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Mind Swapping                 by: Carol Collins


Chapter 1

Let me introduce myself. I was born twenty five years ago to wealthy parents who named me Steven Leon Ramsey. Being an only child, my parents gave me the best of everything, including the desire to excel in school. In college, I majored in Physics. Tragedy struck when, two weeks after I received my Bachelor’s degree, my parents died in an airplane crash. I was devastated. I had no other close relatives and I was alone. The inheritance consisted of several million dollars in cash, stocks and bonds, a luxury condo in Hawaii, and the large house in which I had grown up. The money and the wealth wasn’t important to me, but, it meant that I didn’t have to go out and find a job.

The empty house was lonely, but, I decided to live in my parent’s old house and enroll in a graduate program at the medical research school of the nearby state university. There, I became involved in an experimental project to develop an electronic means of transferring knowledge from one person to another. I was awarded a Master’s Degree in Research Physics during this period. However, the research project appeared to be a failure and the federal government canceled our funding. This was a major disappointment to me because I believed that the research was valid. Therefore, when the university sold the research equipment at an auction, I bought all of it at the bargain price of only ten cents on the dollar. I had decided to carry on the research, alone, in the basement of my home. Six months later, a successful transfer of knowledge was achieved between two human beings.

Perhaps, now is the time to introduce you to Carol Louise Phelps. We met a year ago at the university when her car wouldn’t start and I offered her a ride home. She was so gorgeous, that, at least for me, it was love at first sight. I had always been shy around women, but her vivacious personality and beauty prompted me to ask her for a date. To my surprise, she said yes. An intimate relationship developed between us and she moved in with me three months later.

Carol’s parents were from Sweden. From her mother, Carol had inherited long, blonde hair that hangs down to the middle of her back, large expressive blue eyes, pouting lips, blemish free skin, a perfect, even dazzling smile and a buxom figure. She was five foot five inches tall, had pear shaped 36DD breasts with very large pink nipples, a narrow 20 inch waist, 36 inch hips, a flat tummy, a high rounded bottom, long legs and small delicate hands and feet. In bed, she screwed like a rabbit. She enjoyed dressing up in kinky clothing, and the sex was always fantastic. I thought that I was in heaven.

When Carol and I met, she was still a freshman psychology major at the local university. At the time of the fateful experiment, she was a sophomore. Let me describe what happened on that Friday morning just before spring break week.

I had awakened early and went down to the basement laboratory to do the last test on the magneto-flux sensing enhancer circuit that I had designed and installed in the machine. The equipment hadn’t been able to read the weak electrical signals in the brain, but, I felt sure that it would work now. I was truly excited about the prospects of vindicating the theories of memory transfer. As I later realized, an excited scientist is a person who can make mistakes.

Just as I finished the test, I heard Carol’s high heels clicking on the stairs. She had gotten dressed and had come down to say good bye before she left to go to class. I turned to watch her descend the steps. Shiny black high heels were held on her tiny feet by straps around her ankles. Black nylons covered her long shapely legs. A black flared skirt ended just above the knees and disappeared under the wide, shiny black belt encircling her narrow waist. She wore a red blazer, under which, was a white silk blouse with a high collar and a ruffle down the front. Her blonde hair was piled up on her head with just enough curls to look really stylish. Her cupid bow lips and long finger nails were colored to match the red blazer. Her eye shadow was done to perfection and complimented her big blue eyes. On her left wrist, she wore her gold Rolex, on her right wrist were several gold hoop bangle bracelets. She wore gold hoop earrings, rings on three of her fingers and a gold chain necklace around her willowy neck. She was a vision of loveliness.

Carol walked up to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her large breasts felt like two cushions between us. When we broke the kiss, I said, "Good news! The machine is ready. Now all I have to do is find two volunteers."

She looked at the machinery sprawled across the entire basement. "All you need now is volunteers? How about me?" She asked in her soft sexy voice as she smiled up at me. I shook my head no. "Why not? From what you said, it certainly wouldn’t be life threatening. Besides, I trust you."

