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by Maddy Bell


Part one


The trip out had been pretty uneventful. The Eurostar left Waterloo bang on time, 10:27am and was soon winging its way through the Kent countryside before its subterranean jaunt below the Channel before heading for Brussels. The connection with the Thalys to Koln was just as punctual and I got off the train to a Koln basking in bright sunshine. The local train to my hotel in Remagen was not quite as sharp or comfortable but it bumbled down the Rhine well enough, I was registered by four p.m. local.

The first couple of days of my vacation were what a holiday should be, sightseeing, relaxing, a few beers – just chilling out really. The weather broke on Tuesday so I decided to use it for a shopping trip to Koln, just a short train ride away. Having a full day in the city, I took my time exploring the shopping area, exploring a bit more than most tourists have time for.

Lunchtime found me in the Karstadt restaurant – this place is what department stores should be like! I continued exploring, record shops, shoes, and sports, well I had the time so I checked everything out, I even checked out some women's wear shops and bought my girlfriend a dress, well a full outfit as I then used it as a focus for more shopping. Between a couple of CD's, a book and a vase, I purchased shoes, underwear, then got carried away with some jewellery and make up. Anyone would think it was for me, but I can assure you that since I played Juliet, in a traditional rendition of the Shakespeare play at school, the nearest to makeup I've been is sun block.

It was late afternoon by this time; my train back to Remagen wasn't for an hour so I crashed into a café bar for a drink, a collection of boutique bags not easing my passage. I did a bit of repackaging while I sat, then spent a few minutes scanning at the other patrons. A middle aged couple over by the door, three slightly dubious looking men played dominoes in a corner and a matron with I assume her daughter, a pretty twenty something, who, I'm embarrassed to say was giving me the once over none too discretely.

I was perhaps a bit more than weary because when she came over to my table and sat down, I didn't at first notice. For ease I've translated all the conversations into English but you'll get the gist ok.

'Hello, I'm not really this forward, but Mama said to ask if you would like dinner with us?'

Well I was a bit taken aback; you don't normally get invites like that in steamy café's in Koln, do you?

'Er, sorry I have a train to catch back to Remagen in a few minutes, so I must decline'

'Oh silly me, we saw you earlier on the way here, we are from Remagen too, you stay at the Hotel Station?'


'You have a busy shopping trip' she gestured to my bags of obviously female attire. With some further embarrassment I answered

'Presents for my girlfriend back in England'

She didn't look convinced but didn't pursue it

'You are very thorough, even the schuh and hosen! But you are in Germany now, please join us tonite' she lowered her voice to a whisper, 'please, I could do with the company, mother does go on so'

What could I say, I had nothing planned but a few beers in the town and dinner at the hotel so what the heck.

'Ok, I'm Mike, pleased to meet you'

'Ingrid, my mother is Helga'

'Thanks for the invite Ingrid but if we are eating in Remagen tonite we need to get on the train'

'Oh that time already, come, come. Mother the train is due'

'He comes?'

'Yes mother, he comes'

I had to admit the older woman's face lit up apparently at the prospect of company. With my new found companions we made the train and out of courtesy I sat with them for the journey south best part of an hour on this journey. The conversation was wide ranging; my German often not up to the translations but it was really quite enjoyable. Ingrid wrote the address on one of my bags and set a time of eight o'clock for the meal, we separated at the station and I headed for my room at the hotel.

There was time for a shower before leaving, and also time for a ritual inspection of my purchases. Ingrid was right, I had been thorough. The outfit was complete from silk drawers to nail varnish, no wonder both she and some of the shop assistants looked at me a bit oddly. I have to admit, doing the shopping for this stuff had been a bit of a turn on.

The murky day had turned into a pleasant evening, so it was a pleasant walk across the town to Ingrid and Helga's home. A late shop supplied a bottle of wine and flowers, you can't turn up empty handed, and I looked more like a suitor than a casual acquaintance when I knocked at the door. Ingrid answered the door and ushered me in, paying me a bit more attention than I felt comfortable with. However Helga was just as effusive, especially when I presented her with the flowers, in fact she was quite made up!

Dinner was almost ready, so I volunteered to open the wine I had brought. By nine thirty we had gotten through another two bottles and Helga ushered Ingrid and myself into the living room. The apartment was pretty small so I found myself seated next to Ingrid on the small sofa leaving the other chair for Helga.

