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Mike's Revenge

by Danielle O'Bryan


Hello everyone! Remember me? I used to be a rock star until my girl friend stabbed me in the back. She got her new boy friend to take over my band after she and her friends feminized me. This is the story of my revenge.

Chapter one

Ideas for Revenge

Even after six months that I had lost my band, my girl, and my self respect I couldn't believe the betrayal by someone I loved. I could live with loosing the band as I heard that they weren't doing as well since I was forced out, I could even live with being a girl now, but what really rankled was how my former girlfriend used my very love for her to betray me in the worst way. The more I thought about it the more it disturbed me. The last straw was when I heard 'my' song, a love song I wrote for her, being sung by that rotten bastard that had stolen my band and my girl. I wanted revenge in the worst way!

I thought of nothing else for weeks going over revenge sceanarios in my head till I was just about driving myself crazy. God I was pissed. Here was My band making money with MY songs. Suddenly a glimmer of an idea popped into my head. I laughed at how simple is would be if I could find someone with enough computer knowlege who wouldn't hold it over my head to do it. For some wierd reason I thought of my first ever friend, Narly, yes that was his real name. His parents were from the sixties or really mean. I don't really know for sure. Anyway he was the most awesome computer geek that ever lived. All I needed to do was find him.

Losing childhood friends from moves was always sad and you know I suddenly remembered him and I realized how much I missed him. I'm sure he'll get quite the kick from seeing me now! I may have been a geeky kid and a mediocre man but I made one hot babe. All ego aside I knew that I was a very pretty girl and with a little extra help I made a very hot, gorgeous babe. That might actually get me big points with Narly as him and I used to fantisize about girls just like me. I didn't hesitate any more as I just knew that he would help me.

The next day I hired three private eyes. One to find my, probably my only, friend Narly. One to find that prick Juan who stolen everything from me and one to get the bands real itinerary. Usually the one they put out is phoney till they are just about to start their tour. I then just sat back and waited for the results to come in. For the first time since being driven away from my band I felt that I just might be able to get my self respect back.

I was surprised when PI one called me with the info on Narly. I thanked him profusely and gave him a bonus equal to his fee. He was happy and I was estatic. I got in touch with each of the other two PI's and gave them an e-mail account for them to send me the info. I could get that anywhere so I set off to see my old Pal Narly. I arrived in Sandusky, Ohio two days later and went directly to his house. I was flabergasted when he recognized me even as a girl. "Hey Mikey, sorry but you never were all that manly even in grade school and as we went up to high school you seemed to get more girly. Not in a gay way man, but just phsyically. I always thought you would make a cute chick and it appears that I was right. Not your fault man I saw what was happening with your band. I tried to warn you but no one would let me talk to the big rock star."

I really felt bad about that. "I don't understand that Narly, we always catered to our fans and I would never turn down an old friend. I never got that big head ya know?"

"Yah! I hear yah man! I saw that while everyone else was getting full of themselves you always remained true to your roots. You made me proud bro." I don't know what came over me but I gave the butt head a big hug and almost a kiss. He seemed to enjoy it. "Hey it's kewl. You're a real chick now, right?" I smiled at him as I ruffled his hair. He used to hate when I did that but now he just grinned.

"So, as much as I enjoy tripping down memory lane with ya I have the feeling that isn't the reason you're here so spit it out, all I can say is no or yes, but for you it'll probably be yes. I outlined my plan of revenge against the band and saw his eyes light up. "Kewl plan duder, that I can do for ya!" Just like that, half of my revenge seemed already done. I could have kissed him but held back. I didn't want to scare him off. How wrong I was.

Chapter two

Follow the money

It only took my computer genius friend a week and a half to accomplish what I expected to take months. He put all the information, real legal looking, on a DVD for me. "I even got into the vaults and legaly changed all the copywrite info." he smiled.

"Do I want to ask how you did all this in such a short time?"

"Hey man, you know that all you really have to do is convince the other computer you are ligit. I've been stealing authoriaztion codes for years. I think I could run for president if I wanted to."

We both laughed at that as that used to be our biggest joke. We used to enter all sorts of political races for some of the most bizzarest posts. I remember Narly actually won the race for local dog catcher once. That was hilarious. We both had been somewhat jaded at our government for years. He handed that precious DVD over to me and as I went to take it he held back. "I know that this is kinda vile but I got to ask you for a favor in return for this" Narly actually looked pained that he had to resort to blackmail but I really didn't care, I would do anything for Narly Disc or no disc and I told him that. We got a little misty then he handed me the disc.

I never went back on a promise in my life but this was a tuffy! I would do it, there was no question of that but I was a little afraid of it ruining our friendship. When I mentioned this to him he got defensive for the first time I have known him.

"Man, I will always be your friend, your best friend I hope, regardless of any pranks we played and this is just a prank, Kinda!"

I beamed at him and shook his hand. "You got your man..... well woman in this case. Do ya think it will work?"

"I sure hope so!" Narly had the hots for a local girl who was being kinda cool towards him and he wanted to make her jealous with me. So for the next week I hung out with him at all the kewl places in town and whenever 'She' was around I made a great play of snuggling up to him and even kissing him. All his male friends were in awe of him for having such a babe for a girlfriend but most of the girls just gave me catty looks and poor Kath, Narly's intended, seemed to be stricken.

At one particular party where I was really turning it on poor Kath broke into tears and ran out of the hall. As soon as I noticed this I sent Narly out to comfort her and in about a half hour he was back with Kath draped all over him looking like the cat that got the cream. I decided to give Narly a real good sent off and played the 'Bitch' to pefection.

"Narl!" I spat. " what is that bitch doing in MY place?" I stood there with my hands on my hips and my toe tapping as Narly put on the best show of his life.

"Hey I'm really sorry Bambi ( I just about lost it there and had to bite my lip to stop from laughing) but Kath and I have been friends for a long time and because of a miss-understanding I thought she was pissed at me for some reason but as you can see we worked it all out. She is the only girl for me!"

" Fine! If you want to give up the queen for the little princess you are welcome to her. You'll be sorry you country hick!"

I felt my popularity drop to almost zero. Perfect! I stomped out with all the dignity of a runway model. It wasn't until I got back to my hotel room that I unleased the laughter that had been bubbling for hours. I laughed until I cried. That was the best stunt we had ever pulled and it actually worked. Now all Narly had to do was not fuck it up. I had a feeling he wouldn't as I really noticed the bond between them. Kath just needed a small nudge and I felt that now both will be happier because of it. I dropped an e-mail to him wishing him luck and to thank him for my very, very special gift.

When I got back to Hollywood I immediately called my lawyer and cried my tale of woe. When he asked if I could prove it I assured him that I kept very good records and if he could drop by I could give him a copy of them. He agreed to meet me for coffee at a close by Bistro and I agreed. I made a dupicate, I was very paranoid these days, and put the origonal in my wall safe. I glitzed myself up for his benefit and walked over to the cafe. I had a table and an expresso waiting by the time he arrived. I knew he liked that. I gritted my teeth and smiled at him when he said a bit too loudly, "Hey Babe what's cooking?" Then sat down. He pulled out his laptop and wiggled his fingers at me for the disc. I almost embeded it into his skull but smiled and dropped it into his waiting hand. He was, after all, the very best money could buy. He was obnoxious as hell but he always won and that was what I was counting on.

As he perused the info he whistled. "Damn girl, this is so tight that I won't even have to reach into my bag of tricks. This, my girl, is a slam dunk!" I was so happy that I reached over and gave him a big smootch right there in front of gossip central. I blushed and asked him to get right on it. He gave me a big wolfish grin and told me that he was on it.

It only took three months to get to court. Partly because we had frozen all their bank accounts and partly to my Lawyer. I told you he was good. After only one week in court I had won. One hundred and fifty six Million dollars. The band members were screaming at their lawyers and only Kayla noticed me as I left with Danny, my lawyer. I overheard her to ask Julia, "Wasn't that Lisa?"

Not only did I give Danny a huge bonus but I also gave him a great night in the sack. I normaly wouldn't do that but he was a great lover and pleasured me to unconsiousness. I had by then fully accepted my feminine self. I mean, what else could I do. Besides I love sex as a women. I never new when I was a man that women got so much out of it but now I was reaping in some rewards for being betrayed by those I loved.

When I regained consiousness I noticed that Danny was gone but I revelled in the after effects of his hard pounding. I still tingled in certain places, you know what I mean. I went to an old poster of the band and marked it with money signs that were crossed out. I knew that the Band was really hurting and that Kayla and Leanne had to be hurting the most. I wasn't too sure about Tina but as the bands manager she just got a salary so this court thing wouldn't have cost her anything but her Job.

I just couldn't help rubbing it in and I called Kayla the next day. I kept track of where they were at all times and had their present address and phone numbers automaticaly updated thanks to my very private dick! I hoped that Dick would come over tonight because I was still hot! I guess that revenge is an aphrodisiac.

The phone rang for five times before a voice answered. I recognized Leanne's voice and was surprised that she was there. "Hi, this is Lisa, how are you Leanne?"

"Who is this?"

