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Mike and Sam

by Teddie S.


Part 1

Now and forever


Mike sat at the dressing table, he was looking closely at his freshly shaven face, and Sam was laying on the bed just watching. Mike was already dressed in a padded panty girdle, waist cincher, panty hose, and a pretty bra with breast forms, all this gave him a nice feminine figure. He had the padding added to the panty girdle, and it gave him a nice rounded rear with feminine looking hips. Sam smiled knowing what they were going to do tonight.

Mike carefully cleaned his face, to be sure all the oils were removed. Then, he carefully placed a wig cap over his own hair, and made sure it was all tucked in. Using a couple pieces of surgical tape, he arched his eyebrows by placing the tape on his forehead above where he wanted the arch to be, and running it back over the wig cap. He used a couple more pieces of tape to tighten his neck. Then looking closely at his newly arched eyebrows, he carefully removed a few stray hairs. Sam had seen this transformation many times, but just loved watching Mike become Mishelle.

He then applied a high quality moisturizer, and while that set he put a coat of dark red polish on his finger nails, this matched the polish that was already on his toe nails. His nails were short, but with polish on them, his hands became feminine looking. When that coat was dry, he added a second coat, followed by a clear top coat. Mike again looked closely at his face, and removed a few more stray hairs from his eyebrows. Then carefully applied a foundation, being sure to cover the tapes, and run it down into his cleavage. He went through foundation faster than the average girl.

He opened a drawer in the dresser and removed a very pretty, painted, wooden box, with Japanese characters on it. From it he choose the makeup that he would use tonight.

He carefully used an eyebrow pencil to highlight his brows. Not too much, but enough to make them stand out. Then came the eyeshadow, a light cream color on the upper lid and under the eyebrow, then a little touch of smoke at the outer corners. The mascara came next, he didn't really need a lengthener, the length of his eyelashes would put most real girls to shame. He elected not to use an eyeliner, but did add a very light coat of blush. He again looked closely at his face, and was happy with what he saw. He had learned a long time ago, that when it came to makeup, less was more.

He took a jewelry box out of one of the drawers of the dressing table, and opened it. He removed a pair of pretty earrings, removed the studs from his ears, and attached the earrings. These were a long turquoise pair that looked like small dream catchers, that hung about an inch and a half from the ear lobe, and they were his favorites. About six months ago, he had gotten brave, and had both ears pierced. He had taken a lot of kidding at work, but he had made up his mind to do it, and he told everyone that it was his fashion statement.

He got up, walked to the closet, and came back with an auburn human hair wig. This was one of three human hair wigs that he had, they were expensive, but worth it. They had spent two hours at a wig salon picking this one it out, and having it styled. He carefully applied the wig, using bobby pins to hold it in place, and brushed it until he was happy with the look.

Going back to the jewelry box, he took out, a women's watch, and a bracelet that matched the earrings, and a number of rings. He placed three rings on his right hand. And, on his left hand added four to his ever present wedding ring, including an engagement ring with a large stone, not real, but a good cubic. These two rings kept him from getting hit on when he was out, he loved it that he could pass as a woman, but didn't like getting hit on. Besides, he already had someone.

He stood, turned, and looked at Sam, saying, "Well, do I pass?"

"You amaze me every time I watch you. You go from a very hansom guy, to a very pretty girl in no time. You have mastered makeup, and I think do a better job than I do."

"I've had a great teacher, and roll model."

Mike got up, went back to the closet, and picked his outfit for tonight. It was going to be a girls night out, casual dinner, and a movie. So, it was going to be comfortable dress. He picked out a pink silk blouse, and a pair of white shorts. He knew most real girls don't wear panty hose with shorts, but he just loved the feeling that the nylons gave on his hairless legs. He slipped on the shorts, and zipped up the back zipper, put on the blouse, leaving it untucked, and the top two buttons unbuttoned, to show his cleavage. He took one last item from the jewelry box, a very pretty choker, and placed it around his neck. He used chokers to hide what little Adams Apple he had. Finally he slipped his feet into a pair of sandals with two inch heels. Then did a little spin to show his outfit off for Sam. He stopped, and smiled.

"As usual, you look great.", Sam said.

"Thanks, babe. So do you. Ready to go?"

Sam got up from the bed, handed Mishelle her purse, and the two headed downstairs, and to the car. They drove to one of their favorite restaurants, had a very nice meal, and were treated as they appeared, two girls out for the evening. Then it was off to the mall, and the movie. They were early, so they window shopped for awhile. At one clothing store, Sam, who's real name is Masumi (ma?sue'?me), came to a quick stop, pointed at an outfit in the window, and said, "Oh, you would look so cute in that. Let's see if they have it in your size?" Sam just loved shopping with Mishelle, and vice a versa.

"Ok, but we'll be late for the movie."

"Oh, all right. But, if they're still open when it's over, we're coming back. That is just so cute!"

They sat through the movie, which was a chick flick, and it was about a quarter after eight when it was over. Being a Friday night, most of the stores were open until nine. So, they quickly headed back to the clothing store. They walked in, there was two or three other shoppers, and two young, early to mid twenties, sales clerks. Mike just loved shopping while he was dressed. They started looking around.

After a few minutes, one of the sales clerks approached them, her name tag said 'Jill, Manager'. She asked, "Is there anything that I can help you with?"

Sam said, "Yes. My friend is interested in the embroidered jeans skirt with multi-layered top that is in the window. But, we would like to look around a little first. And, we'll make it quick. We know you close at nine."

The clerk smiled, and said, "You'll find that jeans outfit over there, the dressing rooms over there, and we won't throw you out at nine. Just let me know if you need any help."

"Thank you."

They walked around the store looking at all the clothes that they had on display. When they came to the bra and panties, Sam spotted a matching pair that she thought would look great on Mike. She took them off the rack and held them up to him. Mishelle said, "That's all I need, another bra. I have more than you do."

"That's ok. A girl can never have too many bras or panties."

They walked to where the jeans outfits were, and looked around the racks. They located the matching outfit to the one in the window in Mike's size. It wasn't cheap, but Sam was in love with it. Mike thought that she should have it for herself, but Sam said she didn't look good in a jeans skirt, but Mishelle did. They took the outfit, and bra and panties outfit to the dressing room. Mishelle went in, and tried on the bra and panties, and as Sam usually does, she had picked a perfect fit. She opened the door and showed Sam. Sam nodded her approval. Mishelle had to admit, after looking in the full length mirror, that it was a nice matching set. Next, she tried on the jeans skirt and top. She looked in the mirror, and was surprised as to how cute the outfit did look on her, Sam had a real good taste in clothes. She walked out of the dressing room to show Sam, who was talking to the sales clerk, Jill. Both girls looked at her, and said in unison, "That is so cute on you." All three giggled.

"I guess that answers that question. We'll take them.", Mishelle said.

Mishelle changed back into the clothes that she had worn in, and met Sam and the clerk at the check out. It was nine fifteen, the other shoppers and clerk had left, and the gate was down. Mishelle laid the purchases down on the counter, and Jill started ringing them up. The total came to a little over one hundred dollars. Jill then said, "I always give a ten percent discount to other special girls."

Mishelle looked a little puzzled, saying, "Other special girls?"

"Yes. You're really a guy, aren't you?"

Mishelle swallowed hard, blushed a little, looked at Sam, and said, "Yes."

"Don't worry." Jill said, "I use to be a guy. And, you were a very hard read. But, I took a chance, and asked your friend."

"A guy?", Mishelle said.