'You know we saw you quite often today'

'It's a wonder I didn't see you then?'

'Ach, you were obviously engrossed in your shopping'

'I guess I was getting a bit carried away.'

'Do you always buy your girlfriend such a complete outfit?'

'No, I just felt inspired to do so today'

'What is she like?'

'Well, Sarah is my size, the same colour hair, come to think of it some friends call us the terrible twins, so I suppose she looks a bit like me too'

'How strange Mike, to have a girlfriend who looks like a sister!'

'I never thought of it that way before'

'No wonder you can shop for her if you are so similar. She is very lucky'

Ingrid looked thoughtful for a moment before her mother joined us.

The conversation changed to jobs, vacations and hobbies. Before I realised it was nearly midnight and I made my excuses.

'Thank you Mike, mother and I have enjoyed your company so much'

'And I yours. Can I return the favour tomorrow with dinner at the Italian restaurant?'

'It is mothers dancing night, but I would love to join you, thank you'

'Ok I will call for you at seven thirty'

For my insolence I received a firm buss, which I have to admit, was enjoyable and left me wanting more.


I actually found myself looking forward to my 'date' next day, which I spent hiking in the forested hills east of the river. When it came around to 'collection' time I was actually feeling quite nervous, not helped by Ingrid as she looked absolutely stunning. I'm afraid that did it, I was a jabbering wreck, which set Ingrid off into laughter. I had just about regained some composure by the time we reached the restaurant much to Ingrid's further amusement. Perhaps I had better share a visual image that my description can only mock. The girl could give anyone a horn and I mean anyone, she wore a short black cocktail dress that clung to every curve, accentuating her tiny waist and pert breasts. I am pretty sure that she wore nothing else at all, the dress managed to maintain her modesty – just. Hair and makeup were magazine cover chic; I felt if anything a bit shabby even in what I considered my smart casual gear.

We feasted on a fine tagliatelle carbonara, ravioli, fusili, salad and finished off with a fine serving of Italian ice cream. Afterward we retired to a riverside bar to partake of a little falling down water.

Ingrid was great company and by the looks she kept getting, I was placed firmly in the lucky bugger category by the other patrons. We talked, laughed, joked till chucking out time, then I walked her home.

'Ingrid, you have certainly added some spark to my trip'

'I think I ignite something earlier eh'

'There's no denying that. I think though we should leave it like that'

She pouted a little ' but Mikey we could have a little fun while you are here'

'I would love to, but it wouldn't be fair on you or Sarah. If I was staying I would willingly be your slave, but I'm not so it wouldn't be wise'

'You know Mike, you are really thoughtful, for a man I mean' she giggled. An idea obviously snapped to attention. 'I've got an idea. What if you were to have some fun with me for a couple of days, no sex, perhaps a kiss or two' she demonstrated for me 'we could still be friends when you go and there will be nothing to upset Sarah with?'

'I don't know that I could manage that, my self control is not that good'

'If I guarantee that for you? Please say yes, pleeeze?'

I was quickly weakening

'I'm only here till Sunday is it worth it?'

'Of course it is, please?'

'Well ok then, how do we manage this magical extravaganza?'

'Come to the apartment about ten, mother will be out for the day and we can plot undisturbed'

I still wasn't 100% convinced but I agreed and after a quite enthusiastic session of lip and mouth gymnastics, I returned to my hotel.


I hadn't a clue what was in store for me, they say truth is often stranger than fiction and that was to prove more than true in this case.


I arrived at the allotted hour and a much more soberly dressed Ingrid let me in.

'I have sorted everything, you still want to do this?'

I went all melodramatic on her.

'Your wish is my command, I am your slave till Sunday'

She giggled at that

'Well I don't want a slave, but how about being my girlfriend'

Now my German although fair does get a bit stretched with Ingrid but I'm sure I heard correctly.

'Your girlfriend?'

'Yes, we can have lots of fun, Sarah can't be jealous because it won't be her Mike with me and I've even sorted the sex bit out'

I was having second thoughts now; a pouting Ingrid is just not something you want so I collapsed.

'Well alright, on one condition'


'If I look like a bloke in drag we call it off'

'If you look like that I wouldn't want to be seen with you, it's a deal'

'I'm all yours then.'

