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by Jennifer White


Al and Tricia had a wonderful marriage (or so he thought, oblivious to his communication problems and lack of emotion). They had raised two children, who were not graduated from college, and off on their own. So when Al's job gave him a chance to move from the cold weather of Boston to the warmth of Miami, he jumped at the chance. Of course, Tricia had been bugging him for years, that they should move to Florida.

"I can't stand this cold weather!" she said.

"The cold is invigorating!" said Al.

"It's cold! That's what it is! How can you possibly like being out there in the snow and the wind? Lets move where its warm."

"I like winter. I couldn't stand just having one season" said Al.

"Imagine. Golf all year round. No more snow shoveling. No more stuck in traffic because the road isn't plowed. And no more freezing!"


But Al had never budged. Until now. With a chance of a promotion, he decided to give in and move. They would have a wonderful big house, perfect location on a golf course, and Tricia would be happy, and stop nagging him. As an added bonus for her, they would be closer to her mother, who lived in Bradenton.

So Al found himself driving down to Florida, leaving his birthplace behind for good. From now on, it would be sunshine and warmth, along with a new better job for him. Things didn't look too bad after all....


* * *


The new job was hard work for Al, but it paid much better. He was happy. Tricia had a new house to decorate and keep up, so she was very busy. And Al got to play a lot of golf, every weekend, for 18 holes. Sometimes 36. There were golf courses everywhere, and every day was perfect and sunny. Even when it did rain, it passed through quickly, and you could go right back out again.

He hadn't been so happy for years. He even thought of going to get a prescription for viagra. It had been years since he had regular sex with Tricia, and that had driven their relationship apart a bit more. His sex drive was way down, now that he was older. But maybe he would finally do it, to rekindle the spark between them physically. Tricia had been much more loving and kind since the move, making him *want* to do it for the first time in a while. They no longer fought, and things were going great.

Until Nadine moved in.



Tricia's mother Nadine had never really liked Al. Al felt that she thought her daughter could have done better, and she never really accepted him. She always criticized him, and their relationship was very cool indeed. She was the stereotypical mother-in-law.

"It's just for a few months" said Tricia. "Please!"

"You know how your mother hates me" said Al.

"She doesn't hate you. You just need to relax, and let her get to know you."

"If she doesn't know me after all these years, it is hopeless. She always is on my case. She gives me that look of hers. I know she looks down on me. Its bad enough visiting her once a month, but I couldn't stand having her live in my house."

"Look Al, its just for a short while, until her new condo is complete. She had to sell now. It might be a long time before she got another offer that good. I can't have my mother live in a hotel for two months!"

The fight was on, and it went back and forth. But finally, Al caved in. Tricia was just too persistent, and too convincing. It would only be for a few short weeks, so how bad could it be?


* * *


At first, Nadine was actually pleasant to be with, and very helpful around the house. She did more than her fair share of the chores, cooking dinner, cleaning, doing the laundry. Al would wake up in the morning to find a fresh pot of coffee brewed, sliced up oranges, with bacon and eggs cooking for him too. Or when he came home from work, the dishes were all done, the floors swept, and the bathroom sparkling clean.

"I think I was wrong about your mother" he confided one night to Tricia. "She is being very nice."

"I hate to say 'I told you so', but I told you so!" said Tricia.

Al laughed. He was able to admit when he was wrong.


But slowly, over the next few months, things started to deteriorate. First of all, there were all these unexpected delays in Nadine's new condo, and 'a few weeks' became 'a few months', and now it was looking more like it would be 'many months' before she moved out. Al was leery of her settling in for good. He couldn't take that. Not with the way Nadine was nagging him now. It was bad enough with his wife always telling him about chores he needed to do, but with the mother in law at it too, it was getting to be too much.

"You don't do enough around the house" Nadine told him one day after he returned from ten hours of work.

"Excuse me?" said Al, very defensively.

"You heard me!" said Nadine. "You're lazy around the house. You act like Tricia and I are maids for you!"

