make the bed" she said, as if it was Terri lecturing him. He didn't want to do it, caving in to her so easily, but he was afraid that she'd keep nagging him, which was even more frightening. So he made the bed, before hurrying to dress up.

"Those socks are dark blue. You need black ones with those pants" said the female voice in his head. He grunted, and took out the black ones. She was right of course; he would be wearing black shoes, and in the full light of day, the dark blue would show more than it did in the dimly lit bedroom. It just wouldn't look right to have black slacks, black dress shoes, and blue socks. Everyone would be staring at him, with such a fashion faux-pas.


Chuck went downstairs to breakfast, and thankfully, he didn't hear the voice anymore.

"Aw, you made the bed for me!" said Terri, as she went upstairs to dress up for her day. "That was so sweet of you!"

Chuck smiled. It was nice to hear her be nice to him for a change, instead of the constant nagging he usually got from her. Maybe this new voice wasn't so bad after all.


* * *


Chuck came home from work, ate dinner, and watched TV. He wondered how the time flew so fast. It had seemed like he had just sat down, and now it was 11:00. Time to get ready for bed. He went upstairs, and brushed his teeth. He put night cream on his face, and went to the bed, where Terri was watching TV, waiting for him.

"Why did you put on my night cream?" she said.

"I.... I mean...."

Chuck was flabbergasted. He hadn't thought about putting on the cream; he had just done it as if it was part of his normal routine. But he had never actually done it before. Putting cream on was something that Terri did. Something a *woman* would do. It chilled him to think that he had just done it automatically.

"That's all right" said Terri. "I was just teasing you."

Chuck looked at her. She seemed so beautiful, so perfect. He reached for her, and started to rub her shoulders. He knew she would like that, and he wanted so much to do something nice for her.


* * *


It alarmed Chuck that he was now hearing the female voice in his head every day. It seemed like she was there more and more of the time, always telling him what to do. He tried to ignore her, but she wouldn't go away. He had to admit though; on the occasions where he did heed her advice, it usually ended up pleasing Terri tremendously.

It was terrible to concede that some strange voice in his head knew what his wife wanted better than he did! Now and then, he'd give in and do what she suggested, but sometimes he'd resist, just to show her who was the boss.

However that only worked to a degree. Because every now and then, he'd do something that really scared himself. The night when he put on Terri's cream was just the start. Now, almost every day, it seemed that he'd do something that he had no memory of. Like today, when he went to use the men's room, and discovered that his underwear didn't have a fly. He had to use a stall, and discovered that he was wearing a pair of Terri's silky panties. How could he have put them on? And have not noticed them all day?

Or what about arriving at work, and realizing that he had one of Terri's bracelets on? He hadn't even realized he was wearing it until he was about to get out of the car. Fortunately, he caught it in time. What had he been thinking? Or more to the point: why *hadn't* he been thinking? And still, there was that voice.

He knew her name was Chantal now, but he didn't know how to get rid of her. He couldn't go to see a psychologist or anything. How was he going to walk into see some doctor, and say "Hi, I'm a man, but I'm hearing a woman's voice in my head, and she's making me do things". No, they'd think he was nuts, and throw him in the loony bin. And worse, they would think he was gay. He couldn't tell anyone about Chantal without risking the perceived loss of his manhood.

And so he told nobody, not even Terri. Chantal seemed to be growing stronger, and he felt so powerless, because there was nothing he could do. She would never listen to him, but on occasion, her advice *was* still helpful. She might suggest something to say to a female coworker, suggest a gift for Terri, remind him that it was Terri's mother's birthday, and that he should bring home a card for her. So in a way, she was like a personal assistant, and at least that part wasn't bad.


* * *


Terri had dragged Chuck out to go shopping again. She was digging through the clothes, looking for the perfect skirt to go with a new tank top she had ordered through the mail. Chuck was bored, and tired of hearing Chantal in his head suggesting which outfits he should buy for himself. There was no way he was going to buy a skirt for himself to wear, no matter what she said!

