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Milkshake and Chocolate Cake

by Cleo Girlie


I was about 10 years old. A simple trip down the street, with my mom, to her salon, no big deal! Boys aren't afraid of silly girl things, right? I was shaking really, but I couldn't let anyone know, could I?

My mother, a veteran client was respectfully taken to the washing sink. She was offered a seat and the young brunette girl gathered her hair very efficiently into the sink bowl and started the rinse. The girl looked at me though at all times, as if she was not washing someone else's hair in the hot water, as if I was an anomaly.

My hair wasn't long, I was sure of that. I can't even remember now what caused me to openly confront the girl, but suddenly, I realized she was talking back to me! In a demonstration of budding disregard for girls boys display sometimes, I asked the girl if there was a problem with me being present as my mom's hair was shampooed. My first warning sign should have been the perfectly melodical tone of voice she had when she told me she merely thought I would be uncomfortable!

"Can I get you a glass of juice maybe?" There was her voice again. That crystal clear quality in it. I shook my head once, and blushed as I felt my hair actually touch my face and neck. Maybe it was not long, but as I have missed a few visits to my dad's barber, it was getting unkempt, trouble was, even I knew that.

She smiled at me as she lathered up my mom's hair. My mom was sitting upright now and she looked at me, I could tell she was looking at my hair now, boys know when they're in trouble! Mom had this knowing smile on her face as she caught my grimace. My suspicions proved right when the salon-owner came by and start talking to my mom. I knew something was up, and so was I. Slowly, as inconspicuously as possible, I stood up and started drifting towards the main styling area. Which is exactly where the shampoo-girl caught me, totally unaware she was behind me!

"Hey, watch where you're going sweetie" Do girls always talk like that? Always nice? Even when you bump into their breasts!? That's what I was asking myself, but she did not appear to be concerned at all. She smiled at me, crouched over, her head now very close to mine, the sweet smell of her hair invading the air all around me.

"I.. I was.. just.." At that moment, I was sure she thought I was the stupidest boy she ever met, but I could not say anything that would make her scent less sweet, her body less than alluring. I'm not sure how many girls know this, but little boys do not care for the little girls their age because the more developed, older girls are so much much more enticing!

"Its alright sweetie, really, no harm done." She held my arm now. My heart beat faster, I was sure she could tell! Her hold of me wasn't too strong or hurting, yet, I felt powerless to break it, I simply knew I could not, even if for some reason I would want to.

"Let's find your mommy, ok?" I nodded dumbly when what I really wanted to tell her was that she was the most beautiful girl I saw, much more sublime than Diana or Betty from class, or even Pamela with the longest, reddest hair I ever saw! So, here I was, being lead by this beautiful feminine creature back to the sink bowls.

My mother was... gone. The girl looked at me, and for a brief moment I saw something that held my breath, her eyes sparkled as she smiled and her nose produced this little wrinkle right where between her eyes. I don't know how girls do that, but they are all cute and pretty when they smile at you like that and their noses wrinkle, you know?

"So... how about a shampoo, since your mom isn't here right now?" I think a few seconds past there, with me standing in shock, looking at here, unsure of what I heard.

"Uhmm... what?" And immediately I gave myself a decent swift mental kick in the butt for that dumb response, what was I thinking, if at all?

As if to make me feel even worse, she pointed to the sinks and repeated her offer. "A shampoo, you know? It feels nice, really, I promise!" And as if the sun came up, that smile returned, her nose wrinkled and before I could even think to say no, my legs were moving and my rear planted itself in the chair!

"Lean back sweetie, really, it doesn't hurt" She was over me now, with a cape. It was a black thing, vinyl I think; the important part was, it was on me. She quickly gathered my hair. I was so sure there wouldn't even be hair to gather, but she managed well enough.

It really felt nice, I was a 10 year old boy and a young girl was washing my hair now. What man would not be in heaven? I however, was no man, I was a boy, and we both knew that. Since that was the source of my fear, I knew I would have to be on my guard, and not her win any victories against my being a young man!

"It is quite long, you know..." She looked into my eyes, smiling again. I realized I would have to speak since my head was in her hands now, hair beeing lathered. "Uhh... no, it's ok, I like it short really" Much later, I would realize this is were I went wrong, I should have just shut up, but I didn't.

"No, really, its quite long, I've seen girls with shorter hair actually" Her hands carefully directed the hose that rinsed my hair now as she replied. Suddenly, I knew I had to somehow deflect her comment. In all seriousness, girls should not have hair shorter than boys, and if boys had hair longer than girls...?

"You're just messing with me cause I'm a kid, right?" Ahh the good old defense/offense. You attack a grown-up by first telling him he's not telling you the truth, but then right away, defend yourself by providing the grown-up a way to respectfully admit defeat because after all, you're just a kid.

She shook her head; my eyes were following the little curled under tips of her hair, and she realized that too. "You know, I bet your hair is long enough to be styled just like mine!"

"No way!" I couldn't take that. I mean, really!

"Milkshake and chocolate cake says I'm right!" Her nose wrinkled again.

"What???" I wasn't even able to understand what she was offering.

"We style your hair, if I'm right, you buy me a milkshake and a slice of chocolate cake"

"And..." I was excited by now because I was certain what the other option was!

"And if your hair isn't long enough to hold the style, then I buy you a milkshake and chocolate cake, deal?!"

"DEAL!" My tongue, my mouth... there they go again, without letting the brain think things over.


One very happy mother, 45 minutes and two milkshakes, two pieces of cake later... There I was, sitting with my mother and the pretty shampoo-girl, laughing, having fun and batteling the large vanila shake and chocolate cake.

It didn't matter that when the girl's head nodded, to what my mom or I would say, the tips of her under-curled hair would swish. I had my own new hairstyle to deal with now, which looked almost exactly like hers!

Yes, she did cheat, but not by much... my hair was shorter than hers... but at the end of the day, we both got our milkshakes, chocolate cakes and we both wore the same girlish hairstyle.

Needless to say, it was the begining of a beautiful friendship!!




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