That did it. Al exploded, and there was a lot of yelling and screaming until Tricia got them to go to their rooms and simmer down for a while. After that, things just weren't the same. There was a constant tension in the air. Al wouldn't speak to Nadine, and she was equally icy back to him.

"Tell your mother she should leave soon" said Al to Tricia at the breakfast table, even though Nadine was sitting right across from him.

"Tell your husband that he should treat his elders with respect" said Nadine back to Tricia, ignoring Al, and not looking up from her crossword puzzle.

"Old bag" muttered Al, under his breath, but loud enough that she would hear it.


That night, Tricia appealed to Al yet again to knock off his childish spat with her mother.

"Al, you two were getting along fine. Why can't you give her another chance? She's my mother. Like it or not, she is part of my family, and she is very important to me."

"I understand" said Al. "But I would understand better if she wasn't living under *my* roof. Maybe if she moved out, I'd feel better about her."

"I'm not kicking my mother out on the street!" said Tricia.

And the argument started up all over again.


* * *


"Al, listen. I'm serious about this" said Tricia one day. "I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow. I'm driving to Tampa for my friend Carolyn's wedding shower. You are going to be alone with mother for the whole day. *Please* promise me you two won't fight while I'm gone."

"I won't, if she doesn't start something" said Al.

"Not good enough. I can't take this anymore! I love you, but I am so fed up at how you are with my mother."

"She's always telling me what to do, and I can't take any more of her!" said Al.

"I've seen her ask you to take out the garbage, and you get all defensive, then refuse to do it. Listen, enough is enough. We need to settle down, and have you two get along. You're acting like a child. Why not just be nice to her, and help out when she asks you. Can you do that for me?"

"I guess..." said Al.

"Good. I want you to swear to me, that for just this one day, you will not only be pleasant to her, but you will *listen* to her, and do what she asks of you. She thinks you don't contribute enough with the housework. She wants to show you how to do some of the things that we women always do. Please just go along with what she says. Please! Just promise me that you'll do it."

Tricia looked like she was going to be in tears. Al's heart melted. He loved his wife, despite any problems they had from time to time.

"All right. I promise" he said.

"I love you" said Tricia, who put her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.


* * *


"Good-bye! Have fun in Tampa!" said Nadine, as Tricia got in the car. It was 6:30 in the morning, and she would be driving for hours. But she would be back later that night. When the car was out of sight, Nadine closed the front door and locked it.

"It's just you and me now" she said to Al.

"Listen Nadine. I know we've had hard time of things lately. I promised Tricia that I would make a real effort today to listen to you, and help you with housework and things."

"I know" said Nadine. "She told me."

That surprised Al somewhat. He thought it was their little secret.

"I just want you to understand what Tricia and I go through every day while you're gone" said Nadine. "So promise me that you'll just do what I ask, without a lot of whining and complaining. It will make everything easier on both of us. By the end of the day, you'll understand us better, and I think we'll all come to get along just fine."

"All right" said Al, "I promise."

He really wanted Tricia to be happy, so he would suffer along with whatever Nadine dished out, but just for today.


"To start with" said Nadine, "you need to change into something a little better suited for doing housework. Come with me. I have an outfit all laid out for you."

Al followed her into the spare bedroom where she slept. He wondered why she would have an outfit of work clothes for him there.

"Where?" he asked when they walked in. He scanned the room, but didn't see his outfit.

"Right here, on the bed" said Nadine.

Al's eyes got a little larger, and he took a step back. Nadine was pointing to an outfit on the bed, which he was *not* about to get into. There was a black bra and panty set, dark nylons, and a black maid's uniform, with a white apron. There was also a maid's cap, and a pair of shoes with high heels on the floor.

"Go ahead, and put it on" said Nadine.

"Those are women's clothes" said Al, disgusted at even the thought of wearing women's clothes.

"Exactly. You need to understand what it is like for us. You need to understand how it feels to be a housemaid. So you need to dress up as one. Now let's get started."

"I'm not wearing that!" said Al.

"Yes you are. You promised that you would do what I tell you. And I am telling you to get dressed."