At long last, Terri was done. Chuck followed her up to the counter to pay for her purchase. He needed his wallet, so he put down the pink belt he was carrying, and reached into his back pocket to pull out his wallet. Wait! A pink belt? Why did he have that in his hands?

"If you won't put on a skirt" said Chantal, "then you need to accessorize!"

"I'm not wearing that! Don't try to make me dress up like a chick" hissed Chuck to her, in his mind. That just caused Chantal to break out in a fit of laughter, which was really annoying for him to hear. He quickly set the belt aside, so they wouldn't think that he was buying it.

But it was just one more incident where somehow *she* had made him do something, without him even being aware of it. It was true that his relationship with Terri seemed to be improving, as well as with his female coworkers (and Terri's girlfriends for that matter). With Chantal's guidance, he was saying and doing more of the right things, which made them think better of him, and act nicer to him.

But things were getting worse all the time in terms of him doing things without realizing it. The scariest was the day that he arrived at work, running a few minutes late. As usual, he checked his hair in the rearview mirror of his car before he got out. To his utter horror, he discovered that he was wearing lipstick!

It chilled him to the bone. Chantal had made him put on lipstick in the morning! And here he was, about to walk into his office, with a bright pink summer hue on his lips! He pulled a tissue out, and wiped it off as best he could. No matter how much he cleaned it, he felt as if there was still some on his face, and he was very self-conscious about it. Was everyone looking at him, as he walked into the office, holding his coffee cup? Did they see traces of lipstick on him? He looked up to see Janice, one of his coworkers. She was staring at him.

"Chuck" she said. "I see you took your wife's coffee cup this morning."

"Why.... why do you say that?" he responded nervously.

"Your cup has lipstick all over it, silly" she said, giggling.

"Oops" he replied, turning to get out of there. At least he had an excuse now though; if anyone said they saw lipstick on his face, he'd tell them he took Terri's coffee cup by mistake, and he must have got it from there. That made him feel better, although he wondered if everyone was staring at him.


That day, when he arrived home, he wanted to go for run to clear his head. He took off his suit and tie, and again, much to his horror, he discovered that not only was he wearing panties (as was usual now), but he also had on a bra! How could he have been in a bra all day, and not noticed it? He fumbled to take it off.

Chuck put on his running clothes, and hurried out the door. Running five miles was his favorite exercise, and some days he'd do ten, if he had the time. He ran along the tree lined avenue, and his eyes caught sight of the people walking or running the other way. It disturbed him that Chantal was commenting on each of them, and he wasn't able to clear his head. Instead, he heard her constant chatter.

"Those are cute shorts she has on" said Chantal, commenting on one woman. "But those shoes are so last year! I can't believe she's wearing them."

"Please be quiet" said Chuck.

"Mmmm. That guy over there is cute. I bet he's the quiet shy type."

"Shut up!" said Chuck.

"Now look at her hair. Bad hair day! That's what happens when you rush out without taking the time to take care of yourself. Tisk, tisk."

"Ugh!!!" said Chuck in disgust.

"Now that guy has a great bod" said Chantal, "But look at how he's dressed so bad. Does his mother still pick out his clothes? That's not a good sign. If he wants to meet girls, he should at least dress better."

"Why?" asked Chuck, curious as to what she'd say.

"If he isn't going to take the time to take care of himself, then how is he going to be capable of taking care of you? You don't want a guy like that. Plus, if he dresses like a slob, then his place is probably messy. You don't want a guy who wants you to be his maid. You want a guy who will be nice to you, and take care of you."

"I don't want *any* guy" said Chuck.

Again, Chantal laughed, which was quite disturbing. It was as if she knew something that he didn't. Chuck cut his run short, not wanting to hear any more of her commentary. He couldn't take checking out the guys as he ran! So he hustled home, and went upstairs to take a shower.

