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Michelle's Weekend

by Samantha Kimberly Thorne




"I'm not sure we should be leaving you, Mark, it's a long way, and a whole week-end seems too much!" was the speech Mark Jackson knew he was going to hear from his mother as the day neared for the party 200 miles away that he hadn't been invited to.

'No kids, even the older ones' had been the general way the invitation had been put, and it suited Mark just fine. "A week-end alone, just what I need, I can do some things I can't do when they're here."

Mark was 15 years old, small for his age 5 feet 3inches, with long blond hair that he kept tied back. Most kids would be thinking 'PARTY' if their parents were gone for the week-end, but Mark's 'some things' were individual activities. Mark Jackson, you see, had been from the age of seven interested in female clothes. His sister Jane was four years older than him, and away at college. He used to look at her stuff as she became a teenager, and is fascinated him. "What's this for?" he'd say looking at a bra, "and how does it work?"

As he experimented down the years, he figured it out from growing familiar with them, to seeing his mother, sister and other girls wearing them to the day he finally plucked up the courage, or his desire overcame him to don the garment.

After that, he tried on other clothes on a regular basis, up the point at 14 when he started his own wardrobe. His sister was throwing out some stuff, he had a look in her bags and rescued five bras, 4 panties a few pairs of stockings some outfits, and even a make-up kit. He built up a nice collection, but had to be very careful when he dressed. He nearly got caught a few times, but now here was his chance to wear his clothes for longer than normal.

"I need a name." he thought to himself, and there were a few choices. His favourite star on T.V. was the younger sister of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dawn Summers, played by Michelle Trachtenberg. "I think I'll call myself Michelle Dawn", he said smiling as he looked in the mirror with his hair down, pulling and shaping it into as feminine style as he could. "This could be the best week-end of my life."



Alone at last

The Friday arrived that his parents were leaving, and his mother was still going on how she wished he could come. "I'll be fine, what do you think I'm going to do have a big party?" "Oh my God, I never thought of that, you won't will you?" came the shocked response. "No, not enough time or friends, it'd be the worst party ever."

And then they were gone at last. Mark waited for a few hours watching T.V., and then he got a phone call to say his parents had arrived at their destination.

He went upstairs got a bath ready, and got a loan of a few things from his sister's room. One of these was a razor and mark proceeded to shave his body hair, which was blond and not really noticeable, but he wanted to look and feel like a real girl.

He had seen his sister use curlers and tongs to put waves or curls in her hair, and also had some clip-on extensions, but she decided to pick her outfit before doing hair and make-up.

He sister didn't bring all her best clothes with her, because she would be home one week-end every month, usually with other new clothes in tow. Michelle picked out a black dress with short skirt, flared sleeves and a high neck. She hoped Jane had left her favourite boots behind, and sure enough, there they were, long high-heeled black leather, and a perfect fit. Then, as Michelle turned, something new caught her eye. A small squeal came from her as she saw a new bolero-style leather jacket hanging in the closet. She knew she had to have it, removed it from it's hanger and placed it on the bed.

It was now 11 o'clock at night, and she was just about to get ready when a new thought entered her head. "How about going out and walking around, it would be great to see myself in car windows as I passed." It was going to take a bit of work to make sure she wouldn't be recognised, so she started doing her make-up to make her look a little older. When she had finished, she started to remove the curlers that would put a light wave in her hair, and added the extensions.

"Oh, I need some breasts, can't go out looking flat as a pancake, where are those balloons?"

Soon she had a fine pair of 34B breasts, and after putting stockings on freshly shaved legs, attaching suspender belt, black panties, hooked the black bra on and inserted her new appendages.

The dress was next, and it fit perfectly, short, tight and figure-hugging. The boots were comfortable, like they were made for Michelle's legs. Finally, the jacket, just above the waist and also a great fit.

Michelle fluffed out her hair, shook it, and had a look in the mirror. "Oh, I can't believe it, I'm just like Jane." She had practised walking many times, and was pretty good at it. She loved the feel of the long hair, the sound of the high heels, and the jiggle of her breasts.

She chose a black leather shoulder bag, put on her black gloves, and making some final checks, prepared to enter the outside world as Michelle Dawn for the first time.




Michelle had a quick glance up and down the road, then at her watch which now read 12.15 a.m., and it was a pretty quiet night because a mist was falling. Not a heavy mist, but if you were out for a while you would be soaked, so Michelle grabbed an umbrella from the stand.

Then, putting her nylon-encased, leather clad legs out the door exited and took her first tentative steps as a young girl on the streets of her home town. She felt great hearing the heels, and looking down, scarcely believing it was her making those beautiful sounds. A car full of young students passed, and a few shouts and screams came from the occupants: "Hey baby, wanna come for a ride", or "Shake that ass, baby!!!" which made Michelle smile. "If they only knew, but they don't deserve a girl like me, I'm too good for jerks like them." Then all of a sudden, she could hear the sound of other heels behind her, going fast, and getting louder. Michelle tried walking faster, but she wasn't all that used to high heels, and this hurt.