"I didn't promise to dress up as a woman!" said Al. "No way. And this isn't what Tricia had in mind when she told me to do what you ask."

"How dare you presume to know the mind of a woman! See? You really do need to do this. You believe you know how we think and feel, but you don't have a clue. You need to go through a day of being a woman, so you can truly understand us. Just think of it! After this, you'll understand your wife so much better, and it will help repair your relationship. This is for your own good."

"I can't do this" said Al, starting to turn to walk away.

"All right, then I'll call up Tricia, and tell her how you're already being a problem, and how you won't listen to me. She will be very upset at you. And I'll tell her that you called me the Queen B!#*h to my face."

Al's face went ashen. The 'Q.B.' was his nickname for his mother in law, but he had only used it a couple of times with Tricia (causing quite an argument!). If Nadine knew about it, then she must have been listening in as they argued. Tricia had threatened him that if he ever called her that again, she would never forgive him. If she lied to Tricia and said that he called her the Q.B., then there would be hell to pay when she got back.


"Don't do that!" said Al. "Please."

"Then you'll get dressed up, like a good girl, won't you?" she said.

"I'm not a girl. I'm a man" said Al.

"Not anymore. You are no longer a man. You are my daughter now. I will call you 'Daisy', and you will call me 'mother'."

"You're crazy" said Al.

"You leave me no choice" said Nadine, pressing the speed dial on the telephone, ringing up Tricia's cell phone.

"Hello dear. How is the drive? Yes? Uh-huh."

Nadine picked up the panties, and held them forward for Al to take.

"And let me tell you about Al" she said.

Al was over a barrel now. Either accept the panties, and be embarrassed by Nadine, or have her lie to Tricia, an mess up things between them. He had no choice. He took the panties from her. Nadine smiled, and motioned for him to put them on.

"Al is being an absolute angel" said Nadine. "I couldn't be happier with him."

She handed him the bra, which he put on, and then the nylons, as Nadine said good-bye to her daughter.

"Before you put on your dress" she said, "put these in."

She gave him a pair of breast forms to fill out the bra. Al scowled as he put them in. He had reached a decision in his mind. He would go along with Nadine's idiotic whims today, so that he would score big points with Tricia. He would tell her to what lengths he went to be nice to Nadine, and how he did all she asked.

But then there was more to it. He would also make sure that Tricia saw him looking ridiculous, dressed up as a woman. Then he would be able to show her how Nadine was clearly insane. What kind of mother in law tried to turn her son in law into a woman? Tricia would finally see the truth, and ask her mother to leave. It would be a day of terrible embarrassment for Al, but it would be worth it, to rid himself of the Q.B.

"You look very nice Daisy" said Nadine. "Now tell me 'thank you mother'. Remember, you're my daughter now."

"Thank you mother" said Al, who felt like he was going to puke. He put on the maid's outfit, and was disgusted to find that it barely came down low enough to cover his crotch. He felt naked, and felt *so* wrong, having on a bra with the cups filled out by fake breasts. That was perhaps worse than having to call Nadine 'mother'.

"Have a seat here at the vanity Daisy. We need to put on your makeup and do your nails."


And so Al sat there, not believing what was happening to him. He was wearing a dress, panties, and a stuffed bra. He was wearing a wig now. His mother in law was cooing in his ear, telling him all about the latest gossip, as well as stories of his 'sister' Tricia when she was a girl growing up. As she talked, she was putting makeup all over Al's face, and painting his nails.

"Hold your hands out like this, to let them dry Daisy" said Nadine. "And remember, tell me 'yes mother' when I ask you to do something."

"Yes mother" said Al.

As his fingernails dried, Nadine put the maid's cap on his head, and fiddled with his hair. He felt so embarrassed. He hoped to high heaven that nobody would come over that day. In his mind, he was making up excuses if someone did show up. He was practicing for a charity costume ball. Yeah, that was it.