He took off his shorts, and then his T-shirt. His stomach turned, and he felt like puking when he noticed that underneath, he was wearing one of Terri's sportsbras. No! How could he have put that on? He had been so freaked out to discover that he was wearing one of her regular bras all day. How could he have put on a sportsbra, and not noticed? How could Chantal have grown that strong?


* * *


Chuck went downstairs to eat dinner, and watch the game on TV. It was another one of those nights that just flew by, where it seemed like he sat down, and bang!, it was already late. He didn't realize that he had just received yet another session with Ayla. His last session. She was tearing down what remained of the firewall between him, and the Chantal personality with him. He was now fully exposed to her.

That night, Chuck dreamed Chantal's dreams instead of his own. And in the morning, things took a turn for the worse. As he got in the shower, and let the hot water run all over him, he looked down to see himself covered with all that icky body hair. How could he have let his legs get all hairy like that?

He could remember being at girl scout camp, and how all the girls teased Betsy, because she hadn't shaved her legs like the rest of them. They had taunted her and teased her, until the councilor had to tell them to stop. But the girls were merciless, playing practical jokes on Betsy until she gave in and shaved her legs. Oh, that had been such a fun time!

No! Wait! That wasn't one of his memories! He hadn't been a little girl! He hadn't been a girl scout! That was a memory from Chantal! But it had seemed as if it was one of *his* memories. The line between him and her had somehow become blurred. Chuck felt confused.

It wasn't so much like he was hearing his voice and her voice now; it was more like one single voice. Yet somehow, that single voice was more *her* now, and less him. Even as he finished shaving his legs, he was wrestling with the strange things he was feeling.

"I really need to get a pedicure" he said out loud looking down at his toes. He wondered what color he should get for his nails. Perhaps a dark red? He could remember the first time he painted his toenails, and....


No! Stop it! That was *her* memories again! He was drying off with a towel, then cleaning the hair out of the drain. He went to the mirror, and inspected his now-hairless body. He went to put on his panties and bra, followed by a nice silky chemise. Oh how he wanted to wear a pretty skirt to work, but he was going to have to pretend to be a man when he went into the office.

It felt sad to put a *man's* suit on over his pretty panties. Maybe tomorrow he'd wear stockings and a garter belt underneath. That would be fun! Then when he got home, he could put on a dress, and he'd feel pretty.


Now Chuck went downstairs to get the coffee started. He turned on the stove, and started making an omelet. He knew that Terri liked onions, peppers, bacon and feta cheese in her omelets, so he started dicing up the veggies. Then he put down the toast, and poured a glass of orange juice.

Right on time, the omelet was done, and the toast popped up. He put them on a tray along with the OJ and the coffee, and he carried it upstairs.

"Your breakfast is ready" he said to Terri, setting it on the night stand. "I made your favorite."

"With bacon and feta?" said Terri, as she rubbed her eyes.

"Just as you like it" said Chuck.


Now he went downstairs to eat his own breakfast, before putting on some light makeup. He felt so naked without any on! He just did some light foundation, just a touch of powder on the cheeks, and a very transparent lipgloss. He longed to do his eyes, but that would be too much.

Tisk, tisk. His hair wasn't long enough to do much with it. But that would change over time. He'd let it grow out, like he had when he was a girl. Then he could make it look full and pretty. He looked longingly at the can of hairspray and the blow drier on Terri's side of the counter. He'd need those for himself soon.


Now it was on to work. It was hard to pretend to be a man all day! He wanted to hang out with the girls, and wear pretty clothes like they did. How awful to be stuck in those dull slacks, when there were so many different styles to wear. Why there were at least a half dozen cool styles of pants of various lengths, not to mention all the different skirts that were in style! He looked longingly at the woman in the black stretch Capris, feeling terrible that he was wearing plain old men's pants.