"Yes. But, I was so messed up by the time I was fifteen, the girl in a guys body thing, that my parents took me to a shrink, and she figured out what was going on. My parents, thank God, listened to her, and I started transitioning when I was sixteen. And, at twenty six I'm fully a girl, and very happy. And, don't mind telling anyone."

"But, what gave me away?"

"Like I said, it was a hard read. The first thing that caught my attention was the nylons with the shorts. Not too many real girls wear nylons with shorts, but some do. So I looked a little closer, and really didn't see much. Your makeup wasn't overdone, like most guys, trying to be a girl, do. But, then I overheard you talking to your friend, and your voice is somewhat deep, and some other subtle things just made me wonder even more. So, I asked. Your very pretty, and very passable. And, it takes one to know one. The chances of you being read are so small that I wouldn't worry about it. It's really great that you have a friend like this to go out with."

"Sam is more than just a friend. She's my best friend. She's my wife. And, she's the one who really brought me out."

"Oh. Wow. That is so cool. You found someone that loves you for you, and you don't have to be mister macho all the time. I'm so happy for you. You two come back anytime."

They all just smiled at each other. Jill opened the roll up gate and let the pair out, giving them both hugs. The rest of the night was spent as a couple deep in love would spend it.


The Beginning

This relationship began during Mike and Masumi's high school years. Masumi was an international exchange student from Japan, and would be spending a year in the United States, going to school and learning about the country. Shortly after she arrived, her host family had a welcome party for her. And, of course Mike, as president of the National Honor Society and a member of the schools swim team, was invited. He wasn't a big party person, but figured it was his duty to go and welcome the new student, and he wouldn't stay long.

Mike arrived at the party, and there were a large number of cars parked on the street. He was glad he had walked, since he only lived three blocks away. Luckily the day was nice and the party was held in the host families large back yard. He followed the fancy party signs that said "This way." with an arrows pointing the way, to the side gate in the high wooden fence. There must have been a hundred people there. Cathy Rider spotted him first. She had a little bit of a crush on Mike, but Mike liked her only as a friend.

Cathy ran over to him, and said, "When did you get here?"

"Just walked in the gate."

"Great. Come on, let me introduce you to Masumi. She's really cool. Then you can grab some food. Jackie's dad has been working the grill all afternoon."

She grabbed Mikes arm and walked him over to a group of people. In the middle was a pretty Japanese girl, who seemed a little nervous with all the attention she was getting. They stood there for a few minutes, and finally Cathy said, "Masumi. I would like you to meet Mike Gifford. He will be a senior this year. And, he is president of the National Honor Society, and on the swim team." Masumi reached out her hand to Mike, he took it, and it was like instant chemistry between the two. She was very pretty, maybe five feet tall, maybe a little taller, with black hair down to just below her shoulders, done in a very pretty layered shag cut, dark eyes, and a very contagious smile.

Masumi said, in almost perfect English, "It's very nice to meet you Mike." Her Japanese accent brought a smile to his face.

Mike, being the perfect gentleman, said, "And, it's very nice to meet you Masumi. I hope that you have a great time while you're here."

"Thank you Mike. It's been so much fun so far. And, you can call me Sam."

"Sam? Where did you get that nickname?"

"It was given to me by my classmates in my first English class, and it just stuck."

"Sam, it'll be."

"What events do you do for the swim team?"

"Springboard and platform."

"That's so cool."

"Yea. I'm not a fast swimmer, but I can dive."

At this point, Cathy, sensing something between Mike and Masumi, and hoping to stop it, pulled him away, and over to the food table. She tried to occupy his time as much as possible. But, every time Mike and Masumi saw each other, they smiled. Cathy finally just walked away from him, saying, "Boys!"

As the afternoon wore on, people started to leave. Mike hadn't left early like he had planned, and had been talking with a number of his friends, the whole time keeping an eye open for Masumi. There were only about a dozen or so people left, and Masumi was sitting and talking with the school principal, Mr. Gallagher. Eventually the principal got up and left, leaving Masumi sitting by herself. Mike took the opportunity, excused himself, and walked over to her. She looked up at him and smiled, a different smile than Mike had seen her use with others.

"Hi Masumi. Do you mind if I sit?"

"Please. And, remember it's Sam.", she said with a bigger smile.

Mike sat, and the two of them talked like long lost friends. She chatted on and on, in a nervous sort of way. Mike found out a lot about her, that she was going to be taking Junior level classes and a few Senior level classes, as these closely paralleled where she was in the Japanese schools. And, that she was going to be here until the middle of next Summer. Mike had a hard time getting a word in.

Finally Mike said, "You know almost everyone is gone. Think we should help the Gordons clean up?"

"But, you're a guest?"

"No problem. I just like to help." He stood, and offered her his hand. She took it, and he helped her to her feet. Neither of them wanted to let go, but they finally did. They walked over to where Mrs. Gordon, the host mother, was cleaning up, and offered to help. But, Mrs. Gordon wouldn't hear of it, as Masumi was the guest of honor, and Mike was also a guest. The two of them then just found a place that needed cleaned, and started working together. Cathy saw them, and just glared.

Mr. Gordon walked over to them, and said, "Enough you two. Masumi is the guest of honor, and shouldn't be cleaning up."

"But, Mr. Gordon we want to help. There is so much to do.", Masumi said.

"You two go sit over there, and let us do the work. Masumi is going to have enough chores to do around here, after she has settled in."

"Yes, Mr. Gordon.", Masumi said, with a little bow.

"Mr. Gordon. Can I talk with you and Mrs. Gordon a second."

"Sure, son. Let's find Mrs. Gordon."

Mike turned to Masumi, and said, "I'll be right back."

Masumi went and sat on the glider. And, Mike and Mr. Gordon went off to find Mrs. Gordon.

They found her in the kitchen, loading the dishwasher.

Mr. Gordon said, "Betty. Mike here wants to talk to us for a minute."

"Hello, Michael."

"Hi, Mrs. Gordon. It was a great party."

"Thank you. It looks like you and Masumi hit it off."

"Yes. She's very nice. In fact that's what I wanted to talk to the two of you about. Would it be alright if I asked her out to a movie tomorrow night?"

"I think that would be very nice."

"No drive in.", Mr. Gordon broke in.

"No sir. No drive in. I thought that we'd go to the mall. There are a couple of good movies playing there."

"It's alright with us. All you have to do is ask her.", Mrs. Gordon said.

"I know, that's the hard part."

"It shouldn't be. You two have been talking for a long time."

"Well, I've been listening, she's done most of the talking. I think I know most of her life story.", Mike said with a grin.

"Just go ask her. It'll be fine."

"Yes, m'am."

Mike walked back over to where Masumi was sitting, and she had been joined by Cathy and Jackie. He stood there for a few minutes. Cathy was ignoring him completely. And, Masumi and Jackie were talking about some of the people that were at the party. Mike pulled up a folding chair and sat down. A few minutes later, Mrs. Gordon called for Cathy and Jackie to come and help her. Mike looked over at Mrs. Gordon, and she smiled at him. He moved over to the seat on the glider where Jackie had been, right next to Masumi, and she smiled.

"Can I ask you something?", he said somewhat shyly.

"Sure. Anything."

"You wouldn't want to go to a movie with me tomorrow?"

"I'd love to. But, I'll have to check with the Gordon's first."

"No you won't.", he smiled, "I already did."

This was the first of many dates. In fact, they became almost inseparable. They went to all the school activities together, including the junior and senior proms. She was at everyone of his swim meets. She played on the tennis team, and he was at everyone of those. She attended his graduation ceremonies, with his parents, and helped host his party afterwards. In the year she was in America, they fell very deeply in love, and became lovers.