"This is the person that you helped get kicked out of their own band, you bitch! How does it feel to be broke! Feeling a little bit betrayed? God I hope so. Now you have a small taste of how I feel! If you are confused just get Kayla to explain How she and Julia, my supposed girlfriend, feminized and humiliated me to the whole world and then took MY band from me! A lot of good that did them hey? Now that I have all the money. Payback is a bitch isn't it."

I could hear her crying, "I had nothing to do with any of that. I only joined up when Juan asked me too. They told me you had gone all gay and went to get a sex change. How was I to know any different. It was in all the papers too so I believed them. I'm so sorry!"

I kinda felt bad for her as she 'had' come in at the end and all so I told her. "Okay, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Meet me at Christee's in a hour. Come alone or you will get tarred by those other assholes big brush! I mean it!" She agreed.

Sure enough she came, alone too, as I watched from my hidden booth. As soon as I was sure and before she took off I called out to her. She looked around for me but still couldn't find me. It was a kewl booth for those that enjoyed their privacy. Christee's had three of them. I walked around my booth and approached her. I knew she didn't recognize me yet as I had had some extensive plastic surgery to look the best I could. If I had to be a woman I was going to be a good looking one. I touched her shoulder from behind as she was still looking around. She jumped! Wow she was wound up tight! I took her hand and guided her back to the booth.

"Wow Lisa! I didn't even recognize you. Your looking really petty!" Well what girl could resist honest praise. It pleased me that she thought I was pretty because she was a knockout!

We talked a while over breakfast and I gauged her respones to my questions. She was either a great actress or she had no clue what the rest of the Band had done to me. I ended up telling her the whole ugly story and was surprised when she started crying. "That is so disgusting!" she sobbed. "Why did you let them do that to you?" When I explained about the hormone pills that Julia was feeding me for months and how they sapped my ability to stand up for myself. Besides doing it 'For the Band' I also explained that I loved Julia very much and trusted her. "Who knew!" I shrugged.

She grabbed my hands and said very quietly and deadly, "Let's get the bastards! Julia always gave me bad vibes and that Juan really creeped me out but I have to admit that Kayla fooled me completely!"

I thought about this new turn of events as I finished my breakfast and had signaled the waitress for more coffee. "Okay if you really want to help me I want you to try to get Kayla's admission on tape. Can you do that?"

"I'll certainly try but what can I use to record her?" I handed her my new Phillips Voice Mate that could record four hours of conversation. "Wow! this is so kewl!" I wasn't sure but maybe I had found another fellow technophile. "I'll let you know as soon as I get it! Oh! How do I get in touch with you?" I gave her an E-mail account she could contact me at and said she could go to the library and use one of their computers. She smiled and giggled, "I feel like I am in James Bond movie or something. This could be actually fun!"

My estimation of her grew some more so I told her, "If you do this for me I will give you two Million dollars so you can get away from those scum." Her eyes opened really wide and she nodded to me getting as excited as a school girl. "Calm down girl or you'll give the show away." I smiled at her for the first time and giggled along with her. Maybe a friend here, I thought. I hoped so.

Four days later I was checking my e-mails for any progress from my two PI's still out there and was pleasantly surprised by the cryptic e-mail from Jane Bond. 'Mission accomplished!' I had to giggle, Leanne sure had the spy bug! I phoned Kayla's number and Leanne's breathless voice answered. She had obviously ran for the phone before Kayla could answer it. "Hello!" I told her to meet at the regular rendevous point and smiled at her giggle.

This time she was there first in the same booth. She hissed at me when I got close enough and I joined her at 'Our' table. She was radiant and obviously excited. "I got the bitch's whole confession. She was proud of her accomplishments to feminize you and get you out of the band. Once she got started she told me everything. I think I got at least three hours of her disgusting admissions to what she, Jaun, and Julia had done to you. I almost puked on her twice as she Laughed at how pitiful they made you and how easy it was to pull you down the path to full feminization. She told me that the Julia bitch had you on hormones right from when you met. She apparently always wanted to do that to some poor guy. So you were the lucky guy!

I kinda wished she had done it to Jaun instead. Wouldn't that be a scream?" A light came on behind her eyes as she leaned in close to me and whispered. "Why don't WE do that?" She giggled and I have to admit it was tempting but I already had plans for the big asshole and that feminization stuff took a long time! I had to dissapoint her and told her I already had plans for Juan.

"Okay! But what about Julia or Kayla?"

"Huh?" I guess I wasn't firing on all cylinders or something. She leaned in close to me and explained that Male hormones would have the same effect on a woman as female hormones had on a man. I was intriqued! That would be the most fitting punishment on Julia I could think of. In my excitement I grabbed her cute face and gave gave her a hot steamy kiss. There was some initial reluctance but then she got right into it. We were both Panting! "You are a genius!" She glowed!

She actually came home with me and we discussed plans of how to get close enough to Julia to do the dirty deed. Sure it would take some time but it was such a satisfying revenge that I was willing to expend as much time into it as necessary. I looked into Leanne's face and her big smile and knew that I was smitten! I blushed and looked down to the table top.

"What ever is the matter Lisa?"

I dredged up the courage to tell her, expecting her to bolt, but I just had to tell her. "I really misjudged you and I am so sorry for that. In the last few weeks I have come to really appreciate your sense of adventure and your excitement over our Jane Bond work and I find that I am attracted to you. Very attracted!"

I watched her face carefully for any sign of disgust. There was none. Just a speculative look as if she was pondering the pro's and con's of my statement. "I am very flattered Lisa, I really am but we really don't know each other very well yet and I would hate to jump into the pot before I knew how hot it was!"

I smiled and then pulled my checkbook out of my purse and shushed her as she tried to say more. I really didn't want hear any more rationizations about why we shouldn't be together.

I calmly wrote out a check for five million dollars and handed it to her. "Thanks for all your help! I know I couldn't have done it without you." I started to get up with incipent tears in my eyes when much to my surprise she tore the cheque up! "What are you doing? I assure you that that was a completely valid cheque!" I hissed at her in stunned surprise. "But if you want we can go down to my bank and get you cash if you prefer."

I was still standing to go but she pulled me down to sit again. "God! Those bitches really did a number on you didn't they?" I didn't know how to respond to that. "What I was saying was that we should take this very carefully day by day. I knew that trust was going to be an issue with you. That was why I tore that cheque up. At first I was doing it because I was outraged that anybody would do that to you. Then I got so wrapped up in the spy vs spy stuff and found I was getting off on being a sneak." She stopped to smile broadly. " I think we should be roomates first then Lovers if we find we are compatable. If not then we can go our own way at least knowing that we gave it a shot! What do you think?"

All I could do was just smile and nod. She laughed, grabbed my hand, pulled me up and said. "Well, what are you waiting for? Lead on room mate.

On a side note I should mention that we are still happily sharing the same house and now bed and are deleriously happy!

Once arriving home I gave her the grand tour, impressing her immensely. I don't think she even thought that we would be living in a house together. A house that I had lovenly added all the latest amenities. I had styled the house in a forest motif and the bath room seemed to be in a small glade with lifelike statues of Dear and and other forest creatues around the luxurious jacuzzi and pedestal sinks. She laughed and mentioned that she wanted blindfolds on the critters while she was taking a bath! I giggled and said that I would see what I could do.

When we got to the kitchen, the only room that looked like what it was, and I introduced her to Ms. Gallin, my cook and housekeeper and sometimes Mother I giggled! She seemed to be surprised at first but then went on to endear herself to Ms. Gallin by congratulating her on being steadfast about her kitchen that should look like a kitchen! Ms. Gallin snorted and declared that she refused to cook in a lumber camp! She was smiling though and I knew she approved of Leanne. I was glad because I wasn't kidding about the Mother stuff. I looked to her as I would to my own Mother for advice and sometimes just for the warm feelings of home.

We got her settled into the guest room that she said was bigger than Kayla's apartment. She looked to me with some small embarrasment. "I really don't want to go back to that bitch's place and I don't really care about what I left there but......." She trailed off then with a minkish smirk and swaying back and forth with her hands clasped behind her back like a little girl asked in a small voice if she could get an advance on her allowance so she could go shopping. I laughed heartily and handed her a platinum Visa and told her to knock herself out.

Let me tell you, that girl could shop! I thought I was good but she left me long behind after the fifth hour of marathon shopping! I was suitably impressed with not only her stamina but with the care and attention that she spent on her puchases! Nothing too flashy or trampy but still quite sexy selections. She also had a great eye for colors and was a mix and match genius. I vowed then and there that she would be the head shopper from then on. This pleased her no end you know when I informed her after we got home. "Wow! After only one day and I get a promotion! You better be carefull or the rest of the staff might get jealous. Ms. Gallin just snorted a laugh at that but I went into peals of laughter.

God it had been so long since I had laughed like that! I stopped and wondered if I had just said that out loud and guessed I had from the tender looks from Leanne and Ms. Galin.

It was two weeks later when my PI number two had caught up to the lovebirds in Oregon. I was pleased to hear that the relationship was quite rocky now that money was tight! I took down the information, thanked him and gave him the details of how to get paid. I had also included a hefty bonus to his payment as well as I was doubly happy with his news.

Now on to Kayla's punishment!