He wondered what Nadine was going to make him do. He felt completely powerless. Perhaps it was the dress, or maybe it was the fake boobs that intimidated him so much. But whatever it was, the more feminine that Nadine made him look and feel, the less he felt like he could resist her demands.

When she told him to put on his high heels, he just did it. Even a half hour ago, he would have made a big fuss about it, and refused to do it. But now, he just accepted her order, put them on, and said "yes mother".

"Now Daisy, I'm going to teach you how to walk in high heels, the same way I taught your sister Tricia. You are a very pretty girl, just like she was at your age. When you grow up, you will be a beautiful woman."

Nadine held Al's hand as he took his first wobbly tentative steps. He had to hold his hands out wide to keep his balance. How *did* women seem to glide in these things? They made it hard to even stand up!

"Posture Daisy! Shoulders back! Stick your boobs out! Keep your head level!"

"Yes mother" said Al, trying to walk in this strange new way. Nadine kept at him, and it took a good half an hour (with a few breaks) for him to be able to walk without looking like he was about to topple over at any moment.

"My calves hurt" said Al.

"They should. You're a little heavy for a girl your age. That's why I bought you this."

Nadine pulled out a girdle from the dresser drawer.

"Daisy, I want you to take off your dress, your nylons, and your panties. Go soak your legs in the tub, and shave them. Then after you put your panties and nylons back on, you can get into the girdle before you put your dress on. Now off you go!"

"Yes mother" said Al, devastated. Shave his legs? Well, at least the hot water in the bath would feel good on his sore legs. And he could take his time, getting away from her for a while. He went into the bathroom, where Nadine had already drawn the bath. There was a lilac scent in the air, from a bath gel she had added to the water.

Nadine pulled the long hair from Al's wig up ,and fastened it in place.

"Now you're ready for your bath Daisy. Don't dawdle and take too long now!"

"Yes mother" he said.

She had made him say it so many times, that it was no longer shocking feeling. It was just words. He was beginning to say it automatically.


After Al was done in the bath tub, he dried off, and had to get dressed up again. Now his legs were bare and smooth, and he smelled like lilacs. It felt strange pulling up his panties over smooth bare legs. And now the nylons rested right on his skin, instead of having all the hair underneath them. It was a strange although not unpleasant sensation.

The girdle on the other hand, was not very comfortable. It felt tight on him, as it constricted around his tummy. When he examined it closely, he noticed that there was padding in the rear and the sides. When he put on the maid's uniform again, it made it look like had had curves. And it was really tight in the crotch, pushing his manhood up close to his body. It was tight enough that you could no longer see much of a bulge if you lifted up the skirt to look at the panties underneath. He felt like a woman. He felt sick to his stomach at the thought.

"Are you decent dear? Can I come in?" called out Nadine.

"Yes mother!" replied Al.

"Oh, you look very pretty now Daisy. You have lovely legs. You're such a lucky girl to have long legs like that. Your Aunt Phyllis had legs like that."

Phyllis was Nadine's sister, and was only Al's aunt by marriage. It felt weird for Nadine to always talk to him as if he really was her daughter. She kept calling Tricia his sister, and she kept comparing him to other female relatives. It kind of creeped him out to think of himself and Phyllis in the same breath, let alone to be told that he had the same bust line as his 'sister' Tricia.

"All the girls in our family are very similar. You're just like us" she said.


Al looked in the mirror again. He could not believe he was doing this. He could not believe how feminine he looked in this getup. How could he be so weak to let Nadine walk all over him like this? All he could do was to keep in mind that after today, she would be gone from his life. This would all be worth it, to rid himself of her forever.

"All right Daisy, enough primping and preening. We women like to spend a lot of time on that, don't we?"

"Yes mother" said Al.

"You can wear these shoes" she said, handing him a pair of flats. He was very relieved not to have to wear heels. It would be impossible to work in those!

"Now we need to worry about the house. There is so much work to do! Lets start with the bedrooms. I want you to strip all the beds, so we can wash the sheets. Then you can vacuum upstairs, while I start on the windows. You also need to dust all the rooms up here. Then after lunch, we can work on the first floor."