When the time came for her to go back to Japan, she became depressed, and it was all that Mike could do to keep her spirits up. She tried to figure on a way to stay, but her parents insisted that she come home. It was a very emotional scene at the airport, when she left. Mike worked hard at keeping up a good front, to help her get through the separation. He promised her that they would be together soon.

Mrs. Gordon took Mike aside after the plane had left. She had never seen so many tears. She sat him down, and said, "You fell hard for Masumi, didn't you?"

"Yes, m'am."

"And, she fell hard for you too?"


"There are others..."

"No, m'am. Masumi and I have really fallen in love. It's going to be hard on both of us, being so far apart. But, we're going to work it out."

"Here.", Mrs. Gordon said, handing Mike a small package and card, "She gave this to me to give to you after she was gone."

Mike took it, and just stared at it. He was worried, deep down, that it was a final good bye from Masumi. He slowly opened the card, it was very pretty. The front was a large read heart, that said "My Love". Inside was a nice verse, but that's not important. It's what she wrote, "My love, I have lost my heart to you. You will be mine for always, and we will work out everything, even though we are far apart. The item in the box swears my undying love for you. Keep me in your dreams. I love you. Sam", and it was sealed with a kiss. He slowly opened the package. Inside was a small wooden box, that Mike couldn't figure how to open. He finally noticed a small envelope in the bottom of the original box. He opened it. A card inside said, "My love, as with my heart, there are only three simple moves to open the box.". Following were the instructions, he opened the wooden box. In it was a necklace with a delicate Japanese character hanging from it. Another small note said, "Wear this always. Until we are together forever. Masumi" Mike started crying again. Mrs. Gordon just held him, and said, "If you two are really meant to be together, it will happen."

Mike took the necklace and placed it around his neck. Mrs. Gordon, read the notes, smiled at him, and said, "You two will get back together!"

Mike was off to college that fall, and he and Sam exchanged emails every day. Sometimes they were very long, sometimes just three words. At the end of the first semester, Mikes grades were alright, but not great. Having gone from the Honor Roll in high school to just squeaking by in college, he knew something was wrong. He went home for Christmas break, and just moped around the house.

About a week before he was to head back to college for the spring semester, he was home alone, and there was a soft knock on the front door. He opened it, and there stood Sam. They just looked at each other for the longest time, she finally jumped up wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Their lips met in a very deep kiss. The kiss felt like it lasted hours, but it was only a minute or two. When they finally broke, he said, "What are you doing here?"

"Your not happy to see me?", she said with a fake pout.

"I'm very happy to see you! But, what are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wanted to surprise you."

"No kidding. A wonderful surprise. But, why are you here?"

"I'm going to college here."

"Your not?"

"I am."

"What school?"


"But, how?"

"I took accelerated classes and finished a term early. And, I put my foot down, and told my father that I wanted to go to college in the States, and I wasn't going to take no for an answer."

"And, he allowed it?"

"I can wrap him around my little finger."

"When did you get here?"

"Yesterday evening. I'm staying with the Gordons until I move into the dorm."

"Wait a minute. I got an email from you today."

She grinned. "No. Not entirely. I wrote it before I left, and my sister sent it. Remember the sentence in Japanese at the end."


"It said, 'See you this afternoon. I love you.' You need to learn Japanese."

He kissed her again, and said, "Teach me."

"Can I see something?", she asked breaking their clinch.

"Sure. What?"

She reached up, started unbuttoning his shirt, smiled, and pulled the neckless out.

"I haven't taken it off since the day you left.", Mike said.

"I know."

She closed the front door, took his hand, and led him to his bedroom...

Awhile later, as they were still laying on his bed, she leaned down, and kissed him very deeply. Caressing his body, and asked, "Your still hairless? You said that you didn't make the college swim team, but you haven't let your body hair grow back."

"Uh huh. I just like it that way. So, I decided to keep it that way. I though you liked it that way too?"

"I do. I thought I'd find you all hairy and icky when I got here. I like a soft, smooth, hairless body. Especially your soft, smooth, hairless, body."

They kissed again, and laid there just holding each other for a very long time.

The next semester went great, Mike's grades were back up where they belonged. And, it appeared that Sam was challenging Mike to see who's grades were better. He beat her, but just barely. Sam had to go back to Japan, at the end of the semester, at the instance of her father. She managed to prolong it for three weeks. But, then had to leave. The goodbyes weren't as emotional as they had been the first time, as both of them knew that would see each other in just a couple of months..

That fall, Sam was back two weeks before school started. Mike thought that she had matured over the Summer, and was prettier than ever. They settled into school, and had a great year, Mike pulled almost a 4 point average and made the Dean's List. Sam, was only one tenth of a point behind him, and also on the Dean's List. One thing that Mike's parents had learned in the past couple of years, was how important Sam was to him, and they felt that he needed to learn a little about her culture. So, they paid for a trip to Japan, the Summer between his sophomore and junior years. Sam's father had sent her money for a ticket, and there was enough to upgrade Mike's to first class with hers.



The flight is a long one, 18 hours, but being in first class helped. They had a long time to talk, and it was Sam that asked the $64,000 question, "Do you have any secrets from me?"

Mike looked at her a long time, and said, "Well, only one."

"Only one? Will you tell me?"

"Yes. But, you'll probably hate me. And, I've never told this to another person."

"It would take a lot to make me hate you. Please tell me."

"Ok. Here goes nothing. You know that I like to keep my body hairless, and you also like it that way. Right?"


"And, I said that I did it for the swim team."


"Well. That's only half true."

"Go on."

"I like girls clothes."

"So do I."

"No. I mean that I like to wear girls clothes. I'm a crossdresser."

"Oh." She sat there for a few seconds. "Is that all. I thought that you were going to tell me something terrible. You do have a softer side, that's one of the things that I love about you. But, that's cool. You like to wear girls clothes. Too bad that were not the same size, we could share."

"Your not mad? You don't hate me?"

"No. I love you too much. I love you for who you are, and if dressing like a girl is part of you, then it fine with me.. But, I want to see you dressed."

"You want to see me dressed?"

"Yes. I want to see if I want to go out with you dressed."

"Go out! I've never been out dressed, except when I was younger and dressed as a girl for Halloween."

"There's always a first time, and it could be fun.", she said with a smile and kiss.

He sat there dumbfounded. He looked at her again, and said, "Your ok with this? A boyfriend that's a crossdresser. No other questions."

"It's fine. As long as you don't want to have a sex change or are gay."

"No way. I was just so afraid that you'd hate me when you found out, and not want to see me again."

"No silly. In my one psychology class, we studied crossdressing and transsexuals, and I learned quite a bit about it. And, crossdressers are basically born that way, and they aren't going to change. You have to love them, or leave them. And, it just so happens that I love you."

"I love you, too. Very much."

"I know."

"Now, do you have any secrets from me?"

"No. You know all about me. Even the old boy friends.."

Just then the airplanes captain came on the intercom, and said the plane was about to land. Sam looked at Mike, and said, "Just remember to bow deeply when you meet my parents, and don't call me Sam in front of them. My sister, Sachiko (sauch?e'?ko), will probably give you a kiss, she shouldn't, but that's just they way she is. Very forward. You in dresses, interesting."