'Ok, first a bath'

'I've only just showered'

'But you don't smell right, a good soak in my bath oil will sort that and then we lose those hairy arms and legs'

I knew that was coming so didn't comment. The bath was already waiting for me and I must admit it was pretty relaxing, so much so I dropped off for a few minutes. Wearing nothing but a towel I then suffered three quarters of an hour of painful leg and arm waxing, the results however were spectacular.

'Ok now we sort out the sex bit, meet chastity'

Chastity was a close fitting steel girdle affair. Ingrid showed me where to put everything then left me to put it on. It was designed so that my equipment was undetectable and unusable whilst still functioning for toilet needs. I actually felt a bit girlie once the thing was snugged shut.



Well, before I could say anything, Ingrid had slipped a lock into place and closed it, I was now locked in and Ingrid had the key!

'Now no chance of monkey business eh?'

'No chance' I sighed

'We have to dress you and make you look like a girl now, come through to my room'

I followed my temptress into her bedroom where she sat me down to start work. My hair is a bit longer than collar length; Ingrid was soon teasing it, tidying a few ends and was quite quickly satisfied. My ears itched but I was under instructions not to move while she worked so I bore the discomfort. I was a bit alarmed when she got the tweezers out, she insisted she was only tidying a few stray eyebrows, then she set too with the make up. When she had done with my face to her satisfaction she turned to my nails and all too quickly I had delicate pink finger and toe nails, my fingernails enhanced to a ladylike length which felt quite odd.

'Now you need some boobies, more waxing first though'

'Where now?'

'Under your arms and your chest'

'Fair enough' I sighed 'get on with it'

The armpits were obvious but it was only when I was introduced to my bosoms that I discovered why the chest hair had to go. A pair of silicon bosoms were glued in place, how Ingrid had come by them I didn't dare ask, but I soon had all the gear and Ingrid let me see my 'new' self in the mirror. Well my flabber was ghasted. Looking back at me was sarah or a girl looking very much like her, even a pair of gemstone ear studs,

'hey how did they get there?'

'you fell asleep in the bath, it was just too tempting. But what shall we call you?'

'well obviously Mike is now out' I was still taking in the girl in the mirror

'how about Michelle then?'

'never liked it, my eyebrows!' they were now reduced to a very ladylike thin curving line.

'Mikaela then, it sounds a bit like Mike so you should know when I'm addressing you'

'Mikaela it is then. I suppose Mikaela needs to dress if we are to leave the apartment at all'

I was of a size with Ingrid apart from the waist; she produced a corset that she fitted about my body. Even with just the busk closed I could see in the mirror my shape had changed, by the time she had finished it felt odd but comfortable and I sported a very feminine shape.


Ingrid checked me with a tape and seemed satisfied that I could get into her clothes now. Bra, pants, stockings hung from the corset suspenders, they feel good on a woman, they feel even better when you are wearing them, spoilt a little by chastity. After some debate I ended up wearing a just above the knee summer frock and with a bit of accesorizing I was pretty convincing. Only my feet wouldn't fit into Ingrid's stuff, so the first stop was going to be the shoe shop. I put my trainers on and I was as ready as I ever would be to make my debut as Mikaela.


We had a bite to eat before we went out, when we did leave it was arm in arm as you might see any two girlfriends, I quite enjoyed the feeling. The warm sun on my back, the breeze within my dress, even the looks from people we passed. It was two thirty by the time I had some more ladylike footwear, the same style I had purchased for Sarah in Koln!

'Ok Mikaela, you are mine till Sunday,' she dangled the key on her finger before dropping it inside her bra. 'We are going shopping!'

An hour later we were in Koblenz ready to hit the shops. Shopping with girls can be a downer, for girls' hard work and embarrassment, as a girl; well it's a hoot. I somehow lost my inhibitions and found myself just as keen as Ingrid to try stuff on, sexy dresses, flirty skirts, well you get my drift. By the time Mikaela and Ingrid got back on the train north, my credit card was somewhat warm with use and we both had several bags of stuff.

When we got back I had to sort out the hotel, well I told them I was staying in Frankfurt for a couple of days. I was reintroduced to Helga who I'm sure actually knew the truth but was happy to go along with the charade, I would actually be sleeping with Ingrid but not in the biblical sense.