Leanne sat with me and we discussed several ideas. We did have her full confession on tape but if we used that to send her to prison that would drag all the others in as well and I had such plans for Juan and Julia.

No, Kayla would take some brainstorming. As we listened to her gloating over what she had done to me we inavertantly let Ms. Gallin hear the tape. She had stormed in to the study and demanded to hear the whole tape. I had never seen her so angry! She listened to the tape twice and then commented on how she should be treated like the spoiled child she was. She perked up suddenly and went to the phone. After talking for about an hour she returned and informed us that Ms. Butlers Prep School for unruly children would be happy to take her in and would be sending a brochure in the mail right away. With a smug look Ms. Gallin left to go back to her kitchen.

Leanne and I exchanged glances of wonder at Ms. Gallins quite out of the ordinary display. We also looked forward to the brochure as well. Thanks to Ms. Gallins' timley intervention we were able to forget about Kayla for a while and focus on Juan.

I had an epiphany! Leanne asked it it hurt! Giggling I tickled her calling her the comic that could. While she was recovering from an intense bout of tickling I explained my most excellent idea. It was simplicity itself. Get him on a plane to Mexico or preferably some middle-east destination, plant some serious drugs in his luggage, and wave bye bye as he gets carted off to prison.

Once again Ms. Gallin came up with how and when. Lebannon, she said, had very stiff anti drug smuggling laws and Juan would be lucky if he got away with twenty years. A prize she said would get him on the plane expecting wine and women not whines and gentlemen! I had to laugh at her dry whit. I gave her a big hug and thanked her for all her help. She smiled (Actually really smiled) and said it was her pleasure.

While serving us dinner she asked to join us. I was surprised but agreed with a smile. She sat there for a while formulating what she wanted to say while both Leanne and myself waited patiently. She finally got her thoughts in order and started to speak. "When I first started to work for you I thought you were one of those Peter Pan folks, you know, Fairies! She paused while we laughed at that. " I decided during our interview that you seemed harmless enough and I could live and let live. Over the past few years I have come to realize that you are a staight forward, honest person with excellent taste that seemed to be very sad and lonely. I noticed that you were scruplious with your business dealings but appeared almost paranoid when dealing with people. I then realized that you had been hurt by someone close to you and didn't trust people anymore. I apologize to you for thinking you were gay or something. After listening to that awfull tape I realized that you had no say in what had happened to you and I am impressed with your fortitude by not bemoaning your fate and getting on with your life. I must say that revenge is belittling to the seeker and I hope that you will not be tainted by it but also must let you know that you can count on me for anything I can do to help." She stood up from the table, smiled at me and stated. "I am very proud to be your housekeeper Miss!" She then left and dissapeared into her kitchen, leaving behind two ladies with moist eyes.

Chapter Three


The brochures for Ms. Butlers Preparatory School for troubled children seemed ideal but one had to wonder how the prim and proper housekeeper knew of it. Was she a graduate or sponsor? I would venture to guess that we would never know 'That' answer. Now all we had to figure out is how to get Kayla up there. We knew that once she passed through the walls voluntarily it would take considerable time before she would be going out. The world would be a safer place while she was in school and hopefully her lessons would make her a better person when she left. It was more of a gift then punishment as it would supply her with a fresh outlook on life and hopefully give her some peace as well.

Leanne came up with the idea on how to get her up there. She would go back to the apartment like nothing had happened, apologize for not calling or writing but that she had been so busy at her new job of helping children with dissabilities. She would go on and on about how great it was and talk Kayla into coming up to see if she might want to work there. It seemed to be a fairly safe approach and I could go with her if anything went amiss. That was settled and we would go to the apartment tommorow. There was no way that Kayla would recognize me and I could add extra incentive and believability.

The next morning saw us going to Kayla's and as soon as Leanne's key let her in you could feel the miasma of evil permeating the place. Leanne called out for Kayla and was rewarded immediatley with, "Well where the hell have you been? Do you have your share of the rent?"

No 'How are you' 'have you been alright'. This lady was evil to the core. We could play into that though. Leanne went into her spiel about her new job and how rewarding it was and how good the salary was. She introduced me as Brenda, a fellow worker. Kayla did not seem to be at all impresed and my hopes died a bit. When Kayla once again mentioned Leanne's rent I hoped that her greed would win the day.

"Oh! I'm sorry. Here I am going on and on about me." She opened her purse and took out a wad of bills that would choke an Elephant. Kayla's eyes opened wide at the sight of so much cash and she almost started to drool. Check and Mate! I thought as I too opened my purse and handed another equally impressive wad of cash. "Do you think you have enough?" I asked innocently. Kayla was practically salvitating at the sight of so much cash. I imagine being poor can have that effect on people who are used to having much more. I snickerd to myself as I relived those wonderfull moments at the courthouse. Meanwhile Leanne had counted out several thousand dollars and handed it to a stuned Kayla. "I'm so sorry to not give you any notice but I hope that this will ease the burden." Leanne said with just the right amount of innocence so as to not sound too phoney. Well! Kayla jumped into the boat in an effort to grab the bait.

"My God! How much do they pay you?" Kayla asked in wonder.

" Well I am just starting so my wage is a little small for now. They only pay me $ 5000.00 a month. I should get a raise when I pass the probationary period. Brenda, you been there for over a year now may I ask how much they pay you?"

What a lead in. "I take home $ 216,000 a year now." I deadpanned. " But I am up for review next month and I may get a raise. I certainly hope I do as I could use more money. Those darn Mercedes are murder in maintenence and I am helping Todd through University and you know how expensive that can get." I said this last straight to Kayla and she nodded with dollar signs in her eyes.

"Ummm! Maybe I should come and take a look around. If the job isn't too disgusting I would certainly be interested to try." Yea, sure you would, I thought. You would try to figure out some scam to get more money.

Leanne jumped right in. "Oh! What a marvelous idea. We could work together! That would be so much fun!" Carefull sweety, I thought, don't lay it on too thick! Kayla had apperantly made up her mind and getting up grabbed a coat and her purse. "Well, let's get going then!" I turned and let out a sigh of relief. We had her!

One very long hour later we pulled into the parking lot of Ms. Butler's Preparatory school for difficult children. Well, Kayla certainly qualified for the latter part. A more difficult child didn't exsist! As we walked in Kayla observed. "My God! It looks like a prison!"

My! my, how astute you are my dear!

Once past the huge towering walls she relaxed when she saw the finely manicured lawns with all the statuary and fountains. It was designed to make one at ease. We entered the building proper and again Kayla was impressed. This place reeked of 'Old' money. She was already thinking of ways to get more than her fair share. She was hooked! Now all we had to be careful with was our wording as we talked to Ms. Butler and Kayla would have a home for many years.

Maybe even coming out a better person. I surprised my-self by hoping that this would be the case with Kayla. Unbelievable! Here was the person who was most responsible, next to Julia, for my current situation and I was wishing her well? Strange days indeed!

We were ushered into the opulance that was Ms. Butlers office and I knew that this would cinch the deal. Kayla's innate greed would suck her in and keep her in. Ms. Butler had the forms already on her desk waiting for Kayla's signature.

"Good day ladies, how may I be of assistance to you today."

It was my turn as this was my revenge and I would not have anybody else burdened with any guilt that this might engender. "Ms. Butler, we were extolling the virtues of your establishment to our friend Kayla here and she has made mention how much she would love to reside here." I turned to Kayla and prayed that she didn't catch the significant differences in how I spoke of her wants. "Isn't that right Kayla dear?" There is a God, I thought as Kayla took the opportunity to get into the good graces of Ms. Butler right away. I wasn't all that sure that Ms. Butler had any.

"Oh absolutey Brenda, and I can't thank you enough for bringing me up!" She smiled at Brenda (that would be me for those of you who may have forgotten) and then turned her smile on Ms. Butler. "Well you are in luck as we have a vacancy in the Infant room. Would you be interested in joining the Infants there Miss Kendra?" Ms. Butler turned to me and stated. "That would start at $5000.00 per month she said to me. The wily old Fox had made Kendra think of that as money in not money out.

"That would be perfect" stated Kayla putting the last nails in her coffin herself. I nodded in agreement and Ms. Butler immediatley slid the documentation over for Kayla to sign. She signed without any hesitation. Ms. Butler took the signed documents and then pushed one to me to sign. I was after all going to be paying for this schooling! Kendra just had to ask, "Why are you signing Brenda?" An easy question to answer without having to play verbal dogeball in a mine field. "Why, I am your sponser Dear." I answered with Kayla giving me a look of thanks.

Meanwhile Ms. Butler had pushed an intercome button and when there was a tinny response she ordered special beverages for her guests and would Mistress Beatrice please come to the main office for a pickup. I knew then that Kayla's fate was sealed. I knew that Mistress Beatrice was in charge of the infant department. It didn't take long for refreshments to arrive. There was both coffee or tea and some good looking biscuits. The server nodded to Kayla and asked her preferance and when Kayla said coffee I knew I was getting the tea! The server put her tray in order and asked Kayla regarding cream and sugar. Kayla said yes to both and while a movement from Ms. Butler caused Kayla and Leanne both to look her way while I saw the addition of a vial of a clear liquid. She passed the doctored coffee to Kayla who smiled and thanked her. The lady smiled and said what a delight it was to hear such politness these days. Kayla, certain that she had made brownie points drank her coffee down in one swallow. "Oh My! I am so sorry. I have no idea why I gulped that down like that. I do apologize for my rudeness. It was very very tasty though."