I knew that I should have said no, but I was so eager to prove that the machine would work. I was positive that nothing would go wrong. That was my mistake! That was the source of all the mad scientists’ mistakes. Dr. Frankenstein was too eager to build his perfect man and I was too eager to build my memory transfer machine! I said, "Okay. But only if you are sure you want to do it." She nodded her head yes and sat down on the left side of the transference machine. I reluctantly connected the electrodes to her head, then sat down on the right side and attached the electrodes to my own head. I adjusted the settings so that we would, at least theoretically, exchange only a few memories. I was thinking, what better way for a man and a woman to share memories. "Are you ready?" I asked. When she nodded, I pushed the button.

There was a dazzling flash of light, followed by a feeling of disorientation. When I was able to collect my senses, I turned to my left to see how Carol was doing. She wasn’t there! "Carol?" I called out in an unusually high pitched voice. I heard a deep toned reply from my right. I turned my head quickly to see who had spoken. A strand of blonde hair fell down over my eyes. I brushed it aside with my hand and noticed that I now had long red fingernails. It was then that I realized that the experiment must have gone terribly wrong! When I finally focused my eyes to my right, I thought that I was looking into a mirror. Sitting on the other side of the machine was me! I began to feel dizzy.

What had gone wrong? The new circuitry in the machine had made it far more efficient at transferring memories than my calculations had predicted. I could hear my new high pitched voice ask, "Carol, is that you?" The person whom I had originally thought was a mirror reflection, answered affirmatively in a deep pitched masculine voice.

I reached up and disconnected the electrodes from my head and attempted to stand up. I found that my weight distribution had changed as I almost fell forward. Of course, the two and a half inch high heel shoes didn’t help my balance, either. I held onto the machine as I staggered to where Carol was still sitting. As I looked into her face, I felt as if I was actually looking into a mirror. She must have had the same feelings because she was looking at me the same way.

I removed the electrodes from Carol’s head and she stood up. Now that she was in my body, she was taller than me. I looked up into her face as she said, "I’ve never seen myself from this angle before. Does your body feel as strange to you as this one feels to me?" She flexed her new muscles and smiled down at me. "Hey! Congratulations! The machine worked." Then she leaned down and kissed me on the lips.

I had never kissed a guy before, at least not the way Carol was kissing me now. I tried to pull away, but Carol’s stronger arms encircled my feminine body and hugged me to her. She evidently didn’t know how strong she was because her arms crushed me to her so hard that my breasts were flattened against her muscular chest. When she broke the kiss, I breathlessly looked up into her male face as she smiled and said, "What are you wiggling for? Are you trying to get away?" I stopped trying to push her male body away as she continued, "Don’t be shy. You’re the man I love, even if you’re in my body and I’m in yours. I love you. Don’t you love me?" She was right, I thought, I’m just being foolish. "When two people love each other, they should love each other without any reservations." This time, when she kissed me, I didn’t struggle. She took my arms and placed them around her neck. She was the woman I loved. Therefore, I shouldn’t reject her, even if this was the strangest situation that I had ever experienced in my entire life.

As our kiss continued, I felt Carol’s man sized tongue pushing into my mouth. To prove my love for her, I parted my lips slightly as her tongue entered my mouth. It was then that I became aware of a movement against my belly where our two bodies were pressed together. As it enlarged and hardened, I realized that Carol was getting a erection! I began to panic! Again, I attempted to push away, but was held in a firm embrace as her tongue probed my mouth and she ground her stomach against mine. At last, I managed to pull my mouth away and say, "Please, I can’t do this! This is too weird!"

Carol’s masculine face looked into my eyes and said, "You know that I’m a psychology major. This is a marvelous opportunity for us to carry out an experiment in gender reversal. I helped you with your experiment, why can’t you help me? Just cooperate for a couple of hours then we can change back to the way we were." I shook my head no. She said, "Please do this one little thing for me. No one has ever had an opportunity to experiment like this before now. Don’t be selfish and make me loose this opportunity for research." I realized that perhaps I was being selfish and maybe I should cooperate for an hour or so. Surely, I could stand it that long. Carol seemed to think that this was important. When she asked again, I told her that I would only play along for an hour. "Great!" She replied.

Carol’s lips descended onto mine once again as she hugged my feminine body to her male body. Again, I could feel her erecting penis pressing against my belly. As her tongue snaked in and out of my mouth, I felt my nipples hardening as my large breasts were compressed between our bodies. My arms were around her neck as she passionately kissed me. New and very strange sensations were overloading my brain.