Of course we had to have a fashion parade, we took snaps of each other in 'our' new wardrobe, I now 'owned' some quite sexy gear. There was a party frock in there too with some high heels, the local club was beckoning Ingrid and as her new best friend that meant Mikaela was going too.

I'm no dancer, but even I had a great night, 'dancing' with the boys, a bit of girlie misbehaviour, my feet were quite sore from the heels, but I was actually quite enjoying being Ingrid's 'girlfriend'. I really did sleep with my 'girlfriend', both of us naked except for my girdle, we cuddled and kissed and slept entwined but us two girls spent the night quite chaste!

Friday and my first full day as a girl. Ingrid put my hair in little girl bunches, put the corset back on, which I didn't mind at all, I wore a different summer frock today without stockings. I was however quite alarmed when she said we were going swimming! To be more precise to watch swimming – man watching actually. I struggled with the conversation, indeed was most uncomfortable with it, I think Ingrid had forgotten that I was a bloke inside all this. Later we did a bit of window shopping around Bad Neunahr where the pool was, we two girls; I was starting to think like that, attracted plenty of admiring glances. We stopped any potential come on's with a quick snog, I don't mind pretending to be a lesbian if it means kissing the kiss machine that is Ingrid!

Well Friday night was bound to be party night; Ingrid had tickets for a do at the university in Bonn, so it was time for more dressing up. Girls certainly have fun. It was a big affair with a fair cross section of the regions youth and musical taste. We met with some of Ingrid's 'other' girlfriends and had a real girlie time, all too soon the bus back to Remagen was leaving, I was tired and fell asleep in her arms after a fun packed night. My bum was sore from male attention, I had kissed more girls in one night than in the previous five years and I was gloriously happy.

Next morning Ingrid was playful. I couldn't work out why till I got up and discovered the ring in my navel – aaargh!

'You insisted Mikaela, Anna had hers done at the club and so did you. I had to unlace you in the toilets, you were so insistent'

'Oh boy, I don't remember that at all. What are we doing today?'

'Walkies and a boat ride?'


So it was that I spent my last full day of the vacation in a flowery frock, my hair braided a la Heidi floating down the Rhine. We had lunch on the boat and dinner at Konigswinter before returning to 'home'. I was a bit sore from the chastity belt but I was otherwise a happy girl. Too soon it was Sunday morning and time to revert to Mike, I would have time to excuse my eyebrows and hairless limbs, my newly pierced navel wasn't a problem, my ears were but cest la vie. True to her word Ingrid 'undid' Mikaela until I was back to mike in a chastity girdle.

'Before I undo you, do you promise to come for another visit?'

I was in no situation to say no

'Of course'


'I'm not sure but before Christmas'

'Goody, will Mikaela come too?'

Although I had enjoyed being a girl for a couple of days I wasn't sure I wanted to repeat it.

'I guess if you want to see her again she could come.'

'Oh yes please, she was so much fun'

'That seems settled then. I will ring or write when I have got it organised.'

'I will keep the photographs to remind me until then, goodbye Mike'

With that I received a thorough kissing.


I left Mikaela's wardrobe with Ingrid and after booking out of my hotel I left for London and home.



Part 2

My next trip to Germany was quite highly planned. I had taken a day off work the week before to increase Mikaela's wardrobe, I only actually had one change of men's underwear plus what I stood in, the rest of the case was full of women's stuff. In the three months since my last visit, my belly piercing had healed quite nicely as had my ears, I had let my hair grow longer than usual and in addition I was now a bit thinner. I de-haired myself the day before travelling so no time would be wasted once there – I was looking forward to being a girl again, this time for two weeks!

We booked in, or rather Ingrid did, to a motel for a couple of hours to 'freshen up'. When I came out, it was Mikaela who did so, dressed quite demurely in a long frock and flat shoes. Ingrid had realised an alternative to the chastity belt, it took some doing but my gear was hidden and I could wear normal underwear – most of the time!

I was quite concerned when I was led first to a ladies hairdresser, well I left with perfect nails and a new hairstyle – no way would a guy wear this style! I looked like a complete bimbo in fact, well I think that was the idea, I had hair extensions and I was somewhat blonder than when I went in.