They made it through Japanese customs without a problem, and went looking for Masumi's parents. Mike was a bundle of nerves. He wanted to marry this girl one day, and he was meeting her parents for the first time. They saw them near the baggage pickup, and Masumi waved at them. Sachiko waved back, ran over to her sister, gave her a big kiss, then she turned to Mike, and kissed him like a long lost brother. The three then walked over to where Masumi parents were waiting, and she made the introductions. Mike remembered to bow deeply, and in somewhat halting Japanese said, "I'm very pleased to meet you." Sachiko was just as pretty as Masumi, and there mother was also a very hansom woman of about 45. Her father appeared to be a very proper gentleman, also about 45.

Masumi's father said something to her too quickly for Mike to understand with his limited Japanese. She turned to Mike, and said, "Dad said to grab our bags, the car is waiting." They went and got their bags and followed Masumi's parents out the door. The two girls were whispering and giggling all the way from the baggage area to the car. Mike could only catch a few words, his name, dress, to name a few. The car was a little more than Mike expected, it was a chauffeur driven limousine. Not a big limo, but it held the five of them very comfortably. The ride to the Matsushita home would take about two hours.

On the way, Mrs. Matsushita said to Mike in perfect English, "So, you're the young man who has stolen my daughters heart?" Mike broke out in a cold sweat, and looked at Masumi. She grinned at him.

"Yes, m'am. I guess I am.", he said nervously.

"I can see why. You are a very nice looking young man, and very polite.", she said with a motherly smile.

"Thank you, m'am."

Things loosened up from that point. And, the talk varied from school, to the trip, to what they were going to do for the month that Mike was in Japan. Mike wanted to see the country, and was hoping to do a rail trip. He also learned that both Mr. and Mrs. Matsushita were schooled in the States, that he had a Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, and that she was a psychologist. The only one not to join in the conversation was Mr. Matsushita, and this bothered Mike a little.

When they arrived at the Matsushita home, Mike was surprised. He had seen pictures of it, that Masumi had, but it didn't prepare him for what he saw. It was a large modern house with very manicured grounds, and a couple of out buildings. One of these buildings was a guest house, and that's were Mike was going to be staying. Masumi had said she had arranged a place for him to stay at no cost, but had neglected to tell him where. The car pulled up in front of the guest house, the driver retrieved Mike's bags from the trunk, and set them inside. Mike, Masumi, and Sachiko got out, and stood by the car. Mrs. Matsushita, looking at her daughters, said, "We'll see the three of you at the house for dinner. Show Mike around a little, you can do more tomorrow, and you two behave yourselves."

"Yes, mother.", bowing, the two girls replied in unison.

The car drove away, and the three walked into the house. Mike looked at Masumi, and said, "Sam, you didn't tell me your dad was rich. You said he was just an officer in a company." The two girls giggled a little.

"He is just a company officer. He's the vice-president of a large automobile manufacturing company."

"I'm not sure he likes me. But, I think your mother does."

"He's just an old stuffed shirt. Go play golf with him, and he'll loosen up. And, yes mom likes you. She had better!"

The three of them got Mike settled in, and walked down to the house for dinner. Over the next two weeks, he and Masumi went to a number of places, some were close to her house, some were a couple of hours train ride away. He also played a round of golf with Mr. Matsushita, and they actually had a good time with each other.

It was apparent to everyone, including Mr. Matsushita, that there was something special between theses two, and they gave them as much time alone as they wanted. Sachiko could be a little annoying, but after all she was Sam's sister, and knew what was going on all along. One evening towards the end of his second week, they were sitting in the garden talking, and Sam asked Mike, "Do you remember what I asked you on the airplane?"

"You asked me a number of things."

"You told me about your crossdressing. And, I said that I wanted to see you dressed."

"Yes, but I thought that you were kidding."

"I wasn't kidding. I really want to see what you look like dressed."

"Well I guess, when we get back to the States. I don't have any clothes here."

"If I came up with the clothes here, would you do it."

"I guess. But, yours are too small."

"I know.", she said with a little smile, "But, I have an idea."

"Your going to get me in trouble, aren't you?"

"No. But, we're going shopping tomorrow. And, right now I want to take your measurements."

They walked, hand in hand, back to the guest house, and Sam took all the measurements that she needed.

While she was taking the measurements, she asked Mike to tell her about his crossdressing. He told her that he had started very young with his mothers things. He had found a pair of her panties and nylons in the clothes hamper, taken them to his room, put them on, and been hooked on feminine things ever since. He had later used his sisters things. And, that when he was a teenager, he had gotten up the nerve to purchase his own panties, bra, and pantyhose. And, was able to keep them hidden from the family. But, never had his own outer clothes until he started college, and his roommate quit school after the first couple of weeks. He had gone to a thrift store and found a really nice gray skirt, cranberry sweater outfit, and night gowns, and just purchased them. He had worried that a clerk or someone would say something, but no one had. With his roommate gone, he was able to dress in the privacy of his room.

"You should have told me earlier.", she said.

"I was afraid that I'd loose you, if you found out."

"No way, babe. I love you too much. Kissing Mike goodnight, Sam said, "Get a good nights sleep, lover. We're shopping tomorrow."



The phone in the guest house rang early the next morning. It was Sam, telling him to come down for breakfast, as her Dad's driver was going to drop them at the train station after dropping him at work. Mike was down to the house in fifteen minutes. He was surprised to see Sachiko there, as she liked to party, and sleep in. But, Mike guessed correctly, Sachiko was going shopping with them. And, there was no way that she wasn't going. A little while later, after dropping Mr. Matsushita at his office, the three of them were dropped at the train station. It was a somewhat crowded ride, the girls were able to sit, but Mike had to stand for the hour long express train ride.

A little after nine the three of them emerged from the station. And, the girls knew exactly where they were going. Sam took Mikes hand, and they walked about five blocks down the street to a lingerie shop. Mike hesitated a little, but Sam guided him right in the door. They were greeted by a very friendly sales girl, and she showed them where the larger sizes were. The two girls looked over the selection of bra and panty sets, and finally choose three. They towed Mike to the back of the store, where the changing booths were. Mike said, "I can't go in there!"

"Yes you can. They have men in here all the time."

"How do you know?"

"I called and asked."

"Oh great. The sales girl knows that these are for me?"

"Yes. Now go in there and put these on.", Sam said, as she handed him the three sets.

Mike took the three sets, and shaking his head went into the changing room. A few minutes later, he call Sam to come and look. She opened the door, and both girls looked at the first set, Sam examined it closely for a proper fit, and they both agreed that it was nice and fit him well. Sachiko whispered something to Sam. Sam smiled, and asked Mike, "What do you use to fill out the cups when you dress?"

"Rolled up socks."

"Rolled up socks? Hmm.", Sam said. Then thinking, 'That won't do.'

She said something to Sachiko. Who then walked over to the nylons, and came back with a couple of packages. Sam opened them, and said, "Here try these for fillers.", handing Mike the nylons. Mike placed a couple nylons in each cup and it helped, but wasn't quite right. Sam thought, 'We'll work on that later, as well as the bulge in the panties.'

"Ok.", Sam said, "That set looks good on you. Try on one of the others."

In the end, Sam decided that they were taking all three sets. With Mike saying, "I don't need three sets of panties and bras."

"A girl can't have too many."

Mike just shook his head, and went back in and changed back into his male clothes. They placed the three sets and nylons on the counter, and received a polite bow and smile from the sales girl. They then walked around the store looking at other things. A garter belt set caught Sam's eye, she picked it up, held it to Mike, and smiled. Mike knew he just received another piece of girls underwear. They walked back to the counter, and Sam and the sales girl exchanged pleasantries. Sam handed the girl a charge card, and she rang up the purchases. They headed out the door and further down the street.