I don't know if Kayla noticed her speach patterns were degrading to that of a much,much younger person. She smiled dreamily and asked in a little girls voice. "Can I have some more yummy drinky please?" who would have known that she actually had some real politeness in her. Probably from her mother when she was a child. At that moment Mistress Beatrice entered and looked kindly at Kayla who by now was sitting as a child swinging her legs. "that would be May I have some more yummy drinky please" she said to Kayla. She had obviously heard Kayla's earlier request and the training was allready in progress. "Oh! I'm sowwy. May I have some more yummy drinky please?" Mistress Beatrice beamed down at Kayla and said. "Of course you may sweety." She held out her hand and Kayla put hers there so trustingly and the two walked out the door to who knows what horrors for Kayla.

I looked worriedly at Ms. Butler for some reasurance as I had to ask. "She won't be harmed will she?" My maternal instincs were on full blast and I was genuinely worried for little Kayla. Ms Butler answered with a gentle smile. " Of course not Mommy. I am very happy to know that she has people who care for her." I wasn't too sure about that Mommy remark but I was relieved to hear that Kendra would not come to any harm. Giving it some more thought I figured that I may have sounded like a worried Mother so I smiled at Ms. Butler and thanked her. As Leanne and I rose to leave Ms. Butler passed some documents to me. I had already paid for two years in advance and I was sure that they would call when more funds were necessary. I smiled my thanks again to Ms. Butler who also rose to bid us a good day. I was turning to go when Ms. Butler said. "You do know that you do have visitation rights after the break in period of three months. I think your little girl would love to see her Mommy!" I thought about that for a few seconds, turned and again smiled at Ms. Butler. "Thankyou, Yes I would like to come up and visit. Am I allowed to bring presents?" With a wide smile that looked so alien on her face Ms. Butler nodded. "There are some guidelines in your forms. Ladies I wish you a good day." We nodded back to her silently as Leanne and I left the office and once back in the car the enormity of what I had done struck me. "God! I hope I did the right thing." Leanne leaned over to me, patted my hand and told me. "You did just fine Mommy!" I couldn't help but smile as I put the car in gear and we headed home.

Chapter four


It took a very, very long time to set up the sting for Jaun. There were dozens of niggling little details that had to be handled very carefully or the whole sting would unravel and either I or Leanne could be hurt. I was suffering no illusions that Jaun was a tough nut to crack. The potential joy for a successful opperation was enough to keep Leanne and myself going and surprising to me (Although I should have known better by now!) was the depth of assistance from Ms. Gallin. One of these days I just had to ask her how she new all these different people. Some were real bottom feeders and one was actually a contract killer!

Remind me to give Ms. Gallin a raise! Phew!

Finally we had a smooth running sting that I was sure would work. It was helped by the steady decline of his and Julia's relationship. Money problems always put a strain on a relationship but add to theirs was both of their incredible egos and their 'need' to seem to be wealthy and successful to all around them. By the time we had all our 'ducks' in a row Juan was definatley primed to get away from Julia.

I placed the ad in his favorite car magazine. Then we developed the appropriate corporation to have a sale gimmick that matched the ad. The hardest part of the whole sting was getting the drugs. These had to be real or the appropriate law enforcement agencies could do nothing. I had 'never' done drugs and only had a vague idea that they were avaiable at all the 'BIG' parties in Hollywood. I had a stroke of genius and talked Kenny, my horny lawyer, into wangling us an invite to the next up and comming bash. I, of course, didn't mention that I was bringing my lover, Leanne, with us but as he was meeting me at the bask that didn't matter. Danny would get over his little mad as soon as I needed his services again. I just paid too well!

Now the only iffy part was securing the drugs needed from some greedy or Horny dealer at the party. I was sure that there would be quite a few at such a bash as we were going to. Hollywood glitter attracted the bottom feeders like wiggling worms attracted fish!

I hired ten people to go through all the mail that was recieved for the contest. They were looking for only one. Juan Alverez! No one could possibly win. I added further incentive to the staff that the lucky finder would recieve a bonus of $5000.00. The mail flew through their fingers.

I was starting to worry that Juan had missed the ad even though it was placed in six strategic areas of the magazine. I sweat blood for two weeks! Finally it was found and the lucky girl that found it was dancing around the room singing "Ureka! I found it! I found it!"

Not being one who could stand the unhappy faces I got them all in the holiday spirit by handing out small paychecks as well as Holiday pakages to several really hot resorts. Then the booze was brought in and the Pizzas arrived. That was one happy group! I gave the lucky girl her bonus and she was overwhelmed when she saw it was for $50,000 rather than the expected $5000.00. I had learned that my newest employees were all single parents under the bill and morgage gun and my newly minted 'Maternal' instincs took over and I made sure that they were all looked after by giving them the highest wages they had 'ever' earned. It made me all warm and gushy to see all the happy faces. But the best was from the tears of my 'winner' as she was totally at a loss for words as she hugged me and danced me accross the office floor.

As the party came to a close I arranged for designated drivers to make sure they all got home safe. What can I say, I was a good Mommy!

Operation Juan was in full swing. The party was tommorow night and Leanne and myself went shopping for the best 'LOOK'. It was a blast! We had found the perfect gowns and got all the necessary accessories, including only the sexiest and scrumptious of underthings. After all you just had to feel desireable at one of these bashes.

The night had arrived and Leanne and I had just got back from the salon where we had the'Works'. We got a real laugh from Ms. Gallin as she opened the door and enguired who we were and what we wanted before breaking up in one of her rare 'silly' moments. It only endeared us to her more. When we were all dolled up and waiting for the Limo to pick us up she again surprised us by saying how Special and Beautiful we were. She got her deserved hug and then we were off.

Let me tell you, what with the limo, the beautiful clothes and the atmosphere we both were feeling like Cinderella going to the Ball. Normally I had avoided this type of party while in the band so that made this one even better. Leanne and I really put on the show as we arrived in our stretch white limo, gorgeous gowns and big smiles as we sashayed in arm in arm. Oh my the rumors would be flying tonight as all the gossip mongers would be drooling to find out who we were and if we were an 'Item'. We left them guessing and when we joined up with Danny he suprised me by being quite pleased to have such beautiful women on his arms. We played the rich socialites to the hilt and Danny, known as a real high end wheeler and dealer lawyer, put the icing on the cake. We had people guessing all night. Between Leanne and myself wantonly throwing ourselves at Danny kept the poor man in a constant state of arousal. He didn't mind a bit and showed off his condition to any and all who look. Let me tell you from very enjoyable experience that Danny was packing a very nice bundle, if you know what I mean......Snicker!!!

Towards the midway point of the bash found me alone in an ante room with a table filled with pharmecitical pleasures. Pretending to not notice the several people who were sampleing the veritable cornicopia of joy. I said, seemily to myself. "Oh! My! I wish I had this at home!" I felt the approach of someone behind me who whispered in my ear. "That would be no problem, my dear. Is there anything that you would prefer?"

"YES! I screamed to myself! PAYDIRT!" I turned and innocently asked if he had access to either Hashish or that 'cracked' Cocaine stuff. I made it abundently clear that I didn't really have a clue as to what I was doing but obviously had a boyfriend or someone that did. "I would really like to surprise someone!" I vamped him easily as he thought I was a sweet but bubble headed Bimbo that he could make a few extra bucks off of. Not too much as to make it necessary for someone to come after him for screwing his girlfriend in a a drug deal but certainly a profit!.

The deal was concluded quickly as I smiled with appreciation for him being SO nice to help a girl out. I was amazed at how brazen he was by asking double the price but I didn't show it as I happily paid him the small fortune out of what seemed to be just my 'mad money'. He did try to sell me more but I assured that this was just 'Lovely' and what a kind man he was. He went away pleased with his windfall and I just about floated back to the area where Danny and Leanne were on the dance floor. I winked at Leanne and motioned to my purse with my eyes wide and grinning like a loon. She soon got the hint and laughed out in joy as she took poor Danny on a dance of erotica. I wasn't even dancing with her and I got moist. The rest of the night was a complete blast. The constant queue of ardent hopefuls kept us on the dance floor practically all night with just a few small breaks for the Ladies room or to get a drink! I think I can say in all honesty that if our Hosts knew who were we would always be on the guest list as we definatley put the sparkle on this soiree!

We made sure to be most appreciative in quite the Ditzy blonde ( no offence all you blonde people. I am a natural one myself) way to our hosts in the wee hours of the new day as we made our way out to the Limo. I had no doubts the Danny would be deluged with requests to know who were for some time and I knew he would enjoy every moment of it. It was, after all, very good for his image as well. Our white stetch horseless carriage carried two very contented Cindy-rellas back to our castle.

