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Mike's Dreams

by Jennifer White


Mike Torres stretched his tired muscles, and climbed into bed next to his lovely wife Celeste. It had been a long day at the office. But he was also sore because of his 'workout'. Or in other words, he told everyone he was going to the gym for lunch, but in reality he had worked out with Elise, his secretary. In her bed.

He couldn't help it. She was just 22, blonde, and she had such a sweet body. How could he not 'work out' with her every now and then? Nobody know about it, and what harm was there? It was just innocent fun. He wasn't betraying Celeste. That was love. With Elise, it was just sex. Nothing more.

He looked at his wife's face. She had already faded out, and was gently sleeping. How beautiful she looked, her skin so soft and perfect. Her chest gently heaved with each breath, and he felt aroused staring at the outline of her nipples through her silky nightie.

But he already had one orgasm that day, so he didn't feel the need to wake her, and to come on to her. She never wanted it enough anyway, which was why he had to turn to Elise. It was all her fault when it came down to it. How could you blame him, when Celeste didn't put out enough?

Mike put his head on the pillow, and took a deep breath. Soon, he too was drifting off to sleep.


Mike was fast asleep, and now he was dreaming. But this dream was very odd. In the dream, he was sitting in his bedroom, preparing to go out to dinner. But instead of wearing a suit and tie, or a casual sweater with slacks, he saw himself in the mirror, wearing lacy blouse. He looked down, and saw that he also had on a pleated black skirt, pantyhose, and high heeled shoes.

Mike looked at himself in the mirror, and the skirt seemed so confining. It wrapped all around him, pinching his waist in, giving him curves. He went to touch himself between the legs, and suddenly he woke up with a start. Back in the waking world, everything was different. He was at home, in bed, and he was himself. He had the hugest case of 'morning wood', feeling completely aroused after the strange dream.

Celeste was still sleeping by his side, but Mike was covered with a cold sweat. The dream had been so real, and it was terrifying! He had never even contemplated dressing up in women's clothes in all his life, and it really scared him that he would even *dream* of it, let alone that his body would respond by becoming aroused. It was only 5:30am, but he wasn't able to get back to sleep after the dream. His heart pounded, and he just couldn't get the images of himself all dressed up out of his head.

"What's the matter baby, did you have a bad dream?" said Celeste, waking up to find him panting and sweaty.

"Yeah" he said.

"Aw, poor baby."

Celeste leaned over, and kissed him. He felt comforted in her arms and he was able to relax. But before he could get back to sleep, the alarm went off. Time for work. He got up to shower, shave, and put on his business suit for another day at the office.


During the day, as the pretty office girls walked by, Mike couldn't help but to think of the dream he had that night. It had been so vivid! Usually, he forgot his dreams right away, but this one really stuck with him. He wondered if he should tell Celeste about it, but then he decided that it was a foolish idea. How do you tell your wife that you just had a dream that you were a woman? No, that was out of the question.

The dream had been a fleeting moment, and he let it go when the next few nights passed without incident. As usual, he couldn't remember any of his dreams, and he settled back down into his routine of life.


* * *


Mike crawled into bed, and it was later than he liked to go to sleep. But he had worked late on a project at the office, and Elise had given him some 'special assistance'. Under the desk to be precise. He was putting aside some money for her now, so he could buy her a diamond bracelet or a necklace. He wanted to take care of her, because she was really taking care of him.

Because of the late hour, Celeste was asleep already. She turned over, mumbled to him, and put her hand on his shoulder. He immediately relaxed, and soon drifted off to sleep. He gently snored as he fell into the world of dreams.

Mike's dreams flowed one into the other, with periods of blackness in between. He became aware of another dream now, where he was in his bedroom, getting ready to go out to a party. He was sitting down in the white chair, by the vanity. In the mirror, Mike's lips were red and full. His cheeks looked rosy from the blush. He was applying mascara, and nodded in satisfaction when it was done. His eyes were pretty, with the perfectly applied eyeliner, the shadow on the lids, and the colors perfectly blended in the eye socket.

His eyebrows were freshly plucked, making a perfect thin arch. He put away the mascara brush into it's tube, and reached for the bottle of perfume. He sprayed himself, and basked in the lovely scent. Then he took out a hairbrush to tease his long hair one last time, making sure it was perfect.

Mike felt a need to wake up! Like being under water, and struggling to get to the surface. He was drowning in the feminine realm again, and needed to get away from it! He struggled, and suddenly broke out of his dream. He sat up straight, and again he was covered in sweat, his heart racing, his breathing heavy.