Then, a voice called out: "Excuse me, could I share your umbrella, I've just come out of a bar, it wasn't raining earlier, and I've just had my hair re-styled." Michelle turned and almost collapsed on the spot. It was Lisa Wilson, the cheerleader, and apart from Buffy's younger sister her male alter-ego's biggest crush. "Em, sure where are you going?" Michelle asked in her best girl tones. "Home, I suppose, no bars open now. I live in the new estate up the road. By the way, my name is Lisa. Do I know you?"

"No, my name is Michelle Dawn, I'm on holiday here, staying with some college friends", Michelle said hoping Lisa would buy it. "I love your outfit, it's really cool. Will you be here for long, we've got to go out together, and we'd knock this town dead." Michelle nearly fainted again, but managed to regain her composure. "Thank you, I'm not sure how long I'll be here, I like the place but don' know many people." "That will change when we go out, guys will be falling over themselves to get to know you, and you're gorgeous."

Then, there was the sound of a car again, as voices and other noises filled the air. "Hi Lisa, who's your friend?" "This is Michelle Dawn, what's going on?" "Party in Bill's house, parents are away, you girls wanna come?" "Sure, I'll go, what'cha think Michelle, you feel like going to a big party, hey we can knock all the guys for dead like I was saying earlier on." "Oh, I'm not sure; I don't want to be late in my friends' house." "You won't be Bill's parties last all night, you'll be early tomorrow." "I don't drink alcohol, parties aren't really my scene, I prefer not being in a crowd."

"You won't be in too much of a crowd, about twenty people, and you'll fit in really well, I don't drink either, we'll go round serving soft drinks and get the guys following us around like lost puppies, it'll be the best." Lisa laughed, and Michelle gave a little snigger too.

"That's it we're there", Lisa said bundling Michelle into the car. Her dress rode up, and she had to pull it down, but her hands weren't the only ones on her legs. Lisa rubbed her palms up and down Michelle's nylons, and admired her great legs. "MMM, beautiful stockings, and great legs too, what a combo, you're getting more beautiful by the minute." Michelle couldn't believe it again, the most beautiful girl in town was stroking her stockinged legs, and they were going to a party together.

As the car pulled up to a big house in the suburbs, Michelle suddenly remembered that there would be light in the house and she'd be getting a pretty good looking over, especially by the guys.

As they entered the house, Lisa grabbed Michelle's arm and brought her round introducing her to all the guests. Lisa whispered "open your coat, show them what you've got, they're drooling already." Michelle slowly undid the buttons on her leather jacket, and a gasp came from her new friend beside her as she pulled the lapels aside: "My God, you're amazing, what a body," "You're not so bad yourself, look at the guys eyes popping out of their sockets, they love you, Lisa."

"They do, but they love you too, most of they know me, but you're new, fresh and beautiful, that's the way it is with these guys."

Then the music started, and the light came down a bit to Michelle's relief. "I love dimmer switches" she thought. She had tried dancing at home in Jane's clothes, and was soon strutting her stuff to the mix of dance and rock. All of a sudden, the mood changed, and the slow songs signalled couples pairing off and bodies beginning to intertwine on the living floor.


Michelle went to sit down, but was grabbed by Lisa, who said " there's no way the best looking girl at the party is sitting her ass down now, Tommy wants to dance with you, along with every other guy here, but he asked me to ask you, he's really shy." "So am I, I've never slow danced with a guy." "Just put your arms round his neck, and move around, he won't care."

So Michelle locked her arms round Tommy's neck and they moved around the room. She danced with every guy at the party and couldn't get a huge smile off her face all night long.

About five in the morning, people started to drift off to bed, and Michelle wondered what she would do. "Don't worry, you're sharing with me, I would leave my new best friend at the mercy of some guy she doesn't know, I have an extra nightgown with me in my bag, let's go bed."

"Sure, how about getting home tomorrow, though?" "We can walk it's not that far."

When they were ready for bed, they slipped between the sheets, and Lisa's hand once again caressed Michelle's leg. " I love your look, you remind me of a film star." "Who, Lassie?" Michelle laughed, and so did Lisa, but then leaned across and kissed Michelle full on the lips, and ran her elegant fingers through her blond tresses. "You're beautiful; I didn't think I was a lesbian." "You're not, I have a secret, I'm a guy, I'm sorry." Tears started to form in Michelle's eyes, but Lisa stopped her and said: "I can't believe you're a guy, but if you want to be Michelle any time, call me and we'll get together. I also want to meet the male persona, and I'll help you in any way I can. Good night, Michelle."

So, Michelle and her new best friend, Lisa went to sleep, spent the night in the same bed, and then Lisa fixed Michelle's hair and make-up, they talked for a while about the situation and then walked home together the next day.

"Thank you for being my friend, Lisa. I don't think anybody else would have been so understanding, I hope to see you again. My parents will be coming home on Monday evening."

"That gives us two more nights to be together, how about I come to your house tonight, and mine tomorrow; we can watch movies and dress up in different clothes."

"Yes please," said Michelle, "I think I'd like that."




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