Carol’s large hands began to roam over my curvy body. Since I was in her body, she knew just where to put her hands to cause the most sexually exciting sensations. She pulled back to open the red blazer and run her hands up under the jacket to fondle my large breasts through my blouse and brassiere. My nipples were already erect when she pinched them, jolts of electricity ran through my body, causing me to make a gasping sound. I felt weak and helpless and didn’t resist as she helped me out of the red blazer. The female hormones were afecting my mind as Carol continued. It felt so strange to experience all the sensations that a woman feels when she is being seduced by a man that I became very passive.

As Carol’s arms drew me to her again, my arms automatically encircled her muscular neck. I tilted my head back so that she could kiss me and almost eagerly parted my lips to accept her probing tongue. Her tongue stroked in and out of my mouth as her hands roamed up and down my back. Her large hands were squeezing my rounded buttocks, drawing my belly even tighter against her fully erect male organ. I became light headed as the sexually excited body that I was now in released more female hormones into my system.

I felt as if I had no will of my own, that I would be a willing partner to whatever Carol wanted to do to me. I felt an overpowering urge to submit to any sex act that Carol desired. These urges were frightening to me, but exciting and overpowering. When Carol broke the kiss to suggest that we go up stairs to the bedroom, I only offered a token protest. Carol wouldn’t take no for an answer and I found myself being escorted to our bedroom.

I wobbled on my high heels as we climbed the stairs. Carol was very gentlemanly as she placed her right arm around my waist to keep me from falling. However, she didn’t waste the opportunity to cup and squeeze my right breast with her hand as she did so. My nylon covered legs rubbed against one another as we walked, sending strange, yet exciting sensations up into my pubic area. As we ascended the stairs to the second floor bedroom, I became aware of other sensations, the constriction around my chest due to a brassiere. A constriction around my waist was also noticeable. Knowing Carol’s taste for sexy lingerie, I could only guess at what I was wearing under my skirt and blouse.

As we walked down the upstairs hallway, we passed the full length mirrors that my mother had mounted on the wall outside the master bedroom. She would always check her appearance on the way down stairs. More recently, Carol had used them the same way. Now, Carol stopped as we passed the mirrors and said, "Look at us! I’ve always been curious about what its like to be a man. Didn’t you ever think about what life would have been like if you had been born a girl? Haven’t you ever wondered how a woman feels when she has sex with a man? I know I have always been curious about how a guy feels when he makes love to a woman." She moved around behind me as she whispered, "And now, I will get to find out what it feels like to slide my hard cock into a girl’s wet pussy! And, that girl is going to be you!"

Carol’s tongue entered my ear. I could see by my reflection, that I had blushed as Carol whispered those uncouth words in my ear. Her hands had moved from my waist down over the front of my skirt until they covered my pubic region. She pressed her large hands inward until they cupped my crotch and began to massage me there. I had done the same thing to her on many occasions. I had known that she enjoyed this, now, I understood why. I involuntarily parted my legs slightly to give Carol’s hands more room.

Carol had moved close enough so the her crotch was rubbing against my rounded buttocks. I could feel her throbbing penis against my lower back even through our clothing. Just as I was beginning to breathe heavily, she moved her hands up to unbutton my blouse. I watched our reflections as her fingers undid the mother of pearl buttons on the specially tailored white silk blouse. She nuzzled my neck as her fingers worked at unbuttoning my blouse. As the blouse was removed, the silk felt as if it was caressing my skin. Carol tossed it carelessly on the floor.

From the waist up, I was now nude, except for a white satin and lace brassiere. It was low cut, designed to uplift and enhance a pair of breasts rather than conceal them. "How do you like your tits?" Carol asked as her large, muscular hands covered both of my breasts. They were large, beautiful and sensitive. She massaged them for a minute or so until my nipples were rock hard, then she pinched them through the satin and lace bra cups. It felt as if electric current was flowing from my nipples to the rest of my body.