Celeste was still laying on her side, facing away from him, fast asleep. Mike's nightmare had rattled him, but she was undisturbed. Mike was really unnerved by this latest episode. It was bad enough to have one dream where he was dressing as a woman, but now he was dreaming that he had been putting on makeup, making his face look pretty. He tried to remember if he was dressed in women's clothes in the dream, but that eluded him. All he could think of was the image of him with a pretty, feminine face. It was quite disturbing to say the least!

Mike didn't like it at all. He didn't want to be a woman! He wanted to be *with* a woman. Again, he couldn't get back to sleep, and he felt a little groggy as he went into work. He drank a couple extra cups of coffee to make sure that he was fully aware and conscious.

Every time he saw a woman walk by, now he noticed her makeup. Before, when he saw a pretty woman's face, he would just take it in as a whole. But today, he was very aware of the makeup on the face. He looked at Elise for example, and really noticed the colors around her eyes, or the way her blush was blended in gently on her cheekbones. He saw how the colors she applied complimented her skin tone, and highlighted her best features, while drawing attention away from her flaws.

He had never seen a woman in this way before, and that also disturbed him. Something was very wrong with him. But how could he tell Celeste about it? Or Elise?

"What's wrong Mr. Torres?" said Elise. "You're staring at me."

She always called him by his formal name when they were in public. Only alone, did she call him 'Mike'.

"Oh sorry, I was just noticing how lovely your makeup looks on you today" he said.

"Why thank you for noticing!" she said. "That almost sounds like you're flirting with me though. Right here, in front of everyone!"

He chuckled. He hoped their affair was a secret from the office staff. Word of these things could spread, so he took pains to make sure that they never did little things like touch each other, use their nicknames for each other, or show any extra affection for each other in public.

He decided to bury himself in his work. That would get his mind off of his strange dreams.


* * *


It was three nights later, before Mike had his next strange dream. This time, it was even more disturbing than any of the others so far. In this dream, he was again in his bedroom, sitting on the edge of his bed. He looked down, and saw that he was wearing a pair of lacy white panties. They had a little bow on the front of them, and they enveloped him in silk and lace.

But they were nothing compared to what else he saw. On his chest, there were a perfect pair of women's breasts. Boobs. On his chest! He looked down at them, then touched them with his hands. He noticed that his fingernails were long, with the ends squared off, painted white at the tips, and clear below that.

He cupped his boobs with his hands, and they felt ultra-sensitive. A shiver of excitement ran up and down his spine as his hands made contact with the firm flesh of the mounds on his chest. Looking down, they stuck out so far from him! They were round, full, and firm.

There was also a gap between them, and he ran his fingers down it. He could feel his boobs rub against the insides of his arms. Now he drew his attention to the ends of the boobs, where there was a darker circle around his large nipples. The circle was about the same diameter as four of his fingers together, and he could feel little bumps on it. The circle of color was somewhere between a pink and a brown color.

And in the middle of it, he had a large nipple standing out, fully erect. He was surprised how wide his nipples were. He touched them, and felt a thrilling sensation go over him. It was as if they were wired to stimulate the nerves right between his legs. He cupped his hands under his boobs, and pinched his nipples between his thumbs and first fingers. He threw his head back with the pleasure he felt, and then suddenly he had that panicked feeling again. He had to wake up! He had to escape these womanly feelings and sensations! He struggled, and had trouble breathing for a moment, until he tore himself away, and woke up, safe in his own bed.


The dream had been so real! He had big breasts, and he had enjoyed exploring them! No! That was *so* wrong, that he couldn't even begin to think of how such thoughts, sensations and feelings might have entered his dreams. He felt sick to his stomach from the fact that until he felt the surge of panic, he had *enjoyed* the feeling of exploring them, touching them, and feeling how that had aroused him. He was fully aroused still, and he felt such a need to come that he ran to the bathroom, got out some tissues, and stroked himself until he climaxed.


In the office that day, Mike couldn't help but to stare at all the women's chests. They were used to men looking there, instead of in their eyes, so nobody even raised an eyebrow at his behavior. But in his mind, he felt a shiver of fear each time he saw the mound's on a women's chest, knowing that in his dreams, he had been just like them.

Why was he dreaming of being a woman? Was it because he felt some sort of guilt inside because of his affair with Elise, and his mind was trying to make him sympathize with his wife? No, that was nonsense. It was just a dream, and it didn't mean anything. Mike looked Elsie's perfect chest, and smiled. Here, in the real world, he didn't have breasts, but she sure did! He was feeling turned on.

"Elise, come into my office and close the door" he said over the intercom. "We need to go over a confidential customer file."

"Yes Mr. Torres" she replied, smiling as she rose out of her chair, graceful in her heels, her short tight skirt making him perk up fully to attention. He knew what he wanted, and so did she. She closed the door, and locked it. Soon, they were in each other's arms, going over some very private matters.