The next stop was a high scale women's store. Again they were greeted by a sales girl, and shown to the area of the store that Sam was interested in. There were three racks of silk blouses in various colors. Sam first went to a white one that should be in Mike's size, she held it up to him and smiled. Then she picked out a very nice pink one with some embroidery. They headed over to the changing rooms, and Mike said, "I bet that you called here too?" Sam just smiled. Mike put on the first one and walked out the changing room door. Sam took one look at him, and shook her head, saying "No. No. No. A girl doesn't button all the buttons. Unbutton the top two." Mike did as she said. And, then she added, "That's much better. And, that looks fantastic on you."

Next they went over to where the skirts were. The girls looked and looked. Finally Sachiko called Sam over, and showed her a skirt. She held it up, it was a pleated skirt, made of a dark red plaid cloth, the style school girls wore. Mike was again led over to the changing room. After a few minutes, he opened the door, and said, "I can't get it zipped all the way." Sam frowned a little, had Mike turn around, and tried the zipper. It wouldn't go all the way up. Sam stood back, looked at Mike, nodded her head, said something to Sachiko, who wandered off, and then said to Mike, "We need to get you a more feminine shape."

"How are you going to do that?"

"You'll see."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

In a few minutes Sachiko was back with another garment. Sam had Mike turn around, she wrapped it around his front and fastened it. He then felt her pulling on something, and the garment getting tighter and tighter. She had him lift his hands overhead and take a deep breath. He felt the garment get tighter. He could hardly breath. "What are you doing to me?", he asked.

"It's a waist cincher. It will give you a girlish waist.", Sam said as she tied the laces in a bow.

"But, I can hardly breath."

"A girl has to suffer to be beautiful. You'll get use to it.", Sam said, as she turned him back around and kissed him. "Try the skirt now.", she continued.

He pulled the skirt back on, pulled on the zipper, and it went up with ease. The skirt fit perfectly, and hit him about mid thigh. He took the skirt off, and said to Sam, "Ok, take the waist cincher off."



"I think that you should wear it. You'll feel more like a girl." She grinned.

He just shook his head. Pulling his pants back on, he found that he had to use the last hole in his belt to hold his pants up, and then they were loose. She must have taken his waist in at least four inches. This was going to be hard to get use to. They walked around the shop a little more, Sam found another straight gray skirt that she liked, and a pair of pink silk shorts, to match the silk pink blouse. She compared the sizes and figured that they were close enough that Mike didn't have to try them on. At the check out, along with the blouses, skirts, and shorts, Sam handed the girl the tag from the waist cincher, and said in English, "He'll wear that." It was obvious that the girl understood, as she looked at Mike and smiled.

It was close to lunch, and the girls were hungry. So, they went to a nearby restaurant. Mike started to order his usual large meal, Sam and Sachiko giggled at him, and Sachiko said, "You had better eat light. That waist cincher will make it hard to finish a large meal." Again, Mike just shook his head, and told Sam to order for him. After lunch they were going shoe shopping, so Sam had Mike go into the restroom and replace his socks with a pair of the thigh high nylons that they had purchased. Mike had missed the feeling of nylons, one of his favorites.

They left the restaurant and went looking for a certain shoe store. Mike was carrying all the packages, and his arms were getting tired. So, as they passed the train station, Sam decided to rent a locker, and place their purchases in it until they were done. They found the shoe store down one of the side streets, this store had a good selection of larger sizes, even though Mike's feet weren't that big. Mike tried on about a dozen pairs with the help of the sales girl, who was having great fun. In the end they choose three pairs, a pair of brown leather slide on sandals with two and a half inch heels, a pair of black chunky three inch heels with ankle straps, and a pair of dark blue Mary Jane's with ankle straps. When they were done, Mike asked Sam, "How much more?"

"Getting tired? A girl has to learn to love to shop.", she kissed him, "One more stop."

They left the shoe store, and headed further down the side street. Then left on the next one, with Sachiko in the lead, as if she knew where she was going. One more turn and they were in front of a wig shop. Sachiko said, "I've purchased a couple of my club wigs here, and they have a great selection." As usual when they walked in, they were greeted by a sales person, this time a man. Sam told him what she was looking for. He looked Mike over, and went and picked a few wigs from the shelves. Mike sat at a booth, with mirrors on three sides, and the man carefully placed a wig cap over his head. He then carefully placed a long blond wig on Mikes head and fussed with it for a few minutes. Mike then modeled it for Sam and Sachiko. This went on until he had tried on a dozen wigs. Sam loved him in two of them, a straight back one with a flip just above his shoulders, and a dish water blond one that had a nice wave and flip. She had the man cut and style them for Mikes face. So, in a way, Mike had his first taste of a beauty shop. Both wigs were placed on wig forms, and carefully placed in tall boxes.

As Sam paid the man, Mike noticed the total cost, those were two very expensive wigs. Mike said, "You can't be serious. These are too expensive!"

"Honey. I want the best for you, besides Mom handed me the card this morning, and said, 'Have fun.' And, when she says that, she means it."

"I don't know how much you've spent, but I do know those two wigs were very expensive. Your father is going to kill us."

"He won't know. Mom takes care of all the money. She will be the only one to see the bills, and she won't question it. She knows that Sachiko and I like to shop at very expensive shops. After all she's the one that taught us."

"But, you don't know if you'll like me when you see me dressed or not."

"Yes. I know."

"Ok, have it your way. Your going to anyway." Mike was beginning to see who was going to be the boss in this relationship.

They were finally done, it was close to three, and if they hurried they could catch the three o'clock train back home. They rushed to the station, with Mike again loaded down under a number of packages, stopped at the locker, retrieved their other packages, and just made the train. At least this time there was a place for Mike to sit, and room for the packages on an adjoining seat. Mike was tired and slept, while the two girls chatted during the hour long trip home. Sam had called the driver on her cell phone, and he met them at the station.

When they arrived back at the Matsushita home, the three carried all packages to Mike's bedroom, and laid all the purchases out on his bed. He just couldn't believe all the things, pretty things, that they had bought. Sam made room in one of drawers for some of the items, and the other things were hung in his closet. The two wigs were placed on a shelf in the closet, and carefully covered. When everything was put away, Sam said, "Honey, Sachiko has a present for you." With that, Sachiko removed a box from a final bag, and presented it very formally to Mike, saying, "A present for my new sister." It was a white box tied with pink ribbon. Mike accepted it as formally as Sachiko presented it. He carefully unwrapped it and opened it. Inside was a very pretty painted wooden box, with Japanese characters on it. He open that, and it was a complete makeup kit. Complete with brushes, lipstick, eyeshadow, everything a girl would need.

Mike, said, with a bow, "Thank you very much, Sachiko. But, you really shouldn't have."

"Oh yes. These will help you look prettier than you are."

"Thank you very much."



After dinner, as had become their custom, Mike and Sam sat in the garden, and talked. It was going on to sunset, when Sam said, "Will you dress for me tonight?"


Sam got up, took Mike's hand, and they walked to the guest house, and to Mike's bedroom. She curled up on his bed to watch, the first of many times to come. He walked over to the chest of drawers, removed a white bra and panty set, and looked at Sam for approval. She smiled, and nodded her approval. He removed all of his clothes, except the waist cincher and nylons. He started to pull on the panties, and she stopped him, saying, "Put the garter belt on first, then the panties over that." He took the garter belt out of the drawer, put it on, and attached the nylons to the garters. He then pulled the panties up over the nylons and garter belt. Then he slipped the bra straps over his shoulder, reached behind him, and fastened it. Sam said, "You've done that before." He just grinned. He then took a couple pairs of nylons, stuffed them into the bra cups, looked at Sam, and said, "Well?"