And what about the top? He felt trapped in the button-down oxford shirt, with the stupid tie and the jacket. Dull. Boring. Lifeless. Why couldn't he wear something cool, like the lady across the aisle, who had on a jacket that flared at the hips, and a daring cami top underneath? Or the lady who walked past him, wearing a cute white blouse? Why did he have to wear a plain white shirt with long sleeves? Yuck!


During the day, Chuck spent most of his free time chatting with women in the office. He was having a hard time relating to the guys anymore. All they wanted to talk about was sports and boring stuff like that. Not to mention how rude they were, making comments on which "chick" in the office was the best "hottie". He felt insulted that they viewed women as just *objects*, and not people.

But it wasn't like that with the women. Yes, some were catty, and there was some silly spats between some of them, but it was different talking to the girls. Much better. They talked like he did. They thought like he did. He decided that from then on, he'd spend as much time as possible with the girls in the office.


When the day at work had ended, Chuck got up, and looked for his purse. But he couldn't find it. He realized that he had a wallet in his back pocket. How odd. He had been carrying a purse since he was a girl. Why would he have just a thin wallet? Where would you put your makeup? Your mirror? Your change? Your emergency tampon? A wallet was useless, other than for carrying paper money, ID cards, and credit cards.

He drove home feeling befuddled. Something was nagging him. Like something out of a dream. It was a strange sensation really, as if somehow, every now and then, he was remembering something that was just out of reach. He couldn't place what the problem was. Why did he feel so strange? It was like a part of him was crying out for help, but he couldn't quite hear that voice within.


Chantal got home, and almost ran upstairs to get out of the terrible clothes she was wearing. There on the bed, Terri had thoughtfully laid out a nice outfit. Chantal undressed, tossing the dull male clothes aside. She already had panties and a bra on, but Terri had left her a surprise on the bed: realistic looking breast forms! She put them in, and felt *so* much better. She hadn't felt right all day with her bra cups being so sadly empty. It felt *right* to have boobs, even if they were only fake.

Now she started to put on her lingerie. The white stockings. The garter belt. The waist-clinching girdle. The slip. And only then did she put on the black and white maid's uniform, with the pretty frilly apron. After stepping into the six inch heels that Terri had left by the bedside, Chantal raced to the mirror to put on her makeup.

After fixing her face and painting her nails, Chantal put on the costume jewelry that Terri had left her. She smiled when she discovered that there was also a wig, so she could look like she had long beautiful hair. Now, finally satisfied with herself, she raced downstairs. She felt so thankful for all that Terri had done for her, that she wanted to repay the kindness, by serving her. Terri was so perfect. She was everything that Chantal aspired to be. And Chantal swore she'd server her faithfully.


* * *


When Terri saw her husband come down the stairs for the first time, dressed up as a maid, she couldn't quite believe it. Yes, she had seen some changes in Chuck's behavior. But she couldn't quite believe that was really becoming Chantal on the inside. It just seemed too impossible. He walked up to her, and curtsied.

"Hello darling" said Chuck in a soft voice. "How can I serve you?"

"Are you a man, or a woman?" asked Terri.

"Why, I'm a woman, of course" replied Chuck, as if she had asked him what color the sky was.

"And how long have you been a woman?"

"All of my life."

"What is your name?"


"And what is it you want to do?"

"Whatever *you* want. I exist to serve you, my dear."

"Then go, and clean the dishes" said Terri, knowing full well that Chuck never liked doing that particular chore, for whatever reason.

"Certainly" he replied, sounding eager. In fact, he was *happy* that she had given him something to do! She was amazed to watch him hard at work in the kitchen. Next, she made him clean the toilets, something she hated doing. Again, without argument or complaint, he went off and did it.

Terri was quite impressed. The transformation was complete. He was completely obedient to her now, and he seemed to act as if he really thought of himself as a woman.


Ayla had given Terri some instructions to carry out on the day that Chuck went over the edge into womanhood. Now, it was time for her to carry them out. She told Chuck to go wash his hands, then meet her in the bedroom. When he arrived, he found her laying on the bed, nude, with her legs spread wide apart.