I was to stay with Ingrid and Helga again and that was where we now headed. Ingrid told me of her plans for the trip, Mikaela just went with the flow, and she was quite excited! On the way Ingrid laid down some ground rules;

I was to remain Mikaela unless there was an emergency

No man / woman type sex between us

If Ingrid felt that I couldn't control myself she could impose Chastity for an undefined period and lastly

We were going to have fun!

I could sign up to that.


Ingrid had done some shopping for Mikaela too. Stuff I wouldn't have bought, the outfit I'm wearing in this picture for one, yes that's me – I really liked that, the shoes took some getting used to but hell lots of women wear heels this high. There was other stuff too, a bikini! My breasts looked pretty good but were they up to that, apparently we were both to wear matching sets to a party on Monday night, well we would see.

We spent that first night at 'home' and Sunday we went across the river for a walk and lunch. I needed more practice at walking in heels and such but the joy of unfettered, well almost, dress wearing felt really natural. Ingrid declared that I acted as though I always wore heels and skirts, praise I appreciated from someone I respected.



Monday we actually did very little apart from prepare for the party up in Bonn. As you can see from the pictures, my boobs were quite good enough for the bikini, we did actually wear diaphanous dresses over this ensemble – there is just no way I would go out like this. (The shoes are Ingrid's; I wore my black ones for the party).

Tuesday we took a longish trip down the Moselle to Trier on the train so I could do the tourist bit. It being October it was fairly cool so I squeezed into a pair of Ingrid's trousers, that was quite something too. I've included a map so you can see some of where we got to.



Wednesday was different again, Ingrid had to work so I was left to my own devices so I set about a bit of exploring by train and bus, I was confident enough that I didn't think twice when the bus driver called me fraulein, I even smiled back. I did have time to contemplate whether my deception was fair on Sarah and even if it was right for me. I thought long and hard and decided that as long as Sarah was unaware and if we kept chaste there was no real harm in it, the biggest danger was that I might like it too much. There was actually a fair chance of that the way things were going, I found myself comparing myself to other women, admiring their clothes and not just the wearers! I had a ride on a steam railway in the morning just a bit down the road, in the afternoon I visited Maria Laach a short way further on, a gorgeous crater lake and a monastery, it was well weird visiting such a place as a girl.

We spent the evening in a local bar just 'chilling'.

'Mikaela, I've got a surprise for tomorrow night, we are going to a fetish fair'

'What's that then?'

'I have been to one before, there are all sorts of people there, tattoos, piercers, but also the rubber and leather. If it is not 'normal' we will see it'

'Sounds fun, where is it?

'Down at Andernach not far from Koblenz, we can go by train.'

'And I suppose we have to dress for this excursion?'

'Of course!'

I was getting the hang of this girlie thing.


So after Ingrid finished work next day we went up to Koln for a bit of stuff. We changed on the train as we went direct to Andernach. Ever tried to put stockings on in a train toilet cubicle with someone else sharing the space? I don't advise it.

Well it certainly was an eye opener; we were wearing almost street wear compared to some of these people. We browsed stalls of jewellery, debated how to wear some items, watched a bondage 'scene' and had a great time. Ingrid was quite obviously drawn to the piercer, so we went for a look. The piercer was a girl, Frida, who was deftly servicing the needle needs of a continuos stream of customers. We watched as tongues, noses, lips, eyebrows, nipples, navels, ears and sexual parts were all pierced with consummate skill.

'Come on Mika, lets get something done'

'I've got enough holes'

'You only have your ears and navel, come on, we can get the same one done, like twins'

Well I was starting to feel a bit of a prude so I sighed

'Ok, but what? I can't get certain bits done'

'I know, we get this bit of ear done' she indicated that inner bit nearest the head, that didn't seem too bad.

'Fair enough'

Frida was quite chatty and I didn't feel either ear being done, just a click as the ball was clipped into the rings. Ingrid had hers done, I wasn't really paying much attention then I heard

'…if you don't mind an audience, I will do it for free'

'What do you think Mikaela?'

'About what?'

'We get them free if I model'

'If you're happy go for it' I still wasn't sure what was going on.

'Ok Frida, lets do it'

'Great, come back in fifteen minutes, both of you. Mikaela I think it best if you are here for Ingrid'

That sounded ominous but Ingrid was fine about it so I let it ride.