"Yes mother" said Al, holding his head down.

Nadine put her hand under his chin, and pulled it up.

"Keep your posture in mind Daisy! No slouching and slumping down! A woman carries herself proudly and grandly. Don't make me have to spank you."

Spank him! The thought sent a jolt through Al, who felt an involuntary twinge between his legs. He had to be very careful to avoid that! It would be going too far for him!

Al went to the closet to get the vacuum cleaner, then started to strip the beds.


* * *


As Al peeled the apples for the chicken salad that Nadine was teaching him to make, he looked around nervously. What if a neighbor could see in the kitchen window? With the curtains in the wash, there was nothing to block anyone from seeing in the large first floor windows.

Al was tired already. But he knew that after lunch, there would be a host of other chores that she would have laid out for him. He just had to keep at it, and do the work. Time would fly by, and the day would be over before he knew it.

Nadine was talking to him, as they ate lunch.

"Listen Daisy, I know that you and I haven't always had the best relationship, but that is changing now, isn't it?"

"Yes mother."

"Good. I'm so glad that you're being a nice girl, like your sister is. From now on, to show that you are so much closer with your mother, I want you to call me 'mommie' instead of 'mother'. That sounds too cold and impersonal."

"Yes mommie" said Al, which sounded ridiculous to him. But mother, mommie, what was the difference?

"Very good Daisy. Now after you clear the table, you can do the dishes. Then you need to clean out the refrigerator, and wipe it down. Then the kitchen floor needs to be cleaned. After that, we'll work on the bathrooms."

"Yes mommie" said Al, sighing.

He had his work assignments, and went right to them. He hoped to bury himself in the work, and forget about his current situation. But nothing he did could keep him from being constantly reminded that he was dressed up as a woman. His arms would rub against his large 'breasts'. They were always there in front of him, poking out. They intimidated him still, even after being there all day.

Al imagined that if someone walked in, he could pull on a coat or something. But being in Florida, they had put all the large coats away in storage. He might have been able to hide under a trench coat, but with a jacket, you could still see his skirt and nylons. And the breasts were big enough that even under a jacket, you'd be able to tell. So if someone *did* show up, he would have nowhere to hide.

Al reached into the refrigerator to wipe it down. He could see the red polish on his nails, another reminder of his situation. The long hair from the wig kept getting in his face. He was miserable as he worked in the kitchen.


* * *


After Al was done with the kitchen and the bathroom, he wondered what other tortures Nadine would have for him. It turned out that cooking dinner was next. They were going to cook Italian. They started on the marinara sauce. Al had to peel the tomatoes, chop up the veggies, and start the sauce cooking. He also cleaned and chopped up zucchini and mushrooms for the side dish, and learned how to make meatballs. He made a Caesar salad, shredding the spinach by hand, and learning how to make the dressing from scratch.

As the sauce cooked down over a low heat, Nadine turned to him and smiled.

"Your sister Tricia will be home around 7:00 for dinner" she said. "And we are going to have a grand meal in her honor. You have done a wonderful job of helping around the house today Daisy."

"Thank you mommie" said Al. After saying it so many times all day, even the 'mommie' part was almost automatic now.

"You are all hot and sweaty. Go take a nice long bath. Don't forget to take your makeup off first! We'll put some on again after you bathe."

"Yes mommie" said Al, who was somewhat upset. He was hoping that Tricia wouldn't have to see him dressed up as a woman. But if he was going to have to put on makeup again, that seemed to be Nadine's plan. But on the other hand, if Tricia came home to find him in a dress, and he told her how Nadine did it to him, well the fireworks would ensue, and he would reach his goal of ridding himself of her.

"Now Tricia, you are going to wear something very pretty for your sister's dinner tonight. Don't forget to shave your underarms. And I know it is a sensitive topic for girls, but you have some hairs on your chest that are showing. You should shave that area too."

"Yes mommie" sighed Al. He already had his legs shaved. What was one more little indignity?

"Now go take your bath. Use the lilac bath gel again. It made you smell very pretty. And remember how you had to clean up all those hairs in the tub today? Don't forget to clean up after yourself."