"I always loved it when someone treated my nipples ruff!" She whispered as her fingers continued to apply pressure to my tingling nipples. I gasped for breath as hot flashes coursed through my feminine body. I could see my flushed face in the mirror, my mouth hung partially open, my big blue eyes were opened wide even as they rolled back and I lost sight of our reflection. I realized that if this continued, I would experience an orgasm from just having my sensitive nipples pinched and played with. No wonder Carol had loved this so much!

Carol’s hands left my breasts and massaged their way to my waist where they could unhook my belt buckle. The belt was tossed on top of the blouse. The zipper on the back of the black skirt made a hissing sound as Carol unzipped it. When she undid the button on the skirt, she let it slide to the floor. In the mirror, I watched as it fluttered down my hips and legs. I saw that I was wearing white satin and lace panties over a white satin and lace garter belt which held up a pair of black nylon stockings. The bra, panties and garter belt were obviously a matching set and the stockings were long enough to reach almost all the way to the top of my thighs.

Carol whispered as she nuzzled my ear, "Since today was the last day of classes before spring break week, I was planning on celebrating by screwing you silly as soon as I got home. Of course, we can still celebrate, except now you’ll be the girl and I’ll be the boy!" Her excited reflection smiled from the mirror.

Carol used both hands to undo the front hook brassiere. As the cups parted, my breasts wobbled from side to side slightly. Now both breasts could be seen in the mirror. They were quite large and yet, they seemed as if they defied gravity. From the rounded base, another portion jutted out as if it was a two stage rocket, on top of which were huge pink nipples. I had taken quite a bit of pleasure playing and sucking on these strawberry sized nipples before today. Now, as Carol pinched my bare nipples and the romm seemed to whirl, I understood how much pleasure I had given her.

Carol’s right hand left my right breast and slowly slid down toward my panties as her left hand crossed over to my right breast to continue the sweet torture of my right nipple. Her large right hand lightly caressed my panty covered belly. Her fingers slid down over my satin and lace panty crotch band and began to massage the soft, moist folds of flesh hidden there. My eyes were focused on the reflection in the mirror of those fingers as they massaged my pubic mound and caused vibrations to ripple through my feminine body. Where, less than an hour ago, my penis and balls would have been, was now a moistening and excited vagina. Her right hand moved upwards and slipped between the waist band of my panties and garter belt and slid down until her fingertips were playing in my blonde pubic hair.

I watched our reflection through widened eyes as the large hand could be seen only as a bulge in the front of my white satin and lace panties. I couldn’t see exactly what Carol’s fingers were doing to me, but, I certainly could feel them! My feet parted involuntarily, Carol took advantage of the more accessible area between my legs by sliding her fingers down over my hair covered vagina lips. When she slid a finger into the split between the lips, she immediately began to massage my clitoris. It felt as if lightning bolts were coursing through my nervous system! My eyes rolled back in my head and I lost sight of our reflection in the mirror as she continued her assault on my female organs. I had done the same thing to Carol many times during the last six months. Now, as the room began to whirl around me, I knew that she was going to make me cum just as I had done to her all those times. Time seemed to both stand still and last forever as wave after wave of sensations washed through me. The world seemed to explode around me. In the distance, I could hear some woman crying out. Then, I realized that I was that woman. The orgasm kept rolling on and on as Carol continued to vigorously rub my clitoris and pinch first one nipple then the other.

Eventually, Carol eased up on my nipples and clitoris and I was again able to breathe. My legs were so weak that I would have fallen to the floor if Carol hadn’t supported me. Her left arm was around my waist as she pulled her right hand from my panties. When Carol suggested that we go to the bedroom, I told her I didn’t think that I was able to walk. She scooped me up in her muscular arms and carried me into the bedroom. In this body, I only weighed one hundred five pounds so Carol carried me as if I were a baby. She gently laid me on our king sized bed.

As I lay there, enjoying the after glow of my first orgasm as a woman, I was still wearing panties, garter belt, nylons, shoes and jewelry. I watched as Carol undressed. First, the shirt then the shoes and socks. I was grateful that she had practically forced me to work out twice a week for almost a year. The sight of a muscular chest and arms, a flat stomach and a healthy male body had never affected me this way before now.