I bought some stilettos and Ingrid insisted on buying the least practical dress she could find for me. When we returned, I waited while Frida took Ingrid off for a few minutes, when they returned, Ingrid was wearing a bath wrap. When she dropped it to reveal all of her, I saw that her pussy was now shaved clean, it wasn't on the train so I guess Frida did that just now. I sat by the piercing couch as Ingrid settled herself. The audience was now several deep and standing on chairs to get a view, it seemed a bit much for a navel but the shaved pubes gave some little clue to what was coming.

I have to admit, I winced as Frida pushed a needle through each of Ingrid's nipples, Ingrid felt it and grabbed me for comfort. The rings slid into place with only a little hesitation and then a special fitted piece was fitted making each a full ring, but only after Frida had threaded a ball onto each. These were no small rings, but quite thick and over an inch in diameter. This was then greeted by applause and cheering by the crowd and soon Ingrid was smiling again as Frida did her sales pitch.

The audience then fell to a hush as Frida set up a small video cam that would show the next bit on a large screen back of her. I couldn't look; well I did out of fascination, as not one but eight holes were made in Ingrid's labia. Then Frida threaded and fitted some smaller seamless balls in place. Two more, piercings, top and bottom were made and larger rings fitted. The final bit was a piece of silk ribbon that was used to 'lace' Ingrid up. Well suffice to say the crowd went ecstatic, although feeling a bit feint Ingrid was smiley and Frida was inundated with offers of work not just tonite but in the future.

'I think you deserve a drink girlfriend, I need one anyway'

'I do feel a bit queer, come on help me dress then we'll get that drink'


Well that drink turned into several, and when Frida joined us that was it for the night. To cut a long drinking tale short we ended up going back with Frida to her apartment in Neiuweid across the river for the night. Frida's day job was photographer, next day we spent largely dressing up and having a few snaps done. I had to model the 'dress' Ingrid bought me.

See what I mean? It's a wonder Frida didn't tumble but by acting a bit coy we brought it off. I mean, where do you wear a frock like that? Before we left for home Frida insisted we both have another piercing on her – we both ended up with sore tongues with what felt like a huge barbell through them. Back in Remagen we discovered how much extra fun it brought to French kissing!

Where could this trip go from here? My girlfriend had more piercings in interesting places than enough; I had a few too. I was prepared to go out in public alone as a girl, heck I was even starting to act and talk like one! With Ingrid I really felt that I had found a true friend, I wasn't sure which way this was headed but I was now convinced I would go with the flow!

I was also getting into a similar beauty routine to Ingrid – now do not think for one minute that I can put make up on beyond the basics of lipstick. But I still needed to cleanse etc and although my facial hair is slow enough growing to not be a real problem, it does still need some attention. My hair needed more attention than I was used to as well and the intricacies of hairgrip operation and learning to plait it occupied a fair amount of time. Probably out of reflex, Ingrid distributed assorted supplements and vitamins morning and night. I don't usually bother but it couldn't do any harm could it?

We were due to take a mini cruise up the Rhine for the weekend so we didn't go partying Friday night instead Ingrid let me play with her nipple rings. I hadn't and Ingrid hadn't either, given any thought to possibly removing them. We had no way of undoing any of her major ring piercings, the ear ones just clipped in easily by hand but these larger ones needed some kind of forceps. She had to unlace to have a wee but those ten holes were great fun to play with and rub up against.

I dropped off quite early, we had an early start next day, the boat picked up just after nine. Ingrid however woke me with another of her little surprises, I awoke about four am to find her just fitting the last ring in a matching set of rings to hers, except I don't have a labia and my imitation job is a bit tougher. It hurt like hell but what could I do – it was done now so I let her lace me up – turns out she had borrowed forceps and such from Frida with this in mind. Hell I couldn't get my gear out now if I wanted to as she added another little touch, eight very small padlocks, she kept the key. To be fair, she had the same arrangement herself now, I had that key!

We decided to dress quite demurely but with naughty underwear, as usual the camera wasn't far away so I can show you what I wore.


The weather wasn't too good on Saturday but we enjoyed the stops and the trip past the Lorelei was exciting. We rode the cable car at Rudesheim and held a castle spotting competition. Ingrid never ceases to amaze me, she insisted on the way south that I should try dark hair; one wash in colorant later and I looked completely different. Sunday was a better day so we spent time on deck, although tight pants, heels and a swaying boat aren't a good combination. We made different stops on the return, Boppard, St Goar and the boat really picks up speed as it passes the Lorelei in this direction!