Near mid day I managed to get up without disturbing my gorgeous bed-mate and made my way to the kitchen where I hoped Ms. Gallin had large quanities of that ebony elixer of life available. I need not have worried as I found a happily busy Lady going about that mysterious ritual of making brunch and copius amounts of coffee were already on the table. Slipping up behind her gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek. "Good morning Mother" I chirpped. Her normal snort of a chuckle made me feel good all over with the stability of having her in my life. She came over and set a plate of morning sausage, pankakes, and eggs in front of me. "So how did the mission go last night?"

"Oh!" I exclaimed jumping up and getting my purse from the front foyer table. Returning to the kitchen I sat down and proudly displayed my 'swag'. Ms. Gallin looked it over with a knowlegable eye and pronouced that it was of very good quality. Not so surprising considering the connisuers at last night's party. Once again Ms. Gallin impressed me. I quietly asked. "However do you know so much Mother dear?" Her snorted chuckle was my only answer as usual.

"Good morning all." preceded Leanne as she floated into the kitchen and settled into a chair with a sigh. "Last night was just so dreamy and I didn't even loose a slipper." She giggled. Spotting the haul from last nights mission she asked. "So mother dear, is our first foray into the seemy jungle of illicit drugs a succes?"

Ms. Gallin chorted and again pronounced its quality. "Good." Leanne stated in a firm voice. "Then the sooner we get it out of our house the better!" Realization of Leanne dislike of drugs yet her allowance of this one time foray made me smile adoringly at her. "How ever did I deserve to find you?" I asked of the room. Ms. Gallin again surprised me by stating quite emphaticaly that I definatley deserved all the good I could get out of life. Her soft kiss on my cheek made my day!

"Well my fellow soldiers of goodness and purity shall we start Jaun's Holiday of a lifetime extraveganza?" We all giggled at that as I got the ball rolling by calling our next group into action. I had hired a small group of actors two weeks ago who gleefully accepted their roles. We had three girls and two men who would portray the magazines PR department that was to give Jaun his prize. We even had a real video camera with all the lights and whistles to wisk our unsuspecting 'winner' along to his trip to Hell! Of course the actors didn't have a clue and the camera man actually thought this was a 'legit' contest win. In about twenty minutes Juan would be basking in his good fortune. The actual sting was set for next week and all was in readiness.

We were in the airports luggage area waiting for our 'mark' to arrive. This part of the exercise was crucial to the over all success of our 'sting' and again I had placed myself in the danger zone as this was my revenge and I would not let anyone else of my happy crew to be put into any jepoardy. I had practiced my moves in front of mirrors for weeks and felt I had it down. I was ready and Jaun was going down! Out of the corner of my eye I could see a smiling, swaggering Jaun coming to the baggage drop off area. He had percisley the expected luggage as of course that was part of the contest win. I braced myself for impact as I turned and bounced off Juan, going down with a squeal. I had dressed in a tarty little bit of fluff that would allow him ample views of my charms and sitting on the floor looking dazed I presented quite the picture of a damsle in distress. Jaun was so predictable as he pretended to try to help me up while he copped several good feels. Soon I was up and leaning against my rescuer panting out my thanks for his help while the package I had palmed found it's way to a zippered compartment on the outside of his carryon bag that was most dificult to discern. Of course, it was designed that way and would look even more like a prepared drug stash then. It was check and mate! As I watched him swagger down the causeway to his plane I knew that the officials at his destination were even now being notified of the nasty 'drug smuggler' headed their way as well as the appropriate news agencies. If all went well we could watch him get his on national T.V. tonight! I was one happy camper as I floated out to the carpark where my lovely Leanne waited to wisk us away home to our celebration dinner.

Our delicous meal consumed and feeling plesantly stuffed we sat in front of the T.V. in anticipation. We waited impatiently through local news and perked up when they shifted to Internation news. How lucky could we be. Jaun had made the first news as he was being handcuffed and let off with such a precious look of suprise and shock as we heard him yell. "It's not mine! Not mine I tell you!" His pleas of innocence faded as he was led to his new life. Gee! I sure hoped he found true love in his new country of residence for a long, long time! I grabbed Leanne and Ms. Gallin and did a victory dance as I squealed in Joy! Life was good!

Part Five


Julie was stunned as she watched that asshole Juan get busted in Israel for drug smuggling. Of course she knew he had been set up as the jerk didn't do drugs as he felt they took his edge away. Julie was more angry that the asshole had won a trip and didn't even let her know or include her in any way. "What a prick!" she yelled into the empty apartment. She had returned to find that anything of any value was gone and that asshole Juan had already pawned it. He had left her basically with nothing. The bank account they shared was of course empty and she would be lucky to make a meal of what food was left. She had her clothes and that was all. "What a Prick!" she yelled again, as she jumped up and down in impotant rage. The really sad part was she had no friends to turn to because she beat everyone away with her super Bitchiness. Now when she could sure use anyone there was no one. The realization that she had brought this on herself was a bitter pill to swallow. She sank to the floor and cried for hours. She had never felt this alone in her life and she did not like it! The sudden strident sound of the phone startled her and she hesitantly answered it. "Hello?" her voice quavered with still pent up emotions.

"Julie? Julie? My God girl, I saw that useless Jaun get busted on T.V. What the hell was he doing in Israel?"

"Who is this?" Julie asked.

"You wait right there girl, I'm coming over. I sure don't like the sound of your voice. Hey don't do anything stupid, kay? I'm on my way." The phone went dead and Julie gazed at it with a puzzled look. Who the hell was that?

Twenty minutes later her door bell sounded and she opened it to see the smiling face of.....? The girl pushed past Julie and stared around the apartment.

"Jesus girl! what happened to all your stuff. You get robbed?" Julie stared at the girl, trying deperately to remember her before she realized that she couldn't remember her and leave in disgust. When you have no one you desperatley clutch at the person who shows any interest.

'Damn, why was she such a bitch. If she had paid even the slightest bit of attention to those around her she would know this person, I mean, God! She seems to know me very well and even knew her apartment!' She drew a complete blank and again fell to the floor crying piteously as she realized that this person would soon know her for what she really was and leave in disgust and then she would be alone again. She wasn't sure if she could do alone! She felt an arm around her shoulders and drew warmth and strength from it. Suddenly a name popped into her head! "Beth?"

"Hey! Its okay! I'm right here girl! You take it easy okay. God! It's depressing in here. It's like a tomb! Let's blow this popsical stand. You are coming over to my place. No way am I leaving you alone. You're sure rattled Jules, I've never seen you this way. Come on grab your coat and purse! Have you eaten today? Probably not! You would forget your head if it wasn't attached." She grabbed Julie's coat from her closet and helped her on with it then grabbed her purse and draped it over her shoulder. She pulled Julie out of her apartment, closed and locked the door and then with her arm around her shoulders to guide her took her outside.

A short few minutes later they were sitting in a restaurent sipping on coffee while waiting for their orders. "So what the hell happened Jules? What was numbnuts doing in Isreal for fuck's sake and since when did he start up with drugs?"

Julie looked at the bubbly girl for a moment and it all came back. This was Beth from the Nautilus Club where she did erobics, weights, and swimming. Beth was a genius with massage therapy and had helped Julie out with her cramps. They had a stange relationship. Julie liked her and felt that she could tell her anything but it was strange as they had only known each other for a few months. Julie had to laugh at Beth calling Juan numbnuts. That seemed to be her favorite term. It would appear as if Beth was phycic for that's what she felt like calling the prick now! She smiled at Beth and started her story.

"What a prick! Damn fucking asshole! What a prick!" Julie had to laugh at her friend as she started to repeat herself. "Ya know I warned you about him months ago, Girl! God damn Numbnuts! what a waste of space. I really don't know what you saw in him Jules. I mean you have good taste in every thing else but that Looser had you bulldozed!"

Julie had to admit that Beth had a point but felt she had to defend numbnuts! She laughed and told Beth what she had just thought!

Beth's warbleing laugh bouyed up Julie's spirits just as it always did. Through out dinner She tried to explain to Beth that in the beggining of hers' and numbnuts relationship things were good and she honestly thought they were in love.

"Naw!" Beth interjected. "I tell ya girl, the only love there was between himself and himself!" She crossed her eyes for a moment and laughed. "Did I just make any sense?" Her warbleing laughter bubbled out and Julie couldn' t help but laugh with her.

"Yea Beth, you made great sense!" "Thanks for.... for everything!" Beth looked slightly embarased at the praise but looked up at Julie.

"Hey! Like your welcome already" I know you would do the same for me!" Julie looked Beth in the eyes and saw only concern there, concern for her!

"I have to honestly say that I'm not so sure Beth, I can be quite a bitch, Ya know?" she put her head on her shoulders in a classic Bimbo move and Beth laughed!

"So he took every thing that wasn't nailed down eh? So, like, what are you going to do?" Trust Beth to cut to the core of things. What indeed? What could she do? She had pretty much lost everything and her skills were mediocre at best. She had always relied on her looks to get what she wanted. Tears again threatened to spill as she realized that she had nowhere to go and no chance to get work. Beth saw her friends eyes water up and figured out pretty close what she was thinking. "Hey! I just got an idea. I just came into a small inheritance from some Aunt that I don't even remember so why don't you move in with me and take some online course or something so that you can get a job! I can support us until you get back on your feet again and you can pay me back in little bits at a time. How's that sound to you?" Julie couldn't believe the selfless act of kindness and broke into tears at the enormity of Beth's offer. "Well, okay, you drive a hard bargin. I'll throw in breakfast in bed but that is as far as I am able to go!" Beth rattled this off in a quasi serious voice that cracked Julie up and she found herself doing a laughing cry.