* * *


Mike was starting to dread going to sleep. Would tonight be the night that he had another of the nightmare dreams? Several days passed without incident, but on Monday night, he had another dream, and this one was worse than even the last one.

Again, he was sitting on the edge of his bed. Again, he looked down to see his large boobs, and his white lacy panties. But this time, his hands moved down, past his boobs, to where his hips got wider. He put his hand with its long painted nails, and placed it right across the flatness at the front of his panties.

It was flat! He had nothing protruding out. He had boobs. He had curves. And he had nothing between his legs. He was a woman. And now, he found himself pulling down his panties until they were off. The skin under the panties was milky white, while the rest of his skin was a couple of shades darker. Tan lines.

Instead of the triangle of long curly hairs he normally had between his legs, there was only a small rectangle, neatly trimmed. He touched it with his finger, moving down to the edge of his vision. He spread his legs wider to get a good look, but he could only see the start of the slit that ran for several inches between his legs. His finger started to work its way in, at the top of his slit.

The nail felt sharp on his sensitive flesh, but a moistness from inside him was working its way up, and soon the finger slid further in, much easier. The tip of his finger pushed aside a small hood of flesh, and suddenly he felt a tingle of pleasure all over as he found a special spot inside.

Mike's mouth gaped open, as he started to work the spot he had found. Meanwhile, his other hand started to play with his large nipples. He laughed out loud in his dream, a high pitched giggle, as he felt the pleasure rolling over him, and through him.

Now he felt a *need* to be touched in another place. He slid his hand further down the slit, until his finger plunged into a hole. The outside walls of the hole felt like the shell of a walnut, with little ridges. It felt *so* good to have his finger in there! He pulled it out, and stuck in two fingers. That felt even better. He started to pull the fingers out, then in. Out, then in. He put his thumb at the top of his slit where he had explored at first, so that *both* spots were being stimulated.

He could feel a giant surge of pleasure about to rise up and wash over him. But at that same moment, he became aware of his being female, and how wrong it was. Panic spread through his mind, and he felt that he had to wake up, and get away, before the orgasm hit him. He struggled, and was terrified. It was as if his mind knew that if he experienced the female orgasm, he wouldn't ever be able to go back. Just in the nick of time, he woke up, and he felt worse than any of the other times.

He was *so* turned on, he had to go to the bathroom again, and 'relieve' himself. He imagined being on top of Celeste as he made himself climax, but he was so scared that he almost cried. In his dream, he had been a woman, and he had pleasured himself! That was *so* wrong, so sick. He needed help. He couldn't take much more of these dreams!


At work, Mike stared at all the women. He looked at their skirts, knowing what they had inside of them. It chilled him to the bone that in his dreams the night before, he had been just like them. What scarier thought could there possibly be for a man?


* * *


For the next two nights, Mike had a reprieve. No dreams. But on the third night, he had another one. And this one was different too, going where other ones had not yet ventured. Again, he was in his bedroom, getting ready to go out. He was making sure his hair was perfect, then he stood up. He was wearing the frilly blouse, and the pleated black skirt again. He had the high heeled shoes on his feet. His makeup was perfect, his perfume, his jewelry.

Mike touched his chest, feeling the boobs held up firmly by the underwire bra he wore. He touched himself between the legs, feeling the flatness. Then he took a purse off the table, and put his arm through the short loop of the strap. He slid it up his arm, so he could hold it firmly in place as he walked.

The scene shifted, and Mike, still fully a woman, was sitting on the couch facing another woman. She was dark haired, and very pretty. He had never seen her before, but they were talking like old friends. Suddenly, the girl moved very close to Mike. She started to unbutton his blouse, and she put her hand on his chest!

He responded in kind, starting to touch her. They kissed, and he felt a tingle all over his body. They walked to the bedroom, and started to take each other's clothes off. The woman walked up to Mike from behind, and kissed him on the side of the neck, as she put her arms around him, and started to gently cup his breasts. She used her thumb to stimulate his nipples, and Mike's mouth opened, his head threw back in pleasure, and his eyes closed.

"Ooh, you're getting me all wet" he said out loud, in a female voice.

The woman pulled him down onto the bed, and put her hands onto Mike's smooth legs.

"Spread them for me" she said.

Mike spread his legs wide open, and the girl moved her head in between them. She was going down on him! She put her hands on Mike's large breasts, and stimulated them as she used her tongue to stimulate him between his legs.

"Mmm, you taste sweet" she said. "Tell me you're my woman."

"I'm your woman" said Mike, as the pleasure inside him started to build up and grow.

Up to that moment, it had seemed like everything was automatic, and he had no control of himself. But just then, his awareness kicked in again, as it had for the other dreams. And he knew he had to stop this! He wasn't a woman, and he didn't want to have sex as one (even with another chick).