On Monday we went swimming, actually to swim, but first I had to get a suit, I tried quite a few before I found one I liked, we took this picture later in the week back at Frida's.

I think I look quite sassy but Ingrid was sure it didn't suit me, oh well, I'll give anything a go, well I suppose this whole thing tells you that. By now our collectively swollen tongues were back to normal and kissing brought on a new dimension – especially when the barbells caught together. Pretending to be a lesbian with Ingrid was fun.


Party time again on Wednesday, up in Bonn with Ingrid's mates again. I have to say I felt really comfortable with them, they never talked about women's stuff, which was fine by me, and they were a great laugh, even if my German failed me once or twice. My trip was three-quarters over, I hadn't got laid, I had got pierced. I think at that point I could easily have gone on like that, but I had another life and I was starting to think about returning to it. In fact it was that which led to our second visit to Frida as I mentioned earlier. Thursday was a girl's shopping trip all the way to Frankfurt. I thought I had better take Sarah something back, so we shopped with that in mind and returned to Remagen with some handcrafted pottery – one of her passions. And yes she did like the outfit I got last time, even if she was a bit bemused to find literally every garment included!

Friday was the return to Neiuweid, before my return I needed undoing down below, and that meant letting Frida in on our quite big secret. That wasn't as bad as I thought, we took some more photo's first then removed the rings from the now healed piercings. I have to admit it now felt strange without them after a week – I had her put them back but with balls so I could take them out myself. She also changed our tongue jewellery to shorter pieces now that there was no swelling; it did hurt a bit still though.

We did party again tonite, this time in Koln. I was one of the girls now and enjoying it.

The last day of Mikaela's visit with Ingrid, Mike was off back to England tomorrow. We enjoyed a relaxed day together, culminating in a major cuddle and fumble session at bedtime, the nearest we had come to sex in two weeks of sharing the same bed.


All too soon it was Sunday morning and time to become male again, I removed the earrings and other piercing jewellery, Ingrid carefully removed my breast forms, I felt naked without them, and then released my man bits. I left Remagen still as a convincing girl and changed into my guy stuff on the train to Brussels. Would I get the chance to repeat the trip? I didn't know, I had made no promises other than to take the multi vitamins Ingrid forced on me, we would just have to wait and see.



Part Three

I couldn't really see that another trip was possible for four or five months, I wasn't even sure I wanted another visit. Sarah was less than impressed with my piercings but put up with them, my longer hair she quite liked so that was ok. My friend in Germany kept me supplied with her special supplements, I had got into a routine of taking them now so I didn't mind that. We wrote every couple of weeks – mostly about mundane things like the weather but other subjects would creep in too! Christmas came and went, I was busy at work and with Sarah, it was mid February before one of Ingrid's letters got me thinking seriously about a return to Germany.

A date for a visit was organised, perhaps a little unenthusiastically on my part, but two weeks in May were booked at work. I could duck out if I wanted – couldn't I? It was probably early March that I realised that something was amiss. My usually fine beard was just not growing these days and my chest, well lets be specific my breasts were always a'tingle. My chest and bum were actually changing shape somewhat, with imagination I actually had a pair of small breasts and my hips were more rounded. I could ignore it if no one else noticed i.e. Sarah, and ignore it I did. There were other things happening too, my skin was less coarse to touch and my voice had risen an octave.


I was perhaps a bit naive to not realise that something was seriously amiss but by mid April I had decided to go see Ingrid. I embarked on a mini diet and engaged in some surreptitious buying of feminine attire. My mane of blonde hair got a fair bit of attention and when occasion allowed I wore jewellery in my piercings. I wrote Ingrid telling her of my sore chest, which by this stage, although it could be disguised as a bit of flab still, actually filled pretty well one of sarah's'36B bra's! She wrote back not to worry, it would all work out. Well it was time to go and I again prepared with a waxing session, I was more thorough this time – I was pretty much hair free below the neck afterward if a little sore.