"Not too bad. But, we have to do something about that bulge in the panties."

"Oh that.", Mike said, he turn his back to Sam, bent over, fussed around a little bit, stood back up, turned around, and continued, "Is that any better."

Sam was a little surprised at what she saw, or really didn't see, Mike stood there with a completely smooth front. Right now from the neck down he looked like a girl. There was no sign of his manhood. "Uh... Yes. Where did it go?"

"It's called tucking. My two little friends are up inside, my penis is back between my legs, and the panties are tight enough to hold it all there."


"What outfit do you want me to model?"

"How about the white blouse and plaid skirt."

Mike went into the closet, and came back with the blouse and skirt. He slipped the blouse on, buttoned it, remembering to leave the two top buttons undone. Then he stepped into the skirt, pulled it up, and zipped it with no problem.

"Now the blond wig."

"Help me with it? I've never worn one before."

Sam got off the bed, retrieved the blond wig from the closet, and set it on the dressing table. "Sit down.", she said. Mike sat on the bench. Sam placed a wig cap over his head, then the wig over the wig cap, carefully adjusted it, and brushed it out. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, she liked what she was seeing. So, did he.

"Now some makeup."

"I'm going to need help again. I've never done it before either." He had, and it had turned out awful. He would have asked for her help anyway, as he enjoyed her help.

"Ok. Turn around, so I have some light."

Sam took the painted wooden box out, and placed it on the dresser. She looked closely at Mike's face, and said, "Do you mind if I work on your eyebrows a little?"

"I guess not. But, don't do too much."

"We'll go slowly on thinning and shaping them. No one will notice."

"Your really getting into this, aren't you?"

"Uh huh.", she said, as she started plucking a little on Mike's eyebrows, removing some stray hairs, hairs at the bridge of his nose, and some hairs from the lower side of the brows. She looked carefully and was happy, for now. She then preceded with foundation, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and lipstick. When she was done, she stood back, and said, "Your pretty."

"Your kidding me. I probably still look like a guy in a skirt."

"No. Take a look."

Mike turned and looked in the mirror. The reflection was that of a blond girl, not the prettiest girl in the world, but not too bad. He looked back at Sam, and said, "You did a good job."

"I had a good canvas to work with." She kissed him. "Put on the pair of sandals, and lets see the whole outfit."

Mike slipped on the sandals with the two and a half inch heels, and walked around the bedroom. He tried to walk as feminine as possible, Sam giggled at him. Finally he stopped and twirled, almost falling down. They both had a good laugh. She walked around him, giving him a real close look.

"You know.", she said, "Not bad. Not bad at all. In fact you have really great legs. I only see a couple of things that need a little help. You need more up top, your too small for your build. We need to give you a butt, and some hips. But, that will come with time."

Mike sat on the bed, and just looked at Sam. Finally he said, "You really have gotten deep into this, haven't you?"



"What do you mean, why?"

"You've got a boyfriend that likes to wear girls clothes. That would freak out most girls. But, you on the other hand, seem to have really gotten into it. You wanted to see me dressed, so you and your sister took me shopping, and bought me hundreds of dollars of clothes, wigs, and shoes. I'm just trying to understand where your coming from."

"You don't like it.", Masumi said with a tear in her eye.

"I didn't say that. I love what you've done. I just want to know why."

She sat down next to him, held his hands, looked directly into his eyes, and said, "When you told me, on the plane, that you were a crossdresser, it really turned me on. I don't know why, but I wanted to jump you right then and there. I talked with Sachiko about my feelings. And, she thought that when you told me, it triggered something in my psyche that had been dormant. You've shown me that you can provide everything that I need in a man, and that you also have a softer, feminine side that I also love. I was hoping to help you nurture this side, to help this side of you grow. Now, I'm afraid that I've gone too far, too fast, and hurt things between us." She started to cry.

Mike held her, stroked her hair, and whispered to her, "Don't cry. You haven't hurt anything. In fact, I'm so happy that you've accepted my feminine side. I haven't been able to dress as much as I wanted since starting college, and I need this. But, I also needed to understand why you felt that way. Most girls would have run away screaming. I do love you so very much."

She pulled back a little, looked into his eyes, kissed him very deeply, pushed him down on the bed, and preceded to kiss him like there was no tomorrow. She rolled over on her back, he looked down at her, and wiped the remnants of her tears away. She laughed a little, and said, "You know, your makeup is a mess."

He smiled, and said, "It's you fault. And, your going to have to teach me how to fix it. Then I can also fix yours, because it's also a mess. Can I ask you one more thing that's been on my mind?"

"Maybe. I guess."

"If you would have known about my crossdressing, say soon after we had met in high school, would you still feel the same way as you do now?"

"I... I really don't know. All I can say, is the first day that I met you, when I touched your hand, I knew that there was something special there. I wasn't sure what it was, and it took me awhile to figure out that it was love. Real love. But, when I did, I knew for sure that you were the one and only for me. And, I wasn't going to let anything or anyone, including that Cathy, stand between us."

"Cathy! Cathy Rider?"

"Yes. You didn't know?"

"No. What?"

"Right after the party that the Gordons had for me, Cathy told me to stay away from you. That you were hers, and I couldn't have you. We had a big fight, luckily Jackie was there, and kept us apart physically. I wasn't sure about us then, but I wasn't going to let anyone tell me who I could or could not see."

"You guys fought over me. Boy, I am so glad that you were the winner. Cathy and I were never more than friends, at least in my eyes."

"There was no doubt in my mind who was going to win that fight."

"You are so wonderful!"

"You know. I can't call you Mike when your dressed like this."

"Yea. That would be strange."

"Do you have a feminine name that you like?"

"No. I never thought about it."

"Sachiko did."


"Yes. In fact it's what's written on top of the makeup box. At least as close as it can be in Japanese characters."

"And, what might that be?"



"Yes, Mishelle."

"Hmm. I kind of like that. Mishelle. Sounds good."

"I like it, too."

The rest of the evening was spent like many couples that are deep in love, and alone, spend them...

The next morning was Saturday, so it was a late breakfast. Mike was there early, as was Mrs. Matsushita. They sat, chatted, and had a cup of tea, waiting for the others. One thing led to another, and she asked Mike right up front, "Young man. Do you love my daughter?"

Without hesitation, Mike replied, "Yes, m'am. Very much."

"She is my oldest daughter, and she means the world to me."

"Yes, m'am. She means the world to me too."

"Her father and I have felt that there was something between the two of you since she was in America the first time. When she came home, she was deeply depressed. It took a long time for us to get out of her what was wrong. And, when we learned it was a boy, we tried very hard to help her forget you. But, we learned that there was more to it. She had confided in Sachiko what her feelings really were, and how she felt about you. And, we were finally able to get the story out of Sachiko. So, we helped her accelerate her studies, and planned for her to go to college in America. It was the only way we could get her over her depression. And, when she realized that she would going back to America for college, she snapped right out of her depression. Then, when we met you two weeks ago, we knew that our daughter had made a very wise choice. All I ask of you is to respect her and never hurt her."

"Mrs. Matsushita. The last thing in the world that I would do is hurt Masumi."

Mrs. Matsushita smiled at him, and nodded her head in agreement.