"Yes mommie" said Al, as he got up and went upstairs to take the bath.


* * *


"Daisy, come in here. I have an outfit all ready for you" said Nadine.

Al was wearing the pink bathrobe that Nadine had given him. He went into her room, and looked at the outfit on the bed. There he found a gorgeous red "A-line" dress. The front plunged down to form a V that looked way too deep for him. Next to the dress was a full length white slip. There was also a lacy red bra and panty set, and a pair of ecru pantyhose. On the floor were a pair of high heel shoes, in his large size. They were a pink color, very frilly and fancy, with tiny thin little straps to wrap around his ankles.

"Go ahead, get dressed up dear. And don't forget your girdle. Until you loose a few pounds, you need to wear that so you look prettier."

"Yes mommie" said Al.

Nadine left the room so he could get dressed up. He put on the panties and the bra. It took a couple of tries to get it closed in back, but he somehow did it. Then he pulled on the pantyhose. They were control tops, which fitted snugger and higher up than the ones from the morning. Then he put on the girdle, which somehow seemed tighter than it had in the morning. He had to hold his breath to get it to fasten.

Next, Al put in the breast forms, again feeling the strange intimidation from having his chest poking out like that. He hurried to put on the slip, which was made from a very soft, silky, shiny red material. It had thin little straps that went over his shoulders, and it ran down to almost his knees. As he moved, it gently rubbed against his nylons, which sent delicate shivers up and down his spine.

Then he put on the dress. It was an amazing feeling somehow. As he moved now, the skirt of the dress and the slip moved together, swishing, somehow amplifying the sensations on his legs. The V in the neck of the dress would have exposed a woman's breasts if she wasn't wearing a bra. In his case, it would have shown his lacy red bra, but the top of the slip covered the bra (but just barely). If he hadn't shaved his chest, the hair there would have been visible. The dress had wide straps over the shoulders, but no sleeves, so the hair in his armpits would also have been visible had he not shaved that as well.


Nadine came back in the room, and was full of praise.

"Why Daisy, I don't think I've ever seen you look prettier!" she cooed.

"Thanks mommie" said Al.

"Now let's get to work on your makeup."

Nadine again applied makeup to Al's face, but this time she applied it much heavier than before. More mascara, more colors around the eyes and on the eyelids, and a deeper shade of red on the lips. Even having worn makeup all day, it felt intimidating to Al to see himself covered in full makeup this time.

And now she did some things she hadn't before. She put a large clip-on hoop ear rings onto the lobes of each ear. She made him put on rings, a necklace, and bracelets. She put a woman's watch with a tiny face onto his left wrist. She touched up his nails, which had a few chips after all the hard work of the day.

Then she sprayed him with a strong floral perfume. She put a little on his face, and sprayed a full dose down the front of his dress, into his chest. It smelled way to strong for him, and he didn't like it one bit.

"Now why don't you practice walking in your heels again dear?" said Nadine.

"Yes mommie" said Al dutifully.

After doing it for so long in the morning, he was much better at it now. And after twenty minutes of more practice, he was getting a lot better.

"Now remember how we worked on etiquette at the dinner table" said Nadine.

She had drilled him at lunch, about taking small bites, how to use the silverware *properly*, and how to eat like a dainty woman. No big bites and gulps like a man! She made sure he knew how to eat in the correct feminine manner, like a girl who has gone through finishing school in the old days.

"Table manners are a lost art I am afraid" she sighed. "I want to teach you and your sister, so you can pass down the knowledge to your daughters, as my mother taught me."

"Yes mommie" said Al.

'Whatever', he thought. 'Just get me through these last few minutes before Tricia comes to my rescue!'


When Al made it downstairs, he found that Nadine had been cooking as well. The table was set, and all that remained to do was to cook the pasta, which would wait until Tricia arrived. Three glasses of Chianti were poured, ready to drink. Al knew that it would never get cooked. One look at him in his helpless situation, and she would set things right.