A couple of days later she and Beth moved the rest of her stuff out of her depessing old apartment and moved into Beth's. The difference was night and day. Her apartment was larger, more open, arier, and looked out over a park. This apartment was Beth. Bubbly and open and it felt damn good. She moved into the spare bedroom that already had a queen size bed, a chest of drawers, and a vanity. The bath had both a shower and a tub. There were double sinks and every thing was clean. Maybe nothing was new but it was all well taken care of. Julie saw a lesson in there. Maybe this was a good thing. Now she could start over and using Beth as an example she couldn't help but improve. God! She may even make friends! The concept was staggering but is was possible.

Beth, the ever helpful, one day brought home a computer system. As with everything else it was definately not new but Beth had it re-furbished and upgraded to the point where it was more than capable for what was needed. It was set up in Julie's room with a nice, second hand, computer desk center that had cupboards and shelves, and all the right nooks and crannies for all the peripheals. High speed internet was connected and Beth even paid for Julie's on-line education. Many nights had been spent with Julie and Beth going through any and all that Julie could do, had done, and her education to date. Beth was quite surprised to find that Julie had good grades in school and even had graduated grade 12 with honors. No, Julie was not quite the dummy either she or Beth thought she was. It was soon decided that Julie could get into the job market best with an associate degree in the Pharmacy trade. Julie's life had taken a 360 degree turn for the better. The vitamins that Beth had bought for her had revitalized her health and Julie was feeling positive about her life and things again.

Julie threw herself into the on-line education and was months ahead of where her schedual had her. She took and passed her exams, that were taken at the local high school, almost six months ahead of her schedual. She had signed up for more advanced studies that, if passed, would give her a bachelor's degree in pharmacology. Julie was so happy and proud of herself, she really could do this. Beth was over the moon for her and when she had received her Associate's Degree took Julie out to celebrate. It was here that the wierdness started.

They had gotten dressed up for a change for their clubbing when Julie noticed that her old clothes fit her strangely. They were tight and loose in all the wrong places. Julie noted that her arms and legs seemed more muscular. Her waist, however, was getting thicker. The most devestating thing was, without a doubt, that her breasts were smaller and it seemed as if her nipples and areola had gotten smaller.

Beth tried to brush off her concerns and got her dressed up in a nice pant suit that hid these problems. Once the girls had done their hair and makeup they both looked good and went out and had a good time. Beth, however, was concerned and through her various contacts managed to get a doctor who would, with the right incentive, make a house call. Just prior to his visit Beth sat Julie down and prepared her for the doctor. "I'm really worried about you. Not only about your physical changes but your personality is changing too. You don't look that good either. Kinda drawn and puckered, ya know?" She tried to inject some humor but Julie could see that her room mate was really concerned for her.

Without thinking Julie got up and hugged her friend and gave her a kiss, right on the lips, that didn't stop and with Beth seeming to get right into it. Suddenly both girls realized what was going on and disengaged rapidly with Julie jumping back with a look of horror on her face and tears in her eyes. "Oh! MY! GOD! Beth, I am so sorry! I have no idea where that came from......." She stopped as she saw the speculative look on Beth's face. They were both saved by a knock on the door!

Beth went to the door as Julie still stood there looking stricken. Opening the door Beth saw Dr. Johns and ushered him in. "Hey Jules, the doc is here!" Bringing Dr. Johns into the living room she introduced them. "Jules, this here is Dr. Johns!" Turning to the doctor she chortled, "And Doc this is your victim, Jules!" They nodded at each other when the doctor looked closer at Julie's face.

"Jesus!" He said shocked by what he saw. Abashed he apologized, "Gosh, I'm sorry for that outburst! Now that was professional..... Not!" He laughed. "Well lets go to your room and let me check you out. Okay?"

Taking Julie by the elbow they both went into her room. The doctor immediatley saw the apparent feminine decor and when his eye stopped on the Associate Degree that was proudly framed and sitting in a place of honor on the computer top shelf he noted the 'Julie A. Benson'. He turned back to his patient and proceeded with the exam. He was quite concerned with the slight tint of green in the eyes and around the inside of the lips. He took some blood then turned to talk. "Sorry to have to get personal but I need to ask some very important questions! Okay?" At Julie's nervous nod he continued. "How long have you wanted to be a girl?"

Outside Julie's door Beth couldn't help but laugh! YES! she thought. She went to the kitchen to make some coffee snickering constantly. 'The plan had worked perfectly' thought Lisa.

Confused dear reader? Yes, the nice, bubbly, and friendly Beth was in reality Lisa and her final bid at revenge had finally born fruit. She danced in the kitchen hugging herself with glee. Now let's see how that Bitch Julie liked being on the receiving end for a change. It had taken money, time, and incredible patience, but she had succeeded incredibly well. Her final enemy had fallen! It was a heady feeling!

Meanwhile in Julie's room Julie was sputtering with outrage. "What!!!!!!" "I am a girl you Quack!" Some of Julie's old arrogance surfaced as she looked at the doctor distainfuly.

"I understand you feel that way and I don't mean any disrespect but I really need to know how long you have been on hormones and who your Endocrinologists is. I think you are having a bad reaction to the drugs and I need to get in touch with your doctors! Please don't take this wrong as I would never make any judgements. I have a close relative who has just finished going through SRS and seems to be ecstatic and very happy with her new life!" He looked at his patience with a look of understanding and acceptance.

All through the doctors little speech Julie had gone through various emotions and when he had finished she actually thought the doctor was, though wacky, was a nice guy who really seemed to care. She got up off her bed and before the Doctor could say anything had disrobed. As the Doctor stared and saw Julie's obvious feminine gender he was, to say the least, shocked and very, very confused! "But... but I thought.... with your friend calling you Jules and your... your maculinity that you were a Man transitioning to a girl! My God I am so sorry to have jumped to such conclusions..... Very unprofessional of me!" He sighed and with determination to salvage something from this debacle asked, "Fine, fine then, How long have you been transitioning to being a man?" Julie had been redressing at this stopped, fell to her bed and just had to laugh at rediculous nature of this most surreal moment. Laughing, giggling, and snorting she finished dressing, turned to the most confused doctor, and trying to control her amusement she attempted to set this poor confused man straight.

"Jesus doc you don't go halfway do ya? Let me help you get that other foot out of your mouth!" she giggled. "Let me assure you, I was born a girl, lived as a girl all my life, and intent to stay a girl until I die, Okay?"

It took a moment but Doctor Johns collected his shattered dignity and got his professional face back on. "Please forgive my unprofessionalism! However we have a very serious problem here. Even more serious than I thought. Do you have any old pictures of yourself say.... A year ago?" he asked with seriousness oozing from his very pores.

Julie was quite taken aback by this sudden change and felt the temperature drop in her room. "Yea, sure doc." She went to her purse and took out a old group shot of the Band just before Mike, as Lisa had left in tears. She brought the picture to Dr. Johns who looked at it, gasped, and grabbing Julie by the arm pulled her to the large ornate mirror over the vanity. "Look.... Can't you see it?" holding the picture up so both could see it and the reflection. The more Julie looked the more she saw. She had changed drasticaly. She was manish compared to her very feminine appearance in the picture. Speachless she went back to her bed and sat not knowing what to say or do. She was in total shock. She looked at the doctor when he noted Lisa. "Hey! I didn't know that Beth was in your band."

"Huh! Oh no that is one of backup singers Lisa!" "Jesus Doc why didn't I see this change?"

"Well, you have been busy." pointing to the diploma, "I see that you wear a lot of loose clothes, Jogging stuff and comfort clothes. It is not hard to miss things when they are gradual and you have nothing to compare them too." He waved the picture. "Listen Jules, sorry, Julie, This is still serious. I am going to run to the lab and get this blood ran through as soon as I can and I want you to make the time to be ready to go to the Hospital. I hate to upset you but if I am right about your apparent symptoms and I am much better at that then determining gender, you may need a blood transfusion. Your body is showing signs of some serious reaction and given your obvious Hormone imbalance, you may becoming allergic to yourself! So block off some time in the next week and prepare your self for a transfusion at least. What else that may have to be done can wait till we have you in the hospital. Are you going to be Okay or do you want me to take you to the hospital now?"

"Oh no doc, you do your lab thing and let me know, kay?"

"Allright! Don't panic.... We will get to the bottom of this and have you fixed right up as soon as possible. You hang in there!" He gave her shoulders a squeeze and headed out.

Beth had a pot of coffee and fixings on the table when he came out of Julie's bedroom. "You want a coffee doc?" Doctor Johns just shook his head in the negative as he put his coat on and grabbed his bag. "Sorry Beth, I don't have time right now. I've got to get to the lab. Your friend is quite seriosly ill and I have to find out why! Thanks for calling me in.... You may have saved your friend's life." He bustled out of the apartment door and was gone. Julie had come out and was dejectedly pouring a cup of coffee. "So what's up?" Beth asked her.