Masumi and Mr. Matsushita wandered in for breakfast. And, the talk turned to Mike's last two weeks in Japan. Mr. Matsushita said, "Mike you have talked about wanting to take a rail trip, to see as much of the country as possible. So, I have made arraignments for the two of you to fly to Sapporo tomorrow, pick up the train there on Monday, and be back here on Friday. e/e2163.htmlI've also made arraignments for you to stop overnight in four other cities, to see the sites, and learn about Japanese history and the people. And, there can be other short stops, of your choice, along the way." He took two packets out of his pocket, handed one to Masumi, and one to Mike.

Mike and Masumi just looked at each other, then at Mr. Matsushita, and said, almost in unison, "The two of us?"

Mrs. Matsushita said, "Yes. The two of you. First, we can't turn Mike loose on this country by himself. Second, Masumi hasn't seen these parts of Japan herself. And, third, Mike will be here for only two more weeks, and we felt that you two might really like some more time alone. This is our gift to you. And, after the talk Mike and I had this morning, I know this is the right thing."

"Mr. and Mrs. Matsushita, you have already done so much for me."

"And, we want to do this for the both of you. In the two weeks you have been here, we have gotten to know you, and we like you very much. And, we feel that you are good for Masumi."

Masumi took Mike's hand and squeezed it. She said, "Thank you very much, mother and father. We really appreciate this, and will really enjoy it."

Later that day Mike and Masumi were comparing the two travel packets, and noted that there was only one room reserved in each hotel, all first class hotels. They wondered if her mom and dad knew more than they were letting on.


The Week of Travel

That Sunday, Mike and Masumi flew to Sapporo, spent the day seeing the city, and the night at the Sheraton Sapporo. The next morning they were on the train heading south. They saw but only a small portion of the country, but learned more about each other every day. Mike even attended his first Shinto ritual at one of the important shrines.

The second night, after dinner, Masumi opened up a third suitcase that they had brought. They had brought some of Mishelle's clothes along, just incase Mike wanted to dress. Masumi had other ideas. She turned and looked at him, and said, "Want to go out, as Mishelle?"

"I couldn't."

"Yes you could."

"What if someone reads me?"

"First, your passable. I wouldn't embarrass you that way. If I didn't think you could pass, I wouldn't even suggest it. Second, your in a strange city, in a strange country, and no one knows you. I thought that we could just go for a walk, even a short one."

"Ok, I guess. If you think I can really pull it off?"

She just smiled, and didn't need to say anything.

Mike put on a red bra, matching panties, and tucked his equipment away. He added the waist cincher, pantyhose, and used two pair of nylons to stuff the bra. Masumi still couldn't get over how much Mike's body looked like a girls. She helped with his makeup, and the black wig. She was getting turned on again, realizing that there was a guy standing there looking like a girl. She quickly handed him the pink blouse and pink shorts. He got those on, looked in the mirror, and there was that girl again, this time with black hair. Maybe even a little better looking this time. He slipped on the sandals, and she handed him a small purse with a shoulder strap. And, they were out the hotel room door.

She hustled him out the door, for two reasons. She didn't want to give him a chance to have second thoughts. And, if they didn't get out of the room soon, they wouldn't make it. She was very turned on looking at Mishelle.

They walked down the hall to the elevators, pushed the button, and rode the elevator to the lobby, without seeing anyone. As they walked through the hotel lobby, Mishelle felt like everyone was watch him. But, they really weren't, they were looking a two pretty girls. The desk clerk, smiled and bowed as they walked by. The doorman did the same. As they started down the street, Masumi whispered, "That wasn't bad, was it?"

"My knees were like rubber, and I thought everyone was looking at me. I almost ran back to the room."

"Honey. It's fine. They were looking at the two of us. Two pretty girls out for a walk."

As they walked slowly down the street, which was the main downtown shopping area, Mishelle felt more confidant with each step. They window shopped, and saw many pretty things. Then they came across a small tea shop, and Masumi wanted to stop for a cup of tea. Mishelle was very apprehensive about going in, but followed Masumi as she walked in and sat at a table. Mishelle tried to be as lady like as possible when she sat. The server walked over and greeted them in Japanese. Masumi explained that her friend new very little Japanese, and the girl then greeted her in English. The girls ordered two teas and two cakes, and enjoyed small talk. After Masumi paid the bill, she had to use the ladies room. Mishelle started to follow her, but hesitated at the door. Masumi whispered to her, "Come on. Ladies out together, go to the restroom together."

"I can't go in there."

"Yes you can. Come on."

They walked into the restroom together. There wasn't anyone else in there. Masumi whispered, "If you have to go, remember to sit." Mishelle did have to go, so she entered a stall, and...

When she came out, Masumi was at the counter fixing her makeup. She walked over, washed her hands, and was about to walk out, when Masumi said, "You'd better freshen your makeup. You'll find lipstick in your purse." Mishelle opened her purse, and found a number of items in it. Lipstick, a compact, a small bottle of perfume, her passport, and a sanitary napkin. She pulled the napkin out, and looked a little puzzled. Masumi said, "A girl is always prepared." Mishelle smiled, put the napkin back, and retrieved the lipstick. She looked in the mirror, and freshened her lipstick.

As they walked out of the tea shop, the server bowed, and said thank you. They continued walking through the shopping district, window shopping. They turned down one of the side streets, and found a little lingerie shop. They stopped to look at the various pretty things in the window. Something caught Masumi eye, and she studied it closely. "Come on, were going in.", she said. She grabbed Mishelle's hand, and pulled her along.

They were greeted by a middle aged woman, who they took to be the owner. Masumi talked with the woman for a few minutes. The woman looked Mishelle over very closely, looked back at Masumi, smiled, and walked to the backroom. Mishelle asked, "What was that all about?"

"Mishelle needs something more. And, this store has what I've been looking for."

"What's that?"

"You'll see."

The woman came out from the backroom carrying four boxes, and set them on the counter. Again Masumi and the women talked, a little too fast for Mishelle to pick up. Masumi picked up the boxes, started to walk towards a curtained off area, and said, "Come on, Mishelle, dear." Mishelle followed her to, and into, the curtained off area. Masumi set the boxes down on a shelf, turned to Mishelle, and kissed her. The woman followed them in.

Mishelle said, "What's going on?"

"Well I thought that stuffing your bra with nylons wasn't cool. So, as we were looking in the window of this store, I saw that they carried mastectomy supplies. So, I asked the proprietor if they ever fit any men for breast forms. She told me that they have a very large clientele of men. I then told her that I would like to fit you for a pair. At first she wasn't sure that you were a man or not. But, I ensured her that you were. She said that it was very hard to tell. See I told you, you were passable."

"So, what's in the boxes? And, why is she here?"

"Breast forms. To fit you."

"Your kidding?"

"No. You know I don't kid about these things."

"I should have guessed."

"Take off you blouse, and lets see what size looks best."

Mishelle removed her blouse, and pulled the nylons out of her bra. The woman opened up two of the boxes, removed one of the forms, and handed it to Mishelle. Mishelle looked at it, then at Masumi, and said, "These look too real."

"They are supposed to. In fact they can be attached, so you can go braless. Go ahead, that one goes in the right side, the long part towards your arm. Mishelle placed the form in her breast cup. It felt cool to her skin. She then placed the left one in. The woman fussed around with them for a minute, and stood back to take a good look. Shook her head, and said something to Masumi. Masumi told Mishelle that the woman said, "That it's no good. You need to go bigger. Take those out, and put these in." Mishelle did as she was told. The woman again fussed with them, and stood back. This time she smiled, and told Masumi, "Those looked good." Masumi said, "Put your blouse back on, and take a look." Mishelle slipped her blouse back on, and looked in the mirror. It looked like she had real breasts, and when she moved it felt like they were real. "Well, what do you think?", Masumi asked.