I travelled as usual by train, I changed into girlie gear at Brussels this time – I must have made an acceptable job, I got no strange looks only a few admiring glances despite my pretty restrained skirt and top with flat shoes. Ingrid met me off the train and was delighted to find me looking so good without any help. We hit the beauty salon again, I opted for chrome nails this time and had some highlights added to my mop of hair before it was styled and cut a bit more artistically. When we came out I looked and felt great although my guy gear was still only crudely contained.

We got to Ingrid's place; Helga was away with relatives so we had the place to ourselves. Ingrid did the vanishing trick with my bits and with stuff borrowed from our piercing friend Frida, I was firmly locked up and to all intents and some purposes now a girl – heck I even had my own breasts, they appreciated a bit of help from a bra but they were natural. Ingrid liked that a lot. I suppose I now had no excuse for not matching my piercings to Ingrid's so I soon sported nipple rings, in return I got to fit Ingrid with a navel ring. That first night Ingrid insisted that we were locked together, she padlocked our sex areas together as well as navel and nipples, it was an interesting night if not entirely comfortable!

Mikaela was home.


To be honest I wasn't sure about the fringe but Ingrid reckons it makes me look sweet!

This trip was a bit boring compared to last time, well for you, not me. We took a trip to Hamburg for a couple of days and spent a lot of time doing girlie stuff and partying! My German by this time was pretty good, casual acquaintances thought from my accent that I came from the south of Germany, we even encouraged that, I spent time preparing Mikaela's background and Mikaela Grunwald was born. To be honest it was a lot of fun.

Ingrid spent a lot of time teaching me the rudiments of makeup and coiffure and at the end of the trip I could do my own hair and makeup with some aplomb. There was still time for some fun though.

The whole trip went by in a flash and all too soon it was time to return to England and life as a normal heterosexual male. I wasn't sure that I wanted that now, but did I want to be a girl? I didn't know. As I only returned with a slightly odd haircut this time, Sarah was less inquisitive and our relationship continued apace.



Part four


Things were not however to continue so rosy for long.


You don't really need the details but my life with Sarah was cut short by a police car on call. The only good thing was that she was killed outright and didn't suffer, unlike me. I went on a guilt trip of immense proportions and suffered a breakdown. In the end it was Ingrid who pulled me through with lots of letters and phone calls. It was several months later that I discovered that my Sarah had me named as beneficiary on her insurance etc. I found myself with an unwanted fairly big six-figure bank balance with more due from the Police force.

I needed to get away so I quit my job and moved to an apartment in Bonn. I spent two months trying to put my life back together; again it was eventually Ingrid who did the job on me. I hadn't dressed up since my last visit although I continued taking Ingrid's 'vitamins' and my breasts were getting more difficult to cover up, not only that I had noticed that down below was shrinking. When Ingrid suggested I spend some time as Mikaela I was not really sure I wanted to but she soon convinced me to try, and so I did.

It felt odd at first but I soon slipped back into my Mikaela persona. I put my rings in, Ingrid sorted me down below, and with some makeup and a pretty dress I was once again the south German fraulein Mikaela Grunwald. I found that it was quite difficult for Mikaela to be depressed, I became one of Ingrid's inner circle of friends and after only a couple of weeks I decided to stay as Mikaela for an undetermined period.

Ingrid was well into that idea so we decided that we would go as far as we could in inventing this non-existent girl. Using a fire as cover, I was soon the owner of id card, I got a drivers licence and bank accounts 'legitimately' and with not too much trouble I had a German passport in the name of Mikaela Anja Grunwald, born April 01 1978 in Freiburg am Breisgau. The way was set for me to be a girlie for as long as I wanted. At the minute that was forever.

So I set about becoming Mikaela on a daily basis, I got a job in a bakery part time and soon, well a couple of months anyway, I had virtually stopped blaming myself for Sarah's demise and thought only of myself as this young woman. Ingrid and I were known as a couple, we openly kissed and cuddled and did everything except man/woman sex even though I still had working gear. I saw a new side to Ingrid, she introduced me to bondage – nothing serious but we took turns as slave and mistress.


Well it wasn't all tying each other up now was it, sometimes we just had fun like girls do – a bit of dressing up and just doing ordinary things. That was over a year ago now and we are still a couple, only things to change are my boobs, they are bigger, my voice, it's a girlie pitch now, and my hair colour which changes quite often. So that's it for now – the tale of Mikaela.


Maddy Bell




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