"When you see me like this, what do you think?" asked Terri.

"I wish that *I* was as beautiful as *you* are" replied Chuck.

"Come here, and go down on me. Put your petty little mouth right here."


Chuck obeyed her, kneeling down, and starting to do her with his tongue. This was something he detested, because of the taste. But now, he did it eagerly, just to serve her. Terri was in heaven, as he brought her to orgasm after orgasm. She would have loved to have him mount her next, but Ayla had told him she would have to cut him off for a while. Too bad.


When Terri had enough, and she felt too sensitive, she reached under the pillow and pulled out a very realistic looking dildo, which included both a rod and a sack.

"Suck this Chantal" she said. "Show me how much a woman wants her mouth around a real one of these."

With the same eagerness, chuck took it in hand, licked it, then started to put it into his mouth. He went deeper and deeper with each thrust. He seemed so enthusiastic!


"You are a woman now Chantal" said Terri, just as Ayla had told her. "*My* woman. You want to be me. You want to be just like me. You serve me now."

Chuck continued to ram the dildo in and out of his mouth as he listened.

"You serve me now, and you will do my bidding around the house. You will also continue to work, but when you go into the office, I want you to pretend that you are a man. To remind you that you're really female, you will always wear your lingerie underneath your man-clothes. But once you come home, you will be completely feminine and dainty. You will wear dresses, skirts and ruffles. You will be my maid, as well as being my lesbian lover when it suits me."

In and out. In and out.

"You are Chantal now. Now and forever. Any thoughts you have of ever being named Chuck are just delusions. Chuck never existed. He is just a dream you made up. You will forget him now, and concentrate on the woman who you are."


Inside Chuck's mind, the personality which had formerly been running the show was fading into nothingness. The insult of being dressed as he was, ramming the dildo in and out of his mouth was just *crushing* to the little tiny bit of his former self that still existed. He tried to scream. He tried to drown out the female voice in his head. But *she* could no longer hear him. She was firmly in control, and he was just a little gnat buzzing around.

His maleness was dying. Not only could she not hear him anymore, he could no longer hear himself. The very last vestiges of Chuck were gone now; there was only Chantal. He would never think another though. Only she remained inside.


But there was one problem that Chantal had. She was a woman. But she was trapped in an awful male body! She started to cry, which surprised Terri.

"What's wrong?" asked Terri.

"It's not my place to complain" replied Chantal.

"No. I want you to tell me. What is wrong."


"This!" said Chantal, pointing between her legs. "Get it off of me! How can I have *this*? It doesn't belong here! I...."

Chantal started to sob again. Terri felt some sympathy now. If she woke up in a male body, she'd be crying too.

"And all this hair on me. I need electrolysis. And my chest is so flat! I want to have boobs *so* much! I feel them missing, and they make me that much less of a woman."

"Having boobs doesn't make you a woman" scolded Terri. "My aunt Estele had to get hers removed because of cancer. Is she any less of a woman?"

"No" said Chantal, how blushing with shame, and crying even harder.

"Look" said Terri. "I will allow you to get electrolysis. I will let you get your eyebrows plucked, and a bikini wax. I'll even let you go buy some breast cream, so you can develop A-cups. But for now, I want to use what you have between your legs. You'll give me pleasure when I want it. And if you're a good girl, maybe some day I'll let you go further, and get it removed. Until then, why don't you think of it as a strap-on?"


"Oh thank you so much!!!" said Chantal, falling to her knees. "You are so kind a merciful! You are like a Godess. Please, can I call you 'Goddess', or Madam, or some title of respect?"

"You may call me Miss Norrington" said Terri, using her maiden name.

"Yes Miss Norrington. Thank you Miss Norrington" said Chantal. "How may I be of service to you now?"


Terri smiled. She had the perfect husband now. All thanks to Ayla.


To be continued.......




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