The clock seemed to stop moving as he waited and waited for her.

"Here, this is yours. Lets have you practice carrying it" said Nadine, handing him a purse. It had a long thin strap, which she had him put over his shoulder. She showed him how to tuck in the purse, so that if he was in a crowd, it would be difficult to snatch from him.

"A woman's purse is everything to her. She has so many emergency supplies there, that she would be lost without it! You have your money and credit cards of course, but you also have your lipstick, your compact, your tampons...."

"Yes mommie" intoned Al. He didn't want to know about tampons. Enough was enough.

Nadine's lecture was cut short by the sound of the garage door opening. A few moments later, Tricia walked in the door, all happy and bubbly. Now was the big moment. Al waited for her to see what was going on, and go ballistic.

"Go start the pasta" she said. "We'll be there in a moment."


"Hi mother! I had such a wonderful time at the shower" she said as Nadine greeted her at the door.

Tricia walked with her mother into the kitchen, as she kept going on and on about all the wonderful things they had done, who had said what, and all the latest news from all of her friends.

"....and Sally just had her second baby" she was saying, "although she swore to me that she would stop at one. And Carol is expecting as well, but she's not due until March. Oh and Joyce said to pass along her best wishes, and when she's in town at the end of the month, she wants to come by and take us out to lunch...."


All the while, Al was standing there, mystified why she was ignoring him.

"And how was your day mother?" asked Tricia.

"Well, lets see. Daisy and I spent all day cleaning the house. She cooked dinner for you. She's finishing up the pasta right now as we speak."

"That's nice" said Tricia. "How did she behave?"

"She was very kind and obedient" said Nadine. "I think she has learned her place in the house, and we will get along quite well from now on."

Al couldn't take any more of this. He walked into the foyer where Tricia and her mother were talking.

"Daisy, you look very pretty tonight" said Tricia.

All of the color drained from Al's face. What was going on? How could Tricia not be upset about this?

"Tricia, look what she did to me!" said Al.

"Yes sis. She did a great job on your makeup. Mommie was always very good at bringing out your eyes."

"Sis??!!!" said Al.

"Oh come on Daisy, even if we're grown up, we're still sisters" she said. "Now lets go see about that wonderful meal that you cooked. Mother told me all about it, and I can't wait to eat. I'm starved! Nothing but 'rabbit food' at those showers, you know!"

"Tricia, what are you doing? What's going on? This has to end now!"

"What does?" said Tricia, innocently.

"This!" said Al, waving his hands up and down his body. "Your mother wants to turn me into a woman! You have to put a stop to it!"

"She's your mother too" said Tricia, putting her hands on her hips. "And she doesn't want to turn you into a woman."

"She doesn't?" said Al, confused.

"No" replied Tricia. "*I* do."



Al's knees felt weak. His wife wanted to turn him into a woman? No!

"Tricia..." he said.

Nadine went to the kitchen, and brought out the salad, as if a normal family conversation was going on.

"Girls, dinner!" she said.

"Yes mommie" said Al and Tricia at the same time.

Tricia smiled. Al had been so well trained.

He had to sit down. He needed a drink. He grabbed his wine glass, and took a deep sip.

"Daisy! Mind your manners! Girls take little sips!" ordered Nadine.

"I'm not a girl!" protested Al.

"Sorry, dear, you may be a woman now, but you will always be a little girl to me. That's how it is for a mother, you know."

"You're not my mother!" he said.

"Who's purse is this?" said Tricia, interrupting the argument.

"It's mine" said Al, turning back to Nadine.

"Yours? See, you are a woman" said Tricia.

"No, I mean Nadine gave it to me."

"Don't refer to mother by her name like that!" said Tricia, "it's rude."

"She's not my mother!!!" yelled Al.

"Then why do you carry her picture in your purse?" said Tricia, as she poured through it, holding up the plastic picture holder, which had photos of Nadine, Tricia, and various baby photos.

"Why are you doing this to me?" said Al, on the verge of tears.