She was taken back when Julie broke down crying as she sniffled out, "I might be dying!"

My god, Beth (Lisa) thought, Have I gone too far. "Listen Jules, I have to go! Will you be alright? Do you need anything?"

"No, it's okay Beth, you have already done so much. I'll be fine. You go!"

With guilt a heavy burden Beth got out to her car and drove the few miles home.

Leanne met her at the door with a question in her eyes. "Hey Lisa! What are you doing here already? How goes the revenge?" Much to her surprise Lisa started crying, "Jesus Leanne! What have I done?" Then ran away further into the house. Leanne tried to find her friend but she had hidden herself away somewhere. Just what the hell had happened? Had that bitch julie done anything? She had to get to the bottom of this if not for Lisa than at least for herself. She grabbed a few things, wrote a note to Lisa and left it on the dining room table then jumped into her car and drove the few miles to 'Beth's' place.

Answering the door Julie was totaly blown away to see a face from the past. "Leanne! Wow! What are you doing here? God you look good!"

'Let's just can the shit Julie! I came for some truth from you if you have any!" She pulled out the recorder with Kayla's rambling on it and put it on the table. Before turning it on however she turned to Julie to say something and then noticed the changes. Julie looked like her twin brother if she had one. "Jesus! What the hell happened to you?"

"I'm not too sure Leanne, Maybe it's Karma. My doctor says I might die but he is doing some lab work to see if he can help! Frankly I don't care, I deserve this! Too bad though. Beth has helped me so much that I really thought I would get a chance to make amends, ya know? If I live I may get a chance to live a normal life. God! I am never going to trust another man though! I think I prefer girls now any way." She smiled a crooked smile at Leanne. "You want coffee?" She went toward the stove for the coffee at Leanne nod. Poured a couple of cups and brought them back to the table where all the fixings were. They both made their brew as they prefered and sat down. Julie noticed the recorder. "What's that?"

"I want you to listen to this without interrupting Okay? We can talk after." At Julie's nod Leanne started and at the sound of Kayla's voice Julie started but didn't say any thing. There were times throughout the recording that Julie got quite mad and almost lost her kewl but she kept her promise and said nothing.

Finally it ended and Julie got up with a screech! "What a bitch! What a lying Bitch! It was never my Idea to turn Mike into a women. Jaun and Kayla thought it would give the BAND an edge. I must admit though as Mikey got softer and softer I just Loved him more and more, Ya know? I got to tell you, after being in three abusive relationship when I first met Mikey I thought he was perfect. He was so cute, he could sing, play a guitar and got the band running sharp. He was the driving force that got us through some very hard times and right to the top. Yes, I must admit to giving him hormones but very mild ones. I just wanted him to stay the sweet perfect lover without ever having to worry if he was going to beat on me or cheat on me or both! Ya know, Brian, my last, before Mikey, actually brought his old squeeze into my house and when I complained he beat the snot out of me while his squeeze just laughed at me egging him on. God! I was in the hospital for three months after that. So when little sweet Mikey came along I snatched him right up. Talk about non threatning. Let me tell you Girl he was a deamon in bed too. I loved him to bits. I would never do any of that shit Kayla is saying. I would never want to lose him. Even when he was more a she I still loved him. Yea I loved to dress him up! He was my little barbie doll! He always looked soooo cute. If I had known I was hurting him I would never had done it. I thought he was digging it too Ya know? God I miss him!"

Leanne was shocked. She actually believed her. BUT someone had taken things too far! If not Julie then who?

"Alright Julie, let's just suspend reality for a bit and say I believe you. Who would or for that matter could do that to Mike?"

"Well Juan was certainly enough of an asshole to do it but I don't think he was smart enough to do. Even when he seemed to come up with all those ideas for those publicity stunts I got the idea he was just being a parrot for someone else."

"Of course I thought Jaun would really add another dimension to the group and that was the only reason I brought him in and I knew that my sweety Mikey would listen to me. I sure didn't expect that Jaun would make a play for me. God he repulsed me! He was the same as all the other loosers I always found myself with. No I can assure you that the only reason I went along with that was for the publicity. I figured that if my sweety would dress up like a girl for the BAND it was the least I could do."

"It always tore me up to see him watching as I pretended to be Jaun's girl. I knew he was hurting. I would always make it up to him in the room after though. Wow! We would make out like minks. Then when Kayla and Jaun started with that bullshit about some Chamber maid seeing us and blowing the whole deal I reluctantly went into Juan's room."

"I never let that prick touch me though and if he got blue balls I didn't give a shit. He had seperated me from my sweety. I don't know how it escalated to the whole Sex change thing but I can assure you that would be the last thing I wanted. I think Mikey really thought that Jaun and I were making out. I tried to tell him it wasn't happening but I was sure he didn't believe. Then that bitch Kim brought in you I think my sweety lost it. There he was just back from SRS which he did for the BAND and he finds his spot gone. We took HIS band away Leanne. We took his life's work away. We drove him away. I think this is why I'm so sick now. Karma. I deserve it, I know. I did nothing to stop those two stick it to him."

Julie seemed almost at peace with herself and seemed quite ready to die 'for her sins'. Thinking through Kayla's expose and now Julie's explantion I was seeing a pattern develop. I thought that maybe, Just maybe everyone had been played.

"Ya know Julie I think we were all played!"

"Kim!" said a voice at the door. "It had to be that god damned BITCH Kim! Why didn't I see her manipulating ways. I think back now and it's clear as crystal. At every change she was there pushing us to do this or that. She really was the force behind me getting all girly and I think, no I know it was her idea for the SRS. Although maybe she might not have gone that far if you hadn't made me so sweet and girly Julie but thats neither here nor there!"

"Hey Beth! Welcome home! Wait a minute. What are you talking about?"

'Beth" took off her wig, removed some pads from inside her mouth and there stood Lisa!

"Holy Shit! What the fuck Beth.... I mean Lisa... I mean.... I don't know what I mean." Julie got up and ran to Lisa and hugged fiercely kissing her all over. "Oh! Mikey! I have, like, so missed you! God! Where did you get to? You just disapeared! I looked and looked but you just vanished into thin air. That asshole Jaun held me back from going after you. When he let me go I ran to find you but you were gone. Let me tell you he had such a sore cheek after I super smacked him. You remember Leanne? God I leaned into that one. Hurt my hand!"

"Yea! I do remember that! I didn't know why you did it but you did get him good girl! Ha! He even had a bruise" Leanne laughed. "Oh shit Julie! I totaly thought you were the Super Bitch behind Lisa's downfall. Jeeze I feel so stupid! No wonder Lisa came home all broke up."

Lisa had pulled away from Julie and she looked like she would cry! "Julie, I have done something very wicked and petty. God I hope you will forgive me someday!"

"Come on Sweety what could you do that was bad. You don't have a mean bone in your whole sweet body!" She looked at Lisa adoringly.

"Maybe as a sweet guy I didn't but when you guys changed me into a women and stole my band I snapped! Now it is easy for me to be a bitch! I thought I had learned from the best. I'm afraid I have done the same to you that you did to me. I am the one turning you into a man! I thought it was poetic justice! Ms. Gallin was right! Revenge hurt the one doing it too! I am so sorry! I will not leave a stone unturned to find you a cure, I promise!"

"You did this?" Julie started to laugh. It built and built until Lisa and I thought she was going Hysterical. She did slow down though as she faught to breathe. She sat down heavily in a chair and just took deep breaths to calm down. "Oh! This is precious! I had to turn into a guy to get my Sweety back! Then if that is the price so be it. I owe you big time. What I did I did because I was scared. Please forgive ME sweety. You didn't deserve any of what your band 'friends' did to you. But don't you worry, even if it takes me the rest of my life I will find those bastards and they'll pay big time!"

Julie looked confused as Lisa and Leanne started to laugh.

"Too late!" We both said in unison and broke into laughter.

"Huh?" Julie was totaly lost.

The girls were about to explain what was going on to a perplexed Julie when Dr. Johns burst through the partialy closed door. There were two para-medics behind him. "Come on Julie! We have to get you to the hospital pronto! There is a medi-vac on the way. Hey guys come in and get my patient ready."

The next few minutes were a blur as the medics got Julie onto the stretcher and secured her for the flight.

"Where are you taking her?" Lisa asked.

No answer came as the sound of the approaching helicopter got the Doctor and Medics into hyper speed. A few moments later Julie was secured to the helocopter and the Medics returned to their Ambulance and Doctor Johns was getting into the helo's cabin. "What Hospital!" Lisa screamed! Dr. Johns turned and yelled "Mathias General" then closed the door and they were up and away.

Both girls were ready to go to the hospital in less then an hour. They had cleaned up, redressed, grabbed some things for Julie called Ms. Gallin to hold supper, gave her a reader's digest version of what had happened and ran out to the car. Arriving at the hospital they went directly to the emergency and asked after Julie. Of course the universal question was asked, 'Are you related?' Leanne and I glanced at each other and said. "We're Sisters!" That got results as they were rushed into a lab to have their blood crossed and matched to Julie. Another miracle! We were a perfect match! The next few hours were hectic as we donated pint after pint of blood. Well maybe a slight white fib. But we both gave two pints, had something to eat and drink and twelve hours later we gave another pint each.