"They feel real."


"I really like the way they feel and move."

"Good. Put the nylons in your purse, and bring the boxes.", Masumi said, as she and the woman walked out of the curtained area.

Mishelle quickly placed the nylons in her purse, grabbed the boxes, and followed them into the store. Masumi then said something to the woman, and handed her a charge card. Mishelle asked, "What did you tell her?"

"Just that you loved them, and were going to wear them. And, she said, that they looked very natural, and much better than the nylons."

"Your mom is going to be mad."

"No. Remember, when she hands me this card, she always says, 'Have fun.' So, I do."

The proprietor rang up the sale, said good bye to the girls, and they were back on the street. As they walked some more, Mishelle said, "This really does feel better. They move as I do, and have some weight to them."

"I thought that you'd like them."

They walked for another half an hour, and headed back to the hotel. This time walking through the lobby. Once back in the room the two of them ended up in a very long embrace. It was late, and they decided to turn in. Mishelle started to undress, when Masumi walked up behind her, and said, "Let me help." She reached around Mishelle, unbuttoned her blouse, and let it fall to the floor. She had to stand on her tip toes, but she started kissing Mishelle's neck, and feeling her new breasts. Even though they were forms, they felt good. The two girls feel into bed, but it was much later that they actually got to sleep.

The next three nights were almost a repeat of the first. Every night after supper, Mishelle came out, Masumi worked on improving Mishelle's look, and they walked around what ever city they were in. The last night, there was a minor problem. They were at a small indoor mall, and were hit on by two guys. It took Masumi some time to get rid of them, finally telling them that they were lesbians. This incident really shook Mishelle up, and it took Masumi a while to calm her down enough to even walk the five blocks to their hotel.

Once back at the hotel, Mike yanked of the wig off, threw it on the floor, and said, "I can't do it. I just can't do it." And, sat on the bed and started to cry. Masumi sat next to him, and just held him. He cried for five minutes, finally saying, "I'm sorry. I'm not a cry baby, but that really has me upset."

"I know. I know. It was scarey. You just have to stand up to people like that."

"What did you finally tell them?"

"That we were lesbian lovers. And, had no interest in guys."

"You didn't?"

"Yes I did."

They both laughed a little.

"You know. Maybe your right, we are lesbian lovers. Look at me, I look more like a girl than a guy."

"Are you complaining? I'm not."

"No. No complaints here. But, I just don't want to go through that again."

"I have an idea. I'll be right back."

Grabbing her purse, Masumi was out the door before Mike could say anything. While she was gone, he got cleaned up, and actually freshened his makeup. Normally he'd be taking it off. Masumi was only gone about fifteen minutes. When she got back, she had a small package. Mike was sitting on the bed, still dressed, minus his wig. Masumi knelt down on one knee, opened a ring box that had what looked to be an engagement ring in it, offered it to Mike, and said, "Will you marry me."

Mike looked at her, first with surprise, and then with a grin, and said, "Yes."

She slipped the ring on his left ring finger, and kissed him. Then she opened another ring box, and took out a similar ring. She handed it to Mike, and held out her left hand. He slipped the ring on her finger. Then out of a second package she took two identical wedding bands, slipped the engagement ring off of Mikes finger, slipped the wedding ring on to the finger, followed by the engagement ring. "Now, you do mine.", she said. And, Mike did as she had done. She kissed him, and said, "I now pronounce us wife and wife." They both laughed.

"Where did you get this idea."

"Well. I don't like getting hit on. You don't like getting hit on. I don't like you getting hit on. And, I don't think you like me getting hit on. So, I figured that most guys won't hit on a girl wearing a wedding band and engagement ring. I remembered seeing some in the shop in the lobby that were cubic zirconium. So, I went and got two engagement rings, and two cheap wedding bands. I figure that when ever we go out as girls friends, we wear the rings, and we cut the chance of being hit on. Everyone will see us as two old married ladies out together."

He hugged her, and whispered, "You're fantastic!"

On Friday they were met at the train station by Mr. and Mrs. Matsushita, and Sachiko. And, it was constant talk about the trip all the way home. Both Mike and Masumi were very tired, and were in bed early.

Mikes last week in Japan was much like the first. Mike and Masumi did some day trips. Mike played another round of golf with her father, and they got along famously. Mishelle even managed to go out once or twice in the evening. Friday saw Mike starting to pack for his trip home, Masumi sat with him, but very quietly. Mike could tell that she was down, do to his leaving. But, he perked her up, by saying, "I have an idea. We are both Juniors this year, and school policy says that only Freshmen and Sophomores have to live in dorms. Right?"

"Right." She perked up a little.

"What say, we share an apartment this year?" She jumped to her feet, and just hugged him for all she was worth. He continued, "That way you can help me with my Japanese, and teach me all about makeup. And, it should be cheaper than living separately in the dorms." She kissed him deeply.

Saturday night there was a going away party for Mike. It was attended by many people, some Mike had met before, and some he hadn't. But, by the time the party was over, Mike had met so many people that his head was swimming. Right after everyone had left, Mrs. Matsushita pulled Mike, Masumi, and Sachiko aside, with "I have something I need to tell you."

She started with, "I want you to promise that what I'm going to tell you will go no farther."

The three of them looked at each other, wondering what was going on, and said, "We promise."

"Because, if it does, it could ruin your father."

"Yes, mother.", Masumi said a little concerned.

"I know that when the three of you went shopping together, it was for clothes for Mike. Yes, I know that he is a crossdresser. And, no I don't have a problem with it, and neither will your father. You see, your father is also a crossdresser, and has been for longer than I've known him. I sensed something about Mike when I met him, and I noticed the change in his eyebrows the other day. But, when the bills came, I called the lingerie shop to verify the breast forms. She told me about the two of you being in the shop, and how good the tall dark haired American girl looked So, I went back through the bills and looked at what was purchased, and put two and two together."

"Father is a crossdresser? And, you know about Mike. And your not mad?"

"Yes, dear. Your father is a crossdresser. And, yes I know about Mike, and understand completely. And, I'm not mad. Being a psychologist, I know that someone that is a crossdresser can't help it, it's just part of them. In fact, many therapists consider the need to crossdress to be innate and not learned, so there may even be a biological basis to it. If you love that person, you need to love the whole person. And, it appears, that you two love each other. Now, how is Mike going to take his clothes home, it would look a little strange going through customs?"

"I was going to ship his things with mine late next month."

"That may be wise. Can you survive without them for that long, Mike?", Mrs. Matsushita said with a smile.

"I think so.", he replied, returning the smile, as he placed his arm around Masumi.

"One more thing. Your father and I really do understand how you feel about each other. We've been in contact with Mike's parents, and they have seen the same things that we have, and feel the same way we do. We wanted to meet Mike, and arranged for this vacation to meet him. And, after seeing the two of you together, we realize that you two really do have something special, and that's rare. We know that it won't be long before you take Masumi away from us, and we want her as much as possible."

"I'm not planning on taking Masumi away from you. Someday I hope to be as much apart of your family, as Masumi will be a part of mine. These four weeks have been wonderful, you and Mr. Matsushita have been wonderful to me. I've learned something about Japan, and I want to learn more."

Mike and Masumi spent that whole night sitting in the garden together. Masumi told Mike that she had spoken with her parents about the apartment, and they had accepted the idea. They talked awhile longer, and then just sat, holding each other. In the morning, the whole family went to see Mike off. There were tears, and hugs from everyone, including Mr. Matsushita. Mike had a long flight home to do some serious thinking.


- End Part 1 -

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