Carol unbuckled her belt, unzipped her pants and slid them down her muscular legs. When she stood up, I noticed the large bulge in the front of her briefs. It was obvious that she had a raging erection tenting the front of her jockey shorts. I had mixed emotions about what I knew was about to happen. Her thumbs hooked the sides of her shorts and slowly pulled them down and off. As the waist band was pulled over her penis, it sprang upwards and bobbed up and down a few times. I was amazed, I had never seen it this large before. It was eight inches long and thicker than I had ever seen it. I knew what Carol intended to do with her new penis and I began to be worried. Now that I was a small framed young woman, would that penis fit inside me? I had used it on Carol many times, but, I didn’t think that it had ever been this big before.

As Carol gazed down at my semi nude female body and said, "Momma taught me that men liked their women in sexy lingerie. Now, I know why!" As if to add emphasis to what she said, Carol held her erect penis in her right hand and slowly stroked it while she looked at me. "Let’s get rid of those panties before I waste this hard on! Raise that sweet ass so I can pull your panties off." She grasped both sides of the waist band of my panties and drew them over my hips and down my nylon covered legs. She pulled them over my right shoe, but when they caught on the ankle strap of my left high heel shoe, she left them hanging on my left ankle as she lay down on top of me. My legs spread apart as if they had a mind of their own.

Carol settled down between my parted thighs. I looked down between my heaving breasts to see her hand guide her enlarged and stiffened penis to my moistened vagina lips. I was frightened. "Get ready to be screwed to within one inch of your life," she told me as the head of her penis began to spread the moistened lips of my vagina.

Instinctively, I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around her muscular thighs. My reward was the sensation caused by Carol’s hard penis slowly penetrating up inside of my excited vagina. It would push in an inch and pull out almost completely, then it would push in two inches and pull out almost all the way. Carol continued this action until it was finally pushed in all the way. It felt wonderful! I knew it was all the way in when I could feel her pubic hair covered pelvic bone push up against my clitoris.

"How does it feel to be a helpless little girl lying on a bed while some man screws your little pussy with his big, hard cock?" she excitedly asked as she stroked her penis in and out of my wet vagina. It felt wonderful! My panties were still dangling from my left ankle as I moved my legs up around her waist and locked my ankles together.

Carol bent down to suck on my erect nipples as she continued to stroke her tool in and out of my vagina. Her suctioning mouth caused my nipples to grow even larger as she switched from one to the other. The room began to spin out of control as I felt another orgasm approaching. My hips were coming up to meet Carol’s rhythmic downward strokes. Carol began to cry out in her low pitched voice, "I’m going to cum inside that tight little pussy of yours! I’m going to cum inside your belly! Get ready, here it comes!"

My well lubricated pussy was swallowing Carol’s huge tool and I was cuming in wave after wave. I could feel her erected penis begin to throb inside me and I experienced another tremendous orgasm as Carol’s penis spewed her cum inside my vagina. Pulsations continued to run through my body even after Carol had stopped moving. As we lay still, with my legs locked around her waist, her still erect penis soaked in our combined juices. My brain began to come back down from the sex induced high and I realized that this had been twice as good as the best sex that I had experienced as a man. This could really become habit forming! When we changed back to our own bodies, I would always remember the great sex that I had as a woman. I also knew that I would miss it.

Carol spoke first, "That was great!" She raised her head and watched my face as she asked how I liked it. I told her that it was very enjoyable. "Just enjoyable?" She asked as she moved her hips in and out a few times. She laughed as my eyes rolled back in my head because of the pleasurable sensations. The flushed feeling I felt meant that I was blushing again. "Face it, you loved being the woman while a man screwed you till you came for him. I bet you really liked it when you felt me cuming inside your belly." I couldn’t deny that what she had said was true.

When I lowered my legs from around Carol’s waist, she said, "Now I know why men want their women to wear garter belts and nylons, you’re not only sexy to look at, but it felt great to have a woman’s nylon covered legs wrapped around my waist. And the high heels acted like spurs on my butt." She gave a low pitched chuckle and said, "You know, an hour or two just isn’t enough time to follow through with a study on gender reversal. We need at least twenty four hours to collect more data. Will you wait until tomorrow before we switch back to our original bodies?" She may have thought that I might say no because she started sliding her still erect cock in and out of my dripping pussy.

I probably shouldn’t have answered while her penis was in my vagina. I said, "Yes."


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