"We were outside the operation 'center' (They had three emegency OR's that radiated out from the hall like a flowers petals) waiting for any news on Julie when we spotted Dr. Johns come out taking off his mask as he conversed with another Doctor. We both stood up and he noticed us and came over."Hello girls what are you still here for?" "We just got back from dracula's lair and thought we would come up here and see How our sister is doing!"

"You were the donors? Well good for you. With what we had and your generous donation we were able to flush her whole system. Of course the toughest parts are always the Kidneys and Liver and it takes time to clean them, but we got it done. The prognosis is a complete cure! Now don't get too boisterous, she will still be here for a couple of weeks and just in case I would appreciate it if you could donate as much blood as you can to her 'account' over the next few weeks. What we did is right up there as major surgery. We will have to keep an eye on her." He sighed! "We almost lost her on the table twice but she rallyed. I think she had something to live for so strong that she wasn't going without a fight!"

Both Leanne and I had tears streaming down our faces as we gave Dr. Johns a hug. "What ever it takes Doc! Money is no problem. You got that!" Lisa said as she continued to hug the doctor! They were escorted to the Duty Nurse station and left all they brought for Julie. They were assured that they would be called as soon as they could come and visit or if they were needed. They each received a pamphlet about being a blood donor and told to go home!

Arriving home Lisa couldn't help but hug Ms Gallin. "Oh! Mom! You were right on about that revenge thing. I almost killed an innocent! How ever could I have lived with that?" At Ms. Gallin's promting they sat down to eat while filling her in on what had happened and how Julie had played a smaller part than was known in Lisa' birth. Granted Julie may have gone overboard with protecting herself from more abuse, and we could all understand why she did it. I felt not the slightest rancor towards her as she was a victim as well. I felt extreamly guilty about what I did though! I had turned around and almost killed her! I would carry that with me all the rest of my life. I was sure that Julie would be totally spoiled in my need to purge my guilt!

Trust Ms. Gallin to hit the sore spot though! "Well ladies, if Julie is not the big bad bitch who is?"

We told her of our suspicions about Tina, the bands manager. With all the information that we had it appeared it could be 'Only' her. But once bitten twice shy. I was hesitant to accuse anyone until I was 100 % sure that it was her/him. I reminded everyone that all the 'evidence' pointed to Julie. Upon closer examination we found that most of the so called evidence against Julie was inuendo, gossip, and quite probaby planted evidence. ( Maybe not physicaly but certainly a planted thought here a passing word there!) Ms. Gallin agreed that my hurt and anger at the precieved betrayal by Julie had made it easier for me to believe the 'evidence'. I had already tried and convicted her in my heart!

We three muskateers didn't get much sleep that night as we went through everything I had and everything that Leanne had. ( I had no idea that she had delved so deep into all that happened ) I chastized her gently for going to all that work. I believed completely that she was totaly innocent! My God I had gone after two innocent people! I told the group that I would not do anything else unless it was agreed by us all. Obviously I was warped. I was way to close!

Three days later the hospital called and told us that Julie was out of danger and we could visit our 'sister' in two days. We had a pizza party that night. The Kool-Aid flowed and we were a giddy group. The nicest surprise once again came from Ms. Gallin. She insisted that since we were now co-cospirators we had to call her Milly. Besides she said it made her feel old to be called Ms. anything. She felt that we had shown her that we were good caring young Ladies (She stressed the Ladies part) and were repectfull we had earned the right to join her peer group. We were touched and honered. I'm afraid we may have hugged her too much but she didn't complain.

So Leanne, Lisa, and Milly dove into all the information regarding the Band. No stone was overlooked this time. We perused Billing, expenditures, advertising, crew manifest for tours, the hotels we went to, the staff of those hotels, gofers and roadies were put under the microscope. If you have enough money you can get information of anything and everyone. Nothing was sacred! Tina was the enigma! It would appear that prior to becoming the Bands manager she didn't seem to exsit. I told all about Narly and how he had help me get my revenge start. I explained that we needed him! The ladies agreed!

Narly was surprised to hear from me and when I explained what we needed he agreed to drop everything and come to his best buddies assistance. I tried to warn them about Narly and his various idiosyncrites and foilables but I kind of bogged down on the explanation. Narly was, well "Narly". I also explained that he was my oldest and dearest friend and I wasn't sure but that he may have a crush on me! I got laughed at for that and these supposed grown up women acted like we were in kindergarden again. It was kind of fun!

We went and visited Julie as soon as we were allowed to and were pleased that she looked a whole lot healthier. I threw my self on her cring my eyes out begging for forgiveness. "Do you forgive me for what I did to you?" She asked. I assured her that I had! "Well there you go! Of course I forgive you! God! In your place I would have shot me!"

We did do one thing that was fun. We got her out of that totally tasteless Hospital gown and into a gorgeous Pegnoir that I had bought just for her. Leanne put on quite the pout and cracked us up when she said, " Boy! I never get any gifts like that you old poop!" I am sure that the nurses and doctors thought we were crazy with all the Hoots, squeals, and laughter that came from Julie's room. I had made sure she got a really nice private room with all the amenities to help her through her convelesence, and of course we would visit every day. We also, without telling Julie, continued to put blood in her 'account'. We didn't want to worry her. I told her to get well quick as we needed her home to help with our latest quest. At her scrunched up face we couldn't help but go into peals of laughter again. I explained that all would be made clear when she got out of the hospital. Both Leanne and myself gave the surprised Julie a hug and kiss before leaving. At the door to her room we said loud enough for all to hear, Goodnight Sis! This got the scrunched face again and we left giggling. I assume the hospital staff thought we were one close and happy family! I was not about to diabuse them of the assumption.

The next day Narly got in and I introduced him to my family! He was quite the gentleman and to the chuckles of all I felt his head to see if he had a temperature! I took him on the two-bit tour showing him his room second to last. He was suitably impressed, but when I showed him his own private computer room with all the very latest of everthing he was almost crying like a baby. He went around petting everything while his entire vocabulary was reduced to "OH! WOW!" We laughed but he didn't care. We had a few hours til dinner so we turned him over to his babies to get acquainted!

When dinner was ready I ding donged his room's intercome and informed him that 'Dinner was served' in my best English butler voice. I could hear a guffaw and shortly he had appeared. He was not empty handed and brought gifts to the table. I know, I know, it isn't polite to read at the table but this was good stuff! My buddy had found Tina! He earned a big hug and a kiss for his endevors. He had a big smile all through dinner. As I read a page I passed it on for the others to read. This person was very busy. It would appear she just lived to destroy rock bands and as many of their members as possible. It was most bizzare to watch her down through her life getting her jollies at the expense of one rock band after another! Millie was waving her third page at Narly. "These are real facts? Not just the stories of unhappy folks and such?"

Narly looked a tad offended but answered very politely. "Yes Ma'am, just the facts Ma'am!" I had to bite my lip not to laugh at his atrocious attempt to emulate the cop on "Dragnet" Thankfuly it went over Millie's head, I think. She just muttered. "Good, good!" and continued to read occasonaly shaking her head and mumbling under her breath. I got to the end of Narly's report first so I got up and proceeded to clean up. Millie noticed just as I was finishing cleaning the counter. "You missed a spot dear." while in a stage whisper mentioned how hard it was to get competant staff these days! I threw a towel at her!

The next few days were full with our visit to the vampires, our visit with Sis, and the gathering of information.

Millie summed it up quite nicely at one point! "This girl and her whole family for that matter are very sick puppies!"

Our days were not all holidays you know and in preperation for Sis's homecoming I had spared no expense to get her room ready. It was a dream room for a girl of any age. I knew Julies' favorite colors and brand names and outfitted her room with only the best. I'm not sure, and I would never count, but I wouldn't be surprised if a Hundred thousand had been spent. Of course the other girls got their rooms upgraded and Narly was pleased to make sure all the computers in the house were the very best money could buy and networked them into the 'Miny Cray' that was being used as the server in a dry cool room in the basement kept scrupleously free from all dust and air born fluff and such! I must admit that the price for that and it's installation got my notice. The final bill for just the server itself was almost two million! Narly assured me that I had got a bargain because I had bought so many other computers and peripheals. Well okay! If he was happy and the supplying agent was happy and the girls were ooohing and awwwwing! I could be happy too. To show Narly my appreciation for dropping everything to come out and his superb researching I contacted the seller on the sly and ordered another 'Cray' with all the bells and whistles to be delivered to his house right after he arrived back. Gee I hope he wouldn't have a stroke or something!

Now I know that it seemed that I was just throwing money around but I have to remind you that I had almost Two-Hundred Million. The interest alone on this mind boggleing amount would be hard to spend! So please don't think that I am foolish with my money. I may have fun and I loved to make people happy, Always had.... Remember that was what got me where I am today. But who is complaining! So nuff said on that subject. I just wanted to prepare you for what I was about to do with my Money! WOW! Would anyone like a Prozac? (Hee! Hee!)

We were going to form a Rock Band!

To be continued ...... Just as soon I find out the 'HOW TO' of Rock Banding! :-)

Goddess Bless,





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