"Let me tell you something about female hormones" said Tricia. "When administered to a man, they have several effects. For one thing, he starts to grow boobs. He also loses his ability to perform sexual functions. His sex drive is lowered too. And he tends to become quite a bit more passive. He might even sit still and take orders from his mother to do things he would never do on his own. Like wear a dress."

Al stared at her. Other than the boobs growing, those all sounded like what was happening to him. Had he been taking female hormones without knowing it? Had they really planned this out so far in advance?

"Your skin is softer now than it used to be" said Nadine. "Haven't you noticed?"

"You don't stare at the young girls a the mall like you used to" said Tricia. "Have you noticed how your sex drive has declined?"

"You were so passive, and allowed me to feminize you even more" said Nadine. "It was easy to make you into my little girl."

"Please, stop this" said Al.

"No Daisy" said Tricia, squeezing his hand. "There is no going back. Now that mommie has turned you into my sister Daisy, you are never going to be Al again. That is in the past. You are a woman now, and you will stay a woman for the rest of your life."

Al broke down and started to cry.

"Why" he sobbed. "Why?"

"I have been secretly shopping for you" said Tricia. "Tomorrow when you wake up, all of your male clothes will be gone, and your closet and dresser will contain nothing but women's clothes."

"Because that's what you are now. A woman" said Nadine.

"No!" whispered Al, through the tears.

"The female hormones also effect your emotions. When was the last time you cried?" said Tricia. "And they will continue to change your brain chemistry. Soon, you will come to love and accept being a woman. Soon, you will never even remember your life as a man. You are a woman now. You are Daisy. You are my sister."

"And Daisy, my sweet pretty little daughter, you are one lucky girl."

"And why is that?" said Al, moaning with misery.

"Because *I* am moving in with you, full time. You need much more training, so that you learn how to be a proper woman. You have much to learn, and there is much work to do."

"No" said Al.

"Yes Daisy, it's true" said Tricia. "And as you keep taking your female hormones, your body will continue to change. Soon, you won't need breast forms. In fact, soon you'll be begging me to let you have a boob job, so that you are stacked like we are."

"You want to be just like your mommie, don't you?" said Nadine.

Al just whimpered.

"You see sis" said Tricia, I've been working on this for quite some time. I replaced your daily vitamins with birth control pills. I also replaced your aspirin with estrogen, so when you're sore after golf, you came home and helped turn yourself into a woman even more, by taking more female hormones. You helped do this to yourself."

"No" whimpered Al, shaking his head.

"And remember that rash on your chest? I put a few drops of an irritant on your chest while you slept. The 'soothing cream' I gave you to help make it feel better wasn't ointment. It was breast cream. Full of female hormones to soak through your skin, and make your boobs grow even more."

Al sobbed away.

"You are a woman now" said Tricia.

"You are Daisy" said Nadine.

"You are my sister."

"You are my daughter."

"You are a woman now, and a woman forever."

"When you sleep at night, we will play takes into your ears repeating over and over that you are a woman, until you believe it yourself."

"Mother will train you every day, until you act like a woman at all times."

"Al is no more. Your manhood is gone. You are a woman."

"You are a woman."

"You are a woman."


Tricia handed 'Daisy' a tissue to dry 'her' eyes with.

"Tell mommie that you are a girl" said Nadine.

Al just looked up at her.

"If you don't obey your mother, you will be punished" said Tricia. "You won't like mother's punishments."

"I am a girl" whispered Al.

"Tell me your name."

"I am Daisy."

"Tell mother that you were never a man, and that you have always been a girl" said Tricia.

"I have always been a girl. I was never a man" said Al.

"Tell her that you want to be just like her" ordered Tricia.

"I want to be just like you, mommie" said Al.

"Good girl" said Nadine. "Good girl."

"All right ladies, who's hungry?" asked Tricia, as if they had just been talking about the weather. "I can't wait to try that marinara sauce you made for us, sis."

"Come on girls, eat your food" said Nadine. "Remember, there are starving children in China."

"Yes mother" said Tricia and Daisy in unison, shaking their heads.




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