The struggle to wake up in time seemed like it was twice as hard as the previous dream. Unspeakable pleasure was about to hit him, but he had to get away, before it was too late! He woke up with a start, safe in his bedroom, but feeling a need to go release his pent up sexual tension.


At work, it was hard not to look at the secretaries, as they sat next to each other at their desks, and wonder if they ever did it together. It would be fun to watch, but it was terrible to participate in something like that! He knew. He had felt it. In his dreams.


* * *


For the next four nights, Mike had the same dream. A date with the other woman, ending with them in bed. Sometimes he would go down on her, before she started to lick his pussy. Each time, right as he was ready to climax, he was able to pull out of the dream. But he was really scared now. He had to do something. He had to tell Celeste.

That night before they went to sleep, they made love. As they held each other, Mike told her of his dreams.

"You know that I've been having nightmares" he said.

"I know. You wake up, and you're covered in sweat. Your eyes look wild. What's bothering you honey?"

"The thing is" he said, "something very strange is going on in my dreams. They're all the same. Somehow, when I'm having these nightmares, I'm not myself."

"Then who are you?" she said.

"It's hard to explain" he replied. "I mean, I'm living in this house, I'm in this bedroom, but I'm not me."

"Am I there?" asked Celeste.

"No, I haven't seen you in the dreams. But I'm always...."

"Always what? You can tell me honey" said Celeste supportively.

"You're think I'm weird. I don't know if I can do this."

"It's all right. You can tell me anything. You'll feel better if you let it out, instead of keeping it bottled up inside" said Celeste.

"Okay. Here goes. In my dream, I'm a woman."

Celeste gave him a hug.

"Oh, honey, don't feel bad. There's nothing wrong with that! When I studied psychology in college, I read that many men have dreams like that during their lives. It just means that your mind is exploring. Just let it go. You shouldn't worry about feeling bad because you had a dream like that."

Mike felt so relieved! He was finally able to tell her about it, and she wasn't upset. She was supportive! He was so comforted, being held in her arms at that moment. For the first time in weeks, he was able to really relax, with no troubles on his mind.


But that night, Mike had another dream, which shattered his temporary bliss. This time, it was the worst dream he ever had. It started out as usual, in his bedroom as a woman, getting ready for a date. But this time, his date came to the door to pick him up. And his date was a man!

Mike felt weak and helpless as the man took him by the hand, and they went out to dinner. Then they went dancing. And then over to his place. Just as with his dream being with a woman, one thing led to another, and soon they were in the bedroom.

But instead of having a woman asking him to spread his legs so that she could go down on him, this time it was a man *telling* him to spread them, and then climbing on top of him. As the man penetrated inside of Mike's fully aroused and lubricated vagina, the panic set in, and Mike was barely able to wake before he climaxed in his dream. But this had been the closest escape yet! And by far, the worst dream.


In the office, Mike felt a need to reassert his manhood. He told his secretary Elise to come into his office, and lock the door. He ordered her to sit on his lap, and they started kissing. Soon, she had her skirt off, showing him the new panties she had just bought. The diamond tennis bracelet he had bought her was on her wrist. She put her arms around his neck, and kissed him.

Elise pulled his pants off, and dropped her panties. She was ready to mount him, but he wasn't aroused enough yet. She worked him with her hand, and then with her mouth. But try as she might, he just could not get an erection.

"I'm sorry" he said. "The stress today must be getting to me."

"How about you do me then?" asked Elise.

Mike found this strangely exciting. He had never gone down on her before, but he knew how from his recent dreams. He did to her what the girl in his dreams had done to him, and Elise was delighted at his masterful technique. He wasn't able to get off that day, but *she* was able to climax twice!

Mike's stomach was upset as he sat at his desk. He felt like crying for the first time since he was a young boy. He had failed as a man for the first time, but he had succeeded in pleasuring his lover, like a woman would do.


* * *


Every night now, Mike had the same dream, of the date with the man. And each time when he gained his senses, it was a harder and harder struggle to wake up before it was too late. One night, he felt a warm splash inside of him, as the man climaxed first. That was perhaps the worst feeling he ever had.

But then, a nights later, came the horrifying nightmare that he had been dreading: as Mike struggled desperately to wake up before he climaxed, he felt the now warm splash inside of him, between his legs. But then, he felt something new: a feeling rising up inside of him, growing and growing. A warmth that started in his center, and radiated all over him.

Then his head seemed to explode as an overwhelming surge of pleasure seemed to run up and down his entire body. He felt the muscles in the wall of his vagina quiver, as the orgasm swept through him. He was trembling now, a tiny uncontrollable shiver in his entire body. The man pulled out, and held him tight. It was only then that Mike was able to wake.


Mike cried. It had been horrible. How could he stop this dream, and get away from it? It was too awful to even think about. He felt dirty. He headed to the bathroom, so that he could take a shower. He washed and washed, but couldn't seem to get the imagined dirt off of himself.

The hot water was running out when Mike finally got out of the shower. The mirror was all steamed up, as were the glass doors of the shower. Mike too a towel, and dried off. He dried his hair, his face, his arms, then worked down his body.

It was when he ran the towel over his legs that he noticed: they had no hair! A chill ran through him, as he tried to recall the shower. He didn't remember shaving his legs! He looked down at his chest, and it too was hairless now. He raised up his arms, and there was no hair under them either. He had shaved himself hairless, just like a woman!

He looked in the drain of the shower, and there was all his hair. How could he have done that to himself, and not realize it? He didn't want Celeste to find out! He took a piece of toilet paper, and used it to clean out all the hair from the drain, so she wouldn't notice.

He quickly dressed, and got ready to go into work.



That night, Mike wore pajamas to bed, so that Celeste wouldn't see his hairless body, and question him. He was scared that she might find out about it. But he was even more scared of the dream he knew he would have again that night. Each night, he went further with it. Where would it end? He tried to stay awake, but eventually he drifted off, and soon was trapped in yet another female dream.


* * *


Mike finished his cup of coffee, and he really had to pee. It had been a long conference call, and he needed to go use the restroom. He walked down the hall, and entered. He stepped up to a urinal, and unzipped his fly. He reached inside to part the opening in his boxers, but he couldn't find it. What was going on? Why was it stuck? Did he have them on backwards?

He zipped back up, then went into a stall. He dropped his pants, and was horrified when he saw what he had on. A pair of Celeste's panties! His face turned bright red, although nobody was able to see it, since he was in the privacy of a stall. Why in the world did he put her panties on this morning? And why hadn't he *noticed* it? This was just like when he shaved his legs, chest and underarms. He just did it automatically, and had no memory of it.

The incident *really* shook him up. This was twice now that he had done something appropriate for a woman, but not a man. And twice he hadn't noticed it. Dreams were one thing, but now this was intruding on his life. He sat down to pee as the tried to understand what in the world was going on. Why was he doing these things, and why was he having such terrible dreams?

Mike went back to his desk after washing his hands, but he felt hyper aware of his panties. Would someone be able to tell he had them on? When he saw a girl walk by, he wondered if *she* had ones on like his. And then he had a terrible feeling inside of him.

The very first time he had dreamed of being a woman, he had been wearing a skirt, and he had felt constrained by it. It was surrounding him, pulling on him, and he felt like he was being turned into a woman. Now that feeling was back. Something *was* starting to turn him into a woman. And he was frightened.

Elise came by and flirted with him, but he couldn't unzip his drawers, and let her see his frilly panties. So all he could do when she locked the door and sat on his lap, was to go down on *her* again. She sat in his chair, while he got on his knees under his large desk, and gave her pleasure. She gave him instructions, telling him what to do, and he complied.

"I think you should do that to me *every* day" she said, and Mike felt a strange sense of obedience to her.

"I'd be glad to" he replied, without really thinking of it.

That bothered him too. Why had he been so quick to collapse his ego, and agree to what she had just said? That didn't make any sense either. He was very glad when the day was over, and he was able to go home.


* * *


That night, Mike had the same nightmare again, with the man. This time, when they were done, they kissed and hugged. Mike melted into the man's strong arms. He woke up feeling revolted again. He wanted to throw up. It was sick, wrong, and disgusting.

He took another long shower, and dressed for work. Much to his dismay, when he went to use the restroom, not only were his legs smooth from being freshly shaved that morning, and not only was he wearing a pair of pink panties, but he also had on a bra! He had been wearing it all day, and he hadn't even noticed it! Now that it was on him, he wondered how he could have not felt the band around him, nor the straps over his shoulders.

A woman who had worn one for years and years might not notice it was there. But for him, it was his first time in waking life that he had one on his body. Could it be that his experience in his dreams made him feel so used to wearing a bra, that when one appeared on him in his real life, he didn't even notice?

But how could he have gotten dressed in the morning, and put a bra onto himself without noticing? How could this have escaped his attention? This wasn't like wearing two brown socks that didn't match. This was something serious!


Back in his office, Elise came in, shut the door behind her, and locked it. Mike gulped. He would be unable to strip for her again today. And if she even hugged him, she'd discover his bra! He had to get out of this somehow, and send her off, without her feeling like he didn't want her or something. Women were so touchy. You say no to what they want, once, and you'll get pain about it for weeks and weeks.

Elise came over to him and surprised him by just about jumping onto him. She was straddling him, facing him. She kissed him, and her hand touched his face. Mike was horrified as she lowered it, to touch his chest.

"Um, Elise" he said, but she put her finger in front of her lips and said "Shhhh."

Immediately, Mike stopped trying to talk. Once again, she had told him to do something, and he had quickly obeyed her, without thinking. He didn't understand why he would do that. He was always a man very much in charge. He liked to be the one giving orders, not the one taking them. Why was he suddenly so obedient to Elise?

She touched his shirt, then she shrunk back for a moment.

"Is that what I think it is?" she said.

"I...I don't know what you mean" said Mike.

"Yes you do. Unbutton your shirt" she ordered.

And much to his horror, Mike found himself unbuttoning his shirt in front of her, exposing his chest, so that she could clearly see the white lacy bra that he was wearing underneath his business suit.

"You've got a bra on!" she said. "And I bet you've got panties on too, don't you?"

"Yes" he said, much to his embarrassment. Why had he answered that question? He didn't want to tell her, but he just did!

"I see what's going on" she said suddenly. "You've really liked it the past few days when I've started to take control. Ever since you've been going down on me, you've been acting differently. When we talk now, you're more like one of my girlfriends, then you are a boyfriend. I see what's happening."

"And what is that?" said Mike.

"You want *me* to be the one in control. You want to be obedient to *me*. You want me to take control, and order you around. Now you're making yourself weaker, by dressing like a woman underneath your suit, to show me how you really feel."

"I...." started Mike.

"Silence! You are mine now, and you will only talk when spoken to. Get on your knees."

Mike found himself on the floor, on his knees, looking up at Elise.

"Kiss my feet" she said, and he wasn't able to control himself. He kissed her feet!

"Now go down on me! Make me come. You are mine now, and you will please me."

And so Mike found himself under his desk again, going down on Elise. He did her like he had learned from his dreams, and he really sent her. She had two orgasms in fact. When she had enough, she pushed him away.


"I give the orders now" she told him. "You may be my boss at work, but *I* am the one in control. Tell me that you are mine!"

"I am yours" said Mike. The words came so easily. Why was he so obedient to her? Why was he being so docile?

"Yes. You are mine now. In every way. I will run your life from now on, and you will obey me in all things. Is that understood?"

"Yes. I obey you" said Mike.

"Good. First of all, here is what you will do. You will work, with all of your political clout, to get me a job in management. You will make that your top priority, above all else. Is that understood?"

"Yes Elise" he said.

"No, I think you should call me Ms. Morgan. Something to show that your status is below mine."

"Yes Ms. Morgan" said Mike, still on his knees, looking up at her.

"To show me that you are mine, you will continue to wear your bra and panties to work every day. And tomorrow, I want you to also put on some makeup. Just a little, so that nobody notices, other than myself. If you are bad, or you disobey me in any way, I'll make you come to work in a skirt, so that everyone can see that you are my playing. Is that understood?"

"Yes Ms. Morgan" said Mike.

"Good. Now I am going to my desk to bring some of my work here. I will work at your desk, while you stay underneath it and massage my feet. My heels are killing me today."

"Yes Ms. Morgan" said Mike.

He sat under his own desk, massaging the feet of his secretary, who had just taken total control away from him somehow. He was so passive and obedient, that he found it impossible to do anything but to obey her.


* * *


Ever night Mike had the same dream. And he had lost all self-confidence. He wasn't able to get hard anymore, with any woman, no matter what he did. Celeste scoffed at him, telling him that he must not love her anymore, since she didn't turn him on. And Elise didn't even allow him to try anymore. All he did was to go down on her, every day, as she took greater and greater control of their relationship.

Instead of typing up his reports, she was telling him which business decisions to make. And he obeyed her in all things. He could not do otherwise.


Day by day, either she would add a demand on him, or he would find that he had done something on his own, without realizing it. Now, he was wearing pantyhose every day, or a teddy under his man-clothes. He wore light makeup now, every day, as Elise wanted. And he was painting his nails a very light pink color.

"You've been acting more and more like a woman" she told Mike, as he had his mouth stuck between her legs, licking her. "And from now on, I'm going to treat you as if you were one. In fact, you'll find a skirt hanging on the back of your door. When you're done with me, you'll go put it on."

Mike was scared out of his wits, as he continued to lick her and bring her pleasure. When she had enough, he got up, went to the bag hanging behind his door, and found a blue, pinstriped skirt. Perfect for a business suit. He took off his pants, and put the skirt on. That dreadful feeling of being turned into a woman hit him again, and he wanted to cry.

"Now sit in your chair" she said.

Mike walked over, his skirt swishing against his pantyhose, sending shivers up and down his spine. He sat down in his chair.

"As long as you are seated, nobody can tell that you're in a skirt. But should you stand up, go to the bathroom, or *anything*, the entire office will see that you have become a woman for me."

She went through Mike's pants pockets, and moved the contents into a purse.

"Put this in your desk drawer. You don't have the same kind of pockets in your skirt, so you need a purse now."

Mike didn't like this one bit. But he found himself unable to disobey her. Elise smiled and made a phone call. A few moments later, Liz, from Mike's department, came into the room.

"Lets look at the Clawson file" she said. "We need input from Liz. Do you want to walk to the filing cabinet and get it Mike?"

Mike froze. He almost got up to be nice and get it for her, but he was in a skirt, and Liz would see! But Elise was just teasing him. She went over, and got it herself. They looked at the papers, and reviewed it. Liz gave her input. Then Elise thanked her, and showed her out.

"Liz thinks we should approve the deal. You think we should reject it. But do you know what you're going to do?"

"What?" said Mike.

"What *I* think is right. I'm siding with Liz. You're going to approve the deal."

Mike wanted to argue, but he found himself signing on the dotted line. Just like that! Here was a huge multimillion dollar deal, and his secretary was controlling him, making him do what *she* thought was right.

"Very good Mike. Now I'm going back to my desk, and I'm keeping your door open. I can see you from out there. Don't try to close your door, or sneak out of that skirt. You're staying in that all day. If you need to go pee or something, you need to ask my permission. Is that understood?"

"Yes Ms. Muller."

"Very good. Carry on."


It was a most miserable day for Mike.


* * *


"I have something we really need to discuss" said Mike to Celeste, as they sat down for dinner.

"What is it dear?" she replied.

"You know those dreams I told you about? Where I'm a woman? Well, they've been getting more and more intense, and going further and further."

"I see" she said.

"But I think I know what's causing them now."

"And what is that?" asked Celeste.

"I think my secretary at work is doing something to me."

"Your secretary? Why do you say that?"

"Celeste, she's doing something to me, and I can't control myself. I think she's trying to turn me into a woman. I know it sounds crazy, but for example the other day, I got to work, and discovered that I had your panties on, instead of my boxers! Somehow, she did something to me so that I'm losing my mind. Or I wore a bra one day. She's got me shaving my legs! She keeps pushing me further and further, and I can't stop it! I think I'm going crazy."

"Why do you think that she is doing it to you?" asked Celeste.

"Because, at work, she's taking control away from me. When she gives me an order, I *have* to obey her. I can't help it. I just do it. Its like my self-control is gone, and I'm just a slave to whatever she tells me. I don't want to do this Celeste, but she's got some kind of power over me. And she's trying to turn me into a woman. Please help me!"


Celeste looked at Mike, and took a deep breath. She smiled at him comfortingly.

"She took control, because you two were alone a lot, didn't she?" said Celeste.

Mike nodded.

"Now be honest with me Mike. You've been having an affair with her for quite some time, haven't you."

"Yes" he said, much to his dismay. He had meant to say 'no', but the truth blurted out of his mouth. Oh no! Celeste was able to control him too! He had just obeyed an order from her which hadn't wanted to at all!

"Did you really think you could fool me? Did you really think that you could have an affair, and that I wouldn't notice the lipstick smeared on your shirt, the scent of her perfume on your jacket, or her long hairs on your pants? You even thought you were hiding your recent feminization from me, didn't you. As if I wouldn't notice that there were no boxers in the laundry, but there were twice as many panties, and some of them were stretched out from being on a larger body than mine?"

"I thought...." started Mike.

"Silence, slave!" demanded Celeste.

Mike stopped talking, and found himself unable to say a word. He was as much Celeste's slave, as Elise's.

"I think it is very funny that you have fallen under her power. When I remade you to become passive and obedient, I didn't imagine that *she* would stumble upon your weakness, and take control of you. Yes Mike. *I* was the one who did it all to you. *I* am the one that is turning you into a woman."

Mike gasped, his mouth open, as if he was trying to speak. But it was impossible.

"I know much about the human mind. I studied it at school, remember? Some call it brainwashing, but I call it retraining. As you've slept, I've retrained your mind. The feminine dreams you've had were just your mind's way of reacting to it's new programming. Inside, you think like a woman. And very soon, you will think of yourself *as* a woman."

Mike started to cry, the tears rolling down his cheeks.

"I've had you on female hormones for some time now. Soon, your boobs are going to begin growing, so that you will become like the woman you've dreamed of being. You are going to turn into a real woman. I even have a name picked out for you. From now on, you are Briana. Tell me your new name, Briana."

"I am Briana" said Mike.

"Good girl! You're a fast learner Briana. Now let me tell you what is going to happen. You will continue on estrogen, to alter your body, and your mind. You are going to start on birth control pills today as well, to get even more of those good female hormones flowing in your body, working their magic. And I will continue to retrain your mind every night as you sleep. If you think the dreams you are having now are scary, just wait."

"How could they be more scary?" said Mike.

"Each night now, you're making love with a man, correct?"

"Yes" said Mike.

"Soon, you'll continue to do that, but you will *want* to make love to him. You will *need* him. You will *love* him. And then one day, you'll dream of having his baby, and giving birth."

"No, please stop this!" said Mike.

"It is too late Briana, darling. You are too far along. You could never go back now. You're more woman than man inside. You can't undo what the estrogens have done. No my love, the only way from here is forward."

Mike was really crying now, sobbing uncontrollably.

"After you have your upcoming gender reassignment surgery, my plan was for you to divorce me. But now that I know you're also under the control of your secretary at work, I might change that."

"What was next in your plan?" asked Mike.

"Oh, you know, just like your dreams. Get you to have lesbian sex a few times to get used to your new body, then move you along to men. I'd get a quick easy divorce if I said my husband has become a woman, and he's seeing other men. No fault divorce. I get half, you get half, and we're done with this troubled relationship."

"No Celeste, please!" he said.

"From now on Briana, you will call me Ms. Newman. I'm taking back my maiden name. You don't deserve to call me by my first name anymore. Here is what you new life is darling. When you arrive home from work, you will change into a maid's outfit that I have picked out for you. It is very frilly and sexy. You will be the maid of the house, cooking, cleaning, and serving me. You will no longer sleep in my bed. My bed is reserved for *men*, and you aren't a man anymore. When I do ask a man over here, you will serve him too, as you serve me."

Mike was sobbing even more now, unable to stop.

"Why can't I disobey you?" he moaned. "Or her?"

"I trained your mind and soul to be very meek. You seek a dominant partner, so you can do their bidding. That is what and who you are now, Briana. You like being controlled, and you seek it out. I had my plans for you, but the fact that your conniving secretary is a control freak works to my advantage. Watch this!"

He looked at Celeste, who picked up the phone.

"Hello, Elise? This is Celeste. I'm here with Mike right now. He is mine, and you can't have him. Hands off b*tch!"

She slammed the phone down, and laughed.

"What's so funny?" cried Mike.

"Just wait until tomorrow at work" she said. "You'll see. Now let me also show you the new outfit I bought for you. It's a woman's suit, which you'll wear to work tomorrow. Get there early, and nobody will notice. Of course, with the girdle you'll be wearing, you might have some curves. Oh, and did I mention the breast forms we'll be using to stuff your bra with? But I digress. You need to change into your maid's outfit now, and start vacuuming the livingroom. It is quite a mess, and you need to clean it up!"


* * *


The next morning, Mike arrived at work at 6:30, well ahead of the crowd. He snuck into his room, and closed the door. Nobody would see him in a woman's pantsuit. They would see that suit, the way it is cut, and the frilly blouse, and they would know that something was up. That, plus the stuffed bra making it look like he had boobs. Or the extra makeup he wore today.

When Elise arrived, she looked at Mike and laughed.

"You look very feminine today" she said. "Do you have a girlie name picked out for yourself too?"

"I'm Briana now, Ms. Muller" said Mike.

"Briana. What a pretty name. Do you know that Celeste called me last night Briana? Now tell me, did you let her know about our affair?"

"She already knew" said Mike. "She made me admit it."

"I see. Well, I won't stand with any more of her interference. Today, at lunch, you are going out to file for a divorce. We will get her out of the way, so that you can become all mine. You will marry me, while you're still a man, so that I can have legal grounds to control all of your money. And then, once we are together, I will turn you into a woman, so that you can serve me for the rest of your life."

"I want to serve you. I want to be your woman" said Mike, much to his surprise. His mind was so far gone that he just caved in without thinking, at *anything* she said. The worst part was that not only did he say the words, he *meant* them too. He could see what his life was going to be from now on. He would be Elise's slave. She would feminize him more and more. He would become her woman. Her slave girl.

What would she do when she tired of him? What would she make him do? Right there, he broke down in tears.

"Don't cry Briana. A woman can be strong. You are mine now, and I will teach you how to be a woman."

Mike looked up at her with love and admiration in his eyes. He *was* hers.

"Tell me that you want to be my woman."

"I want to be your woman" he replied.

"Very good. I will make it so."

Mike was now about to begin a whole new life, leaving behind everything he had worked for, all those years. How was now Elise's, and he was well on his way to becoming a